Op-Ed: Poll—Greece’s Golden Dawn Gains Support as Other Parties Fall

Katerina Nikolas, Digital Journal, September 2, 2012

A new political poll published in Greece shows that support for each of the main political parties has fallen since the June 17 election. The only party to make a significant gain is Golden Dawn, increasing its share of the vote from 6.92 to 8.6 percent.

The latest poll shows that support for the far-left has declined over the summer, whilst the far-right has gained support. Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) has come out of nowhere to become the fourth largest political party in Greece, with a larger support base than the Democratic Left which forms part of the coalition government.

This is in spite of concerted efforts in the international press to depict Golden Dawn as neo-Nazi, while supporters view it as nationalistic rather than extreme. The party maintains the attempts to malign them are not only ridiculous slander but libelous, noting the Greek people now understand correctly that they are a Nationalistic movement. Their continued distribution of food to needy Greeks suffering under austerity measures, has gained them support, though their efforts have been criticized as they only provide food to Greek citizens.

The contrasting figures are published below (election results from Keep Talking Greece)

New Democracy June 17 election results 29.66 Current 24.8, SYRIZA 26.89 (22.8), PASOK 12.28 (9.8), Golden Dawn 6.92 (8.6 ), Independent Greeks 7.51 (6.8), Democratic Left 6.26(5.2), Communists KKE 4.50 (4.7 percent.)


With social unrest expected in September as new austerity measures are introduced and taxes raised again, support for Golden Dawn is likely to increase as they develop their political style. {snip}

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  • ”Their continued distribution of food to needy Greeks suffering under austerity measures, has gained them support, though their efforts have been criticized as they only provide food to Greek citizens.”

    Let me get this straight.

    Greeks are being criticised for giving food to poor Greeks.  Presumably by people who aren’t giving any food to anyone.


    • Church_of_Jed

      Yes, because the duty of all Whites is to put the needs, hopes, dreams, and futures of non white Diversity first and foremost in all our thoughts and actions.

      Do do otherwise is a racist construct that will be eliminated as White privilege is submerged under African and Asians swarms.

      • refocus

         Hear hear !

        and if that does not work the combined military might of the greatest democracy in the entire galactic universe will laser puff every last one of these *Greeks*.

    • Ulick

      “though their efforts have been criticized as they only provide food to Greek citizens.”

      The brainwashing of whites that they should feel guilty about placing white interests is quite powerful.  It’ll take peoplewith thick hides (like Golden Dawn here) that are willing to endure the criticism of placing white interests first.  Once people see that the criticism not only didn’t kill Golden Dawn but actually gained them a level of respect in certain quarters, though, then more and more people will feel also feel comfortable placing white interests first.  Our current predicament won’t change over night.  It’ll take baby steps like these at first. 

      Also, people may criticize Golden Dawn as being petty for only assisting whites, but those opponents also look petty for criticizing Golden Dawn for feeding the poor.  This is how public opinion starts to shift

      • Northernfront

         The world is a woman.

    • patriotdad76

      The media globalists only think it is good if whites give food and handouts to nonwhites, and leave their fellow citizens to fend for themselves.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Will they be strong enough to save us from our own Diversity Nazis?

  • libertarian1234

    Unfortunately whites are the only racial group that needs to be in danger of  financial ruin before they will stand up for themselves.

    But even then,  I’m sure there will a be many who will push to go along to get along until it’s too late to do anything about the situation.

    Those kinds of whites were among the Boers in Africa at one time who pushed to trust the Zulus and were massacred, and, likewise, there were those here in the US in the early days wanting to appease the Indians instead of taking hardline precautions and were slaughtered as well.

    If it were just themselves who were exterminated it would really assist us to cull the herd of fools that are causing us harm, but the many who disagreed with them went down as well.

    It is these same types who are bringing in third world criminals and uneducated hordes now in this country, causing upheavals and turmoil,  making all the neighborhhods and streets less safe and bringing down the economy.

    And now,  once again, we’re in danger of being replaced or exterminated because of the rhetoric and behavior of these same types of gullible, do-gooder fools.

  • Golden Dawn is the only small ray of sunlight I can see in this otherwise dank coffin called reality. I pray to whatever disembodied ethereal spirit/reptilian shapeshifter watching over humanity, that Golden Dawn IS NOT another controlled opposition.

    • Northernfront

       “Despite Efforts in the international press to depict Golden Dawn as neo-Nazi,”

      Is being anti-International Finance being anti-Semitic?    It seems that to oppose the Pharisees of the golden calf does have consequences…..

  • mike5586

    “How dare they feed the poor!”

    You know you’re on the losing team when that’s what you’re criticizing the opposition for.

  • Bad news for the cultural Marxists of Europe. 

  • Whenever the Snoozemedia preface something as ‘far right’, my inner translator goes, “Oh, Pro-white, pro-Europe/America, pro-family, pro-Christian.” It has to. As someone has so clearly pointed out, “Anti-racist means anti-White.” And, you know what. He’s correct.

    So, to Golden Dawn growing among the Greeks, our european brethren, all I can say is……


  • And why should they be? Altruism of that nature, is a decidedly Caucasian/European racial trait. Why should the ‘xenos’ of the world, presume upon OUR good natures?

  • patriotdad76

    Criticized for only providing food to Greek citizens!

    More like applauded I’m sure lol.As if anyone should care what the globalist media thinks…

  • patriotdad76

    Funny how the jewish media never has a problem when jews make helping other jews a priority.

    They are the one exception allowed in the media. Any guesses why?

  • All hail to the Golden Dawn from an Irish girl in England!