MSNBC Fears Romney has White Appeal

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media, August 28, 2012

Fear has set in at MSNBC. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are in a state of panic over the idea that Mitt Romney may appeal to white voters and that Obama may not. That Obama is running a campaign based on black racism and exploitation of ethnic divisions in society is of no concern to them.

Citing polling data that blacks and Hispanics are going for Obama, Maddow said on her August 24 show, “Mitt Romney’s only hope now is to win over white voters by a very large margin.” Maddow went on to say that she believes this is why Romney made a joke about Obama’s birth certificate. She made it clear that, in her mind, this was an unacceptable way to campaign and win votes.

Jared Taylor, who runs the organization American Renaissance, comments, “Rachel Maddow wonders whether Mitt Romney is trying to get ‘the white vote.’ What an idea! Everyone tries to cultivate blacks, Hispanics, and even Asians, but wouldn’t it be ‘racist’ to cultivate the white vote? Actually, because they cast 76.3 percent of the votes in the 2008 election, anything that shifts even one or two percent of whites your way is worth doing.”

Taylor told AIM, “Hispanics were only 7.4 percent of the electorate [in 2008], so getting just one percent more of whites to vote for you is like getting 10 percent more Hispanics. If you were Romney, where would you concentrate your efforts?”

The Obama campaign has run a 60-second ad, entitled “We’ve Got Your Back,” appealing to black voters’ nostalgia about the election of the nation’s first African-American president, calling for those voters to “have the President’s back” and stand with Obama again in November.

A black voter commented on the website where the ad is posted: “I am black and I think if Mitt Romney made an ad targeting white people that would be considered racist, but Obama can target blacks and it is not? Ridiculous.”

None of this is worthy of condemnation from the liberal commentators at MSNBC.

Jared Taylor, author of the book, White Identity, has been banned from most programs because he dares to talk about whites as people with special interests of their own, separate from various minority groups. “Only whites must always act as individuals and never as members of a group that promotes shared interests,” he notes in his book, in commenting on the politically correct mindset that prevails on racial matters in America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the far-left group that is said to have inspired the violent homosexual to open fire on the Washington office of the Family Research Council, has smeared Taylor as a “white nationalist.”

On her program, Maddow noted that an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Romney with zero percent of the African-American electorate and losing to Obama among Latinos by a 35-point margin. These lop-sided margins were not considered in any way racial by Maddow. Instead, she viewed them as an expression of legitimate political interests.

The idea of zero percentage of blacks voting for Romney didn’t strike Maddow as racist in any way.

But the notion that white people would vote for Romney, and that he would try to win their votes, was something that she rejected as improper and completely out of bounds.


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  • Church_of_Jed

    Are they worried that Obama has black appeal?,

    you might ask, but they are really most worried about Whites’ noticing that his blackness has black appeal and then conflating the sacredness of blackness with the universal idea of racial solidarity, which might lead to ‘ugly and dangerous thoughts’  in our racist minds about the possibility of White sacredness justifying White racial solidarity.

    To combat such a toxic outcomes, look for stories about Obama’s appeal to blacks to always include something that condemns Whiteness for the ongoing harm we do to blacks, such as the painfully enduring legacy of slavery, oppressive colonialism and imperialism, shameful Jim Crow segregation, unearned White privilege, racist Tea Party extremists, dangerous Neo Nazis, violent Klu Klux, Confederate Civil War reenactors, and Johnny Rebel’s greatest hits.

    MSM sez dat because of Whiteness running amok and doing all it can to hurt the beloved community of color, blacks just must support black Obama, and Uncle Toms who don’t will be dealt with by the NBPs.

  • David Ashton

      The racist hypocrisy described here and especially the implications of the last two paragraphs need to be fully publicised.  Without saying whites should vote as whites for the white men, let the facts speak for themselves and maybe the white population will get the obvious message.  The more white votes the white candidate gets will create a greater obligation on him to act in the present majority interest after election. 

    • The__Bobster

      Whites were about 90% of the population in the early 60’s, yet Congress voted against White intetrests big time during this time interval.

      • Blaak Obongo

         At that time, the Imperial governmedia were pushing the notion that “civil rights” would not harm White dominance in any way, but would give the poor, poor blacks a charitable helping hand.  Fifty years ago, they still felt the need to keep their true agenda under wraps.

      • MekongDelta69

        “The Great Society” should really have been named “The Black Society”. LBJ and everyone who voted for all those “helping hand” anti-white programs in ’64, ’65 and ’66 knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

        • Church_of_Jed

          If you aren’t worrying about what the SPLC tells you to worry about, your are definitely a vile, sick racist.

          Report – Fall Issue

          Death in the Desert

          The unsolved murders of two undocumented immigrants near Eloy, Ariz. earlier this year, coupled with four remarkably similar murders in the same area in 2007, have raised the specter of a vigilante campaign to murder Latino border crossers.

          Paying the Price

          An officer risked his life to infiltrate the violent subculture of neo-Nazis
          in Florida. In the end, it cost him dearly.


          The National Alliance, once the most important hate group in America, has
          been reduced to nearly complete irrelevance in the 10 years since its
          founder’s death. That hasn’t stopped recent recruits from engaging in at least a dozen murders and other crimes.

          World Nuts Daily

          For years, an extreme-right online “news company” called WorldNetDaily has been pumping out staggering volumes of baseless conspiracy
          theories, end-of-the-world predictions, and “birther” attacks on
          President Obama. But its truly defining moment may have come with the fairy-tale claim that soybeans cause homosexuality.

  • Cliff Kincaid proudly and openly attended the CofCC National Convention in D.C. in 1999.  I am not surprised he gave Jared Taylor some column-inches.  He’s a good example of someone who can kinda float between our world and the lamestream conservative / “religious right” world.

    Republicans should pander to whites.  According to 2010 exit polling, whites were the only racial group to give Republicans a majority of their votes, and save the odd plurality winner, you need majorities to win elections, and Republicans won a lot of them in 2010.

    • Robert Binion

      I am in error.  I thought shrill petulance animated the moosebirds at MSNBC.  That Kincaid quotes Jared Taylor at length and in context must engender spasms of terror down where Matthews keeps the autographed photo of “Tip” O’neill.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    MSNBC is the lunatic asylum of cable television.

    •  The lesbian sister of CNN!

      • Biff_Maliboo

         Years ago, she would have been kept chained in the attic…

        • blight14

           Then I long for the old days……

      • The__Bobster


      • Church_of_Jed

        Today’s News:

        Piers Morgan Says CNN Needs to Be “Livelier, More Provocative, More Opinionated”
’s News:

        Tomorrow’s News:

        Piers Morgan Complains that CNN Not Using “Racist” Enough in Romney-Ryan Reporting

  • MekongDelta69

    Just for laughs (and believe me, it was comedy relief), I tuned into MSNBC last night for about 10 minutes. They had the entire lineup of lunatics – Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Howard Fineman, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and some other guy.

    I just wanted to see whose head would explode first. It was close, but I’d have to give the award to Sharpie. Madcow deferred to him as a “great orator” so Sharpie starts his spiel. “Ah think Christie wuz… uh… uh… uh… bein’ mean an’ racist… uh… uh… uh… (etc., etc.)… He wuz lahk Ralph Kramdem of da Honeymooners… uh… uh… uh… goin’ ‘ping, zoom, to da moon Alice’ (etc., etc.)”

    I KNEW I heard him say that and then he said it AGAIN!
    I’m sure Jackie Gleason is looking down going, “It’s Kramden you moron. And I said, ‘bang, zoom…’, not ‘ping, zoom’. This is the best you people have?”

  • Chimp Master Rules

    I have no illusions about Romney . . . but . . .

    I was HAPPY to see an attractive, older white woman, with her hair done, nice makeup and a nice dress . . . talking with respect and obvious affection about her white husband and GLOWING when speaking about her five boys and 18 grandchildren. 

    I was HAPPY when the camera panned the audience and I saw a sea of smiling white faces.

    He may not be able to overturn 50 years of liberal lies, hypocrisy, failed social programs, arrogant coloreds and open borders . . . but If Romney & Family can move into the White House, fumigate, repaint and just act WHITE . . . I will feel like we may have taken a step in the right direction.

    I think a lot of whites . . . and I don’t mean racialist whites . . . are sick of liberal pandering, colored hijinks and the destructiveness of the Cult of Multicult.  Like me, they’re ready for a white man to take charge . . . even a pansy like Romney.

    Like Churchill said:

    “It isn’t the end.” 

     “It’s not even the beginning of the end.

    “But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    • Enar_Larsson

       —I think a lot of whites . . . and I don’t mean racialist whites . . .
      are sick of liberal pandering, colored hijinks and the destructiveness
      of the Cult of Multicult.  Like me, they’re ready for a white man to
      take charge . . . even a pansy like Romney.—

      Yes, absolutely. Even normal, slumbering whites are sick to death of the pandering and secretly longing for someone to just stand up and say “I don’t care that you think I’m racist and I don’t care that I offend you and I don’t care that my being explicitly pro-white makes you uncomfortable”. But Romney–like his dad–is a poster child for the “Multicult”. While it would be nice to have a traditional family back in the White House, he is not going to be the guy who stops the runaway train.

      • GravitonX

         Actually, most of us, the true silent majority, are sick to death of the maniac tea-party types antagonizing every minority they see with their hateful rhetoric and who are generally complicating our lives.  Most of us have friends who are minorities who we genuinely like and work with.  Most of us “secretly long” that there was a huge spaceship we could put tea-party people on and send them into space.

        • ABM

          Actually, most of us want to put the nonwhites on a spaceship and send them off.

    •  I could have done without all the lovey-dovey greeting card bilge.  But I would imagine that the Q scores from her speech were off the charts at times.

      But it’s time to be Debbie Downer.

      Ann Romney’s speech won’t play well in all quarters, for two main reasons:

      1.  For all of her’s and Mitt’s struggles, especially MS and breast cancer, by the time she developed those afflictions, Mitt was already a multi-millionaire.  It wasn’t as if Mrs. Auto Worker came down with MS the day after Mr. Auto Worker was laid off from the assembly line.  The only thing which might assuage those hard feelings a little bit was that they didn’t start out rich, because George Romney did for Mitt what I would do if I were rich and had kids, that is, explicitly refuse to give them any large sums of money.

      2.  Ann Romney never had to work because her husband made enough money.  That makes working married women (who have to work because the wage/salary scale has been driven down so far) jealous, and I haven’t even gotten to working single mothers.  That jealousy turns to outright burning anger when the well to do not-having-to-work married woman is involved in politics, and/or is being socially “preachy.”  As in, “yeah, lady, easy for you to say how I should live when you’ve got a rich husband.”

  • crystal evans

    Let’s put it this way. Blacks will vote for Obama because he is black. He has not done much for the black community. Obama has done more for latinos and gays than blacks.

    • GravitonX

       President Obama is a selfless leader and will be rewarded for his generosity.  Imagine that.  Doing the right thing and being rewarded for it.  Win-Win.  What a concept!

  • I wonder if MSNBC will comment on how (black) Mia Love was being defamed by the liberals after the speech she gave at the RNC.  Liberals went to her wikipedia page and called her a “House N*****” and an Aunt Tom.

  • MissBonnie123

    My belief is that the Republicans should openly focus on White voters. Why not? Blacks and Hispanics will NEVER vote for Republicans in any appreciable numbers, so why waste time on trying to appeal to them?

    The Republicans need to remake their party and start focusing on the White middle class instead of the rich elitists who are destroying the middle class and our country.

    The Democrats are hopeless and openly pander to the nonwhites and show a complete disregard for White Americans. This also leads to the destruction of our economy.

  • ncpride

    Kudos to our Mr. Taylor for calling out that Maddows dude. It’s always refreshing to see rabid liberals have their hypocricy shoved in their faces.

  • Along those lines, we should all participate in the “White Card” campaign, whether you plan on voting or not. Check this out:

  • IKantunderstand

    Whoa! Smeared as a ” White Nationalist”. That almost tastes as good as being smeared with peanut butter and honey… wait, got my websites confused.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I’m inclined to believe that people are starting to realize what horses’ a$$*s all those commentators on MSNB are : Matthews( tingle up the leg), Madcow, Sharpton (He should be in jail for the Freddie’s Fashion Mart & the Tawana Brawley incidents,) Piers Morgan (ship him back to England). They won’t have the ratings much longer and they’ll disappear into the fog.
    Hoffman’s Theory states that there are more of the above mentioned item of Equine anatomy than there are horses.

  • dukem1

     It’s not ” That having the first non-white president of the USA wasn’t as cool as they were told it would be.” …it’s having the most inept, incompetent hack job imaginable as the chief executive…I’m just hoping against hope that the citizens who put him in the white house are finally over him…I mean, pat yourselves on the back, feel good about voting for the black guy but…get over it!!
    We’ve had him batting cleanup for four years now, and it’s obvious he can’t hit the curve ball! 
    Failed experiment..Pay him off and re- build.

  • Tired of being so cautious and nice with what I say or do. I’m tired of feeling guilty about supporting a white man because he has better ways to run a country and really help EVERYONE in the long run. All this why the other side has turned this into a race war. Samuel L. Jackson said it best: “I’m going to vote for Obama because he’s black”…………well, I’m going to vote for Romney because he’s white (and has a better plan to balance our economy, lower governmental handouts, stop Obamacare, reward good behaviour while stopping the rewards for bad behaviour, etc, etc, etc…)