Can GOP Survive Its ‘Minority Problem’?

Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor, September 26, 2012

Some Republican strategists are already preparing for the worst. The numbers, frankly, are dismal. Nearly 2 of every 3 Latinos favor President Obama to Mitt Romney. Voters in the gay and lesbian community favor Mr. Obama by the same margin. Women favor the president by 51 percent to 41 percent, according to an August NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. And African-Americans? One poll suggested that Mr. Romney is being skunked: 94 percent to 0 percent.

Clearly, the GOP has a minority problem. But Republican strategists aren’t just worried about November—they’re worried about the Novembers after that.

If demographic trends continue to swell the country’s minority population, and the GOP continues to struggle to grow its white, Protestant base, the Republican Party risks going the way of the Whigs it replaced in the 1850s. Already, some experts say, minorities are likely to swing this presidential election to Obama. And going forward, the arithmetic (as a certain former centrist president from red state Arkansas recently pronounced) says it all: This year, for the first time, births of nonwhites outnumbered births of whites in America, putting the United States on the road to becoming a majority-minority nation in three decades, the US Census Bureau reported. For the GOP, the rubber is finally hitting the road.


If it wants to remain competitive for power in Congress and the White House, the GOP knows it must make serious inroads with minorities, and soon. That means it must begin to change the policies that have defined—and isolated—it for a generation. Of course, doing that without alienating its base is easier said than done.


The demographics are compelling. The country’s minority population grew by 30 percent during the past decade, according to data from the 2010 Census, while the white population grew just 1 percent. In 1992, the minority vote made up 12 percent of the electorate. This year, it’s expected to be 28 percent.


“The tectonic plates of American politics are shifting,” writes Ruy Teixeira, a political demographer and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, in a paper prepared for a March 2010 “Future of the Parties” conference. “A powerful concatenation of demographic forces is transforming the American electorate and reshaping both major political parties.”

These changes have left “the GOP … on the wrong side of history, demographically speaking,” adds Allan Lichtman, a presidential historian at American University in Washington.


Not that the GOP isn’t trying to expand its appeal.

Its national convention in TampaFla., featured a string of speeches by so-called rising stars, including Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Indian-American Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Cuban-American Senate nominee Ted Cruz, Haitian-American mayor and congressional nominee Mia Love, and Mexican-American New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

But the convention floor was notably short on minority delegates—as made obvious by the Democratic convention‘s technicolored rainbow of an audience a week later. It’s a portrait even conservative commentators have poked fun at, as when New York Times columnist David Brooks described the winter Olympics as “the second most Caucasian institution on earth, after the GOP.”

And that is at the core of why Romney and the GOP aren’t doing more to court minority voters for the November election. In short, say political watchers, they can’t.

“They have a substantive problem,” says Professor Lichtman. “To the extent they reach out substantively to minorities, they risk losing their base.”


This doesn’t mean the GOP can’t compete in November.

If the Romney campaign succeeds at framing the election as a referendum on Obama’s record and the lagging economy, the race could tip in Romney’s favor. And while Romney is struggling to attract the minority vote, he’s surging past Obama on the white vote—particularly the working-class white vote, where he beats Obama 59 to percent 37 percent, according to an August USA Today/Gallup poll.

“That’s why Romney’s hanging on,” says O’Connell. “The white working-class, blue-collar voters. That is essentially his base.”


In the future, a changing GOP will have to make strategic concessions to minorities, such as civil unions and comprehensive immigration reform—delicate moves that it must sell to its base in a tactical fashion, invoking states’ rights on civil unions and making an economic case for immigration reform, for example.

“The key for the GOP is to balance principle with practicality,” says O’Connell. “Whether it’s taxes, the Bible, we’ve got to be principled but practical . . . . A pivot away from pure ideology. We’re for limited government, we get it, but we can’t survive if we don’t change our tax code.”

In so doing, the party may lose some segments of its base, like “Teavangelicals” and others who vote strictly on social issues, but “there’s always going to be some trade-offs,” says O’Connell.

“It may take them a few elections, but the political logic of the situation will force them to change their tune,” says Teixeira. “Parties usually manage to adjust.”

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  • It’s as if the unnamed “Republican strategists” (read:  Karl Roverrated)
    think that straight white non-leftist white people aren’t allowed to


    This coming crisis is why I believe we have hope.  The GOP is either going to have to embrace white interests or huge numbers of white people will defect to the “far right.”

    Most countries in Europe have strong and growing nationalists movement and there is no reason it can’t happen here.  

    • C_C_Conrad

       I am very hopeful that all white people will get tired of this nonsense and unite then take all of our countries back.  Then we can set about putting a final end to this genocide of our race. 

    • RisingReich

       I like to believe I work hard everyday to introduce someone to the concept of ‘Nationalism’ and encourage them to investigate for themselves.

      It’s the only thing that makes sense in the face of globalist marxist evil.

    • alas

      The reason it might not happen here is your electoral system. You may get your far-right party but it will never win an election. What it might do, though, is strain race relations enough that hopefully you guys manage to form a break-away white-republic. We had all better realise and soon, that peaceful methods didn’t work when we were 80% of the population at a time when white consciousness was higher, so it ain’t gonna happen when we’re 50% and half of those are comprised of gay hipsters more concerned over the latest iphone than the continuation of their people.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “Can GOP survive its minority problem?”

    Can USA survive its minority problem?

    Sadly, no.

    • C_C_Conrad

       We CAN survive & do well, but ONLY if we get off of our asses. 

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Exactly.  It’s not the GOP I’m worried about.  If racial demographics continue to go against us, the GOP will shift left with the American demo.  There will always be a 2 party system.  But it will be even worse for white interests than it is today, and the US our forefathers built won’t be for the better.

      • .

        I mostly agree with you. A political party will always adapt. But, like you, I’m worried about the people not the party. I’ll make one suggestion — it’s not assured that there will always be two parties. There could end up being several parties like they have overseas.

    • Woody Woodpecker

      Partition, partition, partition.
      The sooner the better, but most likely not in my lifetime.

  • In other words, the Republican party must become more like the Democrat party.

    • And that’s the point.  This leftist concern trolling is engineered specifically to move the political center as far to the left as possible.  As the Republicans move left, the Democrats will floor the gas left.

  • hey

    This country is in trouble; it may be time to think moving to Ireland, Iceland, Scottland or Wales.

    • IstvanIN

      Ireland is turning black and Wales and Scottland “Asian”.

      • Eagle_Eyed

         I saw maybe 3 blacks on my recent trip to Ireland.

        • IstvanIN

          Ireland doesn’t want you.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            I just threw-up in my mouth a little bit. 

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          The 2011 Irish census shows that there are about 65,000 blacks in Ireland, a nation with the same sized population as the Boston metropolitan area. That’s up from 44,000 in 2006. In other words their numbers increased by 50% in five years.

    • newscomments70

      Britian is overcrowded and has terrible problems with minority crime and immigration. Their liberals are even worse than ours, and you’re not allowed to own a gun there. There is no escape. We actually have to stand our ground and fight back. 

  • So it’s basically going to boil down to non whites saying to white people, “GIVE us your money, or else . . . “

  • jedsrael

    White privilege is on the wrong side of history, because it’s overdue for extinction.  Obama 2012 will correct our error of “trying for too long”.

  • JohnEngelman

    Romney is…surging past Obama on the white vote—particularly the working-class white vote, where he beats Obama 59 to percent 37 percent, according to an August USA Today/Gallup poll.    
    – Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor, September 26, 2012       
    That is a bizarre anomaly. Up in Heaven Franklin Roosevelt is mourning. 

  • bubo

    The Republicans have a minority problem?  

    How about the entire country has a minority problem.   


  • tickyul

    GOP is done for……Demorats will soon have a Royal Flush….hand after hand after hand.

    And you think Osamacare is bad….you ain’t seen nothin yet.

  • Ulick

    “on the road to becoming a majority-minority nation”

    I’m no rocket scientist, but I was always under the impression that if you’re the majority then you’re no longer the minority. 

    I get what they’re saying.  Theoretically in the future they can still say, “Hey, Blacks are only 13% percent of the population, Hispanics are 33% of the population, Asians are 7% of the population, and non-identifiable swarthy people are another 8% of the population, but they’restill all technically minorities compared to the largest population which is whites at 39%.” 

    But doesn’t the above majority-minority phrase coupled with this phrase from the article, “This year, for the first time, births of nonwhites outnumbered births of whites in America” tell you everything that you need to know about their worldview.  They view the world as all other races verse whites.

    Annoying Liberals have been littering my Facebook newsfeed with some lame Obama ad of Samuel Jackson telling Obama supporters to “Wake the F*** Up!”  Well, it’s time for White America and Whites throughout the world to “Wake the F*** Up!” 

  • RisingReich

    The GOP deserves to die because they are so dumb.  They could easily save themselves at this point by coming out to be pro white, point out the disturbing trend in demographics, and promote immigration policy to curb the trend.

    Instead they pander to groups whom will never, ever, consider voting for them.
    Grand Old Pathetic, if you ask me.

    • Even if it did declare some kind of pro-White stance, why would anyone truth that entity?

      That’s exactly the type of mentality that makes an abused women run back to a man just because, after decades of abuse, he’s finally seen the error of his ways, while he looks down the barrel of a gun.

      I used to think that some of these relics would grow a spine and make a stand, regardless of whether or not it was politically correct, or whether it was 10 to 1 odds against them.

      Putting faith in the very people that sold us out is nothing more than a recipe of suicide for future generations.

      • RisingReich

         I was thinking they might be honest about it, which as you point out is silly.
        They would never actually be pro-white, just say they are to save their a$$.

  • Defiant White

    I don’t know how you make “serious inroads” with minorities except for giving them more free stuff.  But the gibbsme box is empty.  So now what, you latinos, blacks, indians and whatevers?  Democrats have nothing left to give you either.

    I don’t think things are going to go as neatly as this article suggests.  When the gibbsme runs out and the lights go off, whatever party is in power is going to catch hell.

    Best move for the Democrats would be to put Romney in the White House so he takes the blame for the collapsing world economy.  Then the Democrats can elect Queen Hillary in 2016.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    All I see in these articles is ethnic conflict. Never in history have demographic transitions like this been peaceful. It is silly to make projections in such an unstable environment. The economy is a time bomb, the demographics are a time bomb, and even the food/water supply is a time bomb.  

  • This is what disempowerment means. The destiny of White peopkle now lies in the hands on non-Whites. It’s a dream come true for anti-Whites.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “It may take them a few elections, but the political logic of the situation will force them to change their tune,” says Teixeira. “Parties usually manage to adjust.”

    No. The Republicans will never be able to out-pander the Democrats. We will see an awakening among whites once tens of millions of white conservatives realize they no longer have a national voice. The Republican party will fracture – mainstream conservatives will continue to ineffectually pander for the next 16-20 years, losing national election after national election as the left grows stronger and stronger. Some will not be able to escape the mind-trap of diversity and outreach, others will realize that this has not worked and will not work.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “The key for the GOP is to balance principle with practicality,” says O’Connell. … In so doing, the party may lose some segments of its base, like “Teavangelicals” and others who vote strictly on social issues, but “there’s always going to be some trade-offs,” says O’Connell.

    Even if we went from a 30% approval among Hispanics to a 60% approval (which will not happen) we would gain only about 4% of votes cast nationwide. And how many white conservative Republicans would be so disgusted by the pandering necessary to accomplish this that they would stay at home on election day? All outreach efforts will fail. Not only that, but such efforts are counter-productive as anyone with a middle school grasp of statistics could attest.

  • “The demographics are compelling. The country’s minority population grew by 30 percent during the past decade, according to data from the 2010 Census, while the white population grew just 1 percent. In 1992, the minority vote made up 12 percent of the electorate. This year, it’s expected to be 28 percent.”

    If this is not compellingevidence of White replacement, than I do not know what is. Moreover, why areminority populations exploding over the past decade?  The answer is the 1965 Hart – Cellar Act, and an uncontrolled illegal invasion from mexico and latin America.

  • Wrong side of history, but who determines history? History doesn’t just happen. It is made. And the reason why American history is going this way is because the Jewish cabal made it happen this way through immigration, Political correctness, baiting white guilt, anti-white affirmative action, etc. 

    History is moving this way because Jews control the direction of American history. So, the problem isn’t that GOP is ‘on the wrong side of history’. The problem is that it won’t oppose the forces that are directing American history to go in a way that is detrimental to white America. And CSM is just a liberal shill of the Zionist cabal. 

    For any real conservative or rightist, the only historical duty is to take on Jewish power and fight it tooth and nail for it is destroying White America. 

    In the 1920s in Russia, communism was on ‘the right side of history’. 
    And in the 1930s in Germany, Nazism was on the ‘right side of history’. 
    And in the 19th century, white settlers were on the ‘right side of history’ and American Indians were on the ‘wrong side of history’. What did they mean? All they meant was that some people had the power to drive history in a certain direction at the time. 

    Today, Jews have the power to steer American history in the direction they want. They want more diversity cuz they wanna play divide and rule among various goyim. That is the history we must counter and combat.

  • GOP is the party of dumb old white guys, and Democratic Party is the party of smart and rich Zionist Jews and degenerate gays.   Jews and gays make up only 4% of US population but 80% of Democratic Party funds come from those two groups. 

  • Black women and black men vote alike. 
    Brown women and brown men vote alike. 
    Jewish men and Jewish women vote alike. 
    Asian women and Asian men vote alike. 
    Lesbians and gays vote alike. 

    But white women and white men don’t vote alike. That is the biggest political development in the past 60 yrs. Bigger than the conservative/liberal divide among whites, it’s the divide between men and women. White men lost white women. 
    Jewish feminists cleverly made white women feel like ‘victims’ of evil white patriarchal males, and so whole new generations of white women grew up identifying more with blacks, hispans, Jews, and gays than with their fathers, brothers, or even husbands–even though white women enjoy all the freedoms, rights, and privileges as the result of achievements of white males. 

    White women have been instilled with a race-traitor ideology by liberal Jews. It’s gotten to the point where white guys have to support ‘gay marriage’ and worship MLK if they want any chance of finding a white girl who will marry him. 

    The spine of any people is the unity of men and women. White men lost white women. The white spine is broken. White power is paralyzed. Jews are loving it.

    • potato78


      Looks like a majority of white men is on the wrong side of trendy history.

  • jedsrael

    Can White Humanity survive its minority problem?

    This is how you kill White privilege, and our race along with it:

    But now, like a Black Hole whose irresistible gravity swallows nearby stars, central cities, using the doctrine of Regional Equity could suck the cash from prosperous suburban cities, impose onerous laws, and even force them to become more diverse—negating the very reasons for moving to these former enclaves of sanity and safety.

  • I think we need to stop listening to
    the liberal left’s intentionally bad advice on how win more of the
    minority vote, mainly, by becoming Democrats-Lite. Instead of
    pandering, we just need to argue to principles, a
    strategy that not only gets more white votes than ever, but also gets
    more minorities than you could possibly hope to get by pandering.

    It’s important to realize why pandering
    (“Preach open borders and more affirmative action!”) will
    always fail for Republicans. Let’s say Democrats preach for 5
    million more Hispanic immigrants per year and that every black should
    get a 400-point bonus on his SAT for college admission purposes.
    Indeed, a huge chunk of minorities will vote for them based on those
    policies. What the liberal left is advising Republicans to do is to
    reach out a bit to them (while not losing their base too much)–say,
    offering a 200-point bonus to blacks and offering 3 million more
    Hispanic immigrants. But any black motivated to vote based on SAT
    bonus is going to take the 400 points over the 200, and any
    open-border Hispanic will happily take the 5 million over the three.
    Unlike Democrats, Republicans gain nobody by pandering, and not only
    that, by dispiriting their white (and honorable minority) base, end
    up losing votes–people staying home, voting Constitution Party,

    Instead, clearly arguing to
    principles–namely, the truth that open borders hurts *everybody*–that if we keep
    having more immigrants the food stamp money will eventually run out
    and starvation will occur, California cities are turning into
    Bangladeshi slums due to open-borders wrecking everyone’s standard of
    living, we cannot take care of the poor we have now by importing
    millions more each year, etc., etc. Attack the Democrats for wrecking the U.S. environment via their Open Borders religion. These
    arguments will resonate very well, not just with whites (of course)
    but with a solid chunk of minorities, far more at least than you will grab by
    pandering to them.

    Even with blacks, some can
    be pulled away from the affirmative action argument (not all blacks
    support racial preferences) once they realize that most
    people, a big chunk of minorities included, benefit by living in a
    meritocracy, and may be willing to forgo preferences based on their
    skin color if they would instead receive it (as they should) based on
    their citizenship. I’m ethnically half-Italian. If Democrats
    pandered to me like they did to blacks, they would say “We’re going to make it so all Italians can be pilots without any
    flight training, they can be bridge and building engineers without
    any math skills, they can be fireman without any safety training!!!”
    But I obviously don’t want that–I don’t want to fly in a plane with
    an unskilled pilot, drive over a bridge that’s going to collapse
    because the civil engineer is an untrained idiot, etc.,–even if
    it means the skilled ones are *not* of my ethnicity, I’ll happily
    choose the skilled ones, recognizing that I’m personally
    better off that way.  And what’s obvious to me can be made apparent to many minorities as well.

  • Dave4088

    Notice how non-white Husna Haq lays the blame for failure to attract non-whites squarely with the GOP and their perceived lack of pandering.  No mention of how the non-whites whom Haq so reveres harbor an animus and hatred of white people and America as an explanation of their history and voting patterns of choosing anti-white Democrats in national elections.  Reading between the lines the author is saying that the GOP must kick whitey to the curb to stay relevant.  Looks like multiracial societies are a zero sum game after all contrary to the feel good propaganda.    

    “It may take them a few elections, but the political logic of the
    situation will force them to change their tune,” says Teixeira. “Parties
    usually manage to adjust.”

    The GOP will likely elect to become a carbon copy of the Democrats which will drive white voters away in droves until the grand old party goes the way of the Whigs.  

    • manyconcernedcitizens

      It is pointless debating someone who has a world view that is as ridged as yours Dave.
      I was trying to get the point across that many politicians are not what they appear or as Arthur Miller pointed out,  presidential politics in particular is all stagecraft. They literally form the persona of “being” president within the first 6 months to a year of being in office.
      Its all an illusion, none of them will ever fit your personal profile of what a “true conservative” actually is. 
      Furthermore, it has to be pointed out that all the let downs you cite with regard to the GOP leaning left are cherry picked. Again, you are tailoring what you feel is “conservative” with an almost unattainable benchmark.
      I could say GWB was the most hawkish president in living memory, or Reagan was an aggressive proactive deregulator, or Bush Sr defined conservatism by raising taxes to try and balance the budget and service the national debt. But none of these things would resonate with you because they did some other “congressional horse trading” with the other side to get their agenda through the sausage factory called congress.
      I pity you and your linear thinking. It must make life hard that you cant fathom how politics actually works rather than how you want politics to obey your personal worldview and whims.

  • manyconcernedcitizens

    For 20 years the GOP has painted itself into a corner. Either you wait for the paint to dry and walk out and repaint and change the color to suit the electorate, or you grow wings and fly out as a wonderful new butterfly.
    Neither of these options will appeal to the hard right and Lee Atwater christian conservatives. This leaves the GOP in a real politik, real world decline .
    The party has no other choice but to split.
    We are constantly told there are no more moderate Republicans left. That simply isnt true, many Reagan Democrats still fit the profile too.
    If the right platform existed and the vanilla GOP and the Reagan Democrats got together, the “new” GOP could have success.
    On the other hand I could be a 5th columnist suggesting this “new” GOP and just want the pleasure of watching a political party disintegrate.
    I havent decided what my motives are myself as yet, so just ignore this comment entirely ok? (;o)

    • Dave4088

      Not sure where you’re coming from but the GOP has been moving left for the last several decades to where true conservatives are a tiny minority within the party and so called moderates are the clear majority.   Yet, you talk like they are the American version of the Nazi party. 

      There’s nothing “moderate” about Obama or most Democrats since they aim to disenfranchise whites for the benefit of their fast growing non-white constituency.  The more honest leftists have said as much.   

      • manyconcernedcitizens

        The “color” demographic is what it is Dave. You cant change that. Your analysis is pretty off the mark, I would almost say distorted to suit your views.
         The Demos have always been inclusive (or for the last 60 years), it has served them well, it isnt pandering, they want everyone involved.Either the GOP engages the “non-whites” in a meaningful way or you are right, they will fade away And if you think the GOP has been moving left you must be in a parallel universe because that is not what joe public thinks or knows. Reagan or Ford or Nixon wouldnt pass your conservative core values test today.

        • Dave4088

          Well if I live in a parallel universe then you’ve obviously sustained frontal lobe damage given your weak grasp of the facts and reality.
          * In 2004, Democratic presidential candidate made an appeal to Southern white men who fly confederate flags, but was angrily upbraided and lambasted by the anti-white, left wing bigots within the Democratic party and forced to apologize.  So, your Democrats embrace everyone (including the black panthers) as long as they aren’t racially conscious white people.
          * The so called extreme right wing Republican party has nominated political leftists for president in 2008 (McCain) and now Romney in 2012.  McCain supported amnesty and Romney’s politics as governor in Massachussets were akin to ultra liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy.  Nazi sympathizer George H.W. Bush disregarded state and federal law in ordering the white L.A. cops accused of police brutality in the Rodney King incident to be charged and tried on civil rights violations. 
          * The so called extreme right wing Republicans rejected extreme right wing presidential candidate Pat Buchanan in 1996 with Pat Dole and many other presumptive Nazis denouncing Buchanan. 
          So yes, to any reasonable person it’s obvious the Republicans have moved left and are led by politicians that behave more like left wing Democrats.  But you insist on remaining a distinguished member of the left wing flat earth society and anyone who doesn’t see it your way is a racist and Nazi.

          • manyconcernedcitizens

            Its Bob Dole fool.
            LOL – Here is a little story for you Dave, a true one…..I have a good friend who was Sr Producer to CNN Wash bureau, and for 15 months Sr Producer to the Clinton Whitehouse. He has cred !
            When Dole and Buchanan were running my friend John flew and rode the bus with the Buchanan campaign.
            I will get to the point. Do you remember the catch phrase used by Pat B ?
            “The people are as mad as hell and they are coming with pitchforks and torches to throw out the impostors” I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist…
            Pat is a really funny guy in person and has an acute sense of theatre and playfulness. He didnt care who heard this in the press corps behind the curtains before he went on stage every campaign stop.
            It went like this…
            “Look at those idiots out there, (his audience), just lapping it up, drooling, mindless, bigots and racists”
            His contempt was very real.
            It was all stchick Dave, he was having fun.
            So before you “THINK” you know who is right wing and conservative try and get some inside info.
            Sorry to burst all your bubbles pal.
            And FYI Dave,  I vote Libertarian and always have, except when Nader ran and that was a vote against Clinton – who I cant stand.

          • Dave4088

             “Its Bob Dole Fool”

            That’s the best you got?  And you forgot the apostrophe in “its”, moron.  It should be it’s not its.  Take some grammar lessons. 

            As usual you cannot refute any of the facts I listed.   So, like a typical leftist, you resort to a little misdirection and shift the debate to the alleged disingenuousness of Pat Buchanan.  But assuming Pat was donning a mask  and not a true believer in the cause he espoused as your high powered friend at CNN told you, then that just proves my point that the Republican party has been hijacked by anti-racists, centrists and leftists.  Further, that is curcumstantial evidence that Buchanan and other conservative stalwarts are merely pretenders who have no intention of defeating the left wing mafia.   

            P.S.  “Right wing extremist” and “Nazi” George W. Bush supported affirmative action and demanded amnesty during his second term.   Still think the National Socialists and KKK are pulling the strings of the GOP?

          • I’m reading this back and forth, especially your fanciful theory here about the real mindset of the person of Patrick Joseph Buchanan here, with some amusement.

            I was 19 years old in 1996 and I was a PJB delegate for both the local, Congressional district level and state Republican convention.  And I was picky about politicians back then as I am now.  I had absolutely no inclination that he was faking it or taking us for a ride.  My criticism then was the same as it is now, that he take us to the edge then speeds back in the other direction, and play footsey with people and groups nobody of our mindset should be within a country mile of (ADL).  Mainly because he needed to sustain his media career after the campaign.

            Then there’s Ezola Foster.

  • potato78

    “Here’s the rap on the presidential candidates’ plans for cutting federal deficits: Mitt Romney’s is too bold and the numbers don’t add up, while President Barack Obama’s is too timid and his numbers don’t add up, either.

    As the government closes the books Sunday with a $1.1 trillion deficit for the year, which required borrowing 32 cents for every dollar it spent, budget analysts have little confidence in either man’s plan to address the accumulating debt, now at about $16 trillion.”

    Which man is the worst for the country from deficit money point view?

    • I can easily foresee in the next few years that the Federal government simply refuses to pay debt service.  Who’s going to get past the most powerful military in the world to make them pay up if they won’t?  Certainly we as individuals can’t with our thirty-aught-sixes.  No national military in the world has anywhere close to that kind of capability.  Sure, the Federal government won’t be able to sell T-Bills anymore, but the yearly deficit is only somewhat larger than the amount we pay to service the debt anyway.

      We could make a deal with China that we give them Taiwan, the Philippines, and hegemony over the western Pacific Ocean in exchange for us defaulting on the part of our debt they own.