Pittsburgh Police Arrest Juvenile in Downtown Teacher Assault

Jonathan D. Silver, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 9, 2012

Pittsburgh police arrested a 15-year-old boy today for a vicious, apparently unprovoked assault on a teacher last week in a Downtown alley that was captured on video.

Police spokeswoman Diane Richard said the boy, a student at the city’s Letsche alternative school, has been charged with simple assault.

“It appears to be a random act, but this juvenile has a track record, already has, for example, a probation officer,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s spokeswoman, Joanna Doven.

Zone 2 Cmdr. Eric Holmes said patrols by bicycle and K-9 officers in the neighborhood have been increased, particularly around dismissal time for the three schools in the area—the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Urban Pathways Charter School and City Charter High School.

Teacher James Addlespurger of CAPA was walking down Tito Way near the Benedum Center on Thursday afternoon as six young men walked in the other direction.

Suddenly one of the men—not even the closest one to Mr. Addlespurger—stepped over to the teacher and socked him in the face, knocking him out with one punch.

As Mr. Addlespurger dropped to the ground, his head striking the curb, the youths continued nonchalantly walking down the alley as the attacker looked back.



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  • Puggg

    “Alternative school” = Last stop before prison

    • jedsrael

      He was just completing his admission application to alternative school = prison = training camp for Obama’s BRA Civilian Army.

      He’ll be back, smarter, stronger, etc… That there boy has Leadership Potential written all over him, in black ink.

  • ed91

    The occurrences of this type of violence towards whites seem to happening more often and with more glee.

    I think we are overdue for a big eruption of retaliation.
    And the msm and left will once again show their ignorance and hubris.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Let’s see how the election goes first. There’s always time to flex the muscles as necessary.

      I’m not in favor of any “big eruption”. I’m more inclined to gradually apply pressure in a struggle of attrition. This strategy is working well lately.

      Chaos does not necessarily serve the interests of the white society. Better to make the necessary adjustments to gain compliance, rather than to ride a roller coaster of emotion.

  • Epiminondas

    “It appears to be a random act, but this juvenile has a track record, already has, for example, a probation officer,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s spokeswoman, Joanna Doven.

    Huh???  Random???  The only white guy walking by gets his lights punched out and the police refer to this as a “random” attack.  Folks, the police are useless and probably on the side of political correctness.  If you are a clueless white liberal (as this teacher probably was), you can expect more of these “random” attacks.

  • Epiminondas


  • Epiminondas

    If there ever is retaliation, the MSM and the left should be the targets.  For every white victim of minority aggression, there should be a white liberal enabler to take a hit.

  • Ulick

    Probation officer, court costs, increased K-9 units, increased Police bicycle patrols. Thugs like this kid, and the alarmingly high percentage of black teens like him, cost us billions per year. That’s not even including the unquantifiable cost of just feeling safe in public.

    • jedsrael


      If whites are not for themselves, who will be for them?

      I just added this paragraph to the entry, “A paradigmatic black-on-white assault—update”:

      Note the symmetrical use of “unconcerned” in the captions I’ve added to the above photos. James Addlesburger displayed no concern about the fact that he was approaching a group of obvious thugs, and the thugs had no concern about having slammed Addlesburger unconscious to the ground. As far as one can tell by their behavior and speech, white liberals are totally unconcerned about black anti-white savagery, and the black savages in their turn are totally unconcerned about the murders, maimings, and disfigurements they inflict on whites. Whites apparently place no value on themselves, so why should black thugs place any value on them?

      Posted by Lawrence Auster at 05:57 PM

      • bubo

        He saw the busy street, the parked car,  the fact that it was 3 pm on a weekday, several bystanders and thought,  “certainly I won’t be attacked by these blacks.”  But he was wrong.  

        • jedsrael

          Open season on White privilege.

  • “It appears to be a random act, but this juvenile has a track record, already has, for example, a probation officer,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s spokeswoman, Joanna Doven.

    Okay boys and girls, your assignment for today is to circle the politically-correct code words in the above sentence which clearly defines the race of the perpetrator.

    • Puggg

      Well, I can think of at least one probation officer that didn’t do his job.

      But most POs in big cities have such a huge caseload that it’s impossible for them to do their jobs.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        What could a PO do to stop a young savage like that?  Counseling sessions to remind him not to attack people?  And now that he has attacked, will his probation be taken away so that he can suffer whatever punishment he avoided by taking probation for who knows what?  Nothing will be done about his violating his probation and probably nothing will be done about his attacking that lone white man.  “More probation and this time we really mean it?”  He will walk free on this most recent attack and be a hero to his fellow thugs. “HEY MAN, THAT WAS REALLY COOL THE WAY YOU KNOCKED THAT GUY OUT WITH ONE PUNCH!!!”

  • Tom_in_Miami

    What can be done to get this guy’s attention before he kills somebody?  My guess is he’ll get probation and along with that a lot of status within his group for knocking out Whitey.  How about a few years of juvenile detention followed by a couple years in the big house?  Just to get his attention.  This “random” black attack (against a random white person) seems to be just about as fashionable as baggy pants.

    • ed91

       one thing not being mentioned is that this attack is just another day of playing the ‘knockout game’

      stupid whites don’t even consider it being a hate crime…………..  when obviously it is.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        They’ve been socially conditioned to believe in the cult of collective racial accountability. They don’t believe in individual responsibility. They are ethnomasochists. 

  • jedsrael

    In Columbia, SC, the black BRA Diversity cops blame the White kids when they are beaten up by a Diversity mob.

    In this case, we blame the Whitey for not trying harder avoiding the groid.

  • In all probability, once found to be delinquent as a consequence of the above assault, this juvenile will have his probation extended, some community service hours added, and ordered to attend anger management counseling. He won’t complete the community service hours; probably will skip the counseling, and nothing will happen as a consequence. He will continue to think the juvenile justice system is a joke and that he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. This is the reality of the way things are today. I’ve seen cases where juveniles like the above perp had 20-25 different felony cases and still served no more than a few days in detention. If you want to know why are cities are turning into living hell, just watch how the system handles this case. 

    • Tom_in_Miami

      He’s right to think the juvenile justice system is a joke and that he can do whatever the hell he wants to do

  • Ulick

    If the teacher were to have used judgment based on the vast array of videos like this one, the teacher could have taken a wide appraoch when walking by the group of black teens.  Of course, to Liberals, the teacher taking a wide approach when passing black teens would be an indication that he’s irredeemably racist, and that white racism would be worse than these black teens punching out a teacher because he’s white.  Liberal logic.

  • HadEnough

    Why not a “hate crime”? Because this “appears to be a random act.” Jeez, Eddie, the newspaper says so, so it must be true.

  • GB101

    Another random assault.

    • sarah stein

       Random white guy.

  • 5n4k33y3s


  • 5n4k33y3s

    Socially conditioned to hate their own race by decades of biased broadcast and print media.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    My proposal is that their parents should be publicly caned.

  • bubo

    No, they were all black.  Two were lighter skinned, but black still.  

  • bubo

    Do people understand that blacks have absolutely no fear of any retribution from whites whatsoever?  This was not late at night in an abandoned part of town.  By my count there were at least 7 witnesses within 40 feet of this attack and literally feet from a busy street in broad daylight.  

    They do not care.  This is what 50 years of coddling these savages has gotten us.   Upright apes with no fear of humans.   

    • ” Do people understand that blacks have absolutely no fear of any retribution from whites whatsoever?”

      Not true, if you said “most” white people I would agree. Some of us white guys are mean and scary, so much so, that the colored mobs don’t even try anything stupid or suicidal on their part which would result in retribution.

      Whites are the problem here, not the blacks. The blacks haven’t changed at all, this is their norm. Whites have become fat, wimpy, and cowardly thanks to the schools, the media, and the faggot football games they watch as they stuff themselves with chips, beer, and other garbage and become fat, impotent, and useless.

      Several decades ago blacks were manageable because men weren’t pussified by cultural marxism as they are today.

      • Black Swan

        Back in the olden days, if something like this happened, a part of the city would burn down and the next morning but then the streets would be safe to walk again for years to come.

      • lilo

        How  true.

    • Black Swan

      No.  People don’t understand that blacks have absolutely no fear of attacking whites anywhere at anytime.  Blacks’ 30 IQ and savagery prevent them from having any sense of honor or decency.

      Pennsylvania has shall issue concealed carry. This includes Pittsburgh.  That is the only answer.

      • 1Forced_Registration

         As helpful as CCW is… This guy was essentially cold cocked from behind. Yeah, better awareness of surroundings would help (I would have already had my hands grasping for my pocket gun as a group like that approached, but then I am *aware* of mobs of blacks teens.) That being said, it wont save you from the bottle from behind if you don’t hear it coming, or don’t enough time to react.

        This guy was a perfect victim.  The guy is a teacher, and its a much more serious crime to take a weapon into a school even for self-defense.  We need to amend our concealed carry laws. Otherwise everything becomes a matter of trying not to print.

        I much rather try to defend myself with a PF9 than an LCP .380 that I can barely find space for my hands around.  In his environment, the only way to be safe for him would turn him into a criminal, and potentially destroy his chances of teaching anywhere. The best he could do for himself would be to break the law with a plinker pocket pistol like an LCP, or a really small .32, and hope no one ever sees it.

  • “James Addlespurger, 50, an English teacher at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.”

    Bet that guy was a liberal.  Man, is that ever a wakeup call.  Just by the way he was walking: briefcase in one hand, papers in the other … he became an object of scorn for the young black.  

    (ps You hardly ever see young blacks carrying *anything*.  Only a “bitch” carries something in his hand, you see.)

    • Sloppo

      Perhaps this incident was educational for Mr. Addlespurger.  It reminds me of what my old martial arts teacher called “Introduction to Reality 101”.  It is my hope that James’s brain and body did not sustain serious and/or permanent damage from that learning experience.

    • longing4abetterworld

      hey, liberal or not this is a shameful act…

  • Bring back crucifiction

  • Amend the civil rights laws to remove these items from the jurisdiction of the Federal judiciary (as Congress can):

    1.  Strict scrutiny for racial classifications

    2.  The disparate impact test

    3.  The interpretation that complying with equality mandates could or should necessitate affirmative action

    4.  Decisions about the integration or segregation status of public schools

    5.  Decisions about restrictive covenants for residential real estate

    Also amend the civil rights laws at the statutory level to:

    1.  Overturn Griggs vs Duke Power

    2.  Overturn Brown v Board 

    3. Overturn Shelley vs Kraemer

    4. Overturn Plyer vs Doe

    5. Overturn INS vs Lopez-Mendoza

    Those five SCOTUS decisions were more damaging to white people than most people can fathom, mainly from a dominoes and chain reaction standpoint.

    All this can be accomplished with votes and the stroke of an ink pen.  You’re right:  Most people would be clueless, but an NAACP-LDF or MALDEF lawyer would clearly recognize it for what it is.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    So did this thug…excuse me Yoof recognize him as one of his teachers? A teacher who had to discipline him at one point?

  • jedsrael

    He should have had one hand in his pocket, arm cocked as though he could pull out a gun, and kept eye contact on their hands, not their eyes. Don’t provoke them, but do alert them.


    “We need to get a new person in at the DoJ who will start prosecuting hate crimes, and will stop the forced integration. ”
    The person won’t be  a Republican.  

  • Net_Drifter

    They coined the phrase ‘polar bear hunting’. As soon as I became aware of that term it sounded as though they still consider us dangerous on some level, and attacking us is taking a chance. They consider themselves very daring and tough for doing it. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

  • Net_Drifter

    They coined the phrase ‘polar bear hunting’. As soon as I became aware of that term it sounded as though they still consider us dangerous on some level, and attacking us is taking a chance. They consider themselves very daring and tough for doing it. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

  • Ulick

    Those white girly-boys were afraid that if they assisted the downed white teacher then they may also get attacked by the black thugs.

  • Lars

    15 year old terrorist has same intent as adult terrorist.  This teacher could have easily been killed when he hit the curb, but these terrorists are happy to see suffering.

  • Mental note to self:  When encountering group of two or more pavement apes coming in the opposite direction, keep hand on holstered firearm.

  • Sgbprince

    I have been watching for 2 days to see this reported on MSM, or even Fox…. nothing!  what a frace….. hate crime is a hate crime…. I hope the black kid gets to spend time with the “big guys” in the penn.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    at least 8 people got a “real” dose of diversity they will never forget.

  • longing4abetterworld

    Talk about irony…this guy’s a guitarist…he’s one of the better blues guitarists in Pittsburgh.  He’s been playing blues music for many years in Pgh clubs, to a mostly white audience I might add, and he gets cold-cocked by this mf piece of sh!t…in broad daylight in the middle of the street…they better put this kid away for a long time.  Thank God there happened to be a surveillance camera on a building on this side street, or he’d have laughed all the way home the SOB…

    • >>>…they better put this kid away for a long time.  T

      Indeed they better.  I am no libertarian, but someone who demonstrates even the slightest inclination to hurt another human being should get an automatic 10 years longer than the WORST, even persistent, drug kingpin.  No victimless crime will ever keep me up at night with worry like this Pittsburgh punk will.   You have to be particularly sociopathic to haul off and clean someone’s clock like that.  That sort of “blackheartedness” isn’t going to be whipped off by a sermon from a judge.

  • longing4abetterworld

    I doubt he was a target…besides, the perp & his negro buddies didn’t even go to that school where the man taught