Democrat: Immigration Deal a Lock in 2013 If Obama Is Reelected

Mike Lillis, The Hill, September 22, 2012

A prominent Hispanic lawmaker is predicting that President Obama and a weakened Republican Party will strike a deal on immigration next year.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez said he’s received no promises from the White House that Obama would move quickly on immigration reform if reelected in November. But the Illinois Democrat said it’s a lock the president would use a second term to revamp the nation’s immigration laws.


Gutierrez predicted the results of November’s elections would prove a game changer, as the sheer number of Latinos voting against Mitt Romney will force GOP leaders to support reforms for fear of alienating those voters indefinitely.

“I’m absolutely positive he’s going to [prioritize immigration reform],” Gutierrez said Friday of Obama, “because the Republicans are going to take such a beating in this election that they’re going to propose [their own plan].”

Romney is working hard to ensure such a beating doesn’t happen, reaching out to Latino voters in a series of recent speeches, Spanish-language ads and interviews with the Hispanic press.

“We’re not going to round up people around the country and deport them,” Romney said Thursday in remarks that were a sharp contrast to the hard-line enforcement focus he adopted during the GOP primaries. “We need to provide a long-term solution.”


Still, Romney’s campaign says he needs 38 percent of the Latino vote to secure a victory, and recent polls put the figure closer to 30 percent.


“The political reality is that the Jeb Bushes, the Marco Rubios and the people like them are going to be empowered after this election,” Gutierrez said.

Late last month, Bush said Republicans aren’t going to close the gap with Hispanic voters until they “stop acting stupid.”


Gutierrez said he’ll spend much of the next six weeks campaigning for Obama in three battleground states where the Latino vote is expected to play a crucial role: Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

“If I’m right, and the road to the White House goes through the barrios of the United States—through Nevada and Colorado and Florida—and it’s the Latino vote that swings the Electoral College,” he said Friday, then immigration reform will be impossible to ignore next year.


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  • dmxinc

    Same comment I made on the Diversity Lottery being kept by minority caucuses:

    What option is left except civil war?  Don’t want it.  My life is pretty
    good, but the future is going to be as horrible for almost everyone as
    it is for quite a few Americans already.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I don’t see there being any other option but civil war or some kind of armed revolution. Folks, the America as we once knew is over! And it’s going to get real ugly!

      • dmxinc

         Remember there is always the chance we just go out with a whimper. 

        It’s easy enough to see how.  So many Whites are brainwashed to the point of not only failing to stand up for themselves, but gleefully embracing “diversity.” By the time the generation exists that wakes up from this stupor, we may be too far down the road to be able to do anything to reverse the course of the country.

        • 5n4k33y3s

          The Internet has stripped away the illusions maintained by the broadcast media stranglehold. Now we can see what has been happening while our TVs were showing us something else. People are waking up, in spite of the fact the mainstream media is still strongly biased against whites.

      • Net_Drifter

        There won’t be a civil war or a revolt by white people to retake the nation. I really wish people would stop repeating that, it’s useless. 

        Segregating ourselves in personal and private ways that the government can’t do much about is the answer. Creating ideological social communities within the greater society is far more probable and achievable than demanding territory and making it exclusive. That is a sure way of being attacked and having freedom taken absolutely. We can survive but we won’t dominate the entire nation and culture any longer. Forget about dominance; whites had better learn to simply link together and create a common bond based on the fact that we’re white first and realize that many of the Other(s) don’t like that. 

        Many here won’t like this, but whites can learn from Jews when it comes to a sort of de facto segregation that can thrive within a larger sometimes hostile majority, and whites still, and always will have, far greater numbers than Jews ever did. Creating loyalty among whites, as many as possible, is another good idea. It’s like resistance without taking a single action against anyone else.

        • bluffcreek1967

          You’ve made some thoughtful points. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out a civil war or revolt of some kind. If enough Whites become alarmed over what we now face in this country, it may indeed occur. When it will occur (if at all), and how far-reaching it will be is anyone’s guess. I’ve noticed over the past 3 years that a great many Whites are beginning to wake up and are becoming race conscious as never before. We haven’t seen this sort of thing in a very long period, but the times are ripe for it. Moreover, some States have recently started openly defying the federal government and challenging it. Some States have even openly talked of secession, although none have done so as of yet. Still, the political and racial winds are changing in our country. If Obama gets another 4 more years and implements even more “fundamental transformation,” we may see the very thing that you deny.

          I’m not saying I necessarily want such a civil war or revolution to occur. Many lives would be devastated, and if it did happen, it may not necessarily turn out the way we would want. Still, I’m not so sure I would rule out the possibility of it. Incidentally, when our Founders broke away from England over taxation and other issues, the tax rate on goods was comparatively low. It was nothing like the heavy tax burden Americans face today. Yet, our Founders rebelled against what they believed was excessive and a denial of their basic freedoms. If enough Whites come to see what our government has done to us both racially and economically (with the help of both parties), we may very well see a second American revolution.   

          You stated: “Segregating ourselves in personal and private ways that the government can’t do much about is the answer. Creating idealogical social communities within the greater society is far more probable and achievable than demanding territory and making it exclusive.” Perhaps so. That’s a valid point to consider. It depends, of course, on how one understands such “idealogical and social communities.” If the government feels it ‘discriminates’ against ‘minorities,’ they may not let you have such ‘communities.’ They may pass laws to prevent this sort of thing – especially if they sense that it’s exclusive to Whites alone. Moreover, if more ‘minorities’ find themselves in important official positions within the government (e.g., judges, legislators), the less they will be inclined to allow such exclusivity. I suppose Whites could privately huddle in the dark of night in order to have our little ‘social communities,’ but eventually they will find out about this too and ban it as some dangerous ‘underground’ movement.

          Your analogy of Jews and how they band together among the hostile majority is interesting. I too think Whites can learn from them on this. However, it has mostly worked in nations where the dominant majority were White, religiously Christian and steeped in the Western values of tolerance and human freedom (except Germany in the 40’s). But who knows how it would work in the coming days of America when Whites will clearly be the minority, and even more hated than they are now? Who knows how it will work when every attempt to unite racially or separate ourselves from other ethnicities will be seen as a form of ‘racism’ itself?

          • 5n4k33y3s

            What the reactionary race warriors fail to realize, is that each cataclysmic event of racial violence has lead to a big defeat at the hands of other whites.

            It’s counterproductive to think you have something to gain in the modern, industrial era, from violence which might have served your interests centuries ago.

            A guy like Wade Michael Page or Colin Ferguson costs his own people even more than the tragedy they inflict on others.

            Frankly, I’d like to be the cop that shoots either one of those miscreants. I’d leave ’em gut-shot beyond repair and let him die in pain.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I wouldn’t necessarily refer to Whites who are concerned about serious efforts on the part of the U.S. government and other groups to dispossess them as “reactionary race warriors.” This is not a knee-jerk reaction over one or two recent events. Whites who sense that something bigger is going to occur – whether in the form of a race war, civil war, revolution or seccession – are simply responding to what has been systematically occurring over the past 45 years to them and their culture. People sometimes forget that there are still a whole lot of Whites in the U.S. They also forget how intelligent and resourceful we can be when we are united for a cause – namely, our very survival.

            I don’t know which “cataclysmic event of racial violence” you are referring to (Oklahoma bombings? Violence on the part of Skinheads?) that’s been defeated by other Whites. Those are likely small uprisings in which Whites, on the whole, have little interest and unity. Under the scenario I spoke of (and again, this is only a possibility), it would be when Whites collectively unite and oppose their disposession.

            Once again, I’m not advocating Whites begin a civil war or anything like that. I’m just saying that to completely dismiss the idea as impossible is somewhat short-sighted.

            “Its counterproductive to think you have something to gain in the modern, industrial era, from violence which might have served your interests centuries ago.” Maybe so. But one wonders in light of what’s occurring throughout the Middle East whether a revolution of some sort could not be accomplished if enough people felt they were oppressed? Obviously, the comparison is not exact, but we ought not to underestimate what can happen when enough people unite (whether religiously or racially).

            As for innocent people being killed, that always happens whether it’s the American Revolutionary War, The Civil War of the 1860s, WW2, or whenever people on a large-group basis come together to fight against what they perceive as oppression. It’s sad and I hope it never happens here.      

        • 5n4k33y3s

          You’ve said it more clearly and thoroughly than I would have said it. You’re absolutely right.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        No way to avoid it at this point. It is the natural progression of human nature. As the government loses power, other groups are going to come in and fill the vacuum. In majority-White areas, that will be local militia. These militia will inevitably encounter the ethnic gangs. A few battles along ethnic lines and whole country will mobilize for the great race war. The Great Depression lead to WWII, what we are facing to worse than the Great Depression, but with the added instability of diversity. 

    • IstvanIN

       My life has been pretty good as well, but if I don’t get to see 80 so that my grandson isn’t stuck with the mess the Republicans have already foisted upon us, so be it.  I have passed 50 and the good years are behind me so let ‘er rip.

      • dmxinc

         I’m with you on that only…..why do you say “Republicans”? They stink (especially Bush) to be sure, but what anti-American thing did they ever come up with that the Democrats didn’t wholeheartedly support.  Name it from immigration, to affirmative action, to handouts of all sorts, to any new government agency, the Democrats love it all.

    • Relax my friend.  The Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode had it right when he said Obama might be better than Romney if you’re concerned (as I am) about open borders, because while we can be assured House Republicans will happily stand up to Obama on open borders, about a third of them will wimp away and support fellow Republican Romney should he go for immigration liberalization (like George W. Bush before him:

      Further, not all Hispanics support open borders, and when added to the vast bulk of non-Hispanic whites who don’t like it either, you’ll have a pretty solid majority against open borders for quite some time to come.  Heck, Mexico is by definition 100% Hispanic and there’s no love for open borders down there either:

      • Sherman_McCoy

        You forget.  Obama, our Dear Leader, does everything by Executive Order, the Constitution be damned.

    •  Civil war is not going to happen, no matter how much you or Occidental Dissent want it to happen.

      What is going to happen is documented at Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

      The government is going to weaken as people look for ways around it. 

      • Net_Drifter

        Government weakening because they’re running out of money and a reliable tax base. Negative income flow which will only get worse in the future; the govt. will eat itself.

      • dmxinc

         You may be right about no Civil War, but about the government…I think it will get more dictatorial.

        It will have to in order to maintain control and keep the peace between all of the warring factions the US is becoming.

      • anonymous_amren

        If people want civil war to happen, it will happen. It doesn’t take many Anders Brevicks to make a civil war. I don’t like civil war, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

  • Puggg

    Why should a formal bill be passed, when no American President will actually enforce immigration law to the extent it needs to be enforced?  All the stammering about a bill called amnesty or comprehensive is just a diversion.

    • Exactly, it is nothing more than formalizing what is already happening regarding illegal
      invaders and efforts to amnesty them. They already enjoy amnesty; any law
      passed will simply recognize the damage that has been done.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

     “I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.”  (Congressman Luis Guiterrez, as quoted in Newsweek, Nov 29, 2010)

    An honest ethnic warrior-leader championing his tribe, as is expected in 21st century America.


    • Ulick

      The Balkaniztion of America along racial lines (as happens in all multi-racial nations) is so bloody apparent that it pains me that dumb whites can’t recognize it.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree! The mass of immigrant Mexicans, Africans, Asians and whatever aren’t just going to leave because we ask them to. Our government leaders don’t have the backbone to do what is necessary, so we’re going to either have one huge civil war (along racial lines) or our country is going to be formally divided into large ethnic regions.  

        • I wish the illegal immigrants would leave and take their anchor babies with them.

  • mobilebay

    “We’re not going to round up people around the country and deport them.

     WHY NOT?

    • RisingReich

      I’m sure even many posters here would say, “That’s uncivilized”. 
      I’d say deportation is pretty civilized, compared to the alternative, but I’m ‘uncivilized’.

      • What’s so “uncivil” about returning someone to their rightful country of

        • RisingReich

           In my opinion, nothing. 

          What I’m saying is all this concern about being ‘civilized’ is KILLING us as a people.  Unwillingness to deport a family, for example, because we want to be ‘family values oriented’.  Can’t round them up because ‘hunting them down’ will ‘dehumanize’ them and this is ‘not the civil’ thing to do.

          ‘civil rights era’…yup…damn it’s so great to ‘be so civilized’ we can’t deal with real problems because someone’s delicate sensibilities will be offended.

          Don’t tell them to ‘deal with reality’ because whole swaths of DIEversity will have their feelings ‘disparately impacted’.

    • They won’t because it costs too much money and it would cost the party in power too many votes.

      • mobilebay

        $346 BILLION was the last figure I saw for keeping them here. That would go a long way toward filling a lot of buses to haul them to the border. As far ar votes, guess the politicians would have to turn to those who pay the bill for a change.

        • RisingReich

           You’d fill them all and still have about $345B left.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Romney: “We’re not going to round up people around the country and deport them.” Translation: We’re going to continue to allow Mexicans and anyone else to break our immigration laws, attain a foothold in our land, live off of those benefits originally designed for our own citizens, and never deport them in large numbers. We’re going to allow a massive population of Hispanics to dispossess a dwindling White population! 

  • IstvanIN

    Mass genocide of European-Americans a “lock” if Obama wins reelection.

  • RisingReich

    Keep it up, Mr. Romney.  You can only shoot yourself in the foot so many times before you’re left with nothing to stand on.
    As his hisPANIC friends would say, ” El es un pendejo!”

  • Defiant White

    The goal of opening the southern border to anything on two legs is to eventually create one large “North American union” from Panama to Hudson Bay.  It has all the minerals, oil, resources and people necessary to compete with Russia, China, India, Islamia and the EU.  It has South America and the Caribbean on its doorstep. 

    The goal is not to conquer Mexico and Central America but to swap spit with them so we all become “one” and they are raised to “our” level . . . which is rapidly sinking so it won’t take much “raising” will it?

    For those who read “1984,” you might as well toss in Australia and New Zealand and call it Oceania.  (I would say add England, but I think “Airstrip One” is already lost to whites.  We’ll see.)

    So for those of you contemplating a new White America or new White World, you better be thinking in terms of  a state or region within the North American union because that’s where we’re headed.

    My deeper point being that the damage that has been already caused by multiculturalism is irreversible.  Even if we were to enfore  pro-white Racial Laws tomorrow, the 48 states will never be like they were in the 1950s. 

    • IstvanIN

       They could be like they were 50 years ago, it would just take a great deal of ugliness.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      The violence, soon to be unleashed by the ethnic gangs, will change everything. Anything is possible when the war machine is in full swing.

  • IKantunderstand

    Hola! Que pasa! Mi llama IKantunderstand! And I seriously can ‘t understand! The White citizens of the United States of America, should never ever have to worry about hispanics, taking over the United States of America, NEVER!!!! If you think it could happen; something is wrong with your thinking. We Americans(Whites) never say die! We fought at the Alamo! We will fight wherever . And , by the way? If I got my spanish wrong, who the hell cares? This country ‘s inhabitants speak ENGLISH!!!!!!

  • Melykin

    In another generation there will be no one left who remembers what it used to be like before multiculturalism.  It is very sad.     

  • Ed_NY

    Our constitution will likely be suspended by our government.  The Bill of Rights will be gone.  Forget about freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, right to keep and bear arms, etc.  Oppression and persecution will become the norm.  The East German Stasi or the Iranian SAVAK will look like amatuers compared to what we will have coming our way.  Isn’t diversity grand?

  • Anan7


    Romney is very weak on immigration (I about threw up in my mouth when he refused to say he would not repeal DREAM).  The third parties are the only way we can vote with our race.

  • Defiant White

    Great comment.  The only point i would make though, is that social revolutions always begin with small minorities.  If you look at Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Noriega and even our own Revolution . . . it’s usually the 20-30% of the population that beats the 70-80%

    Hitler was elected with just 30% of the vote. 

    The key seems to be that the enemy is so fractured that they can’t mount opposition against a determined hard core group.  I think Free Whites are slowly building into a hard core group.  Hopefully in my lifetime.

  • deb

    We live on the Upper East Side in NYC; the neighborhood is quiet, code for “White.” Recently, a hispanic family moved in. They use a space in back of the buildings for parties–no White family has ever done this out there. This Sunday we got home and there they were, screaming  and yelling and–unbelievable!–watching a big, loud tv they’d hooked up out there. Someone finally yelled for them to turn the tv off and I told them we would call the police if they didn’t quiet down. Anyone who was looking forward to the typical quiet Sunday we enjoy around here was out of luck and it infuriates me to think we are victims of these rude, screaming animals. America, if you do not take action, this is what you will inherit–a dark future where you are forced to “live” with people who don’t care about the social contract which holds our country together. 

    •  It’s not social contract, but racial-cultural state of being. Which is, by definition, unalterable.

      The tiger cannot change his stripes nor the leopard his spots.

  • 1Forced_Registration

     I wouldn’t lose heart. The most effective recruitment tool for our cause is overwhelming contact with black culture. Many of those city dwellers will quickly change as they mature a slight bit, and many of them are more aware than you might think — at least in terms of where it kills their personal safety. What they lack is the sense of the big picture, and someone to connect the dots.  

  • 1Forced_Registration

     Revolutions seldom bring about good governments initially. Its usually the worst way to go, but if we run out of other options — it is still possible.

  • The realistic option is a White compact area which, after consolidation & flight of liberals and NAMs, will expand to have access both to the Atlantic and the Pacific. Maybe 70-80% of contemporary US territory. The rest -NAMs and AMs plus die hard white lunatics- should be walled effectively.

  • Don’t worry, financial, economic & societal collapse will change that in a minute. One big Katrina.