Hispanic Lawmakers Unhappy with Charlotte Contracts

Anna Palmer, Politico, August 3, 2012

Hispanic lawmakers are peeved at the Democratic National Convention Committee for not hiring more Latino-owned businesses for next month’s convention.

Upset over the lack of contracts, Hispanic lawmakers exchanged heated words Wednesday with a top DNCC official in a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill. Afterward, Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) suggested that DNCC Chief Executive Steve Kerrigan should be fired if things don’t improve.

If the situation isn’t rectified, “there will be a recommendation that the person who is in charge will not be in charge,” Baca told POLITICO.

The DNCC says it’s made minority contracting a big priority for the Charlotte, N.C., convention, but Hispanic lawmakers believe there should be more Latino-owned businesses getting a cut of the money. It’s unclear how many contracts the DNCC has awarded to minorities because the committee doesn’t publicly release that information.

“Our concern is that we think the numbers could be better,” Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas), the Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairman, told POLITICO. “We just want to make sure they are aggressively pursuing the goals that we understood were set.”


As of last month, the DNCC said that nine of the 14 contracts for large events were awarded to minority or women-owned businesses. The DNCC has previously announced a diversity contracting policy and goal of spending at least one-third of the convention money spent with contracts for businesses owned by minorities, women, people with disabilities, veterans, and lesbian, gay and bisexuals.

DNCC spokeswoman Kristie Greco said they are on their way to meeting their goal for diversity contracting.

“Though we’ve gone to great lengths to attract minority contractors, we are still lagging in some areas and we are working closely with members of the Tri-Caucus to improve in those areas,” Greco said in a statement. {snip}

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  • Anyone who has been around Hispanics quickly learns about their temper.

    They can be pleasant and smiling one minute but if they perceive a slight, their anger is obvious.

    As with blacks, Hispanics are people I go out of my way to avoid and not befriend. 

  • WmarkW

    So THAT’s why 2011 was cancelled.

  • Enar_Larsson

    1. Nine out of fourteen major contracts doesn’t fulfill their goal? I guess that proportionate distribution is not what they want after all.

    2. What does Greco mean by “great lengths”? Does that mean trying to fit higher, non-competitive bids into the budget? Does it mean paying taco trucks to come from Atlanta? Have they tried lending to minorities who don’t own the kind of businesses needed to fulfill the contracts, to open such businesses and make a bid?

    3. 9/14 have gone to minorities, but apparently to the “wrong” minorities according to Gonzalez. So bad is this problem of Hispanic under-representation that he wants to heads to roll if more of his folk don’t get a cut, the rest of the oppressed be damned. What is going to happen to all of these minorities when there are no more white males in positions of power to watch out for them? If Hispanics only care about Hispanics, gays for gays, blacks, for blacks, Somalians for Somalians, etc., are they all going to duke it out when we are no longer there to distribute handouts  in a peaceful and orderly fashion?

    • Capt Obvious

       How long till they ‘duke it out’?  That’s what this is, already.  Them fighting for shares of ‘the pie’.  All these special interest groups are getting desperate.  All part of the planned destabilization. 

    • Bo Sears

       This is what is meant by “multiracialism” which has killed multiculturalism dead as a doornail.  Multiracialism converts every demographic affinity group into its own political party…thus the Latino Party is making demands for employment & contract opportunities as Latinos on its umbrella party, the Democratic Party.

      And it will be impossible for white Americans to resist the pull of our own demographic affinity group, so get ready for the fruits of pluralism and multiculturalism to finally fall from the tree.

      On the most abstract level, this means the death of universalism.

  • Jacnorthrup

    just another example of the “other than white view” that participation in gov’t equals a business(read financial) right. That is the key tenet of any minority participation arguement. Participate so WE can get money. Perceived exclusion from the process is only an attempt to “keep us down”. Never mind the market aspect that is why they really don’t get the business. Burrito stops are a dime a dozen.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The Democrats simply must hire more food trucks, leaf blowers and taco stands for the convention.

  • ABM

    This is not going to end very well for this country.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We are outraged that the contractors aren’t all non White.

    We’ve been robbed of the justice of seeing, along with the world, a televised opportunity for everything to fall apart when Whites “didn’t build that”.

    • Next time a black person starts whining about slavery and picking cotton on plantations, I’m going to reply “Your ancestors didn’t pick that”

  • Hirene

    They always demand paid interpreters at the voting booths.  What ever happened to the American tradition of volunteerism?  Oh, I forgot, they weren’t around for that.

  • Major

    Here we are America…for not standing firm…for not demanding that YOU..ASSIMILATE…THAT YOU…HISPANIC..LATINO…CONFORM to our ideals. To our way of life…to our LANGUAGE AND OUR CUSTOMS. AND LEAVE YOU’RE STINKING FLAGS IN THE NEAREST TOILET NORTH OF THE BORDER.

    YOU came here for…”prosperity”…you came here for freedom. Every one of you left your crap holes to escape from your crap holes that offered you..NADA…NOTHING.

    Then you have the balls to come here…and demand? You come here and diss our language and customs? You want to transform AMERICA into the dung holes you fled?

    Hey…pendajos….I can’t say it here…but if it were up to me and 90% of my country men…you’d all be….in jail…for stealing from my Treasury and my future.

    YOU ungrateful, ignorant, interlopers.

  • I wonder if the Dems realize there is no appeasing their special interest groups. The more you give, the more they demand. They want to RULE you. As soon as their numbers are big enough they will vote in a hispanic politician. They are literally giving away everything they have, including their positions of power.

    • Both sides know the game and the rules it’s played by. Angry minority group makes demands, democratic “leaders” spring into action to appease the angry mobs of diversity. In exchange they expect votes for the goodies provided. However, eventually the bills become due and that’s when all hell will break lose. The angry hispanics they have been appeasing don’t want to share the pie, they want it all.

  • Just goes to show that hispanics and other minorities do not believe in multiculturalism and diversity. Apparently, only Whites must be diverse. Minorities are not only free to be 100% inclusive, but are able to demand it without any consequences. How do you think these racists are going to behave if they ever do become a majority in this country.

    • The__Bobster

      We already know. Look at how they behave in cities where they are the majority.

      Hint: You don’t want to be a White defendant in a Harlem court of law.

  • mobilebay

    Hispanics don’t want to be equal, they want it ALL. The sooner they start considering themselves Americans, unless they are illegal, the better off they might be. Just ask one of them, since they are all for unlimited immigration, just who it is they want to come here. It will only be those from south of the border. These people spend their lives demanding and whining.

    • I’m reminded of my brothers German/Mexican mother-in-law. She said to her daughters, “Stay away from the beaners.”  Her full Mexican husband was a hardworking drunk who would complete a roofing job, sometimes pay his employees and then go on a drunken bender until the money ran out. Then he’d run home to mommy, find another roofing job and repeat.
      The only good part came when he shot his stupid mother-in-law in the ass with a bb gun.

  • JackKrak

    Why is anyone surprised at this? It’s just part & parcel of being a Democrat – there is an implied but clear understanding that they get votes in exchange for various forms of patronage.

  • This is one of the comments posted at the source site. This says it all:

    “The latino vote gave North Carolina to Obama, likewise Indiana. Now the bill is coming due. The black politicians who have been the most aggressive about playing “gimme gimme” in the democrat party will increasingly be elbowed aside by the incredibly fast growing Latino mafia. Blacks are not very smart anyway, but they were insanely stupid not to see how they were going to pushed to the back of the bus by the new “angry minority” group.

    The black “leadership” stood on the sidelines, while 20 million illegal aliens came to America and settled down, little by little getting amnesty one way or another. Now they form a voting bloc and they don’t give a rat’s behind about what blacks want, they want goodies for “la raza”, period.
    So, blacks should have been the first and loudest people to protest against mass immigration, and they should have DEMANDED that immigration laws be enforced. But, their hatred for “whitey” led them to stay silent. They didn’t want to be seen as “racists”, by opposing illegal immigrants with brown skin. They saw the mostly white protesters against illegal immigration is simply a mob of “xenophobic, nativist, racist rednecks”, and didn’t want to join us.

    Well, guess what, amigo? All of us “xenophobic redneck racists” tried to get black Americans to join us and fight this invasion of our country, but you said no. I personally sent e mails to well known black opinion writers, such as Stanley Crouch, nia malika Henderson, etc, asking them to speak up against illegal immigration. All of them either didn’t answer the e mails, or sent back a short, “screw you white racist” type note.

    OK, negroes, you asked for open borders, now you’re gonna suffer the results.”
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/79355.html#ixzz22aF8bjcR

  • Enar_Larsson

    I understand “black” to mean “African American”. Africans are much darker than American blacks but they are not part of the same political interest group. In fact, I have been surprised to find although I teach at fairly diverse university and discuss relating to moral and cultural relativism, the only “racial tension” I have had to deal with in the classroom stems from African Americans’ hatred of Haitians, Somalians, Nigerians, and Puerto Ricans.

    • Anonymous

      I hear the American blacks don’t get along well with blacks from other countries. 

  • Did the DNC think these criminals would roll like blacks

  • Athling
  • Major

    Here we are America…for not standing firm…for not demanding that You..Assimilate…THAT YOU…Hispanic..Latino…Conform to our ideals. To our way of life…to our LANGUAGE AND OUR CUSTOMS. And leave your crummy flags in the nearest toilet north of the border. You’re supposed to be grateful enough to HONOR our flag.Until you’re citizens…you are our guest here and don’t forget it.YOU came here for…”prosperity”…you came here for freedom. Every one of you left your crap holes to escape from your crap holes that offered you..NADA…NOTHING.Then you have the balls to come here…and demand? You come here and diss our language and customs? You want to transform AMERICA into the dung holes you fled?Hey…pendajos….I can’t say it here…but if it were up to me and 90% of my country men…you’d all be….in jail…for stealing from my Treasury and my future.YOU ungrateful, ignorant, interlopers.

  • It’s time for a White Caucus….

  • whiteuncleruckus

    “we are still lagging behind in some areas” translation: there are still too many whites.

  • ncpride

    To which you should have replied that we are , or WERE, a nation of WHITE European immigrants who made the most wonderful contributions….Up until 1965 or so anyway.