Nova Europa: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

March of the Titans, November 16, 2012

The re-election of Barack Obama in the USA has made even the most optimistic of European-American activists realize that demographically speaking, the jig is up in America.

However, almost the same scenario is playing itself out in Western Europe. Third World immigrants and their descendants played a decisive role in the recent French presidential elections; in the UK, non-whites will soon (possibly within 20 years) form the majority of children under the age of 18; and similar scenarios are underway in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and most other Western European nations. There is an inexorable eroding of the European base of a number of traditionally white nations through mass immigration and natural reproduction rates among already present immigrants.

The 2012 US presidential election has mapped out the reality—and middle-term future—of America, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Canada. It bodes ill for the long-term future of our race.

1. Introduction: The Premise

Demographically, it is no longer possible to win politically. There are sufficient numbers of white liberals (not to mention the fact that counted as white, especially in the US, are large numbers of groups implacably hostile to our race) who will always vote with non-whites to bring in Obama clones from now on.

What then is the solution?

Part of it is continued political activism, to reach as many increasingly alienated white people as possible and inculcate them with a sense of racial self-consciousness.

But that is only half the struggle. What to do with these people, how to keep them motivated, and the long-term solution to the problem, are the real deal-breakers in the conundrum.

Without an ideal, without a practical goal, and without real results, even the most racially-conscious group will ultimately dissipate. This is especially so when surrounded by a sea of non-whites. The vanishing of the Aryans of India, the ancient Egyptians and numerous other examples bear deadly testimony to this fact.

If we do not offer a real alternative to our people, and, even more importantly, deliver on that alternative, then the game is well and truly over.

2. The Only Alternative

T. Lothrop Stoddard wrote in his book, Racial Realities in Europe, that “nationality is what people think they are, race is what they really are.”

Bearing this in mind, we will have to accept that the presently existing states in North America and Western Europe (at least) are going to vanish.

Whites in those states must start thinking in terms of their race, and not their nationality.

The solution therefore, requires a quantum leap in thinking and a total break with the current system.

The historical record shows clearly that the only way in which a race can preserve its identity is through the creation of an ethnically homogenous heartland.

This then, a “European homeland,” offers the only way in which our race can be preserved.

The very concept sounds far-fetched and almost in the realm of fiction.

Where? When? How? Are the obvious questions which spring to mind.

Is it even remotely possible?

Before dismissing the idea out of hand, cynics should rather consider the alternative: the total destruction of the European people, their civilization, and culture.

Posited against that scenario of endless night, the idea of a European homeland seems quite tame.

3. The Zionist Model

The best model for the creation of a homogenous homeland for a defined people is unquestionably the state of Israel.

It is true that there are a number of circumstances surrounding the creation of Israel, both positive and negative. Positive factors included the power of the Jewish lobby, the unity of the Jewish people, while negative factors include the displacement of and resultant conflict with the Palestinian and Arabs.

It is not, however, these factors which should be the focus of our attention. Rather, we should look at and see the methodology which the Zionist movement used to create the Jewish state, and then simply replicate that, avoiding the pitfalls into which they fell.

The Zionist movement was formally launched by Theodor Herzl in 1896, although the first agitation for a Jewish state started several decades earlier.

Herzl, however, was the first to put together a coherent plan, which was then taken up by fellow Jews and ultimately became the World Zionist Movement which created Israel.

Herzl’s plan, which he put down in his 1896 book, Der Judenstaat, contained six chapters:

I. Introduction

II. The Jewish Question

III. The Jewish Company

IV. Local Groups

V. Society of Jews and Jewish State

VI. Conclusion

Chapter I deals with the basic concept of the demand for a Jewish state.

Chapter II deals with anti-Semitism, and outlines the justification or need for a Jewish homeland to bring an end to Jewish-Gentile conflict.

It also discusses the question of “where”, with the two main options being Argentina or Palestine, his conclusion is that the Jewish state would be “what is selected by Jewish public opinion.”

Chapter III sets out the core of the project: the creation of a formal organization, which he called the Jewish Company, to physically raise the money, buy land, promote Jewish immigration, the creation of industry, and so on. This “Jewish Company” became the Jewish Agency, which did indeed approach the colonization of Palestine as a business.

Chapter IV discusses how Jews would immigrate in organized groups rather than leaving it up to scattered individuals.

Significantly, Herzl pointed out that anti-Semitism, or persecution of the Jews, would be one of the biggest “push” factors which would drive Jews to the Zionist state. This is of bearing to us, given what will be the increasingly anti-white nature of many of the collapsing states.

Chapter V discusses the set-up of the Jewish state, its constitution and infrastructure, and even suggested a flag.

Chapter VI is the grand conclusion, and ends with these powerful words:

“But we must first bring enlightenment to men’s minds. The idea must make its way into the most distant, miserable holes where our people dwell.

They will awaken from gloomy brooding, for into their lives will come a new significance. Every man need think only of himself, and the movement will assume vast proportions.

And what glory awaits those who fight unselfishly for the cause! Therefore I believe that a wondrous generation of Jews will spring into existence. The Maccabeans will rise again.

Let me repeat once more my opening words: The Jews who wish for a State will have it.

We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and die peacefully in our own homes.

The world will be freed by our liberty, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness.

And whatever we attempt there to accomplish for our own welfare, will react powerfully and beneficially for the good of humanity.”

3.1 Herzl therefore accomplished a number of things:

3.1.1 He laid out the moral justification for the creation of a Jewish state (anti-Semitism, the demand for self-determination and so on—in other words, all the essential arguments to make the case presentable and justifiable to world opinion.)

3.1.2 He mapped out a realistic plan, which, he said, might take decades to fulfil. This plan was followed to the letter, starting immediately after the foundation of the World Zionist Movement.

3.1.3 This plan entailed the holding of conferences which: Announced the project to the world and gathered up Jewish support for the project; Laid the intellectual effort which went into identifying the Jewish homeland, morally justified its existence, and worked on a political level to bring the state about; Established the Jewish Agencies; and Launched real immigration policies in tandem with Jewish support agencies from the immigrants’ originating countries.

4. The European Homeland: “Nova Europa”

Working on the Herzl model, there are therefore four significant steps which have to be undertaken.

4.1 A seminal work outlining the idea has to be published.

This work must, like Der Judenstaat:

4.1.1 Outline the reasons why a state is necessary (e.g. the threatened genocide of the European people; their moral right to survival, and so on).

4.1.2 It must be phrased and delivered in such a way that it can be argued before any audience, anywhere, and justified as a plan which does not result in the infringement of the rights of any people on earth.

In this way, accusations of “white supremacism” and the nonsense about wanting to be supreme rulers over others can be deflected.

Also, because of the majority population nature of a homeland, racial segregation will not be necessary (for example there is no segregation in China—they don’t need it…)

4.1.3 This work must also, like Der Judenstaat, call for the creation of a “European Company” to take charge of the financial and logistical backing of the enterprise. This will entail the setting up of a company with trusted directors, shareholders, etc.

4.1.5 This work must then either map out, or at the very least, call for, proposals on where the European homeland should be.

4.2 Announce the project to the world, possibly by way of a Congress (a la World Zionist Congress) at which maps and details can be discussed. The advent of the World Wide Web has facilitated the exchange of ideas and concepts so that it is possible to bring in the most sensible ideas and proposals first, even before a public launch.

4.3 The creation of a Nova Europa Company, which would fulfil the duties of a European version of the Jewish Agency, as outlined above. Critical to the planning of such a company would be the solicitation of investment in industry to create manufacturing-based jobs in the “the territory.” Without that pull factor, there will be no growth point to which people will be attracted.

5. Implementation

The final step in the process is implementation. Without real progress in this regard, the project will come to nothing and dissipate. Critical to this step is, therefore, the selection of an area which can be majority occupied.

This is possibly the most difficult of all, because, unlike at the time of the creation of the state of Israel, there were no empires on the point of dissolution, the number of independent states was far lower, and, most importantly, there appear to be no “open” territories left.

This is a real problem, of which a possible answer is suggested below.

6. The Territory

Given the above—that there are no “new” areas to be opened up (even those sparsely inhabited are now parts of existing states), there appears to be only two options:

6.1 A number of territories, located in different nations, can be selected as target immigration areas. This would allow for the ultimate creation of several proto-states, of which some might be more successful than others.

For example, we could look at selecting a town in rural America, and embark on a deliberate campaign of colonization by “our” people. Eventually, a series of towns could possibly link up. This could also be done in other nations: Canada, Australia, and of course the western European nations as well.

This would solve the twin problems of (a) identifying areas which impinge upon existing states, and (b) the issue of cross-national immigration for many people, but would have to be done with the understanding that this would then be a long-term project which would very likely only result in full proper independence once the “rest” of the “host” nation had collapsed into Second or Third World anarchy. This is, by the way, the plan behind the Orania project in South Africa.

6.2 Following the Zionist example (where Herzl lobbied the British, the Americans, the Ottoman Empire, and the German Kaiser, among others), a direct political approach might possibly be made to one or more Eastern European states which are, of all currently existing nations, the most receptive to such an idea and who are all suffering from serious population decline problems—which they would possibly want to address by promoting inward European immigration.

Once again, before this is dismissed as a fantasy, the geo-political realities of those nations should be overviewed by any cynics. Many of the former Soviet bloc Eastern European nations are seriously concerned about population declines and have seen what has happened in Western Europe—and have launched pro-white birth-rate population drives of their own.

7. Conclusion

The idea of a European homeland may sound far-fetched, but then again, so did the idea of a Jewish homeland sound farfetched when Herzl wrote his book. In fact, one of the wealthiest potential backers from who Herzl sought help, the Rothschilds, dismissed him out of hand.

Rather than focusing on the nay-sayers, thoughtful activists will consider what the alternatives are.

And realistic activists will have to agree: essentially there are no alternatives to geographic consolidation. The historical record is clear: those people who do not possess a territory in which they form the majority population, are doomed to extinction.

The challenge is open. Will we have what it takes to survive, or will we perish?

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  • MekongDelta69

    The re-election of Barack Obama in the USA has made even the most optimistic of European-American activists realize that demographically speaking, the jig is up in America.

    Uh-oh. He used a ‘forbidden’ word. I’m calling Jesse and Al right away.

  • GentlemanPugilist

    Fascinating article, though the concept of a white homeland is not new. There are already a number of Pioneer Little Europe projects in existence, at least according to internet sources, and many have talked about the creation of a white ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest

    Personally I think that a white homeland of some sort is inevitable simply because racial tensions will eventually lead to civil strife and depressed living standards of such magnitude that many multi-racial states will simply fragment into smaller ethnostates, as happened in Yugoslavia. The only way that will be prevented from happening, in my humble opinion, is by authoritarian governments suppressing the natural ethnic and tribal instincts of their people, and to some extent that’s occurring.

    One problem I see with the plan outlined above which the author has failed to notice, but what of the indigenous white people of the territory settled? For example suppose Switzerland is chosen, what will the Swiss make of it? How would they feel about having their culture and values effectively usurped?

    • ImTellinYa

      Whites already have homelands. We merely need to reach out and take them back. We have the power and intelligence to do it. All we lack is the will. Less than 100 years ago we had the will. Many of us still do.

      • The Observer

        No, we do not lack the will. We lack the political power to do so, and you are ignoring reality by pretending otherwise. To obtain political power, you will have to win an election, and that is impossible because of the rapidly changing demographics. Time to wake up and snap out of the dream world, my friend.

        • Svigor

          ImTellinYa seems to only be interested in telling us nonsense.

        • HamletsGhost

          Wrong. As Mao famously put it: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. About the only thing the commie said that made any sense.

          Elections are now history as means for us to gain our rights, as the recent U.S. election showed. It will soon be time to move to the next level.

          • David Ashton

            He also said that the countryside could surround and conquer the cities.

          • HamletsGhost

            Well, I’ll be. That’s two things he said that make sense.

            While the numbers look bad on paper, numbers take a back seat to other considerations, like competence, weaponry, and will to use it.

            Our natural enemies are concentrated in the cities.They are completely dependent on an armed countryside to supply it with food and other necessities for their existence. Look at the aftermath of Katrina to see how tough our supposed masters are when the chips are down.

            The entirely corrupt artifice that comprises the current regime is supported by an ever creaky and unworkable financial system that appears to be in its death throes. When the EBTs run out, then things will get real really quick.

          • Svigor

            Wrong. Political power flows from men. Of course that meant “guns” to a feudal population of yellow people, but that is not the only way to get things done among white populations.

            Guns or votes, we’ll need a very large mind share of the white population to use either to our advantage. Why we should start breaking stuff if we get that large share is anybody’s guess, when non-violent means would be more efficient.

            All guerrilla/insurgent fighters know you can’t win with a population that isn’t largely sympathetic to your cause. They also know they’d rather do it without getting shot at if possible. The simple fact is, if we get that large mind share, we win, and without it, neither guns nor votes will work.

            I think my biggest problem with the “guns, not politics” crowd is that they want to whistle past the graveyard on this one. They say non-violent means didn’t work. But that’s a lie. Non-violent means haven’t even been tried. And that’s the graveyard; pro-survival politics aren’t even a blip on the radar for whites in general. Whites are apathetic and demoralized, not angry and disenfranchised. If they can’t even get mad enough to do a sit-in, who in his right mind thinks they’ll commit to a shoot-out?

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, we used to have white homelands, some of them were; Continental USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The UK. They were all English speaking and very prosperous. Then in the 1960s something bad started to happen, Enoch Powell warned us but no one would listen.

      • The Observer

        “we used to have white homelands”

        At least you can see that is in the past tense. Now start thinking about how we can create new ones, this time avoiding the mistakes which have led to the overrunning of the old ones.

  • eiszeit

    It won’t happen. Israel only worked because the tribe has complete control of the West in terms of media, banking, academia, etc. They simply bought the weapons and support they needed and did what they wanted. We don’t have that luxury because we don’t control anything.

    If Whites ever tried to found their own country, Israel and all the tribe-run nations of the West would nuke it to oblivion. Don’t think they’d ever hesitate to wipe out all race-conscious Whites in a split second. Look what they did to Germany in WW2. And if Europeans ever try to re-take their governments Israel will just go nuts with its Sampson Option and nuke Europe, which is what they’re itching to do.

    We’re screwed.

    • Net_Drifter

      Just like the article stated: there will always be naysayers in perpetual demoralizing gloom.

      • eiszeit

        Just telling it like it is.

        • Net_Drifter


          November 16, 2012 at 8:38 pm

          Guest @ 8:20 pm: Don’t get caught up in endlessly restating the problem. We need solutions, not blame apportioning. No-one should be under any illusion that white concentration points will be under threat. But defence of those points is a separate matter and will follow automatically. Don’t look for reasons to do nothing….

          Endless restating the problem without offering any sort of solution is utterly pointless and demoralising….

          PS: The protocols of Zion are an obvious fabrication, which any close reading will reveal. Don’t make your case weak by quoting fabrications: there is more than enough real facts upon which to base an argument.-Ed.

    • The Observer

      Oh well you had better go away and kill yourself right now then. There is no point to having always negative people hanging around, dismissing anything positive that anyone else is trying to achieve. If you have nothing positive to contribute, then just keep quiet.
      * This is also a good example of the danger of total obsessions with Jews: in the mind of anti-Semites, they become all powerful god like figures who can do anything, and so therefore there is no hope.
      Catch a wake-up and snap out out it!

    • Athling

      Sir, it will happen. It must happen. Our people must not perish from the earth.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    “Which way forward for the white man?”

    Jared Taylor, Aaron Wolf, and Amren have come far, but they still have much more work to do. They need to do some soul searching.

    They continue to perpetuate the ugly stereotype that the “white man” is a single, individual and atomized Randian unit, and not part of a community of special and common racial interests.
    Please, for the sake of your Cause, stop refering to individuals and begin mainstreaming “the White community” in all references to us and our plight.

    We just can’t afford for our leaders to cede the rhetorical advantage to our enemies. Catch up with words that work!

    • Puggg

      They continue to perpetuate the ugly stereotype that the “white man” is a
      single, individual and atomized Randian unit, and not part of a
      community of special and common racial interests.

      Huh? I wish some of our people would put some distance between themselves and that mindset, but I’ve never heard or read Jared Taylor say or state anything like that.

      • C_C_Conrad

        About a year ago I try to suggest that our leaders get behind the creation of a new flag that represents only our racial unity, nothing else. The reason for such a flag is the creation of an emotional & psychological sense of unity. The other flags that we use a now useless. We need to be unified in our minds & spirits first. Everything first happens in the mind you know.
        Jack’s War

        • Svigor

          How about something we can overlay onto the old flags? I don’t want to dissolve my identity into “white,” with lots of people I don’t want to be dissolved with contributing to that “whiteness.”

          Basically, a common bond of European unity, combined with our existing heritage.

          This pan-European oneness is not for me, and never will be. You guys are going to have to deal with it.

        • Svigor

          I find it amusing how controversial the principle of self-determination is among the Amren commentariat. If we can’t even acknowledge the right of self-determination among ourselves, how are we supposed to win its acknowledgement among our enemies?

          No, Arabs don’t have the right to live among Jews. No, Jews don’t have the right to live among Arabs. No, blacks don’t have the right to live among whites. No, Meds don’t have the right to live among Nords, or vice-versa. No, Swedes don’t have the right to live among Italians, or vice-versa.

          Nationalism 101.

  • The Rothschilds did not dismiss him. Edmond Rothschild of the French side BACKED him and bought a lot of land in “Palestine”. Wonder why, hmmm?

    The Rothschilds were also the recipients of the Balfour letter stating England was going to support a Jewish homeland. Wonder why?

    But all this has NOTHING to do with us except that these same International Jewish organization are 100 % against any White homeland. That would be racists.

    Also, why don’t you ask of the origin and timing of this massive non-white invasion of ONLY White nations. All at the same time. All using the same language? Notice how every WHITE nation is being invaded. Not China. Not India. Not Arabia. ONLY WHITE NATIONS.

    Until what is left of White Nations kicks out EVERYBODY who is not WHITE FIRST, there is no final solution. All those who aren’t White and don’t support a White Only homeland are our enemies.

    It will not happen peacefully since every other non-White group wants to live with us Whites. WE create the only sane, healthy, fun, productive civilization on Earth. Only us. So, these other races will go to war against us so that they can live with us. They will kill us until we let them live with us. Sure they HATE OUR GUTS, but they hate living among their own kind even more.

    This will not end pretty.

    • The Observer

      “Until what is left of White Nations kicks out EVERYBODY who is not WHITE FIRST, there is no final solution.”

      Just how do you think that is going to happen? Do you have any grip on reality? Stop living in a fantasy “Turner Diaries” world, and get real.

      • Because any compromise or “tolerance” just re-starts this nightmare.

        100% White nation or 100% White extinction.

        Can’t you see it? It is so clear. Whites are the only people who must use FORCE to keep the others out. For this reason, we need to see and spot anyone NOT WHITE immediately and deport them immediately.

        Yes, Turner Diaries and Yes,Mein Kampf. Whatever means necessary or we Whites are DEAD. And I don’t intend on dying.

        • The Observer

          The Turner Diaries hey? I see you are strongly in touch with reality.

          • Grim

            The compromising and capitulating of your kind is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. Your voice is no longer wanted, zip your treasonous lips and return to the peanut gallery you stumbled out of.

          • Umpteen

            Dispense with your straw man insults. He never mentioned the Turner Diaries, and I don’t think you are in any position to imply impropriety seeing as though you are posting on a WN site.

          • The Observer

            The Turner Diaries is just a turn of phrase–I was actually referring to the mindless claim that “all we have to do is expel the nonwhites” which is repeated ad infinitum by thoughtless people who have no idea how that will be done or what it entails.

          • Net_Drifter

            Too many people do think it will be a simple matter to expel millions of angry, desperate people who are firmly entrenched in the U.S. and Europe.

            White won’t have total dominance any longer; it won’t go back to the 19th century. Dominating most of the world was what got us into this in the first place. We should’ve been content to keep and safeguard our own.

            We need to become as inward looking and isolationist as it’s possible to be. The approach pointed out in the article is the only real way to do that. Forcing out millions of nonwhites from any western nation will look like whites attempting to control the entire world again. The originating country of every race and ethnic group would wage war on us in that event., and we’re already outnumbered.

            Creating new homelands within our old ones is the path of least resistance.

          • Svigor

            I don’t trust you. I think your loyalty is with the enemy. How else to explain such blatant nonsense and falsehood?

          • Net_Drifter

            No, you’re another lost in fantasy. On top of that you’re paranoid and probably another obsessive nut on the ‘jewish question’. People like you represent a dead end.

          • GM (Australia)

            Millions have entered therefore I am sure millions could and should be induced to leave, cash repatriation incentives could be a good start followed by forcible repatriation of ALL illegals. Blacks who do not like the USA should be encouraged to go to Liberia, it was set up for them. Hispanics have nearly all of South & Central America to go to, I have even been told that Chile and Columbia now have growing economies. Muslims who don’t like the USA have a large Muslim world that they should be able to return to. In fact the nation of Pakistan (Home of the Pure) was set up for displaced Muslims back in 1947.

            You should not have to create new homeland within your nation, that is defeatism, not the line of least resistance. There are of course 2 homelands that were in fact established in what is today’s USA. There was the original Commonwealth of Massachusetts established by pilgrims fleeing religious persecution in Europe some 400 years ago and there was Utah settled by Mormons. But in today’s world we don’t have any large tracts of unoccupied territory to go to and the colonization of space is about as credible as a 1940s comic book.

          • David Ashton

            This is a better starting-point for discussion than defeatism or violence.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We won’t have to expel them.

            This has been experimentally determined.

          • Svigor

            Expelling the other is not the difficult part. It’s the easy part. The hard part is getting white people to want to do it.

            Sort of like cleaning toilets. It isn’t hard work, and it doesn’t take long.

            Once a people decides to clean the bathroom, so to speak, the task is easily accomplished. I don’t trust people who say it will be difficult; they’re obviously more interested in keeping the bathroom filthy than they are in saving anyone from an “impossible” task.

            All a people has to do is make life in the next country over more appealing than life in theirs. Taxes and fees, plus disenfranchisement and removal of eligibility for gov’t services would see 99% of them gone.

          • David Ashton

            Expelling recent illegal immigrants is more feasible than “expelling ANYONE” and everyone, however long resident or constructive, who was not born “white” in appearance by a chromatic standard far more “extreme” than that of the Nazis.

          • carocaput

            We owe these minorities nothing. Start with that thought. They are looters all. Look past their manner to their method. For instance how do Mexicans treat interlopers from Gatemala? Let no more in and stop subsidizing those here. Also return to a meritocracy.

        • elitist

          here we go again…AMREN cannot seem to shed people who keep crashing out of the closet as Hitler admirers.

          Hooray for Hitler!!

          Hooray for Mein Kampf!!

          The Jews are “non-white” invaders of Europe (who of course did nothing to shape Eurpean civilization over the past thousand years).

          Mein Kampf is a 1 best seller in the Muslim world, and the scourge of Muslim anti-semitism in Europe is one of the reasons most Europeans are “Islamophobic”

          News flash:
          Europeans are not terribly frightened of the Jews, not are they mainly preoccupied with racial purity.

          The are appalled by the intolerance and rigidity of the Muslim community.

          Read a newspaper: all of the inroads against the Islamic invasion in Europe are being made by groups that shun racism & anti-semitism and are focused on maintaining our liberties as a tolerant, open, democratic society.

          Sharia, crime, and welfarism, the refusal to assimilate, and of course the demographic catastrophe are driving Europeans to resist further immigration.

          All this twaddle about racial purity and white homelands will only slow things down.

          The priority in Europe is to maintain white majorities while accepting manageable minority communities by:

          limiting immigration, deporting those who commit crimes or refuse to asimilate, reducing immmigrant birthrates by limiting faud and welfarism, pressuing those who stay to work and assimilate, subsidizing the exits of those who agree to leave, enforcing the law in all Muslim enclaves.

          At this point, for Europe, maintaining white majorities and isolating and disciplining dysfunctional Muslim populations is pretty Utopian.

          Been to Europe lately?

          Believe me, only a handful of mental defectives are poring over Mein Kampf and worrying themselves sick about the nefarious influence of the Jews.

          By the way: they are generally pro-Muslim.

          • Tucker

            “maintain white majorities while accepting manageable minority communities…” ?

            This sounds to me like the same recipe that brought us to the existential crisis that every historic White European nation today now faces.

            There is no such thing as a ‘manageable minority community’. Not in a nation that Whites would prefer to live in, and by that, I mean a nation that is constructed in such a way as to have a strictly limited Federal government, with liberties and freedom in the kind of abundance that Whites tend to prefer.

            Guess What? Those same liberties and freedoms would also extend to the minority communities, where history has continually proven that lack of self discipline, self-restraint, immorality, degeneracy, crime, violence, and dysfunctionality always runs rampant. Thus, to properly ‘manage’ a minority community, there would obviously have to be sets of restrictions placed upon them that would recognize racial differences in behavior and temperament and that would be a sure-fire recipe to increase minority resentment towards the White majority, since they would not be enjoying the exact same liberties and freedoms as Whites. This is not workable, as was shown by the Rhodesian example.

            Here in America, we used to have the common sense to keep the minority, non-white percentage of our population to around 10 percent – and, yes, life in this nation was certainly better because of that policy. But, even in those days – we still had minority crime, minority agitation, minority dysfunctionality – and despite the fact that most of it was confined to minority neighborhoods, those should have been warning signs as to what would eventually happen when those minorities out-bred the White majority and became 35 or 40 percent of our nation’s population. But, as we can all see – since 1960, those lessons were not learned or even recognized, aside from those of us in the AmRen, pro-White, White race realist and White Nationalist communities – and today, our entire nation has been destroyed as a result.

            Therefore, it is not wise to repeat the same policies that lead to the failure we see today. Segregation was a temporary remedy, and was doomed to become untenable due to the stupidity of White liberals on race matters, the cowardice of White kwanservatives on race matters, and due to the sinister influence of certain virulently anti-white, White genocide craving Trojan Horses that we’ve allowed to fester within our society.

            Complete geographic separation is the only solution that will guarantee the survival of White Western European mankind, and that is what our goal must be. And, this time, let us make sure that we prohibit the presence of any of these Trojan Horses within our new homeland.

          • pcmustgo

            I”m a half trojan horse right here… and I don’t hate whites… In fact I’m tired of the hatred I receive for being white

          • Tucker

            You’re actually pretty lucky. You only receive half the amount of hatred that I receive, since both of my halves are White and only one of your halves is.

          • You have your own nation. Go there.

          • elitist

            This message is addressed to Jared Taylor

            I see your comments editor has taken the perhaps
            unprecedented step of simply erasing all comments related to the Israel
            discrimination story.

            Perhaps I have something to do with that decision:

            I seem to have helped to stir up a hornets nest of
            anti-Semitic hysteria on the Amren comments pages.

            The point I want to make here is quite simple:

            as head of an influential movement/journal, you must make an
            ironclad distinction between anti-Semitic hatred (Holocaust denial/celebration,
            the two often schizophrenically confused)

            and constructive criticism of certain aspects of Jewish

            You are intelligent enough to understand that your movement
            cannot go mainstream it is contaminated with raving Nazis.

            I’m a US American who is 1/2 Jewish, who earned a PhD from
            one of America’s top (Ivy) universities, and who has lived in Europe for 17

            While neo-Nazis is a problem in Europe, most anti-Semitic
            acts and statements come from the Muslim community.

            Inevitably, and increasingly, the two elements – European
            Nazis and fanatical Muslims – are finding one another and falling madly in

            Most Europeans want to stem the Muslim invasion, not because
            they are right-wing or racist, but instead because Islam conflicts with their
            social democratic values: tolerance, openness, free speech.

            As you realize by now, a vocal and organized movement for
            the rights of whites as whites is proving extraordinarily difficult to build.

            The most successful movements in this direction in Europe
            have done everything possible to purge themselves of fascist, Nazi

            If you are to have even the faintest glimmer of hope for
            success in the United States, you’re going to have to do the same.

            Every day you delay slows the white rights movement down.

            Incidentally, I am half Jewish, some of my English
            (Christian) relatives came to the United States in the mid-17th century, my
            Jewish grandparents arrived at Ellis Island from Austria and Hungary in the

            Others arrived from Carrara Italy, Holland, Ireland.

            While I find your site interesting, I am not racist in any
            classical sense:

            Blacks, for example, suffer from serious cognitive deficits
            which prevent them from taking advantage of the opportunities of modern
            societies like the United States. Black pathology has enormous costs for whites
            as well.

            My response is not to hate or revile them, but instead to
            explore realistic options for improving the situation.

            The same is true of the situation of Muslims in Europe.

            The situation with the Jews is quite the reverse:

            on average, we are more intelligent and more successful,
            more affluent and more socially connected than Gentiles.

            As a history of Jewish persecution in the West shows, it can
            be far more dangerous to be above average than to be under average!

            It is no great secret that anti-Semitism is not really about
            the “Jewish leftist Zionist Communist conspiracy to undermine the West.”

            Any more than the original source of Muslim hatred of the
            Jews is the occupation by Israel of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

            To state the breathtakingly obvious: Anti-Semitism is a
            mental pathology that is as a rule a response to feelings of inferiority and

            The most sensible way to think of the Jews as a group,
            particularly of the Ashkenazi Jews, is as follows:

            the European Jews are one European ethnicity among others,
            ranging from Slavs to Basques to Scotsmen. While Jewish history is ultimately
            traceable back thousands of years to the Middle East, Jewish industry, science,
            and artistry has been indissolubly bound up with European progress for a

            Many of the inventions, ideas, innovations, we take
            completely for granted are the work of European or American Jews.

            While this seems to be excruciatingly painful for
            anti-Semites to acknowledge, any credible account of European civilization must
            acknowledge that the Jewish contribution to European science, scholarship, the
            arts, and ideas is at least as great than that of any other ethnic group.

            As regards the white movement, the presence or absence of
            anti-Semitism is a pretty good index of whether we are dealing with
            constructive or pathological tendencies.

          • David Ashton

            I am neither Jewish nor antisemitic, but years of observation and extensive study of Jewish matters has taught be that this “question” is extremely complex, as well as especially sensitive after WW2 and the creation of the State of Israel. It is quite right and proper to criticize Jews and anyone else who seek to multi-racialize white nations, and also to comprehend their real motives; and it is quite sensible to work with Jews who have no such design.
            This is not the place, however, to develop and document this position, but to recommend more thorough study of more than one “side” of the issue.

          • elitist

            Just to be perfectly clear:

            I have state as explicitly as possible that there is a difference between

            a) criticizing Jews individually and collectively and

            b) calling for their physical expulsion from everywhere on Earth except Israel, where they are about to be attacked by the Muslim world, and/or their physical extermination.

            Not really a subtle point.

            “critiquing certain aspects of Jewish intellectual life” is one thing,

            claiming that Jews are “not white” and don’t “belong in Europe” is another.

            Jews have been living in and contributing to Europe for many centuries, and people who dream of reviving Hitler’s plan to make Europe “Judenrein” are insane and evil.

            Is that clear enough??

            Or does it require “more study” to say:

            A white civil rights movement should be 100% free of self-avowed Nazis?

          • No, your people are more ruthless than anyone else when it comes to promoting their own interests while destroying those of others at the same time. Sorry, I do not buy that argument. Your cohorts are doing enormous harm to me and my people. Did it ever occur to the jury that to the Muslims and darkies in general, Jews and whites are one and the same? Yet Jews call whites anti-Semites even though today it’s Muslims who are attacking Jews. Better think that one over carefully, because we are both hated minorites globally but for very different reasons! Whites are hated because of the Zionists and the relentless demonization of us on the part of your kind. You should know why your kind is despised globally.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Yes, but what would you do with me (3/16 Northeast woodlands Amerind) or my mother, wife and daughter?

          • GM (Australia)

            Hopefully you can stay where you are and enjoy all the benefits of living in a white run America and hope that America continues to be run by whites.

          • Svigor

            If you stick with your self-assessment (I doubt very much it’s based on genetic assay), I’d separate me and mine away from you. If you insisted on living with your daughter, I’d insist on separating from you. I’m an ethnopatriot. I’d no more choose to live among non-whites than Israelis would choose to live around non-Jews.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            But Israelis do, and by choice. Israel has always had a plethora of non-Jews. One of the main concerns there is the eve shrinking Jewish population.

          • Svigor

            Nonsense. If Israeli Jews wanted to live among non-Jews they wouldn’t restrict immigration to Jews only. But they do. Chinese and mestizos don’t blow up pizza parlors, but Israelis still don’t want them immigrating. And your point about their concern over the shrinking Jewish demographic makes my point for me.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            There have been non-Jews in Israel since the start. The quietest of which are the Christian Circassians that have always made up a hard-core section of the Israeli military. But you are being ridiculous, Israel is tiny and cannot afford to have all those Sub-Saharan blacks flooding in.

            I wish you could actually argue with something besides your attitude and lack of factual historic information.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Wrong again. There have been non-Jews in Israel since the start, both Arab Muslims and Christians. The Sircassian Christians have always formed a hard core part of the Israeli military, for example. But you are being ridiculous. Israel is tiny and resisting a flood of Sub-Saharan Africans is required for many reasons, one being the economic impact. They want in because its the safest place in the entire region.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            But you probably want to separate from me too. In your imagined utopia, everyone sees everything just like you, or they;re out. Another Stalin in the making.

          • David Ashton

            Have you had your own ancestry checked and, if so, how many generations back?

      • Grim

        You are one of the fops who ain’t gonna make it pal.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        A place for everything, and everything in its place.

        The first mistake was in racial and cultural mixing and matching.

        I couldn’t care less if the other races of human live or die – as long as they do it in their own place. Though frankly, if I could bargain with Death incarnate, I would bargain the return of the dodo or the velociraptor or just about anything in exchange for the East Indian race.

        • pcmustgo

          Just wondering, what specific experiences have you had with East Indians that makes you dislike them so, more than blacks even? I’ve had a few bad ones with East Indians too, though I have a close friend who is mixed with East Indian.

          • pcmustgo

            East Indians do have a lot of resentment about the british colonizing india

    • The Observer

      On July 18, 1896, Herzl met with Baron Edmond Rothschild in Paris, who dismissed the idea as impracticable. progress with the project, however, changed his mind and he later became an important backer.

      However, this is not the point: the real issue here is can Europeans create a homeland, not to get into an argument over the creation of Israel.

      • Indiana Guy

        The whole idea of a European homeland and that being the salvation of White Europeans is based on one big assumption. That assumption is that European society does not need to change and will not change. It seems that the proposal is an EXTERNAL solution for a problem that is caused INTERNALLY. Such a solution is bound to fail. The assumption that the current structure of European society should be preserved is a false one. It should be jettisoned. It is materialistic and too individualistic. This is the cause of the demographic decline of the west but it is exactly what people such as this author wish to preserve. He wants his Euro Materialistic, Individualistic society to remain the same AND be preserved from a demographic tide. This is not possible. White people will have to give up their University, Corporate, Materialistic, Pornographic, feminist focused societies and become more like the Amish, or they will die out. If European societies were doubling their population every twenty years then the pressure would be outward, not inwards.

        • The Observer

          IF your presumption is true (that whites will not “give up their University, Corporate, Materialistic, Pornographic, feminist focused societies” then it is all over.
          If you truly beleive that, then you might as well go and commit suicde straight away, or better, get out of politics completely and go and pretend nothing is happening.
          Essentially the choice is between an European ethnostate/s or extinction in a multi-racial polyglot. I know which one I choose.

          • Indiana Guy

            so you prove my point, you would rather die than let go of your “modernity”. I see no need to go kill myself because I see that at some point, white people will give up “modernity”. It is the “rednecks” that are the future of white people, not the elitists of today. I believe in the “rednecks”. I think they can do it.

          • The Observer

            How do I “prove your point” ? You are talking nonsense.

            The truth is that white people will either form an ethnostate, or ethnostates, somewhere, with all the modcons, or they will perish in the multiracial melting pot. Your babbling on about “rednecks” and “modernity” is utterly irrelevant.

          • Indiana Guy

            you would rather jump off a cliff than abandon what society is today. You would rather kill yourself than change. You prove my point when I said many will cling to our current social structure even if it means death for their people. What I say is not nonsense. Look at the Parsees of India, look at the Amish of America. Tell me, which group is headed towards extinction? Tell me, which group doubles their number every 18-20 years? Tell me, which group is the same as modern Euro-American society and which group is different. Don’t say it is nonsense. The proof is self evident.

          • The Observer

            “you would rather jump off a cliff than abandon what society is today. ”

            You are just making things up. I never said any such thing. Stop filling these pages with nonsense.

          • carocaput

            The Amish would be increasing even faster if they didn’t lose a lot of their young to medernity.

          • Svigor

            It’s good to lose a fraction to the outside world. 1 it increases cohesion by making membership a thing to be earned and worked for, and 2 it creates one-way gene flow. Jews have been doing this for 2,000 years.

          • Net_Drifter

            There are many children of rednecks who have become whiggers.

          • carocaput

            I live in w. PA and can vouch for the truth of this statement.

          • Tucker

            Sad but true. And, let’s be honest. Where do these kids of rednecks learn how to become whiggers? The #1 instrument of white genocide programming is that 32″ wide electronic, Cultural Marxist controlled anti-white poison spewing Television set. A close #2 are Hollywood movies, which most people now watch at home on that same 32″ wide electronic anti-white, White genocide brainwashing device. TV is where white kids are taught to be whiggers,


            In my youth – televisions were something that most middle class White families had only one of, and that one TV was in the family’s living room. TV’s were seldom found inside a kid’s bedroom, because in those days – White parents were still responsible enough to understand that (a) school homework and proper studying time would be negatively affected by such distractions, and (b) Parents were still concerned about monitoring which TV shows that their kids were allowed to watch, because parents in those days understood a thing or two about negative influences and that the media was clearly peddling them. Today, neither one of these two concerns have disappeared on the reality or practicality scale, but they sure have disappeared from the brains and rule book of the vast majority of White parents.

            End result? White sons come home with dred-locked or corn-rowed hair styles, wearing baggy pants that hang down past their fanny cheeks, and listen to gangsta rap music all day and White daughters come home with swollen bellies, eagerly waiting to squirt out their mulatto illegitimate baby, after being impregnated by some IQ of 80 black teenage gang banger, and both of these White kids will call their White father ‘Archie Bunker’ if he dares to show his disgust, disappointment and disapproval fior any aspect to their whigger behavior.

            Be honest, White parents. Are you now sorry that you caved in and put that TV into your kids bedroom?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            That’s right and all too true. Ignorance provides openings for ANY influence, not necessarily the ones a parent or even a good friend might seek to provide.

          • carocaput

            You mean your bet is on the celts over the semites. It is all tribal in the end.

          • Indiana Guy

            The semites are not a demographic threat to us. Why do you bring them up?

          • Indiana Guy

            My “presumption” is true. White Europeans are completely analogous to the Parsees of India. The Parsees, or Parsis, have had a steady demographic decline, even though they have been the highest achievers. They put off childrearing into their thirties and then have few children. They concentrate on education and professional achievement. They are the exact opposite of the Amish. The Amish reject “higher” education, they reject prideful achievement, they reject everything that modern society values. The Amish double their number every 18 to 20 years. The evidence is clear. it is what a people values that will determine their future, or if they even have one. So white people invented computers and ipods, wikipedia, they surfed the web, were over entertained- and then went extinct. That is pretty foolish. Knowledge and wisdom are two very different things.

          • David Ashton

            I went to university and have been a race realist all my life; in fact, my independent search for scholarly support has strengthened this conviction. I have good patriotic friends of all kinds, different occupations and educational levels.

            Burning down universities is I hope a metaphor, something done by the Muslims and Mongols of yesteryear. We do not need whites divided by class war, religious war, or narrow-nationality war. We do not need to burn books or discard the web, but to find the right books and utilize the web. We can learn from both good and bad in the Parsi and Amish communities, and others, and form our own fraternity of intelligent resistance and revival

          • MikeofAges

            Learn from the good and the bad? I don’t know if that would work or not. But I do know that it is entirely possible that it would not. Then what?

          • Indiana Guy

            how many children have you had? Much less than an amish man your age I would guess. Burning down the universities is necessary. Nothing of any value is taught there anymore. young people go there to be dde3generatews. If you have fiends at universities, then you have friends that are useless human beings.

          • ed91

            whites are split on that like they are on many things.

            which is a part of the problem.

            you notice blacks can vote 150% in most of their precincts and they are all in agreement with it.

            Now and then one lone black will bark out a bit of a disagreement but he/she is quickly labeled a nut and a race traitor.

            whites are split 50/50 on many issues and our enemies use that to their full advantage.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yes, Indianaguy has a list of protocols that makes the solution highly unrealistic and seems to reveal a megalomania/OCD styled thought process.

        • carocaput

          I agree with what you say that at heart it is a spiritual problem with the white man. But that does not preclude an assault by him on all fronts.

          • Indiana Guy

            I’m not sure what you mean. I believe this is a many front war but the most important front is the home front.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Now for my bomb; the problem is the history of Christianity and white people. Whites did not wage wars against each other before then and were living quite contentedly with their ethnic and indigenous spirituality before the advent of Christianity in Europe. It has always lived up the to its own prediction that brother would fight brother and son rise up, etc.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            The Punic Wars? Peloponnesian War? The Roman conquests of Gaul and Britain which killed millions of Celts by some of the more liberal estimates? The Roman suppression of the Germanic Tribes? The Gothic invasions of Rome? The Huns? Are you really suggesting that ancient white peoples lived in some proto-hippie peace and love paradise? How were any of these conflicts the result of Christianity?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Of course, you’re exagerrating; millions? No, not just liberal estimates, but ridiculous estimates. And Huns, not Europeans, but Central Asian invaders. No one is denying war has long existed or that Christianity invented war. But there is still a huge difference; the Roman conquests were conquests, expansions, not “conflicts,” but what Rome did with Christianity (and not just Rome) was war and civil war based on conflict incited against Europeans by Europeans and that has lasted up until today. Estimates of Europeans persecuted, tortured and murdered via the most horrid methods over hundreds of years by Christians IS estimated to be in the millions.

          • Svigor

            Your point that Christianity in Europe goes back a thousand years, and largely correlates with the rise in Europe’s ability to wage war, is well-taken.

            Oh, wait, that was the point you were avoiding, sorry.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You continue to be a pro-white, but an ignoramus. Pre-Christians defended their territories and created superior weapons (such as the Viking sword) and defended Europe before the advent of Christianity. Charles Martel for example was a nominal Christian as were my own ancestors, the Normans. Their pre-Christian Viking ferocity made them useful to Christianity. After Christianity used up Europeans trying to take and hold the Middle East, it went to war with Europeans in Europe. MY POINT is that Christianity has been and still is harmful to Europeans and we would have done better and would do better without it.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You don’t show much understanding of the details of history and its implications, and your citation of “millions of Celts” IS a huge exaggeration. Regardless, what is important to recognize are who we class as Europeans and/or whites. Culturally, the Greeks and Romans were Mediterranean and not much influenced or aware of life north of the Olympic Mountains or the Rubicon, respectively. The Huns were Central Asians, so they’re out of the equation as well. While it is true that the Romans did invade Europe and killing likely tens of thousands, the regions were not as populated and were widely forested, hardly supporting a brag of millions. What we know of Celtic and Nordic Europe is that they fought Huns as invaders but rarely among themselves and their “wars” were small contests that were as much sport as war, overseen by Druids who gave permission to fight or not. If you read Julius Cesar, you will see that their conflicts began as a result of his own strategy to divide and conquer. But once Christianity came into the picture, the Christians fought among themselves at first and as they did, developed a fanatical intolerance for any other doctrine but their own. And as the Nazerine doctrine prevailed, it deemed all others heretical. Wars of religion (Christianity) and persecution began and lasted for a thousand years, absolutely killing millions of white Europeans. You can consult Gibbon’s classic history, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” for all this proof. The Reformation began a new series of civil wars in Europe. These wars caused the splits and resentments that led to WW1 and WW2. The peace between Irish Protestants and Catholics is only lately established and barely reliable. Also in Gibbon is a complete description of the all the Gothic tribal activity inside the Roman Empire. They were pushed in by the Huns and the Romans settled them voluntarily. Then, the Romans used them as military legionnaires until at least half of the army was of Goths. The sacking of Rome only occurred when the Gothic troops had been neglected, not paid and were starving. They encamped around Rome for a long time, waiting to be relieved. Failing that, they finally did enter the city and take what they needed. The second entrance was not so polite. Beyond this, Christianity has divided people within cultures and nationalities, caused families to split, etc., just as it promised too, as I initially wrote. Combined with its directives toward merging all human races together in the faith and its lack of engagement in the world beyond serving itself makes it dangerous to white survival.

            You ought to read the details of European history. It’s a huge undertaking and I have been at it for decades. Not only is it fascinating, but half truths and generalizations that distort meaning and misguide are more easily dispelled, and the way forward clearer.

          • Svigor

            Sure, Christianity caused all the wars between the Romans and the rest of Europe.

            Seeing a pattern forming here: attack Christians, defend Jews…

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It takes no time at all to see you. I reject Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But I hold that the traditional anti-Judiac stance of so-called Christians (like you) is not productive and is in fact hypocritical since Jews contributed greatly to early Europe’s success throughout the periods discussed.

        • Tucker

          You’re right, Indiana Guy. There does need to be a sea change in the White European people think and choose to conduct their lives. I have known far too many Whites who seem to have succumbed to a sense of exaggerated materialism. As long as they are able to maintain that level of materialism in their lifestyles, as long as they are able to practice ‘white flight’ and flee from the toxicity, parasitism, and criminality that always goes along with having large numbers of minorities in your city or community – they not only refuse to ‘wake up’ on the race realism issue, but they will adopt a snooty, condescending and pompously critical attitude towards those Whites who are racially savvy and who speak the truth on racial issues.

          I’ve had an on-going debate with a very good friend of mine, who I’ve known for many years – and the debate has focused on this self-destructive, racially suicidal obsession that so many Whites cling to called ‘radical individualism’. He stubbornly favors it, and while I also believe in individualism in most areas of life – such as thinking for yourself and not becoming a sheep – unlike this friend, I can see the critical danger that individualism obsessed Whites face when they are in direct competition with every other non-White race on this planet and every one of those competitors think and behave in a tribal, organized and determined manner.

          Acting and thinking as individuals, on November 6th, 2012 – Whites have managed to lose permanent control over what was once their unchallenged, native homelands and the racial competitors who ripped the ownership of this nation away from Whites did so by acting, thinking and voting collectively.

          Tribal Thinking trumps individualism every time and in every situation where these two ideologies confront one another.

          Time to wake up, White man.

    • Tucker

      You might be right about this not ending pretty, Mr. Observer. But, despite that possibility, we cannot avoid doing what has to be done – in order to ensure that the infamous 14 words become a reality: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

      And, we all should remember – that our #1 priority right now, the #1 obstacle that must be addressed and resolved by any means necessary, is the epidemic levels of White race treason by both our ‘white’ ruling elites, and by our own people. 30 million Whites voted to subjugate all of the Whites in America to four more years of being ruled by an anti-White racist member of a race who clearly hates all of our White guts, and who despises every one of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers.

      To make matters even worse, this alien and hostile race who our fellow White race traitors helped to place in power over us all – is clearly a Communist, as well as a Marxist and Socialist. This man will destroy what little is left of our U.S. Constitution, if he allowed to proceed without any resistance from the spineless and nauseating White elitist race traitors who comprise the current ‘establishment’ of the despicable GOP. This man will also ensure that 30 or 40 million illegal aliens, most from Mexico, Central and South America, will get amnesty and then these aliens will be allowed to import millions of their relatives – and this will guarantee that never again will a White man ever step foot in the White House. This is how serious this disease of race treason is, folks. I cannot stress this point strongly enough – White race treason must be eradicated.

      Exhibit A for the prosecution: Mike Huckabee, the entire Bush Family, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rand Paul, Lindsay Grahamstein, Sean Hannity, Juan McCain and of course, the alien neo-cons whose tribe started this White genocide ball rolling down the tracks back in 1965 – are all now screaming that the GOP must grant amnesty and add 30 million more lifetime voters to the Democrat Party voting base. Does anyone need more proof than this that not one of the above named rats have one molecule of loyalty inside their bodies for the survival of White European people? Or, that not one of these traitors have even a single ‘conservative’ bone in their bodies? These backstabbing rats are working for the Democrats, not for the white conservative base that they pretend to represent.

      News Bulletin: Only a complete fool follows advice given to him by his mortal enemies who are seeking to destroy him.

      Facts that we must all keep in mind, as the unraveling and turmoil and ethnic conflicts begin to accelerate and finally reaches the flash point.

      Know who our enemies are, folks. Know who to trust and who not to trust. Our very lives and our future depend upon having a clear understanding of this issue.

      • seek

        Let me ask you: Who brought the blacks over here? Whose apparently insatiable demand for slave (i.e., cheap as possible) labor induced slave traders to buy West African Bantu and bring them over to America?

        • StillModerated

          The slave trade financed the construction of a beautiful synagogue in Charleston.

        • The first Black slave sold in America was bought by a Black plantation owner.

          Also, to answer your question: The slave trade began with the Hispanics importing Africans. They shipped 12 million from Africa to Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, etc. 11.5 million went there. ONLY 1/2 million ended up in White North America.

          The Hispanics were the start of African Slavery. The WHITE RACE was the only one who ended it. Slavery is still going on in Africa and Arabia, but in NO WHITE NATION.

          • KenelmDigby

            No, you don’t mean ‘Hispanics’, you mean real, actual Spaniards from Spain.
            This ‘Hispanic’ identity I believe you are alluding to, really means ‘mestizo’, whom I doubt had any clout in the 16th century New World.

            No disrespect, but I qute frankly disbelieve your statement about a ‘black plantation owner’ (if such a thing ever existed in the 1600s), buying ‘the first black slave sold in America.’
            Tell me, how did this ‘black plantation owner’ ended up on American soil in the first place?

          • pcmustgo

            First Blacks to come here were FREE BLACKS… 10% of Free Blacks owned slaves… hidden history. A few even fought with the confederacy,. Most Free Blacks were mulattoes.

          • KenelmDigby

            From what I know of the English character, I’m pretty sure that 17th century Englishmen would have had nothing to do with ‘free blacks’.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            No, the first blacks were part of a captured cargo and since at that time the law didn’t allow for slavery, they became indentured servants the same as whites. LOOK IT UP.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Thank you. You saved me the effort.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It might also be useful to point out that it was blacks in Africa that captured other blacks and sold them to others who sold them to Spaniards, then the Dutch and then the English.

          • pmdawn

            “The first Black slave sold in America was bought by a Black plantation owner.”…….

            That is pure bollox and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Net_Drifter

            It doesn’t matter who bought the first one. Other blacks took part in the slave trade on the African continent. When there is something to be gained from ‘selling’ the other (black) out, blacks are eager to do so. Their allegiance to one another is very superficial.

          • pmdawn

            You must admit it was a grave mistake by Europeans to enslave millions of Africans solely for their cheap (free actually) labor.

            I doubt whether that vile practice was even economically prudent.

            I mean, wouldn’t it have been more expedient to develop mechanical implements earlier? Or perhaps establish plantations in Africa itself-it would have been the earliest known example of off shoring.

          • Calvin

            That turned out to be the most expensive free labor in our history

          • Svigor

            Europeans didn’t enslave them. Blacks did.

          • eduard

            The jews owned all the slave ships and were the ones behind the slave trade, American whites were the end users. Do not forget there were white slaves too in the middle ages.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Not true, the first ships to bring the blacks to the New World were Portugese and they weren’t Jews. Next, came the Dutch, who weren’t Jews. Some Jewish financing was involved, but they were the de facto bankers of Europe since Christianity had given them a big head start by making money handling taboo for Christians.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Correct; Jews had already been expelled from Spain and Portugal during the heyday of the Atlantic slave trade.

        • Svigor

          Yankee slave traders. There were lots of Jews and Arabs involved in the slave trade too, of course.

        • Pope Nicholas V issued the papal bull Dum Diversas in 1452. This Bull granted Afonso V of Portugal the right to enslave “Saracens, pagans and any other unbelievers” to hereditary slavery. Regardless, the Roman Church’s approval of slavery was reaffirmed and supplemented by Nicholas V’s Bull, Romanus Pontifex of 1455. These bulls served the justification for the subsequent centuries of slave trade and colonialism. The two countries who first had their hands into the African slave trade were the Roman Catholic Portugese and Spain. After Columbus’ arrival in America in 1492 the Spanish were basically alone here. Even the Dutch slave ship that landed between 1619-1620 in Virginia was on behalf of Spanish Colonies. (The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade by William O. Blake, pg. 98). If my Protestant ancestors in Virginia had such an “insatiable demand for slave [s]” why did they try so hard to make the slave trade illegal so many times in the face of the English Crown forcing it upon us?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Yes, and your Protestant forebears were the main exploiters of Catholic serfs -er – I mean “indentured servants”. In other words, white slavery. Stop trying to paint this as “Catholic”. The English crown at the time certainly was NOT Catholic. ALL denominations were guilty in some way or another. The important point in the here and now is that we recognize the great mistake in bringing an alien race amongst us and try to repair our damaged society.

          • The Bible never forbids a slave institution. It forbids kidnapping people and making them slaves, but not slavery itself.

            “Stop trying to paint this as “Catholic”.”

            >>>What do you mean by “this”?

            “The English crown at the time certainly was NOT Catholic”

            >>>You didn’t read the link i posted. It was most certainly controlled by the Jesuits (I give plenty of documentation) who escaped the Continent during their suppression being finalized in 1773 with Dominus Ac Redemptor Noster.

            “ALL denominations were guilty in some way or another.”

            >>That is for you to prove. Could it be that you are allowing emotions to control your thinking?

            “the great mistake in bringing an alien race amongst us and try to repair our damaged society.”

            >>The mistake is thinking that race is the only part of human identity. Religion is also fundamental to it. Roman Catholicism is just as dangerous an alien invasion. This Church is behind the damage of our society. The Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, December 23, 1929 displayed to the world the globalism and anti-racialism of the Vatican and let’s not forget that it was the Jesuits who perfected Communism and Racial Liberation theology in their South American Reductions.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            A poster supplies documented information and gets attacked by a white poster for doing it, and with false information. The bulk of indentured servants were NOT Catholic, although the Georgia Penal Colony did have many. But I think he illustrates well, the hypocrisy and cause of white misery that Christianity has always provided. I do agree that solutions ought to be sought, not infighting. However, if we don’t learn from real history we will repeat it. In fact, I see the germs of such repetition being expressed every time I log onto Amren.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            “A poster supplies documented information and gets attacked by a white poster for doing it”

            I did not attack the poster. I questioned his attempt to marginalize millions of white Catholics who could be sympathetic to our views. And I gather that if in my own defense I were to put links to refute Mr. Shelton, I would probably be lambasted for using “faulty research”, “papist propaganda” or “wiki” info because it wouldn’t fit Mr Shelton’s narrative.

            “the hypocrisy and cause of white misery that Christianity has always

            You’re interpreting the comments as anti-Christianity when it seems clear that Mr. Shelton is being sectarian and not atheist. His comments clearly attempt to paint the slave trade as a purely Roman Catholic enterprise while excepting those of the Protestant Dutch and English. I simply tried to point out that we as a race need to get beyond sectarianism and unify as whites. I don’t think alienating Catholic AmRenners is helpful any more than the KKK of the 1920’s was by hating white European immigrants for being Catholic. White Catholics are not the enemy. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by anti-white leftists just like every institution of society. I don’t agree with illegal immigration no matter how many hippie “priests” tell me I have to welcome the brown horde. Most ( if not all ) of my friends feel the same.

            “The bulk of indentured servants were NOT Catholic”

            I never said they were so why do you say I use false information? I simply implied that the colonies and later the USA were in majority Protestant control and thereby responsible for most of the indentured servitude of fellow whites.

            “I do agree that solutions ought to be sought, not infighting.”

            Exactly my point. And I am not reacting emotionally. I simply find the Anti-Catholicism displayed by some on this site to be tiresome. It is also laughable to suggest that the English Crown was somehow a pawn of the Jesuit Order.

            I am used to seeing Pagan, Atheist, Protestant and yes, even Catholic viewpoints here on AmRen. The site is for the free expression of ideas so I know I will be challenged and even offended at times. That is freedom. I just don’t seem to understand how I disturbed anyone with my comments.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It is laughable that anyone would suggest the English crown as a pawn of the Jesuit order, If you are speaking of the 18th century on.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            As far as the English crown not being Catholic is not true. Elizabeth l was protestant, but she was followed by Catholic James ll., then Catholic Charles, whose head the Protestant Puritans removed. Cromwell, killer of hundreds of thousands of whites in England, Scotland and Ireland, was replaced by Catholic Charles ll, who was followed by another Catholic James who was supplanted by a Protestant William (of Orange). That spans the years of 1600 to the early 1700s. After that it was the Protestants all the way, but slavery was by then well established in the American Colonies as well as the Caribbean.

        • Anon 12

          Looks like my 2 comments I posted 30 minutes ago have already been deleted….so much for the way Amren is going……

          • Net_Drifter

            I’ve had a few deleted as well. I guess you can’t show too much emotion or anger.

          • Mithras88

            Actually the user named “Observer” is correct, the first person to own a slave, on continental American soil was a black named Anthony Johnson. Johnson came to North America, specifically the Virginia Colony, in 1620 as an “indentured servant.” Johnson saved enough money to buy out the remainder of his and his wife’s contract, and was thus freed from service; he later became a successful plantation owner, despite his illiteracy.
            Johnson’s slave, named John Casor, became the first officially
            recognized slave in the Colony of Virginia and thus North America. So
            yes, the first person to own a black slave was also black; this occurred in 1654 when the Colony of Virginia legalized slavery.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Only if you are careful to qualify it. The same Wiki article where that information is posted also has this preceding it.

            “The first 19 or so blacks arrived ashore near Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, brought by Dutch traders who had seized them from a captured Spanish slave ship. The Spanish usually baptized slaves in Africa before embarking them and English law considered baptized Christians exempt from slavery, so these Blacks joined about 1,000 English indentured servants already in the colony. Some achieved freedom, owned land, and one later owned the American Colonies’ first true slave.[10]”

            However, it is a good point to recognize that there were black masters and white slaves.

          • Mithras88

            Actually that information was gleamed from a book I read by Ira Berlin in the early 2000’s, an ID channel special documentary, and the web site for the Council of Conservative Citizens.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Looks like the Wiki article was taken from the same source.

          • Mithras88

            I just saw that. I usually veer away from Wikipedia, but in this case the information actually looks accurate, and dare I say objective?! I’m shocked that the PC police haven’t altered that particular page to fit their tiresome narrative of “white oppression” as the cause of all the worlds ills.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I’m a source researcher myself and I recognize the value of source material. When I search online, Wiki always comes up
            among the first in line, so I look. What I’ve noticed over time is that
            it is slowly improving. The bad rap will last a long time, most likely
            as it is reinforced by people who don’t like reading what they disagree
            with and so lean on the negative reputation.

          • ImTellinYa

            I’ve been banned from the Breitbart sites, American Conservative and Angry White Guy. They don’t want to hear that race IS the issue or that the GOP is a government-approved whipping boy for the Democrats. I’ve only had two comments deleted from AmRen and those were just nonsense sentences making fun of ebonics: “Got my dillies on uh peppah tang.”, “Sine yo pitty on da runny kine.” Etc.

      • “Know who our enemies are, folks. Know who to trust and who not to trust. Our very lives and our future depend upon having a clear understanding of this issue.”

        Those words should be written in iron, and blood. The blood will include the blood of whites who have betrayed us and left the rest of us at the mercy of hostile racial and religious aliens who are working to exterminate us. They are going to try to kill us off in the same way Ukrainians were during the Holodomor and Palestineans are about to be exterminated right now. As for a white man setting foot in the white house, it will occur again alright. Only that white man will be part of an invasion force sent to raze it and Washington too to the ground just as the British did during the war of 1812. Assuming of course a nuclear attack on the part of whites who gain control of nuclear weapons didn’t do that job first.

    • Indiana Guy

      Young white people waste their reproductive years in colleges and universities. Destroy the colleges and universities and young whites will breed like rabbits. They are given the false idea that they are actually achieving something with all that “education” . They achieve nothing but amassing huge debt. Meanwhile, minorities breed like rabbits and live off of the welfare collected from white college graduate high earners. Destroy the government education complex, that is the only hope whites have. The same complex exists in almost all white countries, where it is weakest is in Eastern Europe. The gov-educational complex is connected to the government media complex, they both validate each other. White people need to stop falling for this game, neither one of them are credible, both complexes are engaged in our destruction.

      • David Ashton

        Too much of this “education” is time-wasting and consists of indoctrination in “race, gender, class” ideology or attitudes (Cultural Marxism, as everyone but John Engelman calls it), and a social life of sexual promiscuity, negro dance-music, drugs and “protests”; at any rate, in Britain.

        • Indiana Guy

          exactly. When white youth are convinced to reject college and start families in their twenties, then we can win back this country. This is a demographic war, it must be fought on THAT battleground. You can not win it without fighting it on that ground. . Demographic victory is won by breeding, not killing.

          • David Ashton

            Agree with you both, bluffcreek1967 & Indiana Guy.

            My long-stated advice in brief: (1) secure the heritage in every way; (2) breed like kind; and (3) master the technology and content of the internet.

            We need a new University “of the air” – to give our future generation a proper grounding in white/western history, etc.

          • Sorry Indiana Guy, must disagree with your idea that killing isn’t part of the equation. When the minorities feel threatened that they may be cut off from what they believe is theirs, they’ll go stark raving mad and come after us. At that point, we must now how to defend ourselves and our families and be very ready to use all the force we must to acheive our aims.

          • WardKendall

            I have to agree with you, Handy. The continental United States is probably too far gone to redeem via the ballot box, or any other peaceful means. Bloodshed seems inevitable and if so, it logically leads to the necessary killing of US government personnel, along with a great many negroes and latinos. George Washington realized this, and once this conclusion was reached, the killing of British Empire troops began.

            Towers of Eden

            Back This Day

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The question is, when will this epoch begin? Until it begins, I think we must remain in a defensive mode, not taking the offensive. This way we will be seen as justified by any reasonable observer.

          • Indiana Guy

            OK, perhaps what I mean to say is that breeding has to be part of the equation. For now, it is what we can control. When whites rise up you will see me with them. Believe me, I am waiting. But we must realize that demographic decline is our enemy just as much as other groups, and it is what they are taking advantage of. We must see what caused this demographic decline. It is the feminist movement that made women reject their natural roles as wife and mothers, and it has been the education establishment, which encourages white teens to be non procreative for as long as possible and to wallow in debauchery and excess. It teaches white people to be lovers of themselves and pleasure. That is not the mindset that values family and commitment and sacrifice for something greater than oneself.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I’m afraid I don’t agree either. Not only is your idea unlikely to occur, but other forces will and are converging that will make this sort of solution irrelevant. Besides, what we need is quality, not quantity. Burning books and breeding up a bunch of white welfare kids isn’t going to advance the causes of white realism either.

          • Indiana Guy

            What do “books” have to do with colleges today? Absolutely nothing.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Why do you even bother to reply when you have nothing to say? I hate to break it to you, but books have a great deal to do with colleges today. Just visit any college bookstore (even online) and find out for yourself. What is needed is the removal of anti-white, anti-Western values among the teachers and staff and a reversal of the use of all public education tendency to indoctrinate students into political, anti-Western mind sets.

            You would be well within reason however, if you argued that doing that the likelihood of accomplishing that is long past. Still, this is a battlefield today and abandoning it is just as much a sign of defeat as a retreat from an enemy on an actual battlefield.

        • bluffcreek1967

          I agree. Many of our young people who enter college graduate even dumber and more naive about the real world than when they entered. I love education, reading and staying informed, but I have always hated “school.” I knew even many years ago that college was really about indoctrination and group-thought and very little about open-minded thinking and fairly considering opposing views. Many people are finally starting to wake up about the college scam. Whites should seek to educate themselves, read widely, think seriously and deeply about a host of issues, and seek to excel in their writing abilities since it helps to crystallize one’s thoughts. But we must stop looking to Leftist institutions to ‘educate’ our children and young people. Has it not been painfully clear by now that it hasn’t worked for the benefit of Whites?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It might be interesting here to note that back in the 1980s a book was written by a university professor named Allan Bloom titled, “The Closing of the American Mind.” In it he argued that the future would be increasingly dim culturally because the old system of requiring a liberal arts foundation before a major was chosen had been dumped. This means that education in classical literature, philosophy (including ethics), art, etc., the things that created and supported Western Culture was being dumped in favor of concentration specialty degrees focused primarily on the student’s future earning potential. What has transpired since then seems to me to be a perfect fulfillment of the prophecies he made in his book.

          • MikeofAges

            The federal government, the federal judiciary to be specific, set in motion the process that devalued non-job related education. “Griggs” Decision. Other civil rights precedents. Soon, the executive branch signed on and promulgated regulations and guideline. Sporadically, the legislative branch added to the system. Interesting, isn’t it, that the legislature chose in the 1960s to expand and finance higher education, while soon thereafter another branch of the federal government endeavored to make these degrees useless. Choice.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Certainly, there has been a combination of near simultaneous actions that culminated in the loss of a real educated class. Part of the blame can be placed on capitalism and plain greed, but not the majority of it. Another good example is what happened at UC Berkeley in the early 60s when students, men in particular were petitioning for the removal of required officer’s training in the curriculum. It was a holdover from WW2 necessity but was still in place. They saw it as a waste of time and a way of perpetuating a situation that tended to feed the military-industrial problem that Eisenhower warned of in 1961. The stubbornness of the UC on this issue is what provided an opening to communist inspired groups who came in and grabbed up fledgling movements like Students for a Democratic Society. Sometimes, in fact all too often, conservative stupidity and even hegemony creates/feeds its worst enemies by their own extremes/irresponsible behaviors.

        • potato78

          The one simple solution to retain white as majority is that:

          Please face the reality, folks.

          Where was Obama from? His mother white + black father. And He was
          elected and re-elected as USA president and he is a white model.

          The first, from a macro point view, white-obsessive-whites are trying
          to do something against historic waves, at least not trendy thing here.

          The second, from a micro point view, white-obsessive-whites are not
          trying hard enough to do something like producing more and more white

          The third, some of whites really like to marry Blacks.

          The fifth, once you realize the reality, then you may be able to find a true solution.

        • You Are Now Enriched

          Race: Blacks are always innocent, and Whites are always evil.

          Gender: Hetero White male privilege is the cause of all oppression and must be UnDone.

          Class: White academics in the middle and upper classes talking about oppression, exploitation, and social justice in hopes that the White lower class and the ugly, hideous, dangerous Diversity will leave them alone and go bother the upper 1% instead.

      • GM (Australia)

        But note; There are a lot of young white women out there who will obviously never go onto higher education and they do tend to breed, often in their early teens. It is almost as if they are doing what nature intended. But I think they are still “out-bred” by people of colour.

        • puffdaddy

          BUt what they breed often ends up on public assistance, and these people are not productive – they are honey boo boos without the income of a reality show. They do us no good. We need smart educated white people – when the economy allows one person to work and they other to bring up children, we can succeed. Please read Virginia Abernathy.

          • 5n4k33y35

            You fool. There’s no shame in a white person on public assistance. We pay for everyone else too. Get a new username. Don’t tell anyone else what to read when you’re so obviously lacking in white pride.

          • puffdaddy

            1. Calling me a name is not a “thoughtful” discussion so I am surprised that the moderator allows it. 2. Do not tell me what to do. 3. Sure there is no shame on white people on public assistance, if they need it. But dependence also destroys white families too. White people on public assistance and in need have little to no power to change things because they are too concerned with just hanging on. The illiteracy rate of Appalachians is alarming. They will never read AmRen. They can never be mobilized. We can romanticize poor Kentucky whites as much as we want but if there only contribution to the national question and the “cause” is being white and having babies that need public assistance, it’s not very effective. But you may be a white supremacist, which is different from being a white rights advocate.

          • ed91

            we need to stop supporting black breeding via welfare……..

            it sounds redundant and simple but it is a huge factor in this war we’re losing.

          • puffdaddy

            I agree – no one should be rewarded for having more children with a welfare check. “If you can’t feed, don’t breed” I believe is the saying. But blacks actually do partake of abortion services more than any other group in the country – the data does back this up. The growth of the black population from 11% to 13% is due more to immigration from the west indies and africa than the birthrates of American blacks. You have to worry about the birth rate of hispanics – it’s 50% higher than whites and on average hispanics have about 4.3 children or close to that. And they are more likely to partake of public assistance. So what we will have is a majority population on welfare in 30 years. Who is going to pay the bill for that? Us.

          • ThomasER916

            No. We need to start “Traditional Communities” (read Whites only) that leech off of Welfare and use that money to build for our people. This will collapse the system sooner and transfer funds to Whites for the explicit purpose of creating White communities. When the system is destroyed then the organized Whites will already have a place to live.

      • The education bubble is going to burst. Then will be the time to slap the youth with the truth.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Indiana Guy, College is not a waste of time. How about if colleges just started teaching hard science as the core curriculum…like, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math.

        I do agree that a lot of college is nonsense, a rip-off of parent’s money and government loans promotes inflated tuition.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Yes, the problem is that education has become a racket. What I notice close up where I live is how the schools are always made such an important issue, but it appears that this is to sustain the staffs and teachers since they work to bring in increasing numbers of non-whites from the outside in order to justify property tax increases and other measures aimed ultimately in making sure they keep their positions.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          One thing we must realize is that colleges DO teach the hard sciences. It is just that fewer whites take those classes and are being indoctrinated via political science, women’s studies, history classes, etc., while the campuses came under the control of feminists/socialists long ago. That is the problem.

      • potato78

        If the premise of “going to vanish” is true, the solution is very
        simple, please slow down your immigration process, you don’t have the
        powder to do more than what you are able to do.
        1. Cut off illegal immigration.
        2. Slow down legal immigration rate.
        3. Let white people have easy life so that white people can produce more babies.
        4. If having easy life for white people, 1. and 2. has to be achieved.

        5. Since money resource is limited in these days, 1. and 2. must be done for USA’s home work.

      • MikeofAges

        Bering in college may not do it, but the lack of quick entry into even the lowest rungs of a credible career does forestall family formation. Often prevents family formation entirely. This is where the battle needs to be fought — the right to hired in an so much as an entry-level job.

    • Indiana Guy

      The decline in white birth rates has been directly proportional to the increase in rates of white college attendance. THIS is the ROOT of the issue!! This has been the stealth genocide!!!!!! All the talk of setting up white states will do no good if they do not jettison their current societal structure!!!!

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        You seem to be falling into the trap of thinking like the enemy a little too much.

        Other races seem to value breeding over learning about the world. They don’t care about the world, as long as they can flood it with their own kind, repercussions be damned. The white race was the first race to look into the mechanisms of the universe – we invented science. The other races couldn’t give a flip about science if it doesn’t match up with their religious ideology – and many of our greatest scientists of the past had to accept what they saw over what they believed, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

        I think what you really have a problem with is the SUBVERSION of hard education by soft education riddled with leftist ideological propaganda.

        As for “corporate careers”, this is what made our countries great – enterprise, by anyone who was both willing and capable of forwarding enterprise, no matter their gender. Do you dis Marie Curie for working with her husband on nuclear studies? Without that husband and wife team, the Japanese might never have been tamed (and they were as beasts before the US nuked them.)

        The sad truth is, the world needs a STABLE population of productive types, not an ever-rising number of humans in general.

        • Indiana Guy

          other races are incapable of learning, college does them no good. White people have natural intelligence. College does them more harm than good.

          • Tucker

            I will emphatically ditto Indiana Guy’s analysis of college.

            Personally, I advocate that White kids who graduate from high school seek out technical or mechanical trade schools and/or apprenticeship programs and stay as far away from 4 year college campuses as possible. Those colleges are breeding grounds for Cultural Marxism and, if that alone is not bad enough, stupid Whites are going into massive debt in order to pay the tuition at the colleges that teach them to hate themselves?

          • carocaput

            College is not the answer, what is wrong with the larger culture infected them first. The out-sourcing by the corporations was done with their training programs first.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Statements like this tend to remove all credibility from the useful things you write.

        • Tucker

          I think other races, with perhaps the sole exception of some flavors of Asians, do not actually value breeding – for the purposes of reproduction – what they value is fornicating as often as they can, and with whoever they can, because they have far less self-restraint and self-discipline than Whites do and are therefore far bigger slaves to their animal impulses.

          Studying the incredible epidemic level statistics from the CDC of various STDs that are rampant, rapidly spreading and pervasive within black and mestizo racial groups is a clear indication that these people lack (a) self discipline and

          (b) are irresponsible, and (c) seem incapable of controlling or even limiting their carnal instincts.

          Are you listening, White girls?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The Japanese were quite chivalrous with Russian prisoners they took in their 1904-05 war, and exemplary with German POWs after Japan sided with Britain in 1914.

          Many Russian prisoners cried and begged not to be sent back to Russia in 1906.

          German prisoners in Japan after Tsingtao fell in 1914 were put up in a hotel, and were allowed to work outside the grounds for real money, and allowed to have girlfriends. Some of them never left Japan after the war was over, and instead married their girlfriends.

          The main problem during the Second World War was that the people who had inherited control of the Japanese military – especially the army – were peasants, impressed with the ways and means of war, but not the political substance of why wars are fought. They aped the samurai while understanding that tradition as little as a bowl tastes the food within it.

          Since the Japanese SDF is all-volunteer today, the same pre-1933 families are strongly represented there.

          Japanese are not “tame” any more than Scotsmen or Germans are, or Celtic/German/Amerinds like me. We are merely better-behaved.

          • ed91

            somehow, I kept thinking about the Bataan death march while reading your post.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I won’t challenge your general info but wonder aloud about the constant historical report concerning the Japanese culture in general that allowed for the fanaticism of the Japanese during WW2. It could not have been limited to a cadre of peasant generals in the Army.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I agree.

      • Skincognito

        Prost Bruder. I’m on the verge of dropping out of grad school because my stipend is ridiculously insufficient for maintaining a household with children and animals. My take on the matter is that we should advocate for a pro-natal policy that encourages academics to breed. I don’t have any “race-realist” colleagues but among the TA’s (das heisst jung) there are no race mixers or sexual degenerates. If the resources were there, genetically advantaged White babies could possibly be conceived by monogomous, White, aspiring scholars.
        As many of us know, parenthood alters one’s Weltanschauung, almost invariably for the better and healthier.
        All the best.

        • Indiana Guy

          Habend Sie Kinder? Sie haben eine Frau und kinder und Sie sind im UNniversitait? Was studiert Sie?

      • pcmustgo

        If whites bred more younger, there would just be more white , out of wedlock, fatherless children. Or out of wedlock ones…. Late 20’s should be the goal for breeding. idk, it’s individual, smarter people , sadly take longer.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Ideally, a man marries a girl.

        • Indiana Guy

          You don’t understand what I am saying. My point is that the culture needs to be changed. In the southern part of the country, Whites marry in their twenties and have children in their twenties . A racially conscious, back to tradition, back to strong male headed households youth movement would create an environment where children would be born into wedlock and into a society where marriages last.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I will agree with you on this angle; white women have been sold on the idea that they must go to college and must have a career and that their traditional roles are shameful or undesirable. I don’t think we could ever win an argument that women ought to be out of school by the time they are ready to reproduce, and nursing degrees (RN) requires four years, but the idea that ALL females ought to have four years of college or at all is even more of a delusion as that all males must have college. Education, real education is always a benefit, but one can learn outside the classroom too. If or when the entire of civilization collapses, then these sort of discussions will go away with it.

  • Athling

    There can be little doubt that given the simultaneous situations in nearly all white nations we must sooner or later come to terms with reality. We have made grave and irreversible errors by allowing our nations to be filled with racial aliens. All races must have their own homogenous territories to survive as a racially distinct people. As whites we are a unique people unlike any other and are suitable only to our own kind.

    If one only took one thing from Arthur Kemp’s monumental work “March of the Titans” it should be this: in all of human history there is one certainty — no nation can survive racial dissolution.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “We have made grave and irreversible errors by allowing our nations to be filled with racial aliens” I don’t think that the situation is completely irreversible, if we put our minds to it. Ask yourself, what do the non-whites do to take over an area?
      Jack’s War
      www. jackswar. com

      • Athling

        How would you realistically suggest reversing the size of the non-white population?

        How do non-whites take over an area? They settle in the area in large numbers. See LA county in California for example. Forty years ago it was 80% white. Today it is 30% white.

        • carocaput

          Put pro-white people in charge.

    • GM (Australia)

      I have just read a lengthy review of a recently published book, “Pax Ethnica” by Karl Meyer, he argues that diversity IS working and is the only way forward and he really pushes the present worldwide diversity thrust. He argues that New York City is truly a multicultural success story. (Also Marseille France) The author seems to misses the vital point that some people on this planet do not want to be invaded by alien cultures and lifestyles and it is only the white nations which are being “invaded”.. Perhaps some other Amren reader who has time to read this book can post a stinging review of it. (It seems to be a popular book and one that liberals will be drooling over)

      • 1joewebb_1

        only a jew would be brazen enough to call NYC a success. It feels successful to him because Jews run NY. Joe

      • David Ashton

        There are many counterblasts now in print; e.g. Samuel P. Huntington’s “Who Are We” (2004) & Byron M. Roth’s “The Perils of Diversity” (2010).
        Remember that overseas ethnic and national conflicts have repercussions for ethnic expatriates if they retain incompatible cultural allegiances; e.g. Muslims v Hindus. There is an additional reason for Americans, British, Canadians, French and others to reinforce cultural homogeneity.

    • Athling

      Democratic forms of government have been developed over the past 2600 years by Caucasians and for Caucasians. The concepts of democracy are alien to non-white peoples and are not easily applied to them. They often lack the self-discipline and restraint necessary for the proper functioning of democracy.

      Many racial aliens who immigrate to the U.S., illegally or legally, view democracy as merely a path to entering a parasitical relationship with the government. The immigrant becomes dependent upon the government and provides his vote to the democrats in exchange for the redistribution of wealth. Money, taxed mostly from whites, is transferred to them and the perpetually dependent African community. Together they form a voting bloc to keep the democrats in power who in turn keep the money flowing in to them.

      Leftists with their Utopian delusions of equality and brotherly love and those in the corporate world who see a nation as merely geographic boundaries in which to conduct business at the lowest cost have a vested interest in continuing and expanding this relationship. They cannot get Third World immigrants in here fast enough.

      As the number of non-white immigrants increases and the number of whites decrease, control of the government transfers from white to non-white. When whites lose control of their government it follows that they lose control of their nation.

      • carocaput

        Right on target.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    In the meantime, I am looking for ways to ensure that my economic activities and investments benefit white people. It would be good to have loosely affiliated Anglo-Celtic, German-American, Franco-American, and other mutual aid and loan societies by which we ensure that aid gets to each other. One or more mutual life insurance companies might also be a good idea, with uncompetitive rates so as to dissuade those who are not buying insurance in order to provide investment capital to fellow whites. Insurance companies are notorious for being able to avoid current taxation on income, so they could be instrumental in making the land investments desired for white ethnostates. Anyone who knows of such mutual aid societies already in existence, I would be interested in learning how to contact them.

  • .”4.1.2 It must be phrased and delivered in such a way that it can be
    argued before any audience, anywhere, and justified as a plan which does
    not result in the infringement of the rights of any people on earth.”

    I have suggested dividing the country in half based on ideologies, this avoids the “racist” label, and I suggested that the northern half of the country would be better for conservatives, better to be as far away from mexico as possible.

    In the ’40’s and fifties blacks migrated to the north in large numbers, so many that it drastically changed the demographics into what we see today. It will take a similar migration by whites to establish a safe homeland

  • David Ashton

    Sorry, no comparison in almost any respect whatever.
    Gentile whites already have homelands: Europe, north America, Australia and New Zealand.
    The have at least as much historic right to them as Jews have to Israel, whatever its eastern border and notwithstanding its present Palestinian inhabitants.
    Gentile whites greatly outnumber Jews.
    The majority of world Jews would not fit into Israel, but whites fit easily into their historic homelands.
    The prewar territorial proposals, from Jews and Gentiles, to settle the Jewish Problem from Jews and Gentiles dissolved because of Zionist preference for a Middle East solution alone, or non-Zionist rejection of a Zionist state a anywhere.
    A European analogy would be to claim Saxony for the English, or Rome for the Italians, and create lots of little copies of the Afrikaner Orania, etc.
    The answer to “Eurabia”, “Chicanada”, “Australindia” and “Mexicamerica” is the gradual restoration of these White Heartlands by methods less painful than the expulsion of Arabs from “Judea, Samaria & Galilee”. The arguments for this are stronger than those of Herzl for ancient Israel or for Argentina, and white patriots need to get their moral claim and world propaganda across as efficiently as do the Zionists.
    Not withdrawing into a collection of separate little colonies in (say) the Rockies, the Scottish highlands or Iceland.

    Not the “EU” but a New Union of Europeans.
    Economic partnership with Russia today, and a resettlement of temperate southern Africa tomorrow.

    • The Observer

      You are just being ignorant of the demographic realities. You can pretend as much as you want that North America is majority occupied by Europeans, but you will find that within a very short period of time, it will not be. Already, whites are a minority of under-fives. Get a grip on reality.

      • How can he be pretending that America is still majority White(European) when you admit that it still is?

        • The Observer

          In 2010, according to the US Census, whites constituted 72.4% of the total population. Bearing in mind that this includes self-classified whites, “Caucasians” which include Middle Easterners and “white Hispanics,” the actual European-descended part of the population is well down into the mid 60 percent region.

          Of that number, most are over 30. Work out the math for yourself and carry on pretending that there are enough whites to majority occupy the U.S. You will be quickly disillusioned.

          • White people are still the majority by a decent margin. We don’t have to “pretend” this is the case, because it just is. Your gloom-and-doom(wishful thinking maybe?) for the future doesn’t change this.

          • Ni123

            “White people are still the majority by a decent margin.”

            It is changing fast. Minority babies outnumber white babies already, Hispanics and Muslims do not abort their fetuses, they start procreate at early age and keep producing children at staggering rates. White people turning into the minority is a matter of a few decades, probably.

      • Indiana Guy

        you just want your “white homelands” and call people who have arguments against them ignorant. White homelands are not the whole answer. With continued demographic decline, those homelands will then go through what is happening now in the current white homelands. You will just keep retreating to smaller and smaller areas. The answer is white children, big families and a rejection of academia and materialism. If the white population of Europe doubled every 18-20 years as the Amish population does, then we would not be having this discussion. You project present birth trends into the future and want to consolidate the white populations into smaller areas. That is a long term recipe for oblivion.

        • Gracchus123

          I agree with you that the current academic structure in America is rotten to the core, but I don’t think that real education leads to low White birth rates. When I say real education, I speak of hard sciences, etc.

          I am more inclined to blame low birth rates on selfishness. Prosperous people seem to want shiny, new things more than they want children. They want bigger houses, newer cars, nicer furs, etc rather than children. Then there are the career women. They want to prove their worth competing with men rather than having children.

          It almost looks like prosperity and feminism cause fewer children.

          Where do we place our values? 

        • David Ashton

          Demography is destiny.

    • The Observer

      PS: When last were you in Paris? Brussels? Rotterdam? London? Marseilles? Kreuzberg (Berlin)? Obviously you haven’t been there, or at least recently, because you would not be saying that they are white cities any more.

      • David Ashton

        I was in London not long ago. It is not a white city in many areas. White flight to other whiter parts of Britain has been going on for a long time. However, to suppose that effectively establishing little “fantasy islands” of exclusively white colonies in parts of Europe or northern America is living more on a “fantasy island” than campaigning against chain migration and reversing multicultural legislation, or demanding the deportation of illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists, and seeking majority support for the negotiated repatriation of particularly incompatible groups.

        • The Observer

          You are being willfully ignorant of simple demographic realities. In order to reclaim the white nations, you will have to win elections. The Obama victory has proven that even if you get 60% of the white vote, it is still impossible. Catch a wake-up and get real. It is either a European ethnostate or extinction, Take your pick.

          • Svigor

            I know what you mean. After all, there’d be no America if the founders hadn’t peacefully seceded from Britain via the ballot box.

            And the Soviets clearly took over Russia via the ballot box. You’re a political genius.

          • The Observer

            What type of idiot are you? Do you think this is 1776? Or 1917? Go and play your childish fantasy “uprising” games somewhere else and leave the real politics to people who are not mad.

          • Svigor

            Do try and pay attention. I am neither a “votes are the only way” guy, nor a “guns are the only way” guy. What I’m saying is, 1) don’t rule anything out ipso facto 2) both votes and bullets need men to wield them.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We don’t have to win elections. Say instead that we have to win just one war.

    • David Ashton

      So run and hide in little corners?

      • David Ashton

        My Reply to The Observer:
        So run and hid in little corners?

        • The Observer

          You mean like go and hide in Detroit, MI, (84.3% black), or Jackson, MS (80.1%), or Miami Gardens, FL (77.9%), or Birmingham, AL (74.0%) , or Baltimore, MD (65.1%) , or Memphis, TN (64.1%), or New Orleans, LA (61.2%), or Flint, MI (59.5%), or Montgomery, AL (57.4%)?

          Or maybe you prefer hiding in Los Angeles, CA (48.5% Hispanic), or Houston, TX (41.4%), or San Antonio, TX (61,2%), or Chicago, IL (27.4% Hispanic, in addtion to 32% black), or Phoenix, Ariz (41,9%)….need I go on?

          It is not a question of “hiding in corners”, but rather a question of establishing a place where we are the majortiy.

          • I agree 100% with your assessment. Those are just the realities.

          • David Ashton

            Or establishing political control in the place(s) where you are already the majority. Why is the creation of some small and exclusive territory more practicable or desirable than political campaigning in places other than the majority non-white urban corners you list? Explain the geographical and industrial strategies for us. Otherwise, this is racial sci-fi dreaming.
            In any event a major political/communications effort would be needed, in your case also a major economic upheaval (if Washington lets it happen). Galt’s Gulch would be an easier (if less attractive) prospect.

      • ImTellinYa

        I ask the same question. I commented at length below. No more running away.

      • greg thomas

        I might if I could find a corner free of mestizos,blacks, etc. In fact, isn’t that what this is really all about; our White race being able to run off to our very own corner?

  • Net_Drifter

    Sorry, but, that website offers achievable goals and a level-headed approach compared to most white oriented/nationalist sites.

  • Kronolog

    I cannot fathom the people of Europe settling for anything less than the full reconquest of their homelands. Perhaps it is different in America, perhaps it is not, but I believe that Europe is to small to accommodate several small ethnostates without collapsing into constant feuds, akin to those which existed when the continent was separated into hundreds of fiefdoms.

    If, or when, this racial awareness awakens in the general public, it might – for better or worse – awaken with a vengeance; Then who knows what the consequences will be? I think, or at least hope, that it is more likely that we will carve out such states not for ourselves, but for the foreign population that now resides in our countries. Hopefully these will not be founded upon the shores of Europe or America.

    • The Observer

      You need to visit some major European cities to see what is happening there. Paris, Brussels, London, Birmingham, Rotterdam, Kreuzberg, (Berlin), Marsellles, to name but a few, are already overrun. Worse still, the immigrant population is fast making up the youth section of the overall population, which means that a generation or two away, they will be the absolute majority. Now is the time to start getting real, and drop the fantasy island delusions.

      • Achaean
      • HamletsGhost

        If whites have the power to secede, they have the power to re-assume control of their societies.

        Numbers are only one part of the equation, and a minor one at that. At the battle of Blood River, the Zulus outnumbered the Boers by 100-1. And the whites still won, and with 19th century musket technology at that.

        Does anyone reasonably expect any partition to be a lasting solution, even if it ever got to that unlikely scenario? If we gave the whole Gulf Coast to the blacks, they would simply turn it into another Haiti writ large, and then swarm over the border into the white lands, and start the whole mess all over again.

        Whites must take what they need and leave the rest for the others to fight over. Nothing else will work long or short term.

  • ImTellinYa

    This is just another form of running away. Not as bad as most, but it still abandons the desirability, nay the necessity, to keep what we’ve historically had. As Whites, we have the ability, the knowledge, the intelligence, the flexibility and in the past we had the courage, to simply eject the invaders even if we are outnumbered. The vast majority of the undesirables are third-world savages who are functioning as hostile parasites. Send them and their descendants back to where they or their forebears came from. We also have the ability to force reluctant countries to take back their undesirables. At the very least, we can dump them on Mexico. They’ve been doing it to us for decades.

    If we simply run away and consolidate the White population in a smaller territory, we will still be faced with the need to use force to keep the third-world savages out. Wherever we go, the nonWhites will also want to be in order to feed on a prosperous White host. If we are going to have to use force anyway, let it be on the offensive.

    Rather then “circle the wagons” in a diminished polity, let us instead insist on taking back ALL of the territory that has historically been majority White. The United States itself was 90 percent White as recently as 1960. We don’t want Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The rest we do.

    It doesn’t matter if we are outnumbered. For several centuries, Whites have been victorious against huge nonWhite armies using relatively tiny White forces; even when our technological superiority was marginal or nonexistent.

    No more retreat. No more White Flight. It’s time to reverse the past 50 years of running away.

    • GM (Australia)

      I agree completely.

      1,We built our cities & communities, They should be places where we, and just as importantly, our grandchildren can continue to chose to live in, in safety and enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that a great city can offer. Our cities and communities should not be allowed to become places that we have run away from.

      2, Do the advocates of diversity ever stop to think what would really happen when as a white person they are finally a minority in their own community or nation? In the inevitable financial & social chaos would they still get their pension? Would their children get access to education or jobs? (Would there still be careers as we know them) It is all too scary to contemplate and must not be allowed to happen.

      3, White flight, it is a bit like the situation following the first 1970s oil scare. Otherwise intelligent people would buy a small rural property with the idea of being self-sufficient in the event of society collapsing. Even if society did collapse and somehow they were self-sufficient it would not be long until the mob turned up and took over and took everything.

      We must reclaim or own communities and our own nations. We must use our brains and know how to stay on top and stop all self-destructive social engineering.

  • Since it’s forbidden to mention the Z-word in a negative fashion, I’ll just say that the only thing I wish to take away from them is their adherence to lex talionis. When was the last time you saw that bastion of extroverted Jewish Racial Nationalism come to the defense of the Nationalists of the White variety?

    Cancer can be really successful, too; but that doesn’t mean I want to take my cues from it.

    • seek

      Nicholas Stix, Lawrence Auster, Michael Levin, Paul Gottfried — to name a few examples.

      • David Ashton

        In Britain Melanie Phillips gets a lot of stick from the Left for her opposition to multiculturalism and Muslim immigration, and for her defense of English traditions and patriotism, much more so than for her Israel fixation. I find the “Jewish street” (cabbies, shop-keepers, etc) more hostile to multi-racialism than their more intellectual types (same as Gentiles), though “professional anti-Nazis” like Prof. Robert Wistrich have also become very critical of the cultural breakdown in Britain aggravated by black crime, etc.
        Turning the west into the “third world” is not a “protocol” that has much appeal to the Wiser Men of Zion(ism) any more than a repetition of the Great Trek will have much appeal to white American families.

      • Svigor

        But you can’t name more than a few. And Nicholas Stix and Larry Auster are both intensely hostile to any form of white self-determination that doesn’t include the tribe. This is something I know from personal experience.

        People who don’t support racial and ethnic self-determination in all its forms are not my allies. More like the enemies of my enemies.

      • pcmustgo

        Jewish Race Realists and jews who do not hate whites and themselves experience anti-white racism…. me…. except I am half jewish and religiously christian. I am not ashamed of being half jewish…. at the end of the day, I will have to fight off hostile non-whites just like you.

        • Svigor

          But sharing enemies doesn’t make men friends, any more than the Nazis made the Soviets our friends.

          And I’d rather have someone hate me and reciprocate my live and let live (self-determination) ideal than have someone love me unless I assert my right to separate from him.

  • Ludicrous. The only people that can propose abolishing historic European nations are White Americans who have no understanding of any of those ancient cultures.

    I’m all for White nationalism and preservation, but the idea that somehow being a Frenchman or being an Italian does not matter, is simply absurd.

    • The Observer

      And when there are no more white Frenchmen?

      What then? Will you still babble on about it being absurd not to be a Frenchman?

      The extinction of whites in France mean that there will be no more Frenchmen. Think about that, and its implications: race creates culture, not the other way round.

      • Svigor

        He never said anything about it being absurd not to be a Frenchman. You’re the one babbling. He said obviating the idea of white nationalities into the dissolving acid of European multiculturalism in the name of “nationalism” is absurd, and he’s right.

    • Svigor

      Agreed. White Nationalism harbors hordes of “Euro Multicultis” little better than the “featherless biped multicultis.” A pox on both their houses.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Enjoy your Caliphate, then, Mr. Gagliano. We are all in the same boat now, though only Europeans have been good at abolishing historic European nations.

      What ever happened to the Kingdom of Burgundy? Who drove the Hughuenots out of France? What of the Visigoths and Vandals in what is now “Algeria”? Do anyone except a few very old people remember Koenigsberg today?

      One of us is certainly “ludicrous”, but that person is probably not me.

      • Net_Drifter

        Whites are our own worst enemies. We are the only ones that can truly bring us down. Can’t even pull together long enough to secure ourselves a place in the world.

  • Where we go, they follow.

  • bluegrass91

    Three distinct scenarios, in three different areas threaten the existence of European people.

    America, I’m afraid, is the land of our darkest hour. This should not be so: we have abundance of land to stake as our own, a well-armed white citizenry and a “technically” legal, and likely soon-to-be-deceased, ability to openly speak openly of our people’s plight.

    Yet in America, the core is rotten, the foundation just isn’t there. From our very Puritan inception America has always concerned itself with lofty idealism, universalism, and

  • M

    It should be Nova Europa (not Novus Europa). Europa is feminine.

  • David Brims

    The first time I visited London, I couldn’t believe it, blacks to the left of me, blacks to the right of me, it was over run by blacks, one is tripping over them, it was like being in Timbuktu. Now I know how Michael Caine felt in Zulu, completely surrounded by bantus. This has happened in a very short time, London in 1950 was all white.

    35 % of London is now black, but a more worrying statistic is 94 % of primary schools are majority black. As Dan Roodt said last week, the population of Africa will rise from 800 Million to 2 Billion by 2050, this will be a game changer. The future will be a black world.

    Black people are just popping out babies, left, right and centre, in shops, in the street, at the bus stop. it’s a bit like chickens laying eggs.

    • alas

      Yeah London is screwed I can confirm. Still, I don’t believe your primary school statistic unless you mean the very inner cities. The suburbs are changing too but not as bad yet.

      • GM (Australia)

        Two comments from the South Island of New Zealand (98% white): 1, From a recent letter from an elderly relative. “A lot of people from London love to come here to retire they say it is now an awful place back there (London) with all those foreigners” 2, From a local paper, “An Indian family who have just set up shop say that this wonderful country to do business, the people here (NZ South Island) are so friendly and welcoming….”

    • StillModerated

      Maybe missionaries will stop providing free health care and they’ll die off from bilharzia, tsetse flies and AIDS.

    • KenelmDigby

      Sadly, you are right. I must agree with you.
      It is our generation, for better or worse, who will see the definitive change-over happen with their own eyes, for those who come after us White minority status will be normal and the status-quo.
      I also have the feeling that the change-over is final and irreversible.
      Most Whites fail to comprehend the last point and blythly keep going on their merry little way.

      • pcmustgo

        I know, bizarre living through these changes.

    • Gracchus123

      The charge of the “blight” brigade, eh?!

  • David Brims

    Off topic, I preferred the old system of posting comments, it was easier to read, I don’t know why Amren changed it.

    • Disqus made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

      As with many software upgrades, it fixes some problems and introduces many more.

      • NM156

        On both of my mobile devices, the text blurs when enlarged, but unblurs when shrinking the text a bit.

  • NYB

    The one essential thing missing is spirituality.

    The advice and council of Jewish Rebbes, or elders, and synagoge life provided the Zionist movement with a comprehensive framework to draw in all members.

    This cannot be understated. The symbol which Jews pray under, the star of David, is the same symbol which adorns their war machines when they fight – it is a unified belief system, rooted in exclusive faith, history and racial survival. When the chips are down, even the most secular Jew honors his faith.

    Without a unifying spirituality, common bonds are tenuous.

    Whites cannot move forward under Christianity. Christianity is inherently multicultural and anti-race, and demands its members hold the foreign soil of Jerusalem as their ‘holy land’. Europe alone is our holy land.

    An exclusively white form of spirituality to rally around is a necessity.

    • StillModerated

      And as recently as WWII the Germans adorned their war machines with the Iron Cross. The British union jack features the crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick. The Greeks have a cross in their flag and the Russian Navy features the cross of St Andrew. America must be either non- or anti-Christian for our flag features satanic pentacles. The states’ flags of Florida, Alabama and Maryland still have not come to the attention of the un-American Civil Liberties Union.

      • We can use the Hammer of Thor…..looks like a cross for those who still need to worship the Dead Jew.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Many whites have re-discovered their true indigenous spirituality, but the element of race realism is weak within it. But that is even more true for Christianity. I always argue that through recognizing our indigenous selves, connected with our original spirituality, which incidentally put much emphasis on ancestry and ancestors, the tendency toward a less adulterated white identity is possible. For many whites who think they are Christians, it is mostly a matter of nomenclature and myth recognition. Whites need to reject the Jewish myth cycles of Christianity and rediscover our own, which is some work since Christianity did its best to mutilate what survived so that Christianity could better assert itself (Beowulf, The Nibelungenlied, etc.).

      My wife and I recently viewed the entire Wagner Opera and often found ourselves near tears for many reasons, but the white glory of it is incredible. All whites should take the time to sit through it, but especially white realists.

  • Migrate

    Pacific. Northwest.

    • heff

      Won’t. Work. Too. Liberal.

      • Net_Drifter

        Really, are they including cities like Seattle in this??

  • Purestocles

    There’s a useful idea of a White State closer to hand than Israel. Think Utah and the Mormons.

    A White State in the USA will attract swarms of minorities because they are drawn to success and money like flies to a picnic. And any “commune” (think of the Shakers, Quakers, Owenites etc.) won’t be tolerated today because the Federal government will mandate that minorities be accommodated. Even if land were purchased outright it’s doubtful if restrictions could be placed on membership e.g. as evidenced by Corporations and gov’t policies regarding minority hiring.

    Interesting that 19th century America spawned many communities of the sort proposed. Few survived internal squabbles. Being White doesn’t mean we’ll all get along though perhaps perceived threats to survival will impose overriding sense of commonweal.

  • Michael Alan Prock

    I have been considering this problem in somewhat similar terms. The first problem I’ve tried to address is reconciling the precepts of traditional American political philosophy with the reality of racial differences. The ideas of liberty and equality are so deeply engrained in American thought that I think this is a necessary first step in constructing a workable and appealing ideological foundation for a new republic that would take the issue of race into account.
    To that end I humbly offer The Concept of Natural Liberty, which can be found for free online by clicking on my avatar.

  • TheCogitator

    This is going to be a tall order. We have allowed our lands to be polluted with people of other races and cultures alien to us. We have passed laws that favor them in every way, and made it so that it is almost impossible to even speak of it. The traitors in our own race are to blame. Now we have so many non-whites among us, how will we get rid of them? They know a good thing when they see it — whites are to only ones capable of building a decent livable civilization. Of course they don’t have the sense to realize that by entering our civilization they will destroy it. Unfortunately too many white people do not realize this either.

    Will we be able to convince them to go? Probably not. Could we pay them to go? Not likely. Can we force them to go? Again do enough have the stomach for it. Many would label it genocide and attack us for it. Unless we can develope a virus, or some such, that will kill them while we are immune, their numbers are likely to increase while ours will diminish.

    If enough white people would wake up and quit all support of blacks, they would die off, or leave. But can we wake enough of the brain dead diversity fools of our own race? And if there is some eliminating to do, maybe that would be the place to start.

    I would love to see us have a homeland, but we may well be past the tipping point. It doesn’t look hopeful for the white race.

    • Indiana Guy

      How about we have more children than they do?

      • TheCogitator

        The civilized people, i.e. white people, restrain their child production because they realize there is a limit to how many children they can best provide for. Uncivilized people, i.e. black people, have no such concerns.

        Probably the best way we can control them would be to end all support for their foolish acts such as having too many children. We could also play to their natural tendencies to want instant gratification and pay them to be sterilized. Paying them to end their child producing capabilities is probably our best option. It is peaceful and consensual.

        • Indiana Guy

          You are wrong. Amish people have 5-9 children, they provide for them. People that came here generations ago did the same, and life was harder then. Illegals make less money than whites and have three times the number of children. Mormons find a way to have twice to three times as many children too. Hasidic Jews have four to six children and they are as poor as church mice.You have the modern mindset, you value the wrong things.

      • HamletsGhost

        Having more white children is pointless if those kids grow up to serve the interests of their enemies.

  • It is good that people are thinking in practical terms. As far as any new white national homeland, you would need at least two, one in North America and one in Europe. You would never want to have just one in isolation that could be so temptingly wiped off the face of the earth. Plus each would be the ally of the other. (I think. Our record on this is not unblemished.)

    But whites are already separating themselves out. One of the sane things that even liberal Democrats agree upon is that they do not want to live in nonwhite neighborhoods. Hence white flight. So eventually you will have large concentrations of whites in the South, the Midwest and so on. Some will have lived in these regions for generations. Remember, even whites can have strong emotional attachments to their family land. We are human.

    But then it will come to pass that these many millions of whites will decide to pack up and move to, say, Eastern Europe to start a new homeland, but, before leaving, making sure to tie a big pretty ribbon around their former homelands as part of their thoughtful gift to the invaders? Don’t think so.

  • 1joewebb_1

    this is an interesting piece. Of course the Jewish Question was ancient and well formulated at the time. We probably don’t have time to build the White Nation comparable to the Jewish Nation. Nation is meant here in the non-territorial sense.

    Any and all initiatives are useful if not no other reason than building connections and agitation.

    Going to East Europe seems a stretch because of transportation, language, and so on.

    Probably Whites will have to suffer more pogroms than the Jews with the signal difference that Whites did nothing to provoke them. When sufficient fear and threat are perceived, then things will start to move. Things are already moving, if slowly.

    I traveled over the West in my last two road trip vacations. Almost all the locals hate the Dems, Obongo, etc. As a friend pointed out to me….all our states are red, except for the big cities. Moving to other White states probably is more realistic than moving to East Europe and Russia.

    How can that happen…with sufficient fear and…loathing. We have tripped over the tipping point of babies…when we get to the adult-voter tipping point, things will accelerate. This is not even to mention civil violence starting to flare up as tough White working class men go for their weapons. Joe

    • Gracchus123

      “…as tough White working class men go for their weapons.”
      “You sleep well in your beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf.”–George Orwell

    • Indiana Guy

      Yes, and when the feds prevent the oil drilling and fracking, we will see REAL movement towards secession. It will then be nothing but a domino effect. Much of the center of the country and the south will seceded.The minorities will then be cut off from their welfare support and will flock to the remnants of the old republic. The liberal whites in those areas will be be destroyed by those hordes, but who cares, they brought this about..

  • Skincognito

    The problem with Europeans and their Western kinsmen is one of psycho-social fortitude. (I used a colloquial term to describe this quality which was recently censored). So many European nationalists and American “conservatives” are incredibly soft on race-mixing and homosexuality. They target Islam and we target mestizos. In both cases we avoid (at our peril) a rigorous, definable return to the essential Volksgeist. Who are we? What have we done? How and why should we survive? These questions transcend bourgeois obsession with IQ and high culture, but rather demand a deeper reflection on the relationship between Blut und Boden, und auch die relevanten Symbole dafuer. Entschuldigen Sie mein Denglisch, bitte.
    Maybe we should all read/re-read Anderson’s Imagined Communities, and certainly reexamine Herzl’s work.
    Mach’s gut alle!

  • Sam

    He has some good points to discuss, but I would like to point out something about Zionism.

    The idea of Zionism started due to pogroms and impoverished living of Jews in Europe. A very few Jews in Eastern Europe were wealthy but the bulk were in very poor conditions in ghettos and poor villages.

    These bad conditions inspired some of them to want to move to a Jewish homeland. These conditions were bad and some Jews made the move, but not many. Certainly not enough to make the Jewish homeland a reality.

    Conditions had to get much much worse before it could happen. The Holocaust was that final necessary push. After the Holocaust, almost every Jew in the world agreed that a Jewish homeland was needed.

    Let’s compare this with the white situation. It’s very upsetting that we have to pay taxes for their EBTs, and affirmative action excludes us from many government jobs, and our neighborhoods are destroyed and we have to relocated every ten years and spend much of our lives stuck in traffic.

    But this is nothing like the Holocaust and as unpleasant as the current situation is, it is not enough to get whites to move anywhere in large numbers. Why should I move to some other part of the world when I can move one county or one state over?

    I don’t see how a white homeland can start unless things get infinitely worse for whites here. Even in South Africa, where there’s an ongoing genocide with thousands of murders and rapes every year, they can’t get enough whites to agree to have a white homeland. Most whites there move, to Europe, America and so on. How many South Africans have moved to Orania? Very few really, not enough to provide a military resistance, to expand territory, or have an independent economy.

    I’m putting this out as a point of discussion, hoping for ideas.

    • David Ashton

      Some sensible points, but no need for an alternative defeatism.
      Without providing another opening for misguided “Protocols” believers, it is quite obvious that many Jews exert a disproportionate influence OUTSIDE the “Jewish homeland” in support of their own survival, heritage, cultural promotion and residential segregation. White Gentiles of different but co-operative communities can and should emulate the Jewish example WITHIN their own historic homelands (Europe, North America, Australia, NZ). This includes continuing to assert the rational, practical and moral case for the European heritage and its perpetuation, so far as possible through the media (especially internet), political party grassroots, cultural associations, etc.
      Opposition to Islamic invasion, “Schwarzer” brutishness and Hispanification shared by many Jews should be regarded as an incidental bonus, not an occasion for resurrecting “Mein Kampf” (even though that 78-year old volume conceived a living-space on a somewhat larger scale than some of your contributors)!!

    • The Observer

      The Orania test case is an interesting point.

      “And grown Orania has. From around two dozen pioneers, many of them only part-time inhabitants of Orania, the town has now around 1,000 residents, and continues to grow each month as more people arrive. In addition, more than 10,000 people are members or supporters of the Orania Movement, and it also has foreign-based support initiatives.

      Last year, tens of thousands of Afrikaners visited Orania for the first time—all with the intention of finding out more.”

      • David Ashton

        Can it defend and expand its borders without opposition?

    • Svigor

      The importance of a holocaust is nothing, compared to the perception of a holocaust.

      P.S., “the holocaust” needs “Jewish” in there, somewhere. “Holocaust” should not be a trademarked Jewish term. Please use “the Jewish holocaust” instead.

  • LHathaway

    Just how does the re-election of barack obama spell doom for Europe or America anymore than if it were another leftist elected, one who was white. The opening sentence of the article is a loud declaration the author is out of the mainstream. Not just removed from the political mainstream but outside the mainstream of normal, rational, thought. What does this sentence do but provoque? if not outrage the sensibilities.

    • Gracchus123

      “Not just removed from the political mainstream but outside the mainstream of normal, rational, thought. ”
      Given the demographics of present-day America, his first sentence is an excellent observation.

      And let’s be thankful that the author IS out of the political mainstream and is, in fact, rational. 

      I would guess that 99.9% of the posters here are “out of the political mainstream”. Thank God.

    • HTB

      WTF! Where’ve you been for the last 4 years?

    • The Observer

      You are clearly ignorant of the demographic realities which allowed Obama to be re-elected. All of the “mainstream” analysts have already remarked on this, namely that a coalition of blacks, Hispanics and liberal whites outvoted the majority of whites in the election. This is not a “radical” or “out of the mainstream” concept, it is simply the truth, and not to “provoque” you in any way, but if you cannot see that, then you are astonishingly ignorant beyond words.

  • KenelmDigby

    IMHO, Arthur Kemp is one of the greatest thinkers and orators in the White nationalist movement alive today.
    – Arthur Kemp has got a very perceptive and intelligent mind, he is one of the few thinkers that I have a lot of faith in. Suffice to say that the pronouncents he makes are likely to come to pass, such is the quality of his thinking.

    • David Ashton

      Arthur Kemp’s “Lie of Apartheid” points out that the limited homeland program for South Africa was undermined by black population growth + white dependence on black labor. This was not the long-term vision of Dr Verwoerd and others who wanted a political partition of southern Africa based on the Tribal Homelands+British Protectorates, with migrant labor and white technical help as a transitional measure. The US-USSR-Third World combination, plus the “Hoggenheimer” and SACP/ANC pressures, defeated this project after his assassination. But it is absurd to recommend that the “Race of Titans” that built the main civilization of Europe, America and indeed the world should end up in little pockets of exclusively pure communities dotted around the northern hemisphere, or indeed could safely survive in them.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I like the idea, just as long as we disable all the nukes before we go. We already have a darkie with its paw on the button. Give it a good white target and . . .

  • bonkers in yonkers

    This may be an legitimate opportune time especially as things are unfolding at lightning speed to shake up that confused brain and at least entertain the concept that maybe the ancient jews had it right who were just inconsequentially a small sect of the New World Order 3 races based on the 3 brothers and of the white Shem race like the arabs and Europeans before being eradicated 2k years ago in 62 AD after the real Mission Accomplished as the Xians of White Man Religion assumed the final control of earth.

    Of course its just a fairy tale than cant be substantiated but the white hispanic Constantine Book of 1700 years ago in Rome who owned the civilized world at the time thought up a greater aspiration to own the entire universe the the xian universalism of the catholic church that by the way has rejected the anti-christ Obama and his sodomite marriage and sodomy in general coming out immediately after the election to confirm this.

    What is not being investigated is the real purpose and meaning for the discovery and building of the western hemisphere in its entirety that has pretty much revealed itself as the elevation of western civilization to complete final world dominion but only after the final battle described in Revelation that final ownership of the planet as was revealed and written and canonized. But its all a fairy tale even though you win in the end. Lucky you. You win but the fight has just begun. You got the real power in your side.

    • Elwood

      You are an idiot

  • BAW

    The biggest threat to Jewish people in Europe and America is the spread of radical Islamism and unchecked immigration that allows Islamic radicals to enter Europe and America and grow in numbers enough to have influence over public policy and public opinion, as well as allow succor, aid and comfort to other Islamic radicals. Neither Jews nor Gentiles seem to be doing anything about this, to my knowledge. Question is, is this a situation that they CAN’T do anything about…or that they WON’T do anything about?

    • HTB

      Our policy makers WON’T do anything as long as an Islamic is President.

  • Indiana Guy

    Is Israel really a success story to be emulated? It is far from a homogenous land. They face the reality that they must either expel the arabs or eventually be conquered by them. The author is wrong to state that by just picking a territory and moving there in large numbers that the territory will then become homogenous without a struggle. What white people need to do is start fighting back. They need to start talking about doing whatever is necessary to establish white majority states.

    • The Observer

      “Is Israel really a success story to be emulated?”

      Rather the question should be Did you read the article properly? Or did you miss this bit:

      “It is true that there are a number of circumstances surrounding the creation of Israel, both positive and negative. Positive factors included the power of the Jewish lobby, the unity of the Jewish people, while negative factors include the displacement of and resultant conflict with the Palestinian and Arabs.

      It is not, however, these factors which should be the focus of our attention. Rather, we should look at and see the methodology which the Zionist movement used to create the Jewish state, and then simply replicate that, avoiding the pitfalls into which they fell.”

      • Indiana Guy

        you miss the bigger picture. I understood the article, thank you very much. Israel’s population grows smaller in comparison to the arab population every day. The whole idea that a people’s salvation is statehood alone is just plain WRONG!!!!! Israel will prove this, it is proving this, every day it grows closer to oblivion. It has the same society that the rest of the west does. It is a society whose values CAUSE demographic collapse!

        • Svigor

          Some people are good at arguing and discussing, and others have talents that lie elsewhere. You fall into the latter group.

          E.g., good debaters don’t need to create straw men like “the whole idea that a people’s salvation is statehood alone.” Zionism long predated the founding of Israel. And the Jewish people’s strong identity long preceded Zionism.

          The idea that Israel is some kind of testament to “statehood as the sole source of Jewry’s salvation” is so mind-numbingly wrong as to be laughable.

          Seriously, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          • Indiana Guy

            I think your talents lie elsewhere. I think you are the last to judge debating talents. It is not a straw man, it is the point of the article. The author’s whole premise is that withdrawing to smaller and smaller ethnically homogenous zones is the answer. Answer to what? Demographic decline? How so? It does not address the issue at all? This author’s premise is the straw dog.

          • Svigor

            Yep, straw man = straw dog.

            And you have a clue.

  • Indiana Guy

    WE need to examine how we have arrived at where we are and reverse what we have been doing wrong. What I see as the mistakes of white society is it’s focus on it’s idea of “success”, and the creation of a FALSE idea of equality of the sexes. White society’s idea of success is focused entirely on education and money that these are the same goals for both sexes. To attain those ends it sacrifices everything else.
    Both sexes spend their best reproductive years NOT reproducing but wasting them in expensive, most often unnecessary years of education. This is especially wasteful in regards to women as university education has absolutely no value in regards to their fulfilling their natural role as wife and mother.Men, spend these years releasing their pent up natural energy and drives through drinking binges and promiscuous, non reproductive sex. What they end up with by the time they are in their mid twenties are huge education debts that delay having children for many more years. They ALSO determine the number of children they can have by how many they think they will be able to afford to send to college.

    As long as whites cling to their ideals that a university education, and material well being are what makes their lives meaningful, then they will continue to decline. It will not matter if they all consolidate and move to a “white nation”. Their society is structured all wrong, and it is this that is leading them into oblivion. They are worshipping false Gods! They are worshipping achievement, academics, money, and sex. Whites will only be saved by abandoning those gods. This will only happen in the new generations that see the errors of their parents generation. When white women reject careerism, reject as genocidal, societies notions of female equality, and reject the monstrous females that society now parades before us on women’s shows and tabloid papers. Only then will white people have a chance. White women will not do this though unless they see their men reject what the modern males is- an overgrown boy who is weak for them, weak for sex, weak for alcohol, weak for idolizing “sports heroes”. Women need to see in their men a focus on something eternal, meaningful, spiritual. The failure of white peoples is that they abandoned those things, and the punishment seems to be that if they are to live like animals, they will be conquered by animals.
    Retreat is only useful when there is a strategy for eventual victory. If Euro-American white people continue with their current value system, nothing they do will make any difference. It is time young white people started a new spiritual movement, that is focused on the continuation of their people, that embraces the natural roles for each sex, that embraces family and sacrifice. That does not judge a person solely by their achievement and possessions, their degrees, their jobs, their cars, their houses. It is time they founded a spiritual awakening that valued families, children, morality and commitment above all others.
    White civilization gained the world, for a brief time, but it lost it’s sole. What has happened to it is just as much an IMPLOSION as it is an invasion. It was the implosion that has created the pull for the other races to invade. A spiritual and demographic suction.

  • StillModerated

    I was watching RT last night and a 60 year old Frenchman was struggling to get by on his 600 Euro/month pension. But the socialists are giving his share to large African families that just disembarked from some rusty scow. Camp Of The Saints, anyone?

    • 5n4k33y35


  • White folks are the minority in the world!

  • MissBonnie123

    In America we have no choice but to consider a White homeland. White people will not agree to mass deportations of illegal aliens. Therefore, there is no way they will agree to asking nonwhites who are legal citizens to move back to their ancestors’ homelands.

    A White homeland is the only way we will be able to practice our type of politics, economics, culture, etc. without hearing the constant complaining of nonwhites like we have to hear now. It could have a conservative bent. Liberals will have to create their own homeland, maybe in the northeast.

    I believe this is the only way to do it in America. For decades Whites did not fight against the massive immigration of nonwhites so there is no way we can take back the whole country. We need to start thinking of creating our own White homeland.

    I believe in Europe it will be even harder because there is great diversity among the European people. It would be very difficult to have, for example, Britons and Germans living together because they have a different language, culture, heroes, etc. so it would create constant tension.
    The Europeans, too, should have fought off the invasions into their countries decades ago.

    • There are some interesting problems.

      Africans, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Mexicans, etc will NOT let us since they all need our advanced civilization to feed them. Why do you think they are all here in the first place?

      Why do you think they would risking actually death in illegally entering this White country? Because only we, the White Race, can construct a happy, fun, working, peaceful, productive economy.

      All the others come here to live off what we produce. For them to “let us go” would mean living among their own kind. None of them want that. It is why they came here, to be around us White People.

      Thus, they will wage war on us and kill us until they are given permission, by us, to suckoff of us.

      No matter what “happens” or what people say, or do, or think, the end result of all of this will be violence. They will NEVER agree to a peaceful separation from the White people since it means a living hell for them.

      Would you want to be on the “outside” looking at a White civilization? The wealth you can not have? The schools? The toilets that work? The White women?

      So, prepare for what must be. Violence.

      • The Observer

        You are hoping in vain for some type of armed uprising. It is not going to happen. This hope that “when things get bad, whites will react” has been proven wrong over and over again. Whites don’t “react,” they just vanish.
        Unless you offer some tangible hope, some real project, or some possibility of survival, they will dissipate. And that, I think, is what this article is about.

        • Svigor

          Most of the whites WILL vanish. I would think this obvious to anyone who’d been observing for longer than 10 minutes.

          This is known as a “population bottleneck.” Jews went through theirs 2 to 3 thousand years ago. The Jews who weren’t serious about being Jews became something else. The Jews who were serious about their identity were the ancestors of modern Jewry.

          I think it’s inevitable that a people which is serious about survival will be relatively small in number. I don’t think many WNs really grasp that most whites don’t have the psychological makeup to pass muster. Many of them have deluded themselves into thinking a large portion will ever want to go from white to White.

          • David Ashton

            OK, we get your Why. What about your Where, When and above all How?

      • MissBonnie123

        You said “Africans, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Mexicans, Haitians, Hindus, etc will NOT let us establish a White Nation….”
        We should not be looking for permission. Of course they will try to stop us for the reasons you stated. We have to have a plan (and there are people who actually do) to demand a White homeland and work on it. If we don’t, the current situation in the U.S. is the best it will be for White people.
        However, since we know that the nonwhites are hostile towards us, we know that eventually they will be in positions of power everywhere. Do you think they will care about White peoples’ civil rights? Do you think they will care if a White man can put food on the table for his family? Of course not. We must take these and other questions into consideration NOW and start working on a White homeland.
        The United States will probably break up in the future. We need a healthy, safe place for our people.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The only game in town for European People is the mass expulsion of nonwhites. Among other things, having them live among us means ecological collapse..100 percent certainty…due to nonwhite exponential growth. Secession without expulsion is ultimately magical thinking.
    So why does the game continue?Answer:European People aren’t scared enough. Moral of the story:Jared Taylor won’t scare his fellow Native Born White Americans into action if he keeps yapping incessantly abouty IQ tests scores..the eyers glaze over….the mind becomes numb..under on avalance of very questionable psychometrics and biological theorizing…start talking about no access to Yellowstone-Lake George-Adrondacks for the family vacation.
    Jared Taylor
    I want to register my disgust with you for going out in public and stating that Asians are more intelligent than your fellow Native Born White Americans.

    • The Observer

      “The only game in town for European People is the mass expulsion of nonwhites.”

      And how do you intend to achieve that? Every month, 50,000 Latinos are added to the number of eligible voters in the U.S. Where do you think you are going to get the political power to engage in “mass expulsions” ?

      You need a serious reality check. Look at the demographic reality, the long term picture, and get real about what must done for survival. Your choice is to continue to pretend that the country is not being overrun, or to take part in a renewal movement for the establishment of a white ethnostate/ethnostates. Take your pick.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Native Born White Americans haven’t even flexed their muscles yet..not even one fiber. Secession without expulsion means that the “US” population will exponentially explode….massive ecological collapse…the products of ecological collapse will make its way to the mythical white homelands. Back in the 1930’s, at the moment soil scienntist Bennet made am impassioned plea on te floor of the US Senate that drastic action had to be taken to conbat the dustbowl-ecological collapse in the American Southwest a massive black cloud of dust made its way to DC consuming the capital…a distance of one thousand miles.
        The IQ test score obsession of Jared Taylor, and the asianphiles John Derbyshire,Pter Brimelow and Steve Sair is a cancer on this movement. It sidetracks away from the stuff that out fellow Native Born White Americans need to start thinking about such as the ecological amenities that they take for granted. This is what Jared should be talking to the White College Kids about.
        And folks, don’t fall for the nionesense that Heather McDonald and Peter Brimnelow are puitting out these days about hispanics not crring about immgration policy. Talk to any street corner Native White American protesting illegal the one who always protests outside the 7-11 on Montauk Highway. They are routinely given threats of extreme violence by hispanic foriegners who live here legally. Heather McDonald is a boring -dull policy wonk.

      • David Ashton

        A small white ethno-state in Somewhere surrounded by more and more non-whites in Everywhere Else? Self-deportation of whites to Whitopia? Why is this more practicable or desirable for white households and breadwinners than persuading them to vote for and organize politically for WN changes in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

        • pcmustgo

          because it’s violent and cruel, what you talk of. And a little extreme.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I have been described as violent and cruel, but the old “sticks & stones” adage works for me.

          • Net_Drifter

            Cruelty isn’t the thing to worry about, only the violent cost to whites. There would be an eruption against whites.

            I can’t force myself to lie by pretending to care about the welfare of other races, especially blacks.

          • David Ashton

            Violent, cruel and extreme to organize peacefully for a mjopolitical change that (1) opposes compulsory multiculturalism,

  • elitist

    The white movement is doomed to fail because it is hobbled and crippled by obsessions like anti-semitism, climate change denial, and misogyny.

    Unless it can clean itself up – as some European groups have doine with noitable success – it will fail and it deserves to fail.

    Anti-Semitism is a creepy obsession of strange, smelly, middle-aged men who live in their mother’s basements and read a lot of science fiction.

    Memo to white civil rights movemnts:

    lose these defective freaks or prepare for total defeat as most whites turn away from your ideas with loathing.

    • The Observer

      Do you have anything positive to say at all?

    • Net_Drifter

      I’m not concerned with Jews at all. I’m not concerned with your well-being or success.

      The ‘movement’ shouldn’t be about you… but it also shouldn’t be (about) centered around you either.The way you comment I think you believe yourself to be, as a jew, the elite of the elite among whites, simply because you’re a jew. I will never view you that way. You’re strange people hard to relate to, in my eyes.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Think about the horrific scenes this past summer about the drought in the Southwest this summer…then think about the fact that massive population growth momentum has now been built into the “US” population structure…we are talking about inevitable ecological collapse…it is going to feel mighty crowded and mighty swampy-sweeting in the mythical whitehomelands of the America South. Will young Native Born White American Sothern Families be alowed to have large familes on a greatly reduced living space..there will be no more living space safety valve….because if they do have large families..they will experience ecological collapse sooner than they otherwise would. The ecology situation in the “US” is very precarious..and it is this that Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow should be talking about. Secession without expulsion means being surrounded. I want a very large ocean between China and America..these days China is buying up land in the mythical White Homelands of Montanna and Idaho.

    • David Ashton

      President Engelperson, step forward!

    • IstvanIN

      “Purchased” land can be expropriated.

  • Indiana Guy

    Japan is experiencing the same demographic collapse as the west. The reason is obvious, it is the same reason the west is collapsing- materialism, careerism. Individualism to the point of rejecting family responsibilities and children.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Uh, the reason I don’t like other races is because they’re hive-minded. To create a white society that stomps on individual freedom is to create a society EXACTLY like the Muslims or Chinese would impose on us. What would be the use?

    To prove that we’re just as animalistic as they are, with the mind on nothing but breeding like rats?

    • Svigor

      You’re not an ethnopatriot. That’s fine, but know that you aren’t my ally. More the enemy of my enemy.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        And you would be my enemy if you would treat me no differently than a Muslim or a Chinese would. Just because your skin is white, doesn’t mean I’d like to be oppressed by you any more than by them.

        Tell me, would everyone in your white Utopia be forced to be, say Christian? What room for a white atheist there? Or would we be under the knife just as surely as we would be in a black or brown Muslim society? If I didn’t conform to some very narrow ideology, would you execute me like the Chinese would?

        You know what makes Wal-Mart truly a disgusting business? They make their workers cheer, with hands raised, at a picture of Sam Walton every morning – just as North Koreans might cheer for Kim Jong-Un.

        Sorry, but I won’t raise my hands to a dead Jewish king any more than I’d raise them to a dead American businessman.

        It is individual freedom that made white society truly great, and what makes it stand out from the rest of the hive-minded naked apes. Why do you think they both despise us and clamour to live among us at the same time?

        I guess this is why I can NEVER truly fit in with humans. Species change operation, please.

        • Germanacus

          You’ve made several comments about your religion of atheism with thinly veiled references to Christianity, the religion of our forefathers, being a “superstition”. That’s your opinion. Millions disagree with you. Why can’t you leave your religion and theirs out of the discussions here?

          By tge way, “Four Footed Messiah” suggests you are an Animist — one who worships animals. The oldest and most primitive superstition of them all.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            First of all, I apologize for using such a strong word. I was in an ill-temper over another site. But let me explain this before I continue:

            1) The name was really to get the goats of Muslims, who have an irrational hatred of dogs.

            2) While I might be open to the existence of a god or gods, he/she/it/they ought to know I do not trust promises out of the mouths of humans any more (I would rather hear “I’ll try” rather than “I promise”, it’s much more honest.) He/she/it/they should know better than to send a human mouthpiece if they want my attention.

            3) I respect the man Jesus more than many other figures in the past, particularly that Mohammed creepola, for two reasons:

            a) Mohammed told his followers to kill, and threaten people with oppression and death, until they break down and become Muslim. Jesus told his followers to say their piece once, and move on (but they must not press the issue or harass.)

            b) Jesus pointed out that it is the hypocrites who pray in public and get on all holier than thou … Muslims and false Christians (met too many of them, unfortunately) do exactly this.

            However, I’m aware that St Paul had to present Jesus as a demi-god to his Greco-Roman audience, because of the prevailing belief at the time that anyone who was someone had a god or goddess as a parent (a hold-over from the idea that a king had to claim godhood in order to be allolwed to rule, as in Sumer and Egypt.)

            I would not dream of FORCING you to give up your beliefs. But would you force me into yours?

            Now. What I am really concerned with is how this white utopia we are contemplating would actually work. Do you (and anyone else) really believe it’s a good idea to take women out of the workforce completely? Do you realize that we were never really excluded from it in Western society in the first place (though we were generally restricted to certain jobs, like nursing, clerical, cleaning, etc). Even in the Middle Ages, in small villages and towns, women got together to run “cottage industries” to make trade goods – textiles, etc. Women were also a big part of the factory force during the Industrial Revelution, mostly because we got paid less than the men (which is an unfair advantage on our part!)

            Let’s put job discrimination in the reverse: Have you ever seen the scorn that male nurses get? I had one who, in an unnecessarily apologetic tone, offered to get a female nurse. I told him to not be ridiculous, In fact, I prefer male nurses and doctors over female ones, because I dislike women touching me at all. I have also known many men who prefer female doctors (even urologists) because they don’t want men touching them in certain places.

            I had a boyfriend once who was an excellent typist, and was also a physical wreck at 20. He went to a temp agency to try to get an office job, and was rejected flat-out simply because he was male, and was told “No one wants a male secretary”. Are you kidding me?!

            Also witness Saudi Arabia, where women are completely excluded from doing any kind of work – so they have men serving in lingerie stores – this is doubly silly especially when you consider that their society doesn’t like women talking to unrelated men AT ALL about ANYTHING.

            And really, I would not want to live in Saudi Arabia, or anywhere like that, no matter the rationale behind it, whether Muslim, Christian, or, yes, atheist.

            As for the baby-factory thing; don’t you think that carrots (incentives) to have kids are better than FORCING someone into it? Would your society offer a baby bonus programme if the population needed boosting? That works far better than telling women they must be contanstantly pregnant just because you, or anyone else, says they HAVE to be. That’s fascism, mate.

            I had three kids, and then had myself fixed, and fixed good. The tubal ligation has held these past 20 years, and that’s a good thing – contraception is always preferable to abortion. But if it should fail, neither protestors nor the law would stop me from getting an abortion the second I learned I was pregnant; I cannot afford to go through the physical hell of pregnancy again at my age, for ANYONE’S benefit. Sorry if it seems “selfish” … but … what would be in it for me to carry an unwanted baby to term? And why should you or I or anyone else want to subject a kid to the sort of bitterness being unwanted would garner? Do YOU know how it feels to be unwanted? I do.

            Another thing to consider is how DANGEROUS it is to be COMPLETELY dependent on someone else for your upkeep. What happens to a woman with no skills or education when her husband dies or takes off? Wiould you stick them in a brothel, or kill them as being useless, or what? My own great-grandmother (my grandfather’s mom) had BOTH of those things happen to her, leaving her with five kids after her second husband (my own good-for-nothing great-grandfather) disappeared for good. Since she couldn’t get a job in the 1920s … during Canadian Prohibition … she became …. self-employed, taking up rum-running, bootlegging, and being a bookee, for the rest of her life. Family gossip connected her with the Purple Gang, but I can’t verify that. She did it to raise her kids, who were still rather young. I must say, it was probably better than cleaning some slob’s house for pennies a day. She was never caught, probably because sexism worked in HER favour (who, at the time, would think of a female criminal mastermind?!)

            Sigh. When it comes down to it, you know that such a society would have to allow at least SOME individuality and freedom of thought and speech right? Otherwise, it would be no better than the USSR, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc … and aren’t we all supposed to be better than that? Unless you really want a society where only people exactly like yourself exist.
            You might find yourself with a very small country indeed, just as I know I would if I only wanted people exactly like me in my country (it would then be a country of only two, I think, and what good would that be?)

            Even in a community like AmRen, the ONLY thing we can ALL really agree on is that we don’t want to mix it up with other races. Is this not enough? If not, then the idea of a white Utopia fails, and what you’re really talking about is something much, much more specific.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Atheism is not a “religion”. It is a lack of religion.

            When your car runs out of gas, it isn’t running on a “different sort of gas”. It’s dry at the side of the road. There is no gas in the tank, and all the wishful explanations by religious bigots won’t make the motor run.

            Atheism is not a religion, but the absence of one.

        • Svigor

          If you don’t respect my right to live and let live as I respect yours, yes, you’re my enemy. If you think your white skin buys you something with me, irrespective of your behavior, you are mistaken.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am white. Which side do you want me on?

            Your white skin buys you nothing with me, either.

          • Indiana Guy

            your white skin buys you nothing with other whites either, if you are not with us, then you are against us.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Read below. I _DO_ hjave respect for your chosen way of life, as long as you do for mine.

          • David Ashton

            All non-whites as you define them your enemy, all whites who do not share your personal ethno-patriotism your enemy. As we might say in Olde England, “Blimey, Guv, you’ve got a ruddy lot of enemies – have you got any friends?”

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I wish I had written that.

    • Then, don’t live in an all WHITE nation.

      Would you not be happier if all us racists, red-necks, sick, demented, hate-filled, ignorant White racists would just leave and go someplace else and leave you alone?

      No, That would make you unhappy since you wouldn’t be able to live there with us, but would be forced to stay in your multi-cultural, diverse, hell-hole.

      • Svigor

        Indeed. Amren is packed to the gills with the enemies of Freedom, Self-Determination, Free Association, and Europeans.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        What? Because I don’t want to live as some breeding sow, and just like to be left alone, I must live with the “other races” who would kill me for drinking or smoking pot on my downtime? What?

        If you are thinking the same way that they do – that a woman should do nothing but breed – then you are indeed thinking like those other races, and ARE NO BETTER in the end.

  • Many of you will notice that I have deleted a lot of comments in this thread. It should be perfectly obvious why. Please take the hint.

    One of the comments I just deleted insinuated that our wiping out all comments in a previous story was “unprecedented” and that the person who made the comment felt personally responsible for it for “stirring up a hornet’s nest.” First, it’s not unprecedented, we had to do it before on a story of that same subject matter, and when we did it several days ago, it was not the fault of any one person. It’s the fault of the way conversation on this issue always veers out of control.

    Complicating matters this time is thanks to Disqus’s recent upgr….er, downgrades, everybody’s comments, whether the user is registered or not, is instantly appearing. This is a good thing in some respects, but bad in that when conversations run off the tracks, they run off the tracks faster and crash more brutally than otherwise. Simply because everyone can respond to everyone else right away.

    • GM (Australia)

      I will not follow long belligerent conversations and agree they should be terminated. Assuming the majority of persons who comment on this site are concerned about the future of our white race and civilization we should be unified and concentrate on a common goal, that is having a society that will be safe and prosperous for our grandchildren. Disunity has almost destroyed the British National Party, Disunity did destroy Australia’s One Nation Party.(A WN Party)

      As to the question of Israel, this is in reality a white homeland, a modern democracy established in the centre of of an area of medieval darkness. Again Israel is fighting a shooting war for it’s very survival. We should be supporting Israel on this web site, not condemning it and coming up with far-fetched Zionist conspiracy theories.

      PS I also do not like Disqus!

      • Svigor

        Funny how American Jews support Jewish Supremacy in Israel, but are the leaders of the movement to oppress any similar sentiment among Whites. But you think we should just give Israel our unconditional support?

        Which side are you on?

        P.S., Jews seem to disagree with your assessment of Israel as a “white” country; you aren’t invited.

        • GM (Australia)

          Hello Svigor, I am basically on the side of Israel and most of what it stands for, I have spent time in that nation and take an ongoing interest in its affairs. I also agree that it can be wrong to give unconditional support to any cause, idea, policy or nation. Note I am not a Jew and don’t have any Jewish connections but I have studied Hebrew and have a keen Interest in Biblical (and other) archaeology.

          • Svigor

            But the primary supporters and sole beneficiaries of Israel in your country are the leaders and bankers of the movement to make damn sure you never have the temerity to do for yourself what they do for themselves.

            Way more stick, way less carrot. You come first, they come (distant) second; otherwise, whose side are you really on?

          • Let us know if Muslims and Christians can own land in Israel. Are there different laws for different religions in Israel? Just wondering.

            Can there be Jewish ONLY housing and apartments in Israel? Can there be Whites only housing in America? Just wondering.

          • GM (Australia)

            Theoretically, and unlike most of the ME Israel has all western human rights laws that we have and is generally quite accommodating of mainstream Christian organisations that wish to establish in that country. Yes Muslims (incl Palestinians) do own property in Israel and the West Bank and like everywhere else on this planet money determines your style of house and where you will live. The controversial housing developments in the West Bank outside Jerusalem are state subsidized and as far a I am aware fully Jewish occupied.

            As to whites only housing, I think this has ever only existed in Apartheid era South Africa but as always money still determines what neigbourhood you will live in. At one stage the do-gooders here tried to put welfare and aboriginal housing in “good” neighborhoods, it was disaster and has been stopped. From what I have read of your “Section 8” housing program it must also be a disaster in the making and a concern for every white home owner.

      • HamletsGhost

        then stick to the anti-Zionist facts.

      • For the record, AR isn’t really the place for either cheerleading for Israel or spreading far-fetched Zionist conspiracy theories. We would like to stay as far away from those issues as possible, and if they come up, (sometimes, we beg them to come up with our story selection), we would like to keep the tone of conversation as civil as possible, like with every other issue. But you almost inevitably get screaming and invective with that issue, far more quickly and easily than with most others. The abortion issue is almost like that.

        • Svigor

          You’re shooting your own people in the foot on this. “Why do the Jews get to do it, even though they’re the primary reason we don’t get to do it?” is probably the most effective weapon in the arsenal.

        • The reason is simple.

          We can trash Black people here, call them all stupid, lazy, dumb. We can even do the same with Mexicans. Group them all as dumb, stupid, etc.

          BUT, if we so much as claim that some Jewish organizations are Anti-White, as we say 100% of Blacks and Mexicans are Anti-White, we are called Anti-Semitic and made to look evil and ignorant, BUT not evil and ignorant when we are MORE closed minded about ALL Blacks and Mexicans.

          This is a double standers. For most of us who have been involved in this debate about the extinction of the White race, there is overwhelming proof of “Jewish” involvement.

          But, we can’t discuss that. Why? Do Jewish people influence or control AMREN? Can’t offend your donors or money supply? This censorship is very irritating and un-fair.

          If we can’t say “derogatory” things about Jews, then delete all the posts that insult Blacks, Asian, Mexicans.

          But, if you did that, you would have 0 comments.

    • Gracchus123

      You removed a comment above that registered 43 “likes”. I’ve noticed the same action in other articles that you would remove a highly popular comment. What’s the rationale for removing a highly popular comment?

      “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate.”

      How does a popular comment as I have described above, violate your guidelines? Maybe you should revise your guidelines. Since I was unable to read most of the deleted comments it’s not “…perfectly obvious…” to me why they were deleted. If there are certain subject areas which are verboten, then why not add those areas to your guidelines? 

      • HamletsGhost

        Amren practices censorship.

      • Don’t take it personally. It was not a swipe against you personally. It was an attempt to get the conversation back on track and topic without having to reset the whole thread.

        As for your question about the guidelines, this particular moderator has floated the trial balloon to have a discussion about what does and does not make a good comment. Jared Taylor has specifically rejected, and as time goes on, I see the beauty of not doing so more and more. The idea is for commenting guidelines to be generally vague, then everyone will figure out the particularities by trial and error.

        Also, we moderators are supposed to comment as little as possible. We’re supposed to be the silent enforcers of what we know are very specific guidelines. The only reason I’m commenting here is because of how awry parts of the initial conversation went.

        • Gracchus123

          Thanks for your quick response. I certainly did not take anything personally. I simply think it would streamline things if Amren were more specific about which subjects are acceptable and which are not acceptable. 

      • Vonhauer

        Because he’s forwarding his own agenda. Keeping the discussion moving only how HE sees fit and stifling the free flow of ideas. I’ve sent an email of complaint to Jared about this moderator.

    • Germanacus

      Yes, you just deleted my comment to “Four Footed Messiah” whom you allow to keep insinuating that the religion of the West and our Founding Fathers is nothing more than superstition yet you allow his promotion of his religion — atheism. Whats that about? You taking sides here?

      • People have freedom of or from religion. Faith is another almost impossible hot button. Because it’s faith, there’s no winning or losing or right or wrong answer. Discuss if necessary, but we will be keeping it within bounds.

  • Net_Drifter

    If Orania can stand and keep growing in the middle of that pit, then it’s possible for others to do so too.

  • Jeddermann.

    Start with the Williston Basin, the Bakken formation, the Dakotas, Montana, etc. Wealth that can be had and needed by the rest of the world and mostly all white now. Start there and keep the place white.

    The problem is that when you create a Nova Europa company you could not practice discriminatory hiring practices and some groups such as the ACLU and the ADL would go after you right and left with law suits even before you formed.

    But the idea of a white homeland does have merit, I must admit. Lots of Americans and Europeans too might decide that is right for them. If and when the U.S. breaks up or the situation become untenable for whitey then hordes of whites will want in.

    From start to finish the dream as enunciated by Herzl took only about 50 years.

    And please, don’t ask if there will be any place to get good tacos.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      And please, don’t ask if there will be any place to get good tacos.

      That’s why Old El Paso products exist. I’m perfectly fine with making my own tacos with those, thanks.

    • ricpic

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned the explosion in the number of requests to secede from the United States that have inundated the White House since the reelection of Obama. Some may say that these requests are only gestures without enough passion behind them to turn them into realities. That may or may not be true. But we are clearly heading into a devastating economic implosion and I believe that when it comes the desire of the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and possibly the entirety of the great plains down to Texas, the desire to escape the simultaneously imploding and hyper-taxing Federal Government will become frenzied. Either a large part of the interior will be allowed to secede or it will come to civil war. The point is that those states will break away for political and economic survival but in fact they will be overwhelmingly white and if successful in breaking away they will then proceed to organize themselves as white entities with small and strictly limited governments.

  • This mentions Herzl.

    One of our regulars, JewAmongYou, found and translated an early 1960s book called The Ashkenazi Revolution. One of the lost points of relatively recent history it reminds us that one of the very first proposals for a modern Jewish homeland, which Herzl advocated for awhile, was to put it in British East Africa, in or near modern day Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi. I told Reuben in an e-mail after having read that part that if today’s Jewish Israelis think that their Arab and Muslim neighbors are giving them a hard time, imagine the world of (censored cuss word) they’d be in if they would have planted themselves in the middle of Africa in the middle of a sea of (racial pejorative censored). Crown Heights writ large. Especially since Hutus proved in 1994 that they’re perfectly capable of serious attempts at genocide of a different kind of east African black people.

    • GM (Australia)

      The “Uganda Solution” was promoted by the British as a homeland for the Jewish people following the war because they (the British) could foresee the strife that the Jewish State would and has caused in the Middle East. But, the reply given by the Jews was “we could not even consider a homeland that did not include Jerusalem just as you English could not consider a homeland that does not include London. The same applies to all of us, we have our homelands which (or should) include every city from Washington DC to Wellington NZ. Tell me someone please, what is this unseen force or movement that is telling us to give away everything that we have all in the name of Diversity, Multiculturalism Open Borders or anything else that the loony left can come up with?

      • East Africa was being talked about as early as before 1910. So at least then, the ramifications could not have been related to WWI or the victors divvying up the corpse of the Ottoman Empire, because that before any of that.

        • GM (Australia)

          Yes, you are quite correct, the history of the Zionist movement is quite complex and most certainly goes back at least to the late 1800s. I will also agree with other posts that modern Israel is probably not the ideal model for a white homeland. I will also agree that the whole need for a white homeland is quite wrong, our thrust should be and must be to preserve what we already have. We should not even be thinking of having to run away from what is rightfully ours.

  • joepatriot1973

    Jews would oppose the creation of a white state. Jews are behind the destruction of white civilizations after all. It is their goal.

  • I have no problem with Democracy in an all white country, but when Democracy turns into bringing in massive amounts of 3rd worlders who then turn around and are allowed to vote themselves things I consider this a failed system that will not last.

  • Svigor

    I can think of a lot more important things to worry about.

  • Net_Drifter

    You want to know who keeps whites from advancing their interests based in realism; it’s the cultists with an all or nothing stance. I think some of them have a suicidal bent strangely coupled with delusions of grandeur.

    I would love to see something that could produce tangible results instead of the same crud recycled like it’s a holy text!

    • Svigor

      I don’t agree with this “holding us back” thing, but you’re right that the “all or nothing” delusion is pretty silly.

      • Net_Drifter

        …You’re one of the people with the all or nothing ideal.

        Do you understand the article being discussed? Some people appear to be missing the point entirely.

        • Svigor

          Nonsense. Where do you get this stuff, apart from your own imagination? Find one shred of evidence that I’m an “all or nothing guy.” One scintilla. Then you’ll have an iota of credibility.

  • What baffles me is that my white brethren do not see the religious element here. The Jeffersonian ideas of freedom of religion was and is the open door for muli-culturalism. Jefferson said of a then contemporary act for religious toleration,

    “they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination”

    (Autobiography, 1821, in The Founders’ Constitution, Volume Five: Amendments 1-XII, Philip B. Kurkland and Ralph Lerner, eds., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987, 85).”

    End pluralism in the religious sphere and you will end it in the racial. We need to go back to Magisterial Protestant Christian Civilization if we want real white nationalism.

    • A Swain

      “What baffles me is that my white brethren do not see the religious element here. The Jeffersonian ideas of freedom of religion was and is the open door for multi-culturalism. Jefferson said of a then contemporary act for religious toleration, ……….”

      An excellent observation. Religion, most notably Christianity with its inbuilt universal leanings and emphasis on worldwide humanikind was indeed the Trojan Horse used to flood the White-created Western civilization with non-White Third Worlders which is why a new and fresh constitution also incorporating the necessary corrections relating to the question of what constitutes religious freedoms and the nature of such, would be required in any future White-only homelands.

      • Sir I made very clear that it was the Secularist position that opened the door for multi-culturalism. The Protestant Reformation, and Christianity in general does not have, “universal leanings and emphasis on worldwide humanikind”. That is Roman Catholicism. In the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, December 23, 1929 he said,

        “4. Let Us begin with those things that seem more important because they have closer relation to the Holy See and to the government of the Church entrusted by Providence to the Supreme Pontiff. It seems especially opportune in this connection to recall some passages of Our first Encyclical, “Ubi Arcana.” In this letter We made the following complaint: “It is scarcely necessary to say with how much pain and grief We see Italy outside this friendly harmony of so many States. For Italy is Our own country, the country in which the overruling hand of God placed and fixed the See of His Vicar on earth. He placed it here in Rome, which had been the capital of that marvelous, yet limited empire, thus making it capital of the entire world. For thus it became the seat of a sovereignty that surpasses all national and political boundaries, that embraces all men and all peoples, like the sovereignty of Christ Himself, whom it represents and whose office it fills. The origin and character of this sovereignty, no less than the inviolable rights of conscience of millions of the Faithful throughout the world, require that it should be, in fact and in appearance, independent and free from every human authority and law, even though it be a ‘Law of Guarantees.”

        Secondly, the idea that Christianity was the open door for other civilizations to pollute the West is absolutely laughable. Before Jefferson, the Secualrist, came along we Protestant Christian people practiced Theocracy. No other culture was allowed. Just look at the Salem Witch Trials. That is not multi-culturalism.

  • Net_Drifter

    So, tell me Svigor, is everyone a jew because they disagree with you?

  • woirueoruoep

    Antarctica. The only continent that was irrefutably discovered by whites only. It’s the harshest environment, but while the rest of the world turns to garbage, non-whites will be clamoring to get into the paradise that I’m sure our ingenuity can make it.

    • How do you plan to grow food in Antartica? Sure there may be plenty of penguins/fish to eat but that won’t allow for a easy, sustainable food surplus. Russia would be a better choice if we were to choose one location (which I doubt).

      • IstvanIN

        Plus blowing snow and ice can easily bury buildings. Which begs the question: where do you get the wood and metal to build buildings? Or the fuel to heat and light them?

  • Bob

    Non-whites aren’t some homogeneous bloc. Blacks and Latinos will destroy each other. Blacks hate Asians. Blacks hate Jews. And whites are supposed to flee when these people are going to destroy each other?

    • Gracchus123

       “And whites are supposed to flee when these people are going to destroy each other?”
      Perhaps not flee, but at least step aside and let the games begin. 

      Strategy and deception are both essential elements of a successful war, and a war we have.

      It seems to me that Whites are the only race that does not seem to understand that there is a low level (for now) war going on for dominance of the world. We either wake up, or we lose. Full stop.

  • Cyb

    America only has one vehicle for separation – forming a church. If we form a church which values gold and silver backed money, babies before education pursuit, racial consciousness, taxation on death and a 10% tithe only, no property taxes, and sustainable energy and food and shelter production, we simply need a physical place to begin. I would recommend an island of large enough size, and with some effort the whole island would be subsumed and unwelcomed driven out. From the first island, grab a second, a third, then push for a major city back on the mainland by flooding it with major numbers. Some similar strategy must be used. And a clear written code, a council of elders to refine that. The problem occurs at the point that it no longer remains under the radar. And then the hostile US begins to attempt infiltration or direct attack. The movement has to eventually be so distributed. The blacks leech welfare, well we should have all our marriages not officially declared like the hispanics, so all the women and children get welfare money. Feed off the system like the degenerates do but emphasize real learning, our own internet based schools.

  • pcmustgo

    re: (not to mention the fact that counted as white, especially in the US, are large numbers of groups implacably hostile to our race)

    Ah, hem… The Jews… right? I am half-jewish and I read Amren daily…. because anti-white hatred directed at me drove me to do so after the years. Do you really believe the Jews hate white people, hate europeans? Most view themselves as white. Most are seen as white. Most, many, would not even think twice about viewing themselves as white.

    Please tell me how the Jews are “hostile” to whites or Europeans.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    I cannot repeat it often enough: I think we must learn to frame, present, advocate, and teach the positive advantages of segregation to the maintenance of true cultural and phenotypic (i.e. behavioral and racial) diversity in the world. We should advocate and encourage others to advocate separation and micro-evolution. The State of Israel, to be sure, is the most exemplary success among the several attempts at National Socialist socio-political orders during the 20th century, but the State of Israel itself is threatened by homogenization of excessive diversity in the Jewish population, on the one hand, and demographic surrender to an overwhelming Arab population on the other. “The Wall” is a bad idea, however, because it makes the Arab area look like a major prison. No, it is through popular culture that “integration” and “monoculture” through “homogenization became predominant, and it must be our goal to retake the mind and soul of the people, and to teach that true diversity is not only beautiful, but affords the human species many adaptive advantages in the long run. “Natural Evolution”, by definition, cannot proceed globally or through human technological intervention, it can only proceed through small breeding populations developing their own unique “adaptive formulae” and competing with each other to determine whose is best and most advantageous at each point in human history.

  • pcmustgo

    SUPER-BRIGHT BRITISH WHITE GUY- hates multi-culturalism, islam…. supports Jews… Good for him.

  • It is sad to contemplate the notion that traditional homelands (like the British Isles) are (in effect) already lost and that we may need to set in place the motions of having to abandon ship.

    We have a bond to this island, which upon my semi-frequent walks in the nearby countryside, I often reflect upon. The ancient dry-stone walls, many of which has been laid there for hundreds of years, that bonds the past to the present, are one example that contradicts the sight of an Islamic dome in the town that dwells below, or the insight of how many inner cities now look, feel and sound.

    There is a schism to be found.The feeling of ‘this is my land, we have to fight for it’ whilst I take in the magnificent hillsides and scenery we are blessed with….versus the ‘things are in such a mess, what the hell are we going to do?’ depression and sense of futility…. meeting the “sod it, nobody else seems to care, I am sick of lugging all this baggage around and being hated by the rest of society, time to get on with my only life” aspect.

    One thing that does make me pose a question about this project idea – which reminds me a little of PLE schemes but on a grander scale – is the old “Fable of the Ducks and the Hens” by George Lincoln Rockwell.

    I assume most are familiar with it, and if not, maybe search you-tube for “The Fable of Ducks and Hens” cartoon.

    I know he is a controversial figure to some, and that the topic covered in the story is also controversial, but the point I wish to make is that it may become very hard to stop history repeating itself (in the same way as the ducks), and after relocation and a few different generations have passed, our people once again may fall prey to the same situations that are felling them now.

    How can it be guaranteed that future generations in a relocated settlement (or settlements) will solidly and unflinchingly support the ideas and ideals that previous generations had strived for?

    Of course I can appreciate that it will be said to be the duty for this not to happen, through education programs and perhaps a good deal of peer-pressure, but the idea that we have to abandon our homelands, forge a whole new area or areas of our own, probably in another part of the world, and then face the potential of that being subverted and/or disintegrated in the future….well, it would concern me.

    I heard that even the Jews have found themselves in the position where they are going to be struggling to maintain a demographic majority in Israel, despite laws which state there should be no intermarriage etc, or that they (and others) cannot claim full residency.

    They recently tried, and I believe succeeded, to turf out thousands of Africans in order to protect the identity of Israel, with some Israeli youths and ‘liberals’ being against such moves, much like students here in Britain would be against any kinds of deportations……but I gather avoiding these kinds of things are covered in the above article when it states that we would need to avoid such pitfalls occurring in the first place.

    Then there might be the pariah status, such as that what was applied to white-ruled South Africa, which we would have to operate around. Similarly, we would need to devise ways of how we would keep undesirables out – because I am sure there would be pressure and attempts made (especially upon PLE schemes in England and Wales) to disturb such plans. Infiltration, aggitation, laws, force, sanctions.

    However, it is becoming clear in this country that having street demonstrations against new mosques (for example), or campaigning against immigration, or being demographically able to command elections (either locally or nationally) is getting ever more futile.

    For example, you might hold off the mosque for a year or so…..then the planning permission application comes in again. It has to do, as the demand will be there in ever greater numbers until it cannot be held off any longer. You may win a short term battle, but with expanding demographics and an open door to the country, it gets a bit like expecting to hold the tide back and us being ‘King Canute’.

    Demographics determine that my town/area will never be governed and organised for nationalist politics. Like America, on a national scale, there is an increasing ‘ethnic minority’ bloc, and with around 35% of births in England and Wales not being of indigenous stock, the countdown clock is ticking.

    In England, these interlopers are pretty much expanding everywhere. Cities, old mill towns in the north, large parts of outer London, etc. There are even a few mosques appearing in Cornwall, I hear. Then there will no doubt be chinese and africans…..

    If we had a ‘border’ and could shove them all down there, or if they were all concetrated in an area near a border crossing, it might be easier to contain – but here in England they are spread out and spreading out further. In the short term it makes winning seats in elections ever more difficult, and in the long term it tends to point to there being nowhere left to go to get away from it.

    Even if we do get local councillors elected, what are we going to do about matters on a national level without outright control? Can the local seats be held secure long enough to recieve a national breakthrough in time? I just cannot see it.

    Protests and campaigns, some of them often scraping the barrel of pleading for “equal treatment” (such as ‘racism cuts both ways’ or demands for ‘fair housing policies’) will be an ever decreasing circle.

    It is going to be an endless list of campaigns and protests which actually relies on our dwindling influence – and ironically requires our maltreatment and marginalisation in order to prosper. The campaigning game, on its own, could carry on forever until we are utterly marginalised and wiped away.

    There hasn’t been much “joint up thinking” in the last 30 years or so. There hasn’t been much of a plan aside from the ballot box. Things have developed faster than anyone could have imagined, but it is getting foolish to carry on using models devised in the 70’s and expecting them to save our bacon in the here and now.

    Going out there and vociferously challenging the orthodoxy of society is also hard work. It is like salmon swimming up river, but for some of us it is mentally exhausting and also alienating – as all the other fish around you are swimming merrily downstream, always making you question yourself and your motives for resisting the a river gushing over you the other direction.

    Not many do it. I was once a strong swimmer, full of zeal, now I am tired of it.

    At least physically removing yourself from the system and “ordinary living” as part of this project is perhaps easier to undertake than what seems to be an endless futile struggle – one that doesn’t even feel like it could bring a existential victory anyway.

    You could collect, collate, shop, use trades, set up and live in something which hopefully automatically promotes your interests. It is natural – and perhaps pretty effortless once the ball is rolling. Rather than change a community, you become the community.

    I have come across these kinds of ideas before. I used to reject them, and loathed the idea of partioning this country or our people having to flee it – but these days I am open to various ideas, even perceived wacky ones.

    One wacky one which I used to fantasise about years and years ago was getting all European/Australian nationalists etc to move to a target country, and literally start to command the societal and electoral process through numbers and influence.

    Once the job was done and a path to recovery was under-way, we would all move again to the next nation to do the same. As I was much more hardline at the time, it meant literally pushing undesirables out (and back to their ancestral lands), one nation at a time, as Europeans.

    Pie in the sky, obviously. However, when you get desperate, your mind thinks of all sorts.

    I don’t know what to make of a lot of things right now. The Nova Europa is quite possibly an “idea whose time has come” – but for those of us attached to our current locality and nation states, those of us who are reluctant to move, to give it up, to hand it over, reluctant to move even locally because we may have good jobs in these dire economic times (which we would not want to give up at the moment), or worried about severing family ties to those who are not racially in-tune and would not move with you, or those of us with general uncertainty about the future, our demoralisation and distrust of the cause, we may need some more time to stew on it.

    When or if it come to deciding on a place to dwell, one must surely take into account aspects of geology, prone-ness to disasters, earthquakes, heat, sunlight, natural materials, water, transportation prospects, shipping, arable land, self sustainability from a potentially hostile world.

    The United Kingdom, for example, is blessed with extremely rare and minor earthquakes, substantial variety of natural minerals and such, it is not too hot to work or too cold, we have natural defences as being an Island, arable land, plenty of water…….

    If we are suggesting a much bigger move to a new continent or settlement area, we wouldn’t really want to ignore these kinds of factors.

    Arthur is planting the seed of an idea about what may need to be done. At least people can become aware of this in the following decade. I dont know how I would feel about it in another three, four, five years time. I might have slipped downstream with the other fish.

    However, if things get worse and worse and I snap out of my malaise, it will make sense to move and be part of something like Nova Europa. I could never see myself living in an environment like Wembley, Luton, Brixton, or parts of Leicester and Bradford. Nor can I see many others putting up with it.

    In that regard, Arthur is right, people will naturally tend to come in the end. Our societies will be a success, whilst the rest will be frought with problems, crime, and look like ‘Detroit meets Morrocco’.

    • Gracchus123

      “I feel your pain” as our first black president remarked (Mr. Bill Clinton).

      It seems to me that some kind of technology based solution is the only answer to our problems. I don’t believe politics holds the answer, nor do I believe geography holds to answer.

    • potato78

      Australia is the best and last place for anglo-white. It is a big enough island and surrounded by pacific ocean and is having a decent trade with China to make life easier and better.

    • IstvanIN

      Britain will either be lost, along with its people, or there will be a bloody, destructive war for ownership of the island.

    • You either deport the non-whites or you might as well put a gun (if they were legal) to the heads of all little white children.

      One of you must go.

      There are no other choices.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yeah, I feel your pain. My home state of California is being handed over to savage animals from Mexico and Central America!!

      You live in a police state in Britain, the result of treasonous politicians like the vile Mr. Blair:

      During Tony Blair’s government the British Embassy in Pakistan handed out booklets outlining why Muslims should emigrate to Britain.Over the term of the labour government, this… amounted to millions of immigrants who should not be in Britain at all.

      Muslims, make up a sizable proportion, and their high birth rate, which averages 4 children per mother. Muslim males can claim welfare payments and housing costs for up to 4 wives and unlimited children, even though polygamy is illegal in Britain.

      I cannot being to fathom how elderly pensioners feel about this — the ones that survived and lost loved ones in WW II — only to have the homeland their ancestors have occupied for 10s of thousands of years handed over to backwards, 12th century, misogynistic, violence-prone beasts.

      Have street names been changed in London yet (which we’re experiencing in Los Angeles)? Have any British monuments been torn down?

      It’s coming.

      It won’t be long until iconic British music is banned as “subversive” and “blasphemous” — Queen, The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd — classic British literature too– BURNED in pyres!! — Hume, Byron, Chaucer, Shakespeare — even the prescient Orwell himself!! — who was not wrong when he wrote:

      If you want a vision of the future — imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

      This is happening in ALL White Homelands and is GENOCIDE!! AND, there are jerks like Tim Wise cheering this process on.

      I cannot think of a greater evil than the elimination of an entire race of people.


      • David Ashton

        “Quit India!” “Independence for Africa!” “Colonialists get out!”
        Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

      • Yes, we have had some street names being changed.

        We have also had civic centre building names being changed, as well as public houses (pubs).

        For example, there was some campaign to change the name of a civic hall because the name had relations to the slave trade.

        Some pubs, such as ones named “Saracen’s Head” have previously been seen as “problematic” to “community relations”. It comes around in cycles.

        Old buildings and statues are occasionally left to decay and fall down, whilst awful new ones are erected.

        I think we are going to be getting a statue of Nelson Mandela or something down in London.

        We are going from this kind of thing:

        to this:

        It is a sick society we are turning into. Damien Hurst is of course a “leftwing radical”. No surprises there then…..

    • David Ashton

      Well, if necessary we shall have to fight rather than run. Meanwhile, (1) ensure the heritage is safe, (2) have more English/white children, and (3) master the technology and content of the internet.

    • The key to not allowing what happened to us to happen again is for Europeans to control media, education and government. Right now our white nations are not controlled by Europeans but people who hate western civilization. America was fine until an alien people that despise Western Civ. got control over media education and our government.

  • potato78

    “Bearing this in mind, we will have to accept that the presently existing
    states in North America and Western Europe (at least) are going to

    If the premise of “going to vanish” is true, the solution is very simple, please slow down your immigration process, you don’t have the powder to do more than what you are able to do.
    1. Cut off illegal immigration.
    2. Slow down legal immigration rate.
    3. Let white people have easy life so that white people can produce more babies.
    4. If having easy life for white people, 1. and 2. has to be achieved.

    5. Since money resource is limited in these days, 1. and 2. must be done for USA’s home work.

    • IstvanIN

      Why not end legal immigration? Do we really need legal Mexicans, Indians or Chinese?

      • potato78

        Yes, we can end legal immigration if really needed, it is the most easy job, right.
        Legal means you can control it.
        However, the most detrimental part to this country is the illegal immigrants now.

        Why do we end up having so many so many of illegal immigrants? Obviously, our government didn’t do a good job of controlling our borders for more than 20 years.

        Too many reasons.

        Make it simple. Solve illegal immigration issue first, however, a bit late. Because so many people have already been here. How do you do with them?

        We used to have a lot of surplus. Now we don’t, instead of having -16 trillion dollars debts over our heads. To solve the problem, a large tax increase is waiting for us ahead. A pizza pie only is a certain size large. The more people want to share it, the smaller piece each person can get it. White-American momentum for building a beautiful country is dissipated by Blacks and Hispanics momentum, which is demanding white americans give up their political power to them.

        1. We can not afford anymore (money reason).
        2. We are gradually losing the White-American Culture to those people.

        my two cents.

        • 1XXX

          “Those people” and their white enablers don’t care.

  • Red and Blue nations.

    A new capitalist Red States nation and split with the socialist Blue States nation must be initiated immediately . There will be different races in all 5 states and in the separated Red and Blue nations but they will be given a chance to leave and move into the other nation if they wish or pledge allegiance to the ideology of each nation.
    Using the equal spit of 25 states each the 2 separated nations from the Nov 2012 election would form both new nations. The time is NOW. SPLIT. Romney will be president of the Red States and bullshitter phony Obama president of the Blue States.

    • Uh, if we did that, Romney would have been too liberal to have won the nomination of the center-left political party in the red states only country. Remember, Romney didn’t win a single Deep South primary or caucus while the race was competitive, while he did win Florida, he won Orlando to the south and Gingrich won counties north of Orlando that are stereotypically the Deep South. If anyone was paying attention, that should have been a clue that Romney as the Republican nominee would have had a relatively hard slog with working class whites outside the South. While the Deep South will go for virtually any Republican over virtually any Democrat in November these days, white Southerners within Republican primaries are a good proxy for working class whites overall outside the South in the general election.

      Notice the patter repeated in Florida and Ohio: The counties which gave Romney the primary victory back in the spring were the counties that gave Obama the general election victory in those states two weeks ago, and the counties in FL and OH which voted for the not-Romney flavor of the day wound up voting Romney in November.

  • potato78

    “The re-election of Barack Obama in the USA has made even the most
    optimistic of European-American activists realize that demographically
    speaking, the jig is up in America.”

    Please face the reality, folks.

    Where was Obama from? His mother white + black father. And He was elected and re-elected as USA president and he is a white model.

    The first, from a macro point view, white-obsessive-whites are trying to do something against historic waves, at least not trendy thing here.

    The second, from a micro point view, white-obsessive-whites are not trying hard enough to do something like producing more and more white babies.

    The third, some of whites really like to marry Blacks.

    The fifth, once you realize the reality, then you may be able to find a true solution.

  • phoenix desert

    Get real. There is no more land on earth not occupied and you cant defeat and kill off others to get their land anymore in this pc mindwash age.

    The only way to deal with this problem is to use the recent election and split up the American states into the way the voted per the electoral college that is an incredible advantage to the Republican Party who would get all the southern and midwest plains states and several others in the west like AZ, MT, UT and AK. This is 75% of the land mass of America and much of the natural resources.

    Time is of essence. Wait too late and it wont happen as Obama turns all 50 states into hellhole 3rd world cesspools and steals all the wealth for himself to redistribute how he wants like banking the rest like all undeveoped poor Banana Republics.

    The answer is right in front of your eyes and it the nation that went through an evil Marxist War 150 years because of another tyrant who is worshipped named Lincoln as the tool of Karl and his Manifesto.

    The new Red State America has already been decided in the recent selection of the dictator former peasant trying to revive the USSR in Amerika.


  • Scott

    We need to do away with the idea that you need to wait until you are financially secure to have a child. or the idea you have to go to college first. That does not matter any longer. This last election has proven that those who have been irresponsible and negligent can vote to take away other people’s prosperity wealth and money. I just payed over a 3rd of my income in taxes this year. and now they want to take more. I ask is this not a form of Slavery? I work for some one else to benefit. The ideas posted here are good but they do not go far enough. Land needs to be purchased. X amount of like minded white individuals need to move there and turn the area in to a baby making factory. The parents and schools need to educate the children on self reliance, hard work, and that it is a responsibility to make as many offspring as possible. 1 woman=1 baby every year. times 10,000 women over 10 years. I would say that is a start to a great voting block.

  • “The solution therefore, requires a quantum leap in thinking and a total break with the current system.”

    That especially includes Jared Taylor at AR.

  • Anon 12

    Well guess who worked behind the scenes (and in the open) to destroy ALL White man’s nations……

  • negrolocaust

    as always. here yet again as always!! every other race works hard creates innovates
    produces contributes and the black takes and destroys. its time to stop
    putting up with them and turn the tables. i have had enough.

  • pmdawn

    The Chinese must be laughing their heads off.

    The West has gifted technological superiority away to them and they have taken most productive jobs.

    At the same time western aid and technology has fed a population explosion in the 3rd world, .

    All the Chinese have to do now is to sit back as cultural marxists all over the
    West import millions of third world peasants.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Whites make America deeply racist because even though Obama won on the strength of his White vote, not enough Whites voted for him.

    When not enough Whites “do the right thing,” which requires them to and passionately promote black privilege and their own disprivilege, the the White community has some “soul searching” to do, always…

    A Revealing Look at Racism’s Role in Which Party White People Support

    By: Deborah Foster

    November 18th, 2012

    A little over half of the votes Obama received came from white voters (56%). We can celebrate the fact that so many white people see beyond race when voting, and there is no doubt Obama would have lost the election without white voters. We can even celebrate the fact the Democratic Party is diversifying; in the mid-1970s, 84% of people who voted Democratic were white, that fell to 73% in the mid-1990s, and now rests at 56%. But, what we can’t pretend is that the United States doesn’t have a continuing problem with white racism.

    • 1XXX

      “But, what we can’t pretend is that the United States doesn’t have a continuing problem with white racism”.

      What possible reason exists for white people to embrace those that have managed to turn major cities (Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Camden, etc) into massive ghettos with all the benefits that such squalor bestows? Oh, by the way, these have been black-run cities for quite some time now. Maybe if “white racism” is such a problem then a peaceful separation is the answer? Or, perhaps this can be settled the “old-fashioned” way? No matter what, it will have to be decided whose country this is.

    • 95% of Blacks voted Black.

      Oh, but that is not racism. Give me a break. Blacks are more racists than Whites.

      I am a White Racists and I am proud of it. It is the future.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        We need to quit calling blacks “racists”.

        Racism is a virtue of the White community. Let’s not share our accolades.

        Just call blacks “Diversity”, and that’s enough, for it contains all the vices of bantu zulu mau mau voodoo necessary.

  • 1XXX

    Turn off the grid for six months. You’ll have a new country when you switch it back on.

    • Gracchus123

      You may be closer to the truth than you think. When the economy collapses, hold on for the most interesting ride of your life. 

      Guaranteed, when the economy “turns back on, it will certainly be DIFFERENT.

  • Charles Hastings

    Why should Europeans surrender any of their territory? They should simply summon the will to expel all invaders.

    • 1XXX

      Now there is some truth.

  • randy

    The only way you will get a white home land is by fighting for it. No one will give it to you with a smile and a nod. they are greedy and want it all down to that last grain of sand. You must win the home land in the streets where real power is taken. Hitler tried to create a home land for the German people and was wiped from the face of the earth What makes you think that the white home land movement wont receive the same treatment Brute force is the only real valid solution

  • Mickey Meadows

    “The challenge is open. Will we have what it takes to survive, or will we perish?”

    So long as we are afraid – as you the author are – to speak the name of our enemy, we may assume ourselves doomed.

    • I am not afraid. Oh, not afraid.

      I know the truth. I know. The time will come to deal with the Head of the Hydra.

      First, let us take care of the African Problem and the Mexican Problem. They are the foot-soldiers and paws of the Hydra.

      The longer the pressure is kept on the White Race, the more violent the solution.

  • Open “letter” to the Moderators:

    OK, you win. Since I enjoy posting here, I will never again say ANYTHING that is the least bit “offensive” to the Jewish People. In other words, I will refrain from criticizing them IN ANY WAY, lest I be accused of being Anti-Semitic, which is a crime against mankind.

    So, I shall keep ALL comments to Anti-Black, Anti-Mexican criticism. I shall continue to make fun of them and insult them as groups without any regard to individual difference within their groups. In other words, ALL Blacks and ALL Mexicans shall be condemned by me without regard to any of them being good or worthy.

    Again, as for the Jewish People, they are ALL wonderful and there exists nothing about them that even concerns this topic and they are not to be included in anyway with this topic of a White Homeland since any topic not flattering to them is ANTI-SEMITIC.

    So, lets get on with talking about how violent Blacks are (all of them) and how lazy and stupid Mexicans are (all of them).

    • Gracchus123

      What you are not allowed to criticize, there is the power.

  • Mickey Meadows

    In terms of a homeland it will be better to focus on countries that already have a white elite, already have accepted barriers between rich and poor (black and white) and are not targeted by our enemies (because the country is considered already beaten). Brazil and Argentina are good examples of where to go. Your kids will be safer there, because the environment is ‘matured’.
    Obviously these countries are not an answer, but what they can provide is an incubator situation wherein Whites can regroup and become strong again.

    • 1XXX

      No regrouping is necessary. Regaining the will to live is all that is required.

  • A European racial homeland would be be most logically and sensibly centered in an Eastern-Central European location, such as the Western Ukraine. Ideally, the Balkans could be pulled in too.

    Forming such a lifeboat in the Americas is not really possible. Nevertheless, as one of America’s patriots, I see no other option for my folk. We are to numerous and alien to reenter Europe, let alone eastern Europe, but not numerous enough to influence the politics of the United States. I see no choice but to secure the center of the country from the border with Canada to Gulfport, Mississippi for a future state.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I think it’s clear to most AmRen readers that a white homeland is the only answer, but all I hear is talk. What can a person do NOW to begin the process of acquiring enough land and enough people to eventuallyi declare independence? Where is the homeland going to be? Who are the future leaders? What will the settlers do to provide a living for their families? There’s a hippie commune of several hundred members in Tennessee and the members have acquired a couple thousand acres and they earn money in all sorts of ways. That’s not much, but it’s a beginning and perhaps one we should be looking at. What about negotiating with a good sized company to relocate or start anew in an area where we decide to settle? Is this pie in the sky thinking?

  • potato78

    Which way forward for the white man?

  • David Ashton

    Just two more comments: (1) Do MOST AmRen readers REALLY think that some small exclusively white homeland somewhere is the ONLY answer?
    (2) Does ANYONE seriously disagree with the proposition that the State of Israel has not in fact turned out to be the SAFE and SECURE refuge for the Jewish people from hostility that was originally expected?

  • Recolonize America

    After reading on Orania I think the best way to create the nucleus of a Nova Europa would be by setting up rural communities like this all over the USA. Start from the grassroots again, buy the land and build White communities. This is by far the most realistic approach because a) most of the land is still owned by Whites and b) rural Whites have a sharper instinct of identity than urban dwellers.

    Orania-type settlements are pretty unassailable other than by brute force: the settlers own the land privately as a corporation, so they can invite anybody as citizen who they prefer. Once a network of such Oranias is established all over the US, they can draw progressively closer to the towns and communities, increasingly shaping demographics with their demand for purely white workforce.

    I really believe this Orania approach is the best in many ways: it instills a sense of community into people, it probably helps increase birth rates by creating a family-friendly atmosphere all the while making people self-reliant and confident of their own capabilities.

    The only challenge will be to define adequately private and public property because only solutions based on private property will stand a chance of acceptance in the US – neither the kolchoz nor the kibbuz type would be accepted by Americans.

  • KingKenton

    T. Lothrop Stoddard wrote in his book, Racial Realities in Europe, that “nationality is what people think they are, race is what they really are.”

    A true but incomplete statement. A nation is a people bound together by a common race, religion, and language.

  • There are already two movements right now that follow this same line of thinking. That is the Pioneer Little Europe movement (Kalispell, MT and Sioux Falls, SD). The other is the NorthWestFront which is a goal for a white nation in Washington, Oregon, ID and West Montana.

    There is no need to remake these movements but rather to augment or co-op them with more capable people.