Scores for Blacks and Hispanics Soar on Newly Revamped FDNY Test

John Marzulli, NY Daily News, September 26, 2012

Blacks and Hispanics scored significantly better on the newly revamped FDNY exam, a shift that could lead to firefighter jobs for as many as 42% of the minority-group test-takers, city officials revealed Tuesday.

The would-be minority-group firefighters far outscored those who sat for the previous three exams—the results of which were deemed discriminatory and tossed out by a judge.

Bravest hopefuls who nail a grade of 97 or higher are considered likely to be hired by the FDNY over the next four years.

Nearly half—42.3%—of minority-group members who took the test cleared that hurdle, officials said.

That’s much higher than top-scoring minorities who took the 1999 exam (14%), the 2002 exam (16%) and the 2007 exam (33%).

The results of all three earlier tests were thrown out by Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis in response to a 2007 lawsuit from the Justice Department and the Vulcan Society of black firefighters.

Based on the new data, the city’s top lawyer is now urging Garaufis to sign off on the exam so the FDNY can quickly begin hiring 300 new firefighters for an academy class tentatively set for January. The FDNY is 650 firefighters below its budgeted staffing level because it has been blocked from hiring new people.


A record number of minorities took the written test last spring after an intense public relations campaign by the city geared toward reversing a trend that had left the FDNY more than 90% white.


There’s now a total pool of 9,417 candidates who reached the 97 mark and are likely to be considered for hiring within four years. Of these, 5,045 are white, 1,859 are black, 2,131 are Hispanic, 31 are Asian and 351 are from other groups.


A spokeswoman for the city Law Department noted that the new exam was crafted over 18 months to ensure that it was “job-related, fair and valid.”


If approved by the judge, the first group of firefighters hired will be drawn from among a group of 873 FDNY medics and paramedics who took the exam. The exam’s pass rate was high. Of the 42,231 people who took the test, 40,426 passed with a score of 70 or above.

FDNY Battalion Chief Paul Mannix, an outspoken critic of the judge’s decision who believes the original lawsuit was bogus, said he still has questions about how the experts scored the exam.

“On the face of it, I have no confidence in the test and the list that will come of it,” Mannix said.

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  • chuck_2012

    if blacks scored much better then white applicants must have completely aced it and should be hired first. No matter how the deck is stacked we know who comes out on top!

    • The__Bobster

      FDNY Passes La Griffe 101—Make The Test So Easy Everbody Passes It, Then Hire Whom You Like
      By Steve Sailer on September 28, 2012 at 12:38am

      Back in 2007, the Bush Administration sued the Fire Department of New York, which lost 343 men on 9/11, for disparate impact discriminating against blacks and Hispanics by using a firefighter hiring test that asked fairly hard questions about firefighting. Now, the FDNY has finally learned the lesson that La Griffe du Lion pointed out years ago: If you want to please the feds, you can minimize disparate impact (percentage point differential) of the hiring test by making it extremely easy, then hiring randomly.

      • C_C_Conrad

        Seriously, fire fighters must be able to cope with a large number of dangerous situations, hazmat problems for an example.  Even after the goofs get through the academy do you really think that a word like trichloroethylene (C2HCl3)will mean anything to them? 

        • Magnum Force

          Many of these Diveristy Firemen will die in fires or other hazardous conditions because they are too stupid to do the work. That will become another issue by itself, and their families and outraged “Communities” will then blame the lack of training.

          Simply put, there is no cure for stupid. 

          • Pelayo

            The other scenario is that the Diversity Firemen will just as likely cause the death of the Qualified firemen due to the incompetence of the former.
            Imagine the insecurity of the latter, knowing that your life may be in the hands of your inept comrades. 

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            I think you are right. Many more non minorities will die because the minorities are incompetent or just plain cowards.  I worked with black lifeguards. It would have been far easier to work alone than to work with Negroes. They have a way of screwing things up worse than doing nothing at all. And of course it is always the white mans fault that things failed.

            example (This was in a swim area on a river in the South): Someone was drowning in the black guy’s area. He could have just jumped in the water and did his job, but instead he kept yelling at me to “come over.” I didn’t know what he wanted and I wasn’t suppose to leave my posted area without a relief. Some other people went in the water to save the drowning guy. From his point it was my fault because he “told me to come over.” Because I didn’t come when he called, it was my fault. Black logic. Maybe he should have just told the drowning guy not to drown then it would have been the other guys fault. “I told him not to drown.”

      • Zorro

        The new test must go something like this: “What color is the Red Fire Truck?” Red. Congratulations. You are now a new Probationary member of the Fire Department.  

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          I think it is simpler than that. Something like this.

          Your Name?_____________

          When were yoru born?_______________

          Your age?______________

          Where were you born?________________

          (“I don’t know” is acceptable)

          • Wow you guys are really racist, not all black people are stupid you know. The test was easy but it was just as easy as the post office exam, and the police exam in which I scored high as well. It cannot be a coincidence that the fire department employs 90+ percent of whites when compared to other races. Caucasians took this test as well and guess what the highest score came from a Hispanic, stop the hatred.

          • Puggg

            I would expect a fire department entrance test to be significantly more difficult than a test to be a letter carrier.

          • Puggg the postal exam is one of the hardest civil service exams due to the time allotted and it involves a really good memory. Civil service exams are not going to be about working in the field as it requires no experience to get the job.

          • Puggg What’s your problem and apparently also everyone’s problem on this site with minorities? Minorities have been persecuted for years and still being persecuted by Caucasians when America is not even Caucasian land in the first. White firefighters are protesting because for some reason, they must believe only white people can be firefighters. What are minorities allowed to do? Let me guess janitorial work, sanitation, etc.

  • I guess it’s a good time to be a firebug in NYC, now the fire brigade is comprised so heavily of black and brown mercy hires.

  • libertarian1234

    “Of the 42,231 people who took the test, 40,426 passed with a score of 70 or above.”

    I’d like to see the test.

    “Whut be 2 plus 2?”

    “Whut color wuz George Washington’s white h0rse?”

    I’m exaggerating of course, but I’m willing to bet a white 8th grader could pass it if he were even slightly familiar with the related work .

    • APaige

      2 plus 2 is fo.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        What fo does I needs to know dat?

      • Goetz von Berlichingen


        2 plus 2 *BE* fo.

    • Or this:

      “Who be Martin Luther King?”

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         Kuz racial noledge is mo impotent than savin livz.

    • If would like to know what was on the test, I can tell you and no it’s not 2 plus 2 equals fo, the correct term would be four. The test consisted of watching videos, taking notes and answering questions relating to the videos after. The test also had a section with reading comprehension. If you paid attention to the videos, took good notes, have a decent memory, you can get a good score. 70 is a horrible score on the test even though it’s passing, you’ll end up being 40,000+ on the list and guess what guys there are blacks, Asians, whites, etc that got 70s as well.

  • Defiant White

    Well, that’s just what I want, Pilgrim . . . to be caught in a high-rise in NYC and know that my would-be rescuers are colored numb-skulls who passed a dumbed down test.

    Time for a reality check.

    First, the hardcore FDNY guys will carry the weight for the stupid, lazy and cowardly  . . . and those who see this as just a job and not a profession.  (In other words, negroes.)  So it won’t really be a negro coming to save me, it will be a white man.

    Secondly, this reminds me very much of the integration of the Army by women.  We had WACS for decades and it all worked well.  But then in the 70s WACS suddenly weren’t good enough.  Now women had to actually be in the Army.  Right away, standards plummeted.   Suddenly, male mechanics were doing twice as much because women couldn’t carry the toolbox.  Or the woman was pregnant or “indisposed.”  Right away, First Sergeants had to concern themselves with how menstruating women were to keep clean in the field, what to do when one needed to use the latrine (bushes aren’t good enough) and what to do when one couldn’t fire her rifle properly because it was too big and heavy.

    There are plenty of good roles for negroes in our society:  The Janitorial and Custodial field,  Sanitation Engineering, the wonderful field of short-order cooks and of course there are plenty of rewarding careers available as maids chauffers, waiters and waitresses. 

    Leave the important jobs to the whites.

    • MartelC

      “First, the hardcore FDNY guys will carry the weight for the stupid, lazy and cowardly ”
      what do you want to be that the NY elite will make sure that ‘special response’ units for ‘terrrorism’ etc, are conveniently located close to their homes. 

    • Pelayo

      Defiant White,
      I agree with you on all but one point. In view of what Rev. Jesse Jackoff (oops. I meant JackSON sorry but my delete key is malfunctioning) said,  if I were a White soldier I’d prefer that they be kept away from my food.

    • I guess me being an African American, working in the IT profession and taking AP Chemistry since 10 grade is not a black thing huh? Here’s a little history lesson this wonderful country called America wouldn’t be what it is today without Blacks or as you would say “negroes”.

      • Puggg

        Okay.  But you just said in this thread that you took both the fire and police department.  Isn’t that a bit beneath you and your high intelligence?

        • No why would it be? I’m interested in being a public servant and the career opportunities are vast. I’ve watched how society treats minorities over the years and it shows this country and many others is very much still racist. A lot of minorities don’t have the resources to attend college and what does society do, they make it necessary to have a college degree to get civil service jobs. My girlfriends father is a train operator and he’s been working in that field since 18, he’s notice how over the years the job became less minority filled into a more diverse workplace due to the high salaries. If the firefighter test was dumbed down I believe this is wrong, I’m not stupid and neither is it deemed necessary to treat my race as idiots.

  • Ed_NY

    They will “zone score” or “band score” the test.  Basically what that means is that everyone who passed is equally qualified for the job.  More discrimination against Whites.

  • KD_Did

    I must admit that I loved watching people in convulsions over the NFL ref lock out. The lower standards applied to those refs were so much more important than a firefighter, EMT, cop etc. Not one person on TV noticed the hippocracy. 

    • KD, once again, Obama stuck his nose into it, hailing the end of the referee’s lockout in the NFL. Far from being concerned about the country at large, Obama is enmeshing himself more and more into every minutiae of American life.

      I wasn’t around then, but I don’t think Woodrow Wilson uttered anything about the Black Sox scandal of 1919, in comparison.

      • Pelayo

        I think that Wilson had better things to do such as fathering the beginning of America’s entrance into the NWO. It would have been better had he spent more time delving into the scandal and had a beer with “Shoeless” Joe in the Rose Garden.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Who wrote the new test….Al Sharpton?
    Here is a sample question from the new test.
    4. What is the day after Wednesday? Choose the best answer.
    A. ThursdayB ThrusdayC. Thrusday
    No wonder they do so well.

  • It will interesting to watch the new FDNY,  will it be more  corrupt than incompetent, or visa-versa 

  • Afro-action is kinda like horse handicapping, with white horses carrying 250lb jockeys

  • bubo

    Every one of the minorities that “passed” the test deserves a cookie and a balloon.  

  • In other news, New York suffers worse fire disaster since 9/11.

  • People are wondering how easy must the test have been, the La Griffe 101 theory.

    Awhile back, the local civil rights cabal tried,  ultimately unsuccessfully, to block promotions in the SLFD, based on (what else?) a “discriminatory” test.  One of the questions on that test that the local media and NAACP deemed discriminatory was this:

    “The hydrant is 90 feet away from the fire.  All of your hoses are 30 feet long.  How many hoses must you connect together to reach from the hydrant to the fire?”

    It wasn’t a trick question, either.

    Therefore, I imagine this test in New York had questions even simpler than that.

    • John Bonham

       I mean really.. You don’t even have to think to know the answer … Really ,was this really a question that they deemed discriminatory ? I mean, how much easier can it get ??

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       basically I would guess 3, but if the rule of fire fighters was to have extra hose laying in an S loop, than I would have to pick 4.

  • “911, what is your emergency”

    ” my apt bidg. is on fire, hurry, there are people on the roof, and what ever you do, don’t send the dumb guys!!!!”

  • Well it won’t matter much if they can’t read or write because we have GPS to show us the way to the next fire.
    I’ve only had trouble with GPS in very rural CA. I was maybe a half mile away from the house I was looking for and the GPS kept telling me to “Turn Right, recalculating, Turn Right.”  Anyway there were no roads so in order to get there I had to drive about 30 miles around the mountain over a rough dirt road which was also unmarked.
    Point is the minorities are looking for work in the city so GPS will get them to a fire.  Don’t panic, as they say, we are in good hands don’t you know? 

  • Texan1st

    When that many people pass the test, why even have the test at all?

  • I am no longer shocked by anything that the diversity mob tries to pull.  I’m sure the lilly white liberals who support this don’t have to worry about this in THEIR neighborhoods, and having to see Shitavious and RonQuarion pulling up in “de fiya truck” should their houses catch on fire.  Diversity forever, even if it costs lives.  What a joke.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     What do they call it over there; jewish lightning?

  • John Bonham

    I wonder how many of the “new minority”  firefighters would run INTO , lets say, a  9/11  burning world trade center or run RIGHT BY  it … ???  Yes , this is just what people need, not the best and the brightest but the dumb and the lazy to come and rescue them… It’s sort of like an affirmative action doctor , would you want one to work on your open heart ??
    Vulcan Society of black firefighters << what the heck is this ?? Is there a society of white firefighters or is that racist ?

  • John Bonham

     D. white mans juju ..

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     this is the evidence.

    Nearly half—42.3%—of minority-group members who took the test cleared that hurdle, officials said.

    That’s much higher than top-scoring minorities who took the 1999 exam (14%), the 2002 exam (16%) and the 2007 exam (33%).”


    You left out one of the choices:

    D. One of the above

  • brew730

     What a shock.  It’s a shame that the article didn’t state the percentage of whites that passed the test.  If 42% of minorities passed, I’ll guess that 95% of whites passed the test.  Maybe I’m low-balling…

  • I took this exam, I’m African American and I got a score of 101.

  • Brook’Lynn’s Finest

    You are the most intelligent person that posted on this wall. I’m one of the candidates. I’m far from ignorant and just waiting for to be paid. We don’t murder our children when there’s no cheerios left in the cereal box or have sex with our children. 100% whites 0% Blacks!!!!

  • jay

    Well assholes its the civil test not the state exam. Dumb racist white trash. If your worried about your lives then join a fire department assholes and see if you can do better.