CCSF Students, Faculty Protest Cuts

Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, November 15, 012

Hundreds of chanting, singing and loudly passionate students and faculty rallied at City College of San Francisco on Thursday to protest a new austerity measure they say will threaten diversity studies at their school, which is fighting to remain accredited.

“We need ethnic studies!” student Olewasami Brown told the crowd of about 200 gathered on the college plaza under rare sunshine in the fog belt. “How many of you have ever heard of Melanesia?” When no one recognized the Oceanic region of his birth, Brown called out, “I thought so! Which is why we need ethnic studies here!”

But college officials insist that diversity studies—including the departments of Women’s Studies, LGBT, Interdisciplinary Studies and Labor and Community Studies—are not in jeopardy.

They say their $2 million cost-cutting move to consolidate groups of departments under one umbrella “school” is no threat to such classes, and that the true motive of the protest is anger that the shakeup will require many faculty members to spend more time in the classroom and give up thousands of dollars of extra pay.

“It’s a cynical thing,” said John Rizzo, president of the Board of Trustees, which voted last month to dismantle a long-time but expensive system in which the chairs of academic departments teach fewer classes and receive a stipend to do administrative work.

“No one in the administration is saying we’re going to lose these diversity programs,” he said. “We treasure them. But I can understand why the department chairs are opposing it. It’s people trying to protect their salaries.


City College has more than 60 academic departments, often with fewer than 10 instructors. Asian American Studies has nine instructors. Asian Studies has two. Philippine Studies has three. Each has its own chair, released from teaching at least one class to do scheduling, program reviews and other tasks that other colleges hand to deans.

The system was called out as too expensive by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, which said in July that the college of 86,000 students must become an efficiently run institution to remain accredited and in business.

As part of the college’s effort to comply by the March 15 deadline, trustees voted in October to replace most of the chairs with eight deans to oversee departments grouped into “schools.” All departments, not just those with diversity courses, will take part, college officials said.

Although details of the new system are still to be negotiated with the Department Chair Council, a labor union representing the chairs, the plan approved by the trustees would, for example, bring 13 departments, including those with diversity studies, under one school with the unwieldy title of “Behavioral Science/Social Science/Multi-Cultural Studies.”

One person, not 13, would take care of administrative duties.


Edgar Torres, chair of the Latin American and Latino Studies Department, took a microphone and told the crowd, “Diversity departments are critical for student success!”

African American Studies chair Tarik Farrar said, “The attack on the diversity departments is the first step! When you cut back salaries and cut benefits, you turn out cheap products!”


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  • Puggg

    They shouldn’t worry. Colleges everywhere are demonstrating that when the rubber hits the road, real academics get cut and diversity and studies bureaucracies get more money.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Suggesting that Diversity participate in “shared sacrifice” is a racist construct.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “Diversity departments are critical for student success.”

    Strangely, I managed to graduate with a degree in chemistry without having wasted my time or tuition money taking even one “diversity” course.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I’m still trying to figure out how the US became the richest, freest and most powerful nation during its first 200 years without diversity courses- or diversity itself, for that matter.

      It’s a real head-scratcher…

      • The__Bobster

        The US became the richest, freest and most powerful nation during its first 200 years because we DIDN’T have diversity courses. We were more concerned with real learning.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          And making lots and lots of money!

    • Cyb

      We need to expand the black studies to have 300,000 professors each. The black welfare problem will now be solved.

    • Liberalusuck

      I wasted my money and time having to take multiculturalism and diversity classes. Did nothing but leave the whites in the classroom more brainwashed, hating the West, broker and not being able to find good jobs.

  • Nanook

    I googled “Olewasami Brown”, he has only been arrested for selling rock cocaine and passing bad checks. Not bad for a 35 year old ‘student’.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      It turns out I know exactly where Melanesia is, and I regard the place as irrelevant. Evidently Olewasami does as well, as he has decided to inflict his presence on San Francisco.

      • OlderWoman

        San Francisco thrives on this junk.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The gay bath-house scene worked out for them so well in the early 1980s, after all!

    • Sam

      Wow, good one! Lucky for him he has a nigh-unique name. I also looked and he was indeed arrested for selling crack at a homeless camp in Fresno. I guess he’s a socialist with other peoples’ money but a capitalist and an entrepreneur when he’s not living off the kindness of taxpayers. Now he’s protesting that San Francisco taxpayers maybe, just maybe, want to slightly reduce the amount of money his worthless “professors” are “earning” by “teaching”. (Sorry about all the quote marks.)

      Why oh why do sane people (white taxpayers) tolerate any of this. Mr. Brown here should be placed on the next one-way flight (or boat?) to Micronesia, and we should be rid of him. Instead we pay him to protest, and he probably gets to vote.

      I’m so frustrated and angry and feel like there’s nothing I can do about this. I feel like the only end to this madness is total financial collapse of the United States, when China decides it doesn’t want to pay for Angel Adam’s 17th welfare baby and Olewasami Brown’s “degree”, and the gov’t starts printing money, and then money becomes worthless, and then finally white gun owners with big stashes of ammo and gold be in an advantageous position.

      • Sam

        Replying to myself here, I also found he’s got a Federal criminal case against him, and his co-defendants Demarcus Burnett and Larry Oneal Walker. From the names I assume they are black (Demarcus certainly). It doesn’t say what the case is but you don’t get a Federal criminal case for something like getting caught with a doobie.

        What a winner that guy is! We pay for his degree, we pay for his public defender, we pay him to protest that we’re not paying him enough. If he hates America so much he should be sent back to his native island of Vanuatu where he can live in his natural condition of ignorance and poverty.

        I hope he reads this post on Amren. Mr. Brown, your kind is not immune and untouchable. Your game will not go on forever.

        • IstvanIN

          Why do I think that they really don’t want Oleosandwich Brown back in Melanoma?

          • Sam

            In my fantasy world we will use drone technology to facilitate repatriations. We would get a boat of some kind, install a remote control (drone) mechanism, and put Mr. Brown and all of his friends on it, and then send it back to his beautiful island of Vanuatu by remote control. We give it enough fuel to go only one way. If Vanuatu doesn’t want the boat there it can have the responsibility for sinking it, but we’re not to blame.

            Many of the “refugees” in Europe “can’t” be returned home because their home countries have no deportation agreements. Why should Somalia accept its own citizens back? Therefore these African governments don’t enter into deportation agreements, or else they make it bureaucratically impossible to do a real deportation from Europe.

            Again my drone solution would work. Put a set of refugees on a drone glider (like the gliders used to land some troops in Europe in WWII) and land it in an open field in Somalia and then let Somalia deal with it. They can take advantage of the scrap materials from the glider, think of it as a tip.

            I also found more pictures of Mr. Brown. He’s a Hawaiian dancer of some kind. A 35 year old man, selling crack, protesting, and studying Hawaiian dance, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

            I would think that even liberals could figure out, this isn’t viable. But I would be wrong – plenty of liberals would think he just needs more “help” (taxes).

            And now thanks to Obamacare we’ll also need to give him first-world quality healthcare for life, regardless of his drug use or other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

            Our treasure, which is our civilization, which took hundreds of years to build, is being thrown to savages within the space of a generation.

            Mr. Brown, your game has gone on for a long time but will not go on forever.

      • It is a prerequisite that you have a felony conviction before you can get tenure in the black studies department of a given university.

  • APaige

    These “Majors” are the education establishments easy way of obtaining a diverse instructor pool. Does anyone know how hard it is to find a black PhD in physics? And if you can imagine the lectures” “Yo you muthas think light speed be fast..shhht tat be nutin to da speed of darkness”. Black power! The Universe be all black.

    • Sam

      There is a National Society of Black Physicists with a website and a few posts. I assume they have a dozen members. So yeah, there are probably a dozen black physics professors out there. Maybe once a decade there’s a top-tier black science professor found somewhere in the world, although not a single black has ever been at the genius level in sciences (never has a black won a Nobel Prize in any science, or the equivalent Fields Medal in math).

      If universities went on merit, their professors would be picked from the top < 10% of their graduating students, so there would be almost no NAM professors anywhere. You are correct, the entire reason for having these diversity departments it because otherwise there would be no NAM faculty members. They also put NAM professors into can't-fail departments like education, sociology, etc. All those departments can and should be closed, and the professors should be able to re-apply for university positions, in the janitorial services department.

      • Bantus have won 4 Nobel Peace Prizes (Bunche, Luthuli, King and Tutu), two Literature prizes (Angelou and Soyinka – the only Bantu from an entire continent) and none in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine or Economics.

        • Sam

          The Peace prizes are a joke. They just gave it to the EU, which is a genocidal socialist cancer dedicated to eradicating whites from Europe. Sorry, EU bureaucrats, did I just say that?

          As for the two Bantus who won the Literature prize, I always wonder, did they have ghost writers? In high school, we (naturlich) had to read Invisible Man by black author Ralph Ellison. In my memory of it, the writing was quite good. Did he really write that, or did he have massive help from editors / ghost writers? St. MLK is known to have plagiarized his thesis. What about the other top black authors? Whenever I hear blacks speaking without a script, it tends to be like rap lyrics, more about sound and flow than about coherent thought.

        • IstvanIN

          Don’t forget dear leaders Nobel Prize.

  • IstvanIN

    A two year community college should have only two major focuses: 1) to prepare students for a four year college by offering 1st and 2nd year course work in math, English, the sciences, major foreign languages and history; or 2) course work that will lead to an associate degree in an identifiable trade. Anything else is a waste of time.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      There’s a trap in using a CC to prepare for work at a four year university: with all of the easier general education requirements out of the way, the students end up at universities with course loads packed with the more difficult “gut” classes for their majors.

      In the case of the group at this protest, I’d say that their demands for the feel-good “fluff” classes they love so much is a solid – if accidental – admission on their part that they aren’t any great shakes at academic work.

      • IstvanIN

        To your first point: if a student were to take 2 years of higher math and 2 years of physics at a CC they could then move on to engineering courses at a 4 year school. I never advocated taking just “gut” courses, which is what we called fluff when I was in college, but a normal course load of core curriculum courses as well as electives.

        I agree with your second paragraph. Studying “Micronesia” should be a masters level type of study. That is where you usually specialize in something and make a really deep study of it. I have interviewed numerous “African/Black/Afro-American Studies” majors and they are, for the most part, not very bright.

      • SLCain

        California used to have some really good community colleges. The quality of instruction in math, sciences, and engineering were the equal of most of the state universities. It was quite common for students to take their lower division technical courses there before going on to a UC, or Cal-state, or Cal-poly school. California’s community colleges were one of the finest achievements of (white) post-war America.

        I suspect that the quality of those institutions has declined a great deal owing to “diversity”, X-studies, and other fashionable twaddle.

  • Forget about college except for engineering, medicine, law, etc. Concentrate on preparing your children for the real world by giving them a marketable trade. Trai them from a very young age. Give them chores commencerate with their age and make sure they do them correctly. This is education. Not sitting listening to someone spout off about nonsense.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I am familiar with CCSF. They are the typical whining crybabies that we all know so well.

    On the other side of the tube (Oakland) there is another college. I attached a picture of a poster that is hanging on the wall in the cafeteria/student-center.

    if you can’t see it, this is what it says:

    At a cross-roads
    A call to Patriotism
    blacks have sailed the
    seven seas in the defense
    of America’s dream and
    history has shown that
    wouldn’t dream of crossing
    the street in the defense
    of the poor black folk…


    Does our step-forefathers
    even care about
    us – KATRINA.

    P.S. Americans would not cross the street to help black folks because there is a 98% chance they would get mugged, rapped, or murdered.

    • OlderWoman

      Who cares about them. Nothing we do helps them. They’re wholly incompetent. I don’t trust any of them. They’re just too dense to do any better than they do. It’s the best they can do. Which means they are a do-nothing race. Always has been, always will be.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We have been told over again to “Butt out” and that defending blacks from their own laziness, incompetance and viciousness is patronizing, racist and morally wrong.

      What about Katrina? Mayor Nagin was black and refused to use the city school buses to evacuate people. Those same “folk” didn’t prepare. I live in Colorado, where we will never have a hurricane, and I keep clean tap water in 1.75 L juice bottles we have washed out for my family – a month’s worth – just in case, in the basement. I even have a supply of empty clean juice bottles, boxed in the garage, because these could be moved quickly and easily, as they weigh almost nothing, or filled here quickly with more tapwater in the event of a not-sudden emergency. We also have plenty of dry non-perishables – also stored in clean 1.75 L juice bottles: rice, mixed dry beans, lentils, split peas, and pasta, as well as some packages of Saltine-type crackers and peanut butter. We also have: air rifle pellets (.177″, .22″ and .25″ caliber) plus arrows, crossbow bolts, and .375″ Belgian bullet crossbow pellets for taking rabbits, pigeons, and deer.

      It seems to me that someone who lives below sea-level in an area known to have tropical cyclonic storms ought to think for him- or herself just a little bit, and make some preparations.

      The refrain on the part of the “folk” is that they are always excused from thinking ahead, and that we must take care of them forever. Ordinarily, people like this would be considered children, and would not be allowed to vote, occupy political offices or law-enforcement positions.

      • I have 2 months of food stored but never thought about WATER.

        Thank you.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The best way to store water is in 1.75 L juice bottles. Most of these, including 500 ml “Gatorade” bottles use the same plastic screwcaps. A full 1.75 L bottle is easy to move. You can always use the water a year later on plants and then replace it from your kitchen tap, so this strategy costs absolutely nothing.

          If you wash out the bottles that V-8 and things of that nature are packaged in, you will soon have a supply of containers with interchangeable screwtops.

          For everything we buy here, we preserve half.

          • Thank you. I have been throwing out usable bottles while stocking food that would require water.

      • Michael C. Scott, remember we are talking about Bantus here. Hurricanes and earthquakes are unknown on their mother continent, so they don’t have any idea of what TF to do when confronted with things like that.

        Nagin gave the infamous order for New Orleans pigs to go door to door to confiscate guns from homeowners when Katrina hit, though he NEVER admitted as such. I’m kinda glad that happened in a way, because it gave the lie to the gun-grabbing motherfu***rs who kept telling us, “The government won’t take away your guns.”

        Yeah, right.

        • IstvanIN

          But dey hab bin libin here fo fo hunert years, dey has seen hurrycanes befo.

      • It seems to me that someone who lives below sea-level in an area known to have tropical cyclonic storms ought to think for him- or herself just a little bit, and make some preparations.

        The refrain on the part of the “folk” is that they are always excused from thinking ahead, and that we must take care of them forever. Ordinarily, people like this would be considered children, and would not be allowed to vote, occupy political offices or law-enforcement positions.


      • Pat

        Water purifying tablets from camping shops might be an idea.

    • gemjunior

      They really truly do believe that’s the way it is. It’s US who are preying on them in their stupidity. Not feeding, housing and educating them, putting them first in line for placement in nearly everything, and (not me but many stupid whites) falling over themselves to help negros. They have to be stupid to believe that crap in the face of all the reality that is manifest and yet continue to believe they are oppressed. That poster is sickening, truly amazing and absolutely sickening. Those years of slavery were dearly bought by our nation. The problems spawned by the importing of African slaves have grown exponentially since then, mushrooming into the present deadly situation. The only way to save ourselves is to export them. Home.

  • The__Bobster

    African American Studies chair Tarik Farrar said, “The attack on the diversity departments is the first step! When you cut back salaries and cut benefits, you turn out cheap products!”

    No, inferior raw material is responsible for cheap products.

  • Sam

    “Diversity departments are critical for student success!”

    Really? Is that why students coming out of CalTech and MIT are such failures, because those schools don’t have “diversity departments” (or, in the situation described in this article, a diversity of diversity departments)? I now understand completely why Japan and South Korea are such backwards, undeveloped countries. None of their universities offer diversity studies.

    African American Studies chair Tarik Farrar said, “The attack on the diversity departments is the first step! When you cut back salaries and cut benefits, you turn out cheap products!”

    Professor Farrar, you probably think everyone in the world is a fool, but that’s not true. You know, deep down, that all of your “academic” results are worthless, all of your classes are meaningless garbage. The difference between a top-notch class in African American studies and a bottom-tier class is… exactly nothing. And you know that. As do we. The only people who don’t are San Francisco taxpayers apparently.

  • SLCain

    The only purpose for African-American Studies Departments is to provide sinecures for black “intellectuals” like this one:

    And, by the way, if Damon Wayans ever taught a college course, I would take it.

  • When you allow garbage like African American Studies chair Tarik Farrar to be instructors:

    “The attack on the diversity departments is the first step! When you cut back salaries and cut benefits, you turn out cheap products!”

    You really do turn out cheap products. Welcome to the City College of Chicago.

  • Yourmomma

    Is it diversity studies or perhaps day care center? Where have my tax follars been going? Huh?