Vote Was Astronomical for Obama in Some Philadelphia Wards

Miriam Hill et al., Philly, November 8, 2012

Some Philadelphia neighborhoods outdid themselves in Tuesday’s presidential election.

In a city where President Obama received more than 85 percent of the votes, in some places he received almost every one. In 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99 percent of the vote or more.

Those wards, many with large African American populations, also swung heavily for Obama over John McCain in 2008. But the difficult economy seemed destined to dampen that enthusiasm four years later.

Not to worry. Ward leaders and voters said they were just as motivated this time.

“In this election, you had to point out to the people what was at stake. And in many cases, they felt that the Romney doctrine was not going to favor the working man,” said Edgar “Sonny” Campbell.

Campbell is leader of West Philadelphia’s Fourth Ward, where Obama received 9,955 votes. Romney? Just 55. That’s five fewer than McCain in 2008.


“You are looking at black neighborhoods where you have 1,000 voters in a division and maybe seven Republicans,” he said. “We are shocked if Romney got any votes.”

Even so, Randall Miller, a history professor at St. Joseph’s University, said politicians almost never get 99 percent of the votes anywhere except, perhaps, the towns where they were born.


Philadelphia’s numbers were tilted so far in favor of Obama that one incredulous Republican revived the specter of voter fraud.


Nor was Philadelphia the only place in the region with such high numbers for Obama. Five Delaware County towns topped 90 percent, led by Yeadon at 96.3. Following were Chester City (94.8), Darby Borough (93.5), Chester Township (92.3), and Colwyn (90.3).


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  • Francis Galton

    You know, it’s funny–I was thinking today about how Obama got over 550,000 votes in Philly, which has a population of around 1.5 million, and how improbable that seems on face value.  So, you mean to tell me that after discounting for minors (plenty of yoofs in Philly), felons (plenty of those in Philly, too), illegal aliens (ditto), and the mentally incompetent and drugged out (Philly Badlands, anyone?), there are still over 550,000 eligible Obama voters in Philadelphia?  AND over 91,000 voters beyond that to vote for Romney?  Hmm…maybe it’s time for me to do some number crunching….  Seems a tad suspicious, non’msayin’?

    • Puggg

      Soft voter fraud, I suspect.  So many mechanisms and laws permit so many people to get registered to vote that it’s not hard for some corrupt poll workers to cast votes in the names of those people even if they actually didn’t vote.  They might not even be living anymore.  This is why Democrats love laws that make voter registration easy and generous as possible, and want convicted felons to be able to register.  They know some black corrupt poll worker will vote Democrat in their name.

      • The__Bobster

        The ACLJu made sure that the photo ID law was shot down in Pa. this time around.

        • Michael Stovall

          What I find most amazing is not that 99 percent of African Americans voted Obama, the truly astonishing aspect is that it is precisely 3 times their literacy rate…

      • Voter fraud of this nature is why it is *so* vital that America continue the Electoral College system over the lefties who want the president elected by direct popular vote because of all the voter fraud they engage in.  With the Electoral College, it’s doesn’t matter how many millions/billions of false ballots Philadelphia election officials generate–only Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are compromised, all other states still get their electoral votes to get to 270.  But with direct popular vote, if several million fraudulent ballots from one liberal city get added to the national total, it would end up diluting the weights of those states who run their elections cleanly.

    • The Last White Man Standing

      Philly is a very Democratic city. I don’t doubt that Black-O-Rama received a large majority of the votes here. It’s no mystery why blacks voted for him. Philly also has a large population of dyed in wool liberals. Guess who they voted for?

      I also noted that he had significant support from the Asian community. When I drove through Philly’s Chinatown, a noted a large number of signs in store windows that read “Pennsylvania Obama.”  This was also true of the Asian stores in South Philly where I grew up.

      I can tell you for a fact that there are many Asians shopping in grocery stores with EBT cards. They can barely speak English, but they sure as hell know how to get freebies from the taxpayers. A vote for Obama means more freebies and more Asian immigrants.

      • Yes, these minorities vote their EBT cards, which they assume will get fattened more with Obama.  To counter that, conservatives need to argue that open borders results in fewer per-person resources being available and hence less money in the EBT cards, and with potential bankruptcy due to massive federal debt, the EBT cards no longer working.

  • Puggg

    Black people in Philly gave Obama 99% of their vote?  So why do we believe exit polls that show 92 or 93 percent of the black vote went to Obama?

    • Triarius

      I think 99% is low in inner city all-black areas. I would love for a reporter to go around axing all da bruddas who they voted for and find one inner city black that voted for Romney. Good luck.

      • Puggg

        I know people who have volunteered as poll watchers and were sent to the worst ghetto parts of St. Louis. They tell me that even there, you can tell the approximately one out of every 100 black voters that vote Republican because he (and almost all of these black Republicans are men) smelled like he showered that morning, is wearing first world clothing and pronounces most of his words correctly. Too, even in the worst ghetto parts of St. Louis, there are still a scant few white people living there, and they will almost always vote Republican out of spite to their surroundings. That’s one reason why 92-93% of blacks voting Republican is way too low.

  • Nicholai Hel

    Is there a means to vote other than the ballot box?

    • Stan_Mute

      The REAL power lies not in the vote. The REAL power lies in COUNTING the vote.

      And in those 99% districts, I will pull out my eyeballs and eat them if the vote counters were heterosexual white men OR if any heterosexual white men were “observers” of the count.

      It is now “Game Over” for the descendants of those who founded and built America. In four years time we will have an additional 30-50 million new “citizens” who will all vote for more of the same. Confiscatory taxes will be the rule – watch for inheritance taxes especially to skyrocket. They will bleed the whites dry before 2020.

      • 9mmMax

        Well Stan, you are taking a seriously pesimistic position on the condition of our contemporary civilization.  Unfortunately, I fear it is also the realistic position. I have read you comments several times and I so wish I had some compelling, coherent argument with which I could rebut your position.  I am not fully convinced we are beyond recovery but four more years of our current leadership will certainly damage any prospects for recovery.  I am really baffled as to why every Republican and conservative alike did not turn out in force to reject this administration and the clear damage they deliver?
        BTW, it is racism pure and simple when a group (any group) votes 95-97% in favor of a candidate who shares their racial characteristics!

      • ed91
    • The__Bobster

      In Philly, you can vote absentee but there is no early voting.

      • Nicholai Hel

         Didn’t Paul Eskobar say something along the lines of transmuting lead into silver?

        • Kingfish5515

          Hello guest.    Pablo Escobar (spelled correctly) said,,,  plata o plumo,,,  silver or lead,,,   meaning take his bribe or be dead.  So it must have been one of the others who was talking about voting.  While I have everybodys attention,  I live part of the year in Colombia, home of the late Pablo Escobar.  If any of you are thinking about relocating to a country more free than the the USSA, please consider Colombia. Everything you hear about the violence ect is false now, it is still a right wing country with little welfare where freedom is still possible. And they like americans,, at least for now,, and if any here are single men, the ladies are drop dead gorgeous, or most of them.  The poor colombians look more or less like th mexicans we see every day, but what nobody seems to know is that there is a huge middle to upper class that looks anywhere from pure white to sort of Italian, those of much spanish blood. My girlfriend is completely white, yet latina.  The coastal areas are primarily black, slaves were imported, but the inner mountainous areas are white. I live in Medellin, one of the whiter cities once outside the poor barrios.  Consider Colombia future expats.  KF 

  • The__Bobster

    Philadelphia’s numbers were tilted so far in favor of Obama that one incredulous Republican revived the specter of voter fraud.

    Nah, he saw the 99+% numbers and mistook them for % turnout.

    BTW, you don’t want to be anywhere near those neighborhoods.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    Worrying about the entrenchment of organized, enforced Diversity Voting Patterns is a racist construct.

    Watch the Fulton County, Ga., elections mess, which the local TV is only touching as little as possible.

    The official at the center of the mess is a voodoo Diversity.   Call me a racist; she proves me right.

    State Leaders Are Racists:

    State leaders police Fulton vote count

    Interim elections director addresses voting complaints in Fulton Co.

    (Sharon Mitchell should be the new face of BRA Diversity Enforcement- hostile, inept, dangerous, fully privileged, preferenced, and protected.  Watch her at .56, and you can tell she’s about to yell “dat be racist all up en heeah!”.)

  • Guest

    I’ll tell you about another area that voted about 99 percent for Obama; the wealthiest part of Beverly Hills north of Sunset along Benedict Canyon dr, the infamous 90210  I was a pollworker at the Beverly Hills Women’s club.
    Jay Leno, Dr. Phil and many other multi millionaries voted there.  Also the CEO of the spanish language Tv network.  Also the man who thought up the idea of the helicopter rush hour traffic reports.
    He apparently got a patent or copyright on them and has been raking in millions for the past 25 years.
    About 10 years ago he built a copy of the main palace at Versailles for 48 million.  It is up for sale at 72 million.  Few actors as they can’t afford the neighborhood, most entertainment people are producers and ceos, presidents and vice presidents of studios.  A few rock stars, they can afford the neighborhood.

    The women’s club is the smallest building in the neighborhood.  Right across the street is a private family home about the size of the average big city high school that accommodates 4 to 5 thousand students and maybe 1,000 employees.

    The club accommodated 3 precints.  Almost everybody was a rabid Obama fan.  It is against the law for people to talk about the candidates or try to convince people to vote one way or another within 100 feet of a polling place no signs of course. 

    But this billionaires neighborhood was basically a democratic party obama fan club.  We poll workers tried not to talk about the election of course and shussed each other when the obama lovers; lovers?  Obama adorers talked about him.  But after a few hours they just went on and on about the great God Obama.  So did every voter.

    So why not let them worship Obama out loud?  It’s not as though there were any Romney voters in the polling place.

    Being a strong White nationalist I of course kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the show or actually religious worship service.

    One thing I noticed.  These ultra liberal civil liberties fans are extremely bigoted and prejudiced against the mormon religion.  They knew nothing about Mormonism until the democrats started spreading
    slanders and libels against the mormons.  “They are not a religion but an evil cult.  They wear magic underwear.  They used to practice human sacrifice”  On and on people went about the evils of mormonism.  His religion was something against Romney.

    And one another thing maybe Jared should know about these Obama worshipping antii White democrats.  The voters list of all 3 precints looked like a page of the Tel Aviv phone book.  80 percent
    American Jews, 10 percent Persian Jews 10 percent other, anglos, asians and a few black NBA jillionaires.

    Obama wants to raise taxes for every family that makes over $250,000 per year.  Income in that neighborhood starts at about 2.5 MILLION per year.

    One thing I have noticed over the years.  Blacks are 100 percent for Obama. But they are just proud of him, they don’t worship him the way the BH American jews do.  Went to a post election party down the street after we finshed up and delivered the ballot boxes.  Honestly, it was like victory in europe day after the 2nd world war.

    You all do realize that it is not just the blacks, it is the richest people in America who run the anti White
    politicians like Obama and the anti White political parties.

    Almost forget.  We got visits from civil service election professionals occasionally and they were on the cell phone to help.  All were black.

    • Snowhitey

      Thanks for the interesting read.  I am not surprised.  If you look at the percentages of ethnicities who voted in Hitler – yes, I said Hitler – there were man who were of the same stock as “Stalin’s willing accomplices.”

      Life truly is stranger than fiction.  Trust me, the fireworks are coming.  And since us white nationalists are well aware of what is really going on – and I hope we are all very prepared –  perhaps we’ll finally be the spectators.  Sometimes an orange sky can be quite beautiful.

    • Thanks for the post. Fascinating observations. 

  • America First

    “And in many cases, they felt that the Romney doctrine was not going to favor the working man.”  And, how many of these people (“working man”) does that ACTUALLY DESCRIBE?

  • Rob

    Here is something interesting.In Germany, they were for Obama MORE than blacks are for him in the US(Over 95 %))Peejay

    • Puggg

      The Germans must really hate us that badly.  If my worst enemy wanted to hang himself, 95% of the time I would say that I approve.

      • eunometic

        It’s the effect of politically correct propaganda. It isolates you from reality.

    • pcmustgo

      I recently had a European tell me how I should support Obama because “It’s really changed the world’s image of America”.

      He also supports Muslim immigration to France because “they were former colonies”….

      I had to hold off from going off….

      Of course all that matters is what Europe and “The World” thinks of us. Better elect the celebrity president again.

      Don’t forget, the few blacks that do make it over to Europe are Africans , who are much, much , much more pleasant than American Blacks. They even speak with English accents. 

      Yes, I said it, I prefer Africans to American Blacks. Until they turn into American Blacks.

      • pcmustgo

        Africans don’t have the whole “slavery” grudge that American Blacks do. 

        • IstvanIN

           Why would they?  We got the seconds!

      • Rob

        African blacks will turn into American Blacks after only one generation because blackness (American) is genetic (Peejay)

  • whiteyyyyy

    55 people were drunk or high.

  • Five Delaware County towns topped 90 percent, led by Yeadon at 96.3. Following were Chester City (94.8), Darby Borough (93.5), Chester Township (92.3), and Colwyn (90.3).

    I wonder if these numbers match the demographics of each towns.

    • IstvanIN

       Chester City has been dark since I was a kid.  It was scary driving off the ferry back on 60s.

  • IstvanIN

    Odd, Philadelphia still has a significant, though declining, white population.  On the other hand I have friends who live in Philly and don’t vote because they feel their (white) votes don’t matter.  This frustrates the heck out of me that white people voluntarily give up their franchise.

  • Aj

    How many articles do we read on Amren about black school administrators committing widespread fraud in virtually every black school district to keep the funding gravy train going? What are the odds that massive voter fraud isn’t going on in these ghetto polling areas with no GOP poll watchers?

  • sarah stein

    Wow 99%, the Klan don’t cotton to no crackas.

  • mobilebay

    Isn’t Philadelphia the city where the Black Panthers were “overseeing” again?

  • Here is the key tactic behind this massive stuffing of the ballot box.

    Certain precincts are run by  corrupt black officials who reportedly forcibly ousted poll watchers on election day and then they often give some black voters 2 blank ballots to vote with.  The voter then deposits his two votes into the sealed ballot box to be counted later.

    All the while the Corrupt Liberal Media turns a blind eye  reports of  this massive fraud.

     That is how you get a 99 percent voter turnout in black  precincts. I have read that the voter turnout was as high as 120 percent in some Alabama precincts in the 2008 election.

    • MekongDelta69

      I like your UserID. Very clever way to get around anyone who wants to censor you. Have a Ba Moui Ba on me. You’ll need your own church key though!

  • Guest

    Snowhitey  wrote  that Hitler was voted in.  He was not.  The German political party system was very much like ours.  2 main parties that got about 90 percent of the vote, 3 or 4 very small parties that shared 10 percent of the vote.

    The main political parties were called something like the christian democrats and the democratic christians.  Both very similiar.  I believe the main split was regional, northeast vs southwest.

    Anyway, Hindenberg was elected presidet.  Germany had the president & prime minister system every country in Europe that does not have a royal family has.  The prime minister ran the country.  If a republic, the president did the royal family stuff.  It was a ceromonial position.

    The real power was in the prime minister or as the position was called in Germany and Austria, chancellor.  In theory, the president or king appointed the prime minister.  In reality, kings had not appointed the  prime ministers and chancellors since about 1750.  It was always the parliament or privy council who selected the prime minister and the king appointed that person.  When countries became republics, the tradition continued, prime minister, the real power was selected by some sort of parliament and powerful people.  Remember, Mussolini was appointed by the King.

    Of course nowdays  each party selects their candidate for prime minister/chancellor well in advance and the party runs the prime minister for office, just like the American president.  Every voter knows the  prime minister candidate for each party and votes accordingly.

    So, Hindenburg was elected during the winter of 1931, 1932 and took office in January 32 I believe.
    He did not appoint a chancellor for an entire year, January 1933.  He appointed Hitler. The parliament reichstag whatever it was called did not select Hitler either as was the norm in Germany and other

    Hindenburg was under intense pressureby pro nazi anti communist industrialists, labor unions, powerful people and other interest groups to appoint Hitler.  Hindenburg was pressured  for all of 1932 to appoint Hitler.

    Always remember, Hitler was appointed by a president under intense pressure.He was not elected.
    The nazis were a tiny splinter party.  All they ever elected was a few city council men an a few state
    assembly men.  I am not sure, but I think that the nazis did not elect even one representative to the national legislature, the reichstag.  Maybe I’m wrong about that.

    The reason I posted this is that due to liberals, communists and holocaust survivors etc the entirely false myth is accepted everywhere that the evil White blue eyed nordic aryan Germans elected Hitler and thus must pay and pay and pay forever and ever amen for their evil deed.

    If you have children in high school it is a good topic for a term paper.  The information is easily avaliable.  Of course the brainwashed feminazi teacher might accuse the kid of hate crime and being a neo nazi KKKer.

    I don’t mean to offend snowhitey, but the myth that theevil aryan nordic Germans elected Hitler is a myth that needs to be refuted every time I read or hear it.

    • Before Hitler actually gaining power, I think the highest share of the national vote that the GNSWP got in any context was 37%.  I don’t remember the circumstance.

      Anyway, “fun” fact from that era:  Hitler prohibited the KKK from operating within Germany.  Considering their relative similarities, that might be surprising.  But the Klan was a secret society, and Hitler hated secret societies.

    • shmo123

       The Nazis managed to garner only 3% of the vote in the elections of 1924. By 1932, they received 33% of the vote. Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg in a coalition with conservatives who thought they could control Hitler. Obviously, they were very, very wrong.

    • eunometic

      Hitler party was voted in and he was voted into the parliament with it and the NSDAP was certainly among the most popular and he headed that party. This is exactly the same situation as in the Westminster System. Churchill was not elected prime minister he was appointed by his royal highness.

      Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg. The nazis then united with similar nationalist parties. It was only after Hindenburg passed away that Hitler took on both the power of President and Chancellor that he was out of the system.

      Hitler only became more popular. I would suggest a read of RH Stolfis “hitler, beyond good and evil” to get a clear non politically correct view of the man.

      Like him or not the man was brilliant and had the issues clearly figured out. For one he knew what he wanted.

  • Guest

    Los Angeles county has a black population of only 9.3.  Yet almost every civil service professional election  employee both at the county and city level is black.  For instance, the man in charge of the Beverly Hills elections is black.  So are all the BH board of election employees.

    Of course the black goverment worker representation in Los Angeles county and its many cities is way, way over quota.  The last Whites retired about 10 years ago and we will never again see a White goverment employee.

    The American Whites have no objection to this.  They applaud this even as they and their adult children hustle from temp job to consulting to free lancing.  The only Whites who object to living in a society whose entire civil service  consists of blacks and hispanics who hate Whites are the White immigrants, russians, armenians, arabs, persians, israelis etc.

    I would appreciate it if the self appointed anthropoligists and ethnologists that infest this site not segue into their endless ignorant, moronic nonsense that only scandinavians, germans,english, scots and irish are really White and all others are mullatoes or mongols or something.  I would especially like to avoid hearing from the person who believes in the out of africa theory and claims that spanish, french and italians reflect the “physiogonomy” of their african ancestors.

    This is obviously a person who has never been to spain, italy, france, louisianna, quebec, new england or has ever laid eyes on any american with an italian name.

  • Dave4088

    I think it’s time to amend the electoral college whereby a state’s electoral notes are awarded based on the total number of counties a presidential candidate wins.  It’s simply not fair that large, non-white dominated urban areas, with the real and anecdotal cases of fraud that occur, ultimately decide how a state’s electoral votes are awarded.   Using this formula most of the “battleground states” would have gone Republican instead of Democrat.

    If this were to happen it would serve as a counterweight to the populous non-white cities and deliver  the presidency to the Republican or non-Democrat candidate.  I think this is an idea whose time has come.   This would also serve as a disincentive for the spineless Republicans to pander to non-whites. 

  • ed91