Act Now… Or Say Goodbye to the Britain We Know

Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, Daily Mail (London), September 7, 2012

The public are fed up with mass immigration. That was the message of the public petition on the Downing Street website launched last autumn.

Only 11 of the 36,000 petitions on that site have reached the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a House of Commons debate.

This petition reached that 100,000 within a week, with the resulting debate in the House of Commons today taking place.  We will at last be giving voice to the widespread public concern.

The fact is that the public do not believe the claims of the immigration lobby and they are right. Nor do they think that enough attention has been paid to the impact of such huge numbers on the lives of ordinary people – particularly not by the BBC.

The reality is that we are experiencing by far the largest wave of immigration for nearly 1,000 years.

Certainly, there has been some limited immigration over the centuries and many immigrants and their children have made a positive contribution to this country. But mass immigration is entirely new.

This really is the last chance saloon. If the Government were to lose its nerve and fail to press on with reform we would be saying goodbye to the country we inherited.

The Office for National Statistics recently published the immigration figures back to 1964. It is very interesting to see that, until the early 1980s, more people left Britain than came here. From then until the mid 1990s net migration was never more than about 50,000 a year, and often much less. It took off in 1998 and by 2010 had risen to 250,000 a year – five times higher than in 1997.

There has never been a declared government policy. Nor any planning. And certainly no public support – quite the opposite. By 2008, about three quarters of us wanted to see immigration reduced; half the public wanted it reduced ‘by a lot’.

Their wishes are yet to be met.

The impact of these numbers is already being felt throughout the country and the big cuts to public expenditure are still to come.

Maternity units are struggling. Primary schools are running out  of places. And pressure on housing is getting worse, especially given that housing construction has plummeted.

This pressure on services is nothing when compared to what we will face if the government does  not succeed in reducing future net immigration.

For the last ten years net immigration has averaged about 200,000 a year.

If that is allowed to continue our population will climb from 62.3 million to 70 million in just 15 years time. About 2.5 million of that will be natural increase – more births than deaths. The other five million will be down to new immigrants and their children.

What that means in practice is that we will have to build the equivalent of our eight major cities outside the capital – that is to say a Birmingham plus a Leeds, a Glasgow, a Sheffield, a Bradford, a Manchester, a Liverpool and a Bristol.

All this in just 15 years! Where will the money come from when the Government is already borrowing £1 for every £4 that it spends?

This is obviously unsustainable. That is why the petition, launched by MigrationWatch UK, an independent think-tank, called for the Government to take all necessary measures to stabilise our population, below 70million.

Can they do it? They have promised to get the net immigration figure down to the tens of thousands by 2015. In later years they will need to get it down further to about 50,000 to stabilise our population.

It is proving slow going.

The latest figures, published last week, show a reduction from 252,000 in 2010 to 216,000 in 2011.

These numbers are not precise but they do show the scale of the challenge to the Government.

They will have to hold their nerve in the face of pressure from the immigration lobby.

Foreign students will be a test case. Of course they are valuable if they are genuine in the first place and don’t overstay their visas. But we are currently admitting a quarter of a million every year with no checks on their departure.

The Government must press on with face-to-face interviews before they come and creating some means of recording their departure. Otherwise the student route will remain a back door to Britain and the reputation of our colleges and universities will be dragged through the mud.

To be fair to the Government, they have taken up the proposals by the Cross Party Group on  Balanced Migration, and these are now policy.

With a new Immigration Minister, these policies must be vigorously implemented. We intend to see that they are.

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  • “This petition reached that 100,000 within a week, with the resulting debate in the House of Commons today taking place”

    At least they can get a debate about immigration going in their government.  For us the conversation ended a long time ago and any dissent from the party line will not be tolerated.  I mean our states are not even allowed to enforce FEDERAL laws!

  • JackKrak

    Only when the Left is satisfied that they have gone far beyond the required minimum in their effort to import a new electorate will we be able to do anything about it.

    But that’s only because it will be far too late.

  • Hirschibold

    I wish somebody would make a video about Britain, and that
    they would document the streets of London today, and then contrast those with the
    “modish” streets of Britain in the early 1960s, when Enoch Powell was trying to
    warn the world of the crisis England faced, and the Beatles were still young
    lads. Show the neighborhoods where the Bobby cops used to patrol their beats and
    older white women could shop at open-air fruit and vegetable stands without fear
    of being beaten or robbed, and then show those same streets today, where the Jamaican and “Asian” youth prey on their victims.

    A few months ago American Renaissance had an article about
    the Monty Python trouper John Cleese talking about how he no longer recognized
    the London of his youth, and that he was fleeing to Switzerland, I believe. If
    it’s bad enough that an old Labour liberal like Cleese can see the writing on
    the wall, then it must be very bad indeed. It is his great good fortune that he
    has the money to flee, but many people don’t have that luxury.

    Still I sympathize with the English leftist establishment. Liberal doublethink is hard enough to maintain in America, but it must be an
    especially difficult task in the land of George Orwell.

    • NorthernWind

       This video is very powerful in my opinion. I was almost in tears when I first say it.

      • IstvanIN

         Sad, very sad.  Not just the UK, but the US, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Our own politicians, our leaders, our elites want us dead.  Want us buried.  Forget the Jews, we out number them and we do not have to listen to them.  Forget the blacks and Muslims and Hispanics, we could have stopped them a long time ago.  Our own people did this to us.  Hopefully, someday, their will be history books filled with Mussolini-like pictures of our leaders making restitution for what they did to us.

        • “Hopefully, someday, their will be history books filled with Mussolini-like pictures of our leaders making restitution for what they did to us.”

          God willing….

        •  “Hopefully, someday, their will be history books filled with
          Mussolini-like pictures of our leaders making restitution for what they
          did to us.”

          The Tree of Liberty must sometimes be watered with the blood of tyrants
          Sic Semper Tyranus! Amen!

    •  If I were PM or Home Secretary I would deny John Cleese his passport and restrict him to living in Brixton so he could enjoy the fruits of his LABOUR!

    • rightrightright
      Streets in Birmingham today, England’s second city.   As for London, just don’t bother going there.  It has become a third world cesspit.

      • NM156

        Nah, West End is white.

    • Red

      A few months ago American Renaissance had an article about
      the Monty Python trouper John Cleese talking about how he no longer recognizedthe London of his youth, and that he was fleeing to Switzerland, I believe. Ifit’s bad enough that an old Labour liberal like Cleese can see the writing onthe wall, then it must be very bad indeed. It is his great good fortune that hehas the money to flee, but many people don’t have that luxury.

      Those are always the first ones to flee – diversity for thee but not for me! The sad thing is, if he’s allowed to vote in his new country, you can bet he’ll vote for exactly the same policies that have made his native country uninhabitable. 
      What kind of an extradition treaty does Britain have with Switzerland?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    We can already say “Goodbye to the Britain we know”, because the “Britain we know” is already lost. Every city, in every region, has been catastrophically transformed by mass immigration.

    One could argue that a strategy of ‘damage limitation’ is the way forward. Certainly, any sensible and resolute damage limitation strategy would (in theory, at least) be welcome. But any conceived strategy of ‘damage limitation’ is not possible.

    Why? Because our Government is talking about simply reducing the number of foreigners, as opposed to closing the borders altogether. 

    Simply hastening our decline by smaller incremental steps instead of larger incremental steps is no solution at all!

    Britain is lost. Only a people led revolution will restore our (our) land to its rightful inheritors.

    • ncpride

      I was thinking the same when I read the headline. The only way to save Britain would be massive forced deportation, and the British Government just doesn’t have the will to carry out such a plan….. Not even to save themselves.

  • This article doesn’t say it but ( because that would be “racist”) it’s not the number of immigrants, but the type of immigrants they are allowing into Great Britain. I highly doubt that 200,0o0 WHITE immigrants a year would have been a problem. Of course, that issue will never be addressed and they will simply reduce the number of Pakis and Muslims they allow into the country and carry on as usual.

    • IstvanIN

       Even too many white immigrants would not be a good idea.  Any country needs time to digest its immigrants populations, even the most compatible.  Let in too many Poles and you get Poland.  Too many Catholics might overthrow a Protestant Monarch.  Too many Jews and you get Israel.  No, you need time outs to assimilate the newcomers.  Of course blacks, Muslims and Asians can never be assimilated and just upset the digestive system, although not as much as native whites who side with the invaders (see video posted below to see a strident white women addressing a crowd of Africans).

      •  “Too many Catholics might overthrow a Protestant Monarch.”

        Thats assuming she is a Protestant. I’ve always been curious as to why she gave a royal name to her eldest son, a name known for its Catholic ancestry. Her lackluster ability in defending her realm is only equaled by her lackluster ability in defending the Protestant faith. Whether she truly is a crypto-Catholic or not, the appropriate word for this monarch so far is not like that of her antecedent, Elizabeth the Great, but an Elizabeth the Useless.  

        • Persephone Gray

          The Church of England is not Protestant.

          • jeffaral

            The Curch of England is Jewish.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            As an Anglican myself (though I perhaps don’t go as often as I should) the services I attend seem fairly straightforward protestant enough.

            However, I do know that the CofE heirarchy has an unhealthy love affair with the satanically inspired (and catholic dominated) EU.
            For example, a few years back some senior clergy at York Minster Cathedral unfurled the EU flag and recited a special EU prayer. This was done with the full endorsement of Ugandan import Archbishop (of York) John Sentamu.
            The whole affair was quite sickening, really.

          • David Ashton

             Let us avoid contradictory generalisations.  The C of E has long been a loose “composite” of Anglo-Catholic ritualists, Bible-focussed evangelicals, and a large “moderate” middle with some able if sceptical scholars, congregations with a coffee-morning companionship rather than dogmatic interest, and a regrettably influential leadership with a politically correct outlook, including a few whose attitude to Israel is hardly “Jewish”. 
              As a state church its membership is automatic for all christened subjects of the Queen in England, though it is happy to invite in all sorts of races.  But is divided on issues like “gay marriage” and “female bishops”.  Some Anglicans move to the RC Church because its faith and morality seem more strict.  There is a touch of “womanly weediness” about many C of E clergy, whether they are in their  frocks and pretty mitres or not.
              The problem with the “EU” is that it is being hijacked by secularists who prefer a de facto alliance with Muslims than support the rights of Christians – Catholics, Protestants or Orthodox. 

  • Ed_NY

    Britain is dead.  They committed suicide.  The U.S. is surely to follow.

  • A million signatures on a petition won’t change things. In Britain(istan), as here in the US, the greatest mistake the general public makes is believing that the government, no matter which “party” is in the drivers  seat,  has the best interest of the general public as the 1st item on their agenda. They do not. The 1st thing on their agenda is maintaining the status quo. Keeping the power they have. 2nd is: more power, more control.  You see it in Britain. CCTV everywhere you turn. Big Brother is there. And here. As long as the peasants have football, there and here, Xboxes and Playstations to keep them distracted, and a hundred different fast food franchises to choose from, nothing will change. Most of the Western democracies are, for lack of a better term, modern Rome. Bread and circuses. Until the bread and circuses run out, the general public will never awaken to what goes on behind the curtain.

  • .

    I suspect that at some point major conflicts will start to erupt because different groups can’t get along. That’s one of the reasons not to allow immigration in the first place. Ultimately, it will be a struggle to see who will own the country — the indigenous or the invaders. That’s really what it boils down to and its inevitable. It would have been a lot better for everyone not to create that mess in the first place. Of course, the people calling the shots are too busy looking at cheap labor to realize it. But they’ll notice it soon enough.

  • The London Olympics was bread and circuses to distract the fact that  Britain is a multicultural dystopian nightmare.

    I didn’t watch any of the Olympics, it was portrayed in the media as a celebration of multiculturalism and miscegenation. ( ethnic cleansing and white genocide )

  • IstvanIN

     Interesting to contrast the Olympics with the Jubilee.  The people who came to celebrate “their” monarch’s 60 years on the throne were white and no doubt British.  The blacks, Muslims, Arabs and Asians do not consider her to be their Queen.  And what the fool politicians forget is that they only vote for the white Briton until their numbers are high enough to vote for one of THEIR own.  These people have no loyalty to Cameron, or Blair or any other sell-out white politician.  The day the Windsors lose the throne is the day white politicians end up like the white politicians in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Tony Blair, you have not secured your children’s future, you have, well, I can not use the term in polite company.

  • ” Act now or say goodbye to Britain.”

    The phrase ” horse, stable door and bolted ” comes to mind.

  • The writers of this article and the House of Commmons debate plan should consider who might benefit from such an expansion of the population. As the article notes, “a Birmingham plus a Leeds, a Glasgow, a Sheffield, a Bradford, a Manchester, a Liverpool and a Bristol” must be built in 15 years to absorb the growth in immigrants. In other words, real estate developers. This is the same group of people who supported immigration and desegregation in America. Create chaos and offer a solution of new housing and make believe land.

  • mobocrat

    Petitions will serve nothing. It is the British ruling elite who have imposed this immigration atrocity on the ordinary people of that nation [and all of the West]- and it is White working class that suffers the consequences- look at the literacy rates for working class boys, the rise of “laddism”. A middle class renews itself through a talented working class- and they are now doomed by this immigration catastrophe. The “elites’ we so often mention will always find a way to live apart from the destruction and chaos they produce. The WNO elite in Britain have decided to “elect a new people”- that simple. It’s looking more and more as if our homelands can be saved from these repulsive liars and traitors through revolution for our own common good. No protests, petitions or other expressions of the working or middle-class Whites are going to ever work- they fall on deafened ears turned to stone when the groans of the ordinary folk cry out. What other way? The British have inhabited those islands since before the rise of the pyramids. IT IS THEIR HOMELAND- and they must preserve it as such any way they can-.

  • “The woman on that video telling all of the Africans that the British
    want to drop them is the ocean will live out her old age in worse
    conditions than the pensioner in Wolverhampton described by Enoch Powell
    in the “Rivers of Blood” speech. However, she will will deserve her
    miserable fate.” 

    Man, that sucks! I don’t want her to live out her old age as a pensioner. I was hoping someone could tell us her name so that she someday will be tried, found guilty, hung at Tyburn, drawn and quartered, and her remains sent to the four corners of the Isles of the Mighty.

    • jeffaral

      That woman is a multimillionaire MP for East London who was recently reelected.   If I remember well she is Margareth Hodges, of Jewish ancestry.

  • Well it’s definitely a start.  Some people say that the war is over and we’ve lost.  I think it’s just begun.

  • The British media was gushing about how wonderful the Olympics was, yet a year before the worst race riots ever took place when blacks all over London  rioted spreading to other  English towns and cities.

    What is interesting is where the riots didn’t take place , Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, these countries do not have large black populations unlike England.

    • jeffaral

      Lots of talk about Muslims but people forget that Blacks  have a far higher potencial for crime and mayhem,

  • Defiant White

    Inconvenient truth.  Progressives love to play the “America is a nation of immigrants” card.  But what we’re seeing happen today is not the same as what our ancestors allowed to happen.

    Take Italians.  4 million came to the US between the 1880s and 1920.  The US had a population of 106 million . . . so the ratio is 3.7%

    Roughly 2 million Irish flooded in between 1820 and 1860.  US pop in 1860 was 31 million.  Ratio:  6.5%

    Compare that to the Hispanic population which grew by 15 million between 2000 and 2010 (5% in TEN YEARS!).  The 2010 census counted 50 million Hispanics in the US . . . a ratio of 16%

    The numbers alone show that past immigration has little to do with current immigration patterns.  Add to that the fact that Irish and Italians assimilated and became AMERICAN, while the Hispanic tends to  identify with whatever culture they came from . . . and what’s happening can be described in one word:


    • ncpride

      It drives me crazy when the left use the argument that ‘immigrants’ built this country. Yes, in a sense they did, but what they won’t admit is that they were WHITE European immigrants, so the notion that allowing all these Mexicans, Asians and Africans in on that premise is utterly ridiculous. 

    • jeffaral

      Italians from Sicily assimilated very well, they became gangsters!

      •  Well, movies would be bland without them.

      • The celt

        Look at the real history on who the gangster where,Murder Inc comes to mind,see where that leads you,there is a reason all the gangster in the movies are always expressed as Italian.

  • If you’re living in Britain, do a little experiment, switch on your television set and see how long it takes before you see a black face, it’s usually within 3 minutes. You’re either seeing a black news reader on SKY news , turn over to BBC news, you’re seeing a muslim news reader.

    • blindsticks

      Same with so called period dramas.  Whether  its Charles Dickens , Jane Austin, or a remake of Robin Hood. Watching these things used to be a way of escape. Not anymore.  We must have Negritude, negritude, negritude… See what they did to  ‘The 300   Spartans.
       Utterly ridiculous.

  • rightrightright

    The BBC’s Head of Religious Programming is now a Muslim.  Traitor Cameron has now made the unelected Baroness Waesi (a Paki Muslim) Minister for Faiths.

  • jeffaral

    Prepair for race war !

  • I don’t understand why it will take the gov’t three years, till 2015, to get immigration to the “tens of thousands” per year.  The usual foot-dragging and BS.  If the western economies implode, we will all be in Lord of the Flies scenarios anyway – could it be they’re hoping for that?  If they were dead serious they could stop bogus immigration tomorrow, just seal off the airports to the typical spongers – which might (gasp) require profiling.  I wonder if the British Establisment wails and grinds their teeth about profiling the way the US Establishment does.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’m sorry but the MPs are 45 years out of date – that’s when the last meaningful chance to do anything passed.
    Exactly the same time as Enoch Powell made his speeches in fact.
    But in all fairness, I realise that Messrs Field and Soames were probably too young to do anything back in ’68.

  •  I think the BNP needs to be more like Golden Dawn and give food and aid to the (Real) British.  That will make them look better in spite of the Bolshevik media smears.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Only 11 of the 36,000 petitions on that site have reached the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a House of Commons debate.
    This petition reached that 100,000 within a week, with the resulting debate in the House of Commons today taking place. We will at last be giving voice to the widespread public concern.

    If they are ‘allowing’ a debate to be had, via this petition, it’s because they have already reached the tipping point on their demographics shift.  And like all the hymning and hollering which commenced with the released documents which essentially point towards the Labour government electing a new people who are stupid, profligate breeders and unlikely to leave for greener, saner, pasture is just so much fluff to cover up the obvious:

    It is already too late.  White British will not compete in a breeding race with the Singhs and Husseins of the world _because that is not our genetic folkway_ and the latter will continue to have 5-8 kids per family.  Until we are statistically absorbed and replaced.

    Like a reversal of the way the Britons absorbed the Saxons and the Saxons absorbed the ‘Normen and Norman’ through the ages.  Only they were white and so interbreeding was favorable.

    Can they do it? They have promised to get the net immigration figure down to the tens of thousands by 2015. In later years they will need to get it down further to about 50,000 to stabilise our population.
    It’s not the quantity alone but the quality that matters.

    Pakistan which is getting countless BILLIONS WITH A B of pounds from Britain in funding for nominally ‘new schools’ but are in fact _new madrassas_, has an average IQ in the mid 80s, largely because of endless inbreeding among closely knit families seeking to control existing businesses because their TFRs have turned their country into a seething mass of people with no remaining growth available.  Bringing those people to Britain has not changed their microcephalic predilection to reproduce multiple children with their cousins and so Britain becomes dumber and dumber (no really, this is a serious issue which is tearing apart Britain’s socialized medicare with everything from spinal issues to kidney failure to deafness and yes, retardation in ‘the new breed’…).

    Their disgusting social and aesthetic norms are only part of the reason why whites refuse to intermarry with the invaders.  The other half is economic.  As they continue to cling to the belief that none can take their specialist job positions, whites will see the GDP pie slices becoming smaller and smaller for each ethnic group as the productivity of Britain proceeds to Third World levels while eligible, high IQ, replacement whites (Boers from South Africa for instance, even Baltic State and True Russians) are not brought in to compensate for the other groups insanely high TFRs in propping up the manufacturing and high tech markets.  And so they will isolate themselves behind walls of class status, thinking that they can control the laws and the finances, so will they be able to control everything else.  Such is already happening with the micro enclaves as ‘countries withing cities’ in the North especially.

    Yet because this is an aggressive and deliberate attempt to keep the engines of economy turning over by changing out populations for those who are dumb breeders, so will the real power shift to those who can -buy the most-.  And who will naturally choose to be led by those who pander to their own cultural and physical familiarities of preference.

    And I ask: what happens when mass consumerism itself fails?  As fail it must with the coming post peak in Oil Production which underlies -everything- (P3 = power, propulsion, plastic) else, on a global scale.  What happens is that, when Europe fills up with a hostile alien population uninterested in rule by a white elite class who cannot supply their own  dream of capitalist lifestyle, they will be replaced too.

    There is no doubt that we are headed for a Malthusian Moment (actually century) wherein the 12-14 billion people likely to be infesting this planet by 2100 will spend the better part of four generations dying back.  But it need only happen in the third world where continents like Africa and India are in a dead heat to see who reaches three billion first.

    Pakistan is again a great example of this. Half the population of the United States, 170 million people, living in an area slightly larger than Texas and Kansas. But in reality, _all_ of Chinese, Southwest Asian, African and Latin American cultures are the same.  Only whites live in balance within the limits of our terrain.  All others seek dominance through expansion and overrun before again filling up what they have taken.

    With nuclear weapons and strong conventional forces to guard her borders, White Europe would not suffer at all from this coming die off of the stupid.  There need be no _Camp Of The Saints_ scenario. 

    While, were Europeans to droop back to a baseline 100 million, (which is in fact -natural- for us, in as an aftermath of the baby boom which instinctively sought to avoid genetic bottlenecking effects in the wake of WWII attrition.) whites would be optimally set to inherit an earth whose other populations had forfeited their claim.

    What is driving the reverse scenario and what cannot go forward is Capitalism which is at the end of it’s tether in producing more excess consumer goods than anyone immediately NEEDS just to create a thermodynamically improbable (virtual) work product known as ‘profit’, sufficient to go on creating more and more new elites whose only contribution to a society they consider themselves to own is that of issuing money with which to buy into it’s enslavement.

    If nobody wants to trade paper for goods and services because the underlying natural resources are depleted, no amount of imported wage slaves will make things ‘better’.

    Especially given that what none of the other races of our world have mastered in the past, they will not master now: control over the gaping maw of their population growth.

    All of which is moot for the British.  For in a land never more than 75 miles from the ocean, what you will face is blood and tears from a contagion of racial locustism which you have not the room to run from.

    And it is pointless.  Because it will dethrone the British elites whose policy of race replacement this is at the same time crushing those who might have supported them.

    Racial Cowards and their Countries are soon parted.  The U.S. should take notice.

  • NM156

    However, London has a huge population of Eastern European immigrants included in the numbers you quoted.

  • NM156

    They’re an alien fifth column from Zeta Reticuli?