White Man Beaten to a Pulp in Public Square for Dating African-American Woman in Georgia

Leslie Larson, Daily Mail (London), August 31, 2012

A Georgia man was left bloodied and bruised after he was brutally attacked for dating an African-American girl.

The interracial couple were strolling through Ellis Square, a public space in Savannah, shortly before midnight last Friday, when they say three black men began taunting them.

The provocation began as racial slurs, then the scoffers started blowing kisses and suddenly the trio jumped the boyfriend, Andrew Quade – who is white, beating him and leaving him barely conscious.

The violent response to the mixed-race romance has left the couple in shock that such vicious intolerance still exists.

‘This shouldn’t happen in this day in age. I know we’re in the South and all that, but it’s time for a change,’ the girlfriend, Olufisayo Bakre, told WTOC-TV news.

The couple say they were simply minding their own business as they walked through the Savannah spot, one of the busiest squares in the historic downtown, known for being the epitome of Southern charm.

Then the group targeted the couple.

‘One of them was making racial comments at us and one of the them was blowing kisses. It was a very aggravating situation to be in,’ Bakre explained.

Quade, 23, said he tried to stay calm and just keep moving when the insults began.

‘I didn’t want to like freak out on them,’ he told the local news station.

‘I was trying to gain a little more knowledge about the situation and before we could even do that, it was just bam bam.’

He said everything happened so quickly when the gang attacked him, that he doesn’t even have a clear picture in his mind of the fight.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in an ambulance.

‘He was basically left for dead,’ Bakre said of the terrifying ordeal.

Andrew Quade

‘I was trying to pry them off and before I knew it he was on the floor. It happened all so quickly,’ she added.

Bakre insisted that the couple did nothing to provoke the brawl and is confident that the pair’s racial difference is what motivated the confrontation.

‘Definitely, it’s that simple,’ she said, with Quade adding that there just wasn’t ‘any logical reason they would have to just go all out like that.’

Bakre said that being an interracial couple in the U.S. South has come with its challenges but nothing that has ever escalated to this kind of violence.

‘The worst we’ll get will be a stare or like a snicker here or there but not physical contact,’ she said.

Police are now investigating and searching for the perpetrators.

They are reviewing surveillance video of the clash but say the footage is grainy and the cameras were located far away from the incident, so it is difficult to make out the faces of the assailants.

‘I just hope they get caught. I just hope justice prevails at the end of the day,’ Bakre said.

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  • and the crime is? 

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    Oh, how quick it would be international news if the races were reversed.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    ‘This shouldn’t happen in this day in age. I know we’re in the South and all that, but it’s time for a change,’ the girlfriend, Olufisayo Bakre, told WTOC-TV news.

    Is it just me or is she implying that EVERYONE in the South is racist, black or White?

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      “RAYYYCISM” Is probably all she knows. It’s the only card they got.

  • guest

    And to think, leftists seem to think that only whites have problems with inter-racial relationships.  This is more proof that despite what the leftists believe, non-whites don’t care for multiracial diversity.

    •  Wrong, black guys love inter-racial relationships when it involves them parading their white trophy girlfriends in public as a totem of their equality.   In private they sexually humiliate and dominate stupid white women to ameliorate their own feelings of inadequacy and inequality.  They just don’t want to share their own women because they know that to give up your women to another race is a humiliation.

      • samson1953

        Jesse James this is not only for parading white trophy girlfriends they want to breed you out make the usa brown.

      • “Black” males,as we are directed to refer to them here,are violently opposed to black females having sex with white men. If a black woman rejects the black male and accepts the white,what happens to the black males fat ego? And can he be sure his black female–not exactly renowned for her  sexual propriety–doesnt seek white men when he is at work,I mean when he is playing ball with the fellas? I kn ow people here at Amren have a knee-jerk reaction against ANY interracialism. But dating ablack women is ONE way(tho maybe not the best way!) of stickin’ it to Da Black Man!!

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This should be the next “Emmett Till” or “Trayvon Martin” story but of course it won’t be. Wrong color perpetrators.

    • Actually it’s because they are dead and this guy is not.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Dare I say this? Any white man who dates a nubian deserves a smack (not death, necessarily, just a smack).

    • april allen

      (almost)all of you commenters are complete idiots. Had you been a black guy and wanted to date a white women it would be completely okay, but because this white guy is dating a black woman he should get smacked, First off why do you care if he or any other person is dating out of their race its none of your business second whats wrong with her being nubian,that’s like me saying any person period who dates a british person should be smacked, and third while you’re on here saying he should be smacked this guy just got seriously hurt almost unconscious and its people like you that are the reason he’s hurt. That kind of comment is very inappropriate, and even though you said not beaten to death and all he might have gotten hurt but plenty of black people were killed for this. People like you make me sick, if you don’t like people outside of your race that’s fine but let people have their own preferences and worry about your own.

      • Rusty Nail

        Hey, I like you. I had a beautiful black wife. I will see her in the next world.
        But for now

  • Irony:

    The black men who beat up this white men for going with a black woman would ditch a black woman for a white woman if given half a chance.

    • CoweringCoward

       Oh yeah! Whenever you meet a black male who has found some white skank, the first thing out of his mouth will be “I got a white girlfriend”! It becomes their defining characteristic!
      Little wonder that so many brainwashed white females, after realizing all the sales pitch was a LIE, and trying to leave their bantu are killed? When the facade falls, their lower, slower processors just can’t handle the shock of reality, so they snap into a murderous rage!

      • It’s called Die-versity for a reason.

      • It’s called Die-versity for a reason.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        The “subtle” juxtaposing of an attractive White female with a Black male is getting more frequent in TV commercials. 

        • samson1953

          Thank you for picking this out LaSantaHermandad
          Also on English  TV commercials LaSantaHermandad
          Its Brain washing the young
          so as to make it the norm in there minds to mix this is state run watch out also your filmes will have hidden messages that triger the Brain to reacte to the signals given like for an advert for food same trigger they used Radio like 2nd world war our people belived every word that came for a mouth over the air
          And tv is far more .

        • Ed_NY

          I have noticed this too but I would not call it “subtle”. 

        • SOOOOOOOO true. Look at the JC Penney back to school ad which is ubiquitos.It shows kids getting hair cuts and school supplies and,for some strange reason, a black male and white female connecting at a laundromat,where their butts touch as they put on their jeans. Whaaa???

      • VERY amusing watching the Heidi Klum-Seal divorce wind its inevitable way to conflict,if not all out war. Seal is a washed-up has been,while Heid has “dem big bucks.” Seal is washed up in otherw ays too,to his humiliation. OJ?

    • dukem1

       Oh Yeah!  The average black guy would push Halle Barry out of his car if he thought he had a chance with Rosie O’Donnell.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I’ve noticed that a lot of the classy Black Women celebrities tend to go to White men. Diana Ross, Diahnn Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge to name a few. I can understand why.

        • samson1953

          LaSantaHermandad  classy Black Women dont make me laugh its only money and fame for opening ther mouths and a White man milking it takeing it for what he can get from it and that is that nothing eals
          Please dont read to much into that its just cash $ 

        • blight14

          ‘Classy black women’?

  • Michael C. Scott

    It looks like another PC hipster has learned something about blacks.

  • Cogitator

    It is hard to feel sorry for this man. Whites should stick with whites, and blacks with blacks.

    And has been commented here by others, had the races been reversed, this would be a top news story, and the whites involved would be hunted down and severely punished.

    Is that what they mean by white privilege?

    • Ed_NY

      You are absolutely right.  I have no desire to work with, talk to, socialize, patronize, live near or otherwise be any where near or around blacks for any reason whatsoever.   I just wish blacks felt the same way towards Whites. 

      • CoweringCoward

         They do, (well not our women as their are…)but even they know they need to eat. All black “civilization” provides is eating whatever falls from a tree, our wards have become far too spoiled for their solo prospects.

  • TomIron361

    To the moderator. Why did you take my post off?

    The blacks aren’t always wrong. I have no problem with them working this race traitor bum over. A little bit of brain damage might do him a whole lotta good.

    • Because I have a fiduciary duty to the reputation of Jared Taylor, AR and the NCF.

      • CoweringCoward

         In no way am I impuning your motives or justification in removing certain comments but those are often the most flavorful ones 🙁

        • Whoever wants to pop off about glorifying black men beating up a white man can do it on their own websites.  AR is not going to sink to that level.

          • CoweringCoward

             I had not seen the orig comment, and was just being cheeky anyway.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Replying to Tom, your comment is morally wrong and so are the cowards that attacked this man. They are the scum of the earth and that goes double for their apologists.

          •  I’m trying to condition myself out of the “white liberal deserves it” mentality.  It’s as if nobody has ever changed their minds in their lives.  If we allow the attitude of “white liberal deserved it” every time something like this happens or a mahogany mob takes out after a gathering or haven of white liberals to permeate our subculture, then we’re communicating the message to white liberals that we don’t want you to self-convert to our way of thinking if you ever come to your senses.

          • while i don’t believe they deserve it. I believe that they had it coming. If these white liberals weren’t so sheep like and ignorant they would be on our side. I don’t think they deserve the pain but i don’t think we should be feeling bad for people who are actively working towards our genocide. White liberals are at the front line of this genocide and we should treat them as such until they smarten up.

          • TomIron361

            Sir, I’m not “glorifying black men beating up a white man.” I’m glorifying the beating itself of a race traitor, no matter who delivers the beating.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Your the same mindset as the Black savages.

          • TomIron361

            There’s a time and a place for savagery, and that white race traitor bum deserved his beating, no matter who it was that administered it.

          • This is the third time you have posted something like this.  This time, I’m going to leave it up, but I’m not going to protect you from the consequences.

          • CoweringCoward

             I am often the “firebrand” and have the disappeared comments to prove it, still I don’t think savagery is going to win us converts. This man certainly deserves to be shunned and made to feel a pariah when in the company of whites.

          • TomIron361

            Cwering – Agreed, but as things are deteriorating quickly now, race traitors should know they doomed. We have no time for false sympathy anymore. The die is caste and we’re close to having to fight the blacks, hispanics and fedgov all at once.

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            Save the bullets on the race tratiors, they get the cold steel…

          • GB101

            This is a vile comment.  You should be ashamed.  

          • godzillabloggs

            Thuggish. Very thuggish.  And on a site that deplores black violence, too.

          • TomIron361

            Sir, I have no idea what you people see (if anything) coming. It doesn’t take a whole lot of vision to understand the society is going to completely unravel at some point. Don’t get caught short when this happens. There’ll be no talking to our adversaries. They’ve already made it quite clear they hate us. They mean to exterminate us. This is not a game being played. It’s us or them. There cannot be, nor there will be any middle (I don’t want to be involved) ground. Wake up, it’s very late in the day to be walking around still fast asleep.

          • godzillabloggs

            Two questions for you.  Firstly. do you think that the beating is going to make Quade give up his black girl-friend?   Then,  do you intend to violently assault the next inter-racial couple you seee?

            My guess is that the answer to both questions is ‘No’.  All you are doing  is making vague, idle threats to beat somebody up, ot perhaps  you are  encouraging someone else to hand out a beating.   

            The end result is to give ammunition to the enemy.  If I was an ‘anti-racist’ agent provocateur, I would post stuff just like yours.

          • TomIron361

            A bunch of malarkey. But one thing you said is true. That piece of garbage won’t learn a thing. But the beating is intended for witnesses who may have the ability to learn.

          • samson1953

            glorifying black men they have no Glory they should never of put there feet on American soil.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Thank you !

          • This site is like porn for pencil “necked” cuckolds. You hate what you fear.

  • Don’t worry.  The Justice Department will be investigating and will suggest hate crime charges and Al Sharpton will speak.

  • Detroit_WASP

    If the black woman were a smart productive person, I couldn’t give a damn if I had to about dating a white man.   Most black women who “date out” are in fact the smarter ones drawn to stability rather than the antic of her own kind.

    I am not a racist in the true sense of the word.  I like Jews and Asians for their intelligence and achievements.  Because of the company I keep, I know many intelligent, educated Hispanics.  However, most of the blacks in encounter, educated or not, seem to believe the narative that “whitey is actively keeping us down” which is nonsense.  

    It’s the stupidity I hate, not their color. 

    • samson1953

      color does come into it its what they are all like.
      They hate you everyone of them for they want you gone they want your land your homes your lives for you and me and all whites on this world are enemys
      for thousands of years this as been and they are now winning and to have one top of the shop in your country is proof. 

    • Brutus

      I’m pretty much on the same page, though I don’t actually have much interaction with nonwhites. But I don’t mind there being small numbers of nonwhites in our society if they are intelligent, educated, and integrate into white society. 

    • blight14

       At some point(hopefully), you’re in for a big surprise….

      • Detroit_WASP

        LOL….yeah I know when the Jews have control of the central bank and set the blacks to burning America….it’s all part of their master plan…..right???   

    • Marcy Fleming

       Thank you once again for saying it all and so well.

    • april allen

      just to let you that’s stereotyping in disguise. You’re not better, if you didn’t know i usually have no problem with white people but this page is starting to make me think that there are more stereotypical white people then there aren’t.

  • “Hey Hon! I heard you met my fambly!”

  • fabius

     The girl is Nigerian. Whatever you think, only the cream of that country come here. Hardly your black american agitating for special favors. Could well be just right for Mr. Quade.

    • BS

    • OPersephone

      It’s still one more dead-ended white bloodline. They’re sealing our doom one by one.

      • samson1953

        Then we will be put to history  OPersephone

    • blight14

       Quade committed the ultimate sin for which there is no foreignness….’cream’ of the country….surely a monumental oxymoron…….

  • “Hey HOne! I heard you met my fambly!”

  • Pat Kittle

    Despite endless media reruns featuring evil whites & noble blacks in the civil rights era, the fact is today blacks are far safer in white neighborhoods than whites are in black neighborhoods, and everyone at least secretly knows it. Even “Reverend” Jessie knows it.

    Can you imagine the insufferably smarmy Rachel Maddow covering that? Without somehow blaming whitey?

    • samson1953

      that is so true Pat Kittle

    • Marcy Fleming

       She comes from white bread Castro Valley, ten miles south of Oakland.

      • Rusty Nail

        Thank you

  • Church_of_Jed

    As bad as this beating was, that a White man would socially interact with a Diversity is worse.

    • The__Bobster

      I wish I could’ve been there……to help beat him.

    • GB101

      Another vile comment indicating a very troublesome mindset.  Do you really believe that a man and a woman, choosing to be in each others company, walking peacefully in a public place, minding their own business, troubling no one is worse than a vicious beating?  

      Who you keep company with is your business; who Quade keeps company with is not yours, nor is it the business of the savages who assaulted him.   

      • Church_of_Jed

        Stop insulting savages by positively comparing them to blacks.

        Savages are much less dangerous.

      • Church_of_Jed

        My mindset is very troubled by the failure of Whites to maintain the sacred purity of Whiteness. I stand by my comment and everyone knows I’m right.

  • if it was the other way around, it would be plastered all over the news 24/7 until election day

  • godzillabloggs

    The sad thing is that if it were not for the legacy of slavery and racism, the attackers would have been nuclear scientists or doctors.

    • Ed_NY

      I agree, if it were not for the White man, Africans would have colonized the moon and Mars by now.  Have you noticed all of the cutting edge technology and innovation coming from Africa lately?

      • you mean like their cutting edge space program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKZ62xPSq0k&feature=plcp

        • Ed_NY

          What a wonderful piece of afro-engineering!

        • loyalwhitebriton

          Absolutely hilarious!
          Doesn’t it speak volumes that a dozen or so nubians can’t achieve, in 2012, what the two Wright brothers achieved in 1903!?

          • CoweringCoward

            Yes, and the nubians have the luxury of looking at working examples of what they are tying to build and 1,000 times better materials to work with as well.
            How many “white guys” are flying “home builts” around the world EVERYDAY?

        • A funny video indeed. Did you note that when they first loaded the plane onto the truck – it took around seven men to lift it straight up.

          Didn’t anyone think of using an inclined ramp connected to the truck bed? It would have been a lt easier.  

    • Well doesnt the Proud Black Man have a right to be angry?  His ancestors were forcibly taken across the Atlantic and put into a life of SLAVERY! Dragged away from their homes in Africa,where they were,uhm,well,slaves….hehe heh heh But still…

  • godzillabloggs

    Most newspapers pride themselves on keeping their readers ill-informed  about these crimes (and  much else, no doubt).  Factual, straightforward reporting is mere drudgery.  Newshounds are above all that.  They serve a higher cause – the cause of diversity. Their readers are encouraged to live in a land of make-believe – a land where ‘diversification’ is a great success, marred only by outbreaks of white racism. 

  • Well I for one am relieved that this is just a remote insolated instance by a few stray thugs and a not hate crime. It just too bad this white racist sought to provoke anger and disrespect against the colorfully vibrant mosaic of negro culture.

    • samson1953


  • samson1953

    Seek Same as in England the major media would treat it as the crime of the decade.

  • samson1953


  • samson1953

    Why did Lee not lisen to long why.

  • Ed_NY

    Come on Al, Jesse, SPLC, NAACP and all the rest of you hypocrites.  Where are you?  Why don’t you publicly condem this savage and racist attack? 

    As many have pointed out on this forum, we have to find out about this and other like incidents from a foriegn news source rather our own domestic news services.   Pravda and Tass have more credibility than our own television network news or major papers. 

  • NM156

    Now this is the kind of black violence I can get behind!

  • Brendan

    There’s a reason the online British media is really popular in the USA.

  • Dan Reardon

    I couldn’t care less what happens to this worthless boob. You charm snakes for a living, expect to get bitten.

  • CharlesFinley

    Then those groids will turn around and continue to pursue European-American women because their own kind are so disgusting.  I am sick-to-death of these low-down “citizens”.

  • “Olufisayo Bakre” 

    Many African women are decently smart and logical. 

    • The__Bobster

      Compared to a White woman he could’ve been dating?

      • CoweringCoward

         Or even Asian, Right Bob?

    • blight14

       You must be joking……..relative to what, a tapir?

  • refocus

    Look, its really simple:

    black dominates white – GOOD,

    whites dominate black – BAD

    If this honkey had not paraded his slave girl of color out there rubbin they nose in it, he wouldna got his asss kick.

  • The__Bobster

    They’re not presented as “couples”, but you’ll frequently see a blonde woman interacting with an afrovoodoo savage.

  • Vil

     “Once you go black, there´s no coming back, ’cause their’s a knife stuck in your back”

  • Djinn42

     An even bigger crime is that I live in Savannah and this is the first I’ve heard of it, and  that was thru Amren, and the story is from London media…it had to cross the pond before a Savannahian got wind of it.

  • Defiant White

    I normally don’t condone violence because it is counter-productive at this stage of our struggle.  But when I see some race mixer get his butt kicked . . . I do get a big broad smile across my face.  I don’t care if you’re black or white, male or female . . . knock it off.

    I hail my fellow black racialists for defending their race!  (he said sarcastically)

  • godzillabloggs

    It;s surprising that the Daily Mail has not been denounced for ‘hate-reporting’ by the SPLC.

  • GB101

    I live 250 miles from the place where this crime occurred, yet to learn about it I had to read an English newspaper article appearing an American Renaissance.  I suppose this is just not news to the people at the daily newspaper and the television stations where I live.  I won’t belabor the obvious, how the media here would have covered the story if the races of the perps and vic (and his girlfriend) were reversed.  

    As I was typing the paragraph above I thought maybe, just maybe, I was jumping to a conclusion.  Maybe there were reports that I missed.  So I searched on “quade savannah” in the newspaper and largest TV station.  Nada.  Then I googled “quade savannah” and found the following:

    Report in the Huffington Post
    Report in the NY Daily News
    Reports in the Grio and Zimbio, whatever they are
    Report on one Savannah television station
    Report in Drudge

    Nothing in the Savannah newspaper appeared; nothing on any other Savannah television station; nothing from any local newspaper or television station in any other Georgia or US city.  Non news.  Racists blacks beat white man.  

    Incidentally, he has been taken to Atlanta for surgery on his eye. 

  • GB101

    This is vile comment.  You should be ashamed.  There is nothing disgraceful in what Quade did, dating a black woman.  That is his business, not yours.  There are two disgraceful things going on here: the racist assault and the media’s ignoring it.  

  • Epiminondas

    Good for them.  Stupid honky.

  • What if Quade Googles his own name and winds up here?  Because of what happened to him, he’s primed for an ideological conversion, but if he reads a bunch of comments cheering his being beaten and wishing for worse or more, he’ll run right back in the other direction.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Yeah and he’ll run right into a hail of bullets if he stays in that direction long enough.

  • Once you go black, you aren’t welcomed/wanted back

  • T_Losan

    Non-white men do NOT like you dating their women.  I speak from experience as I have dated many non-white women.  They are more likely to accept my racial views (this is including black women) and my views on men’s versus women’s roles.  The real enemy isn’t blacks, it’s fellow whites.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      That’s right.  In my day, blacks pressured white girls to date them by claiming and calling them names like “racist” and “you’re prejucided,” (really simply, “You prege”…).  All these years later, young white girls are trained to be mud-sharks by the media, school, and pop music.  They haven’t got much of a chance and it takes a lot of personal abuse for them to decide to self-segregate.

  • CharlesFinley

         I stopped at a gas station for a beverage last night and the first thing I saw was a black male gassing up a car with a pregnant white woman in the driver’s seat.  I went on to the bar where my band was playing and there were seven or eight black males there, all with white women.  In the bathoom of that bar was a Budweiser poster about soldiers coming home.  The picture was of a black soldier holding a white woman in his arms, face to face.  Yes, they LOVE white women, but will definitely have a problem with whatever white idiot man who makes the poor decision to pair up with a black female. 
        Also, I once heard a couple of black co-workers discussing a a black female waitress who was dating one of our cooks (white).  One of them concluded, “She must not be able to handle no D!ck.”


    • blight14

       Charles, that is indeed disgusting………mostly because its true…….it guess this trend among white women is the ultimate display of anti social behavior…….I don’t know what else it could be…..I sort of miss the days when disturbed white women were doing the scarification nonsense as opposed to race mixing….it seems innocent in comparison…..

      • CharlesFinley

        My sister was into scarification AND black males.  She’s fifty now, and shacked up with an able-bodied black male who is on disability.  Bars on their windows, crackheads and prostitutes walking by….

        It will never get better.

        • blight14

           Tragic sir……

  • A lot of professional blacks are brought to the U.S. to fill racial quotas because U.S. blacks can’t be found.  She probably had a good job.

  • Ulick

    A white guy getting attacked by a group of blacks for dating a sista happens more frequently than the media let’s on.  Shocker, I know, that the media doesn’t cover it and that blacks attack in a group. 

    Here’s an example from 2009 where at least six (but likely ten) blacks jumped one white kid for dating a sista, and the blacks used one of their favorite weapons and techniques — the brick to the head. 

    Seriously, what the hell is up with the brick to the head?


    • CharlesFinley

      They’re not “sistas”.

      They are groid females.

  • godzillabloggs

    If the beating was meant to be educational, as at least one poster believes, then why did the girl-friend escape being slapped?  It could be that the attackers belonged to the rare breed of gentleman savages,  but it’s my guess that Mr Quade would have been attacked even if he had been alone.

  • blight14

     Agree Lee, I can’t imagine being ‘with’ a black female even if one was waiting for me after a hypothetical 30 year stint in prison….the mere thought is sickening……my friends don’t believe that I wouldn’t ‘love to bed Janet Jackson, etc’………..No boy, I would not…I would no more do that than I’d swim in a cesspool……

  • blight14

     I noticed that too, in addition, the ‘new’ phrase for an indeterminant amount of time, the ‘minute’…………’How long has your tooth been hurting? Oh, a minute or so’…….the first time I heard that I thought they must have been in our parking lot when the pain began…..I now hear whites using the silly term on occasion, I have an assistant(white) that uses it when around blacks, I told her in no uncertain terms that she isn’t to use that silliness in MY office…..

  • John Bonham

    You mean the one where the guy was stabbed with a fork ?? That one  ??
    Yeah, it’s been ALL over the news, and guess what ?? As a hate crime..
    I knew about his a few hours after it happened.  So I have no idea where you’re heading with your statement..
    BTW , if the roles were reverse it would not be charged as a hate crime.. Funny isn’t it ?   http://www.myfoxny.com/story/19404340/black-man-stabbed-with-fork-in-hate-crime-attack

  • This, and other examples like this, shows you how angry black men get when white men take black women. Black men assume white men get equally angry when black men take white women. Getting white men angry is one of the MAJOR motivations for black men pursuing white women. It is just another way of attacking and hurting white men.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Dear Tom Iron,

    I never received your “removed comment” but, I think I understand where you’re coming from.  It’s not that you “approve” of White People, even being the race traitors they are, of ever being beat BUT, you’re so fed up, you find yourself unable to muster up any sympathy for said when they do experience an ass kickin’.

  • IstvanIN

    I do not believe in race mixing, however no one deserves to be beaten nearly to death, or to death, or to be beaten at all.  Sorry, beating people isn’t our way, or at least shouldn’t be (except for serf-defense).  They are the uncivilized, not us.

  • While working a part-time job at a big box store,I was offerd a ride home by an African immigrant. We had a nice converstaion til he aked me about another co-worker,a black American. “He’s lazy,isnt he?” the African said. I replied,”Hell YEAH he’s lazy! “And we both laughed long and hard.

  • Halle Barry “classy”?? That tigress is a mean,nasty,foul-mouthed monster whose every relationship is a battlefield!!She is a basket case of dysfunction,and is no great beauty either,just because she is a mullatta!!  NO F’ing THANKS!!! HELL NO!! DOUBLE HELL NO!!!

  • Well,Rihanna is rather cute…

  • There are times when this has (literally!!)been the case. I look at the female and I think,My God! Who would want to…But sickeningly,I have seem very attractive women in  the company of thug (rhymes with “triggers”)!

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      In fact, way too much. And the problem is that white women can’t be educated or convinced that they are making a huge mistake with consequences for themselves, but also for whites, and no longer just in the long run, but right now.

  • newscomments70

    Whites need to rebuild law enforcement and justice that serves us. Our current system has decayed beyond repair. 

  • newscomments70

    Why hasn’t Fox News covered this? I thought they were on our side (ha ha). I guess Amren is the place to go for news. 

  • Michael C. Scott

    Am I a “race traitor” for having married a Japanese and fathered a child with her?  I’m 3/16 American Indian – Cherokee and Tuskarora.  Viewed in that light, is what I did really a tragedy for the white race?  Even if I am some sort of “race traitor”, which side would you want me on? 

    Ariadne looks so much like me that Sayaka and I like to joke about wondering who the mother was.  We’d like another, but there’s no money for that.  The second would be “Penelope”, or if a boy, “Owen”.  Ariadne likes Neverwinter Nights as well.  She doesn’t have a “Barbie” doll, but I rigged up some injection molding equipment in the basement and turned out 1/6 slace models of her mother’s NWN characters, Imytholia and Amilmathiel.  Getting the chainmail to look right was a royal pain.

    Don’t hate Quade.  The heart is a wild thing, and answers only to itself.

  • cookiemoster31

    The heart wants what it wants. I’m with a guy that loves me with all of his heart & I love him just as much. He doesn’t care about the fact that I’m black & I don’t care about the fact that he’s white. We like each other for who we are. I’m not the stereotypical black girl & he’s what you would consider a “nerd”. But, I don’t see that. I see him as a sweet person who loves me. No one deserves to be beaten up for that. No matter who you are. Those people were just ignorant.

  • Frank Calisi

    I was stationed down in Jaxsonvillee.Fla bacjk in 1979. It apperard that Jim Crow laws were prevalent at the time even so they were off the books. The blacks stayed on there part of town the whites had theirs. I myself am dark tan so I felt i could venture to both camps withpout much incident back then I guess things have not changed much !!

  • Johnny Bill

    21st century and still hear the same bullsh….t about black and white…. People, when will you wake up and realize that colour only apply to clothes and decoration painting and not to people …..!!!!???? what moves a man, his skin or his blood? The blood is red for everyone and the Spirit has no colour ….. so you better stop this non-sense about white or black pride ….. we are all mixed, you come from a man and woman from maybe different tribes, regions, nationalities or that you don’t even know….. so I say , love has no bareer, only foolishness create separation between people….. no race , only the same human beings….

  • CommonSense

    I like how all of you think it’s so horrible when a white man almost gets knocked unconscious, but plenty of black men and women got beaten to death for dating outside of their race. Most of you people commenting are going on saying how your not racist, and even if your not everyone see’s how you stereotype us, African american people. So even if you’re not racist or you are but choose to deny it we still see how much of a stereotypical douche bag you are.

  • april allen

    Just to let you know you are not a true american maybe german, english, or some other thing but i’m African american and probably more american than you. Cherokees and such are true americans, and i’m native also. You can comment how much you want to send us back to africa but you don’t know all the people who want to send you back to your homeland so (‘_’)/

  • Rusty Nail

    Homosexual Michael you can come out now

  • Rusty Nail

    Judgment day is coming for you and hell after

  • Rusty Nail

    Do you know hostile

  • Guest

    Oh look. More racism against whites