Huckabee Slams GOP on Minority Outreach

Dylan Byers and Mackenzie Weinger, Politico, November 6, 2012


Minutes after host Bill O’Reilly said that “the white establishment is now the minority“ and ”it’s not a traditional America anymore,” former Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared on the network and slammed his party for failing to reach out to people of color.

“I think Republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color,” Huckabee said. “That’s something we’ve got to work on. It’s a group of people that frankly should be with us based on the real policy of conservatism.”


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  • Huck was one of our biggest supporters in the Akin camp from the beginning.  Newt Gingrich came along later, after the Fateful Sunday.

    Still, I made my disdain for both of them respectfully but adequately known, and neither has my estimation of either man gone up simply for their getting one candidate right.

  • Francis Galton

    Mike Hugablack: the quintessential E-verify/IHAD conservative.  

  • white dude

    what a wacko, its ‘idolology’ not race,  Lord, Im done voting.

    • Zorro

      Just choose a new Party.

      • StillModerated

         Constitution Party!

        • Zorro

          Yes, or the America First Party, or the American Third Position Party, among so many others. The point is to select a Party that large numbers will join, to be able to be taken seriously as a potential contender for votes. If we splinter into different groups and Parties then we  will be competing for the same people’s votes.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Merlin Miller of American Third Position travelled to and seems to be cosy with Iran. I think that’s disgusting. He’s no good candidate for any office, IMHO.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    We all know what’s coming: Between now and 2016, the GOP will look like the Dems.  Where will the Whites go, or will they “adjust and catch up with a fast evolving society”.

    It’s easy to imagine a vicious tipping point…

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Between now and 2016, the GOP will look like the Dems.

      The current Dems.  The real Dems will have moved even further Left.  We will look like the UK which has three major Leftist parties, and tiny conservative parties of borderline legality. 

  • kjh64

    The ONLY way that the precious “people of color” will vote republican is if they swing farther to the left than the democrats. It can’t be just amnesty either, it will have to be expanding the welfare state so that it is greater than what the democrats offer.

    • And the Republicans will never out pander the Democrats, if Republicans say they will amnesty a million illegals, the Democrats will offer a plan that amnesty’s 2 million and on and on it goes.

      • Memphomaniac

        Reagan’s amnesty was supposed to be one million, but by the time the paperwork cleared it was 4 million. Romney can thank Reagan for the vast majority of the votes that Obama got during the last election. Just think, without Reagan…..there would be no second term for Obamba. Ironic……no?

    • StillModerated

       Or form a Sharia Party to attract the fast-breeding desert rats. They’d do yeomens’ work tackling the pernicious feminists, abortionists and money-grubbers who’ve bought both big parties

  • He should be slamming the minorities for not reaching out to Republicans and embracing, common-sense, adult, responsibly sane, political, social and economic ideals.

  • What Huckabee means is “pandering.” The GOP needs to pander and patronize minorities. 

    Democrats attract minorities with promises of welfare and unfair advancement in hiring, school admissions, prosecution for crime, etc. Is that what Huckabee really wants for GOP.

  • In other words, pander and capitulate.

    “I think Republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color,” Huckabee said. “That’s something we’ve got to work on. It’s a group of people that frankly should be with us based on the real policy of conservatism.”

    Exactly what should we do to reach out to people of color? What could we say to them that would make them want to take our political views? Do we say, ‘give up your ideas of government handouts and try being self-sufficient’? Would that attract them to our side?

    The only thing these people respond to is handouts. Are we to promise them handouts? What handouts should we promise them? Do we offer these handouts to the exclusion of whites?
    What is the logical extension of this? Become liberal Democrats ourselves?

  • EndTimesComing

    Stuff it Huckabee.  You ceased being relevant long ago.  For this very reason.  

  • nathan wartooth

    The only way a white republican could get a “person of color” to vote for them is if they dressed up in black face. 

    They only vote based on the color of your skin, so I’m sure you’d get more people. 

    But they also vote overwhelmingly democrat. 

    And yes, Blacks overwhelmingly hate gay marriage and abortion. That’s what he means by “conservative”. But they want those handouts more, so they vote democrat. 

  • seek

    Then-Gov. Huckabee, if one recalls, “reached out” to Maurice Clemmons in 2000, giving him an early prison release.  In 2009, Mr. Clemmons, a black and a professed Christian, murdered four off-duty cops in Lakewood, Washington State.  He then was tracked down at a Seattle location, and after pulling a gun on the patrol cop, was shot dead, mercifully.

    Nice going, Huck! 

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yep, I remember that incident. The ‘Huckster’ gave all sorts of excuses for why he gave Clemmons an early prison release, but it was an utterly foolish decision on his part!

    • jeffaral

      That black Christian killed four 0ff-duty officers??!!   I now a devout Christian – his name is George Dubya-  who mass murdered millions of innocent people!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Since it was cops, what is the problem?

      • Bannister

        I am HOPING that comment was meant sarcastically. Otherwise, that means you think that all cops are bad and it’s ok if a black man kills a white cop with a family. 
        And I don’t think that’s what you meant. 

  • The__Bobster

    Hucksterbee set up a Mexican consulate in the Arkansas state house so the the local squat monsters could easily obtain consular cards.

    Chao said he couldn’t arrange to send the mobile consulate every three months but would try to visit a few times in 2008. However, the consul did point out that the new Mexican consulate in Little Rock is there because the Arkansas state government (Mike Huckabee, governor) actually requested its establishment. So Chao suggested that the governor of Oklahoma could make the same request.

  • APaige

    Republicans need to appeal to white middle and lower class. Use race as a fact-affirmative action, crime, etc-never be afraid of the truth.

  • OlderWoman

    Remember he’s a Southern Baptist. They’ve now elected a black, Fred Luter, as president of the church. Luter is, I believe, a contemporary of Jeremiah Wrights. I know that church panders to blacks because they are losing white membership. Luter believes in social justice. Southern Baptist is denouncing it’s past racism when what it’s really doing is becoming politically correct. They’re part of the one-world government. Waiting for Luter to loot the denomination. Sooner or later he’ll play the race card. Wait for it.

    • jack ryan


      The anti White Leftists are completing their “long march” through our formerly prosperous, White institutions like Ivy League Universities such as Harvard and Yale.

      The Southern Baptists have gone over to the enemy. That’s life.

      We need lots of bumper stickers saying:

      “It ain’t your grandfather’s Southern Baptist Church”

      And then put out strong propaganda that the new Southern Baptist is the same as Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology and also (covertly) supports queer marriage, mass Muslim immigration, everything Conservative White Southern Christians hate.

    • StillModerated

       Ha ha ha! Fred Looter!

    • Little Rock

      This was said by Huckabee after the win and had nothing to do with electing Obama or the the black from NOLA and besides who would have know Obama would steal another term. Huckabee is a southern conservative white and not who you want to discard like a liberal democrackhead.  He was shell shocked and called for full support of Romney. The whole problem was Eye of Newt coming out and running his mouth and others picked on it in the spur of the moment.
      Monday AM quarterbacking is no good. Too many perfect people in here who want to throw the baby out with the bath water. 
      Wise up. You dont need to anger good whites and AR went for Romney and always goes for the conservative mainly because of Huchabee.


    Huckabee is out of his skull. Remember when he was running for office and despite the heavy Christian narrative, it was revealed his son, as a youth, tied up dogs and tortured them to death. Huckabee bequeaths such things to the rest of us. “Minority outreach” is just the latest gift. 

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Jemimastein, that is the funniest screen name I ever seen.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The old Huckster likes to present himself as a ‘compassionate conservative’ type. He likes his role as racial empathizer, and all-around folksy good guy. But he’s essentially another big government Republican who is always ready to help the poor ‘minorities’ at the expense of middle-class Whites.

  • Bud

    All these Republican, pseudo-conservative crooks are worried about is keeping their con game going,  that is to say keeping the money spigot flowing into their pockets,  there’s no concern over the state of the nation or Western civilization.  As if we should sacrifice ourselves for their well-being.  You knew the end game was near when they had to resort to starting wars overseas to keep themselves in power, it’ll be interesting to see how these Republican con men try to spin the now indisputable demographic disaster, and whether the brain-dead Free Republic types will still pretend to believe the con.  

  • Bobby

    Just think about it. This is has been give or take a few degrees of weirdness, your typical Republican politician. And European-Americans who vote Republican overwhelmingly can’t seem to grasp this. Why don’t clueless white Republicans just vote for Luis Farrakan? He wouldn’t be worse, probably better than your Huckabee type Republican. Unbelievable.

  • Another pandering RINO idot.

  • jack ryan

    It might sound bad, but the Romans might have had a point throwing certain “Christians” like Mike Huckabee to the lions.

    Mike the Huckster Huckabee personifies almost everything I can stand about the post 1990s Christian Religious Right GOP.

    The Huckster presents himself a “man of the people”, standing up for traditional Christian American “family values”. He made his last presidential campaign on a not so subtle crusade to “keep America Christian”, put the “Christ” back in Christmas. Religious Right senile forces like those led by Pat Robertson backed Mike Huckabee because they were obsessed, OBSESSED in stopping the nomination of Mitt Romney who was “horrors of horrors” from a not really Christian church/cult the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – THE MORMONS.

    All the time, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee ran his state pandering to Agribusiness leaders who wanted sub minimum wage Hispanic illegal alien workers and Huckabee balanced supporting the neo Slave business power by making lots of speeches to state Hispanics, promising them that their rough working times (as sub minimum wage) slaves was just temporary and that they should look forward to TAKING OVER the state, the South from White Southern guys like him and he was perfectly happy to be dispossessed and have Hispanics take over politics in Arkansas, the South, the US.

    The key with traitors like Mike Huckabee is that they haven’t been forced to pay any real personal punishment for their treason to our/their people on immigration, crime, racial dispossession. 

    They’re rich, Huckster still has Fox commentator job and Conservative Inc. the (still White) Christian Religious Right still pushes him off as one of their “leaders” against the gosh darn liberals, and now against those gosh darn RACISTS.

    Huckabee represents a classic type of White American traitor – the “Truckler” from lower class background who goes with the flow (where the flow is strongly anti White) for the purpose of advancing his political career, his personal wealth.

    It is absolutely essential that we see that “trucklers” like Mike Huckabee and LBJ do not personally profit from their treason to our people.

    When the likes of Mike Huckabee and LBJ have to earn a living cutting up chickens at sub minimum wage with the violent, low IQ Hispanics they claim to love, well, things change…. for the better.

    We need now to take Mike Huckabee down and out, punish him for his treason to our people. 

    • This is why I will never grok why Huckabee was so attracted to our campaign, and why we reciprocated.  The reason I came out for Todd the first day he announced way back in May of last year, and jumped at the chance to work in his camp, was because of his skepticism of foreign adventurism (not perfect, but great by the standards of the universe of people that have can seriously become U.S. Senators), and his A+ immigration grade from N-USA.  Huckabee is the antithesis of that:  Invite the world, invade the world, and invite the world some more.

      “Oh, but southwest and south central, the parts of the state that border Arkansas,” I heard.  Yeah, but you didn’t need Huck to get their votes in the primary then the general, you just needed the right issues, immigration restriction among them because some Southwest Missouri towns are becoming Indo.  Maybe Huck’s endorsement of us and his appearance in our pre-primary buys helped us beat Rolla resident Sarah Steelman in territory that should have been a lock for her, but even that wasn’t necessary because she beat herself more than anyone defeated her.

    • Memphomaniac

      Not enough lions to go around and too many Liberal Christian progressives. Might be better to do like the Romans and decorate the roadsides with big wooden crosses instead. There is plenty of wood and it is our more renewable resource. Color code them this time so we will know what crime they commited. Red for murder. Blue for Liberal. Yellow for treason. Pink for homosexual. Green for radical environmentalist.  Any Legionaires out there?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “jack ryan wrote – It might sound bad, but the Romans might have had a point throwing certain “Christians” like Mike Huckabee to the lions.”

      The Christians back then were the same as the Bolsheviks in Russia in the early 1900s: The Christians back then were pure communists. Christianity has morphed into a more white religion, in the past 2000 years, by copying European Pagan rituals. Christmas has nothing to do with a Christ: It is the Winter Solstice which occurs around Dec 22 when the days start to get longer: Rebirth of the sun with a U and not an O. Easter is a celebration of the goddess Eshtar; the goddess of fertility. Almost all race will interpret Christianity to their religious psych. Blacks belief in Christianity is very similar to their belief in Voodoo Mumbo-Jumbo. Mexicans beleif in Christianity is similar to their Aztec gods.

  • skara_brae

    Huckabee is a bass-player. That’s all you need to know.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       I think he looks more like an organ blower.

  • MrGJG

    Like most “conservatives” today,  Mr. Huckabee either doesn’t get it or refuses to admit it. As long as the Republican party is thought of as the white party,  they will never get the minority vote. It doesn’t matter if we put Cain, Jindal, or Rubio on the ticket. When it comes to the Republican party minorities are voting against the people who do the voting – white people.

  • jeffaral

    Typical christian conservative.  We should do like the Romans did: trow them to the lions!

  • Nicholai Hel

    Didn’t Chuckles release a dangerous criminal who thereupon killed 4 policemen in a donut hut?

    Fooled me once. Shame on me.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      The guy looks like a murderer.

  • Tampa Nugget

    Known older white males are being  monitored like a hawk by the media seeking some percieved racist comment to broadcast around the world for use against whites aka Republicans. If this is the best they could get out of him it is harmless.
    Be wise as serpents. The vipers tried to trick the peasant messiah many times but he percieved their chicanery and answered wisely espec with the tax matter where he said give unto Caesar what is Caesars and to the divine what is his. Harmless. Everything an older white male utters will be scrutinized. Be smarter than these snakes.

    When the 25 Red States split from the Blue States and form their own separate nation it is noteworthy that it will be a “diverse” Red States nation and they all will have jobs and pay a small amount of taxes but they are free to immigrate to the socialism nation run by King Obama who will be declared a lifetime monarch of blue blood royalty.  Only problem once the forfeit their citizenship to the Red Nation it cannot be regained.

  • potato78

    “Huckabee Slams GOP on Minority Outreach.”

    Now Huckabee had given GOP right punch even GOP has not ready to outreach minority. this is called “preemptive strike”.

    Dem party already had given GOP left punch because Dem party has outreached minorities and taken the white house.

    What is GOP going to do? 

  • dd121

    If the Republicans think they can out pander the Democrats for votes they’re sadly mistaken.  Not only will they lose their conservative base, the darks won’t vote for them anyway.  In the mean time the white middle class is abandoned by the Republicans.  We are headed toward a one party system.  The darks will always vote 90% Democrat regardless of how the Republicans attempt to win them over.  The only chance of blocking some of the totalitarian agenda of the left is a greater appeal to whites in hopes of keeping control of the house or senate.   I know this is pretty pathetic but what else can we do?

    The Dems set mass immigration in motion is the 1960s.  They knew where is would lead.  The Republicans put up little opposition mainly because the consequences were far in the future.  Well, the future is here now.

    • Memphomaniac

      “I know this is pretty pathetic but what else can we do?”

      We CAN stop thinking that we can get rid of traitors and tyrants by voting against them. We CAN stop thinking that there is a peaceful way to stop an invasion by millions of invaders. We CAN admit that we have not done enough to protect our homes and our families and our country. We CAN stop taking our eye off the ball and keep getting distracted from the single issue that threatens the continued existence of this once-great nation. These things we CAN do.

  • Memphomaniac

    Mike Huckabee is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party. I knew him before he was elected to public office, in fact, I helped him run for Lt. Governor of Arkansas back in the early 1990s. Huck is a Liberal, like so many others in the clergy, he draws his Liberalism from the New Testament and adds a big serving of egalitarian nonsense…..”we are all God’s children”. Here in Arkansas, the Republican party is not the conservative party, the Democrats are actually more conservative. The Republican party came to Arkansas with Withthorp Rockefeller…..yes, they are Rockefeller Republicans…..RINOs by any other name and some of the most progressive and Liberal thinking politicians in the state belong to the Republican party. Yes, Huckabee is a Baptist preacher and he sees politics as an extension of his ministry. What we get from all of this is highly predictable….progressive Liberalism under the guise of Christian ministry. We have seen this many times before and it is no surprise that Huckabee would be leading the charge of those who would surrender to the Democrats. He should switch parties and be happier.

  • If Mike Huckabee wants to pander to illegal invading hordes, he should simply switch parties. He will find plenty of those who will embrace his desires….

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Huckabee is a farce and a whiny circus clown. He is another Republican that cares only about himself. I sometimes listen to his nonsense on the radio, and I don’t think I
    have heard a mainstream radio personality whine more than him. He thinks the Republican party and a false image is more important than honesty or integrity. If you look at his website, there are more Israeli flags than American flags.

  • Johnny Clay

    The GOP has reached out to minorities, but the minorities have spit in their hands every time.

  • you join the party, the party doesn’t join you

  • Jim

    Huckabee is a farce. AS GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS  HE PARDONED TWICE AS MANY CONVICTS  AS THE THREE PREVIOUS ARK. GOVERNORS COMBINED!!!! (One of those Governors was Clinton.) OVER 1000 CONVICTS LET GO. One of them went up to the Pacific N.W. and murdered five police officers.

    So why is this guy preaching to us? He’s a politician, that’s why!!

  • potato78

    “Republican leaders should look at California and shudder,” says Steve Schmidt,
    who managed John McCain’s 2008 campaign and anchored former Republican
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s re-election team in 2006. “The two-party
    system has collapsed.”–election.html

  • rebelcelt

    Huckabee always needs the approval of the elites. He can never be the leader of us.

  • Vegastrip

    Huckabee only makes new in the media because he is an OWM as otherwise he is obviously insignificant on the national scene. But we know the media is hot on the trail of any OWM of any noteworthy to plaster racism on the front pages like the serpents they are.
    psst … Huckabee is nothing and never has been … He is just a target now  and must toe the line or he will be completely destroyed by the snakes.

  • StillModerated

    Once a conservative gets a TV show, he immediately jumps the shark.

  • Disque123944

    Then why give the idiot credibility?  By printing his trash dosent say much for the blog owner either.

  • Huckabee (lead guitar) and Clinton (saxaphone) need to form a Tex-Mex “banda de la mala muerte”–noisy low talent honky tonk band that plays in dives with bouncers and metal detectors  behind chicken wire screens

  • Eurobeing


    White Peoples Party

    • Pawcatch

      There have been certain instances where even non-cuban hispanics have voted republican,although they are uncommon.However,hispanics. do not vote over90% dem as the blacks do.So I think it’s very possible for Hispanics to vote republican if they simply move to the left on fiscal issues and endorse AA specifically for Hispanics only.

  • WR_the_elder

    As governor of Arkansas Huckabee has supported using tax payer funds to pay for benefits for illegal aliens.  He said it was the Christian thing to do.  Apparently Christianity requires that you reward law breakers with other people’s money.  Somebody please point to the  part of the gospels where Jesus says that.

    I have seen a number of news articles since the election in which Republicans, as always The Stupid Party, have decided that their big mistake was being too hard on illegal immigrants.  They must now favor illegal alien amnesty in order to get that ever growing Hispanic vote.  Of course, had the Republicans been stricter about enforcing immigration law over the past 30 years, instead of kowtowing to the the cheap labor lobby  there wouldn’t be so many Hispanics here for the Republicans to worry about getting on their side.  In any case, even if the Republicans come out all in favor of illegal alien amnesty the newly amnestied citizens will vote 70% for Democrats, ensuring the permanent marginalization of the Republican party.  White people may be skeptical of Big Government but blacks and Hispanics love it.  They love all that free stuff from white tax payers, and the numerous affirmative action civil service jobs.

    It never occurs to the Republicans that they might get more votes by favoring less war, opposing the ever growing police state (the TSA, the Patriot Act, the NSA spying on all our internet and phone traffic, etc.), upholding the Bill of Rights, and being a bit more pro environment.  All we get from the current crop of Republicans are promises of more tax cuts for the top quarter of the population, at a time when the deficit easily exceeds $1 trillion a year, and promises of more war.  Nobody with any sense could possibly believe that any of the candidates other than Ron Paul was serious about slashing the deficit.  No wonder even Obama could beat them.