Jared Taylor at Texas A&M (Video)

YouTube, October 25, 2012

The following is video of Jared Taylor’s October 23 presentation at Texas A&M. It includes his prepared remarks and part of the question and answer period.

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  • KD_Did

    is it just my sound???  Im struggling to hear anything Jared says.

    • John Bonham

       I heard it fine.. It may be you sound …

      • John Bonham

         Just curious , What did I write that needed moderating ?? Are we spell checking here now ?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The vertical format was not the best format for posting to youtube. The picture looks tiny!

  • Ulick

    The crowd sounded receptive to the idea.  The myth is that younger people are necessarily less racist because they were raised in diverse America.  In many instances, the exact opposite is true.  Young white people who have been most subjected to diversity often have seen firsthand the double standards, the higher propensitry to violence, and the lower intrellectual aptitude.  These are some of the people easiset to sway to a race reakist perspective because they;ve lived it and know it’s true. 

    •  I agree and I remember a story on Amren a few years ago about high school students in MICHIGAN flying the Confederate Flag

      • NorthernWind

        Even in Britain young English lads fly St George’s Cross and have a sense of nationalism about them. They are angry at the establishment which is obviously against them. 

    • JohnEngelman

      The junior high school and the senior high school I attended was over ninety percent white. When I was twenty one years old I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of blacks I could name. That is why the black ghetto riots that happened between 1964 to 1968 did not effect me politically. 
      It was only when I was robbed at gunpoint by two black teenagers that I realized there was a problem, and that it could not be solved by social reform and social welfare spending. Since then several black muggers have reinforced the lesson. 

    • Barrack Osama

      People my age have been driven to escape the horrible reality the boomers left them with video games and such. Now there are 30 million people living in fake online worlds like Warcraft, which even I have played for a time. Deep down, they know they’re there because everything out here is lies and garbage, and they resent it.

  • I feel “privileged” to have found Jared Taylor and American Renaissance.

  • JohnEngelman

    Most of what Jared Taylor said was so obviously true that I almost felt that he was reading from a textbook on arithmetic. 
    Because those truths cannot be refuted they can only be suppressed. 

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Jared Taylor’s Presentation?  Superb, even better than the Towson U. address, which was outstanding.

    Q & A?  Markedly superior questions from the audience, which generated rich responses from Taylor. 

    A well-spent hour of viewing.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Can you think of any better demonstration of the difference between the races than the contrast in the quality of behavior and questions of this mostly white audience and the largely black one at Towson University? You could hardly ask for any better demonstration of racial differences!

      • SintiriNikos

         Agreed. However, not to pick nits, but I believe much of the Towson audience were students who were invited from another (majority black) university.

  • MerlinV

    Very nice lecture on Diversity. Money quote: “If given the choice, most people will choose homogeneity.”

    Judging by the questions asked, we’ve still got a long way to go to get our women on board. I find this very frustrating because any other race of women stand with their men and are “down with the struggle.” Whereas ours seem to be complete Disciples of Diversity.

  • Athling

    Again, the Amerindians having their land stolen and otherwise mistreated by whites was brought up again just as it was at Towson. By a black male in that case and a white female in this case. This issue really needs some careful attention because it is constantly used as a weapon against whites even by other whites. The historical context never occurs to them.

    • Sloppo

      Up until that time in history, the only reason any group of people occupied any piece of land was because they were able to defeat another group of people who also wanted to occupy that land.  For example, relatively recent archaeological studies have indicated that the “Amerindians” began to occupy this continent many years after it had been already occupied by a group of people with skull shapes similar to those of Europeans.  

    • bluegrass91

      Most people understand history in the common anti-white context, which is a battle easier circumvented than faced head on with intellectual deconstruction.

      For example: do not try and discredit the idea that Native Americans were displaced by evil whitey. No matter how poignant your counter arguments are you’re simply entering into a well established anti-white narrative by being forced to defend the morality of past European’s actions. 

      You must ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK the modern anti-white narrative. Do not try and defend our history, for the of act defense inherently carries the psychologically implicit sense that one is weak, or guilty, by the necessity of defense in and of itself.

      Anyways, I’d classify the native-American displacement under the “white guilt” justification for White displacement

      Circumvent this by bringing up other displaced groups in history: Should the Turks be forced to accommodate millions of non-Turks because they displaced the original Greeks who resided there? Should Japan accommodate millions of non-Japanese for their displacement of the Ainu, or their colonialism against the Chinese?

      Then, you can state that Whites are said to be specifically guilty of a crime that other groups have committed as well.  That is an anti-white double standard.

  • humptydumpty

    While I’m a great admirer of Mr Taylor’s and support his efforts 100%, I also understand that we’ve passed the point of no return quite some time ago and now must focus on preparation for when this society ceases to function. When that time comes, the minorities will go stark raving mad and attempt to destroy us completely. It is us, the White Nationalists who will defeat their attempts. But it will be a very messy affair. We will have to suspend our civilized behavior for the duration of that time it takes us to clear the minorities form this land. Too bad it had to come to this, but we have to do what has to be done.

    • JohnEngelman

      The collapse of American civilization which you and other posters on American Renaissance predict and at times seem to welcome will accelerate the rise of China as the dominant nation on this planet. 

      • libertarian1234

        “The collapse of American civilization which you and other posters on American Renaissance predict and at times seem to welcome will accelerate the rise of China as the dominant nation on this planet.”

        When the West collapses economically and large scale conflict builds to critical levels so too will the rest of the world suffer greatly. The US….and Europe to a lesser extent……. is the financial hub of the global economic wheel.

        Every nation will be impacted to one degree or another.

        China and India will suffer greatly from a collapse in their exports and a drastic loss of additional benefits derived from strong European and American economies.

        Both countries have roughly two and a half billion people who will not only suffer massive unemployment, causing mass rioting and fighting, but the importation of food from the US mostly will be cut off, which…altogether…. will result in mass starvation on an epic scale.


  • JohnEngelman

    Jared Taylor says most whites want to live with whites.
    I prefer the company of intelligent, well educated people of all races and ethnicities. They do not need to have college degrees, but I want them to be well read and cultivated.
    Nevertheless, if I would rather live with poorly educated, low income whites than blacks. The whites won’t rob or kill me. If I keep my mouth shut about my political opinions most will like me. 

  • Anan7

    This was a great presentation, Mr. Taylor.  You should come to the University of Rochester some time to give a speech.  Unfortunately they wouldn’t be as “tolerant” as they claim to be.

  • alas

    Very annoying the video cuts out at the moment I’m most interested in. Mixed races are of great importance to me. They represent a problem I do not know how to solve, as if most of us agree that races should separate, what is to become of mixed races? I think they should go with whom they look most like, personally. But it would be interesting to see Jared’s take on it, and it looked like he was headed in that direction when it cut out.

  • wilbernsprayberry

    It is difficult to evaluate how effective Jared’s stump speech is these days. He is so reasonable and gentlemanly, his arguments so logical and politely expressed, I am afraid they don’t break through the thick crust of egalitarian indoctrination and the massive load of “white guilt”  these young people have been burdened with since kindergarten.

    Consider two questions from females in the audience. One asked (using different words, but with this meaning), “What gives whites any right to be in America at all, considering that the Indians were here first and whites stole their land?” If you accept the moralistic view that the white conquest of North America was one of the great crimes of history, requiring the mandatory atonement of race-suicide by whites, then there really is no answer. And from the way the young lady phrased her question, and her tone of voice, the only answer she would accept was precisely, “Whites had no right; they committed a monstrous crime, and they must acquiese and encourage their own displacement in atonment.” I don’t think such a person, who could ask such a pathetically brainwashed question, is reachable in a 30 minute talk.

    Another female, apparently half-Arab, asked a typical quibbling race question, demanding to know if she was white, and implying that Arabs are considered white. Here, Jared forthrightly told her she was of mixed race, despite his acknowledgement that Arabs are, in a broad, general sense, considered white. I wish he had made clear he was advocating for the interests of that branch of the white race that developed in Europe over 40,000 years, and discovered, explored, created and settled the United States, and not the various other branches found in the Middle East who were not present and had no role in our country’s history.  Her’s was the type question often asked to confuse the issue, the implied answer being that race is a social construct only, and has no real biological basis. 

    And as commenter Merlin V said earlier, the females are a big problem. The only positive responses I heard in the video came from males. Even there, the voices (the camera didn’t show them) sounded like somewhat older men, probably not college students.  College students like Matthew Heimbach at Towson U. are extremely rare, it seems.

    OTOH, I have personally spoken with females who are in “the movement” overwhelmingly because of Jared Taylor. It’s probably his old-fashioned male charisma at least as much as his overall intelligence, delivery, and message.  But these – again – were older (though only a few years older) than college students.  

    Despite what might be perceived as skepticism above, I remain optimistic about the ability of Jared to do good things for our movement by speaking to college audiences. Indeed, I dream of a “Taylor Tour” around the country, speaking to, engaging with, and rocking the world view of, thousands of students.  Our main problem is still access, or rather, the power of our enemies to deny us access. Nothing else explains why Jared Taylor is not speaking to 50, instead of two or three, colleges a year.

  • mistermark123

    Are Jews allowed in your world, or do you consider them to be non-white as well?