GOP Legally Barred from Fighting Vote Fraud

Bob Unruh, WND, November 20, 2012

Voting machines suspiciously defaulting to Barack Obama? Buses loaded with strangers appearing at polling stations? Even ballots turning out 100 percent for one candidate in precinct reports?

In short, suspicions of vote fraud?

That’s too bad, because a race-based consent decree negotiated by Democrats against the Republican National Committee a generation ago still has tied the RNC’s hands, and GOP officials could be cited for contempt—or worse—if they try to make sure American elections are clean.


No. Fact.

The case is the Democratic National Committee vs. the Republican National Committee, originally from 1982.

Democrats alleged Republicans were trying intimidate minority voters in New Jersey and brought the legal action. The RNC, inexplicably, decided to agree to a consent decree before a Democrat-appointed judge rather than fight the claims.

The judge, Dickinson Debevoise, appointed by Jimmy Carter, later retired but decided he would continue to control the case. The decision requires the RNC—but not the DNC—to “refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose.”

The rest of the agreement essentially requires the RNC to follow applicable state and federal election laws.

But the section cited above has been used for decades to warn off Republicans from any challenge to evidence of voter fraud in districts with “racial or ethnic populations.”

The law has remained, even though the RNC recently challenged it at the appellate level only to be turned down by Judges Joseph Greenaway Jr., appointed by Bill Clinton; Dolores Sloviter, appointed by Carter; and Walter Stapleton, appointed by Ronald Reagan, in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

It now is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Republicans have tried to change the decree since 2009, after Obama took office. But Debevoise has ruled that they failed to show that conditions in the U.S. had changed since 1982.

Debevoise said that since most minority voters support Democrats, the RNC still has an incentive to suppress minority votes.

He dismissed the idea of voter fraud and extended his own supervision of the case until 2017.

In March, the 3rd Circuit issued its affirmation of Debevoise’s decision.

WND recently has reported on allegations of voter fraud, including a claim by a poll watcher in Pennsylvania who said votes reverted to Obama by default, no matter who the voter selected.

The incident took place in the state where officials claimed Obama received a total of 19,605 votes in 59 voting divisions to zero for Mitt Romney and not far from the 100 precincts in Ohio in which Obama got 99 percent of the vote.

With evidence mounting that the vote tabulation did not reflect the true choices of voters, talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh declared: “Third-world, tin-horn dictators don’t get [these percentages]. I mean, the last guy that got this percentage of the vote was Saddam Hussein, and the people that didn’t vote for him got shot. This just doesn’t happen. Even Hugo Chavez [of Venezuela] doesn’t get 100 percent or 99 percent of the vote.”


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  • dd121

    Just one more reason why the passive Republicans are nearly extinct.

    • Bill

      Then somebody better come up with something better than the Constitution Party, the Green Party and the Libertarian party asap. Those are all loser parties who nominate no-name losers. And let’s not get in to the Ron Paul stuff. He’s not a political party. He’s a fringe candidate made himself richer every election with his call for “money bombs”.

      • Until white guys no longer care about loosing their jobs, homes, IPAD, warm beds, they will always have a FEMA shower and FEMA camp in their future. Some day the Obamavicts will have the nerve for Final Solution and then it will be too late.

        • Periapsis

          Many of us are not going to have to worry about being put to death in a “FEMA shower.” We will more likely be killed by drones, snipers, death squads, long range artillerly, chemical weapons and death rays wielded by hostile racial and religious aliens. Many more will die of engineered famines. More and more white males are however having less and less to lose, and everything to gain by resisting their dispossession and extermination.

      • SLCain

        Ron Paul did more to publicize at least some of the problems facing this country than anybody else did. That isn’t bad for an eighty year-old man.

        The problem with third-parties is that people only think about them every four years, and only in the context of Presidential elections. There is more to our government than the Presidency (powerful as it is). The place to start is not the top. A new party needs to ignore the Presidency, and just concentrate on building a party organization and getting some people elected to state-houses and the US congress. That is an achievable goal. Coming out of nowhere and taking the White House probably isn’t.

  • I find it hard to sympathize with the Republican Party. They brought it upon themselves, and have continued to act stupidly ever since. White voters need a new party to represent them.

    • SLCain

      Quite right. And the sooner, the better.

  • America just had it last election.

    One Man. One Vote. One Time.


      This is why Secession is on the mind of GOPers. Only white males are capable and smart enough to stop Communism and the Communists are fighting to prevent that from ever happening. We must Secede or die. There is no other way. Without the white male there isn’t an America.

  • Go away, Republican Party. You belong with my 8-track tape player, my Atari 2600, my VCR, my black & white TV, my rotary dial telephone, and my black motorolla pager.
    I wonder whatever happened to all of those things.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      They are in your basement with the Whip Inflation Now buttons and that old Leisure suit. They don’t call the Republicans the stupid party for nothing. If these bunch of people would lose their fear of being called “rayciss” (which seems to act like Kryptonite), they could actually get some things done.

      “It now is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.” Gee, will Obama or his cronies dig up something on Roberts again to get him to flip it 5-4 in favor of retention.

    • IstvanIN

      My Western Electric® (RIP) rotary phone is a heck of a lot more reliable than any Republican and will be working long after that useless party is gone.

      • dhs

        Righto! Those devices will last for centuries. I sorry that I threw mine away.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Same here. My mom had a rotary phone that was easily 50 years old before she had to trash it in favour of a touch-tone phone, because the phone monopoly (Bell Canada) was no longer supporting pulse lines in our area. It still had the bit of typed-on paper in the middle that read Clearwater2-XXXX on it.

    • NM156

      Good luck with the anniversary jump. Glad you’re makin’ off with the loot.

  • The__Bobster

    Republicans have tried to change the decree since 2009, after Obama took office. But Debevoise has ruled that they failed to show that conditions in the U.S. had changed since 1982.
    Isn’t it about time for all these Peanut Farmer judges to croak?
    Busing decrees went on for decades, long after there were no White kids left to bus.
    And how long did that fine White SCOTUS judge say the affirmative action would be necessary?

  • We need a new party. The repubs are just all used up and empty!

  • George White

    I thought they stole it, now I know they stole it.

  • Ever notice when a Republican wins an election, there are charges of voter fraud. Heck, they even hold congressional hearings so people can feed the conspiracy with their personal feelings of how they felt left out.

    • Almost all “vote fraud” seems to involve blacks, it appears.

      • I am convinced that there is a fair amount of voter fraud within Republican voting events that involves populist or anti-establishment Republican candidates being victimized in favor of establishment perpetrators. I think Bush 41 committed fraud against Pat Buchanan in 1992, and that Ron Paul was a victim of some fraud in 2012. I remember before the Iowa Caucus, that someone high up in the Iowa GOP was quoted as saying something like, “we’ll never let Ron Paul win.”

  • Katherine McChesney

    Republicans are gutless wonders.

  • dhs

    The Republicans could have done much more to bring this situation to public attention.

  • Zapp Branigan

    100% of the vote going to Obama in so many wards and not a single one for Romney? That is statistically impossible. Why is nothing being done about this ?The election was a fraud, it was stolen by the democrats, and I do not accept Obama as the legitimate president.

    • Even Saddam Hussein got less than 100% of the vote. He got about 99%, but still.

  • TMZ

    Wait until the resident squatter in the oval office picks a few more sodomites for his Supreme Court. Red States will have wished they took the chance at splitting off and leaving that 16 trillion debt with the Blue States and made a go of it.

    Obama would even pay those in the Red States who want to leave and move to his nation full compensation to do so.

    Lets take another look at the mutts white whore slut maternal and understand why it is imperative to break up Red and Blue marriage and divorce in case they forgot.

  • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

    I voted for Romney over Comrade Obama, just as I voted for John McCain over Comrade Obama. It is terrible that there is no true conservative choice that decent, working, white folks would know would represent them. There just isn’t one now.

  • SLCain

    “The judge, Dickinson Debevoise, appointed by Jimmy Carter, later retired but decided he would continue to control the case.”

    Nice how a federal judge can continue to act officially, despite not even holding office. Maybe Jimmy Carter could sign a few executive orders. Maybe some disgraced ex-congressman (of whom there are any number of examples) could show up on the House floor, and cast a vote.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Debevoise said that since most minority voters support Democrats, the RNC still has an incentive to suppress minority votes.

    |But the Democrats do not have incentive to suppress white votes? Hmmmmm.

    I smell seafood.

  • redwolf6911

    The race involving Col. Allen West in Fl was lost by voter fraud. He of course is a conservative minority. He lost to a corrupt white young man who has never did anything in his life. The race was thrown by the Democratic partisan black SOE in St. Lucie County. Everything he tried to do was blocked by liberal Judges. It was one of the most in your face voter fraud that I have ever seen. Palm Beach County had election officials marking ballots. Both of these counties are controlled by Democrats and were involved in the same crap during the Bush/Gore race. The Republican Party needs to recruit more minority Republicans to run, but we need to get this voter fraud stopped in all the states. Now, we are going to find out what Obama is really capable of and it will not be pretty. For the record I am Native American and very conservative. I am hopeful that SCOTUS will get rid of this abomination of a ruling. We all need to be watchful.