Assessing How Pivotal the Hispanic Vote Was to Obama’s Victory

Allison Kopicki and Will Irving, New York Times, November 20, 2012

In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, there has been extensive discussion about the Republican Party’s failure to appeal to Hispanic voters, whether this failure was responsible—at least in part—for Mitt Romney’s defeat, and whether a change in immigration policy would be sufficient to shift the Latino vote rightward in the next election.


Looking at actual vote counts and the exit poll results from the recent election can provide insight into answering two important questions: First, was Mr. Obama’s electoral victory dependent on high Hispanic turnout and support from a large percentage of the Hispanic vote? And second, if the Hispanic vote did prove decisive in the outcome, how easy would it be for a Republican candidate to gain a significantly greater share than Mr. Romney in future elections, assuming the Republicans agree to some type of comprehensive immigration reform?


{snip} In states where polling data on the two candidates’ shares of the Hispanic vote were not available, we allocated the national Hispanic support level of 71 percent to Mr. Obama, and the remaining 29 percent to Mr. Romney.

By then removing the number of Hispanic votes from each candidate’s vote total and reallocating them back to the two candidates in order to equalize their total votes, one can determine what percentage of the Hispanic vote Mr. Obama needed to carry each of the key states. For example, in Wisconsin, 3,056,613 votes were cast, of which 4 percent, or 122,264 votes, were cast by Hispanics according to exit polls. Mr. Obama’s margin of victory in Wisconsin was over 200,000 votes—even if all Hispanics had voted for Mr. Romney instead of voting for Mr. Obama by more than two to one, he would have won the state.

Not unexpectedly, the Hispanic vote was also not decisive in Iowa or New Hampshire where Mr. Obama could have carried the states even if he had won none of the Hispanic vote whatsoever.

In Ohio, where the president received an estimated 54 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to exit poll data, we find he could have won the state with as little as 22 percent of the Hispanic vote, and in Virginia, where he received 64 percent of the Hispanic vote, we find that he could have carried the state with just over 33 percent.

It is also worth noting that in states that were not considered battleground territory, Mr. Obama could still have won without a majority of the Hispanic vote. In California, Mr. Obama took the state’s 55 electoral votes with 72 percent of the Hispanic vote, but could have won with as little as 25 percent. And in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), where Mr. Obama received an estimated 80 percent of the Hispanic vote, he could have still carried the state with just over 37 percent.

With these five swing states, along with the safe Democratic states that Mr. Obama should have carried regardless of the Hispanic vote, the president would have reached 283 electoral votes, winning the Electoral College without needing to win a majority of the Hispanic vote in each state.

In the remaining swing states—Nevada, Florida and Colorado—along with New Mexico, Mr. Obama did require a majority of the Hispanic votes cast in order to carry those states, although the shares he achieved still exceeded the threshold minimums he needed. In Colorado, where Mr. Obama received an estimated 75 percent of the Hispanic vote, we estimate that he could have won with just over 58 percent, and in Nevada, where he won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he could have carried the state with just under 54 percent. In the key battleground of Florida (29 electoral votes), Mr. Obama’s 60 percent share of the Hispanic vote was just above the 58 percent share required for victory in that state.

In New Mexico, Florida, Nevada and Colorado, slightly higher shares (but still less than a majority) of the Hispanic vote could have swung them to Mr. Romney, and this may well put these states in play in the next election if the Republican candidate and platform have broader appeal among Hispanic voters.


The exit poll results suggest that the Republicans’ assertion that Hispanics are socially conservative is not necessarily true.

Two-thirds of Hispanic voters said that abortion should be legal in most or all cases, compared with slightly more than half of white voters, according to exit poll results. Hispanics were also more liberal when it came to same-sex marriage, with 59 percent saying it should be legal in their state, compared with 51 percent of blacks and 47 percent of white voters.

Exit poll results also indicate that Hispanics are not necessarily racing to adopt the Republican platform of smaller government. Nearly 6 in 10 Hispanics said Mr. Obama’s health care law should be expanded or left as is, compared to about a third of white voters. And 57 percent of Hispanics said that government should be doing more to solve the problems of individuals, compared to 36 percent of whites. Hispanics, like the rest of the electorate, were also in favor of raising income taxes in order to reduce the federal deficit.


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  • 2 of 3 Hispanics vote Democrat.
    Net: 1 Democrat vote.

    That’s scalable.

    20 million of 30 million Hispanic immigrants will vote Democrat.
    Net: 10 million Democrat votes.

    • The__Bobster

      Tell that to the idiot Karl Rove.

  • Athling

    So if Hispanics had decided the election in favor of Obama the Republican response would be to invite even more of them into the country in the hope that they would vote Republican? Either way this misses the point. Whites are losing their country by demographic replacement and we’re arguing over how quickly this should be done. The idea should have been to keep Third Worlders out of the country and thereby maximizing the white vote. A little too late now though since non-white children outnumber white children.

    • Vonhauer

      Exactly. It makes little difference whether Hispanics were pivotal in this election. They will soon be the largest ethnic group in the country and will become pivotal. Its only a matter of a decade or so. The damage has been done and the Republicans still don’t get it.

      • Oh, they get it alright. I have sat in many planning meetings and volunteer groups that were trying to elect Republicans here in Florida. During my 40 years in politics we have gone from accepting the first waves of Cubans, very respectful folks and many would not take charity to a hispanic population that is every bit democrats than even democrats. Hands out, spit in our faces for being kind, pushing whites almost out of South Florida, cliqish- will fire a white or anglo as we are known in order to hire another of their own. And so on. The only good thing is they are not as criminal in behavior as the mexicans. So, the later generations of Cubans are now at least one-half the freeloader/liberal type. The rest of the hispanics, the Central Americans mostly were never interested in self motivation. They were first in line for government benefits. Now, the Republican establishment is living a dream, you know, the kind of folks that are well connected. They could give a crap about the rest of us that live with these demographic changes.

        They actually believe that the hispanic population is the same old Cubans from the 1961 airlift. Doesn’t matter that hispanic democrats elect the mayor and commission of Miami or that Florida has gone blue twice now. They live a pipe dream, unaware or uncaring that their core is suffering and dwindling. The Republican Party is dying and white people have hitched their wagon to hell horses. All of the national party figures are so steeped in political correctness that they will gobble whatever morsels are left, all the way to the end. In the meantime, we will compromise with the devil, we will grant amnesty to the illegal invaders. So what will be different than the first time in the 60s/70s or in the 80s? Each time we were promised this was it, yeah, just like Lenin promised. Our only hope is an awakened white conscience that will forcefully alter the landscape. Otherwise it is a choice between a slow death or an immediate one.
        Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no political solution, Republican or otherwise unless that a new party could gain control, against all odds and shut the border, send the illegals packing and reverse the entitlement culture. A dream nothing more.

        • danlieb7

          Ironically, one of the most important and powerful positions within the GOP has now been given to an Indian American – Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has just been elected as the President & Chairman of the all powerful RGA (Republican Governors Association).

          • Epiminondas

            This party no longer serves a useful purpose for whites. I say we abandon them while we have time.

        • A couple of days ago, I saw an article in Yahoo, about how the Republican party leadership is wringing its hands over what to do about California, and how can they improve their electoral showings, etc.

          They don’t realize it’s not the same California that elected Ronald Reagan governor – that was almost 50 years ago. In addition, don’t they understand that nominating an arch-conservative like a Goldwater type won’t work, anymore?

    • Sad Saffa.

      This is so sad for me living in South Africa and seeing the rapid decline in my country first hand and now seeing the once great superpower America go down the exact same route.
      Very sad.

      • We so much want to hear from South Afrikaans, the path you have taken and the current plight of whites in the entire region. Here in America this is an almost complete blackout by the media on the horrors of whites living among the blacks. Of course our citizens have been so brain washed by the socialists and political correctness that I doubt that even the many accounts of rape, torture and murder of white families and farmers in SA would move many. It truly is a world-wide illness that whites have succumbed to.

    • Mickey Meadows

      For 40 years after WWII the accepted British ethos was “managing decline”, the assumption being that decline was inevitable. Even if it was true in fact it was still a disease of the mind to think of things that way.

      But now the disease is across the European world. We are managing our own displacement and destruction. And all because we allowed another people to define us. Nothing is more important than to be the one doing the defining. It is the ultimately prize of war. And we just handed it over. Kinda.

    • Non white children do not outnumber white children. Non hispanic whites are now a plurality of births but there’s no shortage of hispanic whites.

  • The__Bobster

    Minutes after the election ended, the neocon moles crawled out of their holes to announce that we needed more mestizos here.

    Then they hauled out Reconquista Rubio as their new golden boy.

    • And the left are trying to Palinize him. Let’s hope they succeed.

      But that would leave Nimrata Randhawa and Piyush Jindal on deck.

  • None

    If this country really was a democracy and republicans were in fact competitors with democrats vying for power than, obviously, keeping mexicans and other third worlders out of the country would be a priority if not THE priority of the republican party as a means of maintaining power.

    Certainly, the desires of white people have been steady for the last 100 years…..keep out immigrants, especially non-white immigrants. That HAS been a priority of the vast majority of white people for every generation. Any political party that adopts this as an agenda should expect a landslide victory of white voters.

    Has that happened? No? Why not?

    It’s because we are NOT in fact, a democracy at all. Our elections are, at best, manipulated by media control as far reaching as anything depicted in 1984, but there is mounting evidence that they are simply rigged (and those rigging the elections no longer even care if we know). Polls are fabricated and bear no resemblance whatsoever to the day to day experience of everyone. Polls say Obama has the support of nearly half the population. Yet, no one knows anyone who doesn’t despise the man for one reason or another.

    Because no…unknown black affirmative action politicians do NOT step out of left field to topple legacy powers like the Clintons. No, they don’t legitimately gain rock star like status for doing nothing. Nor do they remain overwhelmingly popular after dramatic policy failures that harm large amounts of people and/or after breaking every campaign promise. These things range from the hard to swallow to the ludicrous. The political behavior of everyone involved makes no sense until you admit we are, in fact, an oligarchy, increasingly communist, that hides the identities of those making all the bad decisions with a pretend democracy of actors, carpet baggers, drugged out losers, literal whores (for example, Obama’s mother….a literal, underage prostitute…complete with nude pictures you can download off the internet) and psychopaths.

    It is beyond the time to admit this. They are literally mocking us….teasing us with the truth and daring us to say anything.

    The hispanic thing is a red herring. In that, whatever is going to happen has already been decided and none of the issues brought up, will effect the outcome in any way. You couldn’t say, change the outcome by martialing the vote against those who want different than you. There is no vote. And, quite frankly, no opposition either. For all intents and purposes, whites are united in wanting non-whites gone from our country and kept out….and have felt that way for a very long time. However, since we have no legitimate representation, that fact simply is irrelevant….until, of course, whites decide to overthrow the current government….then it becomes very relevant. Lacking that, it simply doesn’t matter what we want or what the “hispanics” want for that matter. They are simply pawns in a game few people will even admit is going on.

    • pcmustgo

      I was also SHOCKED by the election results…. a little less so after Hurricane Sandy, but still…. I assumed everyone who go out to “vote out” Obama, referendum style.

    • George White

      You nailed it. We have no say, we don’t exist. I don’t believe that Obama won either. Not legitimately. They had already made him the winner before anyone voted.

    • The shock of the recent election barely left when a spate of provable instances of election fraud have hit the headlines, still mostly contained to the internet and alternate media, it is
      now very evident that the national elections are up for grabs. The electronic voting systems are incredibly simple to hack and if most of the key precents are in the hands of the communist democrats then we know that only a few elections supervisors then can elect the president. This is what happened this last election. America as we knew it is finished.

      • katzkiner

        The answer is at Black Box Bev Harris- she has been sounding the alarm for a decade. But you know we can trust Acorn and Soros, right?

    • danlieb7

      Again any shred of evidence to support your nonsense! Thats right – NONE!
      And since when do your ilk represent the views of ALL white people in America concerning halting “non white immigration”. Please speak for yourself, but don’t make the mistake of claiming your unlettered views echoes those of the vast majority of decent hard working, rational & tolerant white folks. America was, is and will always be a mosaic of different cultures. As long as they contribute well, they are more than welcome here.
      I like the well educated creative and highly intelligent skilled Asians (Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc) and Israelis coming in here or for that matter skilled Irish and Eastern Europeans. if they can make it and compete well – they deserve a pie of the American dream. The United States has been enriched by such legal immigration especially from Asia (Israel, India, China, Japan):

      • Greg Thomas

        Illegal invaders are not “immigrants.” Moreover, immigrants of today (mainly form the third world) come here to “enrich” themselves via the American tax payer. Sadly, ourtreasonous politicians are all too willing to give them what they want, in exchange for votes. Read up on the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965. There is very little European immigration to this country any longer, thanks to the traitors who helped pass NA of 1965.

        Since your prefered point of reference is Wikipedia…here you go.

        • danlieb7

          To Greg & Mickey:

          Look at my paragraph again:

          “As long as they contribute well, they are more than welcome here.I like the well educated creative and highly intelligent skilled Asians (Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc) and Israelis coming in here or for that matter skilled Irish and Eastern Europeans. if they can make it and compete well – they deserve a pie of the American dream. The United States has been enriched by such legal immigration especially from Asia (Israel, India, China, Japan) ”

          1.Where did I mention supporting “illegal” immigration? Where did I mention Hispanics who cross here illegally? The aforementioned groups I mentioned are ALL LEGAL immigrants who ARE & WILL always be an asset to this great nation. I’ve also posted the links for your inference.

          2. “Moreover, immigrants of today (mainly form the third world) come here to “enrich” themselves via the American tax payer. ”

          NONSENSE! The legal immigrants from Asia ( Israel, India, China, Japan, Korea etc) are the highly educated & skilled, hard working, high IQ, industrious type of people who greatly contribute to our economy.
          For example, A joint Duke University – UC Berkeley study revealed that Indian immigrants have founded more engineering and technology companies from 1995 to 2005 than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan and Japan combined. A University of California, Berkeley, study reported that one-third of the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7% of valley hi-tech firms are led by Indian CEOs.

          According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Indian Americans had the highest household income of all ethnic groups in the United States.

          According to the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, there are close to 35,000 Indian American doctors.

          Among Indian Americans, 72.3% participate in the U.S. work force, of which 57.7% are employed in managerial and professional specialties. As of 2010 66.3% of Indian Americans are employed in select professional and managerial specialties compared with the national average of 35.9%.

          In 2002, there were over 223,000 Asian Indian-owned firms in the U.S., employing more than 610,000 workers, and generating more than $88 billion in revenue. As of 2012, that figure has surely doubled or tripled and thus contributed greatly to the American economy by just ONE group of Asians ( Indian Americans). Do the math and add all the other Asian American groups and then see their gargantuan contribution to the US economy.

          There are far far far more (non Hispanic) whites on welfare, food stamps and other social security programs than are Asians.

          As for science and technology, here is an example of an amazing young Asian Indian ( one of my favorite ethnic groups along with orientals and fellow Israelis/ Jews of course) student who is an outstanding genius and counted among the top 10 greatest inventors of the world alive. His technological breakthru’ will revolutionize modern technology as we know it in the future – Microsoft-IBM is already banking on this boy’s genius!

          Legal Asian immigrants are an asset both to America’s science-technology/ research/ academia as well as her economy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

          • Greg Thomas

            So tell me, how America ever managed to survive before we were invaded by third world “legal” immigration from Latin America and Asia. I also notice you avoid the Hart Cellar Act of 1965. Typical.

            “Good President obama.” And you have the audacity to call anyone a “lunatic”
            when discussing their persuasions. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

          • danlieb7

            So far you are the only one on this thread who has FAILED to provide any shred of evidence of logic or evidence to justify your bigoted views. All you have are irrational vitriolic attacks against people different from you, be it us Jews or Asians.
            Notice, I use the latest data, research studies, population census etc. to prove my point. Meanwhile you deny all these facts & figures by claiming “they mean nothing..” for no rhyme nor reason just to fit your infantile rather parochial world view which only goes on to prove all the negative stereotypes of the archetypal brain dead wing nut racist conservative loser!
            WRONG! Facts & figures DO mean everything! Next time instead of engaging in low IQ childish banter, at least have the good sense to provide ample reputed evidence to fortify your views.

            Oh and if liberalism is a mental disorder*, your kind of conservatism is nothing short of a classic mental, spiritual and physical retardation!

            * a mental disorder can mean many things…technically Einstein and Newton were supposed to have mental disorders too. Einstein had autism with dyslexia. Thus mental disorders can have positive impact. On the other hand retardation is always negative. Conservatives are classic mental retards 🙂

            Conservative Retards:






          • katzkiner

            In WWII we were out numbered, out gunned, and offered a way out at Bastogne. The reply to the.Germans was “Nuts!” At the Battle of Midway the Japs had us by the They were.shredded. This has been coming for a long time. You are not dealing with the ladies anymore. It is about to get hard, real hard. We learned how to deal with GENICIDAL racists a long time ago. Cheers!

          • danlieb7

            And for all your grandiose rhetoric ripe with demented bravado ( most of which is not congruent to historical facts, btw) your side is losing real bad. Tears & good luck 🙁

          • katzkiner

            I don’t hate Jews, but you guys are full feces, you want to preach so sanctimoniously about diversity for Europe and America when you arrest and deport Asians and Africans from your holy Israel. And God forbid a Jewish girl marry an Arab or African, that’s just not allowed, but you push the mixed marriages on Europeans and Americans. You Jews are the worst racists and hypocrites on the planet.

          • Don’t forget, Jews are at the forefront of trying to gut our Second Amendment rights, and disarm us – while at the same time demanding more military aid to Yisrael. Jew pols like Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lautenberg, Waxman, Schakowsky, Emanuel and Nadler are especially vociferous in their hatred for Gentile gunowners and the Second Amendment.

            Schumer is one of the biggest hypocrites – he has a gunowners license issued to him by New York City – yet he wants to disarm Sam Johnson in Texas, Cody Watson in Montana and Linda Martinson in Tennessee.

          • Epiminondas

            Another snarky, gentile-hating Jew. Nothing new here.

          • Greg Thomas

            I have given you “facts” you’ve chosen to ignore them “retard.” I’m still waiting for your reply regarding the Hart Cellar Act of 1965. What’s the matter, don’t want to provide your expert “opinion” on that one. Here’s some more “facts” for you “loser.”


          • A nation is its people, this nation was 90% Indo European and Christian until 1965.

            There is no, zero incentive to protect and serve the people of the nation by importing non Indo europeans. Multi ethnic and multi cultural empires fail and they fail badly.

            When you import the talented Asian you strip a potential job from a “white” America man or woman. We had a nation of people with the capacity to do anything. There is no incentive to we the people to import non Indo Europeans. It reduces our peoples wages, it displaces the young and it creates divisiveness.

          • Neal

            I agree with you on there being beneficial legal immigrants who have and continue to make positive contributions to this country. However we do not need the massive numbers continuing to immigrate when our economy is in such dismal shape and there aren’t even enough jobs available for the native population. You also fail to realize that what constitutes a “nation” is the racial make up of the majority population, which has historically been white Europeans, they (I am a third generation East Indian) are what made America the great nation that it was and why it appealed to people around the world. I believe this country should have remained at least 90% white European and the immigration policy should revert to what it was pre-1965. Immigrants who fully assimilate and embrace the language, morality, customs, etc are fine as long as they remain a minority group who’s interests due not conflict with the majority and/or if they blend into the native population forgoing their previous identity

      • Mickey Meadows

        do you have any criticisms of Israel’s treatment of the ‘infiltrators’? Of course not…diversity is good for us but not for your people.
        Of course, your people are diverse already as you have said elsewhere. But then again, so are the European people.
        But you define your love of your people as natural, and the wish of your people for continuity as justice. While you define our love of our people as something evil, and our dear wish not to be dispossessed and become extinct as evil.
        You enjoy it..I can see that. You enjoy it. You think it’s all over and you come here to quietly crow from the back of your hand.

        • danlieb7

          I’ve mentioned in my previous post – I was talking about LEGAL, here let me spell it out for you L-E-G-A-L immigration NOT illegal interlopers.

          In Israel, I welcome those who legally enter our shores and settle as constructive citizens following the law of the land. Simple logic! I use the same rationale with legal immigrants from certain Asian nations or nations in the continent of Asia such as Israel, India, China, Korea, Japan and to some extent even the Philippines. However, I have a huge problem with illegals and unskilled low IQ problematic groups from Pakistan, the Islamic world in the middle east and N. Africa as well as others from some sub saharan African nations who refuse to assimilate and constructively contribute to the US economy. I call these population groups as “trouble makers”. Not all, but most of them seem to behave in that manner!

          • katzkiner

            Four the second time in four years white male conservatives have been excluded from the political process. We are old white, and finished, you tell us. You better hope so. Being called racist dosn’t faze us because you are something worse, a GENOCIDAL RACIST. You can BS the women and children, the white male is a different beast and he has seen and heard enough.

          • danlieb7

            Well according to you, if he is such a beast than maybe he deserves to be put away. In a civilized world, we need those who are cerebral, gentle, compassionate and logical with UN-beastly attitudes. The modern civilized world has NO place for illogical beasts! Even nature and evolution will see to it that the beasts are disposed off!





            What happens to a white conservative mind when they go beserk (She-Beast!)


            Also to the infantile logic of those conservative imbeciles who want secession – a hard hitting reality!


          • katzkiner

            See many Apaches lately?

          • danlieb7

            White men invented freedom? Again, factually incorrect!

            The west Asians ( Sumerians – modern day Iraq & Iran) were the earliest people to pioneer the concept of freedom NOT the white European man! Maybe if you actually have the intellectual capacity to read a decent book or better yet, if you could read my posts, you would actually learn something!

            The first known use of the word freedom (“ama-gi” in Sumerian) in a political context dates back to the 24th century BC, in a text describing the restoration of social and economic liberty in Lagash, a Sumerian city-state. Urukagina ( Modern day Iraq in west Asia), the king of Lagash, established the first known legal code to protect citizens from the rich and powerful. Known as a great reformer, Urukagina established laws that forbade compelling the sale ofproperty and required the charges against the accused to be stated before any man accused of a crime could be punished. This is the first known example of any form of due process in the history of humanity.

            John Stuart Mill, On Liberty and Utilitarianism, (New York: Bantam Books, 1993), 12–16.

            Miller, David, ‘Introduction’, in Miller, ed., Liberty, 1991

            Mogens Herman Hansen, 2010, Democratic Freedom and the Concept of Freedom in Plato and Aristotle.

          • katzkiner

            Again; No white man will listen to your drivel. Your intent is transparent. I do not listen to my.enemies propaganda.
            You our my Tokyo Rose. Bla bla, bla or in your case, yada yada, yada. Look up the term psuedo-intellectual. That’ s
            you. You are not worth insulting.

  • Pelagian

    mid-length version:
    NYT: “Don’t racistly blame Hispanics for Romney’s loss. But do try to win them over in 2016, anyway, by moving to the center.”

  • pcmustgo

    Yeah, as always, clueless white liberals who aren’t outraged by mulatto Obama’s anti-white behavior and the generally nastiness of reverse racism cause they can’t and haven’t experienced it in their lily white bubble world are the problem….

    How can anyone in Wisconsin understand, get, feel, experience the pitfalls of diversity, the pain and negativity of reverse/anti-white racism? They can’t…. it’s lily white- for now….

    For now, all non-whites are special , interesting, exotic “people of color” they will do anything to please. Non-whites can do no wrong- when they only exist on TV and in your imagination.

    • And this is the core problem. As the first non whites move into an area they are they are the person of color they know. They can pat themselves on the back and think how liberal they are. But thats not where it stops more and more move in and eventually everyone is looking at each other and people start for the door. Texas is reaching that point and based on who I have talked to people are generally wondering what to do and some are looking for the door.

      You can not let that first person into your area, somehow whites have to stop this colonization because it will not stop ever until we make it stop. There is no point in closing the barn door after the horses have left the stable. Even closing the border will do nothing, the people here are enough to wipe us out eventually. We have to somehow draw a line and not allow them to pass. I dont know how we do it but it has to be done or we will be blacked out.

      • MikeofAges

        Want a line? Draw a line from the southwest corner of Pennsylvania to the Golden Gate. You can make a case that this is your (the Euro-American) homeland. The Southeast quadrant is the shared homeland of the white southerner and blacks descended from former chattel slaves. White and black southerners know how to get along. No one there wants to go back to the extremes of Jim Crow and the old color line. The southwest quadrant has always been the homeland of the mestizo Hispanic. Was even before the Anglo whites got there, but the Southwest is the homeland of the white southwesterner as well. But if you draw this line, you’d better be serious about holding it. At a minimum, you have to be serious about demanding that anyone else who is there be serious about culturally assimilate. If they won’t or can’t they have to be encouraged to leave. Incentives and some serious inveigling can do the job. No violence of harassment necessary.

        • This is all well and good but it would take a violent overthrow of our government with virulent disagreement from whites in New England and the West Coast. White nationalists are a tiny tiny minority and would not be able to do this across such a wide area barring an extreme sea change from those whites that are not currently affected by the horde.

          • MikeofAges

            For now, its a cultural idea. But you realize, there are people from the South who have been in the North for generations and have just never assimilated. Most of them are black, it is true, but some some are white as well. My argument, really, is that this idea is just harder to resist. America was founded based on the idea of Manifest Destiny or “Sea to Shining Sea” as it is put in song. Only now are the flaws in this idea beginning to be seriously exposed. I have already called the idea of Anglo California “an aberration of world history”, the product of a series of never-to-be-repeated demographic events the last of which was the “hippie” diaspora.40 years ago. Time to look at the rest of the “island” through the same eyes.

          • You are justifying the cancer that is eating at the core of Traditional America. Either you fight for what was yours or you, your children or their children will die, not be put upon, not be disadvantaged, but die. Review the history of the South Afrikaans and tell us how our history will be different.

          • It wont be any different, this ends in white genocide if we don’t do something to stop it.

  • As America turns brown, it turns blue.

  • Memphomaniac

    I have heard about the importance of the hispanic vote since the election until my head hurts. Of course, it is a lie. Not surprising, where there are the most hispanics are states that vote Democrat anyway. There is not a single state or electoral vote that was won by Obama BECAUSE OF THE HISPANIC VOTE. They did not tip the scales in favor of the Democrats in any state carried by Obama. In fact, the 2012 vote was the same as the 2008 vote, with the exceptions of North Carolina and Indiana, which voted for Romney this time. None of the states that voted for McCain in 2008 later voted for Obama in 2012.

  • StillModerated

    Democracy is the crude leading the crud — Florence King

    Coming to think of it, 60 year-old me remembers ‘Dixiecrats’ or Boll Weevils. The Democratic Party stood for the working man who lived in a suburban house and put America first — even if he lived in the South. The powerful Republicans were usually liberals who voted for such silliness as Civil Rights. So both parties have lost their way. The dems have become sodomite-loving watermelons (green outside, red inside), and the GOP are only interested in taking the White Hose because that’s how the party gets most of its money. They have no ideology; they proved that by shanking Ron Paul during the convention. The GOP does whatever the loathsome media wants. They deserve to go the way of the Whigs. The democrats stand a better chance of being taken over by conservatives.

    Face it; 80% the money both parties raise goes to TV commercials. The conglomerate multis such as Disney, and Viacom make out like bandits when they’ve gotten rich choosing our rulers.

    • Epiminondas

      I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Jeff

    So is the conclusion that Romney lost because a) a lot of white voters stayed home b) aprox 40% of white voters are traitors c) blacks had good turnout and voted with admirable racial loyalty.

    Is that it?

    Long term, the Hispanic vote will doom us to becoming Brazil of North America. But maybe there’s hope in 2016, unless the Republicans go nuts with the amnesty stuff? Ok, who am I fooling, they will do it.

    • Epiminondas

      The Republican party has had only one plank: anti-slavery. They’re done. The world has moved on and the only issues they have are trying to hold on to their money, their power, and their family names. Another viable party that has the interests of Western Civilization uppermost is urgently needed.

  • Epiminondas

    Saw two “Republicans” arguing on Lou Dobbs this evening that they needed to do more to “reach out” to Hispanics. You can’t discuss this with these folks. They either know exactly what they are doing (my view) or they are dumber than retired boxers. There is a certain minority out there who either have a blind spot when discussing immigration, or who know what they are doing and are deliberately trying to mislead Republican voters. I think it’s the latter. These people are sinister.

  • fenway23

    Right after the election there was a barrage of stories from the MSM implying that Romney had lost becasue he failed to win over enough Hispanics. Now even the left-wing NYT is admiting that wasn’t the case. If whites had voted in favor of Romney in the same numbers that minorities voted in favor of Obama, the Obamination would have never gotten four more years. For example, If whites had voted against Obama the way blacks had voted in favor of Obama (94%-6%), or hispanics (71%-29%) or Asians, (75%-25%) or Jews (66%-33%) he would have lost. Barry was re-elected becasue of white liberals.

  • David Axelrod

    Barack O’Clause is going to be leaving EBT cards under the pillows of all the good little Democrats this Christmas.

    And for those of you who have been especially good (by voting more than once), you might even find some Food Stamps, WIC Payments, SSI Payments some HUD Housing Allowances AND an Obamaphone or two under there too!

    Like Barack O’Clause and the Democrats say: “It’s fun playing Santa with other people’s money”.

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…. Merry Christmas to all!

    This message brought to you by the commies in drag, ie: your local Democrat Party.

    “Democrats…Messing up America for 200 years, and too stupid to know it.”

  • Dave4088

    It’s time for the stupid party to cut the crap. Forty percent of white people cast their votes for the halfrican potentate, and it is they, and not the Hispanics, who delivered the election to Obama. If whites voted as a block like every other racial group then Romney would be president and Republicans would have a super majority in Congress.

    Not that any of this would matter since Romney was next to worthless.

  • Hispanic. Is. Not. A. Race. Or. Color.