Racism Could Sway the Election

Colbert King, Washington Post, September 28, 2012

Credit R. Wallace “Wally” Hudson, chairman of the Mecklenburg County (Va.) Republican Committee, with demonstrating how new social media platforms can broadcast ancient hates.

The Post reported this week that the county GOP’s Facebook page had displayed for months photos portraying President Obama as a witch doctor, a caveman and a drug dealer.


Virginia’s Republican Party chairman, Pat Mullins, ordered the offensive photos be taken down. But Hudson, who acknowledged posting most of the images, stood his ground, saying he didn’t see what all the fuss was about. “We know our regular readers, who are good conservatives,” he told The Post on Tuesday. “They’re gonna get a kick out of it.”


Sadly, the Mecklenburg GOP’s disgusting images—which have since been removed—are not an isolated case of ugliness.

Baylor University assistant professor Mia Moody did a study of social media stereotyping of Barack and Michelle Obama; her findings appeared in the journal New Media & Culture.

Moody researched hundreds of Facebook groups and pages. She found numerous examples of the president and the first lady being targeted with racist and sexist rhetoric that, not surprisingly, also indirectly spread hatred toward women and blacks.


Moody found that some Facebook pages build on ideas that black people are different from members of the dominant group. Several photos showing Michelle Obama dancing drew comments about her “always jigging.”

One group called “Obama Sucks” primarily served as an outlet to post fake photos of the president. One picture featured him wearing a bandanna and gold teeth. The caption: “OBAMA Going For The African American Vote.”

Moody found that many Facebook hate pages also focused on cultural narratives. Some photos depict Obama or his family as animals, particularly apes. One picture showed male and female apes holding an infant ape with Obama’s face superimposed on it.

Tasteless. Disrespectful.


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  • Puggg

    He misses the point.  We were told that all this would be a thing of the past if we voted for Obama.

    Like Instapundit would say:  “They told me if I voted for John McCain, racial animosity would be at an all time high.  And they were right!”


  • MekongDelta69

    “Hate pages. Tasteless. Disrespectful.” = TRUTH.

    “Baylor University assistant professor Mia Moody(-Ramirez) (http://www.baylor.edu/journalism/index.php?id=15320) did a study…” = Well then, it MUST be true.

    • RisingReich

       Darn it – you beat me to it.  Didn’t see you already said this down here.

      • MekongDelta69

        Doesn’t matter who said it first. It only matters that we both said it.

        Great minds… (and all that).

        • RisingReich

          It was a guttural response from me, it was just the first thing that came to the mind after reading it.

  • jedsrael

    Blacks are sacred, and by protecting them from our  White privilege hate speech, we are defeating Evil by putting “the beloved Other” ahead of ourselves, our daughters, and our Christian hope…

    • RisingReich

       and ahead of the Nation’s best interests

    • Invictus_1

       Please explain what those “Christian Hopes” are…?

      • jedsrael

        That our grandchildrenwill look like us and carry Christ in their hearts, and not look like voodoo MLK Bernice King.

        • Invictus_1

          I don’t see how carrying a mythological Jew in their “hearts” will assist prevention of miscegenation. Anyway, that myth cycle talks about love and forgiveness of others, even and especially your enemies. The tendency for some white conservatives to claim that being Christian creates race identity exclusiveness for whites (or anyone) is false and actually a carry over from earlier pre-Christian tribal religious outlooks and the general experience of pre-Christian Europe that had to deal with repeated invasions from the outside, including but not limited to Roman. If you study history closely you will learn that Rome conquered Europe a second time after harnessing Christianity to that purpose. It is only incidental that the “Christian” Europeans who fought Islam and Genghis Kahn, Huns, etc., were nominally named so. The real heart of the white spirit is NOT Christian and whites will fail again and again as long as they insist on such nonsense and seek to reconcile the absolute contradiction of earthly survival for whites with Christian intention and doctrines (regardless of your own delusions around it).

          • jedsrael

            Some Whites prove themselves unworthy of Christ by embracing “the Other” to the point of suicide.

            Jesus didn’t die on the Cross for our extinction, but for our salvation.

            If he loved us that much, we deserve to live In His Name, and conquer those who would hurt us, In His Name, we must.

  • anmpr1

    A week or so ago an article pointed out that Romney is polling exactly zero percent with blacks, but it’s whites who are racist?   Actually, I wish the election would turn on race, but most whites are too liberal to even think about voting their race, and Romney himself can’t wait to turn the country over to minorities.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Anti-white pundits say that is proof that Romney is racist. It reveals more about American blacks than it reveals about Mitt Romney. And it also reveals more about our media than it reveals about Romney.

  • C_C_Conrad

    It really is racism, & I can prove it.  In Obama’s first election white people voted for his white half, but now they will not vote for his black half.  See, racism.   ha ha

  • RisingReich

    Tasteless.  Disrespectful. = Truthful

  • Defiant White

    I find Obongo and Moochelle so easy to make fun of that it’s hardly a challenge. 

    History will wonder what mental illness gripped America in 2008 to elect those two imbeciles.  Ah . . . but then they’ll look at 1992 and the Wicked Witch lurking out there for 2016 and they’ll  decide that we all just went insane in the early 90s. 

    They’ll conclude that a virus spread throughout the country making us weak, self-hating, suicidal and gullible.

  • “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

    • KD_Did

      That statement really hit home for me. How brief and poignant that is. 

    • Invictus_1

       Very simple – timely post.

  • This website (and others like it) was popular even before Bush was elected:


    And then there is this one:


    • That Bush chimp one is especially interesting.  Four years ago I came in for some SERIOUS criticism when I quoted British 19th century humorist W.S. Gilbert (of the famous “Gilbert & Sullivan” operettas) to say that Barack Obama reminded me of the song in Princess Ida about how “Darwinian Man, though well behaved, is at best ONLY a monkey shaved….”  My point was that Obama was unqualified to be President in any way shape or form and that no amount of pretending was going to change that.  I wish I had had that “bushchimp” comparisons to refute those who said that my comparison was the purest and most disgusting racism, to compare a Black Man with an Ape…..was just the absolute worst and most debased form of criticism—of course, I was saying Obama was a FAKE and  PRETENDER, not that he was a monkey—and that was the lesson of the text of the piece from Princess Ida, also: you cannot pretend to be something you are not and expect it to “stick”….  but I suppose there’s absolutely nothing wrong about parodying a White Man by saying he’s a “Monkey’s Uncle” or went “totally ape___t” over something….  Very very curious…..

  • bubo

    Moody researched hundreds of Facebook groups and pages. She found numerous examples of the president and the first lady being targeted with racist and sexist rhetoric that, not surprisingly, also indirectly spread hatred toward women and blacks.

    Ever notice how the left continually runs with the narrative that to be against Obama and black rule, you are also against white women.   As if white women and blacks are somehow linked in righteousness against the racism of white males.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      It’s those damned Feminists. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Getting paid to surf Facebook for racism? That is an AA hires dream come true.

    • Invictus_1

       This has been the plan since at least the 1950s.  The Frankfurt School Marxists and the failing American Communist party made making this connection part of their core strategy.  Anyone who spends any bit of time researching this can find it, it’s really no longer any secret.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Black racists are often better at covering their tracks than white racists. You can see it in the eyes of a black who may be seething with hatred, but you won’t often hear them break their speech discipline. They bite their tongues but that doesn’t mean they’re going to miss an opportunity for payback.

    Whites who aren’t accustomed to this anti-white environment have a tendency to blurt out their hate like they’ve got Tourette’s syndrome. You may have been treated badly but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you are discredited in the eyes of others.

    What matters is that you keep your intentions focused on white solidarity, not that you announce it. Besides, you can do better than puerile racial insults. Sure, they can be a lot of fun, especially if you know what to say, whom to say it to, when and where. If you miscalculate, it can be very sad.

    • I came across the most tasteless and vulgar popular post in which not only racial but national and ethnic differences were actually expressly approved as a topic of discussion in the “main stream media” and popular press.   Apparently penis size is absolutely fair game (because the Africans win hands down perhaps?).  So here it is folks: affirmative action in media at its best, so long as the Africans can beat even the Icelanders in Europe, it’s OK to give detailed statistics about racial differences: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/well-endowed-britons-beat-french-195343014.html.   The statistics put out on this website that tend to denigrate the Blacks—looking at that phrase its somewhat redundant “to blacken the image of the Blacks”—reminds me of “the La Fonda Hotel” in Santa Fe, translates as “the the hotel hotel”)—-with regard to their IQ or educational achievement levels—this is just an Absolutely Forbidden, Ganz Verbotten topic—but oh let’s all compare penis size because there’s NOTHING racist about that at all—the blacks win so everything is fine, right?

      • Puggg

        So what?

        Such big shafts attached to such little brains.  I’d rather have the brain.

        • Shawn_thefemale

           Speaking from the female population: Thank you. We would rather you have the brain, too.

          • My only point was that it’s OK to discuss race in a vulgar and prurient way in the mainstream media—but go to something like intelligence and the topic is totally taboo—that’s the contrast I was making.  I apologize for the introduction of obviously offensive material here.  My point was simply that this article ENTHUSIASTICALLY spoke of real racial differences and the numerical statistics to support the inference and definition of these differences.  Our society, our culture, is making a topsy turvy set of value judgments…..

          • ed91

            that’s mainly because our culture sets our standards by how the 15-25 yr olds view the world.

            If they like it, hey it must be cool and the new fad.
            Let’s jump on the wagon.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And besides, if you marry a virgin, as was considered to be normal in traditional society, she doesn’t size men up like a loose woman does.

            Generally, I don’t give a damn what women think, nor what any woman in particular thinks. I only care about the girl who I am interested in.

            And she ought to be a virgin with enough personality that vulgarity of society doesn’t distract her from her most personal relationship.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Penis size is an important topic – for women with cavernous vaginas, I suppose. The penis size conversation is another Feminist ploy to objectify men.

        A man’s status is based on what he does with his life, not being the object of women’s appraisal. To the contrary, women are objectified by men, and rightly so, because their status is usually based primarily on appeal to men, not their actions.

        The discussion on penis size is driven by insatiable, loose women, Feminists, with cavernous vaginas. It is intended to distract from the topic of feminine virtues, and the lack thereof.

        Finally, Caucasians are competitive in size, and more importantly, uncontested in power. No race of men has accumulated more carnal knowledge of the females of other races than whites.

        Those who seek to denigrate the masculinity of white men are jealous rivals with much less to brag about. Angry lesbians, loose, immoral women, and jealous, impotent men, whose romantic interest unwelcome by the most desirable females.

    • ed91

       are there any black crazies?  or do you only see/hear the white ones?

      personally, I see/hear far more blacks one.  The white ones are put upon by the white community and silenced or jailed quickly.

      whereas the black ones are allowed to continue yelling/threatening/posturing

      • 5n4k33y3s

        In the context which passes for “polite society” today, there is a trend of blacks goading, questioning, provoking whites, seeking to illicit a response deemed inappropriate by the thought police.

        Whites aren’t accustomed to having to watch what we say. Just because someone isn’t saying it, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it. My point is that winning in the eyes of the public is worth more than a moment of satisfaction you get from blurting out your feelings.

        Consider a game of poker or chess. Are you going to blurt out what you’re thinking about? Expressing your feelings isn’t always the best strategy.

  • C’mon, guys, there is obvious racism here.

    Obama with his lack of qualifications for the US presidency (all smooth talk, no accomplishments) would have never had any chances to get elected if he weren’t black.

    He took advantage of his black privilege.

    If this is not racism then what is?

    • ed91

       of course it’s ridiculous…..

      and we can thank non-thinking white chicks and a corrupt media with an agenda plus a black population that votes by race.
      sprinkle in some programmed guilt for seasoning.