Widespread Looting Reported in Atlantic City

Press of Atlantic City, November 2, 2012

Looters who hit Angela Jones’s house on New Hampshire Avenue were thorough.

They took three flatscreen TV’s, raided her medicine cabinet and her son’s closet and overturned her bed before making off with her 16-year-old daughter’s school laptop — and three six packs of bath soap.


Jones returned ahead of the evacuation orders being lifted because her job as a municipal court clerk qualifies her as an essential employee – the only people allowed to travel into the resort since 4 p.m. Sunday. Some of her neighbors in the city’s Northeast Inlet were hit, too – and they wonder how many more victims will emerge once everyone can come back to Atlantic City.

Police have arrested nine people since Monday for breaking into homes and businesses throughout the city.

“They’re taking advantage of the city shutting down, going from house to house to house,” Jones said. “So we all said next time (there’s a storm), we’re staying.”

Burglars find ample opportunities with so many houses left empty during evacuations of storm-ravaged barrier islands statewide. The problem has become so rampant in just a few days that the State Police announced Thursday they would provide backup to bolster security in general and help crackdown efforts already under way by local officers to prevent looting.


“We’ve had a lot of looting all over,” Sixth Ward Councilman Tim Mancuso said.


In Atlantic City, looters broke into Second Baptist Church. After spending Tuesday cleaning up the first floor flooded by the storm, the Rev. Collins A. Days returned Wednesday to discover broken windows, overturned furniture and boxes, and computers, printers, microphones, amps and speakers missing from the complex’s offices and classrooms. {snip}



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  • Puggg

    Katrina Part 2.  Hopefully this drives a whole new crop of eyeballs to AmRen.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Most people will never hear of the looting and certainly won’t be directed here.

      • JohnEngelman

        I was directed here inadvertently when a liberal friend suggested that I read “The Color of Deception,”  by Tim Wise. 
        This is an effort to refute “The Color of Crime,” by Jared Taylor.
        “The Color of Deception” was so poorly reasoned that I decided to read “The Color of Crime.” I found it convincing. I have been accessing this website ever since.  

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Tim Wise obviously did not read “The Color of Crime,” and I have a strong suspicion that he did not read the sources he cited.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    blacks planning looting, rape and murder in atlantic city nj right now  now on twitter (starts at minute 11 but whole video good)

  • TheTruthHurts4

    Whenever the police lose control of a black population the blacks begin to loot. 


    The solution is SOOOO easy.  We have it here in Florida.


    Let the people defend their homes.  I have a home loaded with enough weaponry to take on a small African country.  (pun intended).

    Here in Florida, we know about hurricanes and we know they bring out the natural behaviour in some ethnic tribes.  

    If the Hurricane is a ‘cat’ 4 or less, we stay. Hell, when Hurricane Charley turned coastward and ramped up to a cat 5, we were still here, but luckily it  hit about 50 miles north of us.  BUT, my family and I were drinking beers and enjoying the howling wind.

    Here is a TRUE story.  I left the house to go get more beer when Charley was out in the Gulf and was a “3”. When I got to the convenience store and walked in, the TV that was on in the store said Charley was now a Cat 4.  No joke.  I went over to the beer cooler to get a case, looked around for chips and dip, and carried it all up to the counter.  God as my witness, we were all looking at the TV and the announcer said that Charley had just reached cat 5 strength.  I looked at the family behind the counter,  they looked at me, I looked at my single case of beer and said”  “I think I need more beer”.

    I went back for 2 more cases.  I anticipated a lonnnngggg   night.

    No looting anywhere in our neighborhood since immediately after the wind decreased to a livable 50-60 mph, we all went outside.

    Anybody driving by would have thought they entered the Osama compound with the guns we were holding.

    Guns prevent crime. 
    Works every time.  (that would make a great bumper sticker for you New Yorkers)

    P.S. Somebody should tell Bloomberg that one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century said” The people (Volk) don’t need guns since the government (Reich) will take care of them”.  I don’t think even he will get the irony of that statement……………………………………..

    • Paisan, he doesn’t get the irony that, some 70 years ago, 6 million of his fellow sons of Abraham were sent to the death camps because another despot decided they were of an  “illegal religion”, just as he thinks all guns not in the hands of the police or military are “illegal”.

      • The__Bobster

        Maybe Bloomboig  just knows the truth about the “6 million”.

    • ATBOTL

      There has been extensive looting in Florida after Hurricanes.  Guns do not stop looting in areas that are heavily black.  Why are you trying to de-racialize this issue and bluster about how great Florida is?  There is no looting in white neighborhoods in NY either.  
      There seems to be a pattern where as some Southerns will take any negative news story that happens in the North and try to spin it into a “North bad, South good” tale, usually ignoring glaring contradictions in logic.  


    That would be  “youts looting”. (as in “My Cousin Vinny”…best film ever)

    • refocus

       Super Fly is the best film ever !!

    • The__Bobster

      “Yoots” is how the Guidos pronounce it. Moolies call them “yoofs”.

  • Strider73

    Of course, the 2nd Amendment is almost as much a dead letter in NJ as in NY, so TNB is to be expected at times such as this.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I was observing a fellow white nationalist teacher today.  She allowed me to pose a question to her 99% Latino class.  They were discussing Hurricane Sandy.  I interjected the news reports about looting and how many in this class would engage in the same activity if the “Big One” hit in Los Angeles.  Most of the boys raised their hands, smiling, laughing and nodding, talking about what electronics they’d go after.  When they asked me if would do it too and I said “No,”  I think that killed their buzz.

    • US_Eurolad

      I call BS… a “White Nationalist teacher” LMFAO!! How could you POSSIBLY know such a thing in this aggressive Marxist education system? Secondarily, if it IS true, that is great but you are .0001% of Educators. So like… recruit a few more. Comical stuff here sometimes on AmRen.

  • Major

    There’s only one cure Jersey…allow the citizens their second amendment rights…and do what the Koreans did in Watts…shoot.

  • Why aren’t we seeing vids? Who is censoring?  Do we have  a Diversity election coming up?

  • “The desperate cries of the unheard”.  -St. MLK

  • IstvanIN

     It makes their skin ashy.  They should have taken lotion.

    And by the way, there are reports of looting in Linden, NJ.

  • IstvanIN

    Perhaps the Honorable Lorenzo Tyrone Langford refused to obey the Governor of New Jersey’s evacuation order because he wanted his people to avail themselves of the upscale products available in the fancy shops located in the AC tourist district that they otherwise could not afford.

  • not mentioned on CNN/ABC/NBC/Fox, why not ???

    • The__Bobster

      They prefer to mention Christie’s new love affair with Obongo.

  • Strider73

    How can a white nationalist teacher keep their job?

    Two words: “Very carefully.”

    And if I had been in Diamond Lil’s shoes, I would have followed up that “No” with “And if you try to loot in my neighborhood, I’ll shoot all of you dead.”

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent


  • HamletsGhost

    Koreans are not white. Therefore they get a free pass from the powers that be if they shoot looting blacks. 

    Whites have no such protection, and if they are caught defending their property in the same way, they had better make sure their case is airtight and their lawyer ducks are in a row. Otherwise they’l be dragged through the PC Inquisition and wish they were never born.

  • New Jersey radio stations, tv stations and news papers refuse to report this.  News media refuses to report on riots and looting in NYC.  If anyone learns of it its on web sites like this one.

    • Most of the time, crime that IS reported is ‘race neutral’–except when it’s a White against a minority. 

      The last thing Obama, Christie, Cuomo, Bloomberg and others want out there is how they have and are failing those in DIRE STRAITS as result of Sandy–I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a threat of ‘revenge’ if the truth was reported. 

  • joepatriot1973

    There is also widespread looting in New York City, as well as widespread lawlessness in the blackout areas. The police are totally overwhelmed.

    And the media isn’t reporting it. 

  • JohnEngelman

    “Africa in Our Midst,” by Jared Taylor, describes a similar situation that followed Hurricane Katrina.
    This is how the Japanese responded to t he tsunami in 2011. The title of the article is, “Japanese Citizens Turning in Cash Found in Tsunami Zone”


  • JohnEngelman

    No. he means, “at risk youths looting.” 

  • Scandinavian-American looters no doubt. 

  • Rocky Mountain

    I think its highly likely that many of the people who suffered from looting were black themselves.

  • Are you sure about that? I heard it was Lichtensteiners, Macedonians. Mongols and Basques who did the looting.