‘Major Hasan Syndrome’ at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department?

Jack Dunphy, PJ Media, November 28, 2012

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people (and, lest we forget, an unborn child) and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, had raised a number of red flags [1] suggesting a disposition for committing, or at the very least having sympathy for, acts of Islamic terror prior to his massacre. The signs were ignored due to political correctness.

There is a price to be paid for the “inclusiveness” and “diversity” we’re all supposed to be so proud of. {snip}

Witness the case of Bernice Abram, a captain with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Los Angeles Times has reported [2] that since April of last year, Capt. Abram has been on paid administrative leave after being caught in a sting that revealed her relationship with Dion Grim, a suspected drug dealer.

According to the Times, a Sheriff’s Department detective was listening to wiretapped phone calls Grim had made when he recognized Capt. Abram’s voice on the line. In the ensuing sting, Capt. Abram was advised of a purported drug investigation being conducted near Grim’s home. Minutes later, as investigators listened in, Abram phoned Grim and warned him about the operation. She was immediately placed on paid leave, as was her niece, a civilian jail employee, who is accused of illegally accessing law enforcement databases on behalf of Grim.

Together, Abram and her niece have collected about $300,000 in salary since being put on leave, says the Times.

The Times took care to note that Abram was a “respected captain with more than 150 deputies under her command.” To that characterization a question must be raised: respected by whom? Concerns about Abram’s relationship with Grim had arisen long before she was ensnared in the sting. Indeed, she had made no secret of her willingness to help Grim get through previous brushes with the law, going so far as to order him released from custody after he was arrested on a drug charge, and securing the release of his car from the impound lot without his having to pay the customary fees. Abram even picked Grim up from jail herself. She also used her position to fix traffic tickets issued to Grim and his sister.

It is inconceivable that Abram’s conduct wasn’t widely known among the rank and file deputies, both at her own station and at the one near where Grim lived. It is also inconceivable that word of her questionable ties to Grim did not reach people above her in the chain of command, people who in theory should have been able to correct her behavior.

So why did it take such a flagrant act of subverting her own department’s objectives before action was taken against her? Everyone knows the answer to that: Abram was given a pass because she is a black female working in an organization that values “diversity” more than competence, and even, to at least some extent, more than adherence to the law.

Just as Major Hasan’s superiors in the Army turned a blind eye to his descent into jihadism lest they be branded as intolerant, Capt. Abram’s superiors in the Sheriff’s Department were content to ignore her relationship with a criminal for fear of stirring the wrath of this or that group of racial grievance-mongers. That she so boldly interfered with the prosecution of criminal cases against her friend the drug dealer, even to the point of asking others in the Sheriff’s Department to act on her behalf, is an indication of the freedom she felt in flouting the law and the Sheriff’s Department’s regulations. She knew no one would dare touch her.


Back in 2002, the Los Angeles Times reported [3] that Maurice Moore, a black LAPD deputy chief, was for at least seven years laundering money for his drug trafficker son, who orchestrated the scheme from inside federal prison. Just as disturbing, the FBI informed then-LAPD Chief Bernard Parks about their suspicions as to Moore’s involvement in the criminal enterprise. Parks, who is also black, declined to take any action against his subordinate. Moore was allowed to retire without facing any departmental charges, and the statute of limitations precluded prosecution on most of the allegations against him.

Mr. Parks was denied a second term as police chief in 2002. But today, he serves on the L.A. city council.

“I don’t understand why this [investigation] was managed the way it was,” wrote Thomas Lorenzen, at the time an LAPD commander who wrote the department’s report on the Moore case. “If it would have been your average police officer, it would have been utterly different.”

Indeed it would have, as can be said of any number of incidents involving high-ranking officers whose ability to check this or that box on the diversity paperwork has saved them from demotion, termination, or prosecution.

Sometimes Major Hasan Syndrome serves to obscure not criminality, but the much, much more commonly observed incompetence. Off the top of my head, I can think of four LAPD captains, all of whom owe their current positions to belonging to one or more “under-represented classes,” and all of whom have performed poorly in every position and at every rank since the day they were hired. Nonetheless, they have continued to earn promotions even after demonstrating monumental malfeasance.

One was the key figure in a lawsuit in which officers were awarded millions of dollars in damages, mostly owing to her mismanagement of the division she commanded. She’s been promoted twice since then. Another, the subject of laudatory news stories chronicling her rise in the LAPD, has so poorly run her current command that crime in that part of town is up almost 20 percent from last year’s levels, by far the largest increase in the city. We can expect her to be promoted to commander any time now.

So we await to hear what will become of Capt. Bernice Abram. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has declined to prosecute her on the grounds that there is insufficient proof that she knew Dion Grim was involved in any crime when she tipped him off to the investigation in his neighborhood. And maybe there isn’t, but the L.A. Times reports that the FBI continues to investigate her, even as she continues to draw her captain’s salary for doing nothing.


At least Capt. Abram and her accused drug-dealing friend haven’t killed anyone, at least not that we know of. But even if they had, would some hack politician or careerist cop out there say it was merely the price of “diversity” in the Sheriff’s Department? Someone would. You just know someone would.

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  • StillModerated

    Abram first met Grim after she started dating his father three years ago, prosecutors said. She became “good friends” with Grim, 36, a member of the Original Front Hood Crips, a Compton street gang.

    In 2010, FBI agents had begun investigating Grim, suspecting that he was the ringleader of a cross-county drug trafficking ring.

    I copied this snippet from the Long Beach Press-Telegram story, just in case you were thinking that Bernice Abram is not black. We the jury find this perp extremely guilty.

    • i am

      There was a movie called “American Gangster” that came out in 2007. It was about a (black) heroin kingpin from Manhattan. He used the US military to smuggle drugs into the US from Asia during the Vietnam war. It was a very sophisticated operation. It is worth watching. You can learn about how the black drug trade operates. You can also learn how the blacks stick together. The high rise housing project were the drugs were cut and distributed looked like a zoo: An eye opener. He can be sure that the blacks are no using the US military to import drugs from Afghanistan.


      Being black means you only have to serve 5 out of a 70 year term.
      “In 1981, after 5 years in custody, his 40-year Federal term and 30-year state term were reduced to time served plus lifetime parole.”


      Read about the golden triangle and the golden crescent (Afghanistan and Pakistan).


      • i am

        The last sentence in the first paragraph should read “You can be sure that the blacks are now using the US military to import drugs from Afghanistan.”

        • StillModerated

          And yes, Srdja Trifkovic was talking about Afghani smack being flown into Bosnia and delivered all over Europe by Albanian gangs back when Clinton was president. I have no reason to believe anything has changed since then.

      • StillModerated

        I remember seeing trailers for that film. I lumped it into the category of “negro science fiction.” Then I stayed home and read Rudyard Kipling.

  • razorrare

    The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has declined to prosecute her on the grounds that there is insufficient proof that she knew Dion Grim was involved in any crime when she tipped him off to the investigation in his neighborhood…
    uh,right there is the proof…sounds like the l.a. district attorneys office needs a thorough cleansing…

    • HamletsGhost

      Most likely, they know a black jury would acquit, no matter how dead to rights they had her on tape. Shades of OJ and Marion Barry.

  • Luca

    She was using her position to administer “social justice” a.k.a. her own personal enrichment. For them, there is no better justice then to milk the system and make a fool of “the man”.

  • Flossie

    This is a huge but carefully covered-up problem here in Chicago too. Minority officers are disproportionately involved in criminal activities themselves. Or they cover up for close friends and family members involved in crimes. There’s one activity that seems to cut across all races among Chicago’s finest: drunkenness and mayhem committed while under the influence. There have been some notorious cases in the past couple of years — hit-and-run, brawls and beatings, etc. And that fat Italian thug officer who beat up a petite Polish barmaid was shown on every TV in America for a week or two.

  • Ulick

    “So why did it take such a flagrant act of subverting her own department’s objectives before action was taken against her? Everyone knows the answer to that: Abram was given a pass because she is a black female working in an organization that values “diversity” more than competence, and even, to at least some extent, more than adherence to the law.”


    Everything today is about color over competence and color over the law. Free passes to Muslims to rape white girls in England, free passes for blacks to fail tests and still be hired, free reign for minorities to be incompetent or criminal and still hold their job. Whites are way too willing to bend over backward to look nice. Enough with this insanity already.

    • Al Garcia

      If your inferring that all non-whites are incompetent, you’re totally wrong! The majority of whites, as well as minorities, in top management positions are police impostors at best and couldn’t or wouldn’t make a decision for fear jeopardizing their career(s), Largely because they have no field experience. Check the assignments they worked before getting promoted and I can guarantee the majority of their assignments were non patrol or investigative assignments.

      • Ulick

        No, I’m not saying that all minorities are incompetent. There are certainly many qualified minorities. I’m criticizing the idea that you can’t reprimand, criticize, or hold minorities to the same standard as whites out of fear of being called racist. That mindset is prevalent today.

  • Some Guy

    The SF Bay Area is experiencing some Diversity police issues of their own.
    Deputy Philip Chun Tong arrested for bank robbery

    Deputy Manconia Tamika Green is facing charges over an off-duty incident where investigators say she forced her way into a man’s home, brandished a pistol and threatened him.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    A few years ago, Fox Reality had three seasons of a TV show called “The Academy”. The first two were at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. They followed classes 355 & 368. While there were some good candidates (white, black & asian), it was amazing that some of these people were allowed to graduate from the academy. The drill instructors were mostly minorities, but did not appear to be AA selects. I wonder how many good policeman and deputies quit because many police departments are under consent decrees to hire and promote unqualified females and minorities.

    In the “Bell Curve”, there is a story about how the NYPD was able to hire a class of 300 police cadets out of 30000 applicants in April 1939. Most of these men could probably have qualified for Medical School or some similar professional training. While I am sure there was corruption in the NYPD in that era, I would imagine that things ran a lot more smoothly when people like the ones mentioned above were your candidates, not a bunch of AA thugs who are replicating Dim & Georgie in “A Clockwork Orange”.

    As for Bernice Abram, maybe she is smart enough to have some dirt on several of the prosecuting attorneys and may use that as leverage to avoid prosecution.

    • Big Lebowski’s Favorite Drink

      I have seen this from many stories here in Cleveland. Minority AA hires regressing at such a rapid pace that there are literally going to be separate laws among separate races. Of course, the Whites will be held to the highest standards. No credit for excelling, and all blame for failures, warranted or not. But yet, I’d be willing to bet these joys of diversity would still rather be “pink people, pigs, honkies, crackahs,” as the ever so eloquent and well spoken primate Michelle Williams of the NBPP once referred to us as. Well, Ms Williams, you left out “heavily armed crackahs” like myself.

    • i am

      “I wonder how many good policeman and deputies quit because many police
      departments are under consent decrees to hire and promote unqualified
      females and minorities”

      In California the Police departments hire incompetent and coward white cops who won’t make their AA employees look bad. Most if not all these white (male) cops have an immense white guilt complex. Mentions the word “black” when describing a suspect, and they start to back peddle right away.

  • nathan wartooth

    This is why law enforcement doesn’t work in Africa and Mexico.

    Corruption is so abundant that you can’t have law and order. Only chaos.

    • i am

      Blacks and Mexicans wouldn’t be corrupt if they didn’t get subsidies from whites. They both fight for more of the white man’s money.

  • archer

    “everyone knows the answer to that”, more likely the department is steeped in illegality, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, and to prosecute her would bring a lot of people down with her.

    • i am

      I worked at a police department for 2 years, but not as a police officer. I can tell you that corruption is rampant, even among white officers. On Saturday nights they would “arrest” prostitutes and bring them to the local fire station where they would perform sex acts on each other for the entertainment of the firemen and police officers. This was in the 1970’s.

  • Such monkey business is not limited to the large urban areas. Small cities and towns have been riddled with “diversity” law suits, usually instigated by the NAACP and other organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. The insidious nature of these law suits are that good men and women are denied positions in public safety, in occupations that are critical to our well being- police, fire, emergency medical services. This is just part of the trend to destroy the Traditional America and Traditional American. If this were done on a basis between countries it would be the equivalent of warfare. Which it really is.

  • currahee1911

    Well…get used to this sort of thing. I can tell you from personal inside contacts that the LA Sheriff’s Department is corrupt from top to bottom. Same for LAPD and OCSD.
    Be very careful, ignore the “support your local law enforcement” conservative idiots.
    The cop is no longer your friend in Los Angeles. You live in Tijuana now.

    • TheCogitator

      It would be a rare situation to find any place where a cop is your friend. Never trust a cop.

  • me

    Is there ever a time when minorities haven’t been clannish enough to where they’ve betrayed the office of trust they were given?

    • TheCogitator


  • Georgiohgirl

    It doesn’t hurt that Abrams’ husband is a retired DA investigator from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Hmmm, you think a favor was called in?


    A force of honest cops and dirty cops: you can’t get much more diverse than that.