Illegal immigrants could receive more than $7 billion this year in federal tax credits, according to one estimate, thanks to a loophole in the law that allows people not authorized to work to reap the government payments with no questions asked.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office calculated that, based on recent trends, illegal immigrants could receive roughly $7.4 billion through a provision known as the Additional Child Tax Credit. That’s more than quadruple what the payout was four years ago, but the payments have been steadily increasing over the past decade.

Though illegal immigrants are prohibited from receiving similar tax credits, a quirk in the law allows them to qualify for the child tax credit. And it’s a “refundable” credit, meaning recipients can reap the money—with average checks totaling about $1,800—even if they’ve paid no taxes.


Illegal immigrants can qualify because even people not authorized to work in the U.S. are supposed to file returns with the IRS. If they don’t have a Social Security number, they are provided what’s known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in order to file returns.

And those filers are not excluded from claiming the Additional Child Tax Credit, which is offered to some families with children under 17 years old.


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    Its a Rogue Government.  A government I do not recognize and not described in the US Constitution.  Its a Government that has declared war on the American people.

    • Chimp Master Rules

      It’s jewish government by the rich and for the rich.  This latest exposure is the tip of the iceberg of how blacks and mestizos are used to keep the rich in power.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       I don’t think they declared war: They are terrorists.

  • Give a mouse a cookie. . .

  • Chimp Master Rules

    How much of that seven point whatever billion ends up remitted to mexico where it flows to drug cartels who then . . .

    . . . ah, what’s the use.  It’s over.  Turn the oven off and stik a fork in the late, great US of A.

  • They can’t receive this tax credit unless they’re doing what they’re not allowed to do, which is work.

    Attention, IRS:  Instant paper trail to a Federal crime of some sort, either an employer knowingly hiring illegal aliens or illegal aliens slinging fake ID.

    • RisingReich

      Who are the tax preparers whom would file for these alien freeloaders?  They should be jailed for aiding in a conspiracy to commit tax fraud.

      I learned last night over a barbeque that many illegal aliens make up SSNs to file fraudulent tax returns, surely the IRS knows when they get a made up one?  The address goes on the 1040 what more info is needed to launch an investigation?  Those people should be tracked down and arrested.  Should send them home with a bill to the home country for the fraud committed.

      That’s common sense policy for any third world crap hole.  For the US – that’s ‘inhumane’, ‘unjust’, and ‘raycis’.  Oh – the evil horrors of enforcing a Nation’s laws.  Someone may feel ‘like really bad inside’ or heaven forbid be deported.

  • Ingvones

    I agree with Aunti Occupy- this has become a dangerous rogue government that has betrayed the American people and the Constitution, and it’s a stomach-turning outrage to realize how much both major parties have made sure of this. The illegal immigrant problem was fueled by big business-loving Republicans as much as multicultist Democrats, as the history of amnesty and our crooked immigration system has shown. It’s become clear that for Whites in America, our enemy has become the two-party duopoly itself, we are doomed as a people in the USA so long as our political system is under the complete control of two parties that pretend to be in opposition, but in reality are both under financial control of special interests that are actively pursuing our ruin as a people. We have to throw out the comforting and false delusion that the Republicans are in any way friendlier or less hazardous to us than the Democrats. Even if we ignore the GOP’s recent treason against White America on matters like the mass outsource of US jobs both blue-collar and hi-tech, or encouragement of mass immigration to White communities to set us at each other’s throats and knock down wages, or their war against White workers and White commonwealths in heavily White states- the Republicans are in a state of active war against White America now that they’re under the control of Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC, a direct threat against the very lives of us and our children. Keep in mind that this is a narrowly-focused and extremist lobby, and many if not most American Jews dislike them- a friend and the harshest critic I know of AIPAC is himself Jewish, and many Israelis are against an Iran war- but that matters very little because Adelson, AIPAC and their stooges in power have billions of dollars that they’ve used it to in effect buy the Republican Party and demand loyalty from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for a war against Iran, paid for by American tax dollars and the lives of White American boys and girls sent to fight the war.
    It’s painful to admit that the two-party system itself has so completely failed us in the United States, which is why way too many White Americans get fooled into thinking they can just work within it, or that the GOP is less dangerous to our people. I used to think this too and at one point even donated money to this traitorous party, but my own wake-up call came a few years ago when my neighbor lost his son in the Iraq War. Scratch the surface and you’ll see who drew the US into that ruinous defeat- American Israel-firster neoconservatives above all Feith, Wolfowitz, Kondracke, Krauthammer, Abrams, Cantor, Perle and others like them who, in addition to their backstabbing of White America in positions of power, also often get prime soapboxes to spout their Israel-first propaganda in pretend “conservative” media like Fox News. 

    They had and continue to have prominent positions in the Republican Party, got AIPAC’s help to draw up a hardline Israel-centered foreign policy and force US political figures into supporting it, and then used their media control to bamboozle the US into fighting Israel’s war, sending our sons and daughters to bleed and die for it. Saddam had nothing to do with bin Ladin and in fact they hated each other’s guts, Saddam had no capacity to hurt the US though he’d become a thorn in the side of Israel’s hardliners. But the neoconservatives, loyal to Israel at the expense of the United States where they’re all citizens, managed to confuse the issues and push the US Republican establishment into using thousands of American lives and trillions in American treasure for Israel’s benefit. These neoconservatives are disgusting in every way, while the two parties in the US split their anti-White policies between each other, the neoconservatives combine them in one package- major support for massive immigration and bankster theft from working Americans, big support for cheap-labor visas slamming our tech industries and the outsource business and above all, acting as agents of Israeli hardliners and pushing the US to pay for and fight Israel’s imperial wars in the Mideast. My neighbor lost his only son due to the neoconservatives and their power over the GOP, and if anything, the Republicans are even more dangerous to us now with the level of control the neoconservatives have gained over their party.

    • Ingvones

      It’s also worth mentioning the extent that the crooked Israel-firster billionaire Sheldon Adelson is bank-rolling Romney and Ryan’s campaign, and he demands blind loyalty from them in using the US military and treasury to fight Israel’s wars- Romney had to all but grovel at Adelson’s feet and guarantee support for a US-led and paid-for war with Iran, fought of course with the blood of White Americans that Adelson and other Israel-firsters hold in contempt. Eric Cantor, another Israel-firster and one of the most hateful politicians in the US, is one of the top officials in the Republican Party. Cantor if you recall has constantly whined about the US budget deficit as an excuse to cut disaster relief funding and job support for White Americans in economically-depressed and disaster-hit communities esp in the South and Midwest, while supporting the mass outsource of US jobs to other countries. 

      And yet Cantor doesn’t hesitate despite that deficit to send even more tens of billions of US dollars to Israel and spending trillions more from the supposedly empty US Treasury to carry out the wars of Israel’s unhinged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu- much more important than a few million insignificant Whites in America busting their backsides to work or provide food for their kids. And Cantor of course would also never send himself or his own kids to do the dirty business of actually fighting the war, like Adelson he feels it’s much better to spill the blood of mere White Americans who are useful only as cannon fodder. Eric Cantor, AIPAC and the Republican neoconservatives are committing high treason against the United States in plain view, and in any other country they’d be condemned and shipped off to jail for it- but in the Republican Party, their treason against White America is celebrated and rewarded with positions of high power. In comparison true patriots like Ron Paul, among the tiny few in the GOP with the courage to point out the truth about AIPAC, are pushed aside, marginalized and viciously attacked by the Republican Party elite for simply telling the truth. Just as Orwell predicted and warned.

      So if you’re happy sending off your children as a sacrifice for Netanyahu and Israel’s imperial wars, then by all means, drink the two-party Kool-Aid, be a blind sheep and vote Republican. But if you care about your children and our survival in the US, then accept the unpleasant truth about our system and reject the two-party vice grip, The downfall of the two-party duopoly won’t happen overnight, and that makes it even more important to start fighting it right now- not in November, not 4 years from now. There are many other options, from writing in Ron Paul to supporting one of the conservative options that haven’t been bought out by Adelson and AIPAC such as Virgil Goode and the Constitution Party, Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party or the third position candidates. 

      If these true conservatives, who’ve refused to grovel and lick Adelson’s boots, garner enough votes on Election Day, then they’ll be able to participate in subsequent debates, gain campaign funds and of course gain significant media attention. And it’s only then that the US can finally move in the direction that Europe’s nationalist parties have been successfully paving the way for, for many years already- the Italian northern League, the Freedom Party in Austria, the Swedish Democrats, Vlaams Belang of  Belgium, the Dutch Nationalists, the Swiss People’s Party, the French National Front, Jobbit, the True Finns, the Danish People’s Party – who refuse to grovel and be bought out by crooked lobbyists, and stand tall in defense of their White cities, towns and citizens. Don’t just read this on Amren- it’s exactly as a result of media shaming by AIPACers like Adelson that our views and the defense of our people have been pushed out of the mainstream media and sources. Go out and get your friends and your family, your fellow Bloggers, your farms and your neighborhoods involved in the cause of rejecting this crooked two-party system and the crooks who run it. Our people depend on it, and we need to follow up with concrete action.

      • redfeathers

        Didn’t Adelson say he wishes he had served in the Israeli military instead of ours?  And that he wants his son to serve there as a sniper?

  • razorrare
  • razorrare

    With average checks totaling about 1,800 dollars…

    How about…some checks totaling over 20,000!!

    Posted this 2 months ago…reposting it again because of its relevancy to this article…

    Illegals also get thousands of dollars in tax refunds even though they dont pay a cent in taxes… Illegals get one thousand dollars tax refund credit for each child they list,and many list children such as nieces and nephews that live in mexico! All with the knowledge and consent of the IRS…many are receiving over 20,000 dollars in tax refunds!!!… this is merely only one site that talks of this…i first heard of it while listening to James Edwards on Political cesspool…

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I wonder. If two of my schizophrenic multiple personalities are illegal immigrants and each one has 6 children, could I get $21,600 from the government – no questions asked?


  • “We” are $56,978,078,+++,+++.++ and spinning in Debt and these Third World Aliens don’t give one thought about it, what it means or what it’s going to do once our “lenders”, who have their own evil agenda, decide the moment is right and call in their notes.

    And the Debt is only a piece of it.  I still can’t over that story about the indians and the water they were allowed to destroy – and it only gets worse from here.

  • IKantunderstand

    Give me a break. No wonder I have less and less  money each year. You know, all these different groups go on strike all the time. It really doesn’t affect anybody. I wonder what would happen if we could get all the White people to go on strike? Or, you know, start a White people only union. Actually, I think, declaring a National White People On Strike Day would be most effective. Of course, there would have to be a great deal of “community organizing”, a phrase I hate, but what the hell, we should start using their tactics against them. Are you with me? Let’s begin to organize a “White People On Strike Day.” Could we do it just before the November elections? Should we decide ahead of time, what our goals are?/ Reply to this post, please.

    • What about the asians and indians from india?  You better include them because according to many here on Amren, they’re smarter than us and commit less crime than us so they must come first in this “White” Country they chose to emigrate to.