Michael Buerk: ‘Population Deniers’ Must Face Our Demographic Disaster

Anita Singh, Telegraph (London), July 9, 2012

The human race is facing catastrophe due to rising birth rates but “population deniers” refuse to let the issue be discussed, according to Michael Buerk.

The BBC presenter, most famous for his 1984 television report on the Ethiopian famine, said politicians and broadcasters shy away from the subject because the population explosion is focused on Africa and Asia and they fear being branded as racist.

Buerk said the population of Africa is expected to triple by the end of the century, contributing to a “demographic disaster” in which nations have to struggle to survive with enough food and resources.

“Population is the invisible issue of the 21st century,” he said.

“We are supposed to think it’s almost immoral to question the idea of climate change—that we are responsible for it, that the overall consequences will be profoundly detrimental—without conclusive evidence, just on the shaky balance of scientific probability.

“Yet the root cause, the exponential growth of the human population that is already making life uncomfortable and threatens to make it impossible, does not seem to be up for discussion.

“The population deniers seem to regard the whole issue as bad taste, a kind of disguised racism.”

Buerk has spent years researching the subject and delivered a lecture at the Telegraph Ways With Words literary festival in Dartington, Devon.

He said: “Not much is off-limits these days—we wallow in the trite and the tasteless—yet the fate of humanity, the possibility that we may be breeding ourselves into extinction, or at least widespread misery, is somehow better left unsaid.

“I’m struck in particular by the great, well-meaning wedge of Guardian readers, the environmentalists, the guilt-mongers forever warning us how we’re putting the earth at risk when we ask for a shopping bag, but who shy away from the obvious conclusion that the more of us there are, the more demands are made on the planet.

“They shuffle their moccasins and look away.”

The birth of the world’s seven billionth baby last year “is a very significant landmark on the road to demographic disaster”, Buerk said.

He set out figures showing that the global population is increasing at the rate of 211,000 people per day.

There were 2.5 billion people on earth in 1950, which has almost tripled to seven billion today. By the end of the century, it is projected, the population will rise to 10 billion.

By 2100—according to figures Buerk cited from the United Nations—one in three humans on the planet will be African. The population of India is expected to hit 1.5 billion in the next 20 years.

Buerk, presenter of The Moral Maze and The Choice on BBC Radio 4, said broadcasters and politicians would not tackle the issue.

“When I talk about it, I get three different types of answer,” he claimed.

“A very substantial number of my colleagues and also politicians say, ‘This is nonsense, it’s all going to taper off’. They act as if you’re being politically incorrect, some kind of racist, certainly anti-humane.

“Then you get the opposite attitude that is, ‘Yes, you’re quite right, but I just can’t raise the subject at all because it’s politically sensitive. It’s something that would put my political career at risk.’

“You get very few politicians saying, ‘Yes, I think that too and I think we ought to do something about it.’

“It’s either denial or keep your head down as far as the political classes are concerned, in my limited experience.”

Responding to those who say no over-population crisis exists, Buerk said: “Come to some of the places where I’ve worked—to the pullulating slums of Dhaka, to Mexico City where whole towns have been built on rubbish dumps… fly almost anywhere at night and see the orange glow of our metastasising cities.

“Try to get into London from Heathrow in the Monday morning rush hour and still say there’s no problem.”

Buerk’s powerful report on the Ethiopian famine brought the plight of the country’s starving to worldwide attention and prompted Bob Geldof to set up Live Aid.

But the presenter said that Ethiopia is now more dependent on international aid than it was in 1984.

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  • JackKrak

    Of course the Left is happy about exploding populations in Africa and Asia – that next generation of Democrat / Labour voters has to come from somewhere….

  • Puggg

    And yet, the official crowd that worries about population say that we white people are screwing up the world by having too many kids.

    • If you go to any celebrity site, you’ll find the libtards trashing any White couple with a large family, but they love Afreaka because of its ready supply of fashion accessories.

      • Puggg

        I’ve read contempt for the Duggars here on AmRen from people who think like us.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    ..ethiopia is now more dependent on international aid than it was in 1984.

    Perhaps that’s part of the solution; completely cut off international aid and let nature take its course.

    • Detroit_WASP

      The biggest threat to mankind is not nuclear war, asteroids hitting the earth, or super volcanos.  It’s people with an IQ of 80 spitting out a dozen  off-spring while the people who split atoms and cure diseases have 1.9 children. 

      I came to this conclusion when I was a teacher and knew nothing about eugenics.  I didn’t even know there was a word for it.   I simply came to that conclusioin through observations.  

      When I was teaching I often found myself thinking, “how’d this kid get so screwed up.”   Then I met the parent(s) and it was pretty clear. 

      Amren posted a story about fire departments lower standards so certain people could get jobs.  Watch for this to happen in law schools, medical schools, MIT, Harvard.  They will all have to lower standards as our world turns brown/black and decends into madness where right is wrong and up is down. 

      • Defiant White

        I don’t know about all that.  I used to believe there was a danger, but now I’m not so sure.  The story is that China, India, Africa and maybe Southeast Asia have a serious over-crowding problem while  Whites have a serious replacement problem.

        But what that says to me is that our herd will thin out while theirs explodes with disease and starvation. We will have more land and resources to support our smaller population in America and Europe, they will have less. We will have robots, atomic power and space colonies and they will have rocks, sticks and mud. We can be genetically engineering geniuses, while they will be wondering how to dispose of all the dead bodies.

        As near as I can tell, there are probably around 8-900,000 whites on earth. Say it gets down to 500,000 or even 400,000 . . . but say those half-million whites reigns supreme with their technology . . . an Atlantis in a world of barbarians.

        Or let’s say that after some serious ethnic “re-arranging” the white population of the old US is only 100 million.  But that’s 100 million with few coloreds and superb technology. 

        I don’t believe that a population reduction is NECESSARILY  a bad thing for whites.

        • Periapsis

          Until you think about the fact populations in dire straits will take by force land and resources from other populations, and often exterminate them in whole or in part. China would gladly kill ever last white here in the U.S. if it would result in more “Lebensraum” for them. Remember, Hitler tried to do the same thing against the Slavs.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Let’s panic about China. There is a minuscule minority of misanthropes in every race who would like to exterminate other races. This is not unique and it’s not causing me to lose any sleep.

        • ed91

           I don’t think we’ll be doing much thinning with the likes of the lutheran church and others like them bringing in over 100,000 immigrants per month to our country.
          not to mention the high birth rate of 40 million illegals.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

         As the Northern Outliers (Whites and East Asians) fade in demographic (and political and economic) power, the world will see a regression to the Equatorial Mean (everyone else). 

        Social services, universities, hospitals and so on will have to “adjust” to the global mean IQ of 85-90. 

        Hardly my ideal, just what I predict.

        • So you too, huh ?No offense, but stop this pervasive habit of associating Whites with the mongoloids on this site.

          They’re neither part of our heritage nor our race. Whatever is going on with them is completely irrelevant to us, especially since they’re not facing any massive foreign immigration like we are. Case in point, China alone is the most populated country in the world with already 1.3 billion people (and counting).  Japan is also still 98.5 %  homogeneous as of today. That’s both unlike any White nation on Earth (I wish !).

          Mongoloids are non-Whites like all the others and that’s the bottom line. We don’t need their unrelated example to make our case just like we don’t need them in our White countries to prosper.Regards.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            Please read my post again.  I did not at any time claim that Whites and Asians are united in any sense, just that both groups have similar demographic issues.  Likewise, Hispanic immigrants in the US and Muslim immigrants in Europe are not united in any way, but they both represent similar trends.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            You gotta love it. These poor slobs who are trying to one-up their more worldly brethren by saying “I’m more ignernt and unlernt than you, so I’m whiter.”

          • ed91

             if you’re dividing world peoples into two groups, the east asians would be in our group with whites.

            It doesn’t mean we agree with everything they do or think or act like.

      • Invictus_1

         Where have you been?  This lowering of standards everywhere has been going on since the 1960s.  Obama’s daddy got into the U.S. via a Kenyan scholarship program that was created by Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a well-known literacy advocate who provided most of the money to bring Obama Sr. to the U.S.  The program was nearly broke after years of providing stipends to students.  The Kennedy family provided funds to save the program.  This indirectly assisted Obama Sr.’s scholarship and college career, which seems to have mostly been traveling from campus to campus, starting with Hawaii, finding women to date and sometimes marry.  He also is on record for violently abusing them.

        This is the most consequential example of what happens when standards are lowered, but it was going on at most state college campuses in the U.S. in the Sixties.  The practice only expanded into government hiring and later, through the various creation of Federal Employment Act and other legislation, a series of laws that result not only in the lowering of standards, but the practice of discrimination against white males in almost every venue of life.

        At the same time, (1976) the armed forces were redesigned as an all volunteer service.  Standards had to be lowered for women to be accepted into formerly all male positions.  Prostitution and rape became common, so common, it has required high level government investigations to even begin to crack the book on the corruption that has entered into the armed forces.  One reason for the silence is the fierce self-protective nature of the forces is that the potential damage would be an actual threat to national security due to the shake up and political fallout nationally and worldwide.  Meanwhile, standards have slipped everywhere so badly that the average serving individual is classed as obese.  On top of this, American youth is so obese that recruiters are worried about support for even a minimal military force in the near future.

        Some may accuse me of reading too much into or from a story.  However, I think all it takes to connect the dots is knowledge and information.  We are at the point in the Roman model that we will be forced to hire more and more foreign mercenaries to do our fighting for us.  We will (and are) be forced to make them citizens.  The enemy is already inside the gates.

    • Population of Ethiopia when “We Are the World” was cut in 1985:  26 million

      Population of Ethiopia + Eritrea today:  90 million

      In 1993, Eritrea seceded (!) from Ethiopia, which is why I do their combo population today.

      The r-K life history spectrum is what it is for a reason.  When you mitigate the vicissitudes that make r people r people, you’re going to get a population explosion.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Sorry QD, don’t have much of an idea what your last two sentences mean.
        I’m not exactly unintelligent, but I know that you’re an accountant and work with numbers all day long.
        Are you saying that if we cut off aid there will be a population explosion, a reduction, or what?

        • r-K life history spectrum is a study of reproduction strategy. “R” species reproduce prolifically in lieu of caring for their offspring, and “K” species reproduce rarely but care for each of their offspring vigorously. r-K also presents in race: Blacks are more “r” than whites and whites are more “K” than blacks. But any humans are far more “K” than, say, cats, which are in turn more “K” than fish.

          What I meant by my last two sentences is that if we make better the conditions which make “r” people behave the way they do, running to Africa with humanitarian, food and medical aid, this only means we’re creating an environment for r-strategists that don’t result in their many offspring getting killed off before themselves reproducing, therefore resulting in a population explosion.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            Right, thanks for clearing that up. K-r statistical analysis confirms what I intuitively felt mother nature would take care of. 
            And thanks for the K-r explanation (which I’d never heard of); interesting field of study.

    • Nature is pretty amazing. We do our best to thwart nature and ruin the balance. Nature is wiser than us, she knows what she’s doing.

  • John_D01

    Ethiopia’s plight will look like an all you can eat buffet compared to what’s coming.  And it’s not just how many people there’ll be, it’s who they’ll be.  A third of humans will be Africans?!?  That’s a disaster when without White admixture, their average IQ is less than 80.  The answer to the burgeoning population crises in Africa is of course, to bring them en masse to (soon to be former) White countries.  Camp of the Saints is just around the corner.

  • Nothing will spur on the rise of a global totalitarianism than the population explosion of low IQ, non-European peoples.  It pretty much guarantees authoritarianism as the only viable administrative way to deal with such numbers.  What hope is there for self-government with this looming?

  • jedsrael

    You’ve had your best day, Whitey. It gets worse from here on out- dytopia is your life…

  • WmarkW

    Western and Far Eastern Man’s problem is that we’re the only ones smart enough to develop feminism.

    Muslims, mixed-race Latins, and Africans all know their genitals are their future.
    And if their women don’t agree, their opinions don’t have to matter.

    • Stop this habit of associating the White man with the mongoloid man on this site. 
      He is neither part of our heritage nor our race.  Whatever he has going for him is completely irrelevant to us, especially since he’s not facing any massive foreign immigration like we are.
      Mongoloids are non-Whites like all the others and that’s the bottom line.  We don’t need their example to make our case  just like we don’t need them in our White countries to prosper.

      • WmarkW

        The Mongoloid Man is a useful counterpoint to understand the difference between the issues of our culture versus those of our intellect.  When reporters claim that differential economic results (mortgage acceptances, employment) are due to a cultural factor like discrimination, the fact that East Asians perform better than whites shows that the problem is not discrimination by the White.

        Mongoloid nations are suffering a deficiency of births, and a generation of young women uninterested in marrying.  We should draw a lesson from their shared experience, that is different from the one we would draw if they were bastions of traditional family life. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        What do Caucusoids and Mongoloids share in common? Both have achieved advanced levels of civilization. Both share a continent at peace.

        Furthermore, whites and Asians are already mixed in a continuum across the Asian continent.

        They’re not trying to colonize our ancestral homeland. They are intelligent, reasonable, pragmatic, good geopolitical allies.

        And look how nicely East Asians have learned to play violin, cello, and play classic European music in an orchestra. This is because they are culturally refined and have a taste for the finer things.

        Importantly, both whites and Asians are subjected to indignities by the same ethnic alliance, in the Western society.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Every woman I’ve known in my life has wanted to eventually have children and most have – just not with a**h*le men.  Treating white women like the Muslims, Latinos and Africans treat their women will not bode well.  Feminism comes about as a result of those conditions. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Yeah right. Feminism is a self-correcting problem because Feminism inevitably results to racial suicide.

        Feminism comes as a result of all the blood, courage, ingenuity, and hard work of white men over two thousand years, pissed away by Feminists in about two generations.

        Only with the incredible ease of living, achieved by white men, could such a useless bunch of women take hold of public policy making. Feminism is anti-white, overtly and specifically.

        I got news for you, sweetheart. White men are gonna start slapping white women again. Domestic violence is the solution to defiant women.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Listen Skippy, misogyny is NOT the solution and incessant, self-absorbed, self-pitying,vitriolic blathering from white trash will not ensure the safety and survival of our race.  Awareness, unity and mobilization are the key.  Domestic violence will only land you in jail…again.  A mutually respectful, loving relationship with another is the way to lasting happiness. 
          (Apologies for accidentally hitting the “like” key when I initially meant to hit “reply.”)

          • Women are drawn to masculinity, and men to femininity, just as the electron and proton can’t help but to slam into one another. If White men were in charge, and were strong, and could fight their way out of a wet paper bag, then they would have no trouble attracting women. Our problem these days is the heavy conditioning from our friends in the media/hollywood who have programmed people to believe that Fitty Cent is the most virile, masculine creature in the world. A few years ago, he would have been considered to be an animal, but now, he walks the red carpet, is called an artist and is fawned over by all sorts of freaks. Times change though- what is attractive today is considered silly tomorrow.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            No need to blame anyone but ourselves. It’s not bad to smack or to slap a woman. She can leave if she doesn’t like it.

            The important thing is that it is done with the fingers, extended and held together. The palm is not used for smacking or slapping, because that’s too heavy handed to be proper for discipline.

            A man should not attack a woman. Punishment should be symbolic. She should not be afraid she will be harmed, but she should be ashamed.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Heheh. I riled her up enough to call me white trash. She hit “like” because it was her subconscious response.

            I’d prefer a girl who has not yet reached the age of defiance. But if I have to settle for a woman instead of a girl, I’ll have to smack her face once in a while.

            There will be no mutual respect. She’ll respect me, or else I’ll smack her once and then I’ll dump her. If she has a problem with me smacking her, I won’t take her back.

            I’m not going to get drawn into some disgusting, mutually abusive relationship. I am the abuser, or she isn’t my woman.

          • Net_Drifter

            Tim: Stop trying to sound like a tough guy. 

            If a man smacked a woman these days I would probably mind my own business. Too much going on and too few white people to trust or respect, including women, to have that much sympathy for anybody. She may have just been caught with a black man for all you know. Women aren’t sacred. 

            I can’t stand men who believe they are gentlemen for coming to the aid of a woman who may not appreciate it at all. Step into the 21 st century, Mr. Chivalry.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Any man that resorts to physical violence against a woman is deeply insecure about his masculinity. Dominance and leadership should ooze out of every pore and be expressed in every action, every look, every breath. If you have to resort to physical violence to keep your woman in line, then she doesn’t respect you and she’s not getting the Alpha Male vibe from you.

            In a wolf pack, the Alpha only needs a look or a snarl to keep his subordinates in line. Even if an Alpha gets challenged for his position, wounds are rarely inflicted.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Yeah right. Do yourself a favor and forget all that Feminist twaddle your mother taught you. It’s worthless.

            It’s fine to smack or slap a woman if she deserves it. Just don’t punch her, that’s all. Also, dump her if she doesn’t smarten up right away after you smack her the first time.

            And there are plenty of reasons to slap a woman. You’re just not thinking of any. Seriously, think it over. Infidelity for a start.

            If she cheats, slap her hard, and then leave her. You want to make sure her last memory of you is a slap, not a kiss. It’s for status.

            Her infidelity was a vicious attack on your prestige. You don’t slap a cheating woman, you’re a chump.

          • Net_Drifter

            This sounds like a hell of a lot of trouble.  I would neither be actively dominant or submissive(especially never submissive)with a woman. I would be myself with a few exceptions.

            This site gets a little silly when it comes to assigning genes the credit or blame for .every. single. behavior. and action of humans. In particular, the interactions between white women and white men. There are tons of reasons for peoples’ attitudes that only involve experiences and upbringing and have little to do with genes.

            We aren’t wolves or a lower order of animal. As much as I love them, we have more dimensions than animals and can’t be wholly controlled by genes.  Come on. 

            Believing in that much primitive behavior in men or women is just plain stupid.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            I don’t care what kind of vibe she gets from me. This is the internet. I could be an old lady, as far as you know.

          • Net_Drifter

            With an overreaction this strong, it sounds like you believe women are never to be criticized? 

            Feminism is what is composed of mostly self-absorption, vitriol, and hysteria nowadays, not to mention malice toward men. Any hurdles women had were cleared long ago, and now it’s mainly concerned with resenting men at ALL levels of society, and competing against men when they should be working in tandem.  I think you’re projecting a little.

            Late 20th century and 21st century feminism is all about dominance and aggression. There is a spitefulness in so many white women these days that is impossible not to notice. White men bend over backwards to accommodate women but women are more aggressive than ever. 

            Feminist women hate their femininity AND mens’ natural masculinity(not machismo). They would like to destroy both. The things they stand for are counter-intuitive and harmful. It’s the number one reason, but not the only one, for low birth rates in the Western world.

  • MekongDelta69

    By 2100—one in three humans on the planet will be African

    And at least one out of three of them will be living in your descendants’ neighborhoods.

    All leftists should be rounded up and sent to Africa NOW, so they can get a taste of what their radical policies in the last 50 years did to the rest of us.

  • NorthernWind

    They’re all going to starve to death at some point. Whether it be climate change, European withdrawal from international affairs (seems inevitable when big problems are arising at home), very high energy prices, or something else, something will happen which causes famine and mass death all over Africa and other parts of the world.

    Do we want this? Well I don’t but it seems inevitable because our current leaders are colossal tools.

  • anarchyst

    EnvironMENTALists are like watermelons–“green” on the outside and “red (communist) on the inside.
    They consider humans to be a pestilence on the earth (except for themselves, of course).  Most environMENTALism is based on emotion and shoddy unscientific principles.  Species are always dying out and being replaced with new VARIATIONS of the same species.  Take the “spotted owl” . . . humans suffered loss of jobs and economic development because the owl’s “habitat” had to be protected.  It turns out that the spotted owl’s DNA is identical to that of another subspecies of owl whose “habitat” is located a few miles away.   A Texas highway project is presently being derailed because of some obscure spider.  EnvironMENTALists are like liberals–always willing to use government force to get their own way, no matter how insane.  They rarely use their own money to buy up land they want to put off-limits to human development, instead using government force to trample on private property rights.
    If environMENTALists had their way, most humans would be herded and crammed into cities with shoebox-sized high-rise apartments while only the environMENTALists would be permitted to enjoy country living.  Of course, most people would be denied the use of cars, instead being relegated to bicycles and trains.
    It’s not about the environment, it’s about CONTROL.  The bunny-huggers want to control everyone else but themselves, being the elite want to be in control . . .
    EnvironMENTALists need to be the first to go . . . abolish the EPA and most other federal government “alphabet” agencies.  The EPA also operates on junk science.  It is interesting to note that the EPA’s “advisory board” is composed of those that get government grants for their shoddy science. . . It’s time to “string up these birkenstock-wearing, limp-wristed, prius-driving sorry excusers for human beings.  They should be brought up on charges for outlawing DDT . . . the most benign insectiside known to man . . .

    • Carney3

      It’s a lot of fun to bash away at those who disagree, assuming they don’t believe what they say and are consciously lying to grab power and money.   Everyone from every point of view does that to their pet enemies.  But the reality is, the vast majority of people are sincere.  They really believe what they say.  It’s important to know this, no matter what your opinion is, because it’s important to conform your views with reality, if only to be more effective in pushing your own.

      In the case of global warming, environmentalists really DO passionately and urgently believe that global warming is the greatest crisis in the history of humanity, that it is coming fast, and that drastic and expensive action is needed right now to mitigate if not stop the disaster. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Climate change is a big deal. Consider this – all the exhaust pipes of all the motor vehicles concurrently running around the world combined as a volcano, venting 24/7 and 365. If you don’t believe that volcano is changing the composition of our atmosphere, you’re a dummy.

        The atmosphere has proven to be sensitive enough that a single volcano eruption can cool the earth’s temperature by blocking solar gain. We know how big the atmosphere is, because a few cubic miles of volcanic ash can change the season.

        Now imagine that volcano which spews car exhaust. Approximately a cubic mile of fossil fuel is consumed each year. There are more than a billion motor vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and such. Perhaps 700,000,000 exhaust pipes are spewing at any given moment. That’s a significant volcano which never stops.

        Now consider the melting of the polar ice caps. If you think there’s no correlation to that fossil fuel volcano, you’re a dummy.

        Carbon offset trading may not be a very popular idea. Perhaps there is too much corruption to make it viable. Nevertheless, automobile manufacturers have to standardize on a new technology. Ultimately, it will be electric, not hybrid.

        • anarchyst

          Your name-calling shows you to be the shallow non-scientific person that you really are. . .AllI have to say is when it comes to pet envorinMENTAL projects–FOLLOW THE MONEY . . . much junk science is supported by federal grants . . .
          Greenland was named as such because it was a lot warmer there in the 14th century than it is now.  “Global warming” is a gold mine for the opportunists, hustlers and others that stand to profit from this very NATURAL event.  It is known that the SUN drives weather on earth and is responsible for most of the “climate change” that we have been through in the short lifespan of humanity.  We are presently goint through a major change in the sun’s output.  The climate is ALWAYS changing.  As to volcanoes, they emit far more pollutants than man has ever done. Ever hear of the LaBrea tar pits?  There are more “natural” emanations of oil that occur NATURALLY, despite what you environMENTALists think . . .
          Most environMENTALism is actually “earth worship” more akin to a “religion” than a concept based on sound science.
          Most environMENTALists are well-intentioned, but dead WRONG in treating humanity as a pestilence . . .
          You will reap what you sow . . . millions of human lives sacrificed on the false god of environMENTALism. 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            I wouldn’t have said a word if you hadn’t tried twice to justify the murder of people who are environmentalists. First it was Greenpeace, then some imaginary effete guy who drives a hybrid and wears sandals. None of this has anything to do with solidarity among white people.

            It’s almost as if you were sexually molested by an environmentalist. That’s the level of rage you exhibit. If so, I’m disappointed that it happened, but don’t act butthurt about environmentalism in general.

            I will oppose frivolous claims by environmental advocates which are blocking significant human developments. But I won’t agree to savaging the environment for the profit of a few scumbags.

            Some people are so loathsome, I would rather save an insect. Rooting for man against nature in every case is incomprehensibly stupid in the modern era.

            It’s rare to find someone with the combination of stupidity and self-righteous anger as you displayed. Frankly, it made me wish you would get crushed by a falling tree or mauled by a bear.

            Not that I know you at all. It was just two intemperate, anonymous comments. No big deal.

          • anarchyst

            Once again, your name-calling proves my point.  You are no different than those of the “tribe” or blacks who take honest truthful criticism an an insult. 
            GROW UP and refute my arguments.  Problem is, YOU CAN’T . . . The same environMENTAList that would save a bug or a tree would be the first to promote human abortion.
            I’m glad I struck a nerve . . . environMENTALists who care about an ant, spider or tree have no problem promoting laws and regulations that KILL human beings.  The prohibition of DDT for malarial mosquito eradication is but one example.  Rachel Carlson’s “Silent Spring” is so full of holes it is being dissected and proven to be almost totally fraudulent.  Those environMENTALists that populate the first world have little concern about what their policies do to populations in the third world.  It turns out that most so-called environMENTALists have too much time on their hands.  If and when the thin veneer of civilization collapses, the environMENTALists will be among the first to either perish or get used to eating the animals and insects that they once “protected”.  I have no use for your type and look forward to your eventual demise.  You talk about the “modern era” as if it were rife with truth and honesty.  You are part of the problem–NOT the solution.  Your insistence on seeing humankind as a “disease” inflicted on GAIA (mother earth) is sickening.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            You don’t think burning a cubic mile of fossil fuel every year matters. That’s absurd, but lets move on.

            Forget about the atmosphere. Let’s just suppose 700,000,000 combustion engines running concurrently every hour, every day, every year doesn’t make any difference at all.

            Let’s just assume the polar ice, the glaciers, the top of Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn are just melting because of the sun.

            Still you have to consider deforestation. Old growth forest has been cut until 5% remains. How about the loss of species? The greatest mass extinction since the dinosaurs were killed off has taken place in the past 200 years.

            How about depleted fish stocks, dying coral reefs, endangered whales harvested by the dozens.

            I don’t know about you, but I like a nice walk in the woods. The more ancient the forest, the more I enjoy the forest. I hate a lot of people too.

            Overall, I love humanity. But those who would deny me the chance to walk in old growth forest so that they can profit? I would kill them. Maybe that’s just me.

            I think they’re inferior men and they should be defeated. If it takes war, so be it. I would be pleased to fight to the death. The lamentations of their women will be music to my ears.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            anarchyst wrote “Once again, your name-calling proves my point.  You are no different than those of the “tribe” or blacks who take honest truthful criticism an an insult.”

            Did I call you a name? Did that hurt your feelings? Quit acting like a fag. There’s no point in a man being so moist with emotion as you are. You’re probably a teenager, with your emotions all over the place.

            If so, you should recognize that you have a lot to learn. The best lesson you can learn is to stop demanding respect beyond your life experience.

            I’m not in a contest of who is “whiter than thou”. You’re the one acting like an “Affirmative Action” negro. In the big bad world, if you’re a white man, you’ve got to compete on your merits, not wave your race card every time you’re criticized.

            For all you know, I could be any race. It’s point less for you to even speculate. We’re not involved in any commercial, transactions, nor are we colleagues, nor are we friends. We have no mutual friends. We have no reason to work it out. We have nothing worthwhile to discuss.

            All I want you to contemplate is that you’re the most emotionally volatile and dumb ignoramus I’ve encountered online in a very long time. Your mother raised you with way too much self esteem. You should have about half of what you think is the right amount.

          • anarchyst

            The TRUTH HURTS YOU–GROW UP! Your immaturity is showing . . .
            Best regards,

        • Carney3

          You may well be right. Regardless, we need to break free from oil even if you’re wrong. Because while the other fossil fuels, coal and natural gas, also add to greenhouse gas emissions, they at least do not crash the economy and fund terrorism.

      • anarchyst

        You mean gloBULL warming–followthe money.  Algore’s phony “carbon credits” and other fraudulent schemes . . .

        • Carney3

          If Gore only cared about money, he would have just contentedly stayed within the family business, which was oil. I’m convinced he’s sincere rather than being a deliberate fraud.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      anarchyst wrote “It’s time to “string up” these birkenstock-wearing, limp-wristed, prius-driving sorry excuses for human beings.”

      My mother has a pair of Birkenstocks. How about this? You go suck on a gun. Dumb fag.

    • Net_Drifter

      I don’t think I’m an environmentalist per se, but I do have a lot more of a concern for it than you seem to. Growth that impacts the environment has gotten out of control.

      I guess I have a very different take on this than many here.

  • anarchyst

    One might note that many environMENTAL groups get major funding from middle east oil interests (OPEC, etc.) to keep our much greater oil reserves from being utilized.
    Most environMENTAL groups should be investigated for having ties to roreign interests.
    It brings me great joy to see Greenpeace ships get blown out of the water with subsequent loss of bunny-hugger life.  These spoiled rich kids have nothing better to do than to harass honest fishermen and whalers.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Honest fishermen and whalers? All it takes is a few corporate fisheries and whalers with industrial gear to deplete fisheries and whales.

      Whalers used to use ships with sails and boats with oars, and harpoons which they would throw with their own arms. It was respectable work.

      Nowadays, it’s diesel powered ships, sonar, pneumatic harpoons with explosive charges in the tips, and some species of whales were hunted almost to extinction. Also, pairs of ships with 50-mile long drift nets, are depleting fisheries.

      The industrial revolution has brought about the greatest mass extinction of species since 65 million years, at least. Greenpeace is generally good.

      Environmentalism as a cause has little to no bearing on racial politics. Likewise with political party affiliation.

      Expect environmentalists to become more powerful and forceful, not less. In the future, you will have to recognize the fringe of the environmentalist movement as a resourceful and formidable enemy.

      Ultimately, the views environmentalists espouse will become mainstream, up to and including property destruction and military force against those whose environmental impact is bad enough, they will have no public sympathy if they are killed. Environmentalism will not lose public support unless the population declines drastically.

      • Environmentalism will not lose public support unless the White population declines drastically. Jose and Lupe could give a squat about the environment. Same for Taniquisha out in the hood…

        • 5n4k33y3s

          The white population is declining drastically, if you measure the proportions, which is what really matters.

          In spite of the environmental problems and overpopulation, I am in favor of whites doubling or tripling our numbers in a short span of time.

          Kind of like the Chinese did after they expelled foreign imperialists. Whites have to do something similar in the next 50 years.

          • Problem is the only whites who are reproducing at a fast rate are poorly educated Honey Boo Boo types.

    • Carney3

      It’s just not true that we have “much greater oil interests” than the Mideast.  That’s a feel good fairy-tale.  The cold hard reality is, when it comes to COMMERCIALLY recoverable oil (NOT shale oil, which is only TECHNICALLY recoverable but, like coal-to-gasoline schemes, too expensive to be economically and geo-strategically relevant), we have less than 2% of world oil reserves — yes yes COUNTING Arctic and offshore — while OPEC has more than 78%, including ALL the easiest to access, cheapest to extract, most desirable (light cheap crude) stuff.

      I get it that green-imposed drilling restrictions are frustrating.  But they’re also IRRELEVANT.  Getting mad at them and making them the focus of your energy policy is like a mouse squeaking in indignation that it has a cute little paw tied behind its back in a fight with a giant, vowing that if only it were unfettered it could win the fight.  Nope.

      Even if greens and their rules vanished and we drilled all-out, the tiny uptick in world oil production we would cause could be easily, even casually, countered by the OPEC giant cutting its production a tad to keep the supply of oil available to the world market low and prices high.

      It’s the same reason the left’s preferred solution of automotive austerity is pointless. If we all traded in our thirsty Hummers for teeny Obama-mandated Fiat 500s, and drove the same distances as before, we’d need a lot less gasoline per month.  But OPEC would just cut back enough to drive up prices enough so that we’d pay just as much for less gas for our Fiats as we used to pay for more gas for our Hummers.

      The ONLY way out of the oil trap is to break free from oil.  Fortunately we have the world’s #1 coal deposits, lots of natural gas, and the world’s #1 agriculture sector with enormous surplus production capacity.  All three of those resources can make alcohol fuel for fully flex fueled vehicles, specifically methanol with an M (ethanol is made from sugary and starchy biomass).  Adding full flex fuel capability costs automakers only $130 per new car at the factory, but they won’t do it across the board, and what alcohol compatibility they do rarely grudgingly officially support is confined to ethanol not methanol.  

      After 20 years of waiting and asking, and suffering from oil-funded terrorism, oil-funded madmen pursuing WMD, oil-induced economic crashes (including 2008) and oil hanging like a Sword of Damocles over our economy necessitating wars, it’s time to MAKE this happen.

      The Open Fuel Standards Act would make alcohol fuel capability a required standard feature like seat belts.  H.R. 1687 in the House, S. 1603 in the Senate.  It’s campaign season and a lot of tight races.  Demand your Senators and Congressmen co-sponsor this.  It’s gotten support from hardline conservatives (Reps. Allen West, Steve King, Roscoe Bartlett, etc.), as well as unabashed liberals (Jim McDermott, Eliot Engel), and middle of the road types (Colin Peterson,  etc.)  See OpenFuelStandard dot org for more, or read “Energy Victory” by Robert Zubrin.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        We need to “diversify” our energy sources. If we had even a fraction of the petroleum infrastructure dedicated to bio-diesel, ethanol, or even natural gas then we wouldn’t be slaves to the oil industry. 

        • Carney3

          Bad Mr. Frosty wins the match!!

      • anarchyst

        Look up “abiotic oil”.  Ther term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s as much was not known about the processes deep within the earth.  It turns out that many depleted oil wells are filling back up.  Oil is constantly being produced within the earth by yet unknown processes.  Deep drilling by Russian oil interest and scientists bear this out . . .Check it out for yourselves . . .

        • Carney3

          Despite trillions at stake for whoever proves it, abiotic oil remains a small minority view among scientists and industry. Drop the magical thinking and embrace the cold hard reality. We must break free from oil. Because neither the Drill Baby Drill fairy nor Abiotic Oil Man with cape tights, and underpants on the outside, will come to our rescue.

  • DelmarJackson

    Not many people know but the Sierra Club was paid 100 million to never mention the effect immigration has on USA population ever again.


     I am a democrat and a liberal on many issues and an environmemtalist. I used to think it was low class and borderline racist to even talk about immigration. One day I read a story about the 1965 Immigraion act that opened the floodgates of immigraion. I was shocked. I thought our immigration had always been like it is now. I read the lies Sen Kennedy and the other proponents of the 1965 Act promoted. I began reading and educating myself on immigration. I concluded that the USA would be much better off economically,socially and environmenatly with much less immigration, and we should work to have a stable and unified population.

     I looked for like minded people in the democrat party and found they are all gone. Sen Barbara Jordan was a black Senaror, and a champion of immigration reduction and reform. She worked on a bipartisan committee in 1995 to come up with many ways to reduce immigration. Clinton never implemented a single one. Sen Jordan died.
     Nearly all the republicans are also for more amd more immigration.They are truly the stupid party, except for tancredo and a few others like Buchanan and ann coulter.

    I found only weasels in the media also, as they only have one immigration narrative, which is all immigraion good, and all those that want less immigration are eveil,racist,xenophobic,nativist bigots.

     The only thing that keeps me going is the realization that there was a time i was sound asleep on immigrataion and over population too. I was not a bad person. I was the same person I am now, only now I can see. One day they will too. I hope it is not too late when they do.


    • Errata: Barbara Jordan, was NEVER a Senator from Texas, she was a congresswoman from Texas, but NEVER a Senator.

    • On the current trajectory, our future is going to be a cross between Blade Runner and Soylent Green. Not that we’ll resort to eat people but the population pressure is going to make life very unpleasant and stressful on food production and the environment.

  • Weren’t we told that AIDS would devastate Africans?

    • IstvanIN

       25 years ago and their population has doubled.

      • blindsticks

        in a word Bob Geldof.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    • blindsticks

      We cant afford it 5n.  We have  a  family  to keep called  The Third World.

  • potato78

    “He said: “Not much is off-limits these days—we wallow in the trite and the tasteless—yet the fate of humanity, the possibility that we may be breeding ourselves into extinction, or at least widespread misery, is somehow better left unsaid.”
    I like that “the possibility that we may be breeding ourselves into extinction, or at least widespread misery, is somehow better left unsaid.”

    So are we going to let Catholic people start to do contraception first? abortion second? dark color gene is always stronger than white gene.  So eventually whites gradually disappear into dusky human race before human complete extinction.

  • rightrightright

    “But the presenter said that Ethiopia is now more dependent on international aid than it was in 1984.”In 1984 Ethiopia had a population in the region of 34 million.  28 years on, it is now about 90 million.  

    • Holy s**t, you’re right. I independently checked the facts.

  • jedsrael

    But what about those hateful Diversity Deniers?

    Take a look at this Diversity Mandate from the nation’s most elite private school.  Can you imagine how demoralized the non gay White students must be?

    Everybody is special and deserves to shape the future, except non gay Whites, who must shape the future according to the LBGT, Black, and Latino rules.

    This is Dystopia, folks:


  • blindsticks

    How can it  ‘taper off’ when you’re  getting unendless  immigration from  the same backward,  same  mass baby  producing countries The liberals are fond of  saying their  birthrates settle after a few generations but the  evidence doesnt reflect this anywhere I’ve been.  These people  know exactly  what they’re doing and they’re doing it  deliberately. They’re colonising the Europeans by land, sea, air and, finally –  the womb.  The only comfort we may  draw from this disaster is when there are  few white people left so will there be  fewer  altruists and guilt mongerers  -as Beurk rightly  puts it – to fund and reward  these people.  GODDAMN THESE  TRAITORS  OF OURS TO HELL.  

  • KenelmDigby

    After the fall of communism, many former Marxists called themselves ‘Greens’ in order to camouflage their identity, and to hi-jack a new and untainted movement from within.
    Whenever there is talk of ‘overpopulation’ they immediately obfuscate the issue by ranting about ‘over-consumption’ in the ‘west’.
    “It is not a crisis of population, it’s one of consumption” – they will always shout.

    Yes, all well and good, but if ‘consumption’ is the problem then it can be suggested to the greenie, that this is one of the very few areas of politics in which he can actually do something himself in defiance of political rulers, namely cut down his own consumption to the calculated global mean level.
     – For one reason or another, they never seem to make good on that point. A lot of humming and hawwing, ifs, buts, noes, errs etc thrown in, but no direct personal action.

  • Invictus_1

    Live Aid was a huge flop because much of the money was stolen and very little food was never delivered to the intended people.   Live Aid did not change the trajectory of the problem that by 1993 ended up involving the UN and then, famously American special forces and Marines which culminated in the famous “Black Hawk Down” incident.  So far, it seems we learned our lesson.  But we have no yet learned to not dump billions of dollars in aid into Africa.  That we are feeding a beast that will someday destroy us (already happening) cannot be admitted.  The author is quite right.

  • And so long as well meaning people in the first world blithely allow 3rd world countries’ burgeoning populations to spill over into their own countries, there is no impetus for them to do anything.

  • And because Shaneequa and Shakwana experienced loving relationships growing up in the ‘hood is now why each of them is dropping eight babies by several different daddies?  Who knew?

  • I don’t want to sound like a prophet of doom. Actually, I find fringe religious fanatics with their fantasies absurd.

    * I don’t see how this level & profile of civilization can be retained in next, say, 50 yrs

    * there are a few scenarios, all of them catastrophic and entailing the end of global ethics. For instance:

    1. racial & religious swamping of most White lands. The result is collapse of global civilization (and White race) & retaining some level of technological society in East Asia. But globally, this would be a fractured world & population would rather quickly diminish. Without Whiteys in charge, the overblown world population would just implode well below, say, 1 billion. The rest is speculative science fiction.

    2. race riots & economic-ethnic turmoil leads to global overthrow of democracy in most White countries. Along with that, humanist principles go to the history’s dustbin, and some kind of Darwinian survival becomes dominant world-view. Since mostly White countries are indubitably the most militarily destructive (USA, Russia, France, Britain)- some kind of nuclear preventive war for survival takes place in the form of nuclear strikes. Perhaps 1-3 billion human beings (Muslims, Blacks, Indians, Chinese,.) die as a result.

    3. something like WW3 happens & mostly White nations- with some Asians- self-destruct themselves in an all-out war. Again, Whites virtually disappear- “thanks” to their own stupidity.

    4. no major war happens, but liberal democracies collapse due to intensifying conflict with immigrant groups. Other races/religions/cultures are isolated, and they demographically implode (starvation etc.)

    Only options 2. and 4. are somehow good both for Whites and global civilization- although option 2. may sound horrifying to humanist & “average” ears. The rest is reduction to base levels of life, similar to the situation depicted in dystopian novels.

  • ed91

     that won’t happen.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    No, the Chinese are not good with “cyber warfare”. English is a second language for Chinese people, and every programming language is in roman characters.

    If the Chinese were so good with information technology, you’d think they’d be programming in Chinese, but they are not. They’ve only just gotten around to a domain service which supports Chinese characters.

    Even worse, they tend to favor Windows instead of Linux or Unix. The reason cyber-attacks (crude denial of service attacks) often come from China is that so many of their windows computers have been compromised with malicious software controlled by others.

    This is a testament to their incompetence with information technology, due to the language barrier. Neither Japan nor Korea are doing well either. They are smart and talented, but the language barrier is costing them in information technology.