University Lied About Racial Admissions, Study Says

Daily Caller, October 25, 2012

A new study contradicts claims by the University of Oklahoma that minority students do not receive preferential admissions treatment.

Black and Native American students who were admitted to the university were less qualified than their peers from other ethnic groups, according to the study, which was released by the Center for Equal Opportunity in Virginia.

The findings were most striking for OU’s graduate programs. White students admitted to the law school had a median LSAT score of 159 and a median GPA of 3.60. In contrast, black students were admitted with a median LSAT score of 153 and a median GPA of 3.34. Native Americans scored better than blacks, but still demonstrably worse than white or Asian students.

According to the study: “OU Law rejected 2 American Indians, 9 Asian Americans, 1 African American, 8 Hispanics, and 105 whites despite higher test scores and grades compared to the median African American admittee.”


“We looked at not only undergraduate but also medical school and law school admissions, and we found the same pattern at all three schools,” he said in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Namely, preferential treatment for African American applicants, and to a lesser extent, preferential treatment for American Indian applicants.”

But the university has denied granting admissions based on race, and rejects the study’s findings. An OU spokesperson expressed disappointment with CEO’s methodology, in a statement.

“It is unfortunate that the university was not contacted or provided an opportunity to participate in the CEO study,” said Catherine Bishop, an OU spokesperson, in a statement. “Had the university been contacted, we might have been able to clarify items that seem to be misunderstood by those who prepared the report.”

Whether or not OU uses racial preferences is a timely question for Oklahoma voters, who will consider banning affirmative action at all public institutions when they go to the polls on Nov. 6. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: The full report is available here.]

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  • Not surprising that minorities get preferential treatment over white and Asian applicants. Actually, the score of 150 on the LSAT is just an average score. Which means that both minority and white applicants have average test scores. While applicants who want to get accepted to the top 15 law schools need LSAT scores of 170 and higher.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Can you imagine being defended by one of these affirmative action lawyers?

      You’d get the death penalty for jaywalking.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Better than being treated by an affirmative action doctor.

        Image from Jambi19’s post above about anti-White medical preferences in medical school admissions.

        Jambi19:   The first line of your link:  

        Affirmative Action Racial Preference raises its ugly head, again.

        Should be fixed:

        Affirmative Action Racial Preference Discrimination against Whites raises its ugly head, again.


    • William_JD

      Not “minorities”.  You mean “non-Whites”.

      Whites are a minority in this world, and you need to stop accepting the pretense that we are  demographically dominant.

  • Yeah those blacks really have to work “twice” as hard as the white man to get ahead.  

    • Puggg

      I’m convinced the hardest work that many blacks do is running their mouths complaining how much harder they have to work than white people to get the same salary/wages/promotions, or how many more college degrees they have to have compared to white people to get the same job.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         White males are the worst treated group in this country, and they have other white males to thank for it.

        The enemy from within is worse than 100 enemies on the outside.

  • Jambi19

    Medical school admissions:
    I went to the AAMC to fact check this carpe diem blog assertion. They are accurate.

  • Mercerian Jed

     “…clarify items that seem to be misunderstood by those who prepared the report.”

    Translation: “We can’t trust Whites who haven’t learned how to contextualize the praxis intersection of how Race, Gender, and Class oppression, marginalization, explotation, and exclusion dynamics inflect across vulnerable and at risk communities and perpetute the dominant cultures White privilege paradigm and unacknowled racist presumptions that infect society with systemic bias.” 

  • roger smith

    “Nobody should be concerned about a white person passed over for a black one if the white has a GPA of 3.6 and the black of 3.3, lol.  Or worse, an LSAT of 153 vs 159.”

    Nobody except the student who is passed over of course. 

    • I agree with you. These LSAT scores are just little above average. The average score is 150. This shows me that the University of Oklahoma is not selective at all. In order to get into the Top 15 law schools,a score of at least 168 or 170 is needed.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    How many of the marginal minorities will either fail out of law school or not be able to pass the Bar and be stuck with $100 K in student loans?  Maybe in a twisted way, there is some payback in this scenario. If Michelle Antoinette DeFarge had been white, she would have attended Illinois State and would probably be an account manager for a medium sized Midwestern company. I wonder if her resentment against Princeton began the moment she realized that she really didn’t belong there. I’m guessing that Obama has hidden all of her records too.

  • Defiant White

    All you have to do is sit in a classroom with a few negroes or be unfortunate enough to have one as a “p’fesser.”

    You can figure it out for yourself that someone is letting these imbeciles in . . .

    • Sloppo

      Sometimes a professor with African ancestry can contribute to a college student’s education in ways which aren’t normally measured in test scores.  For example, a Haitian immigrant professor at Wittenberg University named Hollant “Max” Adrien, had a very effective way to raise awareness of sexual assaults during “sexual assault awareness week”.

  • I still feel guilty about putting down Hispanic on my application when I transferred to my university.  In my state universities guarantee admission if you have an associates degree.  The thought crosses my mind that someone who identified as white could have gotten passed over to accommodate me, which I don’t think is the case, but the thought still crosses my mind.  I transferred with a 3.5 GPA and was admitted to business school with a 3.8 after meeting prerequisites.  Now business school is where they could’ve snubbed somebody for me but my GPA was pretty high so I’m in the clear.

    I think I’ll just start putting down white on applications instead of Hispanic for the sake of fairness.

  • The__Bobster

    At the University of Texas/Austin, racial socialist activists and their UT staff and Main Stream Media allies have launched a hysterical campaign to intimidate white students by claiming that they are guilty of “hate crimes.” The activists’ MO: constantly make up new stories of their victimization; re-define innocuous behavior by whites as “bias incidents” and “acts of racial violence”; stalk whites attending “fiesta” parties (isn’t this Texas?), and publish photographs of them. Unfortunately, there is no sign of white a.k.a. American opposition.

    The activists’ apparent goals:
    Influence the Supreme Court to continue its support of Affirmative Action in college admissions;Take over a presently desirable off-campus neighborhood (West Campus) now populated by white and Asian students;Get all majority-white “Greek” organizations (fraternities and sororities) banned, disbanded, or under the racial socialists’ control; Ultimately, to purge UT of white students, save for a relatively small cadre of cultural Marxists.

  • Ha!  You’re making me rethink what I said.  They won’t question your ethnicity because it’s illegal.  I have almost black hair and dark brown eyes but I’m pale.    My last name is the only thing that gives me away.  I get asked if I’m Cuban or Italian but I’m Puerto Rican.

  • Ultimately, if a university wants to load itself up with dullards, why should we care?  It is primarily hurting itself and degrading the quality of its programs.  Yale and Harvard will remain Yale and Harvard only if they bring in a good stock of smart and hard-working students with proven potential.  If they want to deviate from those standards (and today they deviate heavily with minorities), it’s their loss.  Whites instead should concentrate on building up the universities and colleges that do accept them.  Whenever I travel on the Metro subway in D.C. I see tons of advertisements for local colleges and universities (and online ones too) advertising degrees, graduate programs, night classes, all of them begging for your money.  If you’ve got the cash, there are no shortage of schools today willing to help you part with it.

  • Bias, Bigotry, Marginalization and Disenfranchisement of  White Students is at Pandemic levels in colleges all across the nation.  Look at how White is EXCLUDED at my school:​/2012/11/03/tarrant-county-co​llege-race-based-mentoring-ex​cludes-white-students/