University of Mississippi Students ‘Riot’ over Obama Reelection

Mark Hanrahan, Huffington Post, November 7, 2012

A disturbance broke out on the University of Mississippi’s campus early Wednesday, after students angry at the reelection of president Barack Obama took to the streets to vent their displeasure.

WMCTV reports that students interacted initially on social media, which resulted in 300-400 young people participating in the disturbance.

Pictures posted on Twitter showed people burning Obama campaign signs. The Clarion Ledger reports that some students were heard shouting racial epithets about Obama and African Americans in general.

Police were called to the scene and the crowd broke up around 12:30 a.m. It’s unclear exactly who was there to protest and who came outside to watch.


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  • Eurobeng

    if this is happenting in Mississippi then you know its goin on other places with other sutdent with similar sentiments.

    And it ain’t just the south.

  • Puggg

    They should have been this incensed when Colonel Reb and the Rebels nickname was done away with.

    • nobody special

      Get a load of the Ole Miss Rebels these days.  I could not find a photo of the football team, but I would wager that it is almost entirely made up of blacks.

  • Riots are good. I heart riots.

  • Francis Galton

    Why, oh WHY, can’t ALL White Americans be like deep south Whites?  “The answer to Nov. 6, 2012 is Dec. 20, 1860.”

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Where is there a State Legislature in place that would vote for secession?  Montana?  Maybe?  How exactly could Montana secede?  In Alabama, they approved a proposition to abolish the constitutional requirement that currency be paid in gold and silver—how much publicity did that get?  THAT WAS IN ALABAMA!!!!   A few people complain loudly about Obama’s reelection in Mississippi at night on a college campus and they call this a riot? 

      My friends, I am old enough, ugly enough, and mean enough to say I remember college riots when college kids really did something: they took over buildings and locked out the administration, they set effigies of the President on fire.  Guy Fawkes’ day was Monday of this week—why didn’t anybody burn Obama in effigy?  If anyone did, and I’m sure someone must have somewhere, it did not make it onto my radar.  They certainly don’t appear to have taken even that strong a statement or made that strong a statement at Ole’ Miss—and that’s Ole Miss!So, realistically, in what state would they dare even put it to a popular vote?  There were several nullification propositions on the ballots.  The most radical was in Montana where the people asserted the right to reject Obamacare…..the most widely covered were those concerning Marijuana….which were weak and kind of limited in their scope to a potentially “politically correct” issues…. A very good friend of mine in the Montana legislature for 12 years now was just reelected to his second term as a representative after two terms as senator, and he explains the situation as follows: The biggest job of the state legislature is to decide how to spend Federal revenue sharing funds….  In other words there is no possibility of secession.  “Welfare is Slavery”—end of story.  And that is the problem with America today—slavery is so comfortable, everyone likes it, everyone enjoys it, whether it is the Banks and the Banksters willingly participating in the obliteration of private property interests in real estate through extended credit-foreclosure or the prison population that swells because quick guilty-pleas into prison are the ULTIMATE (non-lethal) solution for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives….

      • The__Bobster

        The biggest job of the state legislature is to decide how to spend Federal revenue sharing funds….  In other words there is no possibility of secession.

        How so? Revenue sharing is just getting your own money back….minus a handling fee. Secede and keep it yourself.

  • Eurobeng

    It’s interesting the black woman taking the video was under no threat of injury from the whites. If the situation was reversed then you could bet there would be black on white violence.

    The reporters will call these kids racists and the administrators will shut them up but if they were black they wouldn’t dare.

    • gemjunior

      “It’s interesting the black woman taking the video was under no threat of injury from the whites. If the situation was reversed then you could bet there would be black on white violence. ”

      You said it.  If it were a white person taking a video during a black riot they would have to have been in an armored car.  OR, better yet, they would have to be in the vehicle that the survivors used in the 2004 remake of “Dawn of the Dead” when they reinforced some shuttle buses with barbed wire and chainsaws so they could drive through a crowd of millions of feral zombie cannibals.  That’s the only way the whites would survive.  Quite a difference, right?

  • libertarian1234

    There’s something really suspect about this report.

    I exchanged arguments a while back with the student newspaper there via their forum, and it was totally dominated with really radical types, including the editor who was worse than all the rest.

    They were easy to debate, because nearly everything they believed was false, which is the norm nowadays since nearly every faculty is comprised of radical leftist proagandists.

    I’m almost willing to bet this was no more than a fight between groups in the beginning which probably started out with anti-white name-calling which is common and was answered with anti-black slurs, which are a rarity nowadays.

    It probably escalated from there, but the reason we are getting a report of white “rioting” is because the leftist dregs there reported on it,  ignoring any comments or violence from blacks.

    Anti-white reports by the media almost ALWAYS turn out to be a pack of lies.

  • Memphomaniac

    While there was no violence and no property damage, two of them were arrested……probably for spitting on the sidewalk or walking on the grass or thinking hate thoughts.

    • You’ve had a little too much to think, sir!

    • Eagle_Eyed

       My theory was that a few, drunk apolitical college students saw the protest and joined in to damage property for their own narcissistic reasons.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      One was arrested for public drunkenness, the other for not listening to a cop’s orders.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    White riot = protest
    Black riot = REAL riot with violence and destruction.
    Same goes for Flash Mobs
    White Flash Mob – spontaneous coordinated dance to music.
    Black flash mob = spontaneous coordinated robbing of a store.

  • C_C_Conrad

    Clearly we will need more info on this.  I am, however, glad to see that whites can get a bit noisy about something, anything. 


  •  The whites at my school are pathetically liberal and suicidal. Here is an email I received a few days ago from my uni about their plans for diversity. Most students are delighted to see plans like this. It’s pretty long, but I copied it into a word doc and took a picture so you could see the madness. 

    • OnGuard

      I’ll betcha that even though they “wish to get community input and hear from students, faculty, etc.” they will have a pre-determined “consensus”. So, no matter how many are opposed to their agenda, they will proceed with their plans, as they have decided that they are elites that know better than the rest of us. Google “delphi technique” to see what to expect (and maybe how to rebel against it).

    • Sloppo

      If I were you, I think I would be tempted to edit the document to say “white people elimination” everywhere it says “diversity” and forward it to a bunch of people.  That wouldn’t change the meaning at all, but I think you’d get some interesting feedback.

  • Snowhitey

    If this is white anger, we really are doomed.

    • Vlad Dracula

      Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    • Net_Drifter

      Give them a little credit. Even this  low level of protest is a monumental effort when it’s done by whites. It’s all but impossible to get whites among their age group to move on anything like this.

      • Bobby

        Agree completely.

  • Skincognito

    This would be a phenomenal scene at Berkeley or Columbia, but for better or for worse, affluent Southern Whites are a minority within a soon-to-be minority. I applaud their heresy, but suspect that it reveals little about a fundamnetal change in Ole Miss’ campus culture. (This is the school that elected “Precious” homecoming queen, right?) I’m more struck and sickened by the media attention these frat-boys have received while Autumn Pasquale (rest her soul) remains ignored and disgraced by the information gatekeepers of this disgusting mass culture. Thank God for Aryan technology and its potentialities for alternative discourse. Seriously though, White college kids, probably intoxicated, spouting a few n-bombs should not loom larger in the MSM than the murder of a Nordic child. And yet . . .

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Good for them!!

    Those White students have every right to rage against the machine and protest 0bama’s anti-White, racist policies.  The window of opportunity is closing; time is not on our side.

     After all the vicious black-on-White flash mobs, assaults and attacks, we Whites have decided that we have every right to be racist. Tolerance?  I’ve been cured.  Blacks have turned us into enemies; our anger is justified.


    • Skincognito

      These “radical” Whites probably listen to rap on thirsty Thursday, at which point they attempt to go home with a negress.

      I’m with ya, we need genuine White outrage, perhaps even violence, but these kids are not the vanguard of anything except for maybe fantasy football. Meiner Meinung nach.  

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Believe it or not, the #1 student organization at Berkeley is the Young Republicans.

        Many of the agitators on the Berkeley campus are from the outside, most likely paid, and are NOT students.  Some of them look to be mid-30s, if not older.

        My daughter said one of these little pretend Maoists pulled a fire alarm 1/2 way through a 3-hour block during finals to “get his point across” — instantly negating all finals because the buildings had to be vacated (meaning the kids had to take the tests over again at a later date).  Kids came SCREAMING out of the buildings cursing at the moldy reds and got in their faces — yelling at them to “get the F off of their campus.”   The anger was righteous! (hell who wouldn’t be PO-d).

        The younger generation of Whites are the ones most affected and discriminated against by anti-White policies, IMO —  are the direct targets of them — as they’re passed over for scholarships and college admissions and shunned in the business world for lower-qualified blacks and Hispanics.  

        If it weren’t for Prop 209, many of the White students at Berkeley wouldn’t be at Berkeley — their place would go to a lower qualified black or brown.  

        And they know it.

        I think this protest at Ole Miss is just the beginning, there will be a lot more of this, at least I HOPE there will be more.

        Even a rabbit will fight back if cornered.


        • Skincognito

          Thanks for the fascinating insight. I have no direct experience with UC Berkely.

          All the best.

  • here’s a statement from the University of Mississippi Chancellor: “The reports of the use of
    racial language by some have been confirmed by our campus police.”   what is racial language?    That could include “our black fellow Americans have rejected Mr. Romney, an obviously qualified leader”.   does anybody have any evidence that the nword was used? 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      It wouldn’t matter what was said.  Even if it were “African-American” used to describe some of the students’ disdain of Obama.

      Of course, the n-word is a perfectly good and useful one to describe the most useless members of society.

    • William_JD

      This is Ole Miss. The chance that that word was used is about 99.99999999999%.

  • Tom P

    The dumbest thing any of our people can do is to be suckered into violating the law in
    any way. 

    • Skincognito

      Hello criminology student. Please talk to your poli-sci cousin and have him read the Declaration of Independence to you. Rights come from God. Law comes from the people. Volk über alles.

      Trust me bro, jail sucks, but it’s better than genocide. Wake up. Nut up. Schoenes Wochenende!

  • gemjunior

    That was not a riot, just a non-violent protest by civilized people.   It was deemed to be a riot so that the “media”libs can continue lying to themselves that we are all the same…. “Hey, look – white people riot violently too.”  Except nobody was harmed in this “riot”.  Nobody was assaulted, raped or murdered. 

    That reminds me – a little off topic but – I was watching a show this morning at 8am  called “Sins and Secrets” which I had never seen before.  It was one of those crime shows that usually outline the sort of strange crimes that are difficult to solve, or cold cases.  Not a well-known show.  I only stopped because as I was flipping channels I heard the word “Lemaricus” and since there is only one person by that name that I’ve ever heard of……. turns out it was a presentation of the Knoxville massacre of Channon Christian and Chris Newsome.   The description which was written under “Sins and Secrets” said:  “Two women are carjacked and murdered.”  So not only was the title ridiculous but the MSM swine couldn’t even be bothered to dignify these young white people with a decent description of their ordeal.  “Sins and Secrets” sounds like the title of a harlequine novel, far from the true experience of Channon and Chris.  I thought it was despicable.  There were few allusions to the racial aspect of the crime  — “powder keg” etc. oh- the KKK marched thru town and some skinheads turned out.  Typical of whites that only the most extreme whites on the fringe will really get out on the streets.  Are those types really that clownish?  I doubt it more and more and find myself sympathizing with them rather than smirking at them.  Anyway, my point is it was gross.  Absolutely gross.  If that’s all the TV could do for this couple they can keep it.  IMO.

    • Pelagian

      Actually,  a man and a woman.  But I understand your discust with this program.

  • Hugo

    The blacks and liberals are not worried because they feel threatened with bodily harm or property damage.  They are afraid that if whites start working together to advance their interests that they actually might succeed.  Nothing is as powerful as an idea who’s time has come. 

  • Fire Eater

     Perhaps Ole Miss needs a visit from the White Student Union and/or Jared Taylor. I hope that my fellow Council of Conservative Citizens members take action on this nugget of good news shining in a torrent of bad.