‘Argo’ Fosters Hollywood’s Racism by Casting Ben Affleck as Latino

And Palladino, Tail Slate, October 9, 2012


Argo has been praised at multiple festivals and is receiving rave reviews from critics. The subject is a true story about how during the Iran hostage crisis, a CIA agent got the ball rolling on a fake film production that saved the lives of several people trapped in that country. The movie is directed by and stars Ben Affleck.

But there is a huge problem, one that should not be happening in this day and age: Affleck is white. The real life man he is playing, Tony Mendez, is not.

Tony Mendez and Ben Affleck

When I see the true Mendez, I see someone that looks more like Esai Morales or Edward James Olmos than Affleck. There are plenty of talented Latino actors in Hollywood that could easily have played the role. Yet, once again, Hollywood chose to whitewash the part and add yet another example to its long history of racial discrimination (a UCLA study found that of all leading roles, only 1.2% go to Latino actors).

Yet, not a single review out there has mentioned this. None of them. Not even Roger Ebert, who has brought up such issues for other films. It boggles my mind that any fellow critic with a brain, heart, spine, or conscience would outright ignore this fact.


I’m reminded of U-571, which presented the Americans as the ones who cracked the Enigma code during World War II. This is a complete lie; the code was actually cracked by the British.Argo apparently does something similar, as it portrays the involvement of the Canadian government in the operation with having less of a role than they really did. A role that was perhaps even more important than the CIA. So credit for an incredible heroic feat by a Latino man and the Canadians is now given to white Americans.

So how should a critic judge this film? Do these factual distortions taint everything else about the movie?


If I were to review Argo, it would receive an automatic 1. Racism like this is not tolerable whatsoever, and those who perpetrate it need to be reviled.

Think of it this way: do we judge books by the grammar or the actual words? Does it matter to us if something like Mein Kampf is well-constructed grammatically and features an extensive vocabulary? That The Turner Diaries has a well-crafted plot?

The bad these works do far outweigh any redeeming qualities. In fact, it makes those qualities impossible to value. Who’s really going to enjoy the descriptive language in a passage that promotes racial genocide?

So now let’s transfer this over to film. The heyday of obvious propaganda may be behind us, but films that serve as propaganda still get made, and that is precisely what Argo has become. By striping away the true identities of those involved, the movie only serves to foster racist attitudes, undermine Canadian valor, and could go so far as goad Americans into supporting yet another war with a Middle Eastern country.



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  • haroldcrews

    Mendez looks pretty white to me.

    •  That is because Mendez *is* as white as Affleck.

      This whole article is nothing but race-baiting, because the author sees Affleck as an easy mark. Affleck agreed to star in that ludicrous “Sum Of All Fears” adaptation.

      Only thing is… if you’ve seen “Argo”, you know that Affleck might not be on board with the multicultural program anymore. Sure, Affleck doesn’t side with the Shah-era US foreign policy – he’s not established enough in Hollywood circles to go totally against political-correctness – but at the same time, he makes abundantly clear that the Ayatollah and his “student activist” cats-paws are the enemy.

      • Guest

         I wonder if anyone bothered to ask Mendez.

        If I might be so bold, being of a similar background to Mendez, I’ll answer in his place.  We are white.  As white as you (meaning anyone reading this) and, in many cases alot more white.  The entire term, “hispanic” is a communist lie.  You wouldn’t consider someone from france to be non-white because they spoke french instead of english.  Nor would you do the same to an italian.  For that matter you wouldn’t do that to someone from spain.

        It’s no different from anyone south of the border.  And, I can’t emphasize this enough, although there are many blacks and even mulattoes south of the border, it is both bizarre and insulting to be lumped in with these people instead of being considered white.  Imagine if people started using a word one day that meant both the worst of inner city detroit black gangbangers and the relatively normal whites that live in the suburbs AND TREATED THE TWO GROUPS AS EXACTLY THE SAME IN EVERY WAY.  Heck, imagine if you traveled to another country and they put you someplace that forced you to live the same neighborhood with them because, after all, they were your “kind”, lol.

        It’s basically a sophisticated scam.  In the beginning, immigration from mexico and south america etc. was liberalized.  The promise was that it would not change the racial character of the US.  And it wouldn’t, because “hispanics” were white.  They just spoke spanish.  But, rather quickly, the definition of “hispanic” changed to a spanish speaking person of amerind or even black background.  See how that works?  A subtle lie only believed in the US designed specifically to get people to accept something they never would by pretending it was something else.  Of course, it’s racist to notice the changing definition and its use as a tool of genocide against whites.

  • Puggg

    If race is just a social construct, then Affleck can be Hispanic much less play one.

  • When I see the true Mendez, I see someone that looks more like Esai Morales or Edward James Olmos

    Maybe Esai Morales or Edward James Olmos should have seen the value in the script and picked it up before Mr. Affleck.

    • Unknown

      They wouldn’t have had the chance because Hollywood is so racist. That’s the whole point.

  • Amazing anti-White diatribe, especially considering the fact that Mr. Mendez is actually quite pale and even has blue/grey eyes unlike Ben Affleck (see both links below).

    Looks like splitting the descendants of Spaniards into the Hispanic category worked exactly as planned…



    • Unknown

      Go back to the original article and look at the pic of him as a younger man. And check out this video:


      Anybody with any functioning sense of sight can tell that he is not white.

      • Giuseppe Verdi

        Oh, come on. If this same guy were called “Moishe Bernstein” or “Pippo Campanella,” how many people would really question his whiteness? Not very many and you know it, because he could certainly pass for a Jew or Southern Italian.

        I’d say that his blue eyes are a tad slanted, so he probably does have a bit of American Indian blood, but you really can’t deny with a straight face that this man is mostly white and it shows.

        • Unknown

          I doubt very much the Stormfront types consider those groups “white”.

          Anyway, even if he were, it would still be wrong for Ben Affleck to play because they still look nothing alike. WASPs like him (and ultra-pale ones at that) and the darker types are not interchangable in Hollywood’s view. You’ll never see Jeff Goldblum or Joe Mantegna play an Irishman or Swede.

  • dd

    Affleck can’t be a racist.  He’s a credentialed Hollywood leftie.

    • Seek

      That doesn’t mean the movie isn’t worth seeing — or that Ben Affleck, as director, somehow violated Hispanic “civil rights” by casting himself in the lead role.  

      • The__Bobster

        Almost all Hollyweird movies have at least a little dose of poison in them. Expect one from a full-blown libtard like Aflake to have a toxic dose.

        I see his buddy Matt Demon is releasing one (Promised Land) demonizing gas companies.

        •  The use  of   a condescending word such as libtard tells much about you’re intelligence.

          • Diamond_Lil

            You should have used “your” instead of “you’re.”  Should you really be commenting on anyone else’s intelligence?

          •  Diamond_Lil, you should have seen that I soon edited when i saw my typo..and “your” criticism is petty…’nuff said.

          • pillowman

            Good call Lil. 

          • Triarius

            Yet I do not read anything from you denying nor disproving what The_Bobster said.

            Are you claiming that Hollywood does not lean left or that they do not intentionally add multicultural leftist snippets in the media on purpose?

          • The__Bobster

            When libtards can’t win a debate, they resort to name-calling. Well, two can play that game. We aren’t going to put up with that crap from them anymore.

          • The__Bobster

            It seems you know a lot about the subject, eh, libtard?

        • I stopped watching Hollywood films years ago. Everyone has a PC message embedded within. It’s as if the story is irrelevant and they’re just trying to implant a subliminal message.

          Cable stations regularly show movies released as little as a year ago. Just watching them for 5 to 10 minutes confirms that they are filled with political correctness either in the plot or the choice of actors.

          I’m surprised no one has objected to the new stock stereotype you find in every move today. I call him ‘da sassy black man’. Every movie today HAS to have ‘da sassy black man’.

  • bubo

    Many Americans are completely clueless about  how the rest of the world sees and identifies race.  There is literally no where else on Earth that would call this man non-white.  

  • Tim

    The two pics side by side tell me something. The first guy could pass for Iranian in the dark in a pinch. Ben Affleck could pass for a guy trying to pass as a guy….Which brings me to my point. I read somewhere a while back about somebody selling travel emergency kits. They contain dark hair dye and an olive complexion makeup cream. Turns you into third world everyman. Just enough to get you thru the riot and into the taxi cab airport bound.  Has anyone else heard or seen this product yet?!?…

    • 5n4k33y35

      Clever idea, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with an artificial tan. 

  • SarahConnor

    Affleck can just call himself a non-hispanic hispanic or a non-hispanic with hispanic hair or a non-hispanic acting like a hispanic or even a hispanic hispanic-non

  • Seek

    This stupid piece of journalistic agitprop tries to gin up “civil rights” outrage because director Ben Affleck isn’t “authentic”; i.e., he’s not a Latino in real life.  Hey, Mr./Ms. Palladino, go make your own movie and cast all the Hispanics you wish.  See how many people you can pull into the theaters.  

    • Unknown

      That can be said about every single movie ever made. “Don’t complain about Uwe Boll, make your own movie!” You’re a dumbass.

    • 5n4k33y35

       They’re still pissed that he boned J-Lo for a while.

    • Unknown

      And surely that’s also what you said to everyone who trashes Michael Bay, right?

  • Obviously Affleck is one of those new-fangled WHITE Hispanics we’ve been hearing so much about!

    • The__Bobster

      Damn, he and George Zimmerman must’ve been separated at birth.

    • Triarius

      Darn, you beat me to the “white hispanic” comment.

      I wonder who will play Zimmerman for the made for tv movie? He’ll probably be lighter than Ben and that dark angel will probably have calculus textbooks and soup for the homelss on him.

    • Well, he does have ‘street cred’ (do they still use that term?). He did date Jennifer Lopez.

      • 5n4k33y35

        “Street cred” is a pistol in your waistband. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • dd

    Please note that in the 50s most male Hollywood leading men were at one time or another cast as Indians in the old Westerns.  A little makeup can be pretty convincing.  Ha ha. 

    • The__Bobster

      There were a lot of jewish Indians and Mexicans.

    • Triarius

      John Wayne as Ghengis Khan in one movie. Don’t know the name, way before my time.

  • There was a famous YouTube clip of a Vietnam vet on a bus being harassed  and attacked by a uppity mouthy 20 year old black man. The 65 year old white guy punched him in the face and the black ran away like a coward squealing and crying.


    Well they made a movie of it called ” Bad Ass ” but they changed the story, instead of a ghetto black, they changed it to white neo nazi  skinheads attacking the Vietnam vet.

    Hmm, that’s contrived, when have you ever been attacked by white neo nazi  skinheads or ever seen one ?


    • Nzsurvive

      Oh man, that is great

      • The black man on a radio program justifying himself ( telling a pack of lies ) Note the Vietnam vet walked to the front of the bus to get away from him, the white guy didn’t want a confrontation.

        The black man also had a knife on him and his girlfriend stole the Vets  wallet.


    • Triarius

      You speak of Epic Beard Man.
      Also do not forget Dolphin Tale. The scientist was white, played by Morgan Freeman. There are dozens of examples of this.

      Don’t forget the fact that every straight white male is a bumbling fool in every tv show and movie for the most part.

      Can anyone name a tv show or movie where the white guy is the smart, just hero and there is a dumb, cowardly black?

      • 5n4k33y35

        The mulatto woman that hit and run a homeless white man, drove home with the poor guy stuck in her windshield, and let him die in her garage while fucking her boyfriend – she was played by a white actress, Mena Suvari. 

  •  There is a French movie out at the moment called ” The Untouchables ”. It’s about a wealthy French aristocrat  quadriplegic  and his unlikely friendship with his carer, a smiling black man from Senegal ( this black guy is depicted as a living saint in the movie )  yeah unreal .

    They said it was based on a true story. Hmm, a helpful black man, that’s a bit odd ? I  looked  into it and the reality was he was the carer was a north African Arab not a bantu.


    • Very good example, but I wouldn’t call it a French movie looking at the names of the directors, and especially the usual suspects who produced it.  There is no escape on both sides of the pond…

      • I noticed that. It made $300 million at the French box office, great brainwashing propaganda.

  • Bill

    What is it with Hollywood’s love affair with a current few stars that they continually mis-cast like this?
    John Wayne as Gengis Khan?  Ben Af-flack as a mexican?  A black Thor?  Bet they don’t ever mis-cast a Christian in a Jewish role though, do they?

    •  Well, THAT didn’t take long.

      Charleton Heston as “Ben Hur”; several of the actors in “The Last Temptation of Christ” (I’m not counting “Passion”); pretty much everyone in “Life of Brian”; Nigel Lindsay playing Timon’s brother in the “Rome” series . . .

    • The__Bobster


      Heston, who died last Saturday at the age of 84, was an ardent civil rights activist, a Hollywood star who marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Washington in 1963, but who became the embodiment of right-wing bluster as the president of the National Rifle Association.

      He was born and raised as an archetypical WASP in the Midwest and gained his greatest fame portraying towering Jewish characters, Moses and Judah Ben Hur.

      • Well, I didn’t count Moses, since he was a Levite and not of Judah. The Samaritans claim him too (and make a better case).

        But here at AmRen the commenters don’t get all upset about the Great Samaritan Octopus. So it goes.

        • 5n4k33y35

          There are legitimate gripes about the politics of Jewish society. Just because so many Jews are distributed all around, doesn’t mean they’ve assimilated, or that they hold the identity of their host culture above their Jewish identity. If that were so, they wouldn’t be Jews.

          Therefore, Jews are more or less, one nation, regardless of whether they live within Israel or elsewhere. Does anyone hold any other nation above reproach for the geopolitical choices each nation makes?

          None get a pass, and neither should Israel, or the greater Jewish disaspora, as an entity which is both opinionated and influential in geopolitical affairs.

          I don’t gripe a lot about Jews. Only a little. Jewish society needs to stop pushing Feminism everywhere. The best Jews are the Orthdox Jews, because you know where they stand. They’re unapologetically conservative.

          Secular Jews, on the other hand, with all their political opinions and shifting ideological views… They need to quit with the Feminism. It’s bad.

          • saxonsun


      •  Charleton Heston ( like Jon Voight ) is a interesting person, a liberal democrat in the 1950s  marching for blacks rights ( misguided ) he wised up later in his life.

        ” They said I was racist yet I marched for black rights, they say I’m homophobic yet I worked with gay actors , they say I’m a nazi yet I fought in World War 2 against the nazies.”

        Charlton Heston on the Cultural War Part 1


        Charlton Heston on the Cultural War Part 2


        • 5n4k33y35

          Frank Sinatra began as a popular, racially-integrated liberal, and eventually became a despised conservative. How many generations of white men will be automatically considered the bad guy, just for being an old white guy of high status?

    • Michael C. Scott

      We didn’t see any Africans in Lord of the Rings, except perhaps as orcs,  If any movies are ever made about the destruction of Beleriand, I doubt we will see any there, either, though Thuringwethil, the vampiress might best be played by Vivian Hsu.

      • Denise

        There are some people who say Lord of the Rings is racist. The bad guys are dark, and “the wisest and fairest of all” the Elves are Nordic. I’m a big LOTR fan, so I don’t pay it much mind. I prefer movie adaptions to be true to the book, especially anything classic.


        • 5n4k33y35

          Did you notice how the zombies were white people in “I am Legend”?


          Also, they added some long-nosed goblins into LOTR, along with some light grey orcs for diversity.

          But I do find puerile racial insults to be entertaining sometimes. I get a kick out of reading some of these comments.

    • Dave

      “Bet they don’t ever mis-cast a Christian in a Jewish role though, do they?”
      Actually they do.  Robert De Niro played Sam Rothstein in “Casino.”  Ben Kingsley played Itzhak Stern in Schindler’s list. Brendan Frazier played a jewish Role in “School Ties. ” Russell Crowe played Richie Roberts in “American Gangster.”  Jim Carry played Andy Kaufman in “Man on the Moon.” Paul Giamatti played Harvey Pekar in “American Splendor.” Nicolas Cage played Charlie Kaufman in “Adaptation.” And those are just off the top of my head. But now I must have you thinking the jews are deviously casting gentiles in jewish parts to fool people into liking them better.

      • Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, and George MacKay as members of the Jewish Bielski gang in “Defiance” is another example, and also Ciarán Hinds, Eric Bana (who I just learned is Croatian) and (again) Daniel Craig all portraying Mossad agents in “Munich”. Daniel Craig seems to be the go-to guy to portray Jewish heroes… go figure.

      • 5n4k33y35

        How do you make copper wire? Let two Jews fight over a penny. Heh heh heh. That’s the best Jew joke I know. 

  • Denise

    Then there’s the casting blunder we’re not supposed to notice: a black man play Thor, the Norse God. That’s like casting Woody Allen as Othello.

    • Denise

      *playing. I may have to give in and use Disqus.

    • The__Bobster

      No, he played Heimdall, the Whitest of the Norse gods.

      And Othello was a Moor, not a Bantu.

  • Rob

    If you watch some of the hispanic TV stations, at least half of the actors look really whitebread to me(Peejay)

    • The__Bobster

      It’s a lot more than that. The darker Hispanics tend to play servants.

  • TFD123

    Will we see the gallant charge of George Clooney and his fellow liberal actors persue this injustice and that of only 1.2% of leading roles going to Latinos?  Of course not, because that’d hit them in their pocketbooks.  Disingenuous White Liberals at their best.

  • IstvanIN

    Morgan Freeman in “Dolphin Tail”. Every copy of that movie should be burned since neither scientist he portrayed as a composite was black.

    • pirnamba

      They even found a place for Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood !    

  • IstvanIN

    A couple of points:
    1) It is called acting.  It is pretend.
    2) Real Spanish people are white.  Although I think Tony Mendez isn’t, see his wikipedia picture of him with Jimma Carter.
    3) Its called acting.

  • I am much more upset by the movies endlessly describing black men as “gentle, very well-educated, perfect dating/marriage partners for white women” and white men as “evil, not educated at all, worst dating/marriage partners for white women” 

  • eduard

    Hollyweirdo. Where every true story gets totally messed up that it’s actually not true any more.
    Bearing in mind that actors/celebrities are nothing but usefull idiots. They say ye and bow down to the Hollyweirdo jewish bosses. There was the case of Marlon Brando who had a say about them jews who run Hollweird. He ended up shunned by them and getting no roles. He eventually went down on his knees and begged them for forgiveness. How low can these actors sink.


    I looked up other pictures of Mendez and he looks pretty white.  I’m sure plenty of light Hispanic actors have played non-Hispanic white characters.

  • MekongDelta69

    “And Palladino is a graduate of Connecticut College with a BA in film studies.”

    Well, DAMN. I mean, c’mon. What more ‘knowledge’ could you POSSIBLY want from a self-loathing, guilt-ridden white leftist?

    (What were his hippie parents high on, when they named this loser, “And”? Was “Or” taken already?)

    • Unknown

      And that makes you what, a neocon skinhead right-wing nutjob?

      BTW I imagine it’s a nickname or something. Maybe short for Andrew or some variation.

      • MekongDelta69

        Hey Palladino – if you’re going to post on here, use your own name.

        Get back to me after you’ve reviewed all those films where black guys are slotted in white guy’s roles or all the remakes where they just HAVE to substitute a black (or muslim or feminazi or gay or mexican or anybody, but a straight, white male) as the all-knowing, all-wise, all-wonderful, all-brave, all-heroic, all-intelligent hero (in other words, a complete 180 from real life).

        You’re a leftist hypocrite and you know it. Now scurry back to your own site.

        • Unknown

          Sorry, I’m not him. So scurry back to your Klan meeting.

          • MekongDelta69

            Yeah – actually you are.
            And you will never know how I know.

            Now goodnight
            Sleep tight
            Don’t let the DIE-versity bite

  • IKantunderstand

    I’ve got news for you pal. No one is completely sure exactly what a Hispanic is supposed to look like. Those t.v. stars on Mexican soap operas? The women Mexico and and all the other Latin American countries field as contestants in Miss World and Miss Universe contests? Pancho Villa? Castro? Longoria? Desi Arnaz? Ricky Martin? Who, pray tell, is exactly the perfect male to represent an Hispanic? I mean, if you would prefer an actor who closely approximated the looks of  Senor Mendez, than that is what you should have said. By the way, I think it’s racist that a Black man was cast as Thor. And, actually, don’t get me started on how we White people have been made to share EVERY SINGLE THING OF OUR CULTURE with the rest of you ingrates who sadly were unable to come up with : fairy tales, mythology, fantasy, poetry, literature… or actually, anything of interest. No, you preferred to shame us into including you, but guess what? It’s all a lie. None of you are famous scientists, authors, painters, sculptors, architects, composers, inventors, or anything.  You are made by Hollywood to be more than you are, or have ever been. It’s a sham. It’s sad and pathetic. And, frankly, if you are a Black or Hispanic who lives in America, you truly have no excuse not to have done something about this. Reinvent yourselves! The Irish did it. The Italians did it. The Poles did it. Why don’t you? And, please, using racism is a tired old excuse.   

  • MAJ

    Really now – it’s a movie, it’s entertainment for profit – it’s not a documentary, it’s not the Bible, it’s JUST A MOVIE.

    The author can go to Mexico and raise money and make her own movie – with George Washington played by Antonio Banderas (if he’s not available I’m sure Morgan Freeman will sign on).

  • 5n4k33y35

    That author was such a whiner. It’s embarrassing for the ones who arrive late to the party, and they still think it’s credible to be so stridently anti-white. I feel sorry for them because they’re going to be mortified when they get no sympathy at all. 

  • CharlesFinley

    I remember the movie showed Will Smith on the cover of TIME Magazine, with the caption, “Our Savior?”

    Smith was Obama, saving the world from the evil-white zombies.
    Emma Thompson was Hillary, who was responsible for the virus that turned everyone INto zombies.
    And Obama was saved in the movie by a “Latina” woman.

  • They could have given the role to Andy Garcia & everybody’s happy.

  • Imagine if an alien from outer space were to land in America and watch TV and movies for a day or two then fly back home and submit the following report based on his observations: “America is inhabited by about 60% blacks. These blacks are victims of white racism, forced to live in ghettoes and yet continually try to make the world a better place to live. They constantly come to the aid of the whites who are dumb, racist, evil, homophobes. There are Mexicans who struggle to do all the labor in America while the fat cat whites enjoy the fruits of latino labor and underpay them. Gays are everywhere  and trying to quietly live their lifestyles while not harming anyone , all they want to do is watch musicals, design clothes, marry each other and raise adopted children  for the betterment of mankind. Of course it is whites that stop them. Jews are victims of discrimination from everywhere on the planet and they’re only trying to make the world a better place for the workers of the world with their progressive liberal ideas. Muslims are trying to practice a religion of peace and again it is the whites who are invading them and intruding on their holy lands for the sole purpose of stealing oil. The only redeeming value whites seem to have is their beautiful women who beause of their looks seem to be lacking in IQ. In my humble opinion and based on my observations the planet earth would probably be better off without the whites who dominate the planet.”

    •  ..who dominate the planet by some strange and inexplicable coincidence.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Except no one did get hurt, nor is anyone going to. This reviewer just saw something he didn’t like. He called it out, publicly. Ok, fine. He attached a ridiculous and melodramatic amount of imaginary importance to it, for reasons about which I neither am certain nor care. Ok, whatever.

    End result: it’s still just a movie.

  • Hilarious. In the movie, Affleck has Mendez’ Latino name, identifying him as an Hispanic to educated people. Yet for the PC brigade this is not enough, they also require equality in terms of pigmentation. As if all Hispanics were brown by default. I am from old Europe with its own issues, but the level of absurdity of American race discussions always amaze me. Is it really the only name of the political game in the US to blame the opponent of “racism”?

    • No, it’s also misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism, islamophobia, …you name it.

    •  It is true… the White/Black question is easily understood by nearly all Americans, but the “Hispanic” issue is less easily explained, and ignorance prevails. Most Americans have a vague image  of Spain as a European country where people eat cold soup and get chased by bulls, but in general the image of what is considered “Hispanic” and even “Spanish” is based on the image we have of Mexicans (and mainland-dwelling Puerto Ricans). In this country, “Hispanic” is basically a misleading shorthand for “Mexican”.

      The “race card”, as we call it, is nevertheless still one of the biggest trump-cards in American politics. I personally think it is less devastating than the “war against women” card, but it is brutally effective in shutting-down serious discourse.

  • Yahoo has weird ad policy. Most ads have whites on, but now & then some “diversity”. Especially BM-WW “couples” who look, I might add, a bit grotesque.

  • OK, let’s be frank- most Hispanics want to be White. Even those who are Mestizos. They are actually glad that a WM plays a role of a Hispanic man. Only exception are race hucksters, but you just cannot reason with these people.

  • Whirlwinder

    Hollywierd usually casts blacks in unbelievable roles such as that of a white scientist who developed a tail for a tail-less dolphin. True story. And the tv land producers potray most crime in America as perpetrated by white individuals when the actual stats show that black crime is the norm. The white liberals are wrecking our society and this needs to be changed.

    • I wouldn’t agree on the latter part. NYPD Blue, Homicide: LOtS, The Wire, …. deal almost exclusively with black crime. Also, some movies like Oscar winning “Crash”. Blacks are portrayed as imbecile & cruel thugs, with a few exceptions. They are not “magnetic” criminals, just despicable.

      White crime is almost exclusively about some mysterious unbelievable guys wh9o are criminal geniuses (Oceans Eleven, Die Hard) or fascinating pathological murderers (Hannibal Cannibal, Se7en). Completely different.

  • The__Bobster

    I see a lot of movies, too. The only movie I’ve seen recently without any liberal poison was “Atlas Shrugged 2”.

    My friends and I have a drinking game where everyone has to take a drink when they see a “message” telling us how to think. Needless to say, we go through a lot of booze.

  • Every Hollywood approved film is vetted to ensure there is “diversity”. That’s why you always see a white guy with a black best friend when a white friend would be more true to life.

    You need to watch these films more closely. The PC message is subliminal, so to speak.

    Watch a film twice. The first time for the story line then a second time to listen for the PC lines and images. Why, in the background of a bar scene, for example, do we see a white man talking to a black women?

    It’s all there right in front of you but you’re too caught up watching the plot and not the hidden messages.

  • Hispanics are always angry about something. Who cares….

  • and the white woman sitting at a computer with a black man standing over her as he supervises her work.

    Hahaha, you got that right.

  • sgj

    I wonder if Denzel Washington was cast- whether this author would consider it less or more racist than Ben Affleck in the title role? Get a life man. People like Tony Mendez don’t care about whether they are Hispanic, white or African American or any of the other varieties in our country. He’s an American patriot who didn’t sit around scratching some rascist scab. I’m just relieved that there are people who work hard and sacrifice themselves for our country than some that like to stir up trouble….

  • wormwood56

    Ben Affleck is friends with Tony Mendez.. He studied with him. Whats the problem?

  • wormwood56

    Affleck directed this film isn’t he allowed to cast himself in the lead? It didn’t make the Iranians look very nice either but this jackass didnt have a problem with that one…

  • wormwood56

    The blacks wanted Denzel Washington to play JFK how is that not racist?