Separatism Threatens the Future of Spain

David Gardner, Financial Times, September 6, 2012

Canadian regional elections seldom set the international pulse racing but this week’s victory in Quebec of the separatist Parti Québécois was closely watched in Spain, now facing a revival of Basque and Catalan independence demands. These, in turn, are being carefully monitored by the Scottish National party, committed to a referendum in 2014 on Scotland’s future relationship with the UK.

By then, the die may be cast in Spain, where separatism has stormed on to the agenda amid the worst crisis of the post-Franco, democratic era. Alongside the eurozone crisis and Spain’s worsening public finances and chronic lack of economic growth and jobs, Madrid looks to be sleepwalking into a constitutional crisis that could lead to the break-up of Spain.

Next Tuesday, Catalans celebrate their national day, or Diada, in a year when the clamour for independence for the first time commands the support of more than half the population—including figures such as Jordi Pujol, the mainstream nationalist who ran the restored Catalan autonomous government from 1980 to 2003, and Pep Guardiola, the former manager of Barcelona’s football team.

Next month, Basques go to the polls with the separatist Bildu coalition going head-to-head with the mainstream Basque Nationalist party (PNV). After a decade-long ban for links to Eta, the separatist group that recently ended its 50-year campaign of violence, political separatists won more seats than the PNV in municipal and general elections last year. Separatism has gone mainstream, in a Spanish state being shaken to its foundations.

Devolution has been a cornerstone of Spain’s democracy. But self-government was awarded to all regions in order to disguise the restoration of historic rights to Catalans and Basques, peoples with a deep sense of nation, culture and language that Franco’s dictatorship sought to expunge. For rightwing Spanish nationalists, this dilution of the indissoluble unity of Spain remains anathema. The centre-right government of Mariano Rajoy evidently aims to use the present financial crisis not just to shrink the state but to recentralise it.


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  • Puggg

    Separatism Threatens the Future of Spain

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    There, I fixed it.

    • Church_of_Jed

      News like this is supposed to raise a panic and make everyone agree “We must do something about those racist separatists who THREATEN our future.”

      • Separatism is a mortal danger … to a parasite.

      • RisingReich

         Racist separatists are indeed the future.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Am I wrong to think the separatists in Quebec, Scotland and Spain would be victorious if their top campaign promise was to end Third World immigration?

    • The Scots are all liberals, socialist and  cultural marxists.

      The Scottish National Party is left wing, they want independence from England but  they
      want to fill the country up with Africans and muslim immigrants to boast how virtuous they are.  They want a independent  Scotland of all races, creeds and colours, singing kumba ya mi lord round the camp fire. A socialist multicultural utopia. 

      Their naivety  is quite staggering.

      ” The SNP’s Pete Wishart (Perth and N Perthshire) said: ‘This is a nasty, silly, ridiculous little motion. It’s something that could almost be from a shady authoritarian regime.” ( Regarding the UK government halting immigration )

      ”He questioned what ‘all necessary steps’ to reduce immigration could really mean.”

      • Ulick

        Sinn Fein in Ireland is the exact same way.  the though of having the English ruling over them was too mucg=h so they were willing to fight to the death for control.  Once Sinn Fein had control of Ireleand, though, they actively promoted bringing in Africans in great numbers. 

        The socialists lose the forest for the trees.  Most Irish nationalists don’t want the English ruling over them, but they assuredly don’t want Africans in their motherland (only late 20th century daft liberlism would deisre such)….

        As someone who could obtain Irish citizenship but defers because I’m an American, I say F U Sinn Fein for the following…

        “Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams calls for more African immigration to Ireland.”

        • ”As someone who could obtain Irish citizenship but defers because I’m an American, I say F U Sinn Fein for the following… ”

          I don’t think Ireland will be white for long since there is only 4 million living there.  

          600 Immigrants from 77 countries getting their Irish citizenship. I liked the Nigerian family. Why is it black people don’t like living in their native land , they cant wait to get out of it ?

        • TeutonicKnight67

           I agree 100% !! I have NEVER understood the liberalism that infects my ethnic cousins across the pond! They like to come here to make money and lecture us (ala Bono) about how narrow-minded and intolerant we Yanks are until they return home to an Erin full of “darkies” that do nothing but chase white girls. Sickening.

          A friend of mine was a bouncer for several years at a well-known NYC nightclub and always had great stories to tell. One day Riverdance was being advertised and I remarked how beautiful most of the Irish girls were and how I would love to meet them.

          “No you don’t man” sighed my friend, “no you don’t.”

          When I asked why he proceeded to tell me how the Riverdance troupe came to the club one night and was placed in the VIP area only to surround themselves with nothing but “colorful” Bantu suitors. No doubt these girls would never bring the bucks home to the Emerald Isle, but while here in the US they just couldn’t help making diversity their number one priority. What a sad statement. They truly are brainwashed into vile miscegenation.

          • ” only to surround themselves with nothing but “colorful” Bantu suitors.”

            Miss Ireland winner Emma Waldron has a Nigerian boyfriend

            ” We’re so in love, we don’t care what racists say about us ”


          • TeutonicKnight67

            @David Brims

            Sadly, you are correct. My enlightened Irish cousins no longer have to worry about “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner?”…The Bantu has invited itself. With the help of the culturally superior marxists in Che Guevara shirts.

        • 5n4k33y3s

           I can hardly believe Jerry Adams did that. What an idiot.

      • Pecosbill

        Agree.  A few years ago I traveled from London to Edinburgh by train.  When I got off at the main station the first thing I saw was a large mural that depicted a vibrant diverse scene of all peoples of the world.  As well as I remember a young coal black girl of about 9 occupied painting center.

        The caption underneath read: A diverse Scotland is a happy Scotland.  I felt sick for the naive people who would believe such garbage.  By the way, while I was in and around Scotland on that business trip, the only peoples I saw were of non-color.   So I guess Scotland was unhappy. But it didn’t seem so to me.

        • ” A diverse Scotland is a happy Scotland.”

          Love the brainwashing, one is reminded of the ” Arbiet macht frei ” sign.

          • “The Scots are all liberals, socialist and  cultural marxists.” I’m scottish in ancestry, and I am not. So, making generalized statements never does anyone any good. But to the topic at hand….. Socialism is good, when it is directed ‘in house.’ Socialism of THAT sort is merely the Good Samaritan writ large. Most people don’t realize that the Bullshevism preached nowadays about ‘being a good Samaritan’ means the exact OPPOSITE of what the multicultis mean – because the Hebrews of Jesus’ day were ethnically RELATED to the Samaritans (unlike the Edomites). Therefore, to point back to Mr. Brim’s comment- Arbeit DOES macht frei, if you know that you are working for YOUR people. But once you go empire building- like the USA is doing now- and working FOR a people that have NEVER done Christendom ANY good, you’re the object of a screwdriver, as far as I am concerned…..

          • ”I’m scottish in ancestry. So, making generalized statements never does anyone any good.  ”

            Well, I am Scots, I live in Edinburgh and it’s true. Do you think I like saying that about my country ? I’m very ambivalent towards my fellow Scots, they are all socialist
            one worlder types. 50 years of brainwashing cultural marxism has done it.

            All the right wing sensible  Scots emigrated to the American  South 250 years ago, so I identify with them more than I do with my fellow Scots.

            Look at Norway and Sweden, 1000 years ago they were the Vikings, very warlike, now they’re all soppy liberals.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Christianity has always been a parasite on every community it entered, filling it with fear, obligation and then asserting control through making deals with absolute rulers.  Getting rid of it for a more practical spiritual pursuit in harmony with a culture’s preservation with rational philosophy which is actually the true spiritual home of the West, would subtract a HUGE amount of contradiction and cultural psychosis, Fr. John+

        • 5n4k33y3s

           If only you had just a girl, but no, you get her whole family along with her. Her huge fat mamma giving you hard looks, her thug older brothers. A little girl herself is a nice way to represent diversity in a non-threatening personae, but she’s not all you get.

    • Ding, ding DING! You win the prize!

  • Strider73

    You’re right about northern Italians. Their region is the most prosperous, and they’re sick of their taxes being to subsidize  the slackers in southern Italy and Sicily. The Northern League is their party, and it has long called for secession and an independent “Padania.” Back in 1998 I saw the Padanian flag among spectators at the Winter Olympics.

    • The Northern League is more sensible, more right wing, Anti African / muslim immigrant.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        And I LOVE those guys!  Always a pleasure to vacation in Northern Italy.

        • A lot of African immigrants are landing in southern Italy and the first thing they do is to commit crime, selling drugs.

          This has not gone down well with the locals, especially the Mafia. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to rely on organized crime to solve the problem of immigration, but good luck to them, that’s what I say. 

          • Mahound

             Something similar is happening in Denmark where the Hell’s Angels are in constant warfare with the arab street gangs.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Hmmm.  Perhaps a few bucks in the pockets of your local gang . . .

  • Church_of_Jed

    Separation from the central authorities will not be allowed. Whose money will fund theirs and their mistresses’ lifetime pensions?

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s rather strange how Spaniards will argue about the trivial differences between Basques, Catalans and Castillians, whilst at the same time importing millions upon millions of complete racial aliens into Spain (as it happens, the Spanish political class has imposed truly ridiculous levels of immigration into Spain – something like 5 million have immigrated in the last 20 years).

    • fabius

       Not quite as bad as the numbers sound. First, they’ve let in Latin Americans in large numbers–a special arrangement that the rest of the EU is not totally happy about, but still most consider these Christians better than North Africans, even though many are mestizos. Nearly a half million Ecuadorians have immigrated to Spain, with Colombians (many of nearly pure Basque blood, from Medellin) close behind. Second, they have been a major destination for Rumanians, who have a similar language and are also EU members. But, of course, Africans–subSaharan and otherwise–have also been flooding in.

      • IstvanIN

         Spain seems to have the same misty eyed sentimentality towards their former empire that the British and French do.  The Mestizos will just degrade their gene pool.  Spain, instead of rising to the level of say the Germans, will devolve to the level of Latin America.

    • KenelmDigby

      …and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis – the fleas that follow whitey wherever he goes.

  •  As a matter of fact, actually no. The same with Northern Vs Southern Italians. The whole Northern Italian “separatist” movement is actually greatly exaggerated. The Lega Nord, when it was founded in the 1990s, initially clamored for federalism, and devolution for the Italian regions, because they felt that the Italian regions, and most especially the Northern ones, gave too much tax money to support an inflated government bureaucracy. But it wasn’t “racial” although a very small, but vocal minority have either implied or outright alleged that Northern Italians are descendants of Germanic barbarian tribes (Ostrogoths, Lombards), and others the Celts.

    The Lega Nord became outright secessionist after the 1996 elections, and lost badly in the 1999 European elections. They returned to a federalist platform. The vast majority of the members reject secessionism.

    With regards to the Basque movement, it’d be a mistake to consider it racial. It’s more ethnic. Separatist Basque groups claim that the fact that the Basque have a very unique language (unrelated to any other language group in Europe) and traditions, that they are fundamentally different from the rest of Spain, and therefore should be an independent nation.

    All in all the separatist movements within Spain aren’t so much racial as they are ethnic and cultural. I don’t think that these movements would be necessarily opposed to immigration. One of the major Catalan independence movements is socialist-leaning.

  • Catalonia is a bastion for the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party.  Barcelona recently voted out the Socialist Party after being in charge for 32 years.  The rest of Spain is mostly center-right People’s Party.  Catalonia is where the Muslim infestation is greatest.

    Scotland is the main bastion for Labour and Lib Dems.  England is mostly Tory.×477.png

    For Quebec it’s the same story. Parti Québécois is left-wing.

    Basque country is a whole other story though. The Basque Nationalist Party is right wing but Bildu is left-wing.

    If they want to leave their respected unions, I say good riddance.

    When the Catalonia has hundreds of Mosques and Salafist Muslim parties they’ll get the message.  Or maybe they won’t and Spain will have to bail them out of a civil war.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Huckabee is on Fox talking about “standing with Israel.”

    Doesn’t it bother you when White elites never say “we need to stand with White Humanity”?

    Now he’s talking about “being strong for Israel”.

    Those are the key codes that somebody at AICPA must have decided Gentile Evangelicals can’t resist-

    wait, he just said “stand strong for Israel” and “stand together”-

    Who did the psyops research that showed how Americans can’t argue against anything with which they are supposed to “stand”?

    •  I wish someone would ask Huckster if he stands with the Knesset member who calls black Africans a “cancer” to deport the kind of illegal aliens that Huckster would gladly welcome if he had any say in the matter.

      • Church_of_Jed

        He would just waive that off as a “distraction”.

        These MSM types didn’t get rich and famous withouth memorizing the playbook.

    • RisingReich

       “The Huckster” is an also ran for president for those who don’t remember.  The most disingenuous man on TV IMHO, and that’s saying a bit.  All of his ‘nice guy bible thumping, southern goodness’ comes with the omnipresent hardline ‘pro-Israel’ garbage.

      Romney is also a demonstrated hardline pro-Israel campaigner. 

      People need to really start questioning why all of our politicians are so reliably ‘pro-Israel’ they feel the need to openly campaign for Israel’s interests during a Presidential campaign IN THE US.  If you love Israel SO MUCH – go run for president there.

      More disgusting is the number of Congressman that are ‘firsters’ and/or hold dual citizenship – Israeli citizenship.  Who are they really representing when casting votes?

  • TheTruthHurts4

    What we need is a separatist movement in this country to restore the Confederacy. That is the only way we will get white supremacy back. 

    • Sloppo

      Separatism and supremacy are two very different things.  National/racial/cultural separatism for all major ethnic/cultural groups is a good thing in my opinion.  Whether or not you think your ethnic group compares favorably with others (supremacy) has nothing to do with whether or not your people should have the right to self determination.  

  • Gee. Can WE secede, too? There is a LOT of that sort of talk going on over at Occidental Dissent. For all the right reasons most other blogs won’t talk about. Wonder why….

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Exactly right. Your home becomes a “compound”, your government becomes a “regime”, your independence becomes “separatism”…

    David Koresh had the right idea. Marry a girl before she reaches the age of defiance. He was killed for his aversion to Feminism, just like a Muslim.

  • The__Bobster

    So crime pays?

  • Almost sounds like the elves from Lord of the Rings. 

  • Michael C Scott

    ” Don’t you dare badmouth your own people. don’t you dare !”

    Who were the people who sold Scotlands independence to England in The Treaty of Union 1707. It was the Scots aristocracy , ” They were bought and sold for English gold, what a parcel of rogues in a nation ” as the Robert Burns poem goes. It was a stab in the back by our own countrymen for money.