Uncle: ‘My Nephew is Innocent’ in Murder of Orono High Grad

Leslie Dyste, KSTP, September 25, 2012


Colton Gleason, an Orono High School graduate, was walking with friends Thursday night in a St. Cloud alley near Eighth and Ninth Avenues when a car drove up. The passenger of the vehicle got out and punched Gleason.

Gleason hit his head on the pavement. He died Friday night.

Now, 17-year-old Jesse Jean Smithers of Sauk Rapids is in custody. The Stearns County District Court charged him with one count of second degree murder, one count of first degree manslaughter, and one count of first degree assault.

“All we can do is now depend on the justice system to help make this person pay for a senseless cowardice crime,” said John Gleason, Colton’s father.


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  • Sure.  Because in jurisprudence, there is no authority or oracle higher or more lofty or more omniscient than the uncle.

    It’s too bad I don’t have any siblings, for I will never have any nieces or nephews that I will be able to exonerate with just the power of my pronouncement.

    • Pelayo

      Most likely if you had nieces or nephews you wouldn’t ever have the occasion to exonerate them because they wouldn’t be doing things like that.

  • libertarian1234

    The white liberals just love the fact that Obama’s FCC Czar has intimidated news stations into hiring unqualified blacks to talk about news events and read a teleprompter, because it enables a black face on T.V. to condemn black on white attacks and murders as if he/she cares.

    The black thug was out to sucker punch a white and if it killed him so much the better.  That’s not 2nd degree murder it’s murder in the first degree. 

    The black thugs in the car should also be tried as co-conspirators to the murder. 

  • Ed_NY

    Jury nullification is huge in minority controlled areas.  White victim, black suspect = not guilty. Remember the first OJ trial.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Mah neffew be inicint.”

    “Why do you say that Mr. Smithers?”

    “Cuz he be black.”

    • Up to my neck in CA

      He diddn’t do nuffin!

  • LGracemere

    Never was it mentioned in the local Minnesota media that the accused perpetrator was black.  Although I immediately had my suspicions.  As in the rest of America, the possibility of a negative ethnic profile and bruised sensitivities Is more important than public safety. 

  • guest

    No, “innocent” in that he didn’t do anything wrong. In the leftist religion, Blacks are gods and Whites are devils. A Black killing any number of Whites is not a crime. This is how Blacks and their handlers “think”.

    • Sloppo

      Your comment suggests that you may be familiar with the doctrines of Obama’s church of 20 years, Black Liberation Theology as presented by it’s foremost proponent James Cone.  As I recall, Mr. Cone actually wrote in one of his books that he and other faithful BLT faithful have a duty to murder God if God is not for blacks and against whites.  I think it takes a special group of people to both believe in God and believe they can kill Him.

      • Sloppo, exactly HOW do these Bantus propose to “kill God”, if they think he’s against Bantu people? Remember that children’s story about the band of mice who wanted to be alerted everytime the cat came around? They decided to put a collar with a bell on it, around the cat’s neck.

        Only problem was, there was no mouse who had the cajones to do it.

        If some Bantus believe they can “murder God”, let them try. If the Lord retaliates, them Bantus will be begging to be hanged, so great will his retribution be.

        • Pelayo

          Why is that almost every time that there’s a murder of a White person by a Black, they have a Black reporter on the scene? Is that supposed to mitigate what the “prieto” did?

      • I’ve studiously avoided Cone’s heretical mental wanderings heretofore, though I’ve known of him for some decades. If this is true, it is just one more irrefutable corroboration that the God of Christendom has no interest in non-Whites, who never were meant to be part of the Church, as they don’t mirror the ‘image and likeness of Adam/Christ, in that they are not Caucasoid, whereas the Hebrew word for Adam means ‘fair, rosy ABLE TO BLUSH.’ It’s all becoming clearer with each day passing in the Brave New World of the Obamanation.

  • Cowardice crime?  Try hate crime.

  • Detroit_WASP

    This was NOT a random crime.  The victim was attacked because he was white.

  • Detroit_WASP

    black girls are more violent than the males. 

  • White people are stupid. We can put people on the moon, but we can also go through periods in time where we are thick as boards. We get fat and stupid. I was reading an article the other day that said that 1 in 3 British men are so overweight they can’t see their own, er, manhood:


    Reminds me of the anicient Greeks. They just philosophized themselves to death as the barbarians came in and ate them alive. We get fat, complacent and stupid. This is the period we are in now. Machines and mexicans have been doing our work for us as we have been earning our online degrees in video game creation and women’s studies.

    Stories like this- the ongoing story of the “Knockout King” game can hopefully wake some slumbering Whites up. Every day, just keep hammering away with these stories. BAM! “Woman knocked unconscious and raped in what Police Chief calls Random violence.” WHAM! “Mob of teens beat man unconcious in Walmart.” SLAM! “Man Dead after Attacked by youths.” These stories are like a brick to the face, and just keep ’em coming.

    Thanks to our friends in the media and hollywood, and the freaks making up pansy hate laws and thought crime legislation, poor White folk have been conditioned like Patty Hearst. Times are changing though, as jaded and cynical as I am, even I have to admit that the comments on these stories make my jaw drop sometimes. An ABC story can have comments that seem straight from Stormfront.

    Whites, when unleashed can be the most terrifying things in the universe. We just need to organize ourselves, and we have to feel free to organize. Take Mr. Taylor’s upcoming talk regarding the White Student Union. The fear that people feel reading these crime stories, the fear that you can walk outside and be killed by roving beasts who just want to see you drop dead on the ground– that fear can be very motivating. Fear can motivate us to band together, to protect our own. It’s a great start, it’s a basic instinct and it’s an instinct that has been suppressed in us. Take a deep breath, realize what an amazing creature you are, and make a decision that no one is ever going to dominate you.

    My advice to blacks is to keep knocking people out. Keep raping, keep stealing, keep jiving and keep killing. Just do what you do best. And then, be sure to strap on those stolen Air Jordan $400 shoes, because you’re going to need them. Run for your lives.

    • Pelayo

      Magnificent and inspiring!  Something needs to happen. Our government has been selling us out and marginalizing us for 60 years at least. I firmly believe that all this is happening as part of a master plan to gain complete dominance. They are using the Blacks as their stooges to bring about complete chaos and total breakdown of law and order and rewarding them with “free s–t”.
      My wife has a cousin whose wife  spends hours online doing what she calls “research”. We all secretly laugh at her and describe her as a lovable”nut case”. Suddenly I find myself not laughing at her any more. I’m beginning to connect her “dots”. The other day she said that “they’ll be coming to disarm us all during the next four years.”
      Why didn’t this boy’s father have a little fire in his belly. He talked so unemotionally. I would be ranting and calling for vengeance. Are we going to see that father forgive the youth? 
      Gary Christian denounced the White Activists who demonstrated outside the courthouse in Knoxville when he should have embraced them. Did Channon and Chris get the justice they deserved because he took the high road? Have Lemaricus and Letalvus had their new trial yet. Already people are asking “Channon? Christian? Who might they be?”
      White people need to start carrying weapons. Get one and take a tactical shooting course. They can’t arrest everyone unless the FEMA camps are there for that reason. 

      Re. what you said about hammering away, there are so many people out there who just live in denial. I’ve tried to “enlighten them to the danger to all of us but it falls on deaf ears. Some people throw up their hands and spout the usually rhetorical “How did we get to this point?”. We got to this point because we chose to ignore what was happening under our very noses. We’ve been anesthetized by reality TV, ET, Access Hollywood, the NFL , NBA and a host of other distractions. We are a nation of idiots who will camp outside an electronics store  overnight in the cold in the hope of being in the vanguard of  those acquiring the latest IPhone or Droid. I remember a post a few days ago that speculated about how many of those fools were violently relieved of their newly gotten toys by the predators who were waiting for them around the nearest corner or in an alley. 

  • .

    From the original article: ” ‘My nephew is innocent and that’s all I got to say,’ one of Smithers’ family members said.”

    That reminds me of an episode of COPS I saw a few years ago. An officer was standing outside a convenience store when a youth jumped on a scooter and took off. A woman in the convenience store runs out and yells, “He stole my scooter!” What ensues is a 5 minute slow chase to a nearby housing project. The youth jumps off, drops the bike on the ground and runs into one of the units. The door isn’t closed 5 seconds when his obese mother and siblings pour out of the apartment screaming, “He’s innocent! He didn’t do it! He was here the whole time!” Of course, the whole thing from the time he hopped on the scooter til the time he ran in the apartment was caught on the patrol car’s dash cam.

    PS: I wish I knew which episode that was so I could put a clip of it on my website.

  • Les H

    I fully expect to see the race hucksters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton calling for a march claiming that this black thug is being railroaded–or that the dead kid provoked the attack.

    This would never be considered a hate crime…now if the races were exchanged…..

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Is the perpetrator an aspiring rap artist?

    Oh, look! A Negro reporter! That makes it all good, then.

  • Another white male ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’, another black male ‘an innocent victim of a racist criminal justice system”.

  • IstvanIN

     He still won’t get the chair or even life.  Anytime in prison he will enjoy.  Remember Ruth Bader Ginsberg said blacks are entitles to white men to rape in her infamous it is a civil rights violation to segregate prisons by race.  So he gets plenty of victims until he gets out to victimize more whites.

  • refocus

    Ok, here are the facts:

    Colton Gleason, a man who was everything the black assailant would never be; handsome (by white standards), intelligent and optimistic, was flaunting and showing off his white privilege and extreme racism by walking in public with two white women whom he had managed to oppress and was in the process of leading to a life of suffering, drudgery and potentially domestic slavery.

    The companions of Mr. Gleason, the referenced white women,  demonstrated their white privilege and possible racism by walking in public with a white man (who is the cancer of the earth and responsible for all things bad).  With a secret signal they indicated to the innocent motorists, with whom the black alleged assailant was traveling, their desire and animal longing for the superior man qualities of the heroic yet down trodden brothers of dark color and nappy hair by smiling with Mr. Gleason and holding on to his arms… thus begging the driver of the car to intervene by swerving to injure the racist maniac in an attempt to rescue the oppressed white females from the cancer of the earth.

    Thing went wrong, you know … accidents happen.  The black alleged assailant was thrown out of the vehicle and forced into a mode of self defense where he was forced by Mr. Gleason to defend himself and he reluctantly struck the bigoted white cancer only once and then ran away for his life.

    It was Mr. Gleason’s fault that he did not maintain his balance and therefore the blow to his head suffered in the fall was not the fault or responsibility of the black alleged assailant who was only defending his own life and the lives of his people and magnamimously the oppressed white females who were obviously in danger being so near the cancer of the earth Mr. Colton Beasley.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I can’t even begin to express how badly I want for White People to start walking in groups.  I mean, several White Men in each group.

    As for the video, was that a mudlim who said her “son was innocent”?  As for being “random”, I expected nothing less from the “police”.  As for the Father, he needed to say it was race based.  That thing was looking for a White Child to attack and that is obvious.

  •   Chances are this kid would have been a productive member of society, but we are left with the non-productive member. We will now pay for his court fees, and a lifetime of food and housing. Somewhere in the middle of this he will probably have 3 or 4 kids we will also raise. We are loosing a war in our own country. May god bless this poor victims family.

  • Indiana Guy

    In the minds of blacks and DWL’s white victims of black aggression are always bad victims . Blacks who are casualties of whites trying to defend their lives against blacks aggression are always good victims ( Trevon Martin). Blacks don’t think killing a white person is bad, so he is “innocent”. One needs no further proof that we are in a race war.

  • Indiana Guy

    “He dih’in do nuffins”

  • SLCain

    Perhaps a swift kick to the privates would be in order.  Permanently disabling these thug’s baby-daddy tackle would help limit the problem in the long run.

  • sarah stein

     Beat whitey night, knockout king, or polar bear hunting,  it’s just youths having fun and whites being in the wrong place.

  • One reason may be that  the same cockeyed mindset that enabled the fools at the U of MN- Duluth to launch that White Hatred movement about nine months ago, is the proximate cause of this White Man dying at the hands of a resident of the Niger. The folly of Liberalism in Duluth, now has a face- a dead white man’s face. The Mayor and the entire corpus of criminals that launched that ‘demonstration’ should be indicted for being ideological accessorites to this crime.

  • sarah stein

    The Knockout King Klan also known as the KKK don’t cotton to no white folk being out after dark. 

  • Geronimo,it’s not that he’s forgotten white people. It’s more like most of AMERICA has forgotten him. Case in point,when the DEMOCRATIC delagates  did not want to reinstate putting God back in their platform. Then when it passed all the BOOS cascading through the arena. We as a nation allowed prayer to be taken out of school because of SEPERATION OF CHURCH  AND STATE. No where in the Constitution does it say. SEPERATEON OF CHURCH AND STATE. What it does say is that there shall BE NO STATE SPONSERD  CHURCH. YET WE ALLOWED THE A.C.L.U. to take it out of our schools. So, it’s on us,to get back in touch with GOD. God owes humanity nothing,it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” who owe him everything! 

  • Pepper spray is awesome, but I would tend to follow it up with my 3 million volt tazer. mine has wored great on 2 occasions. Both were down for about 15 minutes from what I was told. Giving more than enough time for destroying their family jewels.