Obama Wins the Way His Campaign Predicted, with Big Minority Turnout and Robust Ground Game

Washington Post, November 8, 2012

In the end, President Barack Obama won re-election exactly the way his campaign had predicted: running up big margins with women and minorities, mobilizing a sophisticated registration and get-out-the-vote operation, and focusing narrowly on the battleground states that would determine the election.


Even as national polls suggested an exceedingly close race, Obama’s advisers insisted they had the edge in the nine competitive states. By Wednesday, Obama had won seven of them, with Florida still too close to call. Exit polls also backed up the Democratic team’s assertions that the coalition of young people and minorities who supported Obama in 2008 would still vote in big numbers this time around.

Black voters made up 13 percent of the electorate, just as they did in 2008, and Hispanics increased from 9 percent to 10 percent. Obama won more than 70 percent of Hispanics and more than 90 percent of blacks, according to exit polls. He also maintained his advantage with women, defeating Romney by 11 points among female voters.


Even before Romney officially became the nominee, Obama’s team was savaging him on the airwaves. The campaign spent millions of dollars on television advertisements that sought to cut down Romney’s business record, the central tenet of his campaign, and his character, casting the multimillionaire as a secretive protector of the rich.

Interviews with voters leaving polling places on Tuesday showed the president with a 10-point lead over Romney on the question of which candidate is more in touch with people like them. Of those holding that view, 91 percent voted for Obama.


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  • dhs

    I know it’s the Washpost, but this analysis is on target. Non-liberal white men must face these nasty facts.

  • libertarian1234

    If whites had voted just a couple percent more, Romney would have easily won, so I don’t see why everybody is gullibly attributing this to non-whites or brilliant planning by Obama.

    I think that Romney lost a good deal of white votes by being so bullish on stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, because millions of whites do not want a war with Iran,  especially like the ones we’re involved with in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    He seemed too eager to start another war, like Bush who was an absolute disaster. 

    • The__Bobster

      White voters sat on their hands because Romney offered them nothing. He never said a word about affirmative action. He backtracked on self-deportion. He promised to solve the invader problem by INCREASING legal immigration. He told White college students that he would give the foreigners in their classes green cards, meaning that they would get first crack at the few available jobs by virtue of affirmative action.

      • IstvanIN

         I voted against Obama by checking off Romney’s name.  Romney gave me no reason to vote for him.  Of course not a single politician will promise to do what really needs to be done.

  • The left has perfected data mining and knows how to use this information to target young voters.

    Did Facebook Give Democrats the Upper Hand?


    Young voters are now driving the elections. With little real world experience and heavy leftist indoctrination, they’re easily swayed and manipulated by means of social media.

    They watch the Daily Show and they’re fed a steady stream of mocking commentary on Republicans and Conservatives.

    They’re pliable and gullible. The left has them in the palm of their hands.

    For more info on left-wing political data mining, check out his article. Take a careful look at the photo and take note of the flag in the background:


  • Ronald

    This election should dispel forever the notion that “minorities”   will support the civilization to which they have come.


  • GrouchoMarxist

    Slightly off topic, but in the ballpark.  Mark these words: In the next few weeks or at most, months, we are going to see a special guest at the White House. As an honored guest will be the Reverend Jeremiah Wright! Obama will just want to rub it in a bit more. Why not? He won, right?

  • Puggg

    I’m not happy with the implicit conceit of a lot of the chattering heads on TV talk shows.

    To listen to them, you would think that Hispanics are 60% of the electorate, blacks are 30% of the electorate, and the only people who voted for Romney are about three 90-year old white men who practically have one foot in the grave while the other was in the voting booth.

  • Hal K

    McCain got 54 million white votes in 2008, and Romney got about the same number of white votes in 2012. There was a 7 million drop in white votes going from 2008 to 2012, but the net drop was all on Obama’s side. This means that millions of whites who voted for Obama four years ago stayed home.