Asian-American Voters a Force in November Election

Jerry Large, Seattle Times, September 26, 2012

A new survey suggests Asian Americans could play a more important role in this fall’s presidential election.


In 1965 Asian Americans were less than 1 percent of the national population. That year, racially discriminatory immigration laws were changed.

By 2011 Asian Americans reached 5.8 percent of the U.S. population and the numbers continue to grow rapidly.


The 2012 National Asian-American Survey finds that the majority of Asian Americans who are likely to vote in November favor Barack Obama, but about 32 percent of those potential voters were still undecided after the party conventions, and they could affect the outcome in some contested states.

The report is the work of professors at the University of California, Riverside, and the University of California, Berkeley. It’s based on more than 3,300 interviews focused on several key issues.


Forty-nine percent of Asian Americans support the Affordable Care Act. A majority, 78 percent of Asian Americans, support Affirmative Action.

The report said an estimated 1 million undocumented Asian Americans live in the United States. The surveyed citizens support a path to citizenship (58 percent), but were less supportive of allowing undocumented residents to pay in-state tuition (47 percent) or get driver’s licenses (47 percent).


{snip} The detailed results are available online at

Indian Americans strongly support President Obama (68 percent) while Mitt Romney didn’t get majority support from any group, but is favored by 39 percent of Samoans and 38 percent of Filipinos.

The overall Asian-American split among likely voters favored President Obama 43 percent to 24 percent for Romney.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    80% of Asians support affirmative action even though it’s used against them?

    And they support Obama (and other Democrats) by  2 to 1 margins?

    Nice to see the Asians are chipping in and helping the other nonwhites to destroy the West.

    • Of course. That’s because they are educated by American public school teachers re. America and their parents don’t know any better because they came from Asia.

      Many whites also support affirmative action (welfare, socialized medicine, and more wealth transfers to NAMs 9(non-Asian minorities)), because they too are educated by liberal school teachers and profs and their parents don’t know about the roots of this country.

      Most of us whites who aren’t that way didn’t go that way because we had good parents who passed on the teaching they got in America prior to the 1960s and from what their parents taught them. Most Asian Americans don’t have that. That’s why I’ve often said we need to reach out, educate, and ally with Asian Americans where our political interest align.

      But many here REFUSE to consider that and want Asians to join all the others who are against us politically. Talk about stupid….

      • “But many here REFUSE to consider that and want Asians to join all the others who are against us politically. Talk about stupid”.

        Do you even know where you are “here” and what this website is about ?

        No sir, what’s “stupid” is for you to keep on coming to this WHITE website to not only display your obvious asian fetish at every opportunity, but to project your Whiteness on another group of non-Whites who couldn’t care less about allying themselves with people like you in the first place. 

        I mean, where do you get this paternalistic idea that this so-called asian Americans want to be reached out, educated, and allied with Whites anyway ?
        Who do you think they are, useful idiots?  Please, don’t make me laugh !

         This is exactly the same liberal fantasy that has already destroyed this once great country, and we’ll be damned to try it once again, ok ?

        Asians have their own agenda in the US, just like everybody else, and patronizing them into alliances will not only defeat the purpose of preserving our racial integrity, but anger even more of them against Whites.  If you had lived long enough around Asians like myself, you would already know that the average asian American male is quite displeased to see some of their women mix with Whites, let me tell you !

         Most Asians came after 1965 and are only here to reap the benefits of White society, not assimilate.  As more will be allowed to come, they will forge their own political power, and you can bet that Whites will be the last ones they will try to make allies with no matter how hard you’ll try.

        But keep on dreaming about your grandiose outreach to the yellow man (or his sister’s panties), it’s becoming quite amusing to read by now.

        •  At least I know what “fetish” means and what it does not mean.

          Unlike many whites, most Asians are open to discussing race realist issues in private. Since many of them were raised in poor, immigrant communities, they know what NAMs (non-Asian minorities) are like and, in general, reject NAMs’ values, beliefs, and behaviors. But since only liberals reach out to them, often promising them governmental benefits, that’s with whom they align.

          On the other hand, I’ve had productive discussions w/several Asians re. interracial crime stats using Mr. Taylor’s Color of Crime report and C-SPAN video. Once the topic was breached, they were kindred spirits. They see the double standard and how it is “politically incorrect” to even discuss it in this once predominately white country. Part of the reason they work so hard is to earn enough money so to get away from — or at least get their kids away from — NAMs.

          Related: as we saw during the Rodney King Riots, many of them are pro-self defense and pro-private gun ownership. So, as a practical matter, the NRA (and whites who are pro-self-defense, pro-gun ownership), would do well to reach out to Asian Americans to explain our position on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms which the 2nd Amendment protects, and encourage them to join the NRA and politically align w/us on that issue, both for increased numbers (voters, donors, activists), and for political cover against Main Stream Media (MSM), accusations of latent racism.

          This is also true re. the TEA Party Movement. Most Asians would be natural allies of conservative whites on most — not all — issues (tough on crime, lower taxes, less governmental regulation, eliminate deficit spending, eliminate the national debt, eliminate wealth transfers, etc.). All Asians need is to learn why conservatives take the positions we take.

          As I wrote elsewhere on AmRen, unless it is the focus of their studies, what most Asian Americans know about our country and its founding and the way it is to operate is what they’ve learned from liberal teachers, liberal profs, and the MSM. They didn’t have parents who were able to counter the biased information and outright misinformation they were fed. Asians — and here I’m primarily referring to Orientals/East Asians — are intelligent, so when you explain the consequences of creeping totalitarian statism, they understand it. When you explain why the government is to be shackled down by the chains of the Constitution, they understand it.

          I believe in dividing our opposition when and where we can in order to pass as much of our political agenda as possible. I also believe in forming alliances when necessary to win political battles. Heck, I’ve even called for aligning w/blacks on the issues of border fence/barrier/wall, stopping all illegal immigrants, and deporting all illegal immigrants if blacks ever realized that’s in their own best interest. I doubt whether they ever will, but if they did and if that was the difference between us winning that issue or not, it would be stupid not align w/them.

          Last, over the decades I’ve been classmates (HS, college, and grad school), coworkers/colleagues, and friends w/Asians. I’ve dated Asian girls (as well as whites), and I have been a member at predominately Asian churches for years. I know what they’re like.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            You’re so full of it, your eyes are brown.

            You need to understand Sir, White People don’t need asians.  Never did and never will.  You, on the other hand, apparently need asians so go be with them and leave us alone already for we’ve told you for a very, very long time now, we’re not interested.

            Go sell your snake oil elsewhere ’cause we’re all slicked up here to last us a life time and thensome.

          •  You need to understand Sir, White People don’t need asians.  Never did and never will.

            Really? So what policies have been changed in the past 40 years that benefit whites: borders controlled? illegal aliens deported? wealth transfers from whites as individuals (e.g., food, housing, medical care via welfare), or white nations (via foreign aid), ceased and concomitant taxes reduced or debt burdens lifted???

            That’s what I thought, given the lack of substantive argument in your post.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore


            My God.  You actually believe asians are the answer to all your problems don’t you?

            I can’t answer your post until you prove to me, the asians have stopped accepting all their asian privilege.  No more asian set-asides, no more easy asian access and no more asian groups seeking the best and as much government/corporate money they can get for ONLY asians.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            TO CALI,

            Asians will NEVER SOLVE your problems.

            Policies are deliberate for the most part and you’re not going to change that.  What’s done is done and all you can do now is figure out who it is you love best.

          • crystal evans

            You are right. Many Asians will start out living in bad neighborhoods but the next generation will move out and live in the suburbs. They want to live in neighborhoods where the best schools are because they want their children to get the best education available. They want them to then continue onto college and get a good paying job. They would make natural allies of the tea party and other conservative movements but nobody from those movements reaches out to them. I have never seen the tea party reach out to a minority group such as Asians or upper income Blacks and Hispanics.

        • crystal evans

          Not all Asians came after 1965. My Japanese relatives came to Hawaii in the early 1900’s to work on the sugar plantations along with Filipinos. This generation of immigrants wanted to assimilate into society. They wanted their children to learn English and get an education. They did not demand Japanese or Chinese or Filipino only city council meetings. They did not demand ballots in different languages when they became citizens. They recognized that English was the language of this country and to succeed they have to learn it.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        Why are you here?  You have no interest, NONE, in White Survival.  All you want to do is make sure us White Folk include you asians.  That is not going to happen so learn to love it already.

        • All you want to do is make sure us White Folk include you asians.

          fyi the “W” in “CA-WASP” stand for white. I’m pure-blooded white on both sides of my ancestry.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            Just because you write it don’t make it so.

            It doesn’t matter to me if you’re White or not Cali.  It matters to me that all you’ve ever done here is tell us how “important” it is that we never allow ourselves to be just White aka aligning with asians.

          • It matters to me that all you’ve ever done here is tell us how “important” it is that we never allow ourselves to be just White aka aligning with asians.

             ATPNM, please stop, ahem, misrepresenting my position.

            I’ve never said that whites must always align w/Asians. Being a political realist as well as a race realist (who’s obviously come to a different conclusion re. Oriental-Occidental marriage), I realize that a “whites only” political movement will NOT get any traction with the majority of white Americans for the foreseeable future and I’m not willing to wait for some unknown future date to pass parts of a “pro-white agenda”.

            For example: I’d rather have the NRA and the TEA Party focus an outreach to the Asian American communities and win, let’s say, Shall Issue Right-to-Carry; lower taxes; balance the budget; put plan in place to eliminate the deficit; and reduce welfare in all its forms than whites “go it alone” and not win any of those.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            TO CALI,

            You have asians fight your Battles and Wars for you and us White Folk will fight our own.

            “outreach”.  That’s one helluva key word ain’t it?  YOU “outreach” and us White Folk will reach inward.

            go it alone – The White People have ALWAYS ‘gone it alone’ and, we did pretty good too.

            Look, no offense here BUT, I don’t need non-whites to fight for me.  I know how to Speak, I know My Rights and I know what’s supposed to be Illegal and I know how to Speak against it.  The problem is:

            There are two Super People and one of those two wants to be in Complete Control.  Outside of absolute racial identity (segregation), we’re all slated for slavery.

        • ATBOTL

          He is a troll with a fetish for Asian women.  It’s a mystery to me why he is tolerated here.  There are a number of these miscegenation creeps around here.  

          If people like that were seriously pro-white, they would just shut up about their love for Asian women when commenting on line.  It’s a personal matter that we don’t need to know about.  

          The fact that they keep bringing this stuff up shows that they are here to mess with people and get thrills by calling attention to themselves.  

          That’s a troll.  

          • crystal evans

            He probably believes the stereotypes about Asian women that they are submissive, docile and know how to treat their men. They are also seen as exotic beauties.

          • As I just posted above, what I find remarkable about the Asian, usually Oriental, Christian gals I’ve socialized with or dated, is that they are very sweet, friendly, well mannered (say that to most white gals I’ve met and they’ll get ticked off — they consider that an insult), and polite. One I was interested in (UCB MolCelBio grad heading to NIH internship), was so polite even in turning down my requests to date that it made me want her more! How they can carry off balancing ambition, intelligence, and politeness I do not know. All I do know is that if I had her as a wife, I’d want her to raise our daughters to have the same heart/character.

          • Nonsense.  Man explicitly wrote:
            “But just because we may align w/them on some political issues does not
            mean that you’ll be forced to marry one of them or that the US should
            allow unlimited Asian immigration.”- and you “diagnose” that he has an Asian fetish.


          • guard dog

            Well, if half-Asian children are not ruled out, I revoke what I’ve said.

          • Since AmRen is not letting me to reply to guard dog‘s post, I’ll reply here.

            As I posted above today, I’ve gone out w/at least 3x as many white gals as Asians.

            Fetish has to do w/sexualization of inanimate objects or body parts. The Asian girls I’ve dated have been both alive and had whole bodies…. LOL! So stop trying to make a psychological pathology out of a mere preference. But, then again, that requires intellectual honesty….

            Just put me in the same category w/John Derbyshire.

            Sorry, but pure white both sides.

            I bring up Asians often because, as I posted above today, unlike MOST on AmRen, I’m a political realist too and I’m not going to wait until the day (if it will ever happen) that we’ll deport blacks back to Africa (Liberia?), and law-abiding, hard working Asian Americans back to Asia before trying to save our country from being over run w/non-whites and non-American-European cultures. Heck, as it is now, even if Romney wins, we may NEVER deport the millions of illegal Latinos in this country right now, not to mention legal “anchor” babies or legal Latino immigrants.

            guard dog, waiting until “Whites become racially aware and finally unite as one”, will be too late. We have to win on: (1) gun rights (Shall Issue, NRA’s expanded model Castle Doctrine law), right now for whites to protect themselves against NAMs; (2) stop ALL illegal immigration and implement deportation right now lest we be constantly out voted from now on by liberal whites, blacks, Latinos and liberal Asians; and (3) fix our local, state, and national budgetary, fiscal, financial, and monetary messes right now unless we want to go the way of Greece.

            If Asian Americans can help us pass at least #1 & 3 now, I say whites should align w/them politically for those goals.

            “any sincere White racialist would never approve of any kind of alliance with Asians since they are a de facto non-White minority and therefore the enemy just the same.”

            guard dog, I guess you’re saying ol’ 88 wasn’t a “sincere White racialist”…. LOL!

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            I don’t, I can’t understand how one can be for White People and at the same time, wish for White People to “align” their selves with a people who number over a billion.  For me, that is nothing but a call for the slow death of us.  Asians are like that snake; they’ll strangle you to death only slower.

            miscegenation – Oh yeah!  It grosses me out but people like you and others are worth putting up with the asian lovers.  And, I agree about just being quiet about it.  If this site were an asian site, I wouldn’t say a word but Amren is about White People and White Issues and if you include non-whites, you’re not White; you’re multi-racial which for me, defeats the purpose.

            I disagree about the troll/messing with heads part.  Cali’s been posting here for years and he’s always been an asian lover.  I think he’s trying to get us to accept him and his asians.

          • ATPNM wrote, “I don’t, I can’t understand how one can be for White People and at the same time, wish for White People to “align” their selves with a people who number over a billion.  For me, that is nothing but a call for the slow death of us.  Asians are like that snake; they’ll strangle you to death only slower.”

            I really wish you (presumably) white folk would not, ahem, misrepresent others’ positions. It waste time and effort correcting your mistakes.

            I’ve never called for aligning w/foreign nations, Asian or otherwise. Other than cutting off virtually all foreign aid and virtually all immigration (I qualify both those since I haven’t studied all the forms of them and their justifications), I have not dealt w/foreign affairs.

            I believe in being open and honest about my position. I would think AmRen posters would at least respect that. I’ve not, that I can recall, gratuitously insulted or misrepresented other AmRen posters’ position. I expected fellow whites to extend that same courtesy to me. But, as w/many white women no longer seek to behave like a “lady,” many white men no longer seek to behave like a “gentleman.”

            I have not been “posting here for years and [] always been an asian lover.” I believe I first came across Jared’s C-SPAN video ~Jan 2011 and think I’ve only posted since AmRen’s new web design, ~Dec 2011 — less than 1 year.

            What I posted to AtBOTL above applies to you, ATPNM, as well:
            you’ve shown to all who are serious and watch AmRen closely that you’ll readily assert as fact what you make up. With each post, everyone’s reputation either improves or worsens. You’ve just given yours (another) hit.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            TO CALI,

            I don’t misrepresent you or the asians.  You’ve never sided with White People’s Natural Desire to just have a few spaces of their own without us having to be forced to accept non-whites.

            I never mentioned aligning with Asian Nations neither.  I was/am always talking about the asians here.

            As for being Gentlemanly and Lady like, you’ve been known to be a provocateur first so please, let us not play “innocent”.

            posting – I must have you confused.  Pardon me please.

            As for your last bit, I’ve NEVER posted anything that wasn’t True.  As a matter of fact, everything I’ve ever posted is easily verifiable.

            p.s.  You never disputed any of my Asian Privilege Facts.

          •  Wow. So much, ahem, misrepresentation….

            Thanks, ATBOTL — you’ve shown to all who are serious and watch AmRen closely that you’ll readily assert as fact what you make up. With each post, everyone’s reputation either improves or worsens. You’ve just given yours (another) hit.

            To all: Of the ladies I’ve seriously dated, I’ve dated 3 whites for every Asian gal. I haven’t given up on white gals. It’s just that, as Fred points out in his excellent article, “Why White Men Prefer Asian Women,” that fewer and fewer white gals are enjoyable female companions. But the Christian Asians gals I’ve met — even when they have undergrad or grad degrees from top universities — are pleasant, polite and feminine even though they are intelligent and level-headed. The positive experiences I’ve had w/them has caused me to prefer them. I haven’t closed the door on white gals, I’m just no longer favoring them. Without that personal, dating affirmative action on my part, the Oriental gals have risen to the top.

            This is just my experience, in my time & place, and I’ve never tried to push it on to AmReners (assuming they don’t misinterpret explaining as promoting).

            For newbies not familiar w/Fred’s article, here’s the link:

      • Non-Asian Majority

        Get over yourself and get it together. You’re preaching collaboration with Asians simply because you’re from San Ramon,Ca as indicated by your Yahoo profile. 
        The fact that your town is now 35% Asian (2010 Census) is absolutely not representative of the rest of the United States, and it has no national significance to the rest of us.  You’re obviously scared of their local take over, and being a poster boy of cowardice if you ask me.

        Talk about stupid indeed…

        •  Like I’ve posted before, how successful has your “white go it alone” strategy worked politically? After the 9-11 attacks, where many of the terrorists were illegally in this country, were the borders fenced? Did the flow of illegals increase or decrease? Were all illegals rounded up and deported?

          If whites wouldn’t even pass legislation to accomplish those obvious needs on their own back then, when we had the perfect justification, what chance do we have now???

          Or are you just going to wait until some magical day when the majority of whites decide to start deporting blacks, Asians, and Latinos before trying to win any political issues? The horse will have left the barn by then. We’ll be Brazil by then….

      • I see you’ve set aside this special time to keep humiliating yourself on AR.
        For the last time kiddo, you don’t ally with another race who has already made it a cultural value to abuse your generosity to invade your territory.  You know, like what you keep doing here by hijacking this White website to preach the merits of American born asians.  Get it ?  Nah, of course you don’t.
        There is no significant political difference between asian immigrants and American born asians.  You want to know why?  Because it is these same American born and naturalized asians who are mostly contributing to the current asian invasion by bringing their relatives into the US:
        “Over half of Chinese-born lawful permanent residents in 2007 were family-sponsored immigrants.”
        Asians are the same tribal people wherever they live.  They will NEVER side politically with Whites if this has any impact against bringing their foreign relatives which they’re all planning on doing perpetually.  The few who have gone astray to mix with Whites are a drop in the bucket compared to the rest, and it’s time for you to put the bong down already.
        Frankly, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce…

        • I’ve posted before that I’m for repealing the so-called family reunification call (chain immigration). I’ve also posted before I’m for suspending all non-white immigration until those who are here are assimilated.

          Outside of immigration issues, Asians can help whites pass many pieces of legislation that is in both of their interests (crime, education, cutting deficit, balancing budget, cutting welfare, etc.). “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

          Last, Le Gaulois wrote, “For the last time kiddo….” (emphasis added)

          LOL! Just another AmRen poster who asserts as fact what he has no knowledge about. No wonder so many Americans look down upon those who assert “White Pride,” much less “White Supremacy.”

          As I’ve posted 2x above tonight, “you’ve shown to all who are serious and watch AmRen closely that you’ll readily assert as fact what you make up. With each post, everyone’s reputation either improves or worsens. You’ve just given yours (another) hit.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Affirmative Action is not used against asians.  Where did this falsehood come from?

      •  In CA, back when affirmative action was allowed in college admissions, they did not qualify for it because they were not “underrepresented” vis-a-vis given their population numbers. Thus, due to their hard work to get get in on their own merits, AA was used against them as it was against whites. Now that admissions is merit based (although admissions offices are trying to get around this by de-emphasizing SATs and grades), the % of whites and especially Asians in UC campuses has risen, showing that affirmative action discriminated against both whites and Asians.

        Like I said, Asian Americans are white Americans’ natural allies on this, and many other political issues. But just because we may align w/them on some political issues does not mean that you’ll be forced to marry one of them or that the US should allow unlimited Asian immigration.

        • ATBOTL

          Page us when Asians realize that they are our natural allies and start acting like it.  Until then, stop saying it.  

          • Dr. Möbias

            Great posts from ATBOTL, TaxpayerNoMore, Le Gaulois and Caracal.

            Asians are extremely ethnocentric and Whites would do well to follow their example.  There are here to colonize White lands and co-opt our resources for themselves. They don’t give a rat’s a** about Whites or White issues.  CA-WASP is delusional.

            It is normal and natural for humans to be ethnocentric, especially when it comes to use of resources.  If resources become scarce, which they eventually will, see how fast ethnic/racial groups band together, line up and use deadly force against other ethnic/racial groups.  Blacks will go first, but they won’t hesitate to turn their weapons on Whites.

            Does anyone here except CA-WASP think that Asians will happily share living space, water and food with Whites?  

            There will never be a White-Asian alliance and it is just SILLY to think there ever will be. Anyone thinks otherwise *shakes head* is beyond ridiculous and beyond hope. Best to leave them to their delusions and move on.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            I’m so hard core ethnocentric, I’d turn away those I know are non-white lovers.  I feel, they were very quick to turn from me so why should I take them back after their most penetrating betrayal?

        • “Asian Americans are white Americans’ natural allies”

          Wow, cool, BANZAI !

          So when is that movie coming out with Jackie Chan and Will Ferrell?

          Or was that some line you just ripped off from an Anime ?

          You funny guy, keep’em comin’  LOL

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          Affirmative Action goes only one way and that way is against White Men.  I know you love to say asians are/were discriminated against but it’s just not True. 

          I have a better idea Cali, YOU align yourself with them and stop coming into White Territory trying to preach to us the “value” of your Treason.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Asians make up large numbers in Hawaii, California, Washington, and perhaps New York and Illinois (because of NYC and Chicago).  All blue states. 

    Repubs should be worried about whites who make up swing votes in swing states.  These places include Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

  • JohnEngelman

    The term “Asian” is too eclectic. That is why I rarely use it. It includes Orientals, with their high average IQs, with Polynesians, with their lower average IQs. After one or two generations Orientals often earn more money than whites. That may incline them to vote Republican, unless they behave politically like Jews. 
    They also tend to be better educated than whites. When education is held constant, those with more income are more likely to vote Republican. When income is held constant, those with more education are more likely to vote Democrat.

    • crystal evans

      Polynesians such as Native Hawaiians, Samoans, and Tongans are Pacific Islanders and they have their own ethnic grouping separate from Asians.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        In the Los Angeles Unified School District where I teach, Asians have finally been separated into different groups (I suspect either through litigation or tremendous political pressure)– the Chinese and Japanese finally got tired of being lumped in with Hawaiians, Samoans and Tongans who pulled down their test scores.

        What used to be one category, “Asian/Pacific Islander” has now been broken down (as of about 3 years ago) thusly (for testing purposes and the constant racial head counting the government does).

        Alaska native
        Asian Indian
        Native Hawaiian 
        Other Asian
        Other PI


  • jedsrael

    They yellow and the dusky brown will always team up with the reddish brown, the mocha caramel, and the full blooded bantu in the ongoing war against criminalized White privilege.   But they won’t refuse to use White invented medicines or White doctors, and they will blame invidious racism when both are extinct.

  • When are Asian businesses finally going to start hiring blacks.?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    They’re tilting towards obama because it is obama who gave them that “White House Initiative on Asians and Pacific Islanders” Asian Privilege.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    They’re not losers in anything least of all Affirmative Action.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    You don’t know asians.  And, the Democratic Party isn’t about blacks and hispanics; it’s about Minority Privilege and asians are a huge part of that.

    It doesn’t matter of which program you speak, asians get a piece of all of it and they take it too. –

  • JackKrak

    Why is it that every “(insert any ethnic group by whites) Set To Be Major Force In Upcoming Elections” article has a giddy sense of excitement and pride in the fact that there is yet another tribe organizing itself to extract as much as possible in exchange for its votes?

  • crystal evans

    The real reason why some white men like Asian women is that Asian women are submissive and that they are not as materialistic as they claim that  western women are. Asian women are seen as having family values while white women are more interested in their careers than families. This is why the Asian mail order bride market has always been hot because most of these men who have been divorced several times have been unable to stay married to a white woman think that they can do better with Asian women. The same stereotypes are not being said about Eastern European women. The weird thing is that most of these mail order brides will marry men at least twice their age. I guess desperate people do desperate things.

    • It only seems that way when they’re in the mail order bride catalog.  I know a few white men who did the Asian mail order bride, and now wish to God they didn’t.  When they get the ring on their finger and get over here, they start showing their true colors.  And their true colors are domineering, exploitative of their non-white status, and demanding that their white husband fork over this or that to help the relatives back in the old country, or demanding that he help the relatives back in the old country immigrate here using family reunification.

    • MartelC

      Asian women are submissive and that they are not as materialistic
      !!!!! They are far far far more materialistic and shallow.

  • crystal evans

    What you are saying is true. In China, Japan, The Phillipines and India, light skin is seen as beautiful. This is why you never see a dark Miss Phillipines or Miss India in the Miss Universe pageant. In most Asian countries, African Americans are seen as a curiosity and there are some that will copy African American looks. I even saw a Japanese girl with blonde hair and dark skin that was trying to look like Beyonce’. 

  • crystal evans

    The reasons why Asians will vote Democratic is because the Democratic party has provided opportunities for Asians to run for public office and win. The Republican party in Hawaii has always been seen as the white party that has not been receptive to Asians since most Asians are not part of the religious right wing that has now taken over the party. They are not interested in social issues such as contraceptives and abortion. They are concerned about jobs and the economy like most Americans are.

    • Republican Party, the white party?
      Shudder the thought!

      Err…I spelled “Welcome” wrong.

  • crystal evans

    Recent Chinese and Indian immigrants do not speak for all Asians. I do know that many elderly Japanese Americans are reluctant to apply for welfare and other benefits because they would have to report their savings that they have for their funeral so that they do not burden their children with the cost of burying them.

  • crystal evans

    This gets me angry! They did not even contribute a dime to Social Security and they are able to collect? I have a huge problem with that.

  • crystal evans

    That was done by Japanese nationals, not Japanese Americans like myself. Because of their actions against America, Japanese Americans were placed in concentration camps during the war. We had nothing to do with what they did in China and to our own American troops. The majority of Japanese Americans supported the US and in fact, many of them joined two all Japanese  American Army units the 442 and the 100 battlion to show their loyalty to this country.

    • I don’t consider yellow people killing other white people on behalf of some other white people to be patriotic.  If it is, then “patriotism” is a meaningless useless term.

      • I have to side with Crystal here. As American citizens, they risked their lives in a war.

  • CA-WASP is OK & thinks strategically (the only person with Asian fetish we all know who he is). Just, most people- male & female-overreact & allow their reasoning to be distorted by emotions and experiences (mostly unpleasant).

    It looks there are permanent inflammable topics that make commentators lose their temper:

    * Asians
    * White Hispanics
    * Jews

    As for Blacks & white liberals, comments are boringly predictable.

    • Also:

      * BM/WF interracial stories
      * Abortion

      To a smaller extent:

      * Welfare and social insurance and transfer payment issues

      • BM/WF absolutely; as for abortion, I’m not so sure since most of regulars are not adamant about religion & abortion.

        A very inflammable topic is something tangential to AR- divorce & feminism. When it comes to marriage failure & divorce, men blame women & vice versa. Better to avoid such threads.

        • I’m not so sure since most of regulars are not adamant about religion & abortion.

          Remember, you don’t see what you don’t see. In this case, the vicious comments on the abortion issue that we have to reject. Luckily, unlike the other hot buttons, the rancid comments on abortion only appear in the comment folder from people whose comments must first be moderated; luckily, registered users’ comments on abortion are almost always worth reading and never nasty.

    • potato78

      My guess is:

      majority white women don’t like asian women.  White women are very “upset” about white men like asian women.  Is that true or false?

      if white women get into middle age crisis, asian ladies could be very “competitive”.

      For example,

      • These are chicks. No, they cannot compete with WW, except for white Asian fetishists.
        By the way, there was a “fierce” discussion at Yahoo on pre-nups. Some consensus was that women (white), when married, should continue to care about themselves, especially re weight issues.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Some people just prefer to be left alone with their own fellow people and that’s all.  As far as I feel, everyone’s entitled to be left alone.  If White People want to be around only White People, they should be allowed that and the White People who wish to share with Asians can do that too.  All we’re asking for here is The Right to be left alone.

      I’m sorry to be so redundant but I can’t think of any other way to say it.  We just want to be left alone.

      • Yeah, but THEY won’t leave you alone. Now, there is a problem. You have to confront that problem. That’s what all these discussions are about: what is to be done ?

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          My immediate response is, do not buy from them at all.  ASK, who owns this store? and walk out when you hear it’s non-white owned.

          Pester Congress though I admit, I’ve never been able to get them to change anything and all with no mention of race save for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s deliberate mislabeling hispanic criminals as White Men and, they never did anything about that either.

          Seek out the Whitest Towns and take them over.  Smart Conservatives can relay to the Townsfolk the true price of development and easily win them over.

          Seek out like-minded folk and try to prepare for what’s coming.

          I don’t have any answers.  I only know I want and need to be around only my own kind.  I was not raised in a multicultural or diversity type anything and for me, I will never get used to it.  I can’t.

  • potato78
    • MartelC

      you realize that they have all had eye fold surgery (#1 plastic surgery in east asian countries) , and they’ve obviously dyed their hair. 

      you are looking at, and admiring a lie. 

      • potato78

         So you really think that it is very true:

        “Why do white women dislike Asian women? Jealousy?”

        • MartelC

          White women dislike orientals because by adapting ‘feminism’ and ‘grrlpower’ white american women have become un-feminine. THat has made them much less attractive…

          but it isn’t just orientals. Compare how, for example a white american woman walks and, for example, sits down in a chair. Compare that to an Italian or French woman.

          White american women, by and large, walk, talk and act like men the mistakenly see being feminine as being weak- largely re-enforced by the media.

          then, ironically, in a desperate attempt to be ‘sexy’ wear clothes that would have shamed a prostitute 30 years ago.

          Now back to you oriental fetish. Would you want your son to look like that?

          • potato78

             I do think that there is a huge medical industry, such as plastic
            surgery, behind all this to promote all women to do a plastic surgery
            for aesthetism. 

            Basically oriental women have been already
            brainwashed by western media and changed from traditional beauty to
            trendy western beauty.  They are all like being a huge plastic surgery
            industry money machine.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            I disagree.  Yes, there are too many Ladies not acting like Ladies but this in no way, means all American Ladies aren’t Ladies.

  • MartelC

    When are the asiao-philes going  realize that orientals  are not here to hold hands and sing songs about diversity. They are here to DOMINATE. and once they reach any sort of critical mass they will stop being our bestest buddies for life .  Look at any big company where they (and Indians) gain a foothold – they hire and promote THEIR OWN. 

    And if you’re wondering why they  are voting democratic it is for two reasons: a. Orientals are corrupt – they are milking all sorts of government programs (disability, medicare fraud, etc) b. democrat party is the anti-white party – ANYONE trying to put whites out of power voted democratic, simple as that (and of course, stupid white liberals)
    Oriental culture (or genetics if you’d like) is heartless, shallow and materialistic.  They the western Christian ethos, they  lack critical thinking skills, the ability to reason abstractedly.  They are industrious, and don’t commit violent visible crime, but they are NOT good for US.

  • No, I have no illusions about Asians. Just, I think that CA-WASP ideas about them are, essentially, good:

    * eliminate or strongly restrict their immigration rates
    * make them cooperative in various field like education- it’s evident that 50% White and 50% Korean school is something completely different from 50% white + 50% NAM
    * they- Asians- do not try to build and impose their subculture(s)- unlike Blacks and Mestizos (I purposely omitted white Hispanics)
    * race- mixing with them is not desirable, but bearable. I have in mind such examples like Crimean Tatars, who had been “bleached” from Mongoloids to European-looking peoples in 2-3 generations. For instance, V.I. Lenin’s grandmother was a Kalmyk-from a Mongolian people- but Lenin, although with slanted eyes, was a blond with blue eyes.

    So, summarily- yes to cooperation with individuals, no to Asian group identity in any form. I’m thinking along French convent’s verdict on Jewish emancipation: “Everything to Jew as an individual, nothing to Jews as a group.”

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Tell me about it.  I find it odd that for such an “intelligent” people, they can’t seem to figure out how much of a turn off their constant complaints and demands really are.

  • Les H

    Notice that minorities, apparently, including Asians, are NOT for equality, but, for retribution and payback against Whites.

    Moreover, most Whites are silent, say and do nothing for fear of being called racist for not LOUDLY calling out this government planned and supported effort to extinguish the White race.  Some have 

    Unless Whites galvanize and