On Air and Before Audiences, Romney Makes Push for Hispanic Vote

Michael Barbaro, NY Times, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney, hunting for an electoral edge in swing states, is intensifying his push for Hispanic voters, ratcheting up his Spanish-language advertising, deploying a Spanish-speaking son to court Latino leaders and putting himself in front of a growing number of Hispanic audiences.


On Wednesday, Mr. Romney brought his conspicuous outreach to Miami, where he participated in a candidate forum hosted by Univision, the dominant Spanish-language television network in the country, and attended a late night “Juntos con Romney” (“Together With Romney”) rally.


Mr. Romney’s brutal primary campaign at times put him at odds with quarters of the Hispanic community, a fact that the hosts of the Univision forum did not shy from. They posed pointed questions about illegal immigrants and whether the Spanish language has a place in American life. (“Spanish,” Mr. Romney said, quoting a friend, “is the language of our heritage. English is the language of opportunity.”)

Despite repeated inquiries, Mr. Romney avoided saying whether he would continue a program to suspend deportations of young illegal immigrants announced in June by Mr. Obama. Instead he accused the president of using immigration as a “political football,” and he returned to a promise to “put in place a permanent solution” to illegal immigration.

Pressed for details, Mr. Romney said again that he would support giving legal permanent residence to illegal immigrants who serve in the military. But he also suggested he would support another big piece of a bill in Congress known as the Dream Act. “Kids that get higher education could get permanent residence,” Mr. Romney said, in what appeared to be another step away from his position during the nominating contests, when he said he opposed the Dream Act.

Mr. Romney rejected mass deportation of illegal immigrants, but he sidestepped a question about whether he still supported encouraging “self-deportation”—encouraging such immigrants to leave the country by strictly enforcing immigration rules, a position he has advocated before.

“We are not going to round up people around the country and deport them,” he said. “Our system is not to deport people.”


Alberto Martinez, an adviser, said the Romney campaign was organizing “the most aggressive Hispanic outreach of any Republican presidential campaign.”


But during a rally on Wednesday night in Miami, surrounded by Spanish signs and introduced by his [Romney’s] son Craig in Spanish, he argued that the Republican Party had earned the affections of Hispanic voters.

“This party,” he said, “is the natural home for Hispanic-Americans.”

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  • anmpr1

      [Alberto] …argued that the Republican Party had earned the affections of Hispanic voters.

    Are these people high?  I’m convinced that Romney is a political moron.  He sometimes seems bright, but he’s a political moron.  I live in Ef El A, and I can tell you that with the exception of some old style Cubans in the Miami area, the remainder of the Hispanics (those turning the state into Little San Juan, along with the Mexicali faction) will vote for Obama, if they vote at all.  And even if they don’t vote, their ballots will be counted by the Democrats.

    Realistically, any votes Romney gets from the Cubans in South Florida will be more than offset by the “hanging chads” still floating around from a couple of elections ago.  And they’ll be busing Liberty City blacks to the polls with free buckets from Popeyes as a reward.  I’m telling you, the Democratic Party machine in Dade and Palm Beach counties already have the necessary Obama votes primed and ready for the pump.

  • Puggg

    The natural home of Hispanic Americans?

    Everybody knows it.  Everybody but Hispanics.

    It’s useless now to say that he would be for the Dream Act when Obama has already enacted it by fiat.

    • The only thing Obama has not done was give these kids a path to citizenship. If he gets elected, that is the next thing he will do.

      • Puggg

        He doesn’t have to. They will be able to do virtually everything a citizen can do, and whatever they can’t do, they’ll do illegally or they don’t care about it.

  • Romney is still pushing the Reagan dream of the Hispanic Republicans.

    Personally, I don’t know a single Hispanic I would classify as Conservative or Republican.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Natural home? Let’s recall the Pew Research study posted a couple of weeks ago which shows that year after year the trend shows Hispanics gravitating toward black political attitudes and away from white views. 

    • potato78

       Why not form a “Mighty Whitey Party”

      We have “Black Party”
      we have “Hispanics/Latino Party”

  • potato78

    What has happened: Trendy or follow dem party steps?

    Since this country is democratic country. Votes determine winner.

    This is the step he has to take.

    “Nothing is wrong about it.”

    So people has to get used to it.  “Since you can not defeat me, then you have to join me.”

    Change culture: what is the big deal?

    If going down, everybody is.

    We will live in dem-crazy multi diversity culture country.

    • potato78

       From Yahoo Comments:

      “I live in the heart of NE Ohio’s Amish community and I am a Methodist.
      If my fellow parishiners came to my home in the middle of the night and
      cut my hair for whatever reason would that be okay? I know some Amish
      well, they are usually very nice people but there are pariahs and bad
      seed amoing them just as there is among the “English.”

  • Unfortunately, I do not think that Romney will get much of the Hispanic vote. Despite his recent statements concerning a permanent solution to the immigration problem, he has not listed any proposals. Obama basically cemented the Hispanic vote by the deferred action plan he put into place that does not change their immigration status but gives them a work permit SS card and a drivers license.

  • IKantunderstand

    So, uh, Mitt? Have you freakin lost your mind? What is the matter with the republicans? Apparently, not only are you not the “natural home”  for hispanics, but you are rapidly becoming NOT the “natural home” for Whites. You guys are setting yourselves up to be the Whigs of the 21st century. Third Party! Third Party!

    • The Republican party has become the party for the religious nuts that want government to control the sex life of young women in America. And they claim that they are for smaller government? I do not think so.

      • Puggg

        I know someone who worked in the White House in a minor role during Bush 43.  He told me that every night, in the oval office, Bush and a gaggle of Christian preachers would have on their wall a list of every estrus American woman of reproductive age, and a corresponding list of their recent escapades or lack thereof.  They all made the decision on who could have sex that night and who couldn’t, whether they could use any form of protection or prophylactics or not, then they made the phone calls to every one of them with their decision right there from the Resolute desk. 

        After they were done, Bush and the preachers broke out in an a capella of “Hard Hearted Hannah.”


        • Not surprizing. As long as they don’t bag a woman that claims her child was fathered by one of them and he owes child support ouch!

          • Puggg

            ^ Banging my head against a table

            Then chasing my short curly little tail

            Sarcasm, Crystal Lee Evans.

      • IKantunderstand

        Ahh, no offense to you Crystal, but I don’t think the Republican party gives a rat’s ass about your sex life. Are you kidding me? I think, they are just saying: PAY FOR YOUR OWN BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        Huh?  Don’t tell me you’re a Democrat.

        The Republicans aren’t religious nuts.  They’re not religious at all for if they were, they’d be doing something about islam and all the other Third World Religions and getting them out of here.

        As for women, they’ve had their day and they messed it up.  It’s time for White Men to take the reigns back once and for all.

        And the “sex life”.  What gives you this idea?  I’ve never heard any Republican say anything about women and their private lives.  Women, if they are to be Respected that is, need to start being Honest now and stop all their constant crying and demands for this, that and the other.  Everywhere I look, it’s all women but there’s no “racism” or “discrimination” there.  No, Nope, that’s “diversity”.  Bull____.

  • C_C_Conrad

     Romney: “This party is the natural home for Hispanic-Americans.”

    I think what he means is that America is a natural home for Mexicans.  There are only two types of people in the world, pro-white & pro-white-genocide. 
    Africa for Africans.  Asia for the Asians but white countries for everybody. 

    The two party system in America is just another means of practicing the same old Communist game of two steps forward & one step back. 

  • jj astor

     Bill Richardson said that all hispanics really want is fully funded welfare programs. Good luck winning them over with the mantra of limited government and personal responsibility. 

  • tickyul

    MITT……you are toast, done for.

    Good riddance and here’s looking forward to at least 4 more years of Mr Hussein.

  • JDInSanDiego

    “This party,” he said, “is the natural home for Hispanic-Americans.”  
    No, that would be Mexico.“Spanish,” Mr. Romney said, “is the language of our heritage. English is the language of opportunity.”  Nope.  Spanish is the language of poor, corrupt , polluted countries that produce lazy, arrogant, low IQ populations of half breeds who think they are a hardworking, family-oriented race.

    “We are not going to round up people around the country and deport them,”  

    Ummm, why not?  It would create plenty of jobs that Americans aren’t too lazy to do.

    “Our system is not to deport people.”

    Isn’t that exactly what it is???

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Hispanics have never been American and I can prove it too.  Take away all forms of Welfare, take away all the spanish printed everything, no more interpreters, no more immigrant rights, no right to sue, no right to accuse or insult White People with impunity, no hispanic heritage months, no hispanic groups (mldf, etc,), no hispanic t.v. or radio stations, no free education, no free medical…

    And then see how “republican” they are then.  Hells bells, take away all their freebies and minority privilege and they won’t be democrats neither.  What you’ll have is just another Third World Alien who is only here to live for free.  I mean, just another Third World Alien here to live off the backs of White People.

  • IstvanIN

    No Mr. Romney, English is the language of OUR heritage, maybe not yours, maybe not theirs, but ours. 

    As for the Hispanic vote, he doesn’t need to hispander, the Hispanics who will vote for him are the ones who realized that what is best for America is also best for them.  Only a minority of Hispanics realize that and that is the percentage of their vote he will get. 

  • The hispanic ***kissing continues. Why are our politicians so willing to barter our sovereignty
    and nation away in order to appeal to hispanics. It is getting sick! I truly
    hope these traitors are some day held accountable for their actions.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Because they see the writing on the wall.  They’re the first ones to get all the information (immigration numbers, etc.) so they know.  And, these Traitors are still in office and still Voting on whatever’s on the table but never voting to cut any of it off save for a precious few.  It’s almost as if they’re doing it on purpose.  Actually, how could it not be purposeful?

    • Tom in Miami

      I would like to see the candidates asked the following questions:

      1) Do you believe that elected representatives should make the laws in
      accordance with the procedures specified by the US Constitution?

      2) Do you believe that laws should be enforced?

      3) If you answered yes to the preceding questions, why do you not
      believe that illegal aliens, particularly those breaking the law, should
      be deported immediately?

      You can rest assured that neither of the candidates would give a forthright answer to the third question.  This nation is being buried by the Third World and is waiting for a leader who will restore law and order to a situation that right now can only be described as chaotic.  It may be too late already to restore the law without some catastrophic social paroxysm bordering on civil war, but the longer we wait the greater the upheaval will be.

  • It’s disgusting watching the GOP grovel at the feet of criminals, while they try to get to the left of Obama on this issue. It’s criminal what they are advocating.

  • toldev

    Hispandering might get the Romney campaign a few Hispanic votes, but it also could cost him many white conservative votes. Republicans always think that they can take the white conservative vote for granted. That is not true. While white conservatives will never vote for Obama, if they consider Romney worthless, they might not bother to vote at all. That can result in Obama winning by default.

    • C_C_Conrad

       I am hoping that BO wins.  He’s been better for our movement, and whites in general, than all of the Republican traitors combined.  The truth is, we whites have not been represented by the government for nearly three generations now. 

  • Romney is just as bad and possibly worse than Obama. There is no choice except on that is imagined. At least with Obama in office more people will stay awake and at least try to resist his illegal policies. Romney is just as bad as Obama on most issues but is worse as far as his desire for war against Iran goes, after all, he was Netenyahu’s special buddy in college and after. They still make love calls to one another frequently.

  • curri

    This is just the natural and inevitable result of a toxic media-education complex COMBINED with the archaic first-past-the-post voting system used in the US and only a few other countries.

     It’s hard to find a billionaire to buy a TV network, but in many localities you can conceivably form a group (say, in conjunction with C4L members) that can try to use local home rule powers and initiative and referendum to implement low threshold PR at the local level.  Local officials -provided that they  NEVER use explicitly racialist language- can put roadblocks in the paths of  Sec.  8 housing, refugee resettlement and other forms of federal aggression.  Such activity is probably the most analogous in the US setting to what the nationalist GD is doing in Greece.  From what I understand,  GD is mostly doing food distributions and citizen enforcement of immigration laws the govt refuses to enforce.  The former is superfluous in the US due to EBT cards, and the latter would get you ten years in federal prison.

  • Anon12

    Another stupid White man kowtowing to the nonwhite races in this country!  Just like his running mate Paul who even dated a black woman, I have had my fill of all the race traitors  in this country that belongs to us and only us….

  • jeffaral

    If you are White, don’t waste your time voting for the Mexican “amigo” Romney.