Pressure Building for Immigration Amnesty

Russ Jones, One News Now, November 22, 2012

Leaders from various evangelical organizations have sent letters to the president and members of Congress demanding action for the millions of illegal immigrants who have taken up residence in the U.S.

The letter maps out moral principles for reform and explains why evangelicals have called for reform in the first 92 days of President Obama’s second term.

“We are driven by a moral obligation rooted deeply in our faith to address the needs of immigrants in our country,” the letter reads. “Compassionate and just treatment of immigrants is a frequent topic in scripture. The Hebrew word for immigrant, ‘ger,’ occurs 92 times throughout the Bible.”

Dr. Richard Land, president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), says it seems evident that immigration reform is “the right thing to do.”

“There are lots of different opinions about this,” he acknowledges. “I believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s the moral thing to do.”

He asserts the letter calls for balanced immigration reform that respects the God-given dignity of every person, guarantees secure national borders, protects the unity of the immediate family, ensures fairness to taxpayers, and respects the rule of law. But it also establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and wish to become permanent residents.

“If you want there to be a conservative majority in the country, it’s going to have to include large chunks of Hispanics,” Dr. Land points out. “You turn Hispanics away when you deny in-state tuition for the children of undocumented workers and . . . tell undocumented workers—some of whom have been here ten or 15 years—‘We’ve changed our mind. We haven’t been enforcing the law, but now we’re going to, and you have to go home.’ ”


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  • Wayne

    But they have nothing to say against no-fault divorce, sodomy, abortion on demand, Muslim immigration, etc. Just do us a favor and shut up, Pastor! The church has failed this country.

  • The__Bobster

    The is no “pressure” building. These lying open border traitors have been pushing for amnesty for ages to fill their pews. Let’s look at their lies


    “We are driven by a moral obligation rooted deeply in our faith to address the needs of immigrants in our country,”

    They are illegal aliens, not immigrants.


    “If you want there to be a conservative majority in the country, it’s going to have to include large chunks of Hispanics


    You might form a majority by including these squat monsters, but it won’t be a conservative one. Conservatives believe in the rule of law.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I liked it much better when Quaker Oatmeal was the “Right Thing To Do.”

    I don’t like this latest idea at all.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    The problem with the so-called leaders of these organizations is that they are no such thing. They act as if they speak for all conservative, evangelical Christians when in fact they take the positions they do (and broadcast them to liberal media) because it makes them feel caring and they know it will earn them praise from other men. Of course these leaders never argue the reverse–that illegal aliens should have compassion for the culture and law of the foreign nation they’ve invaded.

    Compassion doesn’t mean ignoring justice–something else that Christ demanded. After all, what about compassion toward these people who were killed by illegals that shouldn’t have even been in the US?

  • 1gravity

    Even Evangelical Churches have hierarchies, and church hierarchies invariably speak in derogation of the interests and needs of the people in the pew. The Biblical passages to which Dr. Land may be referring have to do with duties toward visitors; but immigrants, by definition, are not visitors. The ancient Israelites, as a matter of Divine guidance, were ardent non-multiculturalists.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      By and large the US is extremely welcoming to its immigrants. Once one is here, he can apply for all sorts of hand-outs from Uncle Sam–paid for by his new neighbors.

      Illegal “immigrants” aren’t really immigrants at all, but aliens or visitors as you’ve said. And removing visitors who have no right to be here by sending them home to live in the country of their birth is about the most humane thing one can do.

    • Xerxes22

      Modern Israelites are also ardent non-multiculturalists when it comes to protecting their country.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The only intelligent comment Dr. Land makes is “you have to go home.” He didn’t realize it but he is right, home for an illegal squatter isn’t the US. I often get Mexicans back peddling when I casually mention how I am for the new UN program to make Mexico more diverse by settling several million Africans and Asians in Mexico with programs to make their new “home” more like their lands of origin… then I say, “Your for that right, just like you are about any Western country… right?” They always look at me with concern, asking if that is true (its not) and saying how they wouldn’t be for that because Mexico is for Mexicans… then when I smile they often realize I have made a fool of their hypocritical and racist position.

    Try it, tell any Mexican or Chinese or Indian Punjab that you are for a new program to bring millions of foreigners to their “historic” homelands, just like they do in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand or North America… and watch them shrink with concern and fear.

    Also, try to get a Mexican nationalist in the US to agree to an amnesty with the provision that the borders be sealed by the military, ending illegal incursions forever… they won’t agree, they expect amnesties every 25 years and open borders continuing so the next batch can spearhead the next amnesty. They are open borders narcissists and deep down they all know they are committing genocide against a culture far superior to theirs… and they love it. Don’t ever underestimate the genuine hatred we Whites face at the hands of these disingenuous people.

    • mobilebay

      You’re right, Dude. With them, it only goes one way. What really gets to me is the fact that we’ve stood up to countries with manpower and weapons equal to our own, and we’ve won. Now, with years of weak leadership, we are surrendering to third worlds. primarily Mexico, who conquer by simply walking in and demanding their rights. Our leaders have waved the white flag in the name of votes and cheap labor – Oh! excuse me. That’s masquerading as the “right thing to do,” isn’t it? Let’s bring on that third party. The time is ripe for it. Kris Kobach for President in 2016!

    • fakeemail

      If we were truly superior then we would have stopped them. Ultimately, our defeat is proof of our basic inferiority. In the end, might makes right.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        If we were truly inferior they wouldn’t come here in the first place. If they were truly superior, millions would be flocking past their borders. If you really think the collective achievements of Mexico even come remotely close to the accomplishments of the US, or any western country for that matter… you might want to see a doctor.

    • NYB

      When confronted with this argument, the more combative ones will drop their gloves and hit back with “the history of colonialism”, i.e. it’s ok to do it to the white race, because “whites had their boot on the neck of the brown man” at one time.

      In other words, they couldn’t care less if they contributed to the genocide of whites, because in their minds historical grievance is justification for a Final Solution.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Funny because the Mestizos of Mexico are the result of colonization. If they have a problem with European colonization, they really have a problem with their own existence. In addition, when this silly tactic is mentioned, ask them do they know where these places would be without the innovations and ideas of The West? In case they don’t, mention the Stone Age and eventual displacement by other colonizers. The fantasy that nomadic paleo-hunter gatherers would for all-time have the entire western hemisphere set aside for their tribal conflicts and wig wams is just that, a childish self indulgent fantasy.

        • pcmustgo

          Well, hey, they don’t hate whites as much as blacks…..

    • pcmustgo

      I do this all the time…. .Another great “put the thinking cap on question” for them is….”WHEN WILL THEIR BE A WHITE PRESIDENT OF CHINA OR PAKISTAN OR KOREA”…. yeah…

    • Third world immigration is analogous to a well functioning toilet. What gets flushed generally doesn’t come back.

    • David Ashton

      Good arguments to keep using.

  • Bill

    The so-called evangelicals make me nauseous. The Bible is clear that an alien people who come in to a country with the intent of overthrowing the existing culture and people are INVADERS to be expelled with force of arms. That is what we have here in the US. An invasion. But then, the so-called evangelicals are very loose in bible and very big on mouthing liberal talking points. I wonder if they are suborned and corrupted and a stealth “christian” cabal who pretend to be faithful as the Log Cabin Republicans pretend to be conservatives. The sole intent being to eat the opposition from within.

  • When will the amnesty stop? I thought the 1986 amnesty was supposed to be the end of the illegal immigrant problem? How many more amnesties will we have?

    • MekongDelta69

      When will the amnesty stop?
      In the year 2525 or Never – whichever comes last.

      How many more amnesties will we have?
      As many as they need until there are more Mexicans here than in Mexico.

    • kjh64

      The end will come when America looks like Mexico and there is no more reason for them to come.

    • It won’t.

      In 1986, it was three-million amnestied. Those of us with half a brain knew an amnesty wouldn’t work

      In 2012, the number ranges from eleven to twenty million to be amnestied. So, if this passes, the numbers they demand to be amnestied in 2039 will be in the range of 40 to 70 milion.

      This will NEVER stop until we put our foot down and finally say “NO!

  • MekongDelta69

    Tomorrow, I plan on moving into Dr. Richard Land’s house (uninvited of course).

    I’m bringing a list of my demands and a menu of my favorite foods. He better start shopping ASAP….

    • NYB

      “The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention… dedicated to addressing social, moral, and ethical concerns, with particular attention to their impact on families…”

      Indeed. Let’s see how his immediate family would react to univited Mexicans walking in and making themselves at home.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of his daughters’ popping out cholo babies, one per year for the next ten years, each by a different daddy, identities unknown.

    • White_Prime77

      ‘Tomorrow, I plan on moving into Dr. Richard Land’s house (uninvited of course).’

      Good idea.

      I once saw Phil Donohue pontificate that borders were ‘just lines on a map’.

      It entered my mind that I should hop the fence of his and Marlas mansion and loiter about for a time until he called the cops. I would reply. ‘Hey property lines are just lines on a map!’ Liberals never take their ideas to their logical conclusion.

      • Dave4088

        You are right and white liberals say stupid things like “borders are just lines on a map” because it makes them feel good and warm hearted. And if you attempted to explain the consequences of this to any liberal they will call you a racist and bigot. When confronted with unpleasant facts the leftist mind completely shuts down and goes into attack mode.

  • Dave4088

    Ah yes, those citadels of anti-white activism that some call Christian churches. Church leaders will lecture you that race doesn’t exist or matter if, as a white person, you object to affirmative action and generally being treated as a third class citizen. It seems the overlords of American Christianity are as criminally insane and out of touch with their white parishioners as Congress since 70% of Americans are against amnesty which includes many Christians.

    I wonder if these religious braniacs can offer an empirical explanation of how America will benefit from amnesty instead of the usual “it’s Gawd’s will” or “it’s the right and moral thing to do” gobbledygook?

  • Let’s let the church pay for their welfare. How would they like that?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      The only sensible immigration policy to have, if one lets in non-Western immigrants at all, is to have sponsors like we used to. Michele Bachmann has brought this up. When these organizations are forced to actually pay for the wondrous diversity they so desire. The next time an immigrant Guatemalan sponsored by whatever new age church kills someone driving drunk let the church be held responsible.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    White elites universally agree: Making America less White is the only thing that matters now.

  • bluffcreek1967

    There is no Scriptural warrant or moral imperative from either the Old or New Tesaments for any nation to open its borders to all people of the world. The New Testament, in particular, simply doesn’t address the issue. There’s nothing suggestive in its pages which tells government rulers to permit unchecked immigration or even immigration itself for that matter! The writings of the apostles deal primarily with soteriological and ecclesiological matters, but they never address the ‘morality’ of open borders.

    To say that Christians should be gracious and hospitable to the wandering or traveling stranger is not the same as saying that Christians should promote massive illegal immigration into civilized, Western nations. Neither does it mean they should harbor such immigrants who are clearly breaking the law! Romans 13:1-2 commands believers to “submit to the governing authorities” and to not “resist” it. When Evangelicals and Catholics encourage illegal immigration and even protect those who violate our laws, they are directly contradicting Paul’s exhortation. Granted, there is a time and place for ‘civil disobedience,’ but this is not one of them.

    Finally, to say that Christians should encourage amnesty or illegal immigration because America is ‘Christian nation’ is false. America is not a Christian nation as commonly understood. It is a nation influenced by Christian principles, the Bible, and a morality in accord with the New Testament at points, but there are also many ‘secular,’ deistic and non-Christian influences upon it as well. The only ‘Christian nation’ the New Testament speaks of is the redeemed elect out of every nation of the world. Under the New Covenant, there are no physical ‘Christian nations.’ Only the Church comprised of elect men and women from every part of the planet.

    • For argument’s sake, if America’s being a Christian nation is driving its rush to national suicide, then time to dump the Christian stuff. I’d rather be a pagan/agnostic/atheist in control of my future than one whose destiny is being decided by third-worlders who snuck in illegally.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Although many Christians would support an open borders policy (although many conservative Christians would not), the pull for total amnesty and third-world immigration is coming mostly from liberal Democrats. It’s been mainly White liberals who are non-religious who have been the most vocal for amnesty and unchecked immigration rather than Evangelical believers.

        • Then evangelical Christians had better wake up and smell the coffee.

          ’tis a pity Jesus never warned his disciples against operating with their heads up their a**es.

    • David Ashton

      And what about Acts 17:26b ?

  • kjh64

    Spare the drivel about morality and the right thing to do. It is immoral to expect the American people to allow themselves to be invaded and their country turned over to Mexico. What about the morality of the fact that millions of Americans are injured or killed by illegal drivers or raped or burglarized by illegal immigrants? What about the morality of Americans having their money stolen in the form of taxes and fraud and given to illegal invaders? What about the Americans out of work whose jobs are taken by Mexican?. Charity begins at home. Expecting the American people to be invaded and displaced in their homeland against their will is IMMORAL!!!!! It’s immoral to expect that for any country. If Dr.Land wants to “help” these people, he can use his own money and help them in THEIR homeland. Better yet, if these idiot evangelicals want to involve themselves in politics, where they scare off a lot of moderate conservatives, they should lose their tax exempt status.

  • NYB

    In times gone by, those possessed with the spirit of doing
    evangelical ministering to the wretched would go abroad and live for a
    few years in some far-flung hellhole like Calcutta, helping the lepers

    Now, these people have found the lazy way to spiritual uplifting. They just invite the Third World to our doorstep.

  • pcmustgo

    The bible said do the right thing, but it also said BE HONEST….. I’m an honest woman, and that’s why I come to amren. I’m a christian, but screw the church. The church has been corrupt since Jesus’s death. Just like the poltiicians, these pastors (usually psychopaths/narcissists) are out for themselves…. MORE LATINOS= MORE PARISHIONERS….. they are out for themselves. Or just isolated, out of touch, “rich white people”

    • freddy_hills

      I strongly agree with your comparing pastors to politicians. That’s EXACTLY what they are. Pastors are just religious politicians.

      • And it’s time to stop listening to them. Parishoners who disagree with them should hit them where it counts: Stop donating to their churches. Take your money and donate to organizations that still uphold your principles.
        Donate to the Boy Scouts. They’ve been under a lot of attack for not compromising what they stand for. They deserve the support of conservatives, not mealy-mouthed half-witted clergymen.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    There are some churches in this story that need to lose their tax-exempt status because of this political meddling.

  • No problem, let’s start taxing churches to pay for the handouts.

  • NM156

    Dr. Richard Land is an a**hole, who trotted out the same nonsense quoted here on a recent Free Enterprise Institute conference telecast on CSPAN. He is a big-mouth, know-it-all country club Texan who betrays no spirituality at all, but does know a lot about the economics of cheap labor.

  • freddy_hills

    The illegals those “pastors” want to amnesty will immediately vote Democrat which will result in a tidal wave of social issue legislation that they goes against everything they believe in.

  • Dr. Richard Land, president of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee (ERLC), says it seems evident that immigration reform is “the right thing to do.”
    Too many of today’s clergy have the IQ of a loaf of bread, and too many people continue to listen to them primarily because they’re sporting a clerical robe, roman collar or waving a bible. Time for people of intelligence to start critically listening to them and to begin disregarding them when they spout obvious nonesense.

  • Perhaps my knowledge of Hebrew is somewhat better than these so-called Evangelicals, but last time I looked, in the Bible, gerim are foreigners who have converted to the Hebrew faith–the “stranger within thy gates”, not the outsider who wants to occupy your land without conforming to your beliefs and customs.

  • jeffaral

    People forget that the plantation owners were devout Christians who enslaved and brought the Africans to the Americas. Today’s Christians are just continuing this tradition of race mixing and destruction of the White race!

  • Frank

    His is an idiotic position. The moral thing is for the US to enforce the laws Congress has put on the book through the democratic process. The illegals do not care about living here other than they make out better here than back home. They do not accept our customs or laws. They only want what they can get free. They consider us stupid for putting up with them, and they are right. The good Dr. wants to be fair to taxpayers, but he does not mind charging taxpayers for in-state tuition, etc.