Virtual House Arrest Ordered for Minors in East St. Louis

CBS St. Louis, September 26, 2012

Angered by the recent murders of four young peoplethe mayor announced today that police are going to impose drastic new measurers to keep teens off the streets.


Among the new rules:

  • Minors are to be off the streets at ten o’clock on both weeknights and weekend nights.
  • Minors on the street during school hours will be arrested on sight.
  • Police will also perform I.D. checks on street corners and conduct gun searches, and Parks says he won’t hesitate to call in the National Guard if the spike in violence continues.

“The loiterers will be arrested, not warned, but arrested. Those who are hanging out at 11th and Bond, 15th and Lynch, 38th and Waverly, wherever you happen to be, if you are loitering, you will be arrested.”

Surrounded by police, Parks announced they also plan to arrest adult males and young men wearing gang colors, amounting to a city-wide dress code.


Asked about Constitutional concerns, and the need for probable cause, Parks says the recent wave of crime is the probable cause and justifies the extreme new measures.

“Vehicles that are moving will be stopped and searched for guns, weapons, drugs, and open alcohol and any other violations that are taking place,” Parks later told KMOX’s Mark Reardon. “People who are walking, people who are bicycling, can be stopped and searched for the same and, when it comes to state IDs, we’re going to be confirming that state IDs are in place for everyone involved.”

Parks noted the legal questions surrounding his new policies but said “most importantly, we have to do something.”

“We have desperate times, they call for desperate measures and they call for extreme measures, things that we may not have done before, to get the desired results. You cannot grow as a city if your children are being wiped out and never given an opportunity to live.”

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  • Puggg

    All of the victims of the bloody weekend last in East St. Louis which provoked this rule were at least 18 years old.  That shows you how much good it will do.

    They’re going to ask black people for photo ID?  I thought black people were incapable of getting photo ID.

    As far as arresting people who wear red and blue, I don’t see what good that will do.  Just getting them out of those colors doesn’t mean they’re not still gang bangers.  It’s the juju bean mentality, that they think that the colored clothes cause people to be gang bangers.

    • I’m reading some people on  Mike Vanderboegh’s site when he covered this news out of ESL.  They seem to think that this is an example of the big bad man from on high gearing up to get us all.
      This is why I’m no longer a part of that particular subculture, because they can’t grok the simple issue of race.

      What is going on in ESL is nothing more than Official ESL grasping at straws because they have to look like they’re “doing something,” because last weekend, ESL had a Chicago-style body count, and there was so much crime in ESL last weekend because ESL is full of black people.

      • Puggg

        You probably saw this:

        Of all these new rules and restrictions, the geniuses of East St. Louis are most incensed over the colored clothing bit.  The Patrick Henry of East St. Louis could be saying, “give me me red and blue hoodies or give me death!”  In most cases, they’ll get both.

      • Dan Reardon

        East Saint Louis is an absolute toilet of a town. The only thing that could solve the city’s problem is a complete change of it’s racial make up – and that isn’t going to happen.

        • That may not be as implausible as it seems. It’s been emptying out for a long time, and ever since it became 100% black for all intents and purposes, it has been by definition emptying out of blacks. Meanwhile, over on the East Side, a little bit to the east, is a town full of Hispanics that serve as stoop labor for the farms of the bottoms: Fairmont City. Don’t be surprised if ESL becomes Little Mexico/Guatemala in a generation.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Good point, Puggg.

      So according to blacks it’s okay to demand photo IDs of people walking to a store or sitting on their front porch in broad daylight but NOT when they enter a voting booth on Election Day CUZ DAT BE RAYCISS! 

    • But Puggg, I had a run in with a supposedly x-banger. He’s a White guy running with Blacks.  He was asking for help but wouldn’t remove his “colors” from his car and his home is filled with gang stuff.  The colors are just symbols of what’s inside.  The idiot can’t understand why the sheriff and Highway Patrol are keeping their eyes on his useless life.  I told him to remove the colors but he resists saying they don’t mean anything which is bull patties.  They mean he thinks he’s tuff and is not going to be told what to do even if it gets him killed as happened to his “friend” in the gang.  Red is his color.

      • Puggg

        If I was a cop, I’d scrutinize him more. I expect this from ghetto blacks. White people should know better.

        • czynik

           LOL – stupid is his color. We can thank the leftist media and entertainment industry for glorifying the gang lifestyle and pulling white kids into that cesspool.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    6 blk girls attack and beat white woman sitting on poarch  FOR FUN IN philly

  • FedUp

    Good luck on that.  If blacks obeyed the law in the first place, there’d be no need for these measures.  Good that such measures are taken, but without blacks, no need for them.  Solution is, ergo, no blacks.

  • Defiant White

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what happens next.  The ACL-jew will march in and demand an end to the abuse of colored youfs.  Jesse and Al will lead night marches designed to highlight the discriminashun.

    Besides, they can’t enforce this.  Unless you use expensive heat sensitive vision equipment or some kind of smell detection, you’re not going to find the negro anyway.  All they have to do is wear shades and not laugh and they disappear into the darkness.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       blacks are perfectly suited to crime: 1} all look basically same same i.e.  hair color etc
      2) all black so hard to see at night especially on camera. 3) highly athletic for running away.

      • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

         Look for the teeth floating about head high.

        • czynik

           LOL – Hold your fire until you see the grill –

  • This is just another form of Jim Crow.

    The purpose of Jim Crow laws was (is) to contain violent black crime.

    Shopping centers in high crime areas ban groups of teens for the same reason.

  • APaige

    I see a pattern. (not just the obvious). Its seems that when blacks are given MORE freedom, their collective behavior results in EVERYONE losing more freedom. Can you imagine a police curfew this restrictive in a majority white area?NO it would be unthinkable. But is becomes so acceptable to a black area that it could make it easier to institute in a white area. What if blacks avoid black areas and go to white areas to avoid the curfew-do you place that curfew in the white areas too?

    • Sloppo

      We cannot let blacks suffer these curfews alone.  In order to achieve social justice, we must force peaceful people to suffer the consequences of the actions of the most criminally violent people.

  • Puggg
    • Well, well, well.  The Circuit Attorney’s office has to prosecute someone part of gang called “Obama Boyz.”  (I thought there was no such thing as a black “boy”).  The first person to snuff out the irony of that gets a gold star.  I’ll start you off with a hint:  Who is the elected Circuit Attorney of St. Louis City, and what was she doing four years ago at just about this very time?

    • john doe

      if obama had a son it would look like a turd in a suit… just like his daddy.  

    • Sloppo

      So … Obama DOES have some boyz … and they DO look like Trayvon.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     the saddest most disgraceful but typical part of the carter strange beating was his parents and him stating they will try to understand the “people” who did it and would pray for them and felt sorry for them and on and on , sickening cowards.  thats why whites and this whole country are done its every man for himself i dont count on any other whites backing me up. pathetic.

  • This story and whole series of events is why I say, among my many axioms:

    4.  Blacks who have power over other blacks will implement a system that smells a lot like segregation, apartheid or Jim Crow.

    5.  If left to their own devices, anyone who has power over blacks will implement a system that smells a lot like segregation, apartheid or Jim Crow.

    6.  The reason for #4 and #5 is that most people get the government they deserve most of the time.  That isn’t only true for blacks.  Why do you think most Arab/Muslim countries are either secular dictatorships or fanatical theocracies, nary a Jeffersonian to be found?

    Daily Kenn has rightly observed that ESL is bringing back Jim Crow.

  • The philosopher Edmund Burke said something like, “Necessity is almost always the plea to rule; it is the motto of tyrants, it is the credo of slaves’.

    We’re seeing that in East St. Louis, where the Bantu bwana is going to arrest every teen on the streets, or in a car. Not surprising, Bantu bwana is getting a lot of support from his subjects.

    And yet, aren’t Bantus screaming about New York’s stop and frisk laws, about voter ID laws in other states, etc.? Sure they are, but that’s because those things have been promulgated by WHITES. Bantus are cool with a Bantu stomping all over their civil rights – because it’s a Bantu that’s doing it to them.

    The Bantu bwana laughingly expects East St. Louis to grow?! How, exactly? In 1960, East St. Louis had a population of 81,000. As of the 2010 census, it had fewer than 27,000. That means it lost some 66% of its population in 50 years.

    Bantu bwana Parks, that ship of growth for East. St. Louis, sailed a LONG time ago. It’ll never dock again in your town.

  • czynik

    I think people are finding out why Jim Crow laws were imposed in the first place years ago. Some sub cultures are simply not able to co-exist with “polite society”, and when they become the dominant culture, then no one is safe.
    It’s long past time the problem was at least pointed out for what it is and politicians state publicly “we have a black crime problem in this country and it’s time we did something about it”.

  • SLCain

    So the black mayor of a black city is resorting to policing tactics that the old apartheid-era South-African police would have employed in the black townships.

    Well, it is a black township, and not part of any America that I recognize, so I guess I don’t care.

  • john doe

    this is so rayciss, because it’s going to disproportionately affect the coloreds.   lol,  living with mud people,  it’s like visiting the zoo and then moving in.   nature would take it’s course if the whites would stay the hell out of the way.

  • Bob

    I was born and raised near that area, although I left decades ago. E. St. Louis at one time was mostly white, and very much a night-club town with great music. The whites left and now it’s a slum. The slum is spreading, and has now reached Cahokia, which was halfway decent even in the ’80s. Whites have moved farther south, down to Columbia and thereabouts. There is a lot of bare space between Cahokia and farther south, so the blight is now stopped for a long time.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Yeah, Columbia is getting it’s dose of diversity, Waterloo, Smithton, and Freeburg are still solid white, Columbia is not. Lots of sec.8 in Columbia. E.Saint, Cahokia, and Belleville are all screwed.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    The freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights should only be guaranteed for white people.