Lies a Democrat Told Me—Demographics and Immigration

Ryan James Girdusky, Washington Times, November 27, 2012

Demographics and immigration are difficult topics to discuss.  {snip}

The following are three lies that have been repeated ad-nauseum about demographics, immigration and all things considered too taboo to contradict.

  • Whites are no longer the majority of births in the US

The New York Times published this story on May 17, 2012 based upon the US Census estimates.  The US Census stated, “a set of estimates showing that 50.4 percent of our nation’s population younger than age 1 were minorities as of July 1, 2011.”  Despite these claims, the US Census admits on its website, “The US Census Bureau is not the primary source for data on births.  The primary source is the National Center For Health Statistics (NCHS).”  The NCHS did not provide the full data on 2011 births until October 3, 2012; nonetheless, the liberal media couldn’t wait to celebrate the multicultural future they helped to build.  Unfortunately, when the NCHS did provide the numbers in detail, they didn’t quite pan out the way The New York Times had hoped.

According to the National Vital Statistics Report: Volume 61, number 5 which is entitled Births: Preliminary Data for 2011: Total births for 2011, there were 3,953,593 births, of which 2,150,926 were by non-Hispanic whites.  That total equates to 54.4% of the population and according to any first grade math teacher that makes a majority.

In fact this total was a trend of the white share of births increasing since 2008 according to previous NCHS Reports:

White Black Hispanic
2008 53.38% 14.70% 24.50%
2009 53.56% 14.75% 24.19%
2010 54.06% 14.72% 23.60%
2011 54.40% 14.74% 23.07%
  •  Americans favor legal immigration

“Americans dislike illegal immigration but love legal immigration and favor increasing the number of legal immigrants.” This has been something politicians have said as long as they’ve had to pander to diverse ethnic groups for votes and to big business for campaign contributions. {snip}

Gallup has been running polls on this issue since 1965.  According to Gallup, a majority or plurality of Americans have favored decreasing legal immigration in eight of the eleven years polled; the remaining three years had a plurality of Americans wanting immigration levels to stay the same.  Obviously, immigration is not on the forefront of the national conversation at all times; however, when national security or amnesty are brought into a major national debate, a majority of Americans favor decreasing legal immigration. {snip}


  • We Need More Skilled Immigrants Who Create Jobs

There is nothing untrue with this statement; unfortunately, Democrats just lie when they say it.  In 2012, the Republicans proposed the STEM Act, which would abolish Diversity Visas, a program with the sole intent of diversifying the immigrant population of the United States.  With no skills, levels of education, or abilities with the English language taken into account, one recent winner of the Diversity Visa was Hersham Mohamed Hadayet, a terrorist who murdered two Israelis at Los Angeles International Airport.  The STEM ACT would have replaced the 55,000 diversity visa winners with visas to Ph.D.’s in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  The bill failed the two-thirds majority in the House when 153 democrats voted against the measure.  {snip}

Even as President Obama praised immigrants who started high-tech engineering and technology companies all throughout his campaign, his pandering would mean little for such jobs because the Democratic Party is indebted to the ethno-minority lobbies, very few of whom would be in such high-tech fields.  The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, released a study on immigrant entrepreneurship, which broke down the top ten nations of origin for high-tech job creators:

India 33.2%
China 8.1%
United Kingdom 6.3%
Canada 4.2%
Germany 3.9%
Israel 3.5%
Russia 2.4%
South Korea 2.2%
Australia 2.0%
The Netherlands 2.0%
Total 67.8%

Democrats would have to trade uneducated minorities from the third world and replace them with a majority of highly educated Europeans, Canadians, Australians and Asians.  That dog won’t hunt for Democrats’ electoral prospects.  {snip}

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  • Brad Trun

    Not all births are created equal, and not all populations are inter-changeable.

    See stark new videos on Demographic Decline here:

  • razorrare

    Thanks for the morale lift…mainstream media is a modern day version of Toyko Rose…tune it out…

    • Liberalsuck

      Even if there are more blacks/browns, so what? These people will usually spend their time killing each other and fighting amongst each other. Let these anti-white bigots wallow in their arrogance. We have conquered and ruled over enemies much larger than us in the past. We have defeated large, powerful enemies and empires even when the odds were stacked against us. When a race war breaks out and the liberal whites want my help or forgiveness, I will offer them none!

      • saxonsun

        But that’s the point–white men are doing nothing now. That’s why we are in this mess. We had the world in our hands; we flung it away.

    • fenway23

      Imagine if they actually did away with the whole anchor baby scam. There’d be a definite drop in the number of illegal mestizas and so-called “birth tourists” pumping out their little anchors on US soil. The percentage of white births would go higher than 49% or 54%.

  • NYB

    ‘STEM immigration’ has no accountability for its stated objectives of raising jobs and productivity. I’ve known a few immigrants who fall into the STEM catagory.

    Once they got a foot in the West, they milked it for all it was worth: anchor babies, chain migration of relatives, and finally retiring to live the life of idle landlords renting out investment properties they’d bought on credit.

    Most only practiced their profession briefly and reluctantly, if at all. As I said, no accountability once they’re in the door.

  • Rob

    It wasn’t just the NY Times it was AP and Reuters and NBC etc. Often Arabs, Armenians, and others are counted as white. I would assume they do not break it down ethnically. I’ve seen figures for UNDER 5 years of age and that was clearly White minority. Anecdotally I note that the schools in this and adjacent counties are 50% or higher Latino with a smattering of Asians, Russians, Pakistanis, etc.
    I hear callers to Rush Limbaugh and other “conservatives” saying they “hate illegal immigration, but LOVE legal immigration.” They are WELL-Trained. They parrot whatever Conservatism Inc. feeds them.

  • alas

    Finally some good news! I have had my suspicions though, I remember elsewhere on Amren I saw a fact that white birth rate is 1.8, hispanic 2.4, black 2.1, and asian 1.8. Given the fact whites are a majority in the US, I found it odd that a 1.8 birth rate would lead to less births than the minority just because they have 0.6 more births.

  • IKantunderstand

    Dude, Do you have any idea of what constitutes a White person in the U.S. these days? I submit, as your first course: George Zimmerman. So, is the new standard of the one drop rule, to be construed as being White? (Only of course, when our overlords, find it to be to their advantage.) Otherwise, the one drop rule is used …you know, this whole thing sickens me. I don’t frickin care. I’m White. I know one when I see one. Period.

    • Liberalsuck

      I thought liberals said race was a social construct and how we are all the same….oh, but ‘white people are evil’ and ‘blacks are good at sports’ and ‘asians are smart’. But there is no such thing as race.

    • i am

      Do you have any idea of what constitutes a White person in the U.S.
      these days? I submit, as your first course: George Zimmerman.

      Since whites don’t count, how can there be any whites, and what about those middle eastern whites that pass as Greeks or Italians? Most people outside the US that can pass for being white will call themselves white. They know what being white means: Beign superior. Only in the US and Britain is being white considered negative.

  • Bill

    In short, what it’s all about for the Democrats is importing more guaranteed future democrats and not skilled, necessary workers. But the Republicans aren’t any better really. What it’s about for THEM is importing a lot more techies to take jobs away from white high earners, and importing and amnestying a lot more pickers for the fields… if they ever stayed in the fields, right? Short term gains for the Republicans, but both plans result in long term gains for the Democrats. The Republicans really ARE the Stupid Party. Time we be done with them once and for all.

    • Liberalsuck

      The GOP had decades to stop the invasion and to look out for white people’s interests. What did they do? They ignored their core base, pandered to people who never voted for them in large numbers, didn’t stop illegal immigration, didn’t impose fines on those who hired illegals and did nothing to reverse any of the anti-white policies or liberal agendas over the years.

      • saxonsun

        Well, when you consider that Reps. hire illegals at a fast clip, why would they go after them?!

    • i am

      The Republicans love to shoot themselves in the foot. They want lots of people applying for the same job so they can pay less. If people are desperate for a job they will take less money. They don’t realize that if people don’t have money, they can’t buy what the company is selling. Most Republicans at the top are no different than the Democrats when it comes to government welfare money. They think that all money comes from the government and the government will continue to give them an endless stream of money. The Republican’s welfare is military contracts. Just keep building military equipment is their attitude. The US has 11 operational carriers and is building 3 more. Why? The next highest amount is Russia, Spain and Italy which have 2. England only has 1. It costs too much money to operate a carrier, and there is almost no return on the investment, unless you consider invading another country and taking its property a return on an investment.

  • Glad to know that the white births still outnumber Hispanic births.

  • tiredwasp

    There can be no freedom in a Welfare-Warfare Tax Collection Statist environment (what the “white ethnics” who flooded u.s. voted in that America would become, bringing their “proxies” via assaults such as the Hart-Cellar Act, in which some jews got funding for Israel, while the catholics received massive populations of their co-religionists from the third world.

    Why should financial non-contributors (say, catholic or jewish families who are living on military paychecks or paychecks administering “programs” i.e., on the “public” tax money) be paid for by Americans from other ethnic groups such as the Northwest European Generational Americans who are Protestants? It is horrid enough to have to pay for other peoples AT ALL, (if you are in the tiny minority who generates –real money– i.e. new wealth). but It is doubly horrifying and demoralizing (obviously!) to pay for groups with historical grievances.

    In the case of both (some) jews and catholics, both teach lessons to their children, even today, that degrade, demean and defame the REAL children of the Founders, their real descendants. This is true of the “left” and also the more extreme catholic faction. Even today, the heroes of the religion are upheld for “killing heretics.” IN REALITY, this means direct family members of people bound up with the u.s. founding— whether puritans (also escaping anglicans), or Hugenots, and many more. These are REAL names dates, etc., and not just of Alexander Hamilton or Paul Revere (Hugenots).

    As always when people come to power— some of their REAL history and how they got there, is conveniently swept under the rug. Vatican II’s insistence on “ecumenicism” has predictably caused the problems that that whitewash was meant to do. Shutting the REAL descendants of the REAL founders out of their own country is not a “black-brown” or “third world” problem (although it became so)— but it was (names, dates, times, places, very documented)— a move of the “white ethnics” who were largely serfs in europe, and never knew anything else. Or members of administrative classes, who want central control of the Northwest Protestants earnings, to take away the work of their own hands for their own use, as is the case.

    There is no freedom in being a slave (turning over your earnings) to ethnic groups that oppose you and your family.

    The dive in the Northwest European Protestant population in North America is, in part, bound with protest. They do not wish to pay for the other families (and the other families have voted in that they must pay—- for both catholics and jews, many of whom have jobs in “civil service,” government, teaching, administering programs and so on—- i.e., they are all on welfare, really.

  • We need to dump the 1965 Ted Kennedy Immigration policies and study the problem in detail. We need less immigration now. Once a study has been completed then very limited immigration can go forward. Illegal aliens need to be dealt with in an efficient manner and this does not include amnesty.

  • Funny I live in very diverse south florida.Came across two Blond families.One had four children the other had five children.

    • David Ashton

      I live in Norfolk, England. It is always pleasant to see white babies being pushed in prams by their mothers. Pity there are no fathers around, though.

  • Finally some good news. As expected, regular whiners kept on whining (fake numbers, not Whites, boohooo,..).