Farrakhan Chides Obama, Rips GOP and Romney in Charlotte

Michael Gordon, McClatchy, October 15, 2012

Speaking in Charlotte on Sunday, Louis Farrakhan had this advice for President Barack Obama:


“Mr. President, you’ve got to realize you’re fighting for your presidential life,” the leader of the Nation of Islam told an estimated gathering of 6,000 at Bojangles’ Coliseum. “You’re fighting for your vision of the Democratic Party and the country.”

In marking the 17th anniversary of his 1995 Million Man March on Washington, D.C., Farrakhan was scheduled to talk about the economy and a Muslim “blueprint for ending need and want.”

But with the Nov. 6 election three weeks away, the 79-year-old Muslim leader changed his mind, instead offering advice to the president and country, describing a United States still ruptured by race.

Then Farrakhan spent two hours hammering at racial—some critics will call them racist—themes.

To begin, the highly controversial Farrakhan accused Republicans of having “overt” racist motives in their opposition to Obama, the country’s first black president. He attacked a political process that he says is controlled by monied interests and wants “to keep America white.”


He said he thinks Obama and his advisers worried about the president appearing like “an angry black man” [at the presidential debate]. The reasoning: “You can’t go out there and beat up on a white man. You’re going to lose the white vote.”

He then turned his comments back to the president.

“You aren’t going to win any more white votes by being kind and gracious,” he said. “Be a little black.”


He also addressed an audience largely absent from the event: white America.

“What have I done that you could hate me so?” he said.

He then answered his own question with harsh words that had the arena on its feet: “You can’t buy me, and you can’t make me into your n——-.”

Farrakhan’s audience was largely local but drew African-Americans from across the country—old and young, Muslim and Christian, dark suits and elegant dresses, sweatshirts and jeans. {snip}

He was backed on stage by family members, out-of-town African-American Muslim leaders and several of Charlotte’s prominent black religious and political figures, including NAACP President Kojo Nantambu, the Rev. Dwayne Walker, pastor of Little Rock AME Zion Church, and Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake.


He spoke of rising tide of diversity that America must embrace or “you will die. But you won’t take us down with you.”

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  • Defiant White

    What a screwball.  He ranks right up there with L. Ron Hubbard,  Marshall Applewhite and Jim Jones.

    I’d add Joseph Smith to the list but we’re about to have a Mormon president so I’ll lay off.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Knowing Joseph Smith’s history and the early years of the LDS Church, he would definitely be ranked with the other religious screwballs such as L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, and Mary Baker Eddy.

      • IstvanIN

         Mormons seem to be a decent lot overall.  I prefer them as the model minority over Asians and Jews, not to mention Hispanics and blacks.

        • I’ve never heard of Mormons knocking people out as a game, or running around raping at will. They can believe what they want, as long as they leave me alone. As for Farrakhan the psycho, I love to hear the CNN reporters interview him like he’s just a normal Joe. They never ask him about the SPACESHIP THAT TOOK HIM TO MEXICO —


          “Farrakhan described a 1985 vision which he had in the country of Mexico. He was carried up to “a Wheel, or what you call an unidentified flying object”, as in the Bible’s Book of Ezekiel. During this vision, he heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad, the long-time leader of the Nation of Islam.”

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yes, Mormons are a decent lot, and Yes they are definitely preferred over Asians, Hispanics and Blacks. My criticism is not over them as people, but their theology/religious beliefs. Regardless, they do make fine neighbors and they are known to be honest and hard-working.

  • Predictions about tonight’s debate:

    1.  Obama won’t say “47%,” because that guarantees the mutually assured destruction of “bitter clingers.”  

    2.  Another reason Obama won’t say “47%” is because the media have been talking about his refusal to use it ever since the end of the first debate, meaning Romney has had a lot of time to come up with a retort or response.

    3.  Obama won’t take Farrakhan’s advice to “be a little black.”  Likability is one of the few things Obama can lean on.  If he goes nuclear, his likability numbers among independent white women tank.

    4.  Hofstra University has elevations as high as 86 feet.  That altitude will affect Obama’s performance.

    • Let’s see, the moderator was jewish, as were 80% of the people asking questions! I had to chuckle. I’m surprised the debate wasn’t given in hebrew! Here’s a quote from an article:

      “From the very first question, asked by Jeremy Epstein, a 20-year-old college student, to the very last asked by a man named Barry Green, the Jews set the tempo of the debate. ”


      what are they, 2% of the population??? HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • You can see the names of the people who got to ask questions, because I pretended to be a candidate and answered their questions:


        Candy Crowley is almost a native St. Louisan. I apologize for her.

        I was wrong.  Obama did mention 47%, but he slyly did it in his closing statement.  He knew that he had the last word, so that’s why he used it, because he knew Romney couldn’t respond to it in the debate.  If Obama knew that he couldn’t get the last word, I don’t think he would have used it.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “He [Farrakhan] spoke of rising tide of diversity that America must embrace or ‘you will die. But you won’t take us down with you.’”


    Farrakhan’s prescription is, of course, the opposite of what America must do if it is to survive — if it has time to save itself.

    Americans are surrendering political and cultural hegemony to peoples who harbor deep resentments and hatreds towards us and to our culture.

    Embrace diversity?  That would be suicide, Mr. Farrakhan. 

  • bluffcreek1967

    Oh I see. So, the opposite of being “kind and gracious” is being “a little Black”? Well, that certainly comports with reality, doesn’t it? If there’s one thing Blacks are notorious for its NOT being kind and gracious!

  • Lets see what he does after Obama’s defeat.  

  • 5n4k33y35

    Farrakhan is a nuisance. He’s been preaching Victimology 101 for decades now.

    He’s not very Islamic, as he apparently excuses the drone war, because the POTUS is half black. If Bush were president, he would not be chiding the Muslims to educate their girls. He is a hypocrite.

    Guess what, dick head? They don’t want NATO countries to decide their curriculum.

    (Muslims already educate their girls, of course. They shouldn’t be told what the curriculum has to be, or that they cannot home-school their daughters.)

    Just goes to show, Muslims suffering the injustice of a foreign occupation and drone strikes, are better understood by an educated white man, such as myself, than this old crank. (As for myself, I claim no faith to the exclusion of the others.)

  • I don’t open my door, so I wouldn’t know.

  • ‘“What have I done that you could hate me so?” he said.’

    Being called a ‘White Devil child of Dr. Yakub’ for starters.

    Being told I came from the Isle of Patmos, when in reality I am from Norway!

    Farrakhan, you are old!  It is time for you to hop on the ‘Mother Plane’ and pull an Enoch

  • So 6000
    black racists showed up to hear this bastard speak. Is this person on Mark
    Potok’s hate list? What about Janet Napolitano, is she watching this militant
    racist? I would also bet the ignorant 6000 in attendance would be the first to
    accuse Whites of being in the KKK. They hypocrisy from these lemmings is truly

    • The SPLC does consider some of these “black nationalist” groups to be “hate groups” in their parlance, mainly because of their anti-Semitic rhetoric, and pandering to the largely Jewish donor base of the SPLC.

    • Dan

      Notice how you never see any of these anti-racist or anti-facist groups protesting a Farrakhan, Laraza or New Black panther party rally. Or the lefties in PETA – you never see them throw blood or debris on Black rappers. And the reason is the members of these groups are basically cowards. They’ll roll in with baseball bats on unsuspecting middle aged Whites dining in a restaurant but they will never go head to head with a crowd known to become violent at the drop of a hat.

  • LHathaway

    “Notice how you never see any of these anti-racist or anti-facist groups protesting a Farrakhan, Laraza or New Black panther party rally”
    That’s true. They probably are afraid of the consequences. Then again, hating whites, the pinnacle of enlightened thought. This is even considered humor with TV shows dedicated to this. Hating blacks, or anyone else not a straight white male, this is as low as you can go.