Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger Argues Against Quotas to Increase Number of Black Managers and Coaches

Jeremy Wilson, Telegraph (London), October 25, 2012

The Professional Footballers’ Association took much of the English game by surprise on Wednesday by unveiling a six-point plan to tackle discrimination which included the implementation of a form of the ‘Rooney Rule’ in the American NFL.

The ‘Rooney Rule’ does not actually set any quota on the numbers of black managers within the NFL but does say that qualified black coaches should be on the interview list for vacancies.

Wenger, though, believes that football, and sport, can lead the way in anti-discrimination by definition of being a meritocracy.

“I feel that no matter what job you do in life, you should just do it because you deserve to do it and you have the quality to do it,” said the Arsenal manager.

“Just to put a quota out, for me, is exactly against what sport has to be. Sport is about competition and competence. That will have exactly the opposite effect to what it should have.”

“You can say as well then, ‘why do you leave him out?’ It’s again a kind of racism and what we have all to fight for is just competence.

“Put in people who are good, no matter what colour. I feel that sport can be a massive example for [the] fight against racism. Sport has one big advantage. You can measure the performances of people. If you’re good, you play.”

The PFA’s plan was also criticised yesterday for not being sufficiently far-reaching.

Peter Herbert, the chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, has been meeting some black players in recent weeks and believes that they should still set up an organisation within the PFA.

The SBL has published its own 10-point plan for football, which includes a 20 per cent target for all club staff, including managers, within three years, and an annual league table of those clubs who have made the most progress in addressing racism.

“The SBL welcomes the announcement of the six-point plan by the PFA, however this is too little too late given the pressure faced by the Ferdinand brothers and others for the stand they have taken against racism over the past year,” said Herbert.

“The PFA have rushed to issue a knee-jerk reaction. A fundamental shift is needed to address the segregated style glass ceiling that exists where black players are prevented from becoming coaches and managers.”

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  • Puggg

    However, black American football coaches who have benefited from the Rooney Rule, and equivalent undertakings on the college level, don’t really feel embarrassed that they’re a beneficiary of affirmative action.

    • The__Bobster

      When it comes to taking stuff from YT, congoids have no shame. Actually, they have no shame when it comes to almost anything.

    • Why should they care? They get a undeserved salary and are rarely fired.

      Once you go black …. you have a hard time going back ….. even if you are losing.


    Wenger is famous for fielding nearly all black teams. He has gone out of his way to not have English players in particular on his team(he is French).

    Basically, he is an anti-white elite who favors 100% black teams, but doesn’t want black coaches taking his job.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Believe it or not, Arsenal started 9 whites and 2 blacks for their recent game against Tottenham.

      Tottenham started 3 whites and 8 blacks.

      Of course, Arsenal won 5-2.

      • ATBOTL

        That’s a big change from a few years ago.

        • BernieGoetzFan

          It is indeed. European soccer is slowly getting less black since most of the black players and heavily black teams are either garbage or highly overrated.

          • Strider73

            I forgot to tape that Arsenal game Saturday on ESPN, so this report is certainly good news. Liverpool and Manchester United have also “lightened up” in recent years.

            However, Arsenal remains on my (bleep) list until they sever their relationship with Emirates Airlines (as in United Arab Emirates). That means a new jersey sponsor and a new name for their home field (currently “Emirates Stadium”).

      • vieira4zizu

        What? so black = inferior? So one of the greatest arsenal squads with lauren,cambell,vieira, cole, toure, henry was garbage too i guess? and demba ba, cisse and drogba are garbage too? alex song is garbage? tiote is garbage? sterling is garbage? glen johnson is garbage? kyle walker is garbage? lennon is garbage? ballotelli garbage? boateng brothers garbage? eto’o garbage? all the dark skinned brazilians are garbage? You are a fool.

    • Le Gaulois


      “Wenger” is actually nothing but an ethnic German, like all indigenous Alsatians, and is only French on paper. They speak a Low Alemannic dialect and Wenger did not even speak French until the age of seven like so many of his generation used to before going to public school. His father even had to serve in the German army during WW2 and was sent to fight in the Eastern front.

      I know I’m repeating myself here, but you will often discover that Whites who appear to champion the multicult are doing so because they can’t get pass the fact that they aren’t full blood natives. It almost never fails…

  • Der Typ

    I believe that this has been kicked around before a few years back as I could swear someone made a comment that still rings true.

    Unlike all American sports, soccer played outside the USA has a promotion and relegation system. So if an affirmative-action coach was unduly promoted and his team finished in the lower 2 spots then they are going down a league. When your team goes down a league the amount of revenue they receive is drastically reduced. So for this to work, the British Premiere League would have to copy the NFL’s system, and not only in regards to hiring. In the BPL the worst teams don’t get first dibs on the best up and coming players. Also recently the finances of the teams are under a lot more scrutiny. Basically you can get in a lot of trouble with The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) if you borrow a lot of money to get some good players to have a great team for 2 or 3 years and then you slump to the bottom when you have to pay back your debt. The Rangers of Glasgow, Scotland just got in a lot of trouble for that, which deprived Celtic of its biggest rival. So there is only one way this could work. If a very wealthy owner wanted to spend his/her money to promote an under-talented coach through the use of an over-talented team. So that is a lot of if’s and and even more money.

    This being said, this article really bothers me. Since I don’t want to spend all my time working, working out, reading, or thinking about matters such as those carried on this site I do enjoy some good beers with good friends while watching sports.

    To avoid the general worship that American sports such as the Negro Felons League, More Latinos Baseball, or the National Black Association give to the black athlete, I have been forced to look elsewhere. I played rugby in college and came to love the game (probably the whitest sport played today) and still see it as a better game than American football. After being forced to go to a couple of NASCAR races, I became a fan of that (although NASCAR is doing everything to turn itself into a redneck-hiphop-hellhole with a soundtrack by Kid Rock; just imagine your local trailer park). After living in Germany in 2006 for the World Cup, I’ve slowly become a football fan (soccer to Americans), and now I even really enjoy watching the clubs play (Bayern-München fan). So this article really bothers me.

    I’ll part with this…
    Although soccer isn’t rugby, but for those who don’t like pigmented athletes at all, it isn’t NCAA or NFL Football either. I’ve noticed the French clubs field a lot of blacks (no surprise there), but still after watching the NFL or NBA you might have to wear sunglasses during some games to protect your eyes. Also I don’t detect the ‘gangsta’ attitude at any where near the same levels that one has to endure during a typical NFL game. And finally, during the European Championship an all white, all Spanish team went on to win their 3rd major tournament in 4 years; 2 Euros and one World Cup. Although I’m a Germany fan, it was impressive to watch Spain thump Italy and their black adoptee, Mario B., whose antics would make him at home on any NFL team.

    • Strider73

      Longtime Celtic fan here, so I shed no tears for the demise of Rangers. You play with fire, you eventually get burned.

      Nice to see someone has been channeling my thoughts regarding the NFL. That’s what I’ve been calling it for years! However, IMHO a better name for the NBA is “Negroes Behaving Atrociously.”

      I was also glad to the the all-white Spanish side win a major trophy again. For the record, my favorite European club is the African-free Zenit St. Petersburg, the top team in Russia. I definitely enjoy wearing their jersey.

      • Der Typ

        Yeah after thinking more about it, the whole system doesn’t lend itself to government mandated or self-mandated affirmative action (to look good because of government propaganda) . The NFL’s feeder system is the NCAA. The NCAA’s feeder system is America’s high schools. With those, I’m only seeing government or government granted monopolies. As far as I understand it, the system in Europe is — well for lack of a better term, less organized. It seems to be more merit based, and there are also more chances to get promoted, as opposed to American football where one has to be a member of a major college football program to be noticed by the pros and I use major somewhat loosely. So in my mind there seems to be less avenues for PC to rear its ugly head through government mandated channels, outside of mass immigration of course! But at the very least we don’t have to pretend that the guy kicking the ball is college educated, and if he is, he probably has a legitimate degree.

        I’ve really come to despise American football for its political and social implications. I understand that soccer is undermining Europe the same way American football has here in the states, but as I mentioned earlier, to an American it still seems quaint and antiquated, you know like back when your college’s football team still had 2 white people on defense. And as the Bobster’s comment demonstrates in some places in Europe they are still back in the era of “Ghosts of Ole Miss”, a show that ESPN has been pushing lately (haven’t watched it).

        Which brings me back to rugby or rugby union, I should say. Check out the Aviva Premiership for English Rugby Union teams or the RaboDirect 12, which used to be known as the Celtic league, with teams from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and oddly enough, Italy. Or ESPN online sometimes carries games from the French Top14. It is a distinctly un-American (in a modern 2012 PC sense) sport watching experience. By which I mean really large athletic white men are really going at it. And for those who don’t understand rugby, it’s rules are much simpler than American football. You could probably understand what is going on after reading the wiki link twice. Also, there are just times in a top level rugby game that American football will never be able to replicate unless they start encouraging more flea-flickers and drop kicks for 3 points.

  • The__Bobster
  • I rarely watch American football anynore (I know, this is about soccer).

    The NFL game is about the negro … but they suck.

    Negro receivers need the ball put in their hands at the exact point. They can not think, regroup, get away, and catch out of the play as white receivers can do. The game has been this way for over 15 years, and it is pathetic.

    Negro returners run straight at the pack as if it is a strength test. Haven’t seen a white returner ever in my life, I don’t think.

    Negro RB’s, straight into the confusion …..

    I rarely watch anymore.

  • Sloppo

    Why shouldn’t black people in white countries get special treatment? White people in black countries get special treatment.