“I Would Have Done It About Mexico.” American Hero John Milius Denounces Red Dawn Remake

Paul Kersey, VDARE, November 21, 2012

A new, Politically Correct remake of the iconic 1984 movie Red Dawn is being released today (November 21). John Milius, writer-director of the original and a true American Hero, is reportedly very ill with pancreatic cancer at the age of 68, but that hasn’t stopped him denouncing the whole thing in no uncertain terms. This article is dedicated to him.

It wasn’t for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sake that I picked up his autobiography,Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. It was for anecdotes about the man who wrote such famous movie lines as “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” (Apocalypse Now), “Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” (Dirty Harry), and who directed Arnold in the iconic Conan the Barbarian.

Arnold has made hundreds of millions from his films, hundreds of millions more from savvy investments in real estate, and become one of the most recognizable people on earth. But Conan stands alone as the movie that made and still defines his career.

I refer, of course, to John Milius, who both directed and wroteConan. A self-professed “Zen fascist” and a long-time member of the National Rifle Association board, Milius was the true star of Arnold’s book.

In Total Recall, we learn that Milius defended Arnold when he was accused of being a Nazi by producer Dino De Laurentiis:

“I don’t like Schwarzenegger,” he told Milius. “He’s a Nazi.” Milius had already decided Arnold was perfect for the role and told Dino, “No, Dino. There is only one Nazi on this team. And that is me. I am the Nazi.”

And after finishing Arnold’s book, it is Milius (who is Jewish, in case you’re getting worried) that you want to know more about—whose life seems more authentic and more in line with the Nietzsche quote that accompanies the start of Conan the Barbarian: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Alas, we’ll probably never get an autobiography from Milius, a man who tried to volunteer for the Marines during Vietnam but was rejected because of health problems.

Laurence Leamer’s biography of Arnold Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger offers a few tantalizing snippets:

Milius was a rudely spoken, vulgar, literate, obsessive, burly, bearded, proud, gun-toting anachronism… Milius had been so weak and sickly that he was turned down by the military service he so admired, and had become a troubadour of lost traditional manhood.

There’s an atavistic, self-consciously primate quality expressed in much of Milius’s work, as if only by stripping away the shoddy veneer of civilization can the manly life be reborn.

Conan The Barbarian, which came out in 1982, helped cement Milius as one of the top directors in Hollywood. But he has a long record of powerful scripts and is famous for writing crisp, sometimes uncredited, dialogue. He came up with the famous monologue about the USS Indianapolis for Jaws; he helped George Lucas get his start as a director; and he was only individual who dared direct Red Dawn.

The late Patrick Swayze fondly recalled, in his 2009 autobiographyThe Time of My Lifethe time he spent filming Red Dawn:

“You can call me the General,” Red Dawn director John Milius announced. “Swayze, you are my Lieutenant of the Art, and I’ll direct these little [expletive deleted by VDARE.com]through you.” With those words, Milius put me in charge of the cast of Red Dawn—Tommy Howell, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson and others—for the grueling shoot in the mountains of New Mexico.

Red Dawn was a controversial movie right from the start. Five minutes into the film, Soviet and Cuban paratroopers float down to a small Colorado town and open fire with machine guns, launching World War III with an invasion on American soil. In the early 1980s, when we made Red Dawn, the Cold War was raging and fears of a Soviet attack ran high across America. But nobody would touch it as a movie plot—except Milius, who was just the man for the job.”

You can see why. New York Magazine’s David Denby sneered:

Red Dawn is an American fascist movie, a banana-cake fantasy for the far right. This is a film in which World War II is fun… Red Dawn is a call to self-discipline: The boys repress their tears and go out and die; they even learn to kill their own when necessary. The girls aren’t allowed to lighten things up and Milius won’t let any outsiders near the sacred fire: No black, Hispanic, or American Indian is going to drink his deer’s blood.

The Nicaraguans are coming! August 20, 1984

Doesn’t it sound great?

Well, don’t worry: in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn, the cast has the Politically Correct mandated diversity that we’ve come to love and expect from Hollywood.

More significantly, and ignominiously, the original story of the Chinese invading America—standing in for the now defunct USSRfrom the first film—was scrapped after filming was finished, with the North Koreans (!!) digitally interpolated…so as not to offend our Chinese overlords. [‘Red Dawn’ Villains Switched from China to North Korea, ScreenRants.com, November 21, 2011]

Milius had already blasted the upcoming remake, which he deemed completely unnecessary. 24 Frames’ Rachel Abramowitz reported:

“I think it’s a stupid thing to do. The movie is not very old,” says Milius, who’s not involved in the new film but was given a chance to read the new script. “It was terrible. There was a strange feeling to the whole thing. They were fans of the movie so they put in stuff they thought was neat. It’s all about neat action scenes, and has nothing to do with story.”

In the original film, the Soviet Union has invaded the continental United States, and a group of young men and women (Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey) band together as a guerrilla group, nicknamed the Wolverines, to fight off the occupiers. In the 2010 edition, directed by Dan Bradley and starring Chris Hemsworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the villains are the Chinese.

While the new baddies might tap into American fears about a rising China, to Milius it makes little political sense. “There’s only one example in 4,000 years of Chinese territorial adventurism, and that was in 1979, when they invaded Vietnam, and to put it mildly they got their [butts] handed to them,“ says Milius, noting that China built a wall to separate itself from invaders. “Why would China want us? They sell us stuff. We’re a market. I would have done it about Mexico.” [ Original ‘Red Dawn’ director takes aim at the remake, March 26, 2010]

Mexico, eh? Judging by the state of California, Arizona, Texas and, increasingly, the entire United States, Milius might be onto something.

Milius has gone even further, confirming the political style that James Kirkpatrick wishes would represent America:

For example, here’s Milius on stopping murderous drug traffickers in Mexico: “We need to go down there, kill them all, flatten the place with bulldozers so when you wake up in the morning, there’s nothing there,” he said in a phone interview. “I do believe if you have a military, you use it.”

Or Rush Limbaugh: “I was watching Rush Limbaugh the other night, and I was horrified. I would have Rush Limbaugh drawn and quartered. He was sticking up for these Wall Street pigs. There should be public show trials, mass denunciations and executions.”

[Apocalypse’ writer: Most scripts today ‘are garbage, CNN, by Thom Patterson, March 9, 2009]

In Milius’ version of Red Dawn, Patrick Swayze’s character is preparing to execute a captured Russian officer. Asked by one of the guerrillas he leads what is the difference between us and them, he coldly responds: “Because we live here.”

That is exactly what American patriots need to be prepared to say in America today.

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  • JesusHDevil

    Those of us living out here don’t need a movie to show us the Mexican invasion. We see it every day. It’s not very cinematic, either: dusty, filthy, dull, and with the worst mariachi soundtrack you can possibly imagine.

    • ageofknowledge

      Don’t forget the mad dogging. You just can’t live in a Mexican area without quantities of fat smelly cholos staring with hatred at everyone and everything they encounter.

  • I predict… Red Dawn will be as successful as Red Tails was.
    For a laugh, I oughta watch a russian movie about americans invading Moscow.

    • French_reader1

      “The Detached Mission” is almost what you are searching for:

    • Memphomaniac

      Actually, part of the background filler in the movie Escape From New York (Kurt Russell) has such references to previous campaigns by Americans in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • White Dawn

    Coming soon

    • katzkiner

      I hope!

      • Don’t hope… push for it! And let it screen through the news channels of the world.

  • David Ashton

    Mexico today, and China tomorrow?

  • The__Bobster

    I’m still ticked off about the Zulu Moneypenny in the latest Bond film.

    • Svigor

      I hope that one day, consumer CG software will be so powerful and easy to use that we can go back and reclaim a lot of these movies that the psychotic left has ruined. E.g., a bit of scrubbing and The Postman would be a WN classic.

    • eduard

      Wait till you see the black James Bond: “My name is Ffir, Mr K.A.Ffir”. Try and find a crown on the black man’s head.

      • ” ‘n’ I takes my malt liquor shaken, not stirred.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    China doesn’t need to invade, all they have to do is shut off the money tap and we will have Mad Max conditions throughout the US.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    China doesn’t need to invade, all they have to do is shut off the money tap and we will have Mad Max conditions throughout the US.

    • That they can do, but that in turn would bork their own economy because a big part of it is directly related to all the drones that will be lining up in the Wal-Martinez parking lot morning after tomorrow.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I’m wondering if Wal-Mart isn’t already owned by the Chinese. In desperation, my husband applied there, and even had an interview, etc. I’m glad he got turned down for the job, ultimately, because they make their employees say some mantra every day before shift, that ends with a “hooray for Wal-Mart” cheer that includes the raising of the hands in front of a portrait of Sam Walton.

      That is SO “1984”, I nearly puked when I heard this.

      I will NOT shop there for any reason. Anything I can get there, I can also get at Canadian Tire, or Zeller’s (which is being sold out to Target; anyone have any stories about Target?)

  • Strider73

    A Muslim invasion/occupation would have been even more appropriate. Call it Green Dawn. The secret resistance weapon: pigs! Set hordes of them loose in their barracks, then shoot the Muslims as they scurry around in blind panic. Also clandestinely impregnate their field rations with pork and bacon.

    • And threaten to bury killed enemies face-down, their butts pointed toward Mecca.

  • kjh64

    Having North Korea invade is ridiculous. The movie should have Mexico invade. However, instead of using weapons, the invaders should yell racism. Also, the Americans wouldn’t fight back but run scurrying for cover and doing nothing because they don’t want to be “racist”. THEN is would be accurate.LOL

  • kjh64

    Having North Korea invade is ridiculous. The movie should have Mexico invade. However, instead of using weapons, the invaders should yell racism. Also, the Americans wouldn’t fight back but run scurrying for cover and doing nothing because they don’t want to be “racist”. THEN is would be accurate.

    • IstvanIN

      25,000,000 starving people invading the US is about a realistic as Monaco invading the US. What would they bomb us with, dog carcasses? The North Korean army would surrender the first time they got a glimpse inside a supermarket.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Dog carcasses….funny!
        And as hungry as the NK army might be, the civilians are truly starving to death.
        They are about as much of a threat to us as a swarm of butterflies.
        Ridiculous movie premise, completely ridiculous.

    • dhs

      Your movie is what’s ridiculous. It wouldn’t be a movie; it would be a documentary. This is exactly what is happening. Except the invaders are not only arriving from mexico, but from central and south America, India, China, Africa, Islamia, etc., etc. Also most Americans are not running for cover; they are aiding and abetting the invaders.

      • kjh64

        What I meant is that a lot of Americans sit back and allow the invasion because they are too afraid of being called a “racist”. True however,many Americans are aiding it.

    • However, instead of using weapons, the invaders should yell racism.

      And be reenforced by brigades from the $PLC and ACLU.

  • Svigor

    Milius (who is Jewish, in case you’re getting worried)

    That had long been my guess. Who else could get away with Milius’ behavior?

    That said, his “I’m a Nazi/fascist” schtick is news to me, and totally unsurprising. That was my own diagnosis of Milius as well, except I’ve always called him “an assimilated Jewish fascist” or the like.

    • curri

      Yeah, there’s the precedent of, for example, Frank Collin.

    • Some Jews see the BIGGER picture.

      There can only be peace between the nations IF each nation is allowed to protect themselves, their borders,and their race.

      The philosophy of NAZIsm is correct. Ein Volk, Ein Rerich (I will leave off the Ein Fuhrer)
      and the State of Israel is based on the exact same NAZI rules. A country FOR the Jewish Volk.

      Hitler fought a war for HIS people. That is what he should do. That is what a leader of a people do. He went to far, but the basis was/is correct.

      The Hebrew people fought a few wars FOR THEIR people, but went a little to far. Or in some cases , not far enough. All non-Jews should have been evicted from the “Kingdom of Israel” right after or during the 6 Day war. Move them out across the Jordan River into Jordan when they had the chance. They were no prepared for that.

      During the next Arab-Jewish War (which will happen) the Jewish government, army and people MUST evict all non-Jews from Israel AND detonate that hideous Mosque

      The problem is that each nation wants their own and then the “right” to attack and subjugate the OTHER nations for wither cheap labor, cheap resources, etc.

      STOP. STOP IT.

  • William Allingham

    suppose we were not allowed to kill bulls then a flock of them could invade us as easily as mexicans, providing its also illegal to deny them anything their instinct commands them.

  • katzkiner

    The Mexicans call it “Reconquista”. Taking back “their” stolen lands. Let them in, let them all in, when they feel strong enough. Machete!

    • kjh64

      Yes, they don’t get it. “Land” has nothing to do with it, it’s the people that make a place successful. Even if you gave them back the land they falsely claim was stolen(actually Mexico sold it to us), it would still be a dump because they would make it that way. It’s not like the wasteland Mexico sold the US was some magical place that was blessed by the gods and anyone inhabiting it would have instant luck and success.

      • Periapsis

        That is exactly right, but these dimwits just don’t realize that wherever a Mexican goes, there’s Mexico. However, it’s not the land they want, it’s everything the whites created on it they want. They want out wealth, which was created by our blood, sweat and tears and to kill us off. Never forget that. They do not just want the southwest, they want the whole continent because they are anti-white, brown Nazis who kill each other at the drop of a hat. They hate education, they are misogynistic heathens and they are incapable of running a modern society.

        • Angantyr

          Usual anti-American rubbish. You are just jealous because Mexicans are almost always partly Native American and thus have more right to the land than you stupid, Nazi-esque crackers. Everything the white man has in places like Texas was built on the backs of the Mexicans, the blacks etc.

          Also your vile ravings here show how deluded you are. I feel sorry for you, I really do. It must be hard believing all that guff and looking under the bend incase a ”brown”, ”heathen” (note most Mexicans are Christians) ”Nazi” is hiding under your bed.

  • Unperson

    You can see why. New York Magazine’s David Denby sneered: Red Dawn is an American fascist movie

    This is not the only occasion of a (high quality) script by John Milius being smeared with the F-word by a major (i.e. New York) film critic. Milius’ superb screenplay for Dirty Harry got the same treatment from uber-powerful New Yorker magazine tastemaker Pauline Kael. Here’s what the sorority sisters and Obama-voting co-eds who edit Wiki have to say:

    However, Kael responded negatively to some action films that she felt pushed what she described as “right-wing” or “fascist” agendas. She labeled Don Siegel’s Dirty Harry (1971), starring Clint Eastwood as “right-wing fantasy [that is] a remarkably single-minded attack on liberal values”.[37] She also called it “fascist medievalism”.

    A movie that doesn’t mindlessly support “liberal values”? Well, that could ONLY be “fascist”, couldn’t it? No other word for it!

    Mr. Milius, along with the late Charlton Heston, was on a very short list of out-and-proud right-wing A-listers left in Tinseltown. I am saddened to learn that this great talent and powerful voice for sanity within the mentally-ill entertainment industry, is unwell; and may too soon be departing us. There are damn few of his caliber left. Possibly even none.

    • seek

      There’s always Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson and a lot of others.

    • I wouldn’t consider Charlton Heston a right-winger. He marched with King in 1963 in the ‘March on Washington”, at a time when many people liberal Hollywood balked at doing so. His championing of the Second Amendment is legendary, and truly espoused “power to the people” – that every responsible person be armed, to enjoy the Second Amendment right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – a far greater act; than simply a slogan shouted by dope-smoking hippies or college students of the time.

      As a matter of fact, every person who owns a gun, or guns, is MORE LIBERAL than the person who believes in the nanny state – it’s a sign of individual empowerment, not weakness. So-called liberals who love to quote Mao’s, “power grows from the barrel of a gun,” are the same ones who recoil in horror at the thought of a man or woman defending themselves or their families with deadly force. The same “liberals” who profess a love for Che Guevara as a revolutionary, ignore the fact, or gloss over it, that he killed opponents who refused to be disarmed.

      To my fellow Amrenners here, who own guns – YOU are the true liberals! You have exercised true power, while others have merely shouted slogans about bestowing “power to the people”. You have actually gone ahead and done it!

      I know it sounds paradoxical, but it is the truth. We are not fascist right-wingers, because we own guns, like some would have us believe. We are the ones who have power, because we are ARMED.

      The day may soon come, when we will have to exercise that power on a grand scale.

      Salud! SALUD!!!

      • Angantyr

        Communism and liberalism are not the same thing. Che Guevara and Mao were communists and most real leftists have nothing technically against having guns, because they believe in revolution, and revolutions are not tea parties or social events as Mao pointed out, but bloody affairs. Anarchists and socialists usually favour guns because they want to arm the people, which is probably why John Milius often defines himself as a Zen-Anarchist and a Maoist. There is no contradiction between wanting gun-ownership and being a true leftists.

        So I’d say that liberalism might be incompatible with gun-ownership, but leftism is not.

  • Just sayin’

    China became so large by attacking and occupying a multitude of peoples and states around it, some in veritable colonial and extermination campaigns, but otherwise the point is taken.

  • Jef

    This makes me think, we should do a video of this!

    Show a Mexican armed with an EBT card, taking food away from whites. A Mexican woman armed with super-baby-delivery capabilities. A Mexican going to the front of the line ahead of white job seekers to get a high-paying municipal job. A Mexican pulling an American out of class at Stanford to take his place.

    • If the people who served in our military over the last 100 years and died fighting in action could see what those who inherited the country, which they gave their all for, were now doing with it, would they feel they had died in vain?

      Did brothers, uncles, fathers and grandfathers die in Europe and the Pacific so their children, their grandchildren, their nieces or ther nephews could be bumped out of job or a slot at medical school by some newly amnestied illegal who cut to the front of the line? Did they die so diversity trainers could turn this country into another 3rd world cesspool?

      Our men and women who died in military service thought they were fighting to preserve a country worth saving for their posterity, not for one that’s being given away for political support by treasonous minions in positions of power.

  • White_Prime77

    When I first heard there was going to be a re-make and it would feature Chinese baddies, I was really excited. Red Dawn and Conan the Barbarian are some of my favorite flicks!!

    Now that it has been made totally P.C. and Milius himself is bashing it, I won’t even bother seeing it on DVD.

    Also remember they had that awful Conan the Barbarian flick in 2011? It seems like Hollywood is purposefully trying to dump on Miliuses legacy.

    By the way what is so ‘fascist’ about these flicks? Italian Fascism was about Big Government, the Masses, and huge rallies (March on Rome). Red Dawn is just about a small group of teens in rural Colorado where there is little government and in Conan the dude is practically alone the entire time. Most of the time Liberals have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Svigor

      It’ll backfire. The new Red Dawn and Conan will only serve to display how low multiculti and PC have brought Hollywood.

  • Dave4088

    A movie depicting an invasion by N.Korea is laughable in the extreme and will appeal only to teenagers and slobbering pseudo patriots who believe the entire world is a potential enemy. Actually, a North Korean invasion might liberate us from the yoke of multiculturalism.

  • ageofknowledge

    Time for a remake.

  • 5Sardonicus

    John Milius is an eccentric but brilliant director and
    writer. I’m sorry to hear that he is suffering from cancer. Milius has always
    been a patriot standing for old fashioned values. He’s also always been a renegade
    in Hollywood working on the margins. Of course, John is right about
    Mexico. If the immigrants were carrying rifles, it would be considered an invasion by any standards. Because they only are bringing the clothes on their backs, they’re considered “migrants” according to BBC-speak.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s really a tossup between China, Mexico, or the United Nations. Perhaps we could have a couple of sequels that encompass all these threats to U.S. citizen’s sovereignty.

  • Truehistory

    They should make a war movie about the historical original immigrant’s invasion and war against the original indigenous population !

  • True history

    I’d like to see a movie about where the indigenous population of the America’s are able to repel, against all odds, the invading imperialists and subsequent immigrants who followed and continued the genocide