Rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross in Angry Fight at BET Awards Which ‘Saw Shots Fired in Parking Lot’

Snejana Farberov, Daily Mail (London), September 29, 2012

Shots were allegedly fired on Saturday night outside the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta following a shoving match that broke out backstage between rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.

According to TMZ sources, the two performers exchanged heated words during the ceremony and started pushing each other before their bodyguards and BET security intervened and separated the two men.

But that was apparently not the end of the incident. According to eyewitnesses, soon afterwards a member of Ross’s entourage went to the parking lot of the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center and pulled out a gun, firing several shots.

No injuries were reported, and police have denied that shots were in fact fired.

Sources said that the concert venue was temporarily shut down during a musical tribute to the late hip hop mogul Chris Lighty. The building later reopened and the taping of the awards show continued with heightened security.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, neither Young Jeezy nor Rick Ross was arrested in connection to the altercation.

Rick Ross, 36, and Young Jeezy, 34, have not enjoyed a good relationship in the past, but lately the two appeared to be on good terms.

But on Saturday, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex tweeted that things between the rappers came to a head when members of their cliques crossed paths backstage.

At around 9.30pm, the DJ tweeted: ‘Jeezy and Rick Ross just had words backstage!! Pushing and shoving!!!’

Minutes later, he posted an update, telling his followers: ‘Beef just spread to the parking lot!!!’ before tweeting, ‘Shots fired in parking lot!!! Gunman arrested!!! Back to the show and the Club later!!!’

Multiple sources confirmed to MTV News that Ross’s protégé Gunplay was also involved in a fight with members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit camp.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Jeezy was arrested in 2005 for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and in 2008 for DUI, while Ross was arrested in 2008 for gun and marijuana charges, and in 2011 for possession of marijuana.

The BET Hip Hop Awards will air on October 9.

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  • WmarkW

    “Murder Rap”:  the art of the streets.  

    • crystal evans

      I agree, those performers talked about love and loss and not about killing the cops, raping women etc. Also rap music is misogynistic , showing no respect for women referring to them as b*tches, ho’s and drill bits etc.

      • Let’s not forget that 3/4’s (based on my very unscientific poll) of rap music is essentially taking actual music written by other artists and manipulating it to include a rap beat and rap lyrics. 

      • Indiana Guy

        Those performers still felt that blacks had to conform to the norms of white society. What they offered was something that was very diluted, enough to be seductively different without offending whites inborn sensibilities. Even so, much of what they produced did manage to seduce whites away from their natural common sense and sensibilities. When the “twist” first came out, it was considered quite vulgar by older generations of whites.

    • I used to listen to black music as well, years ago. I liked BB King, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway among others but now the sound of a black voice gives me a headache. I can’t do it. I have found myself listening to classic rock these days, with White performers like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Pink Floyd and on and on. Some of the hardcore hippy crap still gives me the runs, like John Lennon and so forth. The sound of a black voice these days is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    • Strider73

      My favorite black musicians from bygone days:

      the Fifth Dimension
      the Platters
      the Shirelles
      the Supremes (Diana Ross was better here than as a solo artist)
      Roberta Flack

      Every once in awhile I pop one of their CDs into the machine, just to remind myself that true black musical talent once existed.

    • blight14

      The primitive DNA can only be ‘dressed up’ for so long until it manifests its embedded code…..

    • Indiana Guy

      Black performers of past generations still had the thin veneer of white culture. We now see that it was indeed a “veneer”, something that was externally applied, because now that blacks feel “empowered” they no longer feel the need to conform to a set of values that is alien to them. What we see now is an expression of what is INTERNAL in blacks. WE see their TRUE nature now. The old veneer was always like a straightjacket to them and it was always resented bitterly. We are seeing that culture and values are INTERNAL, they are INBORN. Blacks, in the past, had to hide what was inborn, what was internal, and had to conform to what was completely alien to them.

  • Puggg

    According to TMZ sources, the two performers exchanged heated words
    during the ceremony and started pushing each other before their
    bodyguards and BET security intervened and separated the two men.

    “BET security” is an oxymoron.

    Rap and hip hop posses are becoming nothing more than street gangs by any other name.


    • Strider73

      “BET security” is an oxymoron.

      So is”rap music.” In fact, it’s #3 on my Top Ten Oxymorons list, behind “dry water” and “holy war.” I’d send the list to Letterman, but it’s too politically incorrect for TV.

  • MekongDelta69

    Maybe next year at the Black Entertainment Thug awards, they could ALL shoot each other.

    Then there’d be no one left to attend the year after that.

    I’d be so, so sad – but somehow, I’d find a way to suck it up and move on…

    • bluffcreek1967


  • jedsrael

    Shots fired by no George Zimmerman Community Service Awards earned?  Sombody need to teach the Diversity about gun control…

  • crystal evans

    Hip Hop music has always generated a large amount of violence. Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur  were murdered in the 1990’s and their murders remain unsolved.  A few years ago, the Source hip hop magazine awards were interupted by violence and the show was called off. This music just does not appeal to blacks. Most hip hop music is purchased by whites, especially young white males who are attracted to gangsta rap in particular. I have been in parking lots where I have heard loud rap music coming from a car and the driver was a young white male.

    • Indiana Guy

      you are categorically WRONG! The hip hop market is almost exclusively black. The exceptions are what are known as “wh i g g e r s”, and there just are not that many of that type around. The few who do fall into that trap do so  for two reasons- ONE-because they see what kind of behavior is rewarded in our society, and TWO- because of the misogynistic message of hip hop and the ethos of glorification of unrestrained fornication and brutality. Most of them grow out of it because for them, it is an externally applied set of behaviors. It needs constant reinforcement and without that constant reinforcement it starts to fade until they one day wake up completely and make a conscious decision to discard it altogether.
           I work in a business where I am often at event for high school and college age people. The DJ’s play hip hop and other such music most of the evening and the white kids just do not respond to it. No signing along, no dancing, no feeling of excitement. The second the DJ puts “white” music on the white kids instantly change. Songs such as The Black Eyed Peas ” I gotta feeling”, or Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” , Trains “Hey Soul Sister”, or Parachutes “something to Believe In” all of a sudden get them happy and energentic. Basically they just endure the the hip hop.

  • You know, I was thinking the other day that black behavior would be pretty damn entertaining if it didn’t always contain the high probability of violence.  Sort of like God’s clowns with guns.

  • Could you imagine Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin having entourages that hated  and warred with each other? Or Steppenwolf fans shooting it out with Grateful Dead fans? Susie Bogguss and Trisha Yearwood having a cat-fight?

    Neither can I. And yet, this is the state of music in BRA.

  • SLCain

    I went to a shootout and a rap concert broke out.

  • I don’t understand rap much, so here is a good video translation of the lyrics from a typical “concert:”


  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, it was Rudyard Kipling who described blacks as being ‘half Devil and half child’.

    The gifted poet came out with the best possible description of blacks. In (c)rap ‘music’  (where they are expressing their true character and ‘soul’), blacks really do live up to Kipling’s words. Just how pathetic and childish is the rhythmic noise and sub-5 year old ‘lyrics’ they come up with. Just how even more childish  – and Devil like – is the extreme violence , using pop gun toys that fire real bullets, that unfortunately the US constistution allows them to possess – that comes naturally to them like toddler tantrums over pathetic causes?

    • Indiana Guy

      The  song “the dougie” sounds like two retarded people talking past each other. “teach me how tuh dougie, teach me teach me how to dougie” “ehhhrybahdy duhzit ehhri-ehhhhribahdy duhzit”

  • Puggg

     Maybe they should move the BET rap awards to November 6, start them early in the morning and end them in the evening.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Shocking!! And so totally unexpected. I mean, who could have predicted it?

  • Indiana Guy

    Many people would be surprised to learn that much of the music and musical arrangements of “black performers” of the sixties and seventies was actually written by white males. I remember noticing that on one of Aretha Franklin’s albums that everything was done by whites, except the vocals. This was apparent because there were pictures of the recording sessions with the people in those pictures idnetified. Then one looked at the credits, who was the writer, arranger, producer etc and match them up with the pictures.

  • Indiana Guy

    One has to wonder just what world crystal lives in. I have personally witnessed power struggles over music to be played at college events where the blacks are openly hostile to anything that is other than jungle hip hop music. Blacks like hip hop as much as they hate heavy metal, and they overwhelmingly hate heavy metal music. 

  • Indiana Guy

    Maybe they thought they were at a black cookout, or a black “foonerah”, or … oh heck, just anyplace where you have a lot of black people you have violence and destruction.

  • Net_Drifter

    She’s Engelman’s pet.