Illinois May Grant Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Mary Wisniewski, Reuters, November 20, 2012

Illinois may soon become the most populous U.S. state to grant a form of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, after the nation’s growing Hispanic population boosted the power of Democrats in national and state elections on November 6.

A bipartisan group of Illinois politicians announced on Tuesday they would propose such a law when the legislature convenes on November 27.

Washington state and New Mexico are the only states that currently allow illegal immigrants to get licenses. Utah allows driving permits. As the fifth most populous state, Illinois would be the biggest state to adopt such a law.

A California law that allows immigrants with federal work permits to receive driver’s licenses will take effect January 1, 2013.


“When you have a quarter of a million undocumented drivers on the road, it’s definitely a safety concern,” said Ron Holmes, spokesman for Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, who is backing the measure along with fellow Democrats Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, a popular Republican, joined Democrats at a news conference in Chicago Tuesday to support the idea, as did Republican State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. {snip}


Illinois, like California, elected a veto-proof Democratic supermajority in the legislature this month, with Democrats now controlling all branches of government.

Unlicensed, uninsured drivers are involved in almost 80,000 accidents in Illinois each year, resulting in $660 million in damage, according to the Illinois Highway Safety Coalition. Unlicensed immigrant drivers cost $64 million in damage claims alone.

The Safety Coalition said on its website that since New Mexico made the change in 2003, the rate of uninsured motorists fell from 33 percent to under 9 percent.




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  • Puggg

    Who needs a drivers license in a city and county (Chicago, Cook) where traffic and driver licensure law isn’t enforced anyway?

    • Howard W. Campbell

      They will enforce red light camera laws at $100 a pop. Good luck fighting that one in court.

      • Puggg

        Except they probably can’t prove who was driving.

      • I’m sure the illegal invaders are going to show up in court…

    • Greg Thomas

      Unless you’re White with a job. Then they will nail you for all your worth. After all, someone has to pay for all the illegal invaders on scholarship….

  • Simonetta

    Aren’t Mexican driver’s licenses valid in the USA? The last time that I went to Europe (1998) and rented a car my Oregon USA driver’s license was all that I needed to show. I got stopped by the police in Austria for driving on the highway without a day permit (requiring a daily permit to drive on the highway is the stupidest Austrian idea ever). I showed my (untranslated) Oregon license to the police and they let me go with a warning (and a fee for highway use day permit).
    So what’s the deal with undocumented immigrants (98% Mexicans) needing Illinois driver licenses? Why don’t they just use their Sonora or Chihuahua state driver’s license? A driver’s license is just that: permission from a government to operate a motor vehicle. It’s not a citizenship document, nor should it act like one. Is the Illinois DL being used as a de-facto proof-of-citizenship? What difference does your citizenship make in regards to safely driving a car? Cars are the same all over the world (except for steering wheel side).

    • The__Bobster

      No it’s also a form of ID that opens to door for them to commit all sorts of mayhem (voting, boarding an airplane, buying booze, etc.).

      • IstvanIN

        But should it be? I get Simonetta’s point, perhaps it should be a “driver’s permit” and not the key to all of societies benefits, privileges and rights.

        • John Bonham

          Perhaps it should be deportation …

  • Why stop at driver’s licenses? Whitey isn’t going to do anything about it, so let’s let illegal aliens join the police and fire departments. Next, let’s let them run for public office.
    Why bother paying speeding tickets? They’re not going to get around to arresting you, and your ticket will get lost in a filing cabinet for the next 20 years anyway.
    It’s like when a boxer is dazed, you go for the flurry of one-two punches.
    This is Illinois, and this is what the people of America want, even half of the white ones. The whites that disapprove, aren’t going to do anything about it.

    • NM156

      Arrest who? The illegals could have 10 different licenses from the state. What ID would the state accept from the illegals? Fake passports, fake birth certificates, fake international driver’s licenses, and fake Matricula Consular cards? Illegals are ciphers, ghosts, nobodies, yet the state wants them here. The bullsh*t I detect is that the not-for-ID-purposes license will be used only for driving and buying insurance. It will be used for everything from opening bank accounts and applying for loans to getting govt. assistance through third parties.

    • Greg Thomas

      Or practice law, as illegals now want to do.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    How does if follow that giving them driver’s licenses will cause them to carry insurance or otherwise pay for the accidents they cause? They don’t pay the medical bills they incurr. They came here uninvited and in violation of federal law. They work here, steal here and sell drugs here in violation of state laws. They’re ILLEGAL.

    • The__Bobster

      Democrats also say that making the invaders citizens will make them pay taxes. LOL!

      • The Dems need as many tax payers as possible, ALL 10 of the highest tax burdened states are BLUE states such as Mass., NY, CA, Minnesota, NJ

        • Michael_C_Scott

          “The Dems need as many tax payers as possible…”
          Yes, and we call those “conservatives”.

    • John Bonham

      Exactly, They come here illegally and they get rewarded , they drive illegally and they get rewarded .. This will never end if they get rewarded for doing wrong all the time ..
      I can’t believe libtards don’t see this …

  • Pancho Legal

    i have a better idea. anytime you find an “ILLEGAL” alien driving on the streets, arrest them and deport them. Then they are no longer driving on the streets and are no longer any threat whatsoever. How about that? What part of ILLEGAL ALIEN don’t you understand?

    • The__Bobster

      Libtards don’t like either part. That’s why they want to ban the term.

  • JohnEngelman

    What part of the word “illegal” don’t they understand?

    As far as I am concerned “illegal” is a synonym for “criminal.”

    • Unless they are from Asia because we need those super smart Asians to keep the lights on for dumb as dirt YT.

      • JohnEngelman

        The great majority of Asians are here legally. It is a lot easier to cross the Rio Grande than the Pacific Ocean.

        • mobilebay

          Would that it were the Pacific between the US and Mexico rather than the Rio Grande.

        • Going back generations, Asians a have a tradition of immigration fraud.

          • JohnEngelman

            Orientals and Jews benefit every country they move to with their high IQs.

          • IstvanIN

            With what? Egg rolls and circumcision? Get off it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Race realism requires an accurate appraisal of how races differ. It does not give license to bigotry.

          • Bill

            Bigotry is just another name for discrimination. If you are going to the trouble of identifying racial differences as to criminality, violence, fraud, drug sale and usage, voting biases, etc but then don’t ACT on those differences to improve things… other words engage in discrimination based on facts….why bother identifying the problem in the first place? Bigotry is realizing all those destructive differences and then being afraid to actually enforce against them for fear of being called a bigot. Drop the name calling. The time for being polite about it all is LONG PAST.

          • SLCain

            So our mistrust of some asians and jews is bigotry. However, your avowed pronounced dislike of blacks and mexicans is just………….what? The light of reason? What a hypocrite you are.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not dislike blacks and Hispanics. However, I recognize that Jews, Orientals, white Gentiles, Hispanics, and blacks differ in average ability levels and behavior.

            I do not believe that anyone should be discriminated against on the basis of race alone, but that it is legitimate to discriminate on the basis of what correlates with race, such as mental aptitude test scores and criminal records.

          • Joseph

            Just look at all of the blessings we have received from those clever money-lenders at Goldman-Saks, then there are those astute stewards of the public purse -Bernanke, Greenspan, Geithner… neo-cons Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Lieberman, Chertoff, Emmanuel… immigration promoting, gun banning Ginsburg, Kagan, Breyer, Levin, Metzenbaum, Lautenberg, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer… Then there is Inoye, Yoo, Mineta and a supporting cast of Asians who vote 70% Democrat for more regimentation and bigger, globalist government and increased immigration of more of the same.

            See, the Jews and Asians offer much to this country. We get several additional Nobel-Prize winners in exchange for simply giving up our heritage, liberty, and property.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Like the Hmong “bang bang Vang” who murdered a hunting party of whites on their own land a few years back?

            I’m even married to an Oriental, and you don’t me convinced. You’re very entertaining; I’ll give you that, though I doubt you do it on purpose.

        • SLCain

          Yeah, and of those convicted of espionage – spying for foreign powers and undermining our national defence – I’ll wager that there are lot more Chinese than Mexicans.

          • JohnEngelman

            Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate…

            Blacks are arrested at dramatically higher rates than other racial groups. American Indians and Eskimos (hereinafter “Indians”) are arrested at slightly higher rates than whites, and Asians are arrested at consistently lower rates…

            if racist white police were unfairly arresting non-whites we would expect arrest rates for Asians to be higher than for those for whites. Instead, they are lower for almost every kind of crime…

            Asians are arrested at lower rates than whites because they commit fewer crimes.

            – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”


            For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personality, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability. On all of these traits, Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum, Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between…

            INTERPOL Yearbooks show the rate of violent crime (murder, rape, and serious assault) is four times lower in Asian and Pacific Rim countries than in African and Caribbean countries. Whites in the United States and in European countries are intermediate. The 1996 INTERPOL violent crime rates clearly show this pattern: Asian countries, 35 violent crimes per 100,000 people; European countries, 42; and African countries, 149…

            Orientals are under-represented in U.S. crime statistics…

            In Brazil, there are 1.5 million Orientals, mostly Japanese whose ancestors went there as laborers in the 19th century, and who are the least represented in crime.

            – Professor J. Philippe Rushton, from “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR”

          • SLCain

            Yes, yes, yes. We all know that. Don’t imagine you are informing us of something we are unaware of. What website do you imagine this is? The Huffington Post? This is American Renaissance, for God’s sake.

            What I object to is you telling us that we should be happy to be racially replaced by asians. We shouldn’t. I don’t care if they are – as a group – smarter than my group. They aren’t my group. I’m sure there is someone smarter and better than you – would you be happy at being fired from your job to make way for him. Would you be happy if your wife divorced you and married him instead? Maybe you would. Wouldn’t surprise me.

            And I object to being told I should not notice things that are rather obvious – like the prominence of jews in positions of law, finance, advertising, entertainment, and government, and the propensity of many of them to exercise their power in ways that are hostile to me and my group. Why should I NOT notice that? Why should I notice it less than the propensity of blacks to commit crime.

            I say again – you are a hypocrite. No worries, though. There are much worse things to be than a hypocrite. And I suspect you are those too. You are no friend of white people or their interests. You are an enemy of me and mine.

          • JohnEngelman

            The only Americans who have the right to complain about race displacement are American Indians.

            Unlike American Indians whites are not being massacred and restricted to reservations. Orientals and Jews earn their positions at the best universities and corporations in the United States because of their superior intelligence. No country can have too many people with genius level IQs.

          • Periapsis

            Whites are being massacred right now, one family at a time. What do you call the Knoxville Horror, the Wichita Massacre and the staggering numbers of whites who are being raped, maimed and killed in racially motivated attacks. And how long do you suppose it will be before whites are hearded off to be killed when you have blacks and browns with the full blessing and backing of the federal government openly calling for killing us en masse? The greatest threat to the white race, outside of a certain chosen “tribe” is the U.S. government. Orientals and Jews get where they are by gaming the system against us.

          • JohnEngelman

            High rates of black and Hispanic crime are legitimate concerns, which I have voiced on this American Renaissance website. However, Jared Taylor and J. Philippe Rushton have both pointed out that Orientals have lower crime rates than whites. I do not know how crime rates for Jews and white Gentiles compare, but I am confident that Jews do not have higher crime rates than white Gentiles.

            J. Philippe Rushton also points out that Orientals average higher IQs than whites. It is well known that Azhkenazi Jews have average IQs that are even higher than that of Orientals.

            That was pointed out in “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” which was favorably reviewed here:


            Jews and Orientals do not need to game the system. They earn their achievements and prosperity because of high intelligence that is well documented.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            By insisting on imposing their presence on a nation they did not build, a great many of them ARE gaming the system.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews and Orientals build this country on a daily basis because of high achievements due to their high IQs. Because they are biologically superior they dominate our finest universities and corporations. No country can have too many people with genius level IQs.

          • SLCain

            We have a right to live in the land our ancestors made for us, with people of our own kind. Any outsiders who are admitted are only entitled to come here by OUR leave. You don’t define our rights, you stupid, odious little man.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            “…whites not being massacred…”

            What we are seeing with the opportunistic killings of whites by blacks and Mestizos is the sort of “raiding” warfare practiced by many primitive groups worldwide, and described in “War Before Civilization”, by Lawrence H. Keeley. The individual magnitude of these incidents – like the Knoxville Horror – is relatively small: only a few victims at a time – but the frequency of the incidents produces a more serious cumulative effect.
            As for being “restricted to reservations”, the army did this to prevent Amerinds from being massacred by white civilians, who were quite adept at this. The last such massacre – at Sand Creek, here in Colorado – was committed by a volunteer citizen militia recruited from the dregs of Denver, and not the army at all. They’re not restricted at all today; most Amerinds do not live on reservations, and most residents on reservations are not Amerinds.

          • Joseph

            This is all true but I for one, would not want to live in Japanese (or Chinese or Korean) society as they are excessively regimented and restricted as a colony of ants, as far as I am concerned. Most Americans would not tolerate random police interrogations and searches of their homes (though we are headed there now) This excessive social structure and group conformity pressure apparently even affects them adversely to some degree as they have a notoriously high rate of suicide, rather than homicide.

            Their are many admirable traits to Japanese society but I am not, nor do I want to assume Asian character, nor do I expect them to become Celtic any more than I expect a Labrador to behave like a Shetland Sheepdog.

            I think that Anglo-Europeans are a nice midrange of physical, intellectual and behavioral characteristics, increased risk-taking and all and that is who I would prefer to associate with. If other races can come here and adapt to THAT lifestyle and mindset they are welcome to do so; if not, they can stay where they are and enjoy their own peoples as they are.

        • SLCain

          Anyone who is tempted to consider John Engelman an ally: remember that he voted FOR Obama. He is not our friend.

      • I love the sarcasm.

    • SLCain

      As far as I am concerned “John Engelman” is a synonym for “traitor”.

  • Luca

    Libs want the license fees and the ability to write tickets. Hope they’re keeping statistics on how many innocent citizens will now be killed as a result of empowered illegals who seem to enjoy drunk driving.
    Newsflash Illinois: Just because you license them doesn’t mean they will drive better, stop drinking or buy insurance.

  • Angry White Woman

    I live in Washington State where illegal invaders are allowed to get driver’s licenses. We still have half a million unlicensed, uninsured, illiterate (in any language), and usually drunk illegal aliens driving on the roads. Why would Illinois even bother? Oh well, there is “motor voter” where getting a driver’s license registers you to vote…

  • NM156

    Chicago media now says that the license will be in a class of its own, marked “not for identification purposes”. Well then, what’s it for? Illegals do not need a driver’s license to buy auto insurance in IL as it is. New Mexico’s number of insured rose because state requirements for writing policies were eased and the insurance companies were able to offer much cheaper insurance to both the broke legal and illegal immigrant population. Those illegals who need insurance for work, to buy a financed vehicle, etc., etc., already have it. The rest have no need for indemnity because they are beyond the reach of legal judgements and the courts. Any accident that threatens time in jail requires only bail and time back in Mexico until the heat is off and another fake ID can be created for a return to the US. Either the state is lying, and it knows that the driver’s license will be used for identification purposes for everything imaginable, or this license is only a symbol of appreciation from Democrats for the Hispanic vote. If the former is true, anyone from anywhere will able to get a license for every criminal purpose imaginable.

  • Frank

    i think I am done with the Republican party also..this Land is becoming lawless..

    • John Bonham

      Exactly ( Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, a popular Republican, joined
      Democrats at a news conference in Chicago Tuesday to support the idea,
      as did Republican State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka.) Now why in the world would a Republican support this idea if it only benefits democrats ? This is way beyond me..

    • JohnEngelman

      The overall crime rate has declined since 1980. The rate of violent crime has declined since 1991.

  • kjh64

    One poster is correct, a Mexican driver’s license is valid in the US so why give them an American one? The answer is so that they can use the American one to vote, get jobs and everything else a legal resident does. It’s a form of back door amnesty. THAT is what it really is.

  • HamletsGhost

    Will they need actually need to pass a driving test to get the license? Or is it just some thought that the act of giving someone a license automatically makes them fit to drive? Just like the idea that getting a diploma from a college makes you “educated”.

  • This is like a Christmas wish come true for dealers of used conversion vans and mini-vans.

  • John Bonham

    ( Illinois, like California, elected a veto-proof Democratic supermajority
    in the legislature this month, with Democrats now controlling all
    branches of government.)

    Chicago will look like Detroit in no time …

  • jay11

    So let me get this straight… Illegal immigrants who then drive illegally cause tens of millions of dollars in damage and cause many deaths. So by giving them a free pass and giving them a drivers license, this is somehow supposed to make it all better? Those drivers will no longer cause accidents or deaths now?
    I expect Democrats to latch onto every stupid, anti-american idea, but when opportunistic republicans (RINOS) jump aboard the hopium train, it really makes me fume.

  • ageofknowledge

    Umm… yes…. that will solve all of Chicago’s many problems. Not.

  • Periapsis

    It appears that rates for automobile insurance are about to head for the stratosphere, now that the People’s Republik of Ill-n-noise has given Hispanic illegals the green light to turn the state into a demolition derby. Watch how people who are good drivers will pay $5,000 and up a year just to pay for all the wrecks, deaths and injuries these drunken cholos are are going to cause. They nearly killed me twice in my area because of their love of veering into your lane and zooming straight at you. One wrecked my car that way and took off, leaving me for dead. Worse yet, they will flee the scene of the accidents they cause, which is a serious felony. To drive in Mexico as a foreigner, you better have insurance through a Mexican insurance carrier or you are committing a felony!