Policies Proposed to Boost Boys of Color

Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012

State leaders should revise school testing and funding, extend health care coverage for those aging out of foster care, and make it harder for schools to suspend and expel—all to improve the odds of success for boys and young men of color in California.

Those are among dozens of recommendations from a state legislative committee that spent the past year and a half looking into why the state’s minority youth are less healthy, have lower test scores and are more likely to be incarcerated than other young people.

The Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color, led by Assemblyman Sandré Swanson, D-Alameda, will introduce more than 50 pages of policy and legislative recommendations at a hearing in Sacramento on Wednesday.

The report also endorses 19 bills, eight of which aim to reduce “alarmingly high” rates of suspension and expulsions—nearly 800,000 a year—that disproportionately impact students of color. More than half of those disciplinary actions stem not from serious offenses such as violence, but from misbehavior or defiance, the report states.


Swanson, who pushed for creation of the committee, said he was floored by the overwhelming response as the bipartisan panel held hearings in Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno and Coachella (Riverside County) over the past 18 months. They heard from more than 2,000 constituents, including hundreds of youths, whom Swanson said had similar concerns no matter what the city.

“It was very interesting—the kids who were there were not the ones who had lost their way, but those who didn’t want the system to push them in a direction where they found themselves in the criminal justice system,” he said, adding that all Californians should be interested in the issue.

“If we are already spending $50,000 a year per person in state prison, or $200,000 in the juvenile justice system, it isn’t a question of money—it’s a question of how we prioritize the money we have,” Swanson said.

The success of African American, Latino, American Indian and Southeast Asian males is crucial, the report states. More than 75 percent of Californians under age 25 identify as people of color, and many are “trapped in a cycle of prison, poverty and disadvantage,” it says, blaming “deteriorated schools and neighborhoods, poor health, dysfunctional social support and limited job opportunities.”


Swanson, who will term out of the Assembly this year, said the committee hopes to pass at least 14 of the 19 bills endorsed in the report before the end of August and is hopeful the governor will sign them. {snip}


Here is a sampling of recommendations from the state Assembly’s Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color:


School financing: Change the school finance formula so funding is based on regional costs and student needs.

Teacher hiring: Support local efforts to hire experienced, effective teachers at high-poverty schools.

Health care: Require that the state’s health care exchange and Medi-Cal program target and enroll eligible boys and young men of color.

Foster youths: Adopt legislation that extends health care coverage for foster youths up to age 26.

Job help: Remove policy barriers so formerly incarcerated youths can get jobs more easily.

Expulsions: Support legislation to reduce suspensions and expulsions for nonserious infractions at school.


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  • “Boys of color?”

    I thought there was no such thing as a “black boy.”

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Oh, there is.  

      Just try using those words in a classroom as a teacher or in a workplace that contains blacks — that’s when you’ll find out the meaning of those words if you’re White — job loss, accusations of being a  Nazis and racial intimidator, branded as a supremecist, bigot and hater for life.  

      If 0bama is re-elected, I think his regime will push, and push hard, for codified Hate Speech laws as they exist in Europe and Canada — meaning hard prison time and punitive fines if one dares use words such as “black boy.”

      Just ask that Greek girl that was expelled from the Olympics what happens when one makes jokes about blacks –however silly or innocuous!!

      George Orwell was right, of course, he was just off by a few years.


      • “If 0bama is re-elected, I think his regime will push, and push hard, for codified Hate Speech laws as they exist in Europe and Canada ”

        We still have a Republican House.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          He is ruling and will rule by EO. I haven’t seen the Rep House stop any of them. It will be far worse in a Lame Duck second term. If Romney is the “choice” as the next POTUS, expect an entire barrage of EOs to be released before 0bama is ousted.

          Obama’s first Executive order was 13489 and the last numbered EO is 13619. There is one additional EO that hasn’t received a number yet – dated July 20, 2012.

          This website states Obama has signed 131 EO’s.



          This is not about electing Romney. It is about stopping 0bama.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Why didn’t they stop Holder when he said the new Hate Bill did not include Whites??

          Holder said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the hate bill does not protect Christian ministers, whites, heterosexuals, policemen and members of U.S. military. Only favored groups, he said, such as homosexuals, blacks, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and women will benefit under this new law.

          That is an OUTRAGE against White Americans and should have been addressed immediately and stopped by congress. Holder is an obscenity who must be stopped.

          Fast & Furious? Old news, blamed on underlings with Holder still as AG.


    • robinbishop34

      I wonder if it’s okay to call them “colored boys?”

      • I wouldn’t try.

        I just thought of something else:  The whole concept of a “Men of Color Select Committee” seems to be a little freakish to me.  (“Select Committee on Jews” somewhere in Berlin in the 1930s, that’s what comes to mind.) I bet there’s a big overlap between this committee and the judiciary committee in the California state legislature, and of course the consensus there is that racial classifications at law should almost never be allowed to stand (“strict scrutiny”).  Even beyond that, the “there’s no such thing as race / it’s just a social construct” crowd seems to be mighty obsessed with their pet non-existent social construct.

      • ‘Colored boys’ is derogatory. ‘Boys of color’ is complementary. Adding the OF and rearranging the order is the difference between a racist and an advocate for colored boys.

    • “The Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color”

      What color are these boys and men? Is white a color?

      • Isn’t “white” sometimes defined as an absence of color?

        • The__Bobster

          Run some white light through a prism and you’ll see it contains every color except black and brown. So much for your “Rainbow Coalition”, Jesse Jackson.

      • Maybe they’ll define very light red as a color, because that’s what my face is right now after standing outside in 100 degree heat all day two days ago to electioneer.  I deliberately chose a polling place that, among other things, had a main door that faced east so the afternoon and evening sun wouldn’t be in my face.  Though the morning sun was directly in my face, and sunscreen only helped some.

        • J_grand88

          best sunscreen is pure virgin coconut oil.

          one white man to another. try it. you will love it. eat it too

  • Bruno

    For years many people including Thomas Jefferson, Albert Schweitzer, and others have said blacks are not to be judged on a white standard. They are not white and they can not compete with most whites on an intellectual basis. Now even the blacks themselves are saying ” We can’t be judged using a white standard” because we can not compete on this level. The requirements for blacks must be below the white standard or they (blacks) will be unable to compete.
    What else can be said

    • Anonymous

      You can’t win with blacks.  If you ignore them, then you are racist and guilty of white privilege.  Then if you try and help blacks out, well now you are a condescending white supremacist.  If you move away from blacks, you are guilty of white flight.  If you move into a black neighborhood, well now you are guilty of colonialism and imposing your culture on them.

      • The Verdict of History

        They are utterly self-contradictory… 

      • potato78

         Absolutely right.  Now you can not even call them black.  They like to be called minorities, which include “whites”, hispanics, asians, muslims, etc.  Everytime the media reported crime happened.  They say the crime committed by minorities. 

    • slimcat1

      Bruno Very well said Sir. It’s very obvious anymore at all levels in every walk of life. blacks and hispanics (especially the men) have absolutely no prospects here. Interesting that whenever you read of a minority doing whatever crime he may be doing, you very seldom, if ever read what his occupation was. They have no occupations for the most part. They have no reason to get up in the morning. If they do dope, that’s fine, if they kill a person, that’s fine, if they rob a store, that’s fine, etc., as far as they’re concerned, because they’re also beyond punishment. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to them that will in any way change the way blacks and hispanics are. They’re so completely outside this society, nothing matters to them. It’s somewhat like being locked in a room with a rabid dog. 

  • nettle

    “Change the school finance formula so funding is based on regional costs and student needs.” =  more wasted tax money.
    “Remove policy barriers so formerly incarcerated youths can get jobs more easily.” = qualified applicants will be replaced by losers at the expense of the employer and public.
    “Support legislation to reduce suspensions and expulsions for nonserious infractions at school.” = encouragement and forced tolerance of non acceptable social behavior.
    “Support local efforts to hire experienced, effective teachers at high-poverty schools.” = Good luck and a waste of teaching talent.
    “Require that the state’s health care exchange and Medi-Cal program target and enroll eligible boys and young men of color.” = Long term care of drug users by tax payers.
    All of the above needs/requirement point to the increased and on track decaying of this country.

  • bubo

    The only way to reduce black and Hispanic dysfunction is by reducing their numbers.   That’s it.  There needs to be less of them.   Keep abortion easily available and take away the incentive to have unwanted babies by stopping cash payments and free apartments that come with them. 

    • JohnEngelman

      Replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children with free abortion on demand. Put criminals in prison at an early age and keep them there until they are too old to have children and commit crimes. Increase the number of executions. 

      • The Verdict of History

        NOW you’re starting to take our situation seriously.

        I’ll write the petitions… 

  • BernieGoetzFan

    They say “men of color” but they mean blacks. Asian males are “men of color” and they have higher test scores, lower crime rates and  make more money than whites.

    At least they are open with their racism. Poor whites are not eligible for any of these handouts. Believe it or not, many whites still think that “civil rights” leaders speak for them and only want “fairness” and “equality.”

    • Anonymous

      The professional Hispanic and Black race hustlers like to paint the picture that blacks and hispanics are united against whites, when in fact they are fighting with each other all the time.  Asians (yes, I realize Asians are for themselves more than they are whites) are more law abiding than blacks, have better family values than blacks, don’t physically attack nonAsians the way blacks attack whites and other nonblacks, etc.

    • The Verdict of History

      Interestingly, poor whites realize that the AA scam is undermining them…. as they bare the brunt of the madness that discriminates against them…

  • JohnEngelman

    The report also endorses 19 bills, eight of which aim to reduce “alarmingly high” rates of suspension and expulsions—nearly 800,000 a year—that disproportionately impact students of color.              
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012      
    What is “alarmingly high” is the discipline problems these “students of color” cause. More of them should be suspended and expelled. 
    There are black and Hispanic students who want to learn. The best thing we can do to help these students is to see to it that the juvenile delinquents are permanently expelled.  

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from Whites to non-Whites.

    Except in California, there aren’t enough Whites left to tax!!


    • Anonymous

      Pretty soon they will make it a crime for whites to leave nonwhite areas.  Think I’m kidding?

    • crystal evans

      If there are not enough whites, they will tax Asians next to pay for these so called “benefits” for other minorities.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Oh, Asians are already being taxed to death, just like us Whites — BUT, the difference is Asians are able to fight back and we aren’t. Eventually, the Asians will win in California — my $$ is on them, but they will inherit a mess that includes tens of millions of lazy, indolent, high-fertility hispanics waiting for their EBT cards to be filled the first of the month.

        Read this from Jared Taylor about Asians organizing along ethnic lines to promote the interests of their own people:

        Asians—those smart, hard-working people you’ve always been told believe in merit and would never act like the NAACP or La Raza—have joined the racial spoils system. They have gotten in right at the top, and they are playing dirty.


        Koreans in Los Angeles are raising hell about the recent redistricting because they want their own people in political offices to represent their interests- ditto the Chinese, Thais, Cambodians, Vietnamese.

        I cannot even begin to imagine a White politician standing up in public in Los Angeles — or anywhere for that matter — and announcing that Whites need political representation to promote for White Rights. Can you imagine?

        Doing that would be denounced as Hate Speech and akin to calling forth a Fourth Reich!!

        If it’s morally correct for one race/ethnic group/religion to advocate for the interests of their own people, Whites must be afforded this basic right as well.

        Keeping Whites unorganized, individualized and atomized is all a part of the War on Whites, not on any other people, just Whites.

        You don’t have to worry, Crystal, this doesn’t affect Asians, just us.


  • JohnEngelman

    The success of African American, Latino, American Indian and Southeast Asian males is crucial, the report states.                    
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012        
    What about North East Asian males? Somehow the vast majority of them perform and behave well, even when their parents (who are nearly always married by the way) are poor.   

    • potato78

       North East Asian males should be considered as “whites” but not Caucasian “whites” based on skin color.


      • JohnEngelman

        In the South before the civil rights legislation was passed Orientals were often considered to be honorary whites. 

        • crystal evans

          In South Africa during apartheid, Japanese were seen as honorary whites but Chinese and Koreans were not.They were seen as Asians as defined Indians and Pakistanis.

          • The__Bobster

            Here we go again, another story hijacked by the usual culprits.

  • SarahConnor

    What happened to personal responsibility?

    I can only say
     1) Thank God I don’t live in CA–land of the insane! 
    2) Thank God for term limits 
    3) Sandre you just pass those bills and try to figure out where you are going to get the money as city by city goes bankrupt and every white person moves from CA. I guess that will just leave the colored and looneyland Hollywood folk to foot the bill. Hollywood deserves everything that is coming their way.

    • I agree with you for the need for personal responsibilty. However, these young men are not taught that they are personally responsible for anything because they have been told that the government will take care of it. These young men impregnate many women indiscriminately and know that they will never have to support them because the government will take care of them.

      • SarahConnor

        Yes, articles like this drive me nuts because these People. Do. Not .Remotely. Think. Like. I. Do.

        The more I think about this situation, I think bubo’s comment is correct:
        “The only way to reduce black and Hispanic dysfunction is by reducing their numbers.   That’s it.  There needs to be less of them.   Keep abortion easily available and take away the incentive to have unwanted babies by stopping cash payments and free apartments that come with them.” 

  • JohnEngelman

    “If we are already spending $50,000 a year per person in state prison, or $200,000 in the juvenile justice system, it isn’t a question of money—it’s a question of how we prioritize the money we have,” Swanson said.                                    
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012       
    The way to reduce the cost of incarceration is through the thorough exploitation of prison labor enforced by the whip. Criminals have done nothing to merit remedial education, job training, and recreational facilities. They have debts to pay society.         

    • Anonymous

      I think they should make prisons like they were in the South and Midwest during the 20s and 30s and even before that.  You weren’t sitting inside all day reading books or loafing off.  You were busting your butt outside in the heat, had to grow your own food, plant your own food and if it didn’t grow, you didn’t eat.  You also had to say “Wipe it off, boss?”  Prison was designed so you didn’t want to go back in those days. 

      • crystal evans

        There are still prisons like that in Louisiana. Inmates grow their own food at Louisiana State Penetentiary in Angola, LA. Every morning there are lines of inmates walking out to the fields, accompanied by guards on horseback that are armed with shotguns to prevent escapes. This prison was a former plantation that was worked by slaves before the Civil War.

  • JohnEngelman

    School financing: Change the school finance formula so funding is based on regional costs and student needs.    
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012         
    Most of the money should be spent on the students with the most potential. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Teacher hiring: Support local efforts to hire experienced, effective teachers at high-poverty schools.                      
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012     
    Good teachers leave those schools as soon as possible because teaching in them is dangerous and frustrating. Most teachers would rather teach high IQ kids trying to get into the college of their choice than the illegitimate spawn of unmarried welfare mothers and violent street criminals. 

    • All good teachers find themselves doing is babysitting instead of teaching. These kids will stay in school until they age out without enough credits to graduate or old enough drop out. Many of these teachers in these low performing, high poverty schools are burned out with teaching and will try to find out types of work such as taking a lower salary to teach at a private school,where they can teach and not babysit a bunch of students who do not want to learn.

      • Exactly what happened to me. I got a teaching degree in my late 30’s after spending 3 yrs in an inner-city middle school I resigned and have since been subbing in lilly white suburban schools. last year I worked in a school for Gifted students. I dont have to explain the demographics of that school.  I finally got to teach rather than discipline. Although, this school was within 3 miles of the other school, it may have well been on a different planet.

        • crystal evans

          That must really been a miracle that you can actually teach in a school instead of babysitting a bunch of losers who do not want to learn.

    • Sloppo

      Perhaps the “ideal experienced, effective teachers at high-poverty schools” are large men who are well-armed and well-trained (like prison guards) with a minimum of a sixth grade academic education.  

      • The__Bobster

        It would be a great job for retired drill sergeants.

      • I always heard the saying that people get the government they deserve.  I think that’s indeed true for most people most of the time.  The reason why anyone who has authority over blacks anywhere wind up implementing a system that smells a lot like apartheid, segregation or Jim Crow, even if the system doesn’t have those names, is because that’s the kind of government blacks deserve.  Even if other blacks are doing the governing.

        This fits into what you say because blacks, if left to their own devices, will default to a warlord/strongman system of informal government.  What is a gang leader in black American inner cities but a warlord or strongman by any other name?  The reason a large, strong man of any race has the best chance to teach blacks (in as much as they can be taught) is because that kind of teacher is the functional equivalent of a warlord.

        On the other side of that coin, a Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbat who tries to teach ghetto blacks will be rolled like pizza dough.

        • Sloppo

          I never really thought of it in that kind of terminology, but the warlord thing is true.  

      • Rocky Bass,

         I would fit the bill then, other than being only 5’6″. Damn sure checked myself out of the “bad school” I was zoned into mid 7th grade, and never looked back! If you really want to learn you do it, circumstance not withstanding. A few years later when I took the GED (to enlist), it seemed like a joke, that really covered all you were expected to know from a 12 year sentence?!?! These “colorful boys” HATE LEARNING ANYTHING (probably incapable of learning much in total) , that’s the answer, it’s just that simple. You can NEVER pour a European amount of knowledge into an undersized unreceptive container.

  • JohnEngelman

    Job help: Remove policy barriers so formerly incarcerated youths can get jobs more easily.           
    – Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, August 8, 2012       
    Most of these formerly incarcerated youths are dangerous, inferior, and unemployable. In an economy that is likely to stay sluggish for a long time jobs should go to those who deserve them. 

    • crystal evans

      Most, if not all jobs, even those at temp services, require a background check in order to be employed. Cash handling jobs requires the ability to be bonded, which is something someone with a criminal record cannot do.

  • The Verdict of History

    Blacks and Hispanics are entirely unsuitable and out-of-place in a highly sophisticated WHITE SOCIETY.

    The west is grounded upon the pillars of the Scientific Method, Enlightenment Rationalism, a complex Industrial economy, sophisticated market Capitalism and the technologically meticulous Digital Information Age…

    It requires a genetically sophisticated populous to function properly in such a society and still exhibit the norms required to adhere to that society’s conventions and needs…

    Inventive, industrious and ingenious individuals are not to found among their races.


    • Very well said, Sir!    There is a very small percentage of said minorities that even have the capacity to function in a state of the art society….as we USED to be.  There are even less who have the desire to do so. 

    • Rocky Bass,

       I love the implications. Once these ever so “colorful boys” realize that nothing short of committing a murder in front of a teacher will result in punishment, how long could it be until the standard will need to be adjusted to two or more murders?
      Just saying…

    • “Inventive, industrious and ingenious individuals are not to be found among their races”

      Just on the off chance that somebody does turn up, should we ignore them?

      • The Verdict of History

        They can’t be ignored — they too detest the scum which shame their race almost universally…

        … But maybe they can be persuaded to lead a BACK to AFRICA movement if they are so well equipped intellectually…

        They ought to be regarded with exceeding suspicion.

        Racist? —

        I’m tired of caring and, really, does it even matter any more??

        Harsh?  —-

        Tough. It is LONG overdue, and they have been afforded COUNTLESS opportunities to amend their ways…

  • They have to do SO MUCH for “boys of color” just to keep them out of prison, let alone have them graduate high school and go to college, yet they will insist that we are all “equal” until the day they die!

  • You know you need to throw your govt. out when they feel it’s the schools fault for high suspension rates and not the students fault, especially when the suspensions fall on one race of students.

  • I guess young White men can count on not only receiving no help from anyone, they can plan on being actively impeded. 

    • Athling

      White men only exist to help and financially support those of color.

    • “White” is a social construct. We are the raceless, unspoken of, entities that are the magical source of all social spending. Doomed forever to serve those blessed with “race” because of the sins of our fathers.

  • Athling

    I only read the first paragraph of this story. That’s all I needed to read. How many more trillions of mostly white tax-payer dollars are we going to have to spend on affirmative action, welfare, closing the educational gap, and countless other great society programs specifically for those of color?

    Take a fraction of that money and build more prisons for those who refuse to live by the laws of the land. For those who will, build more vocational schools for those whose IQ levels, genetically derived, are not at the upper thirtieth percentile. Help those who need welfare while they need it — not as a way of life and so on.

  • We need to introduce legislation whereby nonviolent, repeat, criminals incarcerated for crimes other than rape or murder are given a choice such as 10 years in prison or voluntarily renouncing US citizenship. If they choose the latter we give them $5000 and a one-way ticket to the country of their choice, with no possibilty of re-entry. If they choose prison it should be the complete original sentence with full-time hard labor.

    Trying to coddle or rehabiltate these dregs will never work; not when they are younger or nor when they are older.  Catch them when they’re young and avoid a bunch of grief and money later on.

  • These people are always nagging. They’re a bunch of naggers. I wish they were more niggardly with my tax money.

    • rightrightright

      They intend to be more niggerly with your tax money.

  • crystal evans

    It is true that California has a low black population because the cost of living in California is very expensive.  Blacks have left San Francisco in droves because of the cost of living and moving instead to lower cost areas such as  Vallejo and Fairfield.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Actually, blacks have been pushed out.

      In Los Angeles, the Mexicans pushed blacks out, via violence — they don’t want to live around criminal blacks any more than Whites do and have flooded black areas with their own high-fertility people.  Historic black rioting areas and black schools are now completely Hispanic.

      Black pols like this Swanson character, Kerosene Maxine et. al, still think blacks’ biggest threat is the Great White Bigot– Hell,there are VERY few Whites left in LA, the Mayor is a Mexican!!  Simply put:  Blacks are not welcome — and they know it.

      In the Bay Area, they’ve been pushed across the bay into Richmond and Oakland and out onto Hunter’s Point.  “Up to my Neck” and “PeeJay/Rob” can give more info about that.  SF may be THE most lefty city in California but the idiot elected officials well know violent blacks and indolent homeless kill their #1 industries — overseas Asian business and White tourists. 

       Last time I was in SF, the homeless had been cleared out of the financial district  — pushed into The Haight.


      •  Over the last 12 years blacks have been pushed out of San Francisco too, to such a low level that the supervisors created a committee to seek out ways to lure blacks back to the city. Not coincidently, crime in the city plummeted over the same period.

  • RHG

    In other words, overlook bad test scores, provide free healthcare and turn a blind eye to disciplinary problems by “boys of color”.

  • SarahConnor

    Ya, I wondered about that line as well.

  • CuriousQuisling

    I believe the answer to much of our educational problems involves local control. If a community of color has an approach to try, all power to them. And if it works, other communities can try it. But one size does not fit all and broad announcements such as “there are too many black kids getting suspended” doesn’t help a thing. Fix problems at the local level and share what works.


    •   “a community of color”
      i cannot believe you wrote that. we are in far worse trouble than any of us thought.

      So if there are is a “community of color”, then there must also be a “community of non-color”, right?

      • CuriousQuisling

        Look at what I said rather than the way I said it. You are right, the phrase is annoying. But it is the way the world we live in talks. To be honest I am more annoyed at people who use the n word all the time or the phrase mud. Words carry a lot of weight. And they make many of us sound extremely ignorant, even if the substance of what we are saying is correct. Sorry for choosing the wrong phrase.


  • IstvanIN

    To all of you who advocate more prisons of one sort or another: that is not the answer.  The only answer is separation. Period.

    • You are right, we already see the push for easier sentences for blacks, diversion programs etc, and in CA, there is a ballot measure to take the teeth out of the 3 strikes law. And if there is a quota system for prison population, (I’ll bet no one is laughing at that prospect)  then prisons will be nearly empty. 

    • Athling

      When is seperation on a large scale going to happen? Build more prisons now. Period.

  • crystal evans

    For some blacks and hispanics, going to prison is a right of passage. All of their relatives have spent time in prison so prison is not seen as a deterrence. They grew up visiting their fathers, uncles , mothers and other relatives in prison.

  • This has turned into kind of a game in society, as blacks create more and more barriers for themselves, liberals and democrats try to find more and more creative ways to tear them down, and always at the expense of society. How does that definition of insanity go?

  • These programs have to work. Nothing else has.

  • KenelmDigby

    So ‘minorities’ are entitled to affirmative action even when they constitute a majority of the population.
     Critics of affirmative action always said that this would come to pass.

  • Hm..I misread “boot” instead of “boost”

  • JustaWhiteMom

    That would be too transparently eugenic.  It must be framed as a way to help the poor.  The depo provera shot lasts for three months.  Welfare recipients should be required to get this shot, unless they have a medical excuse, in order to get TANF, SNAP, HIV treatment, Section 8 or whatever else.  That right there would turn this country around.

    There really is  no good reason whatsoever to oppose this.  There is not even a religious reason.  If a couple cannot feed their children, they shouldn’t be having sex anyway.

    Something like this will eventually be implemented because the ruling classes will become frightened of throngs of unemployed workers.  The only reason it hasn’t been implemented yet is because the Democrats want more black and brown voters.

    •  Better yet, frame it as a way to help the environment.  A big chunk of the coded disparate impact race realist policy in this country today is done in the name of the environment.

  • The Verdict of History

     Yes – good analysis here…

    They want to drag our people down to their status and indulge themselves – sexually, materially, financially, politically – in the spoils of our civilization.

  • The__Bobster

    No, it actually happened in the real world, and the woman doing it took a lot of heat from the usual suspects.


  • Sloppo

    “It’s my opinion that only men should be teachers in rougher schools, & that they should be pistol-packing ones at that.”
    I agree.  It’s not right to send a woman to do the job of a warlord.  

  • Marcy Fleming

    My boyfriend lives in Oakland and Swanson is his Assemblyman. He has had to contact Swanson’s office in the past regarding problems with the idiots at the State EDD.
    They have been helpful but Swanson himself has a terrible leftist voting record.
    There is a family three doors down the street from my boyfriend’s house that has many
    foster kids who are special education cases. They get thousands of dollars for each kid
    and being Black racists they have trained the kids to hate all whites including Jews though
    they are religious Baptists who go to the Israelite Missionary Church ! My boyfriend’s co-owner
    is also Jewish and the father of this horrible tribe of savages has told her to go back to Israel,
    where she has never been !
    One of the mildly retarded foster girls, who is probably getting close to 18, is huge, probably over six feet and over 250 pounds. My boyfriend is a big guy but when he mildly reprimanded
    her for throwing litter on his property she gave him a good pummeling to the cheers of her
    foster siblings and I had to pull her off him. Now we ignore the littering and just clean it up afterwards.
    The Democrats in the state legislature passed legislation extending the care for these monsters from 18 to 21 before they get cut off.
    Oddly enough my boyfriend voted for Sanders several years back to keep the obnoxious City Attorney, a typical white lib, from getting in the Assembly.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Marcy I endured living in Oak-Town for 3 years and that was enough! Please make him move, if he can! That town is one national disaster away from full on anarchy.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Thanks, I’m working on that ! Mike has lived there 30 years, 15 as a homeowner and he often wonders why he left DC to move here ! Except he loves SF and me.

        • Up to my neck in CA

          I hope he is near Piedmont. Walnut Creek to Dublin to Orinda is pretty White and safe and there is always BART, yes it does costs more there. You get what you pay for. Stay safe.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Funny he used to be when he rented right in back of Kaiser a few blocks off Piedmont Avenue. We have friends up in Piedmont proper but his house is on a hill above Highland Hospital on the wrong side of 580. He does belong to Kaiser in Walnut Creek and that is one of the few towns around the Bay Area that we both like.
            He appreciates your kind sentiments. And reciprocates them.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I’m not going anywhere, this is my home. I’m staying and gonna fight the good fight.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Good for you !