Bush’s Commerce Sec: English Shouldn’t Be Government’s Official Language

Tony Lee, Breitbart, November 14, 2012

Republican Carlos Gutierrez, the Secretary of Commerce for George W. Bush’s second term, said English should not be the official language of the U.S. government on Sunday.

Speaking on a panel on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gutierrez said Republicans should lead on “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act, while getting rid of “things like English as the official language of government.”

Gary Bauer, also on the panel to discuss the road ahead for the Republican party, jumped in and claimed Gutierrez was spouting nonsense.

“Seventy-five percent of the American people believe that English, sir, is the official language of the United States,” Bauer said. “I don’t understand why you would jettison 75% . . .  in the idea that it’s going to get you votes.”

Carlos Gutierrez

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  • Triarius

    Does anyone think Carlos has America’s interest at heart over his own people? The crap that flows from his mouth makes me think that this dialogue took place on Opposite Day.

  • Republican Carlos Gutierrez, the Secretary of Commerce for George W.
    Bush’s second term, said English should not be the official language of
    the U.S. government on Sunday.

    He was joined by the Secretary of State for Barack H. Obama who wants Ebonics to be that official language.


  • Oil Can Harry

    Senor Gutierrez feels Spanish should be the official language.

    • mobilebay

      And I feel Senor Gutierrez should get in the ever increasing line to head south. It’s getting longer every day, and filled with traitors masquerading as Americans. What in heaven’s name has happened to this country? Or rather, to many of its inhabitants.

  • crystal evans

    Are we going to be like Canada with two official languages? English for much of Canada and French for Quebec.

  • potato78

    Republican, Carlos Gutierrez, how can he say that?

    “English should not be the official language of the U.S. government on Sunday”

    Where is his mind? He would like every american speak Spanish or French?

    Carlos Gutierrez is of Spanish and French descent.

    • Pelayo

      Makes one wonder why he escaped Cuba. He wasn’t pleased with the government of “el Comandante”? But now he wants EEUUA to be another Cuba.

    • mobilebay

      Looks like a traitor to me!

    • What? Spanish – French decent? The man is Cuban and sent his liffe in Mexico….. Have you seen his wife? Pleease!

    • Guittierrez: Spanish and French.

      Geraldo: Spanish and Russian.

      These clowns, God these clowns are essentially white, but they prounce around like professional Mexicans and have a vendetta against America and whites.

      • crystal evans

        Geraldo Rivera is of Hungarian and Puerto Rican decent.

        • IstvanIN

          He is not Hungarian. His mother was a Jew, Ashkenazi from Russia. Ethnic Hungarians are Christian.

    • glad you did you research. As you can see, Im right. His wife is the joke of the town. Gutierez’s whole family is the joke of the town – DC. They are called the ‘Guteirrez Pretenders’……….. its really not nice but they well deserve it. They speak of Hispanics as if they were not. BTW: Maybe Gutierrez wants to fix imigration now so his daugjters future mother inlaw ( Bolivian golddiiger ) can return to the US being that, shes granted “special” entrance because shes is a convicted FELON- COCAINE TRAFFICKING…All DC knows it! ..Maybe Gutierrez wants to fix her papers ( and past ) too. LOL.

  • preparationHbomb

    Gutierrez is a wishful-thinking idiot. English has ALWAYS been the dominant language of the USA and it always will be. If Hispanics want to be in this country, they can damn well learn English; all other immigrants have, and the hard fact is, if they don’t, they’ll be relegated to digging ditches for a living. Get over it, Gutierrez! Or, as you’ll always be known to me, “Pendejo!”

    • Pelayo

      He reminds me of a fair skinned Charlie Rangel. There’s a guy who’s been passing himself off as a “brutha” for all these years. ” pendejo” is a good adjective along with “infeliz”.

      • preparationHbomb

        Or “cerote!”

      • I agree. He is a brown nose. He was a brown nose to Romney or to any american who will have him as a token “Hispanic”. His wishes to pass as an american but he is not and is not considered so in Washington circles. His whole family is Mexican and his wife is the joke of the town for her attire and because SHE DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH although he has held high positions in the US for the past 30 years! He is in it for the money. Tip of another sort- He was CEO of Kellogs and is NOT welcomed in Battlecreek….had some problems there……..

      • can you believe this guy Gutierrez? Now hes everywhere saying he is shocked at what Romney said… spineless. He stood by the guy and now throws him under the bus as if he didnt know ? Come on! His whole family is ‘brown’ and he ,Gutierrez had them working for Romney! Pendejo? No. Infeliz does discribe him better. Know his forming a Pac…. that means more money in his pockets on the Latinos backs.

    • dukem1

      Problem is, they like digging ditches.

      • preparationHbomb

        I suppose there IS a need for ditches….

    • Gutierez’s whole family is the joke of the town – DC. They are called the ‘Guteirrez Pretenders’……….. its really not nice but they well deserve it. They speak of Hispanics as if they were not. BTW: Maybe Gutierrez wants to fix imigration now so his daughter’s future mother inlaw ( Bolivian gold digger ) can return to the US being that, shes granted “special” entrance because shes is a convicted FELON- COCAINE TRAFFICKING…All DC knows it! ..Maybe Gutierrez wants to fix her papers ( and past ) too. LOL.

  • anmpr1

    Might as well make it Chinese. That’s where the globalists have been taking us, anyway.

  • mobilebay

    It’s getting hard to find a true patriot, loyal to the United States, intent on following our laws, and respecting their oath of office in our own government. We somehow have wound up with politicians – it’s been a long time since we’ve had a true statesman – that puts his own country first. For some reason, after hundreds of years defending this nation, they have decided to surrender to a third world country who’ve overwhelmend us just be walking in and taking over.

    • The Verdict of History

      That “some reason” is abundantly clear…. 1.) Cultural Marxism, 2.) The legacy of the Neo-Marxist anti-Western Frankfurt School, 3..) Franz Boas’ Racial Egalitarianism, 4.) Globalism

      • Dan Reardon

        and 5.) Jon Engleman

  • fakeemail

    Just as loyal as Colin Powell, I see. The utter shamelessness with which hispanics hold Raza over America is astonishing. The only thing more astonishing is how such blatancy goes completely without reprimand.

    Expect the same and more from the likes of Marco Rubio.

    • JackKrak

      Yep. Amazing how proud they are of a race that has accomplished so much…….
      Latinos – so militantly proud of their countries that they left them to wash dishes in Miami and rake leaves in Orange County.

    • dhs

      America is now controlled by liberals and feminists. I don’t blame Powel or the hispanics for wanting to separate themselves from it.

  • Lorin

    The obvious intent of all Spanish speaking people is crystal clear: promote Spanish until it is on equal footing with English and then demand that Spanish become the official language of the United States.

    • The Verdict of History


      It is one of the most palpable ties we have with our ANGLO-SAXON heritage…

      FOREVER will I be proud of it — NO questions asked.

  • Yes not having an official “racist” language is a good thing. I know in an emergency that when I call 9-11 I can be relieved that the person on the other end speaks only Mandarin Chinese which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that diversity is our greatest strength.

    • The Verdict of History

      YOU awful RAYYYYYYCISSSssss!!

      Arabic and Hindi ought to be made the official languages of Europe and the United States!

  • I also encourage ALL NON WHITE immigrants to retain their own languages and please do not learn English. There is no better insurance policy to remaining a poor, useless, third world invader, than refusing to learn English!

  • Pelayo

    Instead of “early voting”,there should be a literacy test for everyone who registers to vote and part of the test should test their knowledge about who’s now in charge of the govt. Check out YouTube for Howard Stern’s interviews with the dreaded “average voters”. Howard’s interviewer asked one person if he thought that Obama’s choice of Paul Ryan for his running mate was a good idea. The guy felt that Obama knows what he’s doing; therefore the choice was OK.

  • How disgusting. “Win by going against the will of the majority of Americans”, sure. Gah, I can’t stand the Bushies. They need to GO AWAY. Or should I saw, adios!
    Bushie logic: “Heh, we’ll invade Saddam so we can bring America’s values to Middle Eastern countries like democracy!” But at the same time: “America’s values don’t matter, turn us into Mexico!”

  • puffdaddy

    The Bushes are evil incarnate. If Jeb Bush or his son run for president, we can kiss the GOP and conservatism goodbye forever.

    • When the GOP votes for amnesty, you can kiss the party good-bye. Conservatism will remain. It may be a political orphan, but it is as natural to our American nation as the air breathe and the water we drink.

      • puffdaddy

        Nominating another Bush and electing one of them is the same as voting for amnesty because it is the first thing they will do. Even someone like Ted Cruz is less of a risk in terms of amnesty.

  • Let’s see. If we give them amnesty and give up our quaint and thinly-veiled racist attachment to english, they’ll vote Republican.

    Is that the game plan?

  • rome

    Reagan was a friend to them and he got 30% both terms. Bush 41 was a friend to them and he got 30%. Bush 43 was a friend and he got 30% both terms. McCain was a friend and wanted to make them all legal and got 30%.

    The list is much longer before Reagan but furthur proves In all cases the liberals got 70% proving it does not matter how good you are to them as they will NOT vote for you. Its hilarious to heat liberals pretend to care in their guilt and suggest making friends with them knowing this is a farce.

    Never listen to advice from your enemy. Do the opposite. Obama is the AC. This is a no brainer. He was predicted to arrive about this time after the 21th century began. His mother was a white whore slut and his father was LU himself. Even the Vatican sniffs something big in the air and immediately came out with a proclamation after the election it would NEVER support sodomite marriage or sodomy as Obama has done to this nation and the world is following. Something is up and it smells a rat.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I think Carlos Gutierrez should stop smoking crack.

  • tampa bay

    Maybe Italian shouldn’t be the official tongue of Italy and change it to Mandarin or your ancestral home nation of Spain should change to English and France to Russian? What if Russia makes Swahili its official language or Mexico changes its back to east Asian before the Spanish arrived 500 yrs ago to change all that? The winner always dictates the future and history of who it defeats. Why not settle this whole deal and force the world to speak English and get this mutt out of the office and out of America and the west? Send him back to Kenya where he belongs.

    Hell everything in America is now in English and Spanish anyway is it not although granted they are both white European tongues although factually everything north of the border is still the British empire and south is the Spanish empire.

  • GM (Australia)

    According to official statistics there are about 300 million Chinese presently learning the English language at varying levels. Does anyone out there know if there is any thrust to have Spanish taught in Chinese schools or that it is even considered desirable or necessary for extensive learning of Spanish in that country. I think not. Obviously the Chinese know what language is just so important to know in today’s world..

    Print money and speak Spanish, isn’t that what goes on in most banana republics?

  • Cab

    I’m not far right like most of you. I must say I agree if Latinos don’t like English. They should head back to latin america. The USA isn’t for everyone.