Third Party Options for Whites

Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, November 27, 2012

The future doesn’t look bright.

Most of the talk among conservatives the last few weeks has been about how Republicans can attract Hispanics. Now that even the likes of Sean Hannity and Rand Paul support amnesty, it seems Congress will give it a try.

As if on cue, Senators Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer announced that they were resuming their bipartisan discussions on a “pathway to citizenship.” Senator Graham says that Hispanics are “the fastest-growing demographic in the country and we’re losing votes every election cycle; it has to stop. It’s one thing to shoot yourself in the foot—just don’t reload the gun.”

Of course, by adding millions of instant Democrats to the voter rolls the GOP would be once again taking aim at its own foot.

George Will offers the startling insight that these lawbreakers and line jumpers are actually entrepreneurs just salivating at the chance to vote Republican:

Most voters already favor less punitive immigration policies than the ones angrily advocated by clenched-fist Republicans unwilling to acknowledge that immigrating—risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment—is an entrepreneurial act.

Guests on the Sunday talk shows almost universally agree that the Republicans lost because they pander to “angry white men.” It is an odd sort of pandering that promotes more legal immigration with a few throwaway lines about securing the border, and includes tacit support for “affirmative action.”

And it’s not just liberals who mock “white men.” Al Cardenas, the Hispanic head of the American Conservative Union complains that his party is “too old and too white and too male.”

With the GOP apparently tracking left, white voters are, more than ever, without a political home. If there was ever a moment for a third party it would seem to be now. Unfortunately, no third party now shows much promise.

For 20 years, the Constitution Party (CP) has tried to establish itself as a paleoconservative political force. If nothing else, it gave thousands of voters something to vote for in the last five elections. However it had its best performance with 199,880 votes back in 2008, when it was on the ballot in 37 states. This year, the party was on the ballot in only 26 states, and got only118,000 votes. Write-ins have yet to be included, but it seems the party will fall far short of its performance in the previous election.

This is particularly disappointing because this year’s CP candidate was former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode. In the past, the party focused mainly on abortion, but this year its main issue was immigration. Mr. Goode even called for reduced legal immigration.

Part of the problem was that the GOP spent lots of money to keep the CP off the ballot in key states such as Pennsylvania, because Republicans feared Mr. Goode would take votes from Mr. Romney. Another problem was internal bickering. The American Independence Party in California stopped being the Golden State’s CP affiliate in 2010, and that cost the party thousands of votes in the most populous state. The CP has certainly not offered enough of a threat to the GOP to stop its leftward drift on issues such as quotas and amnesty.

The Libertarian Party had its best showing ever, winning over a million votes for the first time. It managed to get on the ballot in 48 states, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson earned over 3.5 percent of the vote in his home state. The GOP tried hard to keep the Libertarians off the ballot as well. Libertarians promote small government and free markets, which appeals to paleoconservatives, but their position on immigration is terrible.

Where could a viable third party option for whites come from?

The American Third Position (A3P) ran on an explicitly pro-white platform. A3P candidate Merlin Miller was on the ballot in three states and won 12,895 votes (with write-ins still to be added). This was A3P’s first national election, but the party will have to do a lot more if it is to become a home for disaffected white voters.

One possibility is the Tea Party movement. While it mostly focuses on economic and budget issues, the group is composed almost entirely of whites who are alarmed by the direction their nation has taken. The Republicans were happy to take their votes but now party elites such as strategist Steve Schmidt are blaming them for the GOP woes, and arguing that they must be muzzled.

Tea Partier Herman Cain has now hinted at a third-party run:

I never thought that I would say this, and this is the first time publicly that I’ve said it: We need a third party to save this country. Not Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites. No. We need a legitimate third party to challenge the current system that we have, because I don’t believe that the Republican Party—although I ran as a Republican, I have been voting Republican for decades—has the ability to rebrand itself against the mainstream media machine that blatantly works to support this president and other liberals, and works, blatantly, to tarnish the brand of what the Republican party stands for.

Mr. Cain is hardly the ideal candidate for alienated whites, but at least he is solid on immigration, and could give GOP leaders pause if he threatens to help organize a third party in response to another amnesty push.

Blogger Half Sigma argues that the GOP should give up on the abortion issue while fighting against amnesty. That is what I call the Pete Wilson strategy: speaking up for whites on the National Question, while ignoring or taking a libertarian stance on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Half Sigma predicts the GOP will do the opposite.

But could the Pete Wilson strategy become the basis for a third party? Unfortunately, I can think of no leader or politician of either party who is both pro-choice and sound on the National Question.

Still, there is a lot of dissatisfaction with Republicans and conservatives. Many whites are looking for someone to speak for them. Perhaps the Republicans’ suicidal push for amnesty will help spur a third party that stands up for white Americans for a change.

As for Republicans, they seem to be going the way of the Whigs.

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Peter Bradley
Peter Bradley lives in Washington, D.C.
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  • White people seem to consider themselves racially neutral and see no need for a united effort. That appears to be changing to a small degree.

    • The__Bobster

      Hell, the neocons hijacked the Republican Party a couple of decades ago.

      • Tucker

        The vile and despicable neo-cons roots are from the left, and these evil rats are attracted not to a specific ideology (aside from being rabid Israel-firsters), but to whoever has power. Just as these disease carrying termites flooded into the old GOP and elbowed it’s older, WASP leadership aside and took over the party – I predict that they will repeat this same tactic, move back to the Democrats, elbow aside anyone who isn’t a neocon and by 2016, they will own the Democrats just as completely as they have owned the GOP for the last decade or so.

    • pcmustgo

      The Libertarian Party is almost entirely comprised of white people, but ethnopolitics is not part of their agenda.

      THIS MAY CHANGE NOW THAT BILL O’REILLY S-P-E-L-L-E-D IT OUT FOR THEM ON ELECTION NIGHT- HELLO, WHITE ESTABLISHMENT IS OVER, WHITES ARE A MINORITY, IF HAS CONSEQUENCES… like Obama, and catering to Latinos voters…. who “want things”. I don’t know how many repubs can even pretend to get latino votes after this.

      • Liberalsuck

        The GOP is going to piss off their conservative white voters who don’t want to give amnesty or any of their tax dollars to nonwhite invaders. Speaking of which, have you noticed the GOP lately is not kissing up to blacks so much? I mean, in 2011 and 2012 they were REALLY kissing up to blacks at every step. Now they have ignored blacks and are going full throttle with the illegals and Hispanics.

      • ed91

        The reason whites are a ‘minority’ for voting purposes is that white men and white women, for the most part, offset the other’s vote.

    • Liberalsuck

      many of the white libertarians won’t tackle racial issues even. I tell them we should do away with the Civil Rights laws, they’ll say, “Oh, that’s not fair to discriminate against someone just because of their race or religion. We don’t need people like you in our movement!” It doesn’t occur to them that part of being a libertarian/small government means the government shouldn’t be telling individuals or businesses who they have to do business with or who to associate with. Also, many of the libertarians are in favor of open borders. “We have a right to live anywhere we want” they will proclaim. The only area I for sure agree with libertarians on is ending foreign aide and getting our military back home. I also agree with them that–while I personally don’t use illegal drugs and never have and never will–that the ‘war on drugs’ is a waste of money and resources arresting, jailing and prosecuting the people who sell and use them. Other than that, they are wrong on immigration and on racial issues.

      • toldev

        “Oh, that’s not fair to discriminate against someone just because of
        their race or religion. We don’t need people like you in our movement!”

        As a person who has been a libertarian for a long time, it pains me how much egalitarianism and political correctness has crept into the party. The ideological creep was clearly demonstrated in the last presidential election. Ron Paul was denounced as racist for some statements that were attributed to him from a libertarian publication published a few decades ago. While those statements might be considered racist today, they were mainstream libertarian ideology a few decades ago. Today, it seems that many libertarians have forgotten why a third party was formed. That was because the libertarians opposed the civil rights act and the war on poverty just as much as they opposed the war on drugs.

  • MekongDelta69

    I need a “pathway to sanity.”

    Unfortunately, all the DeLoreans were taken by Michael J. Fox…

  • Jack Ryan

    The key is to go local. These long shot, no shot 3rd party runs for President just make us look stupid, local folks in Texas and Alabama will vote for their own locals to resist Washington, New York, Hollywood. They want write in some third party Presidential candidate.

    • The “Key” Sir, is a good position, good breathing, taking up trigger slack, sights on six o’clock bull and letting the round go right at the corretct moment, one round, one k*ll.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    This election was lost a long time ago. When conservatives began to cede on demographic and cultural issues, it was only a matter of time before the country simply had more natural Democrat voters.

    Conservatives, and particularly those of us race-realists ahead of the curve, need to quit seeking a political savior who will return America to whatever utopian dream we imagine it once was. A return to patriotism and pro-Western, pro-European Americanism must come from the bottom-up–by people who are sick of being pushed out of the country *their* ancestors built.

    • ed91

      I still believe that fraud was the main factor.

      but no one seems to want to address it…………

      so what? they say……………… what can we do?

      • The__Bobster

        The courts don’t allow them to challenge the fraud.

        • John Bonham

          The repubs signed that right away years ago .. I think it was an AmRen story a few weeks back, but I can’t find it … Talk about shooting themselves in the foot .. Now only Democraps can investigate voter fraud..

          • ed91

            it needs to be unsigned!
            negated, got rid of
            null and voided
            how stupid is it to sit and not address it?

      • ATBOTL

        Get out much? See who shops at your local Wallmart?

        Democrats didn’t need fraud to win this election. They have the votes now.

        • levotb

          That’s right, ATBOTL, and they (the Dems) will have them for a very long time! No Amnesty bill from rich white Republican pols is going to bring Mexican illegals to become Republican voters once they can legally vote (which sadly will be soon).

          • D. H. Andrews

            “Look at what happened to the good-intentioned Reagan amnesty in 1986. With a smiling Teddy Kennedy in the background, Reagan signed an amesty. That signing was conditional: the Border be closed. The closing of the Border never happened – as the democrats knew never would. All it really did was an alarming increase in border-hoppers that escalated into a full-blown invasion the democrats knew would happen.. and increase their voter “base”. We witnessed what the result that was in the recent re-relection of the most dangerous imposter(Kenyan) to ever sit in the White House.

            As my sister and brother-in-law witnessed election night, the children of those invaders “kicked in” on election night once their children got to voting age. They were naturalized citizens and “achor babies” thanks to an antiquated law that should have been eliminated years ago. We watched – incredibly – how recently former red states like Colorado and Nevada went from red to BLUE. How else could America have RE-elected a communist and probable America-hating muslim? Newly birthed hispanic voters made the difference. The big-eared Black marxist would NEVER have been re-elected a mere 10 yrs. ago. Obviously the democrats knew that this insane amnesty and ignoring of the Southern border would have telling effects in a short time;.it took a little more than a couple of decades to it to take effect on our nation.

            We have now reached the point of no return and the breakup of America will occur sooner than I predicted more than 20 years ago – largely along racial lines. Whites will simply not put up with the danger and lawlessness that the newcomers will no doubt bring.

            I hate to be the bearer of bad news – like the readers of AmRen weren’t aware of it!. But we can still survive if we enforce our borders, the rule of law and the strengthening of our commitment to our sovereignty. Unless that is happens, we will become a nation like Brazil, or worse.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        The truest fraud is democracy. Welfare moms in da hood who take billions from the government get an equal vote to the hard-working millionaire white entrepreneurs who contribute a lot more to the government than they receive back.

        • fakeemail

          Screw the millionaire entrepeneurs. The white “little guys” that make less than 100G pay for all those kids that aren’t theirs. And he doesn’t have the money to completely escape da hood or barrio.

        • A. Windaus

          That is the major issue I see, there is no penalty for bring children into the world that cannot be supported. Welfare cheques should have requirements for more than just looking for work, they should be required to be using contraceptives during that time so that the cycle of poverty is broken. I suggest that before granting them their welfare handout they should be required to receive a contraceptive injection to last 3 months and the benefit to be reapplied for every 3 months with another injection required. Ideally an injection that lasts 6 months would be better as it would keep costs down.

          • Capitalist Pig

            I have believed this for two decades. It strikes me as being objectively sensible, perhaps even obvious. Yet, when I suggest it I get called a Nazi about 9 times out of 10.

          • Major

            Simple…just bring back Margaret Sangers fix. We ought to have a right to demand sterilization after 3 illegitimates.

            No one on welfare should have the right to vote or the right to unlimited procreation on the publics dime…NO ONE!

        • john

          Excellent points across the thread, Eagle_Eyed. I would only add that we are all human livestock in the eyes of the owner’s of the world’s central banks. We exist only to consume and reproduce more shoppers. Blacks, Browns, and those of the lowest intelligence disproportionately consume and reproduce to the greatest degree, by far.
          The usefulness of conservatives Whites to the owners of the world’s central bank is financing the lives and procreation of Blacks and Browns. They and their descendants will take every penny redistributed to them (from us) and give it immediately back to the owner’s of the world’s central banks, with interest, penalties, and fees. We no longer have sufficient numbers to stop them, politically.

      • George White

        I agree, and I feel as certain as you do.

    • fakeemail

      Yes. There will be no help the from the top; they are too busy “getting theirs” before the house of cards they created comes down. Hope can only come from the streets in a Golden Dawn type model where people protect their neighborhoods, feed their own, and collude with cops on the beeat who know who the real criminals are.

      If the day ever comes, I’d like a requirement for future political representatives. That they all worked a REAL JOB. Lawyer or investment banker/financier doesn’t count.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      The real story is that “conservatives” that is, people (men) in positions of high responsibility abused their positions, giving plenty of fuel to the forces that were out to destroy all of us. If you respond, I will then go into some very well documented examples of how whites “blew it.”

      • ed91

        you won’t get much argument here about ‘white traitors’ in our midst.

        we’re well aware of them.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I wonder if your list includes anyone but the usual “Marxist” suspects, “liberals,” “anti-Christs, Joos, etc.?

          It’s much deeper and consequential than that. I am thinking of things like the development and use of LSD by first the OSS in WW2 and later the CIAs programs. Later on, they actually became involved in profiting from heroin smuggling during the Vietnam war. By the 80s, it was un-official fund raising via cocaine trafficking. Then, there is the lies, corruptions and arrogance that led to the various conflicts beginning with the Vietnam war.

          The truth is that no one side is all right (and righteous) or all wrong (and evil). It takes human greed, arrogance and idiocy to do the job. Just as the Republican party is showing itself as a good old, Bible quoting prostitute, the pimp is the almighty dollar and of course, power.

  • libertarian1234

    I seriously doubt that many non-whites are going to vote for anybody but Santa Claus, so I think trying to acquire the votes of what amounts to about 10 million Hispanic voters, most of whom are in Calif., doesn’t make much sense, since Calif. will always vote Democrat.

    2010 showed us what whites could accomplish in an election if they remained united.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to acquire a good portion of the 10 or 11 million white voters who never voted rather than changing an entire platform….and encourage millions more who never registered to vote?

    • ed91

      40 million hispanic voters

      • libertarian1234

        In 2008, 9.7 million Latinos cast a vote—a record then, and up from 7.6 million in 2004, also a record year.

        2012 figures are not known yet, but it is estimated to be just slightly higher.

        • razorrare

          Roughly 34 million White voters voted for obama while roughly 27 million blacks & hispanics voted for obama in 2012…more White voters voted for obama than blacks & hispanics counted together…yet what we hear from the talking heads of the republican party is that they must pander more to blacks and hispanics…when the population of America was 90 % White and 10 % black repubs back then were pandering for the black vote and ignoring their huge White voter base…its always been that way…tricky Dick thought giving blacks affirmative action would get him a good percent of the black vote…all it did was piss-off millions of Whites…its all lies…they follow marching orders for the tiny elite who call the shots…go along and they are rewarded financially…i see the same thing in the music industry…be p.c. and you have a shot at making it in the industry…sad to say but here on earth money & fear rules…divide & conquer is a strategy doing extremely well for the elites…it is the reason why they have forced multi-culti,multi-racial on all White nations and only White nations…divide & conquer,and both major parties are more than willing to do their masters bidding to see that it happens.

      • And most of them subscribe to the philosophy of “Gibmedat!”

        How will so many largely uneducated people dependent on government handouts benefit the republicans or the country?

    • George White

      If the GOP had any brains at all, they WOULD simply stand up as the WHITE party and promote our interests. It would make much more sense. They could easily gain the necessary two or three percent of the white vote if they would advocate for us, rather than chase Latinos who will never vote GOP anyway. Truly, it is the suicide of a superpower.

      • Paul

        Jared Taylor made a similiar arguement in his video, ie it would be easier to get an extra 3 percent of the white vote than 9 percent more Latino vote, which is what they would need to win. If Romney hadn’t spoken out against the auto companies bailout in 2009 he would have done better in Ohio and maybe won that state.

      • The GOP doesn’t have any brains. It’s not for nothing they’re called the stupid party.
        The GOP could lock up elections if they’d start representing middle America. Dump this outsourcing/free trade chit: It hasn’t worked for most Americans and only pauperizes the middle class. Did the GOP really think middle America would stick with them if their party is working to beggar their children?
        Reform Wall Street. Let the GOP do it and steal the democrat party’s thunder. It’s got to be done. Or would they rather offend 20 billionaires than millions of American voters?
        Do NOT pander to illegal aliens. Frame the immigration issue for what it is: A matter of fairness. It isn’t right to reward someone who snuck into the country illegally while making those who want to come through the front door wait. It isn’t right to demand austerity from people whose families paid taxes to the government for generations while giving away taxpayer-funded gifts to illegal aliens.
        If they stick to principle and fight hard, the GOP has a chance of turning its fortunes around. If they sell out, become the democrat-lite party and support amnesty, they’ll never win another national election. Count on it.

    • Luca

      Whites are too diverse as a race. You can never get them to agree on a common bond based solely on their “race”. Whites have always been divided by various socio-political-religious ideologies, hence the numerous wars. They fight among themselves and this has always been used against them. They don’t possess the strong since of “tribe”. In evolutionary terms they are too far removed from the tribal stone-age way of life while others aren’t. A sense of tribe can be a powerful thing.

      • Skincognito

        Great point. Especially here in the states where we’re burdened with the destructive myth of being an “immigrant nation.” as though Euro-Americans, by virtue of their uprootedness lack any cohesive racial kinship, while people of sub-Saharan, carribean, Megreb, or Central and South American descent rally around shared physical features. It’s what inhibits us from establishing a sense of primordial national identity, the prerequisite for a Golden Dawn or NPD type movement. We are stuck in a post-WASP, pre-pan-European identity vacuum. We’re waking up though, a bit sluggishly perhaps. At least we can say with confidence that we live in interesting times.

  • nathan wartooth

    “That is what I call the Pete Wilson strategy: speaking up for whites on the National Question, while ignoring or taking a libertarian stance on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Half Sigma predicts the GOP will do the opposite.”

    Yes because keeping gays from getting married and keeping women from having abortions is so much more important than saving the White race and America.

    Hey guys we totally need to save the White race! Oh and by the way we need to stop those stupid homos from getting married and stop those sinning women from having abortions! YAY!

    It makes you sound nuts. Concentrate on what is important.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yes because keeping gays from getting married and keeping women from having abortions is so much more important than saving the White race and America.

      Actually, those were two of the issues that would’ve have made the GOP the majority, if they had had the sense to keep immigration under control. Gays and people who have abortions tend not to have a lot of children. Alas, the GOP managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • IstvanIN

        Nope. Abortion isn’t going away in America, it is a “right”. Since it is mostly blacks who have abortions might as well go along. Gay marriage is a side show, a distraction. National politicians should leave it to the states. It is a minor issue that most states have have dealt with.

        • GM (Australia)

          Unfortunately words such as “Gay” &”Abortion” always get the headlines at the expense of any other real issues.

  • anmpr1

    3rd parties are only effective in a system where proportional representation is afforded. Also, until alternate sources of funding can be found, nothing will happen. The three biggest donors in the last election were Jewish billionaires– Sheldon Anderson raised 34 mil for Romney, followed by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Irwin Jacobs to Obama (about 5 million). Does anyone think that Jewish money will soon start flowing into pro-white 3rd parties? And who in their right mind wants Herman “999” Cain as their 3rd party president?

    • The__Bobster

      We need a Gentile billionaire to leave his money to White causes instead of some dumb bimbo.

    • ATBOTL

      We have to do to something different. You sound like you just want to give up.

      • i am

        It seems we need to bring more jewish people into the 3rd party.

    • Liberalsuckl

      What does our enemies having lots of money matter? All empires eventually collapse. Our people have defeated much more powerful and larger enemies throughout history. Stop with the defeatist attitude. I’m sick of it in the prowhite movement hearing the whining and the ‘oh-woe-is-us’ attitude.

      • anmpr1

        Where did I say anything “defeatist?” I simply mentioned certain political facts. If you can’t understand the importance of money for a political party (the topic we are discussing, by the way), then you need to think about it more.

        Next, can you explain how it is that a third party can work as anything but a “spoiler” within a winner take all system? This is not Greece, or another country allowing proportional seats in a parliamentary system.

  • Francis Galton

    I found it hard to get past “immigrating… is an entrepreneurial act.” I’m afraid George Will’s definition of entrepreneurial act is so fast and loose as to have no real meaning. By that reckoning, a ghetto street mugger in Detroit is an entrepreneur (and is therefore a natural Republican, per Will), because he is “risking uncertainty for personal betterment.” Right….

    That said, I’m afraid that the deck is intentionally stacked against third parties, and that deck is VERY high. From what I understand, it’s extremely difficult to even get a third party candidate on a state ballot (even for the “common” third parties), and that has to be done for a critical mass of states to have any real meaning. Furthermore, candidates have to reach a 15% threshold in the national polls to participate in the national debates, and they have to compete in fundraising against rent-seeking moneyed interests on Wall Street.

    All this, of course, presupposes that a third-party, pro-White president could even get anything done. I’m assuming that there would have to be some sort of down-ballot groundswell in ideologically similar third-party candidates in Congress and the various state-houses and Governors’ mansions for true change to take effect.

    Conclusion: abandoning the political process and engaging in non-violent civil disobedience is the more viable alternative at this point, even though the odds may only change from 1 in 1,000,000 to 1 in 800,000. A pro-White third-party that can GET SOMETHING DONE is a pipe dream.

    • The__Bobster

      Wasn’t it Al Shrimpton who called the windshield-washing extortionists in NYC “entrepreneurs”?

    • A. Windaus

      This reminds me of a comment a while back that said that drug dealers are actually unlicensed pharmacists.

      • puffdaddy

        And actually some of them are pretty good at inventory control, employee management, and customer service.

  • 1gravity

    In my experience, the Tea Party will not touch anything with a racial animus, like immigration. Fu’get it.

    • StillModerated

      Besides, they’re pretty much married to the GOP. I’ve spoken with them locally about putting up ‘dixiecrat’ candidates for local office, and they oppose that idea adamantly.

      • Epiminondas

        They are purely a “conservative on fiscal issues” group. End of story.

        • [Guest]

          Yes, but to be conservative on fiscal issues is a good ol’ white tradition, as is confirmed by the fact that the enemies of the Tea Party condemn it is “too white.”

          • i am

            Whites owned this country and Europe. (Allied) Whites gave up this country and Europe. That is what “good ol’ white tradition” is all about.

          • [Guest]

            Your observation is accurate but has no bearing on what I posted.

        • levotb

          End of story–right u-r, Epiminondas!

    • john

      You’re exactly right, 1gravity. Any party that tries to include Blacks, Browns, Muslims, and homosexuals is a party that will never receive my vote and should never earn the votes of any White nationalists. It’s far past time for us to stop voting for the lessor of two evils, because the Republican Party cannot and will not deliver anyway. It favors Blacks and Browns over us.
      Moreover, we live in a country where the overwhelming majority of Blacks and Browns vote for their people, their undesirable cultures, and their misgudied causes. I want no part of that or the misery and grief that they bring to the table.
      I want White leaders who are willing to stand up and unapologetically say, “We are exclusively here to support Whites, our culture, our heritage, our people, and we will work socially, politically, and fiscally to ensure that happens. We are not interested in the misguided politics of egalitarianism, political correctness, or pandering to minorities because those ideas harm us and our people.”
      That is no different from what the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic/Latino/Mestizo Caucus asserts into our faces, night and day. It’s high time we come around.

      • levotb

        Unfortunately, john, couching it as you’ve done above will bring on shouts and accusation os “racist”, “homophobe”, “xenophobe”, etc. Once the race label is brought into the discussion, we lose. “Law and order” rather than race or ethnicity should be what we talk and write about and the lack of it here in America. That way, we can discuss race (via the multitude of black-on-white “flash mob” attacks the past 4 years) and perhaps avoid somewhat the labels the other side wants to give us.

        • ATBOTL

          What you’re advocating is the same strategy that has failed for 40 years.

      • at_liberty

        That is a pretty ideal credo for secession. It isn’t going to happen within the current system. You need a new constitution and a new legal system, free of this stare decisis nonsense, honor among theives.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        Oh those awful homosexuals! God forbid we allow them to enter into contracts and engage in consensual sexual acts with consenting adults!

    • John Bonham

      Exactly, that’s why they choose and praise republicans like Herman Cain .. They think we need a black savior .. They actually go out of their way to tell everyone that they support him, because it eases their white guilt..Just read some of the comment sections of Breitbart or the Blaze .. You’ll see what I mean .. Those “conservatives” have no clue what is going on with whites and the genocide that is happening to our people .. If you told them they wouldn’t believe it.. I don’t think if you SHOWED them proof, they would believe it, nor would they care..

      • Libearlsuck

        They pick those black ‘conservatives’ for no other reason to outpander liberals. “We’re not racist like those liberals. See? We have black people. Our blacks are better than your blacks!” that’s essentially what they’re saying.

        • John Bonham

          Read my post again … You missed my whole point … What I’m saying is Quote : ” They actually go out of their way to tell everyone that they support him, because it eases their white guilt.” .. I don’t even know what you’re talking about .. We have blacks this and ours are better than yours ??? No where in my post did I even imply such a thing..
          I wouldn’t vote or praise a black politician, because I don’t think they have a clue how to govern this country …

      • levotb

        Read Kelleigh Nelson’s “The Phony Right-Wing, Part 4” on Cain. Cain is for “a pathway to citizenship” and is no different than Romney in many ways. Moreover, a serial groper is hardly someone to lead a new party!

    • levotb

      Plus, the powerful Tea Parties–the Republican TPs–are the ones with the big bucks, not the Independent-and-very-conservative TPs. There are, simply, too many “ABOs” in the Republican TPs–voters who vote party over policy. They somehow think that the lesser of two evils is going to move the GOP to the right. They are gravely mistaken.

      • ed91

        the tea parties are not powerful

        the millions that make up the tea party could be very powerful if we could find someone worth following

        or have a voting system that wasn’t openly fraudulent

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Salvation for whites, if it is to come from a political party, would have to come from the GOP. The question is whether it can be taken over by people with at least implicitly pro-white interests, such as immigration control/enforcement, trade balance, cutting out non-elderly welfare, and dismantling affirmative action.
    People like McCain and Graham are always looking for a shot to promote amnesty, but anyone who does any thinking about it will realize that amnesty would make it impossible for the GOP to win a national election for good. What’s worse is that the GOP did not pander enough to angry white men, because large numbers of them just did not show up. To me, that’s a sign of whites dropping out.

    I’d like to constribute to organizations that promote white people in between elections. I want to make my tax profile as small as possible while promoting white interests. I’ve heard of this Northwest Front, and I would like them to set up a bunch of front charities to take contributions on a tax deductible basis while ensuring the benfits go to whites. The Combined Jewish Philanthropies might be a good model. We should also be looking into mutual aid societies, loan societies, and mutual insurance companies that might cater to white people by having otherwise uncompetitive rates. Anyone with ideas or contact information, I would appreciate it.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      True political success will come from the GOP (or whatever nationwide mainstream party which may replace it), however it won’t come by merely nominating the right people or reconstituting the party platform. The culture must be changed first, and this starts from the bottom.

  • 1gravity

    Long distance running coaches will tell you never to look ahead to judge the distance to go. Just thinking about it is discouraging enough to make you want to slow down. So, let us stay active, even though only in first or second gear, writing letters, showing up at demonstrations, contacting legislators, etc. There is a culture war to be fought, in any case. Who knows what will happen? BTW, I wrote in Merlin Miller.

  • Fed Up

    Friends and Readers:
    PULEEZE stop and think about this one. Raise your children to give lip-service to the liberal b.s. in school, but to NOT BELIEVE that crappola! The only way thinking people can fight the liberal multi-culti b.s., is by educating our young and preventing them from absorbing that liberal slop forced into them by teachers and later, professors.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I agree that we need to educate our young from believing the liberal nonsense, but why would you urge them to give “lip service” to it while in school? To avoid peer pressure or to avoid being shunned by their more ‘enlightened’ students? This not only sends a somewhat confusing message to them, but it tends to reinforce a submissive attitude and deference to the liberal message. We should teach our young people to speak out against liberalism without necessarily being offensive in speech, attitude or conduct. A good way to approach it is to simply ask very penetrating questions about liberalism without providing an answer. Let the other students or even teachers struggle in trying to answer such questions. It might get them thinking – which is what they are there for in the first place. I think now is the time for conservatives and race-realists to be a little bolder and speak their mind.

      • Liberalsuck

        If we don’t speak our minds now, when will we? Things are going to get worse and worse.

    • Raise your children to give lip-service to the liberal b.s. in school, but to NOT BELIEVE that crappola!

      Agreed. Teach our children that no government at any level is their friend and the importance of desembling. Their survival is going to depend on it.

  • JohnEngelman

    Talk of a third party on the right reminds me of what the left was talking about during and for a few years after 1968. Many thought that if Robert Kennedy had not been assassinated he would have defeated Richard Nixon in the general election. They ignored polls that showed that during the primary Hubert Humphrey was the only Democrat candidate who was ever ahead of Richard Nixon. They also ignored the popularity of George Wallace.

    During and after 1968 American liberals and radicals were mainly concerned with the War in Vietnam. Although there was little enthusiasm for the War by 1968 there was less support for a conditional surrender to North Vietnam. That was the only way to end the War.

    Most whites in 1968 were more concerned with the rise in crime and the five years of black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968. When the riots ended abruptly with the election of Richard Nixon most whites noticed. That was why Richard Nixon was rewarded with a landslide victory in 1972.

    A Gallup Survey released June 16, 2012 indicated that 66 percent of Americans think that immigration is a good thing, while 29 think it is bad for America.

    On the other hand, surveys have indicated majority support for higher taxes on the rich for several years.…1c.1.zIktnoZLUzc&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=50f50545cca20fd0&bpcl=38897761&biw=930&bih=593

    Although I am a Democrat I favor more restrictions on immigration. Because I am a Democrat I favor another third party on the right because it would help the Democrats to dominate the United States.

    If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

    • Kip

      How on earth can someone on this site claim to be a Democrat?

      • ed91

        how on earth can anyone read all of this dupes posts?

        • Oppie

          How is he not banned?

        • Why on earth does anyone have to read any of this dupe’s post?

          Or are people missing the “Page Down” key on their keyboards?

      • JohnEngelman

        I just did.

        • The Traveler

          “The Republican Party exists to advance the economic interests of the richest 10 percent of the country.”

          The democrat party exists to advance its own economic and political interests by flooding the country with illiterate third world peasants.

          “Anything else they talk about is designed to win the votes of working class whites who are hurt by their economic policies.”

          Ironic. It was president Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA and president Barack Obama who signed a free trade deal with South Korea – both democrats. Neither trade agreement turned out too well for white working class individuals. They are not fairing so well under democrat immigration policies, either.

        • Luca

          You’re right, Republicans exist to advance the economic interests of the rich. Therefore using that logic, it is in the best interest of the GOP to have as many rich people as possible thereby increasing their base, why limit yourselves to 10%? Makes no sense so you’re wrong there. They would love to see ever increasing numbers of prosperous voters. The Dems on the other hand want as many disgruntled victims as possible. Keep them disgruntled, divided. Keep them grumbling and throw them some crumbs and tell them you care about them. It is a good strategy that has worked since LBJ (may he roast in hell).

    • Jerrybear

      I understand how the GOP platform of tax cuts, corporatism, and interventionism isn’t very appealing. But I’m assuming that if the GOP ran on protectionism and economic nationalism they might be able to switch your vote. If you want immigration restrictions, you have to recognize how Democrats are systematically destroying the country by turning it 3rd world. I wish there was a viable 3rd party that wasn’t hellhound on committing treason.

      • JohnEngelman

        Democrat politicians want more immigrants because they vote Democrat. Republican politicians want more immigrants because they enable employers to cut wages.

        As I pointed out earlier there is not a groundswell of support for more restrictions on immigration.

        • Jerrybear

          That’s because the media driven populace isn’t presented with some common sense policies. Like you said both Dems and Repubs want increased immigration. A simple argument (and there are tons) to present to the American people would be that immigration increases the supply of labor which decreases the demand. This drives down wages and increases unemployment. That’s an easy true populist message that could have won Romney the election.

          • JohnEngelman

            But Mitt Romney wants to drive down wages. He made his fortune by taking over companies and firing people.

            On several occasions I have pointed out that immigration benefits employers at the expense of employees. More immigrants mean more people. More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand that means higher prices, lower wages, and higher prices.

            That is the kind of message American Renaissance ought to be getting out.

          • Luca

            Bain Capital (Romney) was successful in resurrecting about 90% of their acquisitions. Four major acquisitions failed. Bain made money whether an acquisition failed or succeeded. If this is wrong, then I suggest that every doctor must save every patient or otherwise not draw a salary when a patient dies. To say he made his fortune by taking over companies and firing people is grossly disingenuous and takes BS to new heights.

          • JohnEngelman

            Mitt Romney may have saved some companies. Nevertheless, his father George Romney created jobs that did not previously exist, while producing cars. What did Mitt Romney produce? How many jobs did he create?

          • If that’s your benchmark, then George Romney really wasn’t any more of a job creator than Mitt Romney. George Romney didn’t create American Motors out of thin air; American Motors was the result of the 1954 merger between Nash and Hudson, two companies that had been in the American auto production market for some time before that. Romney was merely AMC’s second CEO. I suppose his great accomplishment was emphasizing small cars when everyone else in the industry thought that people wanted large cars, and that might have resulted in some marginal job increases for awhile at AMC, but that’s not the same thing as saying that George Romney was personally responsible for every employment situation that ever existed at AMC.

          • Luca

            Staples alone had about 43,000 jobs when Romney left Bain. There are many ways to skew the figures but you could also throw in Sports Authority and a few others. He didn’t personally hire all these people so I don’t know what kind of spin you want to put on it but for now that’s the simple answer.

    • bluffcreek1967

      The Democrat Party got hijacked by radical leftists 45 or so years ago. Many Democrats realized what occurred, and they bailed (many of them joined the Republicans). Since then, the Democrat Party has done everything in its power to legitimize every form of deviancy. They have been at the forefront promoting non-White, third-world immigration and many other evils. Admittedly, the Republicans have been no angels either, and they contributed to our national decline in their own ways.
      To each his own Mr. Engelman, but why would you remain in a political party that’s so deeply and diametrically opposed to the White race and its future here in America? Aside from your liberal views which are in accord with the Democrat platform, what sense is there in alligning with a political party that longs for the White man’s displacement?

      • JohnEngelman

        As I have pointed out before, each party for different reasons is complicit on immigration, and most Americans think immigration is a good thing.

        • bluffcreek1967

          So, if I have understood you correctly, since both parties are strongly pro-amnesty and third-world immigration, you remain in the Democrat Party because, in spite of immigration, on most other issues it reflects your own thinking?

          • JohnEngelman

            Yes. I favor more restrictions on immigration, but most Americans don’t.


            I favor higher taxes on the rich, and most Americans do.


            I am ambivalent about immigration. I like the cultural diversity immigrants provide. I like ethnic restaurants, ethnic grocery stores, ethnic festivals, and so on. At the same time I recognize that a high rate of immigration contributes to the growing income gap by depressing wages and inflating profits.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I see your point John, and you have your reasons for reaching the conclusions you have. With all due respect, however, I cannot remain “ambivalent” about immigration. I understand what you’re saying about the the benefits that cultural diversity brings (e.g., food, festivals, stores), but I’ve had it. The country I grew up in with its White population and influence is disappearing before my very eyes. I can’t remain “ambivalent” about that! Granted, our main racial problem is the large Black population, but its not limited to them alone. There’s no need to go into all the reasons why since you’ve been on this site longer than I have.

          • Skincognito

            Ambivalence is treason, sir. You’re well informed but castrated. The Democracy is a dysgenic Behemoth. I am also critical of speculative capital, but we must forge new ground politically and culturally. By “we” I unabashedly exclude certain Americans. That’s part of the crucial process of extricating ourselves from universalism. Your obsession with IQ is in fact symptomatic of the disease of universalism. I also like good sushi and pad Thai, but I would rather eat dog food and secure the future of my Nordic children.

          • Luca

            All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

      • JohnEngelman

        The Democrat Party got hijacked by radical leftists 45 or so years ago. Many Democrats realized what occurred, and they bailed (many of them joined the Republicans). Since then, the Democrat Party has done everything in its power to legitimize every form of deviancy.

        – bluffcreek1967

        Since the establishment of the Moral Majority in 1979 I have viewed the religious right with interest and sympathy. I love Christianity in all of its diversity, but I am mainly attracted to the liturgical denominations.

        I regret the fact that since the 1950s a smaller percentage of Americans attend church, and a much larger percentage engage in sex outside of marriage. However, in a country like the United States there is little the government can do to influence religious and sexual behavior, so I do not consider these to be political issues.

        • Luca

          They are political issues when the Government advocates taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand along with birth control, and for those not taking those options the Government becomes the “baby daddy’ and pays the Welfare Queen each time she drops another litter. These three things have done more to shape the American social landscape in terms of defeating religion and promoting promiscuity and disregard for the responsibility of personal choices. The result has been a decline in American quality of life.

  • Bernie

    I was surprised A3P got 13,000 votes since they were unknown and only on the ballot in three states. Hope they can build on this success in the coming years.

    Maybe if they get a big name like Jared Taylor as their candidate in 2016 they can make some noise.

  • Bernie

    “As for Republicans, they seem to be going the way of the Whigs.”

    A silver lining in every dark cloud …

  • Ernest

    As long as whites by and large insist on being aracial there is no hope, Political power is clearly entrenched in race groups(except whites of course). It works and they will keep pushing unless or until whites push back…or not.

    • Liberalsuck

      It will ultimately be whites, and not a political party, that decide their own future and their own independence.

  • If you are over 60 years old, it’s not going to be your fight to participate in.
    If you are around 50, you’ll probably be a bystander.
    30- 40, you should be prepared for what’s coming.
    If you are under 30, you pretty much did it to yourselves.

    • pcmustgo

      I’m prepared. No, the under-30’s,the children being born just now, the 2 year olds, did nothing. Yes, they will need to be little warriors. They are the first to be born into a majority non-white generation (mostly mexicans and asians…)

      • Liberalsuck

        The nonwhites will continue to fight with each other even if we are the minority. The younger whites need to have larger white families and stand up to people who racially threaten them. Stop asking for permission to defend yourself. That’s the problem with so many white men today. They ask for permission. Our enemies never asked us for our permission for any of the things they have done and still do to us. they just went ahead and did it anyways and white people never resisted.

    • Ulick

      It’s the sixty year olds that set this mess in motion. They were the 60s hippies who thought that America needed to be broken down and restructured to advantage minorities and special interest groups. People under 30 were simply born into the mess and have little power to change it. Those in positions of power in the media and politics have the most power to affect change, and most of those people are 40+.

      • ed91

        I’m over 60 and I have watched it for many years, getting closer and closer until finally there were enough mind-washed fools that believe whites and blacks are the same, only difference is skin deep. “You’ll see”, they said. Now they run the country and I can guarantee you blacks do not believe they are the same as whites.

    • Liberalsuck

      How do you figure that the people under 30 did it to themselves? Hell, even a 60 year old today isn’t totally responsible for the mess we are in. The Civil Rights bills were passed in 1964, and most of those white men who created and passed those laws were from the WWII generation and before. The under 30 crowd is very indoctrinated with the anti-white/PC crap that they almost hate themselves now.

      • Jonetwo

        Not “almost hate themselves”, they do hate themselves. They are taught everyday that whites are bad and everyone else is a victim of white hatred and that the “browning” of the world is inevitable and the only thing to do is accept it.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    The future doesn’t look bright,

    and after the Fedgov outlawed restrictive property covenants (Whites Only Neighborhoods Forbidden), anyone who didn’t see the growing darkness and descending gloom (equal opportunity, integration, civil rights, voting rights, affirmative action, diversity mandates, amnesty for illegals aliens, islam has always been a part of america) was either willfully ignorant or intentionally a part of the problem…

    • NBForrest

      There could be all white neighborhoods. If, big if here, enough like minded people found a few hundred acres and divided it up among themselves, one buyer selling piecemeal perhaps, in a rural area already populated by whites, then it could be done. This would give the new residents enough land on which to raise food and “drop out” so to speak. It might mean a commute to a larger city for work, but it would be worth it.


    Amren had articles about this back in the 90’s.

    The reason we don’t have a real national pro-white party in 2012 is that white nationalist SPENT THE LAST 20 YEARS PLAYING FOOTSIE WITH REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES INSTEAD OF BUILDING THEIR OWN MOVEMENT.

    What’s the result? Racially aware whites have never been less welcome in the mainstream conservative movement and GOP than now.

    • Epiminondas

      Stop voting for Republicans. Withdraw your support. Their agenda is no good for the historic American nation. I hate to say it, but you must consider them the enemy now.

      • StillModerated

        I have not voted Republican since 1988 because the GOP has no ideology. They want to control the White House because it brings the most donations to party coffers. Quite frankly, I’m happy a commylib democrat will be at the helm when the empire collapses.

  • Henry Clay

    What will save whites is to do what our ancestors did–have huge families. That must become an ethic that spreads–as inconvenient as it may be in the short term. I know too many smart race realists who have no children.

    • Jerrybear

      Easier said than done. Whites have become accustomed to living with some dignity. The only way you can have a lot of kids and be comfortable is to be rich. But I guess we could just have a lot of kids and live in squalor but good luck convincing whites to do that. Ill try to do my part.

      • Paul

        In many (most?) parts of the US living in squalor (due to having so many mouths to feed) means living in an apartment that is filled with non whites. And what are the odds that 20 years from now the kids we raise will be hyper liberal and denounce any pro white ideas as “racist”? No thanks.

      • Paul

        In many (most?) parts of the US living in squalor (due to having so many mouths to feed) means living in an apartment that is filled with non whites. And what are the odds that 20 years from now the kids we raise will be hyper liberal and denounce any pro white ideas as “racist”? No thanks.

        • Liberalsuck

          Yeah, there are no gaurantees. I know a good number of whites who come from large white families who reject their family religion or who date nonwhites or who choose not to have kids (maybe one or two at the most) or who are liberal. Your kids will often rebel against the values you pressed upon them. In this anti-white, PC society it’s not uncommon for white kids who come from very conservative, clean-cut white environments to be distracted and pressured. It breaks my heart when I watch this reality show called Being Amish or whatever seeing those traditional, clean cut young whites acting like modern day thugs.

    • carocaput

      People who make the commitment to have large families overwhelmingly do so in partnership with their religious faith. It is a walk with God first.

    • fakeemail

      That’s where feminism comes into the picture in this evil scheme. Do you have any idea how hard it is for traditional men who aren’t doctors to find a decent white woman who wants to settle down and have kids? Heck, literally finding a white woman in this morass of diversity is a challenge in and of itself!

      All the Fathers Know Best and heroic Cowboys of the past have been turned into emasculated, sexless jokes who can’t find a woman of their own kind and make babies. Monstrous.

      • NM156

        I can’t think of one young white woman who doesn’t want to have kids. The problem is money, living a life that doesn’t require an endless struggle to pay the mortgage, car notes, lingering student loan debt, and health insurance co-payments.

        • Liberalsuck

          I can think of a number of white women who don’t want kids and who want to spend their time focusing on their careers, on vacations, on going out with the girls, on getting their next sexual encounter with some stud/bad boy they met at the club. No, not all white women are like that, but I’ve met a good number who are.

          • ed91

            I’ve known some good white women, salt of the earth.

            But overall, white women can be very stupid and emotional and nonlogical.
            bunches of them

      • StillModerated

        White men desiring large families may need to settle for women who wear glasses, are slightly overweight, are not too bright, but can manage a household. They may need to leave suburban areas and earn less money in a small, post-industrial white town — like Rome NY.

        • Liberalsuck

          That’s just it. The white men want the hot model girls who don’t want to have (lots of) kids because it will ‘ruin their figure’ and the white guy doesn’t want the responsibility of being a dad and settling down. White men and white women are equally responsible for where we find ourselves. Stop putting all the blame on the white women or the white men. that’s why we can’t attract many white women to our side. I’m a man by the way.

          • ed91

            well, it is a different world from when you wanted a bunch of kids to help with the farmwork and housework.

  • storibund

    This last election has proven that national issues have become unwinnable for us. Nationally, the idiocracy has won. This is something we need to face, and deal with.

    Now, we all need to place our focus, time and energy on our statewide – AND municipal – politics. If we are to keep what strength we have – and gain more -, it must be on a state-by-state, and city-by-city (school board-by-school board?) basis. Some positive news for this last election was that republican governors saw a net gain in their numbers.

    Focusing on national politics is a losing strategy for us now. It’s nothing but a timewasting distraction.

    • Paul

      I agree and as Peter Brimlow has said, immigration restriction policies will start from the states not the feds. One positive to having a Republican President would be that, if at the state level a Republican governor passes a law like Arizona’s, the President would be less likely to sue to overturn the law. It’s just party politics for them but would be a victory for those that want more laws like AZ has. A Republican President might be hopeless on immigration but if the “red” states pass their own laws and the President let’s them stand that would be a victory. Of course after four more years of Obama and his non white newcomers, it probably won’t matter even at the state level. Sorry this is so wordy…

  • Richard Williams

    Local organizing is the key. All the high-flown sentiments about a national party will never come to fruition until groups are formed all over the USA to tackle local discrimination and defamation against the diverse white American peoples. It’s hard to understand how anyone can think that a position paper, in the absence of ground-level organizing, can launch a political organization.

  • white dude

    Libertarians promote small government and free markets, which appeals to paleoconservatives, but their position on immigration is terrible..
    thats why I never could vote for Gary open borders Johnson, I instead went with April goode. I personally think after tuesday night, the GOP is finished forever.

  • john

    The world is driven exclusively by commerce. The haves work all their lives to sell you stuff. The have-nots work all their lives to buy the stuff. The select few (e.g. the owners of the world’s central banks) who print and own the fiat currencies of the world completely control the haves, the have-nots, and the puppet governments. The elite lives of the owners of the world’s central banks are fully funded by the flow of capital (commerce). Who benefits them more? Thrifty conservatives like us who save our money, or semi-literate imbeciles who spend money that they don’t have and will never have?

    All of the political arguments back and forth are clever subterfuge and completely meaningless. Certainly, stark political differences exist among people, but none of it matters in the slightest. Society is being completely reshaped according to the will of the owners of the world’s central banks. They want money in the hands of those who will spend it. That generates taxes and interest, which flows back to them.

    The reshaping of society is relentlessly toward maximum diversification to ensure that there is absolutely no consensus for anything and that chaos reigns. That leads to a continuation of utter confusion and the continued devolution of civilization. The more chaotic and less intelligent society is, the more zealous commerce is and the tighter the grip of the world’s elite on society becomes.

    As evidence of the chaos, consider the facts. Everything that was once taboo is now normal or quickly becoming normal. Homosexuality, drugs, gay marriage, incest, pedophilia, illegal immigration, bestiality, radical “religions”, etc.

    For example, it is now completely normal to accept the fact that Blacks get a free-ride for life in school, society, employment, and every other walk of life. When a Black errs, no one says a word about it due to the innate fear of being called a racist (or being attacked and killed by angry Blacks after pointing out their errors).

    In addition, during the election, Obama said the best revenge is to vote for him. Today, SCOTUS Justice Ginsberg said that she would finally be satisfied when the SCOTUS is comprised exclusively of women. She was not joking. So, we know that Obama and Ginsberg deeply resent and loathe White males. They are far from alone.

    My friends, this is the type of insane world we live in now. It will become much, much worse as the diversification of ideas continues, and our fellow Whites who own the world’s central banks continue their relentless drive to erect a new world of patrons with far lower intelligence, no morality, and the natural inclination to procreate future shoppers a la wild jackal.

    If you wonder why nothing is done when young Blacks murder defenseless Whites, the reasons are threefold. First, the White person is dead. He/she can no longer shop. Second, placing the Black male in prison would prevent him from shopping and spending the welfare check that is redistributed to him. Third, while he is incarcerated, he would be unable to sire as many future shoppers as he naturally would if left on the streets.

    I fully expect in a few short years to see new bills introduced in Congress and quickly passed into law that directly taxes White males (yes, specifically by race and sex) and redistributes the money to Blacks and illegals.

    Meanwhile, all we do is complain here, rather than organize and begin to develop solutions to withhold our commerce from selected corporations. Why don’t we act, my friends?

    • Jerrybear

      Have any ideas exactly what to do? All I know is that we have to be prepared to protect our families.

      • john

        Please see my response to George White, my friend.

    • George White

      Yeah, short of violence, what exactly can we do?

      • john

        Organize and close our wallets and purses to selected companies. We need to carefully appraise, as a group, which companies harm our causes the most and never spend any money on their products, without exception. We can’t do that to all companies, unless we choose to begin living like our ancestors outside or in caves, but we can identify the worst 10 or 20 or 50 egregious threats to Whites and make sure our capital never shows up in their stores or their owner’s wallets.

        My Heavens, the worst problem we are facing right now is financing our own destruction. We’re smarter than that!

        Imagine putting company A out of business by (a) withholding all commerce from their stores, and (b) rewarding all of our commerce to their single competitor that exhibits the most White-friendly policies that are measurable.
        Simply put, we need to use our wits and intelligence more. We’re all sort of reeling right now from the state that we find oursolves in, but we need to snap out of it, come together, and begin organizing and taking actions with our collective financial clout.

        • Luca

          That won’t work. The ignoramuses will continue to keep those companies in business. I would say, stop using banks for finance, don’t buy on credit, don’t pay interest. Paper is the currency of fools and debt is the currency of slaves.

        • at_liberty

          “Organizing” nouveau libertarians is like herding cats.

        • Unfortunately, unless you’re speaking of small businesses–most, if not all of the major corporations pander to the minorities by supporting their racist organizations–they would NEVER outwardly support Whites alone.

    • carocaput

      I disagree on two points. First they don’t want more shoppers. They want drastically fewer shoppers [agenda 21] and; second once the white race is out of the way they will attack the other races in order of ability to stand against the elite. These people are evil more than power hungry. Something I admit I have just realized.

      • john

        Everything that the central bank’s owners do, policywise, is designed to increase commerce. Perhas that is the short-term means to ultimate end that you speak of, which is far fewer people in the world, and of those, very few who are intellectually able to challenge the elite power holders.

      • Epiminondas

        You’re right. Gentiles are the main enemy. Once we’re done, they will turn on the blacks and browns by getting them to fight one another. When that is done, they will turn on the winner. Game over. How they intend to deal with the Asians is anyone’s guess.

        • Luca

          They don’t want to destroy us, they want us herded together, creating wealth, and spending it. To distract us, they entertain us, indoctrinate us, medicate us and keep us fighting among ourselves. It has worked well for 50+ years..

          • john

            It’s actually worked well throughout recorded history, my friend.

          • Luca

            i should have added “.. here in America.”

          • i am

            try 5000 years. They destroyed Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Rome, the Russian Empire, and on and on. The problem is that once the host is killed, the parasite dies as well.

          • Luca

            The parasite moves to another host.

    • pcmustgo

      “For example, it is now completely normal to accept the fact that Blacks get a free-ride for life in school, society, employment, and every other walk of life. ”

      No – they don’t. Only an elite of them even get those affirmative action jobs… Is being a postal worker really that desirable of a job. True, many get welfare- BUT WHITES QUALIFY FOR WELFARE TOO! If they wanted to, they could take that “free ride” more often. Drop you dignity… especially if you “can’t afford to have kids”. Blacks usually wind up working the sh— t jobs along with Latinos.

      • NM156

        Those “sh*t jobs” set them up for the maximum amount in govt. benefits. Although the USPS is dying a slow death, being a carrier or doing any other job in the USPS system is better than most jobs in the US. Not many professionals have retirements like USPS workers.

      • john

        You missed the point entirely. Each job should be assigned to the most qualified person with the superior ability, the greatest merit, and the best ability to do the job. Affirmative action negates all of that one the basis of skin color alone. There have been many times that I walked into a government office staffed exclusively by Blacks and/or Browns who had absolutely no business being employed there. I wondered how many legitimately qualified Whites were passed over for the job and actively denied on the basis of race. No matter what the job is, Whites perform better than Blacks and Browns. Period.

        Oh, and believe me, if I could receive welfare and food stamps in this sham Marxist country we now live in, I damned sure would, if only to recover a fraction of the taxes that are stolen from me at gunpoint. Years ago, that would have been an unthinkable, supreme disgrace that any man could bear. No more!

      • Luca

        Blacks, generally by nature do not want to work. They are not an industrious or creative group and are content to take handouts or to steal. Mestizos will work hard at unskilled labor, but they also want all the freebies they can get. Neither group understands were money comes from, where it goes, how to spend it or how to keep it. They are wonderful consumers and the social havoc they create is inconsequential to the money grubbers.

        • Tucker

          Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican woman, and this evil, Globalist, RINO, open borders loving, neo-con, war mongering, war profiteering little rat is now in the process of trying to maneuver himself to be the 2016 GOP designated RINO loser candidate.

          As others have said, this topic of White race treason – which in this guy’s case, we can clearly see that he is no friend of White European people since he crossed racial lines in choosing a wife – this must become a ZERO tolerance position for Whites. These Bushes are the mortal enemies of every White man, woman and child – because they have done more than any other family – even the despicable Kennedy clan – to advance White racial and cultural genocide.

    • plaintruthforidiots

      “our fellow Whites who own the world’s central banks” – Huh? I think you mean “the JEWS who own the world’s central banks”. Where have you been for the past hundred years?

      Nice try.

      • anarchyst

        One has to obfuscate the true descriptions and meanings of words and positions in order to get past the amren censors . . .

  • konservative1

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. described bigotry in the following quotation.
    “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”

    • storibund

      Storibund described konservative1 in the following quotation.


      • konservative1



        1. vulgar. A particle of fecal matter attached to the anal hair.
        2. vulgar. A foolish or inept person.
        3. storibund

        : )

        • storibund

          So… would you describe those blacks who voted for Obama solely because of the color of his skin as “bigots”?


          • konservative1

            Racism and bigotry is alive and well amongst all racial, ethnic and most religious groups. I will never defend either.

          • libertarian1234

            konservative1 storibund•11 hours ago
            “Racism and bigotry is alive and well amongst all racial, ethnic and most religious groups. I will never defend either.”
            Of course not. Because you have been deluded by propagandists into believing you’re morally superior if you assume the attitude you have. But you’re not morally superior. You’re duped into a particular mindset.
            You have been tricked and conditioned to feel as if it is good and proper to embrace PC tenets, just as the Nazis were conditioned to accept superiority. It’s the same kind of propaganda but just a different frame of reference. Both kinds of propaganda prey on the weak-minded and gullible. Communists were very successful at this.
            Bigotry is refusing to recognize that multiculturalism is as destructive to a country than an invading army. …..and liking it.
            Your type of bigot today has been prgrammed by the sect leaders of political correctness, just as the citizens of Orwell’s Big Brother society were mentally conditioned to accerpt Big Brother and his Orwellian propaganda machine.
            You could no more think in an objective manner than the purveyors of hate on MSNBC or the black talking heads on t.v., Jesse, Al, Farrakhan, Dyson,. et al.
            So, keep in mind that when you stand up, salute the flag and announce how true and pure you are by embracing PC, what you’re really doing is broadcasting that you have been programmed like a robot……and you’re unable to recognize that your country, its traditions, culture and way of life are being destroyed.

          • konservative1

            Your lack of faith in the melting pot that is America is truly sad. No matter how much you hate it America is becoming more and more diverse diverse, progressive and brown every year. In a generation your views will be relegated to the same sad corner as the john birch society and the KKK. History has already judged you.
            Tic toc tic toc tic toc…………

  • bluffcreek1967

    There are several things I like about the American Third Position (A3P), but then I read that their candidate, Merlin Miller, traveled to Iran representing A3P and met with their wacko Muslim President. Miller personally gave him a copy of his book, and his words to him, in my opinion, were filled with a bit too much praise (an understatement, to say the least). I’m the sure the Iranian President saw Miller as just another ‘useful American idiot.’

    I also thought it odd that of all the places Miller could go and influence people for his party, he chose to go to Iran!? I get the sense that he aligns more with Iran than with Israel. I also get the sense that he’s not as personally alarmed by the world-wide threat of Islam, although in all fairness, I might be misrepresenting him. I guess it just underscores the point that with any worthwhile candidate, you get the good as well as the bad.

    • Neal

      Mr. Miller is a film maker and was invited to Iran to participate in an independent film festival or something of that nature. As far as his stance on Iran I believe he feels Iran has a right to it’s sovereignty without meddling from the US or Israel, I’m almost certain he believes Israel is not our ally and all aid should cease immediately. How anyone in their right mind could consider Israel an ally after their military blatantly killing American service men in a botched false flag operation (USS Liberty) is beyond me.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        How anyone in his right mind believes an isolated incident which happened 40 years ago between the US and Israel somehow means we should support the throat cutters in Iran is beyond me.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Thank you, Eagle_Eyed. I was about to write something similar, but you spared me the time.

        • anmpr1

          The Liberty incident was not isolated if seen in the total context of Israeli policy against the US. This includes on-going spying, probably their theft of nuclear material (this may have actually been collusion), and their overall influence on US foreign policy. The idea that the Liberty was a “one off” happenstance, or accident seems pretty far fetched.

          The truth is, that in most respects the US is pretty much an arm of the Knesset. Besides, Israel is now a nuclear power, so they can certainly deal with the situation on their own. The fact that they want us to fight their wars for them shows you their character.

          This, of course, does not mean we should be enamored with Arabs or even Persians. The Mideast has no upside at all for the US, whether it is the Israeli or Arab side.

        • curri

          It’s more than a single incident:

          “Israel did not consult JFK on whether it could steal enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania for its atom bomb program.

          Israel did not consult us on whether it could attack the USS Liberty in the Six-Day War, or suborn Jonathan Pollard to loot our security secrets, or transfer our weapons technology to China. They went ahead and did it, knowing the Americans would swallow hard and take it.”


          “In the last decade, Jonathan Pollard, the American Navy employee who spied for Israel in the mid-nineteen-eighties and is now serving a life sentence, has become a cause celebre in Israel and among Jewish groups in the United States. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a consortium of fifty-five groups, has publicly called for Pollard’s release, arguing, in essence, that his crimes did not amount to high treason against the United States, because Israel was then and remains a close ally. Many of the leading religious organizations have also called for an end to Pollard’s imprisonment, among them the Reform Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Orthodox Union.”


          “A number of officials strongly suspect that the Israelis repackaged much of Pollard’s material and provided it to the Soviet Union in exchange for continued Soviet permission for Jews to emigrate to Israel. Other officials go further, and say there was reason to believe that secret information was exchanged for Jews working in highly sensitive positions in the Soviet Union. A significant percentage of Pollard’s documents, including some that described the techniques the American Navy used to track Soviet submarines around the world, was of practical importance only to the Soviet Union. One longtime C.I.A. officer who worked as a station chief in the Middle East said he understood that “certain elements in the Israeli military had used it” — Pollard’s material — “to trade for people they wanted to get out,” including Jewish scientists working in missile technology and on nuclear issues. Pollard’s spying came at a time when the Israeli government was publicly committed to the free flow of Jewish emigres from the Soviet Union. The officials stressed the fact that they had no hard evidence — no “smoking gun,” in the form of a document from an Israeli or a Soviet archive — to demonstrate the link between Pollard, Israel, and the Soviet Union, but they also said that the documents that Pollard had been directed by his Israeli handlers to betray led them to no other conclusion.

          High-level suspicions about Israeli-Soviet collusion were expressed as early as December, 1985, a month after Pollard’s arrest, when William J. Casey, the late C.I.A. director, who was known for his close ties to the Israeli leadership, stunned one of his station chiefs by suddenly complaining about the Israelis breaking the “ground rules.” The issue arose when Casey urged increased monitoring of the Israelis during an otherwise routine visit, I was told by the station chief, who is now retired. “He asked if I knew anything about the Pollard case,” the station chief recalled, and he said that Casey had added, “For your information, the Israelis used Pollard to obtain our attack plan against the U.S.S.R. all of it. The coordinates, the firing locations, the sequences. And for guess who? The Soviets.” (boldface mine – Ronin)Casey had then explained that the Israelis had traded the Pollard data for Soviet emigres. “How’s that for cheating?” he had asked.”


          • You know according to Will’s definition, we should consider Israeli spies as just enterpreneurs.

        • The Traveler

          “How anyone in his right mind believes an isolated incident which happened 40 years ago between the US and Israel somehow means…”

          Divide and conquer. Get the people hating the enemies of Israel while Israelis open the boarders of this country to the enemies of America. We should not be supporting either.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Mr. Miller traveled to Iran to participate in an ‘independent film festival’?! Yeah, Iran’s always had such a stellar, world-wide reputation for independent films, art, and freedom of thought. Good Lord, what the heck was he thinking? Oh I’m sure they showed all their appreciation with gifts and photo-ops, all the while snickering behind his back at what a useful idiot he was.
        Again, it’s been a while since I read his on-line article about his trip to Iran, but he snuggled up a little too close to their crazed Muslim President for my tastes. Yes, he did seem to believe that Iran has a right to its own sovereignty without the meddling of other nations. But that ‘meddling’ didn’t occur in a vacuum. It occurred because: (1) Iran had been supporting and funding terrorist activities throughout the globe. (2) Iran took serious steps to develop and build nuclear weapons. (3) While building those same nuclear weapons, Iranian leaders began to openly declare their plan to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. (4) It’s bad enough that Pakistan has nuclear weapons, but if anymore fanatical Muslim nations, such as Iran, obtains nuclear missles, it will prove horrible for the entire Middle East, including White, Western nations. Mr. Miller might have some right ideas, but being empathetic to Iran is not one of them.

        • heff

          “Again, it’s been a while since I read his on-line article about his trip
          to Iran, but he snuggled up a little too close to their crazed Muslim
          President for my tastes.”

          Who cares? Does that in any way affect this country? No.

          It is not the diaspora of Iran that flooded this country with the rest of the world and who corrupted this nation into the police-state that it is today.

  • NeoconsNailec

    “Since the GOP merely copies the Dummacrats, white conservatives need an alternative — and there isn’t any.” Gist of article. Back to square one: the GOP will never embrace conservative whites, so they have no political future. That’s how it is.

    • storibund

      On a national level, you’re right, they won’t. On a statewide level, it’s different – or can be.

      The state level is where we need to start building our base for the future, that’s where we need to start “community organizing” – so to speak 😉

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Which is why at the very least we need a Congress which does nothing. If the power returns to the states, those of us which live in the sane ones will have more opportunity to do things like ban affirmative action (Oklahoma), sharia law (Oklahoma again), and pass tough immigration enforcement standards (Arizona, Alabama, Kansas, and so on).

  • bluffcreek1967

    I think most of us are at a loss in how to deal with the current direction and decline of our country (USA). There are several options that many of us are weighing (secession, civil war, third party, doing nothing and giving up, etc.). Much of this new to many of us. It will take time to see which choice is best for us and for our people.

    In the meantime, we can still begin a ‘resistance movement,’ so to speak. Here’s a few things to consider that we can do on an individual basis: (1) We can try, to the best of our ability, to do business only with other Whites or White-owned companies. (2) Start up local organizations or discussion groups that are geared toward educating Whites about their racial heritage, the serious threat of non-White immigration and other topics that help our race. (3) Support political-social organizations that are explicitly pro-White (e.g., Amren, Council of Concerned Citizens, James Edwards). (4) Teach your children about the horrors of multiculturalism and political-correctness. Teach them about White history and instill in them a sense of pride in what the White man has accomplished. In spite of what others say, our White countries and cities are the envy of the world. (5) Make it normal in your household to laugh and ridicule liberalism, particularly the multicultural nonsense. (6) Reach out to other Whites who might be open to our message. Don’t be pushy, but look for avenues to speak to them about such matters. This assumes, of course, that you will keep yourself informed and well-read on these kinds of things.

    I have many things to say, especially on a practical level, but that will come some other time. I hope this in some way helps.

    • Rodion Raskolnikov

      I think your suggestions are realistic and practical. I’d like to know more. 🙂

    • David Ashton

      It would be a good idea to comb through all the AmRen posts to collect and evaluate, and then implement, all the good. constructive ideas like these

    • Luca

      Sounds like an underground movement. Much like the Christians in ancient Rome. Just remember what happened to them, they were fed to the lions. When you live in a socialist police state they will come looking for you. You’ll be arrested for any number of politically incorrect violations. Revolution (bloodless, I hope) is the only answer or there is no answer. My first act of rebellion will to be to move out of this raging liberal state that I live in and move where my vote will count. If Republicans ever want to regain a footing in this country they need radical tactics to fight the opposition, instead they are laying down like pansies and saying “If you can’t beat’em, join’em”.

      • Liberalsuck

        Who said gaining our freedom was going to be a piece of cake? Again, that’s the problem with white people today. We aren’t willing to fight or make sacrifices because it is “too much work” or “too inconvenient”

    • The Traveler

      The only successful tactic will be to push for secession. A large segment of the white population is either diseased with liberalism (and there is a genetic predisposition for this) or safely tucked away in a fairly homogenous neighborhood safe from the consequences of their stupidity. They cannot be awakened – and even if they could be, it would likely be too late for the rest of the country by the time they were.

      WN will not work, so supporters of it are waisting their time in that regard. People need something to organize behind and generating even a vague sense of whiteness amongst descendents of diverse European heritage is almost impossible – and, again, even if it weren’t, it will be too late by the time it happens. The successful strategist knows when to quite while he’s ahead and to take what he can get rather than lose it all.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    George Will offers the startling insight that these lawbreakers and line jumpers are actually entrepreneurs just salivating at the chance to vote Republican

    That convinces me: the GOP is toast. If the lessons of the last election are STILL lost on these clueless twits, then they’ll never learn.

    The sad thing is that even when they go the way of the Whigs, they will still not recognize the reason why. They will still insist that it was because they did not pander ENOUGH to the Hispanics!


  • Nothing would be more immediate and effective than a tax revolt.

    • StillModerated

      They can’t imprison all of us! Hell! They can’t even lock up all the bantu felons.

      • The Traveler

        “Nothing would be more immediate and effective than a tax revolt.”

        That will never happen…just like that scam where people agree not to buy gas on a certain day to protest the price – never happens and never makes a difference.

      • ed91

        bantu’s don’t leave the trail that tax-payers do.

  • Epiminondas

    From an historical standpoint, the Republican party has been a very destructive force right from the beginning. It quickly morphed into a purely business party bankrolled by a handfull of plutocrats. That began to change in the period after WWII as middle and working class whites from non-WASP backgrounds began to vote Republican. But in its essentials, the party seems to be morphing once more to try to look like the changing demographics. As noted by the writer, this is a suicidal strategy because any Republican party that has to accommodate large numbers of minorities will not be a party that most whites will be comfortable in. Especially when whites begin to realize that these “new Republicans” think much like Democrats. Of course, by that time, it would be too late. And now that more minority babies were born this year than white babies, the handwriting is on the wall.

  • pcmustgo

    Yeah- Ron Paul- w

    I actually like Hermain Cain in that it would be pleasurable to watch him be super politically incorrect and “let blacks have it” (and muslims too, perhaps mexicans) for 4 years. Delightful! I understand that he is not very bright, but still

    • pcmustgo

      Ron Paul- completely cool with Mexican immigration.

  • pcmustgo

    Rand Paul SUPPORTS AMNESTY????? NO F-ING WAY? Wtf has this country come to? All politicians are sell-outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reagans’ “ONE TIME ONLY” amnesty came with the provision that potential employees would have to show proof of legal residence. If this single provision had been followed, none of these illegals would have a job in the US.

    What lies are they going to foist on us this time to pass a second “ONE TIME ONLY” amnesty?

  • IstvanIN

    The only thing that will save White America is God, mother nature or a virus.

  • pcmustgo

    Sad- most whites are so dumb, they didn’t vote for Romney because he’s a “mormon”… as if Barack Hussein Obama and his afro-centrist church is a christian…. I just can’t wait til’ all these middle of the road whites and white liberals wake up to china-mexico-islamastan. They sit around calling us racists. “May you never have to live through strange times”

  • Yootley

    If there are white people who believe that the American
    electorate and The Overseers will allow them a peaceful divorce, this is funny.

    • The Traveler

      It think it is possible. The Soviets could not hold on to East Germany and they were far more militaristic than the Americans. To all things there is an end.

  • Xanthippe2

    The only party I have ever been approched by is the Libertarian Party. They are not at all pro-White, but they have the most activists and the most active activists. Thus their stronger showing. I tried to join the A3P (twice!), but never heard back from them….

  • NM156

    Meanwhile, on the comments section of a Washington Examiner story about Jeb Bush’s attacks on teachers’ unions, so-called conservatives are gushing all over themselves about his possible run for the White House in 2016. These are the conservatives who are so shocked that millions of would-be GOP voters stayed home on election day. Public unions are a public menace, but do these so-called conservatives expect teachers to just roll over and die when teachers take the heat for decades of failed educational reforms aimed at turning non-whites into good students? Jeb Bush riles up the base with union depredations while planning an amnesty and an increase in legal immigration.

    • Watching the republican party kill itself, is it sad or funny? I’m not sure which.

  • We can’t give up, we must use the same weapons the left uses against us. Legal immigrants needs to be targeted as victims of liberal amnesty programs. Everything money is spend on handouts we must point out that it is on the backs of working Americans. White Nationalism would probably also get more traction if they would dump the hitler nonsense.

    • heff

      Won’t work. Legal immigrants vote democrat, too.

  • Luca

    I say we meet in beer halls and start “The National Anti-Socialist American Workers Party”.

    • StillModerated

      And, while there, have oratory contests instead of drum music.

    • ed91

      he’s referring to the nazi’s in the 1920’s and 30’s you bozos.

  • mistermark123

    I’m registered as a Libertarian and I voted for Gary Johnson. As long as the A3P is anti-gay, I won’t be voting for them. No party is perfect, but at least with Libertarians I can be myself, and speak my mind. There’s no dogma to follow as there is in the Democratic and Republican parties.

    • I didn’t really think they were anti-gay.

      • mistermark123

        Check out the agenda listed on their website. They specifically talk about it.

        • I never really noticed that little blurb before. I always thought they were against the indoctrination of agendas, not necessarily looking to be a rallying point for clones of the Westboro Church clowns. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not against making homosexuality out to be a more sublime “alternative” to heterosexuality, but I certainly don’t want the issue of homosexuality to be confused in any way with the fundamental issue of Race/Nation. I truly don’t want to know what goes on between consenting adults. Unfortunately, if given the chance, I do believe most of these “family values” types are not just concerned with their own set of values and families, but will also quickly gravitate toward the same kind of intrusiveness and intolerance that afflicts The Left.

          • mistermark123

            I appreciate your comments. I, too, don’t see why racial awareness must be combined with anti-homosexual views. That’s why I speak up about it here, and will continue to do so.


      To Gays, sex acts come first.

      All puns intended.

      • mistermark123

        To the A3P, sex acts are very important. It’s listed in their platform.

    • heff

      I good strategy here might involve a little Machiavellism: support those who support you. That is the only way you will be able to reconcile the issue of homosexuality and conservatism.

  • David Ashton

    I am only a transatlantic observer but I think the grassroots in the USA can have more local and even national impact on the Republican Party than is possible with (say) the Conservatives in the UK. Our experience here with the Labour Party has been that the Far Left/Communists have their own parties but, wherever not standing for election themselves, urge electors to vote Labour. Meanwhile their sympathizers infiltrate the mainstream “left” to push its policy in their direction. Cannot Americans take a leaf out of this book? “Tea Parties” that are not just an anti-tax “lobbies” but groups that make a legitimate specific case for majority-white rights and national heritage? Why get the name without the game?
    However, it is not much help if race realism, on its “premier site”, is caricatured by quotable postings that demand “caging” most black people or worse, or threatening in an unspecified manner the entire you-know-who “tribe” blamed collectively for all our miseries since AD 70 or before. Apart from the rational and moral defects of this mentality, it makes a gratuitous propaganda gift to well-funded, well-financed and more astute opponents, leads to restrictions on internet access, fuels demands for “hate speech” legislation, creates fear and suspicion, &c. The USA needs more Jared Taylors, not “White Aryan Nazi Klan European Racist Storm-troopers” (I avoid the acronym).

  • David Ashton

    I am only a transatlantic observer but I think the grassroots in the USA can have more local and even national impact on the Republican Party than is possible with (say) the Conservatives in the UK. Our experience here with the Labour Party has been that the Far Left/Communists have their own parties but, wherever not standing for election themselves, urge electors to vote Labour. Meanwhile their sympathizers infiltrate the mainstream “left” to push its policy in their direction. Cannot Americans take a leaf out of this book? “Tea Parties” that are not just an anti-tax “lobbies” but groups that make a legitimate specific case for majority-white rights and national heritage? Why get the name without the game?
    However, it is not much help if race realism, on its “premier site”, is caricatured by quotable postings that demand “caging” most black people or worse, or threatening in an unspecified manner the entire you-know-who “tribe” blamed collectively for all our miseries since AD 70 or before. Apart from the rational and moral defects of this mentality, it makes a gratuitous propaganda gift to well-funded, well-financed and more astute opponents, leads to restrictions on internet access, fuels demands for “hate speech” legislation, creates fear and suspicion, &c. The USA needs more Jared Taylors, not “White Aryan Nazi Klan European Racist Storm-troopers” (I avoid the acronym).

    • Gracchus123

      Go ahead! Use the aconym; most over here don’t know what it means anyway. 🙂

      • David Ashton

        Ward Kendall’s alternative below is preferable.

  • curri

    It’s unlikely that anything positive will happen under the dumb (but good for the ruling elites) first-past-the-voting system that the US uses. Libertarians have been shaving GOP vote totals for years and this has had no detectable effect on GOP policies.

    Start local resistance to Sec. 8, refugee resettlement and the like. Can’t be explicitly racial or you will attract attention of DOJ. US has anarcho-tyranny with near totalitarian police state methods directed against whites who don’t “know their place.”

    Only a small pct. will ever home school so there should be a push for more local autonomy for schools. The cultural bolsheviks have effective control of every school in the country-with the
    possible exceptions of Amish and ultra-orthodox Jewish schools. What people do strictly on ) their own (like “buying white”) has zero effect in a country of 330 million people.

    People tend to give up if they have no prospect of success-that’s why proportional representation methods with a low threshold are needed. See the examples of Greece, Netherlands, Finland and Israel. THis is necessary because non-sheeple whites are a minority everywhere and strength has to be expanded from a base that is not big enough to win a plurality election.

    • heff

      “US has anarcho-tyranny with near totalitarian police state methods”

      They monitor both Facebook and Twitter. When they started recording all tweets, they used the excuse of “saving it for history.” The masses can be so stupid and easily fooled. They started doing this after the Arab Spring started.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    George Will: “Most voters already favor less punitive immigration policies than the ones angrily advocated by clenched-fist Republicans unwilling to acknowledge that immigrating—risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment—is an entrepreneurial act.” Selling crack and committing murder for hire can also be considered entrepreneurial acts. Does Mr. Will endorse them?

    • Luca

      You forgot “having illegitimate children”, that’s a successful entrepreneurial act for the welfare crowd.

  • Malibu

    Like everything else in Amerika, the answer is money. In the white man’s case, don’t spend it save it. Don’t escrow your property taxes. I suggest we don’t even pay them. Home “ownership” is a myth any way. Less is more. Furthermore, if you are a tradesman, refuse to repair anything belonging to the diversity mob. Including: cars, hvac, Harley’s, boats, roofs or fornicating anything. This tactic isn’t hurting the business of the gun shop owner who refuses to sell to Obots.

    • I think it would help a great deal if the tradesmen were better networked and able to depend more and more on the business of pro-White people. Everyone should be able to bring at least one trade or skill to the network.

  • When the GOP supports amnesty, they lose my vote forever. There are millions like me. If they stick to principles, and by fighting hard, they can possilby win in the future. If they sell out and support an amnesty, they’ll never win another election.

    When the GOP supports amnesty, it signs its own death warrant. So be it.

    • Rand Paul is a perfect example of why a pro-White person should never support or put faith in a person who isn’t clear about their pro-White agenda. There used to be a time when an official of our Representative Democracy was elected in order to “represent” those considered to be his constituency—certainly to represent those people that elected the official in the first place. Now it seems that the only agenda for these vultures, hyenas and various parasites is to get elected just so they can get elected again and help further the vitality of a Party, not a People.

      Does anyone believe Rand Paul was elected to represent Kentucky because all those middle class Americans thought he would give illegals a path to steal more jobs, drain more resources, and wreck the economy even further?

  • If you are supporting a politician or individual that isn’t 100% vocal about being pro-White, you are supporting someone that will stab you in the back 100% of the time when he/she is pushed against the wall. This is what you get when you dance around the core issue of Race.

    Stop making excuses for Republicans and “Conservatives,” because they just aren’t tough enough to stand up to bullies, and they simply don’t seem to understand how to compartmentalize their personal convictions for the sake of providing a more fundamental and workable foundation.

    Racist/Racism is NOT a dirty word. In fact, it’s the only thing that will save the White Western world at this point in time. Embrace it.

  • hebrew

    The Mesopotamian single human or the color of the Iraq sand race was wiped out out 4500 years ago in a flood using the ancient Shem white jew writs as difficult as that is to absorb for some since they hate jews and they hate jew writings aka Xianity or White Man Religion. Actually its a million times more believable that the cocaine addict Darwin and his lunacy proving that obviously his theory worked for another latter cocaine addict protege named Walt Disney who was a genius creator imagination fiction expert and obviously relied on the evolutionist BS to make his Micky and Minnie Mouse talking rodents and all others such as Goofy, Tweetie the talking Bird, Foghorn Leghorn the talking rooster, Arnold the pig, etc etc.
    Without Darwin and his love for animals who ultimately talk like humans, there would have been no Disney cocaine cartoon characters or Disney Worlds so children the world over can get their first hand experience with where humans came from.
    And then there was Ed the talking horse, Flipper the yacking dolphin, Mighty Mouse, Lassie the collie dog, etc. Today the pc characters are from the computer graphics and completely imagined with all the colors and shapes and sizes or designs and brand new with the humans who are not humans but avatars at all so at least they used to use real animals or fish.

    If whites want to get back to the 3 divided unique original NWO races from Shem, Japheth and Ham they need to call their new country race as the Shem or European race that is technically the proper name. Get off the evolution BS. Just pretend the ancient Shem white jews knew their stuff and they are correct because we know ancient jews did not mix and were extremely conscious of the differences in the not only other races but their own white race. Even todays khazar mongoloid race Asian fake jews dont mix unless liberals and do not mix in Israel even with their real arab Shemite Philistines aka Palestinians.
    Another problem is the ignorance of the 3 races and who they are.
    Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. ….from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of thou. Flesh is race and spirit is mind. Even Creator is warning all 3 races to keep pure in race and mind. The original unclean filthy mixed race failed although it wasnt mixed since it was the original single human race and this was unknown. The NWO 3 new races were warned to stay clean in race or flesh and mind and separated.

    Regardless of the ancient mentality of 3500-2000 years ago the facts are clear. The 3 NWO races of white Shem, red yellow Japheth, and black Ham were to remain pure in flesh race and mind and not defiled in any way. This was ratified by Shemite European white latino Constantine of WMR in 321AD. Nothing has changed.

  • Liberalsuck

    White people’s freedom is not going to come from a political party. They are going to have to be so pissed off enough that millions upon millions of whites take action.

  • “Most voters already favor less punitive immigration policies than the ones angrily advocated by clenched-fist Republicans unwilling to acknowledge that immigrating—risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment—is an entrepreneurial act.”– George Will.

    Should we then, Mr. Will, now also view the person selling crack or stealing cars as an “entrepreneur” if he’s doing it for personal or family betterment?
    Your honor, I stole that woman’s purse because I needed money to pay my tuition.
    Will is an idiot. If anyone wants to know why the GOP is dying, they have only to look at the clowns in charge.

  • Libertarians, like 99.9999% of all Americans, don’t want to be caught on the “wrong side of civil rights” issue. And so they surrender libertarian values– such as individual rights — to embrace political correctness and avoid being stigmatized as racists.

    Therein lies the problem.

    The left has learned to use the racist label as a cow prod that nudges us through the maze of public policy. And so we surrender; not only our libertarian values, but we cave on state’s rights, workers’ rights, free speech and wide spectrum of other vital issue — all for the sake of avoiding the racist label.


      I am a racist.

      I am White.

      I am proud to be a White Racist.

    • I agree with everything you said, except about Racist conception. Even in the past, White Racism often had defensive meaning, rather then offending. Japanese as a prominent Asian entity are also Racists, where during WWII they expressed extremely brutal Racism. To day, nobody pays any attention to Japanese Racism. Same we have with Chinese, not to mention Muslims, which are the worse, with exclusively aggressive Racism.

      My point is that White Protective Racism is benign. I don’t want Black or any other race as slaves or to own them. I have no hostility against Blacks. I just want to keep distance from them for safety reasons.

      Hence, White Protective Racism is civilization Defensive Line against intruders. In this context, I am fiery White Racist. I advises every White, get rid of archaic fear being labeled as Racist. Your Protective Racism is our common defensive line and please do proudly pass this value on others.

      Among all Races, only Blacks are constantly playing on Race cards for any trivia. In addition, did you notice that there is Racial conflict only in Whites-Blacks relations? Why, because they are like leeches, they can’t survive without Whites, not in US nor in their independent banana states. If we would move to Mars, they would try to follow, because no one else would take care about them.

      • Excellent thoughts, Lew. But I think, in the end, it’s a matter of semantics.

        Some people define ‘white racists’ as a) white people who have four fingers and a thumb on their left hand and b) those who don’t.

        Social engineers seem to have devised an “attach and attack” strategy, whereby they attach the ‘racist’ label on those with whom they disagree, the use that label as justification to attack the label wearer.

        That makes me wonder . . .

        Is ‘racist’ a term concocted by social engineers for that express purpose? Attaching a negative stereotype? A sordid excuse to stigmatize, then attack?

        I choose not to play their stupid labeling game.

  • NYB

    A tide of right wing parties are gaining ground in the West, and the GOP hopes to learn successful strategies from them.

    The GOP will look abroad at the so-called conservative movement in places like Canada. A right-centrist approach is working there, but Canada has one big advantage: it is still about as white as the U.S. was in 1980.

    If Canada’s non-white population reaches the critical mass of non-whites that the U.S. has, the pendulum will swing to the left forever. Thereafter it becomes a race to the bottom, with parties and politicians trying to out-promise each other on social spending.

  • William Allingham

    The will of the majority prevails. the only reason why the West have created the best societies is not because we have an objective, better morality (there’s no such things) or because “god was on our side” but because the majority was intelligent and homogeneous enough to sustain those values.

    In third world countries hostility and distrust is their way and the majority makes sure that ignorance prevails (they cannot afford something different), they want it like that and anyone that doesn’t conforms to backwardness is a dangerous member that should be culturally punished.

    *Whites evolved to RELY ON our kin and protect ourselves from the environment.

    *blacks and Hispanics evolved to rely on the environment and to PROTECT themselves FROM their kin.

    there are some things that are not compatible and rather than understand them first we have to accept them.

    Theres no objective morality and all ideologies are created because of their usefulness. We need to literally CREATE (expurgating, and rearranging what we have) A MORALITY THAT JUSTIFIES OUR SURVIVAL.

    Zionist lobby does very stupid things which if they didnt have a “morality” to justify them, nobody, including Jews would agree.

    No “invisible hand[s]” in the market, no “bless” America, all we have now is us and nothing of the above has protected us from the third world menace. Its not surprise when you realize that theres nothing mysterious that make us great but is something explainable by science and we can give it a practical use that has nothing to do with religion or “morality”.


      Add to that is our innate ability to work with others for mutual survival. This is a blessing when it is a White Nation, but it leads to our extinction with ANY multi-cultural cesspool.

      Our “goodness” is being used to kill us. We are far too kind, nice and polite.

      That which is good about us, and creates a wonderful WHITE SOCIETY, is being used against us.

      This is why the White Race is so unique. It is why all the others DEMAND to live in our civilizations, but in doing so, they destroy us and our civilization. This is why the White Race, and only the White Race, needs to use force, violent force, to keep the others out.

      The vast majority of us Whites do not want to live with these retarded races. I don’t think in the history of us Whites that we have ever DEMANDED to live with them. We were considerate enough to round them up and move them out or just kill them. (I am being a sarcastic jerk since that sounded funny in a way…) WE never lived among them, but they crave to live with us.

      When a race like ours has the most civil and advanced of all human civilizations and the most beautiful women on Earth, we must then use all means at our disposal to keep what is ours.

      • As you mentioned women, I think that many among us somehow neglected real value of women in our society. Speaking figuratively, decent White woman is the core value of our existence. Permitting Ni66ers to pollute our genes was pure disaster, racial degrading and humiliation. In wild life, no Lion would tolerate hyenas messing with his lionesses, although proud Lionesses would not need help in keeping away hyina-ni66ers. Too often, we are failing in protection of our women against ni66er-hyinas.

        We failed here, because we didn’t prevent Libertardian promiscuous cross-race breeding ideology. We failed educating young girls on racial dignity, which equals with personal dignity. If nature or if you prefer God made us White, Black or any other color, do we need changing this. In addition, this is not about skin color; it is about huge civilization differences. It is like water and oil, it doesn’t mix, only if boiled and when boiled and hot it hurts heavily.

  • William Allingham

    The will of the majority prevails. the only reason why the West have created the best societies is not because we have an objective, better morality (there’s no such things) or because “god was on our side” but because the majority was intelligent and homogeneous enough to sustain those values.

    In third world countries hostility and distrust is their way and the majority makes sure that ignorance prevails (they cannot afford something different), they want it like that and anyone that doesn’t conforms to backwardness is a dangerous member that should be culturally punished.

    *Whites evolved to RELY ON our kin and protect ourselves from the environment.

    *blacks and Hispanics evolved to rely on the environment and to PROTECT themselves FROM their kin.

    there are some things that are not compatible and rather than understand them first we have to accept them.

    Theres no objective morality and all ideologies are created because of their usefulness. We need to literally CREATE (expurgating, and rearranging what we have) A MORALITY THAT JUSTIFIES OUR SURVIVAL.

    Zionist lobby does very stupid things which if they didnt have a “morality” to justify them, nobody, including Jews would agree.

    No “invisible hand[s]” in the market, no “bless” America, all we have now is us and nothing of the above has protected us from the third world menace. Its not surprise when you realize that theres nothing mysterious that make us great but is something explainable by science and we can give it a practical use that has nothing to do with religion or “morality”.

  • Major

    We better get a 3rd party soon… this is happening with our white schools in the burbs.

    Boom, shakka, boom shakka….

  • levotb

    Bradley needs to bone-up on Herman Cain. He ain’t no stinking Conservative! He should read Kelleigh Nelson’s “The Phony Right-Wing, Part 4”. She researched Cain and found him to be a puppet for The Koch Brothers and AFP. He’s also tied in with ALEC with its pro-scientology membership. Bradley says Cain is tough on illegal immigration. However, back on October 11, 2011, I posted a piece on Cain titled “Cain Pushes ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’; Bachmann Decries Anchor Babies In Debate”. Cain used “a pathway to citizenship” often in 2011. Yet he avoided descibing what he meant by “pathway to citizenship” of which there are already legal ways to do it. That is hardly someone who is “tough on illegal immigration”! Cain is a very wealthy former CEO, like Romney and he’s trying to rehabilitate himself in the MSM but he’s a sexual groper and is NOT someone Conservatives will be following in a third party!
    I agree with Bradley on The Constitution Party but Bradley doesn’t mention the “libertarian infilration” which I believe goes right to the top of that party. Chuck Baldwin, The CP’s Presidential nominee in 2008, has “gone Libertarian” on legalization of illicit drugs and constantly writes praises of his friend, Ron Paul. Any party advocating the legalization of illicit drugs at the Federal or state level is NOT a true Conservative party. While The CP doesn’t state “legalization of illicit drugs” in their excellent platform, some of their state leaders do. Some of their leaders believe that illicit drugs “is a state issue”, but it’s Federal law, so saying “it’s a state issue” isn’t going to change anything. No way are Conservatives going to want to do business with the murderous Mexican and Columbian Drug Cartel because that’s what will happen if illicit drugs are legalized!

  • Re Herman Cain:

    Nein nein nein.

    Sorry, I just had to.

    But my own mother, the woman who sat me on her knees and taught me from a young age how to despise blacks, the right way, fell for him and his act. I tried to argue with her, I reminded her of her own words to me that went something along the lines of “an n-word is an n-word is an n-word…no matter how you dress ’em up.” Then I reminded her of his history of sexual harassment as a supervisor of women, and that there is no way she would have put up with 0.001% of the kind of shenanigans he was accused of for even 0.001 second. It was like I was talking to a brick wall.

  • From across Atlantic I am watching with sincere sadness how great country we new as USA could eventually become huge Zimbabwe. At this very moment, you are more endangered species than we are here in Europe. Without new charismatic leaders and fresh attractive concept, my dear cousins you are at best to waste 500 years of White civilization that you built. Demographic body of two in alliance with White Left Loons bestowed victory to O. It was they against you; hence, White unity as a counterweight is an imperative against Black and Latinos homogenization. It is all about your survival, or an irrational (insane) transition could become the most ridiculous take over in the history of humankind.

  • Charles Lufkin

    Our future as whites lies in the GOP.We must struggle to make the GOP more responsive to our needs.These third parties will come to nothing.When we look to block amnesty can we expect groups such as A3P to block it–of course not,they are a meaningless fringe .About 80% of Republicans of Republicans have fair or good positions on immigration–the opposite is true for Dems.Struggle to change the GOP for the better(look at how we took over the party for Goldwater in 1964). It is our only hope.When the tough Arizona law was passed every Republican in the legislature voted for it .Every Democrat voted against it. So don’t tell me there is no difference in the parties.

  • fenway23

    I’ll make this short and simple. With the Electoral College it’s virtually impossible for a third party candidate to win the electoral votes of enough states needed to clinch the presidency.

  • IKantunderstand

    I propose a new political party: WANIKA! As in, “We are not in Kansas anymore”. Look, I ascribe so much to the movie: “The Wizard of Oz”. Hardworking, hardscrabble Kansans do what they can in a hardscrabble world (it’s in black and white, for God’s sake! Could you be more hardscrabble?)The communist tornado transfers Dorothy away to Oz., it’s colorful, given to hyperbole, leads her to the All magnificent Oz, who is a twerp behind the curtain, worthless, masquerading as all powerful.And yet, it is Dorothy, who accomplishes killing the Wicked Witch of the West. The home girl, who values family, loyalty, and “Kansas”. Just a suggestion.The WANIKA Party! I think it sounds like something African, perhaps we could dupe 2.7 million Afro Americans into supporting it.

  • WardKendall

    Here’s my suggestion: every white patriot here should perform this simple test: determine in your mind the foremost white nationalist thinker in America. Not the top five, or the top three – but the foremost one.

    Then send an email to that individual, be it David Duke, Jared Taylor, Kevin Alfred Strom, Jeff Schoep, “Von Bluvens”, Merlin Miller, or whomever, asking them to tell you their plan for restoring America to a white nation. If they can’t, or won’t or otherwise seem befuddled, (and yet you believe they’re the best we’ve got!) then you should:

    1 – Accept the new multi-racial USA and worry no more

    2 – Pack your bags and flee to some other country

    Because at that point you’ll finally realize that even our best white nationalist “mind” has no idea what to do.

    On the other hand, if the individual you’ve emailed has offered you a detailed, well-reasoned blueprint for turning back the brown tide then tell the rest of us what it is, so that we can all come together and lend our strength and dedication to the fight.

    This is really what’s needed. The GOP is dead. It has been for decades. The Democrats are the American version of the former Soviet Union’s communist party, jazzed up with modern MTV appeal. The A3P is like a 4th of July pop-bottle rocket that simply fizzled out into a worthless dud.

    A specific pro-white nationalist movement is our last hope, in my view. A “Golden Dawn” on a continental scale. There’s even an uplifting, catchy name for it: HEARTLAND – standing for “Helping Euro Americans Reclaim Their Land And National Destiny” – which stays it all in one simply word.

    I would like to hear what others think, both here and by writing me at: [email protected]

    Hold Back This Day

    The Towers of Eden

    • Although I believe we need simultaneous national and local movements, very well said.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, brilliant and eloquent. This could work by spreading the word, where dedicated individuals will carry on from one community to another, forming self-conscious White cells like reverse domino effect across the country.

      If by some miracle even this wouldn’t work, instead of packing bags and flee to some other country, last resort is Military. I know, most would be horrified by mentioning Military, but I have impression that they are the healthiest and the most efficient part of American society and still in White hands. They defended US from outer enemies and I hope they will do the same upon call, against the threat within.

  • curri

    This concentration on presidential candidates is nonsensical. Aside from support for effective lobbies like NUMBERS USA, political action should be concentrated at the local level where huge sums of money are not necessary.

    Frank Borzellieri is a good model for local political action:

  • Jim Parks

    Why seek to win with a third party when the whole “demagogcrazy” will collapse before
    long? Elements of democracy are vital in any viable form of government.
    Ours has afforded a fine framework and dynamic to accommodate this fact of life. But mass
    plebiscary demockcrazy was even more repulsive to our Founders than was a remote
    monarchy. Hammer at the fakery, inherent evil of this mass media mesmerized demagogcrazy
    rather than commiserating about how to join it and win within it.

  • There needs to be a European American third party that is not hopelessly entangled amongst open-borders libertarians. There are libertarians who are quite sensible on border issues, but that does not change the truth of the first sentence. If our grandkids’ grandkids are ultimately engulfed by third-world peoples, will the last survivors, as their lives are being winked out by the final waves of dispossession and ‘random’ violence, as in South Africa, really care all that much how the ultimate blame should be apportioned among the open-borders Democrats, open-borders Republicans and open-borders libertarians?

    Today, as whites become ever more buried under third-world demographics, any slight hope for a winning national party is flickering out. But there is no reason why survival of Western civilization should be fought on a single battlefield. And when the bloated broke ungainly American empire starts breaking apart, as it must, among all of its wonderfully diverse vibrant third-world cultures, it would not hurt whites to have a sane operational national party already in place that can lend its support wherever it can.

    I agree with some I have heard that most progress needs to be made on the local level, I believe probably county. I live in California in a county more white and ‘red’ than is true of many red states, surrounded on almost all sides by other heavily white conservative counties. Of course these are rural counties and so when it comes to statewide voting this means nothing up against the throngs of liberals in the Bay Area, the third-world voter takeover of the Central Valley, the wine-and-cheese liberals basking along the coast and the teeming anthill that has become Los Ugliness. However, once finally organized, whites might very well surprise even themselves. Of course all this needs to happen soon.

  • Thanks @curry, for hint on Frank Borzellieri testimonies, which sound like a horror story. When and how all these happened? I understand if your clearly defined enemy tries to destroy your existence. As in any regular war, they wear uniform (this time it is Black skin), so you now who is who. Enemy within your ranks, that is an ultimate disaster.

    White Libertarded Hippies and Homosexual Degeneracy are fatal for our civilization. Their insidious pernicious actions are comparable in consequences with massive countless and sustained 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    If these idiots will ever realize on their own what actually they are doing, it will be too late. They must be neutralized now, ASAP, unless America is willing to risk sort of future civil war. Ancient Rome disintegrated due to insidious decadency and general mental decomposition.

    Remember ex Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. Same White Libertards worldwide frantically were pushing Whites in total surrender. Evidence of their wisdom is visible on every corner in these two countries. Zimbabwe is “prosperous” Apefrican dictatorship, and South Africa Whites are terrorized that many left the country. Add to these Blacks on Whites crime in US on daily scale, even before they are dominant power, and you have “weather forecast” for Black Terror-Hurricane of category not recorded yet.

    Aside of mandatory Political Correctness, there are more early warning signs, remember Black Harvard professor and Martin Trevor incident. Hussein-O shamelessly intervened on behalf of his people. I can’t recall that any US president ever did something similar. Remember his open calls to Black constituency to vote for him in revenge. All these already happen now when country is not yet in Black hands and I even didn’t mention next in line – “friendly” Islam.

    I know, empires come and go but it is too early for this one, when we all know how it works. At the end, one think puzzles me more than anything else, what the hell is boiling in Libertarian heads? Do they have any anticipating abilities, any long-term responsibilities for their grandchildren? Are they subconsciously masochistic self-destructive loons, “enlightened” by dubious philanthropic illusions?

  • cynthia curran

    Hispanics are younger than blacks are can have more babies but birthrates in Mexico have been dropping and some predict in the 2020’s alot less immirgants and robots can now do a lot of farmwork and robots may be able to take maid jobs, hence less reason for business interest to appeal for hispanic labor in 10 years. Also, second and third generation hispanics have lower births than first generation. Republicans have tried to get the Mexican votes as far back as 1980 in Orange County Ca when Mexicans then made up 15 percent of the population and now 34 percent there.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the inland counties in California are bad on immirgation as a rule since the farmers need the cheap labor and a lot of conservative politcans have allow this to go on there are a few good ones. Probably,the worst county was Orange County since it was large and companies like the Irvine company opposed e-verify in the state. In fact a lot of big republicans in the Oc are as bad as the Dem liberals in the bay area. They are a few good ones like Dana Rohabacher and Ed Royce.

  • cynthia curran

    They’re taking our jobs!” is a common cry heard by many on the right who like to deride illegal immigrants, but oddly enough, if they have their way, they’ll most likely be saying the same thing about robots in the near future. We live in strange times, currently migrant labor is widely used across the entire nation because of one simple fact. They’re cheap as hell. When posed with the question of what many food producers would do if migrant labor didn’t exist they don’t say that they would be forced to hire Americans to pick their product, but instead, they say they’d most likely invest in robots which could pick their crops. As the years go by the technology and price of these robotic fruit pickers are expected to drop dramatically. And as the prices drop you better believe that more and more farmers will start investing in the robots as opposed to risk paying illegal immigrants. So no, it won’t be the minutemen on the border who stops the tide of illegals coming in the country, it will more likely be some nerd who developed a robot which will take the migrant workers job.

    Of course these robots would bring some other benefits. Due to recent laws which were passed in Alabama against using migrant labor we saw hundreds of crops which were literally ‘rotting on the vine” because they couldn’t find any American to do the job. Perhaps it’s time they invested in a robot.

    Like i say hispanic labor will be in less demand in 10 years. Encourage your farmers to use robots as much as possible.

    • The whole “who will pick our crops” is a common cry heard by many corporatist demagogues or others who know nothing but how to parrot and regurgitate false dichotomies and blatant lies. “Picking crops” is just one of the many areas where the illegals have been used as a sledgehammer to reduce the livelihood of legal Americans.

      It’s not that Legal Americans wouldn’t or couldn’t pick their own crops; it’s that they literally can’t afford to pick crops for the slave labor pay and conditions that many agribusinesses are allowed to get away with while using illegals. I’m not willing to have 12 other people shack up with me and share bills just so I can pay the rent. Are you?

      I actually lived in rural MS and TN for a short time when I was little. I don’t remember EVER seeing a Mexican picker, much less a group of them. How did we survive?

      The notion that machines and robots will take over isn’t something new, so the suggestion that robots or automation will replace humans for many menial tasks isn’t something that needs to be encouraged, because it has already happened to a great extent and will continue to do so.

      The premise is that the uneducated, culturally divisive illegals are simply doing jobs that Americans refuse to do, and they provide average Americans with “cheap” things to get through the day. Never once do the defenders of the illegals ever include in that premise the sheer destructive element that those illegals have on a culture or the negative drain they cause to resources. It’s all about businesses shaving expenditures anywhere and everywhere they can, just so they can increase the money flow to the top. Money, money, money! Walmart executives are billionaires many times over, while their average employee has to rely on government assistance. Money, money, money.

      Here’s a groundbreaking solution that many weak-at-the-knees liberals can’t seem to comprehend. If having millions of non-English speaking, culturally evasive, uneducated illegal Mexicans working for pennies on the dollar(and slave labor conditions in many cases) are the answer to America’s problems, then why is the suggestion that millions of prisoners be used as a workforce so insulting and revolting? They have no problem with evasive, culture destroying Mexicans being left to graze freely, but they think it insane to have prisoners work to provide for their own sustenance and GET PAID to help provide for the rest of their non-incarcerated countrymen?

      • katzkiner

        We may get cheap tomatoes,BUT, sets the total drain on state and Fed. taxpayers at $338 BILLION
        annually. This in addition to 30,000 citizens being KILLED by illegals since 2001. If those numbers were 50% high they would still be outrageous, however the numbers appear to be accurate.
        One third of Fed. prisoners are illegals. Almost 20% of Mexicos’ population is on this side off the border. Google: Reconquista

  • wattylersrevolt

    Ron Paul…race-replacement enthusiast. Rand Paul…Ron Paul’s “gift” to Native Born White Americans..race-replacement enthusiast. Gary Johnson..race-replacement enthusiast.
    Race-replacement can not be reversed at national level ballot box please no stupid comments along the lines of Jared for President.

    • “No stupid comments along the lines of Jared [Taylor] for President.”

      “Jared Taylor for President” is actually the smartest statement in your post, Jupiter. Along with the notion that Presidential politics is above our pay grade and will be as long as Presidential campaigns are as expensive as they are.

      I think there’s an easy way to bring down the cost of Presidential and many other campaigns without having to undo Citizens United — Use the same power the FCC uses to prohibit cigarette advertising to prohibit political advertising by candidates or that mentions candidates’ names. TV media buys are the big money pit of many campaigns, and if the FCC factored them out by decree, then campaigns would get a lot cheaper, and at that point, there could be a really affordable public financing scheme. Radio buys are far cheaper, you can still allow them. And third party buys would not be allowed to mention candidates’ names. And you’d need some strict fairness doctrine style rules to offset leftist media bias.

      A side benefit from this is that it would kill the Karl Roverrated style barnacle industry.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The only way that race-replacement can be reversed is through an grassroots-lower level Native Born White American revolt against race-replacement. This starts with a withdrawal of consent form the policy of race-replacement. A revolt along these lines will never be ignited with endless-the mind-glazes-over-debates about the finer points of psychometrics. Jared has yet to come up with the right framework for igniting a Native Born White American Patriot revolt against race-replacement.


      Rome did not change. It collapsed

      America will not “change”. It will have to collapse. That brings a whole other set of problems, but we will have to go through it.

      In my mind, the only way to avoid that scenario would be for 40 or 50 million Whites ALL standing up and saying no more and refusing to live around non-Whites.

      That is not going to happen. We have no leader. We have no organization. We have no “belief” system (like the Jews do). We have no “God” or religious foundation.

      It is a race against extinction as to if we can unite a critical mass that will do what needs to be done.

      • WHITE DAWN

        Let me continue. Imagine a 5 million White Man march on DC. where the demand is A WHITE STATE FOR WHITE FAMILIES.

        This is what Lincoln said when he stated he “wanted Nebraska for white families”.

        But, I am so afraid such an event will never happen.

        • You’re correct, the govt wouldn’t allow it…they’d close DC, considering a White, peaceful march as terrorism.

  • hanover boxer

    Virgil Goode is a great guy and he deserved a lot more than 118,000 votes. I’m glad mine was one of those.

    • I like Virgil Goode, if for nothing else, he was one of the few elected Republicans to be against free trade vociferously. That said, he should have tried to get back into Congress, not muck around with 118,000 votes.

  • Now that the Republicans have basically no more chances to get back the Presidency barring a miracle, I believe that we should consider abandoning this Party and going for a popular Third Party. A Party which should be conservative on core values but liberal on social issues and ,of course women’s issues, which is none of our business anyway.

  • me
  • David Ashton

    “Santa Claus is a Democrat and God is a Republican” (apologies, P.J. O’Rourke).
    “When fanatics are on top, there is no limit to oppression” (H.L.Mencken).
    “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul” (George Bernard Shaw).
    “Each party is worse than the other” (Will Rogers).
    “Liberalism is the ideology of western suicide” (James Burnham).
    “An unmixed race of a first-rate organization are the aristocracy of nature” (Benjamin Disraeli).

  • “immigrating—risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment—is an entrepreneurial act.”

    So is selling dope.

  • at_liberty

    Third parties attracting significant numbers of voters will only guarantee that the socialists will continue to win elections. The GOP is no longer any answer either. Secession of red states and dividing major metropolitan areas, mostly in blue states, to their own statehood will return representation to rural areas in those states. There is no other way to deal with a country dumb enough to reelect Obama and defending him at every turn, as if it isn’t really about race.

  • pzebra

    We need a third party that includes the Tea Party people; people like Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, & others like them. We need to return to good, solid Constitutional governing; restore freedom, pride in our own race, whether black, white, pink, purple or green! We need to stand together as good red-blooded Americans-through & through. People who love our country, & want the best for everyone. 3Million didn’t vote-caused us to lose!!!

  • Joe Webb

    the correct way to address this problem is to look historically at the formation of new political parties. I guess that means that forming a national political party may be way premature. New social and economic realities come first, then political parties start to form.

    We are witnessing profound and rapid change socially, and economically. A good topic for an issue of The Occidental Quarterly would be exactly this. Also, the probable death of the GOP should be considered as well as the probable realignment of its constituencies.

    Race and Globalization seem to be the main factors. Joe Webb

  • Transpower

    I sure miss the AR print publication. Anyway, on this topic, let me say that originally the Libertarian Party stood for secure borders. But in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was taken over by Leftists and anarchists who wanted open borders. What they don’t understand is that the most important job of a minimal state is to secure the borders. What we have now is a security risk: terrorists can come in, as well as Hispanics. The 11 million illegal Hispanics who are now in the country amount to a foreign invasion. I’m an “old” Libertarian and Objectivist who wants individual liberty, self-responsibility, limited government, free enterprise, and a strong defense. This latter stands for well-protected borders. Legal immigrants who accept American principles are welcome, illegals are not.

  • “Not Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites.” ~Herman Caine
    Translation: We can’t stop sucking up to our JEW overlords…
    Ron Paul is precisely who should be running in 2016, but it might be too late for him.