Conservative Ad Criticizes Obama for Deportations

Hector Becerra, Los Angeles Times, August 8, 2012

Republican presidential candidates blasted the Obama administration during the primaries for not doing enough to combat illegal immigration. But a conservative group is launching a television ad in Nevada on Wednesday criticizing President Obama for deporting a record number of undocumented immigrants.

The $38,000 ad, which will run in the Las Vegas area—including on the top two Spanish-language TV stations—warns viewers: “Don’t let Obama fool you. He’s not committed to immigrants. He just wants your vote.”

It criticizes Obama for “offering our young undocumented a solution that is temporary” and does not resolve their legal status, and asks: “Why didn’t he push immigration reform like he promised us?”


The ad was produced by Nevada Hispanics, which is part of American Principles in Action, a conservative nonprofit.


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  • This buy could have the opposite effect — It could trick enough white people into voting Obama, based on this easily refutable notion that he’s “deporting” Hispanics, that Obama could win Nevada.  Then again, maybe that’s what these “Hispanic” “Republicans” really want, is for Obama to win.

    • Anonymous

      How can republicans claim they are cutting down big government by pandering to illegals and blacks (who hate whites, conservatives, US, etc) and who never vote for Republicans?  

  • Faux Obama

    How can I deport others when I don’t even deport the criminals in my own family tree?

  • razorrare
  • JohnEngelman

    Republican and Democratic politicians who try to pander to the Hispanic vote forget that most voters are not Hispanic, and that most of us do not want the United States to be engulfed by Hispanics.  Even many Hispanics who are here legally favor more restrictions on immigration. 

    • Anonymous

      Just like they do pandering to blacks. 

  • potato78

    No matter of republicans and democraticans, they are very selfish for political purpose.  They basically are using “whites”, Blacks, Hispanics for their own purpose.  Either side is not clean for the country going down.  At this point, is democratic system good forever?

  • Davidalbert

     Sift through all the “chatter” that you hear concerning this election and “Barry” is doomed! If the undecided vote is near 4% – he is toast. As Dick Morris said, if you are asked if you will still be with your wife in a year and you hesitate – there is a problem in your relationship. In all past presidential elections the undecided vote has gone to the challenger! God Bless! Let’s start the healing!

    • Johnny Clay

      Romney may not be the ideal nominee, but the alternative is a far worse nightmare.  At best, Romney will be a stop-gap president elected to “control the bleeding,” while America begins to reverse the horrors of Barry’s administration.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe it will take the GOP failing this year (again like last time) to wake up and stop pandering to nonwhites, stop sending our money overseas, stop letting our jobs go overseas, etc.  They still don’t get it.

        •  And still won’t get it. Don’t kid yourself. If the GOP fails again, they will attribute that loss for not moving far enough to the left.

  • Romney is a RINO buffoon.

    • ‘Buffoon’ is harsh and unwarranted. Newt Gingrich is a buffoon. Romney is just out of his league.

  • jeffaral

    One more christian right-wing group promoting the demise of White Amerika!   Anyone surprised?

  • Republicans get this into your thick skull,  Hispanics do not vote on the basis of immigration policy. They want a big distributive  state because they’re poor, so pander all you want.

  • SLCain

    “But a conservative group is launching a television ad in Nevada on Wednesday criticizing President Obama for deporting a record number of undocumented immigrants.”

    Self-evidently, they are not a conservative group.  The term conservative (and liberal, for that matter) are virtually devoid of meaning anymore.   The Republican party should not be described as conservative.  It would be more honest to describe the two parties as “the greens” and “the blues”, or “the Ghelfs” and “the Ghibelines”.  They are simply two groups vying for their own power and that of the wealthy interests whom they serve, neither of whom give a damn about you or me.

  • Archimedes_777


    This group is not conservative, because the litmus test of being a conservative and a patriot is standing up against immigration.  This is the 3rd most populous nation on earth, after China and India!!


    Yet, this evil empire and criminal state gives out more visas than the rest of the world combined.

    If you do not conserve your own body (by not smoking, drinking and drugs), your family, your white race and your country–then there is nothing left to conserve.

    This group may be “controlled opposition”, under the control of the neo-cons, who are the enemy from within the Republican party.

    Also, most people, including Amren readers, do not realize that both political parties (and the US Supreme Court) are owned and operated by the Oligarchs.  Sheldon, a Casino Mogul, has given Romney about 40 million dollars.  Sheldon is devoted to Is ra el and wants to improve security there and prevent 3rd world immigration there.  Is ra el is building the world’s biggest detention center to house 3rd world brown and black aliens.  Other Oligarchs also care more about Is ra el than U.S.

        No matter which way the memory sticks are rigged, the Oligarchs will really remain in control.

    • jeffaral

      Sheldon, a casino mogul, is devoted to Israel.   So Romney  who is an Israel Firster!

  •  In 1956, a young Catholic first-term U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, John Kennedy, wanted Adlai Stevenson to pick him as his running mate.  His father was against that, because everyone knew Ike would win re-election, and Kennedy’s Catholicism would be blamed for it.  This was back in the days when people were hung up over that sort of thing.

    It’s easy to blame Sarah Palin for John McCain losing, only because John McCain lost.  His allies and liberal Republicans in general have to blame her, because blaming him would be impugning their own worldview.  John McCain lost because of John McCain, and also that the economy was bad and the incumbent President was a Republican.

    It’s also easy now to blame Palin for McCain losing because of some of her stupid antics in the months and years after that.  That’s a hindsight is 20/20 affair — She didn’t do those kinds of things until after the election was over.

    The reality is that for lamestream conservatives, Sarah Palin was the only reason to vote for McCain.  For me, I would have filled in a circle next to his name no matter who his running mate was, even if it was a wallflower dork like Tim Pawlenty, because Obama is black.  If HRC was the Democrat nominee in 2008, and McCain picked a RINO like himself as a running mate, (which he wanted to do), McCain would have lost by at least 20 points.

    As an aside, this is why party Presidential nominees never pick ambitious running mates – Because they themselves don’t want to be upstaged.  This is also why people with serious national ambitions don’t want to be anyone’s running mate, because if the top of the ticket loses, the running mate will get the blame and there goes your own Presidential hopes.

    Don’t think I have any great love for Sarah Palin.  I can’t tell you exactly why, but I have had a personal reason very recently to have some animus against her.

  • The closest thing I have ever heard from a major political figure to a proposal for reaching out to the White vote was Howard Dean’s proposal to reach out to guys with Confederate flags on their pickup-trucks.

  • fairusdotcom

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