Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama Because He Gives a Free Phone

YouTube, September 26, 2012

Obama supporter answers a few questions.


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  • Puggg

    A picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 words multiplied by the frame rate.  This video is the best 45-second indictment of BRA there is.

    • Djinn42

       And to think, that things vote counts as much as your’s and mine, the decline of America marches on.

  • These are SEIU members;; paid $11/hour to protest Romney event.

    Here’s the follow up video:


  • HctSlns

    A few monthes ago a cousin of mine sent me an email.  In it Presididn’t Obama said that the
    vets should all pay for their own benefits.  Afterall it is an all volunteer military.  Or words to that effect.
    Perhaps some poster on this site can find more info.  Maybe Mitt can use this fodder for his
    cannons.  Very disturbing speech folks.

  • Ulick

    Hear the anger and hatred in her voice. America has millions of women like this, and most impart their hatred and anger into their brood of illegitimate children. The great lie is that black anger and hatred of whites has lessened considerably post the civil rights era. The truth is that, in many ways, that anger and hatred is gaining steam because blacks are seeing whites cede power which presents blacks an opportunity to act on their anger and hatred.

    • As with all animals in nature, show a passive role and you will get eaten by your predators.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Ark. congressman wants to disconnect $1 billion free cell phone programRead more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/06/ariz-congressman-wants-to-disconnect-1-billion-free-cell-phone-program/#ixzz27iSrSX7k

    Let’s hope he is successfull! This is just reperations by a different name.

  • I’m shocked! Yet another “Gibs me dat!”

  • jedsrael

    Only a racist would watch this video.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    As infuriating as this gibberish is, I hope it gets wide play in the media (fat chance).

    It’s “little” things like this that help wake people up.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      It was all over talk radio yesterday, FWIW.

  • Defiant White

    Looks well-fed,  has free sail-phones,  got 15 minutes of fame, fresh air, lots of other vagrant homeys around and got to cuss at the white man – hey, life is good.  Isn’t America wonderful?

  • Barrack Osama

    This needs to go viral.

  • Beloved Comrade


    Not Asians!   One of tonight’s articles is “Asian-Americans Voters a Force in November Election”:   “The 2012 National Asian-American Survey finds that the majority of Asian Americans who are likely to vote in November favor Barack Obama.”
    “Indian Americans strongly support President Obama (68 percent).”
    “The overall Asian-American split among likely voters favored President Obama 43 percent to 24 percent for Romney.”

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    And where do these goodies come from? 

    These people are not even liberals…they are a part of the American Cargo Cult.
    They should all be yelling, “John Frum for President!”

  • John Bonham

    There is one of the 47% Romney was talking about when he made his statement … Romney meant that why should he take the money of the people donating to him, and try to reach people like this in the video, when he knows damn well they will NEVER vote for him, so why waste money bothering , especially if it’s donated money ..  I’ve seen it all now.. There are all the videos of theses leeches standing in line waiting for Obama money from his stash, and the Howard stern video , now this..
    If Obama wins the country has had its day..

    • Still, I think the 47% statement was inelegant.  Not everyone in the 47% wants to stay in the 47%, and even if they can’t leave, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be in the 47%, because there’s a difference between welfare and social insurance benefits that a civil society provides out of a sense of tribal well being and gibsmedat EBT giveaways to the generationally dependent non-white lumpenproletariat class.

      In other words, our grandmothers on Medicare and Social Security are in the 47% because they should be and we want them to be; they are reachable.  Booshondia and Shitavious slinging the EBT cards for steaks and expensive cheap shoes and bling and fingernail treatments and video games and weed are not reachable.  I only wish Romney would have made that dichotomy.

  • Pelayo

    YouTube pulled the comments after the video. Pusillanimous cowards! Wait! That’s redundant. Sorry.

  • MrBig

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, I have to point out that voting for someone in return for a free cell phone is actually a very rational decision. At least they’re getting something tangible out of the deal. What do we get when we consistently vote for these liars? Just a lot of hot air and empty promises. And we don’t even get a cell phone. My attitude these days is very straightforward: If you want me to vote you into a position of power, prestige and wealth, what’s in it for me?

  • Rep. Tim Griffin has been trying to rid us of this tax to give freeloaders a free cell phone. See his video:


  • This is why, my friend, that many of us for years have been pleading with Europe, Australia, NZ, etc. to not commit the error the US has. Long ago this country fought a civil war, not so much over slavery as much as economic command of the country. It was Pres. Lincoln, known by propaganda as, “The Great Emancipator”, that said and wrote in his personal papers, “The Black Man and White Man can never live side by side in the same nation”. And as it was Lincoln’s plan to remove all black people from America and repatriate them back to Africa and the Carribean, life would have been far different for us. As it is now, we are lost, America can never right the capsized boat we were all riding in and these people are nothing more than anchors, permanently attached to all White Americans.

  • newscomments70

    Whoever wins will do everything they can to appease these types, especially neo-cons. We need to stand up and collectively refuse to stop funding these programs. No one will stand up for us, we must do it ourselves.