‘I Chose Romney Not by Color of His Skin But by the Content of His Character’: Clueless Star Stacey Dash Hits Back at Her Race-Hate Twitter Critics

Leslie Larson and Meghan Keneally, Daily Mail (London), October 9, 2012

Actress Stacey Dash defended her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney after she received a barrage of Twitter attacks for her decision.

Stacey Dash

She said in a televised interview Tuesday night that she had since spoken with vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and he had high praise for the Clueless star.

‘He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave and that they support me and I thought that was so generous and kind, lovely,’ Ms Dash told CNN‘s Piers Morgan.

Ryan’s supportive call comes after he faced racial criticism himself as a young man when he dated an African American woman in college.

Ms Dash’s public appearance Tuesday was two days after the actress tweeted her support for the former Massachusetts governor on Sunday but soon a series of vitriolic messages with racial slurs were sent her way, slamming Dash for her political views.

Ms Dash said, in her first television interview since the original tweet, that the reason why switched from supporting President Obama in 2008 to now endorsing his opponent is ‘because of the state of the country’.

‘I want the next four years to be different,’ she said on the show.

‘When I watched the governor and his wife on Meet the Press with David Gregory, they spoke to me and they seemed authentic and genuine about what they said about this country about the need for us to be united and move forward.’

Using the line made famous by Martin Luther Kg Jr. in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, Ms Dash said that she endorsed Romney ‘not by the color of his skin but the content of his character’.

The ugly virtual exchange has cast a pall over the publicized reunion of the cast of the 1995 film, as the 46-year-old insists Romney is the best choice for women.

Dash, who played Dionne ‘Dee’ Davenport in the high school comedy opposite Alicia Silverstone, took to the micro blogging website this weekend to reveal how she would be voting come November.

‘Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,’ she tweeted on Sunday, posting a steamy photo of herself dressed in a sexy red top in front of an American flag.

After her statement, she later re-tweeted a message from the conservative candidate to female voters, promising that a Romney regime would provide more economic opportunities for women.
‘Women have had enough of Barack Obama,’ the message from the GOP challenger, dated October 6, read.

But once she showed her political stripes, Dash was soon slammed on Twitter with many commentators taking aim at her less-than-stellar film career.

‘You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,’ one person wrote in an ugly message to the actress.

‘Still clueless,’ another critic tweeted, as numerous tweets filled with racial slurs were posted.

‘Wait Stacey Dash is voting for Romney? You get a lil money and you forget that you’re black and a woman. Two things Romney hates,’ another user tweeted.

In addition to negative attention, she also upped her web presence with an additional 30,000 followers in the wake of the political message.

But after a flurry of messages, Dash seemed to take the online attack in stride and posted a follow-up message, defending her right to support the Republican nominee.

‘My humble opinion…EVERYONE is entitled to one,’ she wrote.

Fans of her political persuasion joined in, re-tweeting her endorsement nearly 5,000 times.

Team Dash also started a hashtag, #ISupportStaceyDash, to encourage the beaten down star.

‘It’s not against the law to speak out against Obama, yet. There are millions with you @realstaceydash. We’ve ALL had enough ‘change,’ one supporter wrote.

Another added, ‘#ISupportStaceyDash It’s a shame that she’s condemned for supporting @MittRomney because she’s black. #BlackConservativesForRomney.’

The Twitter war began just as Dash was stepping back into the spotlight as part of a lighthearted reunion with the cast of the comedy – 17 years after its release.

Since the film, she starred in the short-lived TV adaptation of the story and has also appeared in various smaller films.

The Clueless cast was featured in Entertainment Weekly, as part of the magazine’s Reunions Issue, and also were interviewed on Good Morning America on October 5.

The actors reminisced about the mood on set filming the cult classic and also remembered actress Brittany Murphy, Tai Fraiser in the film, who died in 2009 at the age of 32.

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  • Puggg

    I would be more outraged if I knew who Stacey Dash was or why she’s famous.

    She would be necklaced if this was South Africa.

    • RisingReich

       Sweet Mary, that’s a horrific way to go, the S. African necklace is.  The type of creative mind that dreamed that up is beyond despicable.  Only a African would think it up and enjoy watching such monstrosity.  Oh, wait…a monster would enjoy it. 

      A race of monsters.

      • Pelayo

         “Sweet Mary, that’s a horrific way to go, the S. African necklace is.”  

        ¡Hombre!  Have you never read about La Corbata Colombiana – The Colombian Necktie?  If I explained it here it would no doubt be 86’d. I wouldn’t blame the moderator either. 

        • From what little I have read about it, we would very likely not delete it.  Stomach-turning, and R-rated, for sure, but it’s not anything we can’t handle.

        • RisingReich

          I had to go look it up. Hard to say which is worse, if you’re trying to compare brutality.

    • Pelayo

      I’ve seen her in several movies. She’s actually very attractive.  Juxtapose her picture with that of Serena Williams. It’s like Taylor Swift versus Rachael Madcow.

      • Pelayo

        Actually I owe Rachel an apology. She’s annoying and obnoxious but after careful consideration I must admit that there is a very small field of competition with Serena for the scariest looking award.
        It’s just Rachel’s attitude that’s the “turn off”. Well the “butchy” hairdo as well.

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s what no one except people like us on this site will mention: her hotness and independence of thought almost certainly originate from her White genetics (she looks to be at least 2/3 White), and in spite of her black genetics (at most 1/3).  It seems that she, like most other “blacks,” paradoxically follows the one-drop rule.

    • That’s just her hair. She looks to be at least half African to me. Anyway people like Keyes, West and Sowell are darker even than that.

      But that’s all by the way. If she’s pro-white, she’s white enough for me.

  • IstvanIN

    Poor Ms. Dash doesn’t seem to understand African politics: one man, one vote one time.  Blacks do not in any way allow dissension from the majority opinion, or at least the “leader”s” opinion.  Just isn’t done.

    • Persona Non Grovel

      I like the line that Paul Ryan has high praise for her. He probably would like to canoodle with her, reliving his exotic collegiate days of sleeping with black women. Maybe he misses some “chocolate”. I will say she is easy on the eyes, for a black woman.

  • Ulick

    She shared views that her fellow blacks felt were not in favor of black interests. The punishment by fellow blacks was quick and severe, and white Liberals likely also castigated her for allegedly going against black interests.

    Meanwhile, if a white person shares views that are in favor of white interests, the very same people who attacked Dash for not supporting her people’s interests would attack a white person who does support his people’s interests.

    My dog can see this double standard. I’m not sure how white Liberals can’t.

    • Magnum Force

      Dogs are far more intelligent than Liberals.

  • Biff_Maliboo

     I heard that Hannity has already started the adoption process.

  • I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the notion that we need a black woman being attacked and ridiculed to understand just how twisted and hypocritical the anti-Whites are, or the fact that many White people believe they need the token black vote in order to succeed.

    It’s not like these people are pro-White. They just happen to be a little more reasonable and rational versions of the people on the Left who believe all that race is only skin deep crap.

    • jedsrael

      She didn’t say “Vote for Romney and then let’s hold him accountable to ending Affirmative Action”.

    • Jay

      The factis why should Stacy Dash be pro-white and more than any of us should be pro-Black or pro anything non-White?

  • Germanacus

    The overwhelming majority of blacks will vote in terms of what they believe are their own racial interests. The general welfare of the country is meaningless to them. This lady and a handful of others are exceptions.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I know people who say they are voting for Mitt Romney not because of the color of his skin  but because he is white.

  • Poor thing, she found her way off the plantation and those who remain will not forgive her.  Whatever mean-spirited spin you guys want to put on this, I commend her.  I’ve had a few black friends who also left the plantation who went through hell from their peers.  She should be supported – she’s an American!  It’s very hard for them to come clean about political issues.  And Clueless was a charming little film.  There’s a good reason it became an instant classic.

    •  Sorry, I’m all tapped out of commendations and support. Millions of White Americans have been slandered for having an opinion, or assaulted, raped, or murdered for being White. Most people don’t seem to give a crap about them. Does this woman support pro-White people?

      •  don’t give a “care” about them, Moderator? You are a perfect example of the White cowardice that has infected the minds of what used to be strong White people.

    • Puggg

      It’s not so much her we have a problem with, it’s all the fake cons white wimp panderers whose self-esteem just went to the stratosphere because they found a black person voting for Romney, whereas before there were so few that they were statistically zero percent in some polls.

      • Yeah, forget all those White people out there getting slandered and attacked, we got us a real live black woman!

  • jedsrael

    In other Diverse celebrity news, does anybody else find this funny?

    Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend is Pregnant and Kim Kardashian Isn’t Happy

  • FinnyMac

    Just as an aside to the issues being discussed here, could I just observe that we’re in a permanant fucking disgrace with this mass culture?

  • I’ll go everyone one better:

    Ex-Republican Senator( from Idaho), Larry Pressler is endorsing Obama. Why? Because he thinks Obama is doing more for the veteran than Romney will.

    Obama is virulently anti-Second Amendment, and Pressler sits on the NRA Board of Directors. Go figure.

    Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows, but this is beyond the pale.

    As far as Stacey Dash supporting Romney – that’s her choice. The fact that so many Bantus are literally baying the moon in protest, leads me to believe that they are manifestly unfit to live in a democratic society, where one can vote by secret ballot. They’d MUCH RATHER have a big chief bwana type like an Idi Amin or Kwame Nkrumah telling them what TF to do, 24-7.

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll reiterate:

    Bantus have more faith in government than a saint has in Christ. 

    • Magnum Force

      If that is so, then why doesn’t the NRA dump this RINO? I was asked to join the NRA and I told them flat out, “No”, because they supported Harry Reid for his last run for the Senate. How is that even possible? Forget the NRA. Join Gun Owners of America, and the Citizens’ Council for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      • I don’t know if NRA will take steps to punish Pressler for his views. Now that he’s no longer a sitting senator, they may decide not to renominate him when his current term expires. We shall see.

        As far as NRA endorsing Reid – maybe they decided Sharron Angle was a ditzy butthead, who might wind up losing- which she did. Then, NRA decided Reid’s Second Amendment record wasn’t so bad, after all.

        Besides, Magnum, it turned out to be a blessing, the way it did. Had Reid lost his race, but the Democrats still controlled the Senate, then CHUCK SCHUMER would have become the Senate Majority leader. ‘Nuff said.

        As I mentioned in an earlier post, poltics does make strange bedfellows.  

        • The NRA-PVF made the calculation with around two months to go before the midterm elections that the Republicans would gain seats in the Senate, but not enough to shift control.  The reason was that 2010 was six years after 2004, and 2004 was good election cycle for Republicans running for Senate, which means that the red wave of 2010 in terms of the Senate was mostly “wasted” defending red seats.

          And the NRA turned out to be right about that.

          So the NRA figured, with Democrats retaining control of the Senate, they should back Reid even though Angle was better on their issues, because Reid losing would mean Schumer would run the Senate.

          Another thing you have to remember about that race.  You may think Sharron Angle was dippy, but Harry Reid was even dippier.  (Angle of course coined the question about Reid, “how did you get so rich?” that people are still asking today).  It doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominated, Reid was still going to win.  That’s because Nevada has Las Vegas, which has casino owners and casino employees unions, two powerful components in Nevada politics who like having a friend in the Senate Majority Leader.

          Back to the NRA, some of their endorsements make me mad.  For instance, they picked Paul Kanjorski over Lou Barletta in PA-11.

  • Nice hair….she’s the Black Farrah Fawcett

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I wouldn’t ever “fall all over” a black “conservative.”   The numbers speak for themselves.  If 97-100% (depending on the poll) of blacks vote for the party of the redistribution of wealth from blacks to whites, and the destruction of the white race in general, then no matter how “nice” any black might seem, the probability is very high to certain that any particular black is your enemy.  Many so-called black “conservatives” are charlatans out to score some white wimmins, or money for their inner-city churches.  

    All that said, I am willing to have the true 1% of intelligent conservative blacks living in my midst.  This PROVES that I am not a racist, doesn’t it? But trust one?  Nope.  He or she will have to do an awful lot to prove his or her sincerity to me.  Otherwise, please hip them all back whence their ancestors came.  I’m tired of paying reparations, whether via social payments, the reproductive organs of white women, or the bodies of murdered whites.

  • Pelayo

    Stacey is of American Black, Bajan and Mexican heritage born in the Bronx, her mom (Linda) was a General Manager of DME Interactive holdings and her dad was a businessman. She graduated from Paramus High School in Paramus NJ. which means that she never had to pump her own gas. 
    From what I’ve read she seems like a nice girl and I mentioned before, she is pretty and sexy and doesn’t talk like Shakwanda and A- A. (“Duh dash don’t be silent”). 

  • Tom_in_Miami

    A quadroon is 1/4 black and 3/4 white.

  • Net_Drifter

    Yeah, a “career move” to destroy what’s left of her career. Don’t be silly.

    She’s at least half black and she is probably one of the people who considers herself colorblind; but, I bet she has a lot more common sense and less antagonistic feelings towards whites than her former co-star Alicia Silverstone. 

  • A “Jewsih Mormon” is an oxymoron, like “Jewish pope” is.

  • Magnum Force

    Then use it and capitalize on that move. If it convinces some other blacks and Hispanics to look at Romney again, and even vote for him, then it is better for us. She will actually do better with Romney as President than with O-No.

  • Magnum Force

    Notice that certain Hollywood types didn’t give a damn if people knew they were Republicans like Bob Hope, Charleton Heston, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan, and Sonny Bono.

    Bob Hope as a great ad lib one liner in a clip on You Tube called, “Bob Hope’s Best Movie Line”.

    • Bantu Education

      John Wayne also springs to mind, but anyway only one of those is still alive, and him only just.   Any young ones?

    • Sardonicus

      I think those stars were big enough to slap Hollywood’s face. Alas, Ms. Dash is not