Graphic Video of Five Points Attack Hits Social Media

Midlands Connect, September 25, 2012

A graphic video of one of several weekend assaults in the Five Points area of Columbia has surfaced in a post on Facebook.

The video, which captures only the end of the incident, shows several men hitting and kicking Josh Bosworth.

Bosworth suffered a broken jaw and several lacerations from the attack that occurred early Sunday morning in front of Bey’s, a bar on Harden St., and Pop’s New York Pizza.


The video does not show what initiated the beating, but Bosworth says he believes he and his friends were targeted by a group of men looking to hurt anyone.

According to the incident report released by the Columbia Police Department, a “verbal altercation” instigated the fight around 2 a.m. Sunday and “seven to ten black males” assaulted Bosworth, punching and kicking him in the chest and head area until he fell to the ground.


Two other violent acts were reported in the Five Points area during the early hours of Sunday, September 23.

The Columbia Police Department released information on another assault that was reported around 1 a.m. in front of Thirsty Parrot’s, a bar on Harden St. in Five Points.

The victim in that incident suffered a broken arm after bumping into a group of men and getting into a verbal altercation, according to the incident report. The victim told authorities he tried to walk away from the altercation, but was attacked from behind and punched “several times in the face and body” by “eight unknown black male subjects.”

The third incident reported Sunday occurred just after 1 a.m., according to Police.

Several shots were fired in the Five Points area, according to an incident report.

There are no reported injuries from the shooting, but the incident report says nine .40 caliber shell casings were recovered and damage was caused to a vehicle that was in the area. {snip}


Police have not connected the crimes.



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  • Ulick

    “Whites were at the wrong place at the wrong time”

    Nearly every city in America is now the wrong place for whites; and the wrong time for us is from the 1960s forward.

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  • Ulick

    First Video:  Blacks attacking in numbers and throwing sucker punches.  Never though I’d see that.

    • sarah stein

       That’s because they can’t fight.

  • C_C_Conrad

    I wonder if whites will ever wake up & take their country back.  Nobody will hand it to you now, you know that, right?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’d like to feel sorry for this kid but it seems he still doesn’t get it.  Those blacks weren’t looking to hurt just anybody, they were looking for a White Boy to hurt.  Things will only get worse with each and every time White Victims refuse to tell the Truth.

    • sarah stein

      At least he knocked the black bitch on his ass and was about to do it again before the down low’s, “I got yo back” (in more ways than one), buddies jumped in.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Unbelievable, no mention of race.  The media used that guy whether he knows it or not. All blacks trying to kill a white guy and no mention of race crime. Negroe’s need to be quarantined and forcefully reminded of their place, pretending their human is not working.

  • hey

    Obama’s people!

  • MekongDelta69

    And the head of the DOJ is…………….???

  • Jtree

    I know it is said time and time again on this forum but can you imagine if the roles were reversed in this scenario? A video of a group of white men sucker punching a lone black man and then proceeding to hoot and holler about it would have been red letter headlined on Drudge and every cable news outlet in the country as they ran away with the line that neo-nazism might be taking root in America. One thing that I have noticed about these videos is that there seems to be a lack of whites actually standing up and defending the victims. I understand that in most circumstances the perpetrators run off but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if whites actually defended each other for a change.

    • gemjunior

      “A video of a group of white men sucker punching a lone black man”

      Some whites are getting so sick of their vicious anti-white assaults, rapes and murders that it may eventually come to that.  When whites can finally admit that the police and the justice institutions in our country are not going to protect them, and they are not “eligible” to be protected under the Dark Person Only Approved “Hate Crime/Speech” laws.  Which are stupid anyway.  If everyone insists that white men are the toxic specimens responsible for oppressing all blacks maybe the white guys will eventually see no other recourse than to square reality with the tenacious narrative that NEVER seems to change.

  • Conan

    Again this is good. I’m not being morbid or unsympathetic to this man, but this is the best recruiting tool to our cause that we can get.

    These attacks have been happening since the mid 60’s and were downplayed and ignored by the media. With the advent of camera phones and youtube, they cannot cover up for them anymore.

    When the myth of “da po’ po’ downtrodden, peace loving black” goes, and it’s going everytime an atrocity like this gets uploaded to youtube, white guilt will go and eventually the patience of whites will go as well.

    One step at a time. Twenty years from now at this rate, black Americans will be reaping a very, very bitter harvest.

  • Danimalius

    These videos would be a whole lot easier to handle if the whites themselves didn’t abase themselves in the aftermath. Putting your wounds on display to the world, having your mother go on camera and cry about your difficulties, and then broadcasting a white business owner complain about how this will affect his business (as if that’s something worth mentioning in this context) before claiming nothing can be done, all makes whites look weak and pathetic.

    These attacks would stop if our image changed to one of strength.

    • libertarian1234

      And get a load of what this guy says himself about why the attack occurred: 

      “Bosworth says he believes he and his friends were targeted by a group of men looking to hurt anyone.”

      Sure.  And being white had nothing to do with it, eh?

      This guy is so mentally programmed into a PC mindset he can’t recognize racial attacks when they occur.

      I have no sympathy for either him or his mother.  Both of them should be screaming racism non-stop.

      And that black police chief probably wouldn’t care about the incident if it didn’t make him look bad.

      Sorry, but I have zero faith in blacks.  You can’t go wrong if you distrust them all.

    • whiteyyyyy

      Exactly true, but I think this guy got played by the media.He looks like he’s drugged up or braindamaged. It looks weak though, if ur not racist or looking for retribution after that it’s a bad sign.

  • jedsrael

    Whites were in the wrong place at the wrong time,

    which is pretty much everywhere in these better days of transformational Diversity Ascendant.

  • bubo

    This is the same area where Carter Strange was nearly beaten to death by a gang of blacks last summer.   The affirmative action black Police Chief promised a crackdown, but I see nothing has changed.  

    It is widely known that blacks from the surrounding towns and black areas routinely go there to assault and rob white college students from nearby University of South Carolina.   

    My idea would be to rope off the entire area on weekends, ban car traffic and charge a 10 dollar admission.   

    This would effectively ban blacks.  

    • Pelayo

      How about some Black attackers getting shot? Does anyone have any doubts that this poor guy is going to have physical problems for years to come, if not for the rest of his life? To me that was attempted murder and more than reasonable motive for using lethal force especially since he was outnumbered by the salvajes.
      The only thing these bastards understand is a response in kind. 

      • Pelayo

        “Bastards” may be interpreted in either the literal or figurative sense. In the case of these $%#[email protected]*#s,  I believe that both are correct. 

  • ViktorNN

    I’d like to see the “anti-racists” at the Duluth Univ. of Minnesota look Josh Bosworth in the eyes and tell him how much he benefits from “white privilege.”

    Today’s so-called “anti-racists” are idiotic scum who don’t know anything about REAL racism. 

    • Pelayo

      Don’t do anything foolish motivated by the desire for revenge. Unless of course you have an absolutely foolproof plan of escape.

  • Djinn42

    I lived in Columbia in the early 90’s and 5 points was the ” go to ” place on the weekends, it’s actually located on the grounds of S.C. University. Back then the only yoofs around were entertainment, busking for cash on the sidewalks. Times have certainly changed.

  • Pelayo

    Start ‘”carrying” White people. Get tactical training and defend yourself. Just like the police can’t control the troops of Mandrills, they won’t be able to arrest everyone if White all decide to carry. This may sound over the top but the only thing that’s going to end this all are a few incidents of piles of bodies of these bastards. A beating like that is attempted murder and anyone who excuses this type of behavior is as evil as these animals.
    This is only going to get worse unless we start to show some huevos.

  • That WaT op-ed is written by Jeff Kuhner.  I never knew he had it in him to write something so “radical” (i.e. factually correct).  Usually, his politics are a weird combination of neo and paleo con.  I know because he often guests hosts for Michael Weiner, and will be doing a lot more of that now that Weiner and his syndicator have officially divorced.

  • John Bonham

    If I said, what I want to say and NEEDS to be said , my comment would be moderated into oblivion.. 

    • Try us.  But while you type, remember that you can draw more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.  Maybe there’s a better way (“elegant,” as the talking heads keep saying right about now), of saying the same thing.  

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Because it doesn’t work.  You can get White People to agree all day long but changing or making Law(s) equal?  No, that won’t happen until The White Peoples claim what is Rightfully theirs.  I’m talking about Law and Order and Equality and Fairness here for it was after all, The White Peoples who came up with up that concept.

    As it stands, non-whites “own” the concept and that is why White People can’t change anything.  Don’t worry your little asian head now ’cause the Time is Nearing.  Unsustainable Debt and staring into the face of Third World Livelihood does have a way of a waking up a person…

    “If whites are so smart” – You really Hate White People don’t you my little asian boy?

  • Puggg

    It’s sort of impractical running while carrying.  I thought the whole point of running was doing it with as little weighing down your body as possible.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    There is a reason all African countries are run by warlords. Certain groups of people will only respond to force. If you want to control these groups of people, you must demonstrate your willingness to use overwhelming force at a moments notice. Laws only work for people who desire to live in a society run by laws, the rest need to be forcefully kept in line. 

  • Pelayo

    There was another savage beating of a mentally disabled woman (race not revealed) in the so called city of Chester Pa. last night. A gang of 6/7 teenage “females” went through what resembled a Samburu fertility rite after which the punched and kicked the woman while one these feminine flowers videoed it on what is probably  her “Obama Phone”.

    They interviewed a White psychiatrist who spent her few minutes discussing the “girls” lack of self esteem and all the usual BS that is always employed when Blacks commit crimes so as to mitigate the severity of what they did. They were all 16 but will be tried as adults. They all have the classic Black mug shot blank expression.

  • Pelayo

    You know Pecosbill I’ve also entertained the possibility of secession on the part of some states. I’ve actually mentioned that and was deemed a nut case by some of my friends. I’m relieved to learn that there is someone else out there who feels the same way.

  • BillOtinger

    Plenty of Evidence FBI give Bombs for Oklahoma City 2 did not Explode, ATF told not to come to work , Guns to Mexican Mafia,