In a speech to a packed room of Obama for America phone bank volunteers at the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday night in Washington, D.C., Special Assistant to the President Kareem Dale said that people with disabilities are going to be “absolutely killed” under the proposed policies of Mitt Romney and delivered a strong message to the crowd: “let’s win this motherfu**er.”

Dale, who is himself partially blind, acts currently as the associate director for the White House Office of Public Engagement and as a special assistant to the president for disability policy.

During his address, Dale discussed the difference between the president’s views on healthcare and Romney’s. That’s when he said that the president would “protect the disabled” and announced, in contrast, that ”people with disabilities are going to be absolutely killed under Mitt Romney’s plan.”

He continued: “We know that other minorities are not going to have the same opportunity in this country if Mitt Romney becomes president.”  He also said that the LGBT community would “lose their rights if Mitt Romney becomes president.”

“We cannot afford to go back,” he added to the crowd of about 60.  He said later, “We’ve seen [Romney], we’ve seen what he has to say, we’ve seen what he is all about” and even though he does this “whole waffling thing” that the “proof is in the pudding.”  {snip}


After telling the audience that the election is all about the ground game—making calls and knocking doors—he got animated. “The work you do is incredibly important,” he said, then raising his voice into the microphone and saying “lets win this motherfu**er!”  This final comment was met with applause, cheers, and some nervous laughter from those listening.

After the impassioned speech, Dale began making calls for the president. TheBlaze approached him and asked him to clarify his remarks. After conferring with an associate who was sitting across the room, he declined to comment, saying it was probably not a good idea based on his position.


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  • Puggg

    The shrieking and paranoia of people who know they’re about to lose.

  • Francis Galton

    1) Lack of decorum and professionalism? Check! 
    2) Insinuation that Romney has homicidal tendencies? Check!
    3) Implication that the current hyper-PC social fabric will instantly revert to 1950s mores? Check!

    I’m disappointed.  He didn’t mention anything about how Romney wants all blacks on welfare to take jobs as sharecroppers.  After all, can’t you just tell by his demeanor that that’s what that blue-eyed, blue-blooded Bostonian Yankee devil really believes?!

  • Any time zero speaks I half expect kanye west and jay z to appear on stage with him and start a hip hop party.

  • mobilebay

    After Joe Biden’s potty mouth, the TV ads with the elderly women using the same filthy language and a remark toward Romney by the President, I think we have an administration filled with low-class people who have no respect for others. Gov. Romney may not be perfect, but I doubt that he would stoop to using foul language that seems to come so easily to the Obama cadre.

    • Yes. We’re now being ruled by the inner city gutter. I don’t see how any self-respecting, racially aware White person could vote for Barack Obama.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        No self-respecting, racially aware White person WILL vote for him.

    • The__Bobster

      Obongo’s campaign is being run by the very people who have been lowering our moral standards.

  • The tastelessnes and prole tendencies of our ruling elites is the condemnation of Democracy, but not the final one, not nearly, you’ll see, it’s coming….

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “let’s win this motherfu**er.” 

    Actually, I think that’s pretty appropriate. If Obama wins, we’ll all be “fu**ed.”

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I would retort, “Let’s BEAT this motherfu**er.”

  • nymphas

    It he had read the Constitution, he would know that it says in plain English that rights are “unalienable” which means you CAN’T LOSE THEM. All you can do is empower people to persecute you for being free. I guess he is another African American who desires to put people in chains, especially other blacks who happen to be Conservative. But that’s just my opinion.


    After reading such things, how can any White person vote for the African? Are there really Whites that stupid?

    • refocus

      Yes, there are stupid whites that will vote for the incumbent. 

      As difficult as it is to believe the stupid whites, perhaps 60% of the population, really do want someone to take care of them, feed them, tell them what to do, where to work, how much they can be paid and when they can go to the movies.

      I am astonished at the reply when I ask the question: “Is there anything the government should NOT regulate?”

      Most people do not have a clue.

  • Pat Kittle

    A predictably potty-mouthed 100-word vocabulary is not the best way to refute Arthur Jensen.

    Nevertheless, politicos across the political spectrum get quoted using obscenities, and their adversaries always pretend to be horrified.

    Shocked, shocked, I tell you!



    And, when you realize that Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to all those Africans lucky enough to be given free passage to America,  their off-spring have the gaul to insult the very nation that helped them escape from cannibalism, starvation and horrid brutality back in sunny African.


    Every single African in America should fall to their knees and thank the slavers who brought over their ancestors and gave them the chance to live in heaven…….America.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      ” . . . Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to all those Africans . . .”

      And the worst thing to happen to us Whites.

  • Diamond_Lil

    What are the chances Kareem knows what a Thesaurus is?

  • We will send the end of our Democracy experiment in our lifetimes. Will we know how to recall the politicians lifetime pensions and health care?

    Watch for an inverted French Revolution to rise up and go after those who did this two us.

    Look for the younger generations to embrace a level drug and satan worship fueled violence that would make Pol Pot blush.

  • Of course it will only be racism, because Obama represents global dignity and Diversity’s hopes for a better future without White privilege, so the only thing that would interfere with that is RACISM!


    It’s the nasty undercurrent to the US election, but could racism put Mitt Romney in the White House?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It’s a cool and hip new campaign slogan. Come on man get with the times, appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  • Real elegance at work!

  • Xerxes22

    Kareem Dale seems to be a graduate of the Samual L. Jackson School of Management.

  • IstvanIN

     I hear that Romney will personally drive from home to home and kill the disabled.  As one black employee told me “he be stupid”.  Blacks are nit-wits.  Demoncrats are just rotten low-lifes.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Hmmm.  What is the cutoff IQ for being retarded?

      • The__Bobster

        It used to be the average Bantu IQ. Then PC set in and they lowered it 15 points.

  • IstvanIN

    And I thought the Clinton and Carters were low class.  These people don’t even attempt to act classy.

  • SLCain

    I’m reminded of a stand-up comedy routine I saw about twenty years ago – the comic was black, about 50 or so, quite funny.  One of the things he said was: “That’s why black people can’t be game-show hosts.  You never know what they’ll say – “Spin the wheel, motherf**ker!””

  • potato78

    I call Ohio for Romney against current poll average. This time is
    more like 2004 than 2008. In 2004, Kerry lead Bush by 4% in the last
    poll before Tuesday but Bush ended up winning 2% in Ohio.

    Battleground States

    Colorado (9)

    Florida (29)


    Iowa (6)

    Michigan (16)

    Nevada (6)

    New Hampshire (4)


    North Carolina (15)


    Ohio (18)


    Pennsylvania (20)

    Virginia (13)


    Wisconsin (10)

    Other States

    Obama v.s. Romney

  •  Don’t get your undies in a knot so fast, its a FAKE “news” article it’s that time of the year for them.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I’m sure that we are all hoping that there will be little no violence during Tuesday’s activities.  But regardless of who wins, I expect the blacks will be rioting, looting, etc., either to celebrate, or to display their anger.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Yes, if it is anything other than a landslide for Romney, the Dems will obfuscate, litigate, and frustrate any attempts to declare Romney the winner.  Note to the Repubs: What goes around comes around.  That said, it was likely that the Dems were trying to steal that election, too, as they are known to vote early and often.  What a freaking mess. The franchise should never have been extended to non-payers of taxes, or recipients of taxpayer largesse.


    Perspective Two: Obama is the first nonwhite president and, in the world’s understanding, a world-historical figure; for America to eject him from office would be seen as rejecting nonwhiteness itself, which for our hyper-liberal society would be inconceivable. Therefore he cannot be defeated.

  • potato78

    “people with disabilities are going to be absolutely killed under Mitt Romney’s plan.”

  • The__Bobster

    Making a kid listen to NPR is child abuse.