Posted on September 20, 2012

Riots, Denials and Black Mobs in Flint

Colin Flaherty, WND, September 19, 2012

If you want to know how bad the Flint, Mich., riots of August 2011 were, just check the video from the Flint riots of 2012. Compared to last year, this year’s violence was a “tremendous success,” said the local paper.

The scene was the annual “Back to the Bricks” car show: vintage cars parked downtown during a several day festival in what used to be an international center of the car business.

Videos show hundreds of black people fighting, destroying property, disregarding police orders and creating mayhem — one with his pants falling down as he chased another person down the street.

This is the extended version of the black mob riot in Flint.  Or a short version. Now compare that with the news account, sparse as it is.

“Increased foot patrols and police presence throughout the 2012 Back to the Bricks led to few major incidents and law enforcement deeming the event a security success,” the report said.

It continued, “A fight took place in front of the Land Bank building on Saginaw Street after Back to the Bricks events Saturday evening involving more than 20 people that led to several arrests, according to security guard in the area.

“Twenty to 25 arrests were made Saturday for disorderly conduct involving adults and juveniles.”

Nine additional police agencies were called in to help — all funded by a Community Mental Health grant.

The editorial board said this year’s event was a “rousing success.” And “shame on those involved in the fights and other mayhem that are unfortunate regulars to the night scene in Flint. Those few bad apples need to be reined in and not allowed to cast any negative light on events like Back to the Bricks.”


In a video of the aftermath, downtown Flint is full of police cars with flashing lights. The brief audio says it was “pretty crazy.”

Eyewitness accounts at present a more complete view. Said Untanglingtheweb:

The media won’t be honest with you, but you can find out what is happening on Flint Police operations FACEBOOK. I went there as soon as I started receiving call about violence in downtown Flint last night.

Flint Police had to keep officers on overtime and called in officers to help. The paddywagon was called in and officers had to borrow handcuffs as they did not have enough. Even our female officers were said to be “kicking butt’ last night as Police attempted to reclaim the streets. Officers assisting from other jurisdictions had tasers and it seems obvious our Flint officers need them too.

The evening started badly in Rollingwood as a group of about 15 black males chased and threatened to rape 2 young girls ages 14 and 15. Despite repeated calls to 911 the rollingwood watch finally called their councilman who called the Police Chief.