Why IQs Rise

Meehan Crist and Tim Requarth, The New Republic, October 25, 2012

In the mid-’80s, the political philosopher James Flynn noticed a remarkable but puzzling trend: for the past century, average IQ scores in every industrialized nation have been steadily rising. And not just a little: nearly three points every decade. Every several years, IQ tests test have to be “re-normed” so that the average remains 100. This means that a person who scored 100 a century ago would score 70 today; a person who tested as average a century ago would today be declared mentally retarded.

This bizarre finding—christened the “Flynn effect” by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in The Bell Curve—has since snowballed so much supporting evidence that in 2007 Malcolm Gladwell declared in The New Yorker that “the Flynn effect has moved from theory to fact.” But researchers still cannot agree on why scores are going up. Are we are simply getting better at taking tests? Are the tests themselves a poor measure of intelligence? Or do rising IQ scores really mean we are getting smarter?

In spite of his new book’s title, Flynn does not suggest a simple yes or no to this last question. It turns out that the greatest gains have taken place in subtests that measure abstract reasoning and pattern recognition, while subtests that depend more on previous knowledge show the lowest score increases. This imbalance may not reflect an increase in general intelligence, Flynn argues, but a shift in particular habits of mind. The question is not, why are we getting smarter, but the much less catchy, why are we getting better at abstract reasoning and little else?


If we were really getting smarter overall, scores should be going up across all the subtests, but that is not the case. {snip}

As Flynn demonstrates, a typical IQ test question on the abstract reasoning “Similarities” subtest might ask “How are dogs and rabbits alike?” While our grandparents were more likely to say something along the lines of “Dogs are used to hunt rabbits,” today we are more likely to say the “correct” answer, “Dogs and rabbits are both mammals.” Our grandparents were more likely to see the world in concrete, utilitarian terms (dogs hunt rabbits), but today we are more likely to think in abstractions (the category of “mammal”). In contrast, the Arithmetic IQ subtest and the Vocabulary IQ subtest—tests that rely on previous knowledge—show hardly any score increase at all.

Why has this happened? The short answer, according to Flynn, is that a convergence of diverse social factors in post-industrial societies—from the emphasis of scientific reasoning in school to the complexity of modern video games—has increasingly demanded abstract thinking. We have begun to see the world, Flynn says, through “scientific spectacles.” To put it even more broadly, the pattern of rising IQ scores does not mean that we are comparing “a worse mind with a better one,” but rather that we are comparing minds that “were adapted to one cognitive environment with those whose minds are adapted to another cognitive environment.” Seen in this light, the Flynn effect does not reflect gains in general intelligence, it reflects a shift to more abstract thinking brought about by a changing social environment. We aren’t getting smarter; we are getting more modern.

This interpretation of rising IQ scores was detailed in 2007 in Flynn’s book, What Is Intelligence? In Are We Getting Smarter? he both summarizes the previous book and explores a wide new range of possible implications. The chapters are organized into broad categories—”Developing nations,” “Youth and age,” “Race and gender”—into which he dumps a whole host of observations and speculations. {snip}

Implicit in Flynn’s argument that we are becoming “more modern” is that IQ gains are due to environmental factors, not genetic ones. Some of the most successful moments in this book come when Flynn considers IQ data in combination with sociological facts in order to do away with absolutist notions of intelligence. Given the long and troubled history of intelligence science—e.g., eugenics—this stance is significant. He invokes environmental factors, for example, to explain the shrinking male/female IQ gap and debunk notions of innate differences in intelligence between men and women. (If you do not lump current generations of women with past generations and if you separate university from non-university populations, the enormous male advantage disappears.) He uses similar reasoning to explain IQ differences between developed and developing countries. {snip}

The focus on environmental factors is where Flynn’s book gets interesting: in making the case that the Flynn effect is connected to modernity, the book offers a broader indictment of intelligence research and the field of psychology as a whole. Flynn laments the “failure of the sociological imagination”—the tendency in psychology to overlook environmental factors. “Somehow, psychologists have developed the habit of ignoring social scenarios that explain their results,” Flynn writes. “In so far as they attempt to integrate the psychology of human intelligence with another layer of analysis, they choose brain physiology.”  By focusing in on the brain, Flynn argues, we risk missing the forces that shape it. This is not just another nature/nurture argument; it is a call for a complex, interdisciplinary science of the human mind that sees the individual as an open system constantly reacting to and acting upon her environment. It is also a rejection of the bigotry and the elitism implicit in research that claims to locate innate differences between groups and an appeal for the inclusion of another dimension—time—into the calculus of intelligence research. {snip}


Despite its flaws, there is a deeper, almost humanitarian, purpose driving Are We Getting Smarter? It urges us—researcher and layperson alike—to take the veiled bigotry of absolute genetic differences among races, genders, and nations off the table. If we can figure out why intelligence measures are different among groups, if we can understand the complex interplay of environmental pressures that affect those measures, then we will be closer to a more nuanced understanding of who we are, where we have been, and where we are going.

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  • I think the greatest measure of IQ is actually doing something. Put someone on the moon–you are a genius. There are plenty of nations where the populace have high IQ’s and they are rat-infested hell holes. Go to India. Go to China– wow they can do math really well! Wish they had a working toilet!  I wouldn’t trade places .

    • JohnEngelman

      The Chinese have satellites circling the earth. They are catching up fast. 

      • The chinamen put a man into orbit a few years ago using technology stolen from us– putting a man into orbit would have been real impressive 75 years ago. Maybe in 30 years from now they can make a sequel to “Gone With the Wind. ” They remind me of clever children. Give them a violin and they can play the music we were creating 400 years ago. Give them the plans to one of our rockets and  I’ll be darned– they can build it! The day they impress me will be the day they actually come up with something new that benefits mankind– I won’t hold my breath.

        • humptydumpty

          Darryl, Orientals have invented many things, but for the most part, were never able to develop those original ideas. For example, they invented the printing press I believe. Also gunpowder, the Wheel barrow, Ocean going Junks (sailboats three times the size of Columbus’ boats), etc.

          It seems every time in history that there would be a gigantic oriental advance, something occured to thwart their efforts. Somehow, I think that type of thing continues in life.

          During the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese hired the archetect son of Albert Speer, Hitler’s top economics expert, to redo downtown Beijing. Does that sound like they’re all so smart? If they were so smart, they would’ve had one of their own guys do the work.

          • Defiant White

            I thought Africans invented gunpowder, the wheel barrow, ocean-going vessels and etc.

            Right before they invented peanut butter, the gas mask, toasters, the telephone and M&Ms . . .

          • Detroit_WASP

            I believe there is an ingenuity gene that most Asians lack and most whites have.

            Combine ingenuity with a very high IQ and you get Einstein.   High IQ alone and you get a math professor or a doctor. 

            Combine low IQ and high ingenuity and you get Kim Kardashian.

            Combine Low IQ and low ingenuity and you get Detroit.

            It’s really very simple!

          • TheAntidote

            They may have invented block printing of one page texts but they didn’t figure out moveable type.
                 However they did invent a fishing reel almost identical to the ones in use today.

          • eunometic

            I’ve just finished reading “Charlmaigne and Mohamed revisited”. By Emmet Scott. Basically it says that the Barbarians (Germans) that invaded Rome were literate and often Christian. Rather than destroying Greco Roman classical civilisation they actually expanded it, trade and the cities as well as the libraries

            The dark ages came about around the year 700 as piratical Arab Muslim raids destroyed trade in the Mediterranean. Christian Egypt and Syria collapsed. Expensive parchment had to replace paper, socialised raw,arterial disappeared, coastal cities disappeared as people moved inland to avoid the persistent slaving raids.

            Archeology now shows the dark ages happened in not only Europe but Byzantium, Syria, Egypt etc and is clearly coincident with Jihaads of the 7th to 10th centuries.

            It took Europe 300 years to climb out of the dark ages. Hence the Islamic Jihaads set us back over 300 years.

            The never never land of learned universities in Andalusia never existed. The Archeology shows that Cordoba was a fraction of the size described by exaggerating Arab writers and simply could no have supported that many Mosques or universities.

            Imagine, Europe lost over 300 years of progress. That should put our lag behind China in context.

        • IKantunderstand

          Darryl, I hate to be rude and point this out, but I do believe Mushiu (feel free to substitute your own spelling, I wish the Spelling Bee people would make one of the little darlins have to spell it) Pork fits the high standards you have described.  Yum, Chinese burritos! Other than that, I got nothing.

          • Their pork is pretty damn tasty.

          • IKantunderstand

            Darryl, Darryl, Darryl,  That was so completely un pc, that I must gasp! Gasp, I say. Pretty damn funny! Mickey Rooney has never been better. He was a victim of his time. You, on the other hand, are going to hell. Darryl, I’m absolutely kidding. However, due to my brainwashing, I must point out to you how racist it is……….HAHaHa  whoops! Fell off my chair , well, I think I should say at least… Shame on you. And me. Nah, I don’t mean it. Screw em. And, God Bless You.

        • tyree1

           so true

        • TheAntidote

          Gun powder
          Metallurgy, agriculture, ceramics and textiles at a very, very early date.

          Also invented foot binding, opium dens, the crib system of prostitution, and high stakes gambling.

      • The__Bobster

        You’re also impressed when Asian women go around the world.

        • potato78


      • Le Fox

        They’re still 1,000 years too late – the Vikings and Ancient Celts were already masters in astronomy.

        • JohnEngelman

          Mayan astronomers were able to predict eclipses of the sun and the moon. Mayan mathematicians used zero before the concept reached European mathematicians, with the use of Arabic numerals, which were actually invented in India.

    • The__Bobster

      The average Hindu IQ is 87. It’s hard to put a man on the moon with that. But when you have over one billion people, you can still find many millions on the right side of the bell curve.

      • That’s right, although the Indian communtiy in America tends to be more inteligent than average, it is a highly select group. Only the richest, most intelligent Indians can afford to immigrate. In India, though, they are not more intelligent than whites, see http://www.vdare.com/articles/indians-arent-that-intelligent-on-average. 

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         And India built an atomic bomb before Pakistan.

        • danlieb7

          India has already indigenously developed some of the best nuclear missile and space programs in the world. Indian long range nuke missile Brahmos, developed in 2010, is the world’s fastest and first of it’s kind Hypersonic cruise missile with advanced capabilities. So far the United States has only achieved Supersonic cruise status. Indian nuke missile Agni-3, is the world’s most sophisticated & accurate missile technological wonder with a CER probe 10 rocket satellites into space of different nations such as Japan, Israel, France, etc. The Indian built Space vehicle was the PSLV C-9 which carried all those foreign satellites into space successfully. India also plans a Mars mission in 2013 & later a Venus and Solar orbiter.

          India may have her fair share of woes but she is surely catching up to the west and in a steady manner even surpassing it in time.

          Concerning, the young generation of the Indian diaspora in the west. The 2011-2012 Intel Science Talent  ( the most coveted award for  youngsters in science & invention around the globe) Award winner for the 1st place went to an Indian American boy Nithin Tumma for his work on Cancer research.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/14/intel-science_n_1345405.html
           A few days back a 15 yr. old Indian girl of British citizenship in London, scored the top 1% of the highest IQ of all time, beating the IQ levels of Einstein & Sir Stephen Hawking.

          An Indian MIT engineer (based in Boston, USA) and researcher, Pranav Mistry, is considered the top 10 greatest inventors alive in the world today, he is the youngest too. His ideas and work will revolutionize technology to the next level. This guy is a genius – one in a trillion! His ideas to the future frontiers of technological innovation would be priceless!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pranav_Mistry

    •  Well, they *did* invent toilet paper(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilet_paper

      • JDInSanDiego

        But we invented the toilet.

  • Mika12375

    I think people should  apply the same philosophy to basketball.  Perhaps then I will become an accomplished NBA star although I am only 5’9″ and have always been poor at basketball.

  • JohnEngelman

    It remains the case that some people are better than others at everything they do, that some groups score better on all the mental aptitude tests however they are designed, and that those who perform better on the tests also perform better in the class room and on the job. 

  • JohnEngelman

    The Flynn Effect simply means that IQ  tests have still not become refined enough to test pure intelligence. A refined IQ test will require no knowledge of reading or mathematics. It will still reveal individual and racial differences that correspond to individual and racial performance levels. 

    • The__Bobster

      Refined? I took one of those in first grade many decades ago.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       There is one group of Asians on the far west side of Asia that excel at lying, stealing, and cheating. I wonder how they would come out on one of your “refined” tests.

      • danlieb7

        But those group of Asians in the far west side of Asia also produced the greatest thinkers, scientists, medical doctors, innovators, philosophers, musicians, artists and to most of us here, even our dear Lord!

        If Einstein, Salk, Freud, Neil Diamond, Mahler, Ayn Rand, Neils Bohr, Baruch de Spinoza, Maimonides, Abraham, Moses and Jesus mean nothing to world history or even western culture, than I don’t know what the word “influence” means any more!

  • I saw a program on CNN that said that in the future, Asians will be the new whites.

  • Intelligence is a complex matter. Many people we see as intelligent really aren’t. College professors are educated and may read books and be able at a later date to recite passages from many books, but is that intelligence? Suppose what they are reading is false or inaccurate? I believe intelligence is the ability to take in information from various sources, process it, remember it and be able to apply it to achieve reasonable answers or solve problems which enhance your life. The intelligence of a society is reflected its achievements. Some societies go to the moon, cure diseases, produce inventions and create wealth. Others worship cow dung, practice voodoo, bathe in urine, live in mud huts and howl at the moon.

  • The first attack from the left is always the past.

    They dismiss anything and everything based on previous incomplete knowledge (and yes, biases) of our scientists, researchers, politicians, and the public.

    Every field of research has a preliminary stage. When the science is new, broad suppositions are inherent in the mix as are biases.

    Certainly looking back, there were some terrible mistakes made in the field of eugenics such as sterilizing children of illegitimate births. I’ve seen interviews with these people and it breaks my heart that these white people were wrongfully sterilized simply because they were ‘[email protected]@rds’ (I’m not sure the word would make it through the filter).

    The research has become highly refined and we can’t allow these people to dismiss good science because of past mistakes.  

    It seems to me that  Mr. Flynns’ research has as much an agenda (and bias) that he and others tar previous researchers with.  

    We all have biases, liberal-conservative, moderate-extreme. Science (which should be taken into account in public policy) must be objective. This is where I believe Mr. Flynn fails in his research. I don’t believe he’s being objective (drawing conclusions where the facts lead him) but tailoring his research to fit his biases.

    Are all the different IQ tests (past and present) perfect? No. Do all these past and present IQ tests show similar trends? Yes.

    I have long believed that IQ in western nations rise for two basic reasons. Better nutrition and a higher level of intellectual stimulation. While some may fault me for saying this, even bad reality TV can raise a persons intelligence by providing the viewer with life scenarios they would never have dreamed of pursuing, teaching them to make better life choices.  

  • CaptainCavemen

    It’s true that average IQs have risen for certain groups, but that doesn’t mean that they keep rising indefinitely. Most industrialized nations have reached their IQ peak. 

    15 points seems to be the general difference in IQ between poor nations and industrialized nations of the same race. Blacks in Africa have an average IQ of 70, while Blacks in America have an average of 85. South Korea also saw a 15 point rise in average IQ after they industrialized. We also saw this difference in eastern bloc Europe, where after the fall of communism, eastern Europeans had lower IQs than their western counterparts. Now the IQs of most of those nations have risen and the IQs are coming closer in line with the West. 

    James Flynn wants to believe that all groups will eventually reach parity. It’s just not true. Some groups will always be ahead of others. For any poor third world nation, we can assume that they are about 15 points below their genetic potential, so some groups could possibly come closer, but we won’t all finally have the same average IQ. America has proven this, with Blacks continually being 15 points behind Whites, with no signs that both groups will reach convergence in IQ anytime this century. 

    • Bach Tran

      The problem is there’s evidence that African IQ at the moment is actually around 84 in countries such as Nigeria, where massive economic growth is occuring. This is almost on par with IQ in American blacks. Eventually they will overtake American blacks for the better if conditions continue to improve, which would prove very paradoxical if you subscribe to such theories.

  • ncpride

    *Yawn* In the meantime, the yearly school report card for our Middle School came today, breaking down last years EOG testing scores in reading and math by race and gender. As per usual, blacks lag behind Whites by a whopping 30 points. How long have we been working on closing that gap? 50 years or so?

  • So basically he is saying as a society becomes more complex and advanced so do the IQ’s of the population living in these societies.  WOW what a concept!  Working backwards, his position rests on the premise that the rise of industry necessarily brought on a rise in IQs.  Well Mr. Flynn WHO started the Industrial Revolution?  Was it a bunch of Mestizo Indian Mexicans?  Was it a bunch of Africans?  Was it a bunch of Asians?  Was it a bunch of Arab Muslims?  NO, it was a bunch of White European Brits with a nod to Portuguese and Spanish colonialism.  If industry is the foundation of advanced intelligence, then it’s pretty easy to see WHY there is such a huge IQ discrepancy between the dark races and the White race.

  • potato78

    “Scientists proved that east asians (chinese japanese korean etc…) have the highest IQ
    do white people feel bad about it because in the past they thought
    they were the smartest and looked down on all the other races?”


    Alot of losers started to cry.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      We still get to look down at other races. Asians never created 1st world societies they can only copy them.

      • potato78

         East and West wind will take a turn.  Today is west wind. Tomorrow is East wind.
        After 300 years, west storm = “created 1st world societies” is ended.  Then, East wind will be started.  You will get to be looked down by that time.  No hurry and rush. 

  • Mercerian Jed

    Outdated rhetoric:   New book by James Flynn peddles egalitarian myths.

    Updated rhetoric: New book by James Flynn peddles hate fueled and dangerous egalitarian myths.

  • quote: “Despite its flaws, there is a deeper, almost humanitarian, purpose driving Are We Getting Smarter? It urges us—researcher and layperson alike—to take the veiled bigotry of absolute genetic differences among races, genders, and nations off the table.”

    In other words, Are We Getting Smarter is politically correct, and for that reason is probably not useful for the subject material it’s attempting to cover.

  • Tom P.

    A distinction is not irrelevant here:  Flynn has been willing on a personal level to discuss and
    rationally debate his views with those critical of them and to do so within bounds of civility.
    I do not know whether he has publicly entered into such discussions.  He has also vigorously
    defended the academic rights of those whose views he dissputes and in particular in 1990
    the rights of Phil Rushton.   Flynn certainly is not to be lumped into the hatchet crowd of
    Leon Kamin, Barry Mehler, William Tucker, et al. 

  • Defiant White

    “Why has this happened? The short answer, according to Flynn, is that a convergence of diverse social factors in post-industrial societies . . . ”

    Jews and negroes are part of those “diverse social factors.”  Abstraction is a jewish gift.  Simplicity a negro necessity.   We’re being shaped by the forces of cultural marxism unleashed in the 1960s.

  • APaige

    OHHH my! That last paragraph sounded liked ‘Hallmark card-level dribble’ I swear the last sentence was going to be: “Unicorns eat rainbows and fart clouds.”

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    iq tests involve visio-spacial tests and repeating the most basic phrases back etc placing the correctly shaped wooden blocks into their respective holes on a board while blindfolded under a time constraint etc so guess what? blaks and hispans have NO EXCUSE THAT THEY FAIL  and the proof is here name 2 that is two black or mex scientists see you cant!! now name 30 white male scientists. exactly

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Flynn is a darling of the left.  The Flynn Effect has been used by egalitarians to dismiss IQ as “meaningless”  because they believe with enough time, effort and $$ from the White community, the racial IQ gap will converge and disappear.   Fifty years and a trillion dollars later, the achievement gap remains — and the money and effort to close the achievement gap have been stepped up.

    In the schools, the racial IQ gap is never discussed as THE reason for the racial achievement gap; we aren’t allowed to talk about it.White IQ differences in the United States have remained at 15 to 18 points, or 1.1 standard deviations, for nearly a century…with a Black overlap of the White mean of 13%.– J. Philippe Rushton1 and Arthur R. Jensen, The Totality of Available Evidence show the Race IQ Gap Still RemainsMeanwhile,  while Flynn is lauded and honored: Rushton’s book was once seized at the Canadian border and considered for being banned under hate crime laws from entering the country

    Will this happen in the U.S. as well?  Any mention or writing, no matter how scientifically valid, of racial IQ  gaps will be deemed as Hate Speech and BANNED.  


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Make sure you also read Rushton and Jensen on the “Flynn Effect.”

    The following is from Professors Rushton and Jensen’s rebuttal to Flynn and Dickens’s published reports and claims about the so-called “Flynn Effect.”(it’s short and well worth reading):

    They (Flynn and Dickens) excluded the Wonderlic Personnel Test, the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, the very g-loaded Woodcock-Johnson test, the Differential Ability Scale.  To be compelling researchers must take the totality of available evidence into account.

    Even the tests Dickens and Flynn did analyze do not support their conclusion.  The alleged gain of 4 to 7 point is from a “projected” trend line based on a small IQ rise per year multiplied by more years than are in the data using unclear procedures.  Simple arithmetic applied to the data in their Table A1 shows a mean gain for blacks of only 3.44 IQ points, from 86.44 to 89.88.


  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I do agree.  I have a lot of book knowledge – much of it useless, but folks without it sometimes do appreciate the information or history I can relate.  But I really admire those who can “do stuff”, and often try to get them to teach me how to do it, too.  Usually I’m no good at it.  😛  My current beau is a maintenance guy, has been for 30 years in various fields (oilpatch/gas plant, school custodian, town parks and rec, and now works for a motel.  He doesn’t understand why I make a big deal of his abilities.  :/ Especially sewing. I can’t sew worth crap, and was amazed to watch him do it nearly effortlessly.

    His book knowledge may be lacking (he had to drop HS to come out West and work when his parents’ marriage fell apart, and never really had time to read, he works so much), but I will damn well admit he’s a lot smarter than I am.  If I was so smart, I would have taken electronics repair/IT long ago, and had a decent career, instead of a string of crap jobs, falling for the lie of “You can work your way up!” I should have joined the dad-blamed Canadian Armed Forces when I had the forms for it. They would hjave trained me well.

    As for the increase in IQ relating to abstractions, well, we live in a more abstract mental world than our ancestors did.  And of course people who are still hunter-gatherers might have a more concrete world view than we do.  Our first-world populations are simply adapting to its new, self-made environment.  Darwin wins again, and studies like this just give the lie to the idea that evolution does not operate on humans any more for whatever magical reason (something even so-called evolutionists try to peddle.)

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    They’re not talking total IQ though, just one part of intelligence – ie, abstract thinking. 

    “Intelligence” is a tricky concept, and involves a lot of different “ways of thinking”.  It’s usually confused with sapience (just as the word “sentient” is often used where “sapient” would be more accurate.)   What  may be deemed “intelligent” in one context might not be so bright in another.

    Humans are sapient – we use tools to modify our envirnoment, and we’re very good at it.  However, it can also be our downfall, as we become more and more dependent on our invented toys.  I lose my glassses, I’m helplessly blind.  Cut off the power, water, and other services to New York, and see how well humans do as compared to the rats and pigeons of the city. Hell, I would even admit that, say, a hunter-gatherer in HIS ENVIRONMENT is “smarter” (ie, better mentally adapted) to his environment and lifestyle than me (though of course in a city, I would beat him out for “smarts”.)

    Intelligence – in whatever form it appears –  is just another tool for survival – it’s important in humans, becuase we don’t have anything else to our pathetic name.   And many other species are quite intelligent – just because they don’t or can’t use tools doesn’t negate that (witness the dolphin, who can never discover fire-making because of the environment in which they live.  But if they’re intelligent, what do they do with that intelligence if they can never become sapient?  I guess we’re just too dumb to figure that out!)

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “In the mid-’80s, the political philosopher James Flynn noticed a
    remarkable but puzzling trend: for the past century, average IQ scores
    in every industrialized nation have been steadily rising. And not just a
    little: nearly three points every decade. Every several years, IQ tests
    test have to be “re-normed” so that the average remains 100. This means
    that a person who scored 100 a century ago would score 70 today; a
    person who tested as average a century ago would today be declared
    mentally retarded.

    It must be from all that Diversity (rape, murder, etc), or maybe they just keep dumbing down the test, so that everyone looks like a genius.


    Note the bias in this article.  The authors say:

    “It is also a rejection of the bigotry and the elitism implicit in research that claims to locate innate differences between groups”

    Here they include the phrase “bigotry and the elitism implicit in”   Yet, they could have simply said “It is also a rejection of the research that claims to locate innate differences between groups”  

    You see, the authors believe that any data that they do not like is automatically bigoted and elitist.   Yet, it is the goal of science to examine all aspects of the world.   Scientists collect the data, and then try to figure out what it means.   If the data suggest innate differences between groups, then, that is what we must report.   Facts are facts.  Data are data.  Facts and data are not racists, bigoted, or elitist.   Instead, the writers of this article are bigoted and elitist.  

    Next, notice the lie when the authors say “to take the veiled bigotry of absolute genetic differences among races, genders, and nations off the table.”   No one is saying that these genetic differences are absolute.   In fact, studies suggest that IQ has BOTH environmental and genetic components.   The author is creating a false “straw man.”  

    The truth is that research has clearly shown that in adults, IQ has about an 80% heritability.   Twin, adoption, and world-wide studies clearly show a persistant racial difference in IQ.  

    Meehan Crist and Tim Requarth, you are liers.


    You may not care if an individual does or does not have a high IQ.   But I guarentee that you care if an entire population does.  

    Do you really want to live in a world inhibitated by low IQ races?   If so, I suggest you move to Haiti, Detroit, New Orleans, or Nigeria.  

    In the real world, IQ matters.   Places with lots of high-IQ people are safe, wealthy, full of opportunity and have high culture.   Places with lots of low-IQ people are living hell-holes.

    Currently the USA and Europe are importing as many low-IQ people as fast as they can.  Note that neither Japan, China, or Israel are importing massive numbers of low-IQ people.   Importing low IQ people is only for “White” nations.

  • potato78

    Never be single mind.  There are a lot of things beyond what you can image. 

    High IQ doesn’t mean you can do everything.
    Low IQ doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.
    High IQ doesn’t mean you can create everything.
    Low IQ doesn’t mean you can create nothing.

    Dark ages will come along with Bright ages. 

    You have your bright ages for 300 years, but coming along with it is your dark ages.

    Smart peoples are always doing better work based on other people’s work.

    You don’t have reinvented wheel.  You just need to do a better wheel.

    The more arrogant you are, the more stupid you are.

    The earth is round.  The fortune goes circle.


  • potato78

    Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran
    has rebuffed US pleas to use military bases in the UK to support the
    build-up of forces in the Gulf, citing secret legal advice which states
    that any pre-emptive strike on Iran could be in breach of international
    law.The Guardian has been told that US diplomats have also
    lobbied for the use of British bases in Cyprus, and for permission to
    fly from US bases on Ascension Island in the Atlantic and Diego Garcia
    in the Indian Ocean, both of which are British territories.The
    US approaches are part of contingency planning over the nuclear standoff
    with Tehran, but British ministers have so far reacted


  • Bach Tran

    The Japanese, who have both an advanced country and society and no immigration or multiculturalism.