As College Student, Eric Holder Participated in ‘Armed’ Takeover of Former Columbia University ROTC Office

Charles Johnson and Ryan Girdusky, Daily Caller, September 30, 2012

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not responded to questions from The Daily Caller about whether Holder himself was armed—and if so, with what sort of weapon.

Holder was then among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), which demanded that the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” The change, the group insisted, was to be made “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

Black radicals from the same group also occupied the office of Dean of Freshman Henry Coleman until their demands were met. Holder has publicly acknowledged being a part of that action.

The details of the student-led occupation, including the claim that the raiders were “armed,” come from a deleted Web page of the Black Students’ Organization (BSO) at Columbia, a successor group to the SAAS. Contemporary newspaper accounts in The Columbia Daily Spectator, a student newspaper, did not mention weapons.

Holder, now the United States’ highest-ranking law enforcement official, has given conflicting accounts of this episode during college commencement addresses at Columbia, but both the BSO’s website and the Daily Spectator have published facts that conflict with his version of events.

Holder has bragged about his involvement in the “rise of black consciousness” protests at Columbia.

“I was among a large group of students who felt strongly about the way we thought the world should be, and we weren’t afraid to make our opinions heard,” he said during Columbia’s 2009 commencement exercises.” I did not take a final exam until my junior year at Columbia—we were on strike every time finals seemed to roll around—but we ran out of issues by that third year.”

Though then-Dean Carl Hovde declared the occupation of the Naval ROTC office illegal and said it violated university policy, the college declined to prosecute any of the students involved. {snip}

The ROTC headquarters was ultimately renamed the Malcolm X lounge as the SAAS organization demanded. It later became a hang-out spot for another future U.S. leader, Barack Obama, according to David Maraniss’ best-selling “Barack Obama: The Story.”

Holder told Columbia University’s graduating law students during a 2010 commencement speech that the 1970 incident happened “during my senior year,” but Holder was a freshman at the time. “[S]everal of us took one of our concerns—that black students needed a designated space to gather on campus—to the Dean [of Freshmen]’office. This being Columbia, we proceeded to occupy that office.”

Holder also claimed in his 2009 speech that he and his fellow students decided to “peacefully occupy one of the campus offices.” In contrast, the BSO’s website recounted its predecessor organization’s activities by noting that that “in 1970, a group of armed black students [the SAAS] seized the abandoned ROTC office.”

While that website is no longer online, a snapshot of its content from September 2010 is part of the database.


The SAAS was part of a radicalized portion of the Columbia student body whose protest roots were hardened in the late 1960s. Its members collaborated with the SDS to stage a series of protests on the New York City campus in 1968, the year before Eric Holder arrived on campus.

Those earlier protests culminated in a separate armed takeover of Dean Henry Coleman’s office in which students held him hostage and stopped the construction of a gymnasium in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, near the campus.

The BSO reported on its website as recently as 2010 that those students were “armed with guns.”

Emboldened by their successes, SAAS leaders continued to press their demands, eventually working with local black radicals who were not college students. A young Eric Holder joined the fray in 1969 as a college freshman.

The SAAS also actively supported the Black Panthers and the Black Power movement, according to Stefan Bradley, professor of African-American studies at Saint Louis University and author of the 2009 book “Harlem vs. Columbia University.” He has described the Columbia organization as being separatist in nature.

“In 1969, SAAS had taken up a new campaign to establish a Black Institute on campus that would house a black studies program, an all-black admissions board, all-black faculty members, administrators and staff and they wanted the university to pay for it,” Bradley told an audience in 2009.

Though Columbia never met all of the black militants’ demands, it brought more black students to campus through its affirmative action program, introduced Black Studies courses and hired black radical Charles V. Hamilton—co-author of “Black Power” with Black Panther Party “Honorary Prime Minister” Stokely Carmichael (by then renamed Kwame Ture).


In March 1970 the SAAS released a statement supporting twenty-one Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up department stores, railroad tracks, a police station and the New York Botanical Gardens.

The SAAS, along with the SDS and other radical campus groups, staged a campus rally on March 12, 1970 featuring Afeni Shakur—one of the Panthers out on bail and the future mother of rapper Tupac Shakur.

The rally’s purpose, The Columbia Daily Spectator reported, was to raise bail money for the twenty other Panthers and to call on District Attorney Frank Hogan to drop the charges. All 21 defendants would later be acquitted after a lengthy trial.

The April 21, 1970 SAAS raid on the Naval ROTC office and Dean Coleman’s office came one month after the Black Panther arrests. The Columbia Daily Spectator released a series of demands from the student leaders on April 23 in which they claimed to be occupying the ROTC office for the purpose of “self-determination and dignity.” They needed the space, they said, because of “the general racist nature of American society.”

In their statement, the SAAS leaders also decried “this racist university campus”—in particular its alleged “involvement in the continued political harassment of the Black Panther Party”—along with what they called a “lack of concern for Black people whether they be students or workers” and a “general contempt towards the beliefs of Black students in particular and Black people in general.”


Entering Columbia Law School in September 1973, Holder joined the Black American Law Students Association. Less than a month later, that organization joined other minority activist groups in a coalition that demanded the retraction of a letter to President Gerald Ford, signed by six Columbia professors, that argued against affirmative action and racial quotas.

“Merit should be rewarded, without regard to race, sex, creed, or any other external factor,” the professors wrote to President Ford. Following a campaign marked by what two of those professors called “rhetoric and names hurled” at them, they changed their position and denied they actually opposed affirmative action.


Holder has also come under fire for presiding over a Justice Department that declined to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party who allegedly intimidated white voters outside a Philadelphia polling precinct in 2008.

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  • Puggg

    A white man who set fire to an ROTC office at a college campus in St. Louis in the Vietnam era was caught many years later hiding out in Arizona using a fake name, and was sent to Federal prison.  Eric Holder gets to be Attorney General.

    • Howard Mechanic.

      Helped firebomb Wash U Army ROTC building in 1970.  Was sentenced to a bid in Federal prison, went on the lam instead of reporting.  Lived under a few aliases, but under the alias Gary Tredway, he got so confident that he was home free in his new life in Arizona that he ran for and won a seat on the Scottsdale City Council.  One of his political opponents, on an unrelated matter, started turning over rocks, then turned over more rocks, then found a bomber on the lam.  I was actually in Arizona in 1999 visiting the great uncle the day the cops came and cuffed Mechanic and the story and truth broke out.  He not only had to do the time he was sentenced to, he got some time added to it for being a fugitive.  He just got out a few years ago.

      Notice how enthusiastically ROTC is being welcomed back onto college campi, especially the Ivy League.  Nobody thinks that’s suspicious?  Turns out there’s a reason:  The military have become the same kind of unhinged leftist/globalist traitors as academia.  In other words, the military figured that if they can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

      • Sounds plausible, QD. The military has become multicultural freakazoids of late. Remember that Muslim shooting up Ft. Hood? The base commander’s first thoughts were “not to let this interfere in our commitment for diversity in the military”. Not horror or shock at this crime. Not condolences to the families of the dead. Not a vow of swift trial and punishment.

        Instead, a mealy-mouthed speech about the need to maintain diversity in the armed forces.

  • MekongDelta69

    As I mentioned here on Fri., I graduated Stuyvesant before Holder. Holder and Jerry Nadler (D-NY – and who happened to be in my graduating class – lucky me) went on to Columbia and both became radicals.

    I remember reading about all this, in between my tours in Vietnam back then. All my friends and I kept saying if only the spineless weenies at Columbia (and Bezerkely and 100 other campuses) stood up to these pukes, this whole takeover of academia might never have happened. And if they couldn’t do it themselves, the very least they could have done was to call in the police to clear them out.

    But they didn’t do a damn thing. As a matter of fact, they went along with the radicals’ entire set of demands at Columbia and everywhere else.

    Holder is garbage. So is his boss. So is The Messiah’s entire regime. Every one of them. You could swap out NoBama for any member of his administration, and you wouldn’t see one bit of difference. They were ALL radicals in the 60s and 70s.

    What’s unbelievable to me is not so much that there are still so many pieces of debris like this who still exist. What amazes me is that almost half the country is so incredibly stupid and ignorant and brain dead, that they actually voted these lunatics in – and will try to do it again next month.

    You want four MORE years of these dictators? Vote for the black muslim marxist.

    If you don’t, swallow hard, and vote for the guy running against him – even with all his faults.

    I would vote for a rock, a roach or a weed before I ever pulled the lever for NoBama, Holder, et al…

    • C_C_Conrad

       Columbia is & has been a Communist base of operation.  And I still plan to vote for Obama, yes you heard me right.  He has done more to piss off whites than any Republican ever has, and this is just what WE need.   I am a revolutionary, not a “put a band-aid on it” go along with the crowd, Rush Limbaugh voter. 

      • MekongDelta69

        You know where all ‘revolutionaries’ wind up, don’t you pal?

        And you think a black muslim marxist dictatorship is what “WE” need? Maybe it’s what YOU and yours need. It’s not what ME and mine need.

        The only thing you said where you were right is that NoBama’s done more to tick off white people than anyone else has. And where has that gotten you besides being all ticked off? Has your life improved? Has America improved? Hell no – everything has gone even deeper down the sewer than it already had been. And you want to seal the deal forever. But hey, that’s ok, because then you’ll be able to be REALLY ticked off, BUT then there won’t be any sites on the Net – or anywhere else, where you can tell everybody just how mad you are.

        You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. You don’t like Romney? Fine. IDGAF. I told you he’s not my choice either, but I don’t get to choose and neither do you.

        So do us all a favor and just stay home and don’t vote at all.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           I’m with you Mekong!! I will NEVER vote for a half-caste, moslem Bantu. …or ANY black for that matter! C_C_Conrad is deluded.

      • John Bonham

         Well , good for you .. Have fun when it all turns on you like a rabid dog..

        • ed91

           it’s so far down from who you’re responding to that I don’t know the question/statement.   But I loved your drumming back with LZ


    • Holder and Jerry Nadler (D-NY – and who happened to be in my graduating class – lucky me)

      The laws of physics dictate that you should have gone into orbit around Nadler while in HS, and you should still be orbiting him now.

  • jedsrael

    If Obama is reelected, Holder will be put on SCOTUS, and long before 2016, Amren will disappear, along with most of us…

    • C_C_Conrad

       That’s nonsense. 

      • ed91

        not so fast……

        you can predict these crazies?

  • Biff_Maliboo


    It’s not like he allegedly held a fellow student down and gave said student a haircut.

  • C_C_Conrad

    But a white student union at Towson is considered RACIST & UNACCEPTABLE.    It’s time for white people to stop pussyfooting around. 

  • Defiant White

    The Malcom X Lounge?   

    I have no more in common with the likes of Holder than i have with some Bolivian sheep herder from the high Andes.  And yet this specimen holds a position of authority and wields power over me. 

    I seriously think it’s time to scrap the US Constitution and replace it with something a little more workable.  What?  I don’t know right now . . . but anything that doesn’t put the Holders of the world in charge of white people HAS to be an improvement.

    • I’m not sure the Constitution is the problem, but rather those who are charged with
      interpreting it. White men wrote the Constitution for White humanity. Not
      “wise Latinas “or magic Negros.

      • blight14

         Indeed, with the latter comprising 33.3% of OUR SCOTUS……..which in itself is beyond belief……..

      • John Bonham

        There is nothing to interpret , it’s all written there in black and white .. All these idiots have to do is follow it … It isn’t SCOTUS’s  job to interpret the constitution, it’s their job to enforce it…  Remember, it’s not a living and breathing object..

    • John Bonham

       First start would be to do away with affirmative action, and then to go back to pre Lyndon Johnson for starters..

  • libertarian1234

     Remember how John Ashcroft stood up, raised his right hand, and swore he wouldn’t allow his Christian religion to interfere with his job, as if the  opposition Senate Democrats had about him was warranted for such a high integrity individual?
    Yet they have no problem with a pro-black president whose policies concern blacks first, last and always, and an AG who refuses to prosecute blacks, because they’re “his people,” and he has an allegience of sorts to the Black Panther Party, simply because they’re black.
    But worse than the Democrats are the Republicans.  They never raise hardly a peep after Obama nominates Holder, Kagen and Sotomayer, and a whole flock of rabidly anti-white crazies who are out to redesign the entire system to one that favors blacks over and above everybody else.

    The Republicans just don’t know how to fight a guerilla war via politics or they just don’t have the stomach for it.  I’m not sure why they never show any spine.

    • John Bonham

       I think it’s that label they are afraid of “RACIST” … Just look at Rand Paul, just for simply saying that a privately owned company should have the freedom to serve who it wants and when it wants, was labeled a racist before he even finished his sentence .. He certainly believes in the constitution and all that it stands for .. Funny, those same people that label him a racist
      ask them if they think they can let who they want, when they want, into their homes and you will get the deer in the headlights look from them ..

  • Guest

    Pfff….who cares.  The real story on Holder is that he was responsible for a “Fast and Furious” type program, back in the day, this time with explosives.  He supplied explosives to none other than Timothy McVeigh…..who used them to detonate the rest of the giant improvised bomb he created.  Without Holder, he would NEVER have been able to get his hands on the needed explosives and NEVER would have been able to set off that bomb.  He actually only used half the stash he got from Holder and was planning a SECOND Oklahoma City Bombing type terrorist attack.  Holder went so far as to offer McVeigh immunity from prosecution if he told where the rest of the explosives were.  McVeigh told him no and CHOOSE to be EXECUTED rather than give over.  Luckily (for Holder), work from agents alot more competent than him, found those explosives.

    I’d say that is the most intense f-up in the history of law enforcement.  And a true testament to how controlled our media is that, even though that story has run OPENLY….MORE THAN ONCE, few people know about it.  It should have ended Holder’s career back then.  It should have had demands he step down today.  But, if its not on TV, right now, it doesn’t exist, it seems.

    Likely, Holder was along for the ride, smoking crack with other blacks who had no idea why they were where they are and were just hanging around.  All blacks do this.  Saying radical black is like saying radical muslim, it implies there are blacks who don’t hate whites and want to kill us and rape white women and take our stuff.  There aren’t any…  Holder is no different than every single black in the US, in that regard.

    But this Oklahoma City Bombing thing….that’s all his.  A real achievement in the annals of black incompetence.

  • IstvanIN

    Bad guys have ended up on top before. Lenin was imprisoned before he imprisoned the entire Russian Empire and exterminated the christian Czar and his family .

  •  “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

    Mass immigration and forced integration is genocide.  Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Eric Holder is not for justice, not for civil rights, he is simply pro-black.

    Holder sent 10 FBI agents to investigate Zimmerman’s background for evidence of “racism” against blacks yet he has stated in front of a congressional committee that White Americans are not covered by federal hate crime laws.

    He is where he is because of his radical beliefs and affirmative action:

    I did not take a final exam until my junior year at Columbia — we were on strike every time finals seemed to roll around — but we ran out of issues by that third year.

    Anybody here able to “not take a final exam until junior year” in college and still graduate? Yet Holder (was) passed and graduated.

    The entire 0bama regime is staffed by above-the-law marxists, maoists, socialists, homosexual activists and hard-core radicals:  Van Johnson, Anita Jones, Cass Sustein, Kevin Jennings and Eric Holder.

    Any White who votes to keep these degenerates in power for another four years needs to be b 
    slapped, and hard.


    • ed91

       single white chicks, line up for your b slap.

  • Puggg

    We don’t have one of ours on the ballot for President this year, and maybe not any time soon.  But there is much more to like, if not perfect, down the ballot in most places.

  • John Bonham

    AAhhh yes, perfect for the obama administration .. There should be no questions as to why Holder is where he is at this juncture of his life… If we could only go back pre 1965 this country would get off it’s knees..

  • Puggg

    The best politician that the City of St. Louis has produced in a city wide election in the last 20 years? Although he’s not perfect:

    Mariano Favazza.

    Like QD says, every St. Louisan, Italian heritage or not, is related to people who own an Italian restaurant or catering business. We should encourage more of them to go into politics.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Let’s see, Holder armed drug cartels along the border, advocated an anti-2nd amendment brainwashing program to disarm and take away Americans’ constitutional rights.  He sues states that are trying to prevent voter fraud and attemp to enforce federal immigration laws.  He’s refused to hand over documents about the Muslim Brotherhood  in the U.S. 

    He has no morals, adherence to the Rule of Law or decency.  From the high moral ground he claims, by virtue of his skin color, he lectures Americans on race and pursues racial payback.

    If it weren’t for Affirmative Action, Holder would be sweeping up floors at an elementary school in D.C.!!

    Finally, remember it is Republican conservatives like Jeff Session who confirmed this fiend, saying he was “sure Holder would be a responsible legal officer and not a politician.”


  • Italian is a significant part of my ethnic heritage, and yes, Norm, there was an Italian restaurant later catering business in my family tree.  They later had their frozen products in the supermarkets here for awhile, but not anymore.  Too, the restaurant/catering business is no longer there.

    Favazza was the closest thing St. Louis City had to an open advocate for white people in recent times.  Through back channels, I understand his battle with TPTB over the powers of his office, the Circuit Court Clerk, had to do with him wanting to hire (and actually hiring) competent white people, and the other side wanted to make his office powerless because they were jealous he unseated Mavis Thompson (guess) in 1998, and therefore, the Circuit Court Clerk’s office wasn’t an affirmative action hiring agency for the time Favazza was Clerk.  Therefore, the chocolate politicians and their allies wanted to take away Favazza’s authority to hire people.

    Favazza is no longer Clerk, because he was unseated in 2010 by Jane Schweitzer, daughter-in-law of the last pro-white Sheriff the City of St. Louis had (Gordon Schweitzer). Unfortunately, she is nothing like her father-in-law politically.

  • ed91

     same with skip up at hahvahd

  • ed91

     it’s worked every day the last 50 years, why give it up?

  • C_C_Conrad

     I understand your thoughts.  However, history is a good predictor of what will happen.  Please read Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert.  When white people find their “backs against the wall” they will come out fighting, but not until then. 

     Look at things in the long run and you will see my point.   As long as whites can be “comforted” by a Republican win they will continue to sit & lose ground, in fact they will lose everything.  If we are to awaken our people things must get a lot worse and BO is the ticket for this.