9-Year-Old Boy at Michelle Obama Rally: ‘If Mitt Romney Win, We’ll Be Going Back to the Crop Fields’

Jason Howerton, The Blaze, November 2, 2012

Kids say the darndest things. But sometimes they say shocking things.

On Thursday, 9-year-old Brandon did the latter when he was asked why he wanted President Barack Obama to win a second term outside a campaign rally featuring First Lady Michelle Obama in Daytona, Fla.

“Because if Mitt Romney win, we’ll be going back to the crop fields,” Brandon said, referring to the days of slavery. “We’ll be picking crops.”

The father can be heard off-camera laughing. {snip}

“We need Obama to win, because Obama was our president for how many years? Three years. And we need him to win because he’s a good president,” the boy added.


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  • Puggg

    On the other hand, at least the kid will get to do some honest work, and see that food doesn’t just come out of the other door after ordering it from a clown’s head.

  • They make it so easy.

    a.) Well at least he would have to work for a living instead of being a welfare dependent
    b.) Wow his father is actually in the picture!
    c.) If we depended on blacks to pick our crops we would all starve to death

  • Francis Galton

    Hmm, this reminds me of one of my co-workers who approved of and basically agreed with Biden’s remarks about “putting y’all back in chains” as “jus’ sayin’ how he feel.”  This co-worker, incidentally, isn’t even black (Native-American/white combo, with several black sons). 

    Don’t kid yourselves–it’s very likely that a critical mass of ghetto dwellers feel similarly about a Romney victory, and they will lash out accordingly, in T-minus 100 hours or so.  Remember, the reelection loss of the nation’s first “black” president is unprecedented, so there’s no telling what might happen.   

    •  Let’s find out!

    • IstvanIN

       (Native-American/white combo, with several black sons)

      She’s black by injection.

  • bubo

    Where do these blacks get the idea that a milque toast neocon like Mitt Romney is going to do anything other than the de rigueur “reachout” that white so called conservatives must do everytime they win an election.  

    If by some miracle Romney actually wins the calls for reachout and healing will be deafening.     Basically he will have to apologize for winning and for being an “old white guy” and will have to double down on black butt-kissing much like Bush 43 did.   

    • Sherman_McCoy

      He’s not going to do anything substantive, but he has to be sold that way to scare the functionally illiterate and borderline retarded.

  • JackKrak

    This is shocking & I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    I mean, there’s a nine year-old black kid and his dad is right next to him!

  • He’s nine years old so he didn’t think this up himself. Some adults are telling him this is what blacks have to look forward to under a white president.

    I’m not sure if blacks are that paranoid, using these kinds of fear tactics to add to the influence and power base, or both. 

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yeah, the kid didn’t dream this up by himself. He was obviously taught that whites are evil and are just itching to put blacks into slavery, rather than being the race  that actually ended slavery and since than has poured out its largess onto the black race. 

      If blacks are so afraid of slavery, one wonders why they don’t just emigrate to dear old motherland Africa, where they’ll be around plenty of their own kinfolk and will need have no more fear of ‘dat old devil whitey.

      • Marion or Lake County?
        (2 black dots)

        • Tim_in_Indiana

          Lake (Gary area)…

          • Strider73

            Interesting. There’s also a Marion and Lake County here in Florida. In fact, they’re adjacent to each other in the central part of the state (northwest of Orlando).

      • Johnny Clay

        In a lot of the black community, children are brought up with a hatred of the USA.

      • The__Bobster

        Because slavery still exists in Afreaka?

  • MerlinV

    I see dear old black dad is indoctrinating the yuf with the same old hate whitey that was taught to him. No wonder the black on white crime rate is where it is. The White man gone put you back on the plantation young’en.

    • Germanacus

      A necessary condition to keep the cash flow going from Whites to blacks. They must begin learning the skills of the professional victim at an early age.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Which is why I am doing the same vis-à-vis blacks.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I’d like to cite this the next time I’m accused of hyperbole.

    • Another way you can use this is when leftists tell you that racism and hate are learned.

      This kid certainly had at least one enthusiastic teacher.

  • No you won’t. Illegal invading mexicans have already taken those jobs.

  • What she really means is that if Romney is elected, blacks will have to get off their *** and go to work. But we know this isn’t even true. It will be business as usual.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Well, why shouldn’t the kid believe that.  He hears it from his parents, in church each Sunday, and EVEN THE VICE PRISDENT SAID,  “They gonna put ya’ll back in chains” 

    I pay out 35% of what I earn in taxes, which one of us is in chains son?  

  • Translation: We may have to go to work. 


    • The Worlds Scapegoat


      That’s the way I read it.

  • So the leftist’s are
    using lies and hatred based on falsehoods as motivators to mobilise their secured,
    but apathetic voter base, who no doubt feel short changed on their lack of reparation
    pay outs over the past four years.  More
    left wing (“do as we say, not as we do”) ‘noble lies’. Maybe they should have
    done some comic book drops showing the consequences of not voting for Hussein,
    such as showing how electricity will be banned as a consumable power source or how
    everyone will have their left hands cut off.

    Obuma having
    virtually all of the media on his side (Monty Burns of the Simpsons is backing
    Romney in the news today, last time there was Tina Fey going to bat), Hollywood
    with its fund raisers and it’s “SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin
    Laden” film being released two days before polling, along with all of the
    benefits that the incumbent gets flying around in Air Force One with the
    presidential seal on the back of his flight jacket (although Barrack Hussien
    Obama {that name?} still does not look in the least bit presidential to me, but
    more so like the president’s effeminate aide).

    God (or fate) has stepped up to give the poor little black boy (born from a
    white womb), a presidential storm to strut around and to make humble utterances
    like “this is not the time to campaign”.Geez
    what else does he need?

    Hateful lies apparently.


  • Well, if they were “back in the crop fields” then at least they’d be doing some useful work. That’s more than you can say for most inner city blacks nowadays.

  • ” If Romney wins, we’ll be  going back to the crop fields.”

    If only.

    • Strider73

      I’d be all for it, just as long as it’s African crop fields.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         They seem to like Corn Rows

  • When I  look at black children, I feel depressed because I know in 10 years time they will be the next crime wave, raping, looting and rioting.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      WITHIN 10 years time . . .

      • I was being generous, ok, within  6 hours they will be a crime wave.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I would say come election night, no matter who wins as I predicted over a year ago, but the hurricane and after math puts some pressure on that model now.

          People are already fighting in gas lines and looting in NYC, NJ, so we have to wonder if the Obama win celebration riots will be the same or would the anti-white riots if Romney wins?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Many cops on patrol in Black urban communities say the same thing.

    • libertarian1234

      Well, the one above is 9 and many of the flash mob attackers are 13 and up, so it looks like this one won’t have long to wait until he can start pounding on whitey.

  • libertarian1234

    “……. if Mitt Romney win, we’ll be going back to the crop fields,”

    No you won’t.

    All the work there will be taken by Hispanics who your messiah has encouraged to flood the country.

    And don’t think about other low level employment either.  Those jobs will all be filled as well.

    Black unemployment rose to 14.3% last month, while immigrant employment has been improving somewhat, according to news reports.

    If Obama gets re-elected, you’ll wish Romney had won, especially when it is clear your older tribesmen are unable to find jobs.


    •  Blacks under our BRA Neo-Reconstruction don’t have to work anymore, that is why EBT and the scores of other welfare programs have been expanded.    If you drive around my town during the day you will see hundreds of young fit black males walking around and hanging out or shopping at Walmart, obviously unemployed and perhaps unemployable.   The next thing you will notice is that almost all the manual labor being done around town including government road building projects is being done by mostly Mexican immigrant labor.  So to assuage the blacks unwillingness to perform the types of low skill labor that their low average intelligence equips them for we have chosen to bring in an entire new racial sub-caste of low skill low intelligence workers.   This is a very similar  labor issue to the one we solved in an earlier era by the importation of African slaves and it creates the exact same short term individualized profits that in the long term is negated by huge public costs of adding another  hostile unassimilable racial group to our nation.

  • Barrack Osama

    Remember when McCain had to correct that old woman who thought Obama was a terrorist? Guess how this event differs.

  • Beloved Comrade

    What are you waiting for?  Biden already said y’all are gonna be back in chains.  

    It’s harvest time. Grab your Obamaphone and head out to the field

  • If they did go back out to the fields- urbanites could breathe a loooooong breath of relief!

  • ImTellinYa

    Got my dillies on a peppah tang.

    Cleepa sank y’all. Cleepa sank.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I’d like to see them pick ALL the crops so we would not need ANY wetbacks.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I have been up since 4:00am, thinking about the deeper implications, causes and effects of this election.  At the moment, I am inclined to think that an Obama victory might do more to create more (and enough) race realists for eventual real effects.   Romney and the Republican party are not really radical enough, they are interested in money and power, but not as whites or for whites.  Four more years of Obama ought to either prove and radicalize the majority of whites or give the lie to the entire conspiracy theory.  What we’re about to do is find out for sure.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Oh, but I just saw a spot on PBS where a Hispanic leader said that now that the Baby Boomers are retiring and didn’t make enough kids, they are going to be our saviors, by taking over.

    The awful thing is that she was right, except I doubt that they will rule and serve us as we imagine saviors would.

  • HamletsGhost

    Actually, Richard Nixon grew up picking crops on his family farm in Yorba Linda, CA. It was in the bean fields, no less. So you could correctly refer to Nixon as our first “beaner” president.

  • Sloppo

    I have a farm and I know many others who do also, and I can say with relative certainty that we share this boy’s desire to keep his Obama-worshipping brethren away from our farms.  It’s bad enough to have to deal with the coyotes.

    • Sloppo, are you referring to four-legged coyotes, or the two-legged kind – the ones who smuggle mestizos into this country? They’re often referred to as “coyotes”.

  • Your post shed light on a little personal
    curiosity. Thanks to my Marxist mother and the US Navy’s wide reach, I got to experience
    having an African American step father for 10 years back in the 90’s, with him
    having all the clichés attached such as being raised by his elderly aunty,
    never met his father, was a gifted sprinter in HS who turned into a (Martin Lawrence/
    Eddie Murphy movie prosthetic looking) fat bastard in later life, with the
    biggest racial chips on both shoulders, who promised the world, but who then
    cheated on my mother, but still managed to run away with about 60% of her life
    savings (through the courts), whilst keeping everything he owned hidden and intact
    And he was the most upstanding individual of  the many examples of African DNA I got to fraternize
    with back then, thanks to the visual minority birds of a feather rule.

    Background aside, this ex native of Kansas had a collection of
    charming alien sayings, some of which I understood such “we’ll be *s—–gin
    high cotton now boy” (*expletive for defecation), “I’ll bang you upside the
    head”, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out” (thankfully by no
    means did he have any part in ‘bringing me into this world’, but somehow by
    extension of his relationship with my mother, he thought that now qualified to
    say that), I think now that his threats of violence were probably his endearing
    way of letting me know that I was under his paternal err, supervision?

    But the one saying he often said that perplexed me until now
    was “you’ll be happy as a sissy in a CC camp” so thanking you for clearing that
    up. Now if only I could understand what he meant when he said “I’d rather hear
    a fat boy *f—, than a pretty girl sing” (*expletive for flatulence), the imagined
    implications of that last saying, still to this day makes me nervous and
    relived that a bullet of some sort was probably dodged, with me strangely  feeling no sense of loss for the many new colourful,
    expletive filled  and low lying cultural contributions
    that I am now denied access to, at least away from all popular culture.

  • Epiminondas

    If only.  Most blacks belong in fields. We’ve had to import Mexican labor because blacks will no longer work at anything unless they want to. Liberals have never seemed to understand how brutal field work is.  And yet, it must be done if we want food on the table. 

  • The__Bobster

    The people who control those agendas aren’t traditional Whites.

  • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

    Seen on a bumpersticker, “If I knew it was going to be this much trouble, I’d have picked my own cotton.”

  • Herman

    9 years old and the kid is already learning how to play the race card.

    I wonder if he is learning anything else in school?

  • More good hard honest work in the cotton fields would mean less urban crime. 

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     diversity beats white female teacher baltimore