Penn Releases Diversity Action Plans

Anna Pan, The Daily Pennsylvanian, August 1, 2012

Penn has announced its Faculty Diversity Action Plans, through which it will spend $100 million on hiring and retaining more diverse faculty members over the next five years.

Each of the 12 undergraduate and graduate schools worked with the central administration to develop their plans separately during the past academic year.

“The school culture is as important as the specific steps and approaches we take in recruiting new faculty,” Richard Gelles, dean of the School of Social Policy& Practice, wrote in an email.

The June 2011 release of the University’s Diversity Action Plan received a mixed response from student groups at Penn. A list of suggestions for the plan was approved by the Undergraduate Assembly in January, and minority groups—including the United Minorities Council, the Latino Coalition, the Asian Pacific Student Coalition and Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women—contributed their thoughts to the proposal.

The release of the plans follows a significant push for diversity within Penn’s schools in recent years. For example, the College of Arts and Sciences plan states the number of minority standing faculty members increased from 11 to 17 percent from the 2001-2002 school year to the 2011-2012 school year. {snip}


However, some student groups are not fully satisfied with the action plans.

Rising College senior Jake Tolan, vice chair of political affairs of the LGBT umbrella group Lambda Alliance, believes all of the plans are “underwhelming in general.”

“A lot of schools lack any mention of sexual orientation diversity,” he said. “There’s a really strong implicit ‘We’re just talking about women’ in the plans, and they’re not talking about transgender.”


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  • The__Bobster

    When I clicked on your link, I got this story, which was even more appalling:

    A Crusader’s Reward: Morris Dees to Receive 2012 ABA Medal

    Four decades ago this month, a young lawyer from Alabama had an idea: Sue two organizations for damages stemming from the conduct and actions of their employees or members.

    The organizations were the Republican National Committee and the Committee for the Re-election of the President. The individuals were five “burglars” who had broken into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., on June 17, 1972.

    The lawyer was Morris Dees, who at the time was serving as campaign finance director for George S. McGovern, who would become the Democratic candidate running against Richard Nixon in that year’s presidential race. After reading that the men arrested in the Watergate break-in had connections with the RNC and CREEP, Dees contacted McGovern’s campaign manager.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who advocate affirmative action necessarily lie about it. They say it does not reduce intellectual standards for blacks and Hispanics, but it does. They say it does not reduce physical standards for women, but it does. They say it does not discriminate against white and Oriental men, but it does. 

  • bubo

    College is a scam to get white people in debt bondage for life and for white girls to miscegenate with blacks.   Whites don’t need college to be successful.   Reject the education industry. 

    • NorthernWind

       The college/university system is indeed garbage. We now have a surplus of people with useless degrees (gender studies, black studies, sociology, journalism English (what it has become), etc), immense debts, and who have lost their ability to think clearly.

      These people then go on to become diversity managers or bureaucrats or “journalists” or whatever else where they regurgitate boring leftist platitudes for a living.


      • Chimp Master Rules

        Well . . . hold on a minute.  I would prefer that my doctor and dentist each had a college education. (The more the better.)  Same with my pharmacist.   Same thing with the pilots flying the next plane I take and the engineers who built the bridge I have to take to get to the airport.   

        The university is a great white invention and we’d be hurting without it.  But we do need to re-adjust. 

        What’s happening is that our universities are TOO good.  They’re churning out too many liberal arts majors and like you said, have invented study programs to satisfy the needs of politically aggrieved special interest groups.  We DO need historians who understand the history of blacks.  But “black studies” is pretty useless.

        We need our universities . . . but that means giving the smart white kids who would otherwise waste their time on liberal arts, something to do . . . and there really is nothing for them to do except go into the military. 

        • I agree with both of you; we need “institutions of higher learning”, where smart (most often White) kids can go to get smarter and fill roles as doctors and engineers.
          What we DON’T need are “colleges and universities”. All they are anymore is a place miss class while experimenting with homosexuality, drugs, protesting, and every other kosher passtime that gets pushed down kids’ throats during their first 18 years.

        • NorthernWind

           Do not misunderstand me. My criticism pertains to the social sciences and humanities because they have been invaded by leftists, not the hard sciences, medicine, biology, engineering, etc which are mostly apolitical.

          I should have been more precise.

        • The Verdict of History

           “satisfy the needs” of these aggrieved groups?

          More like placate the insatiable hunger for the lies that sustain the victimization, blame-whitey, complex…

      • pc must go

        OR MORE LIKELY WAITRESSES AND BARTENDERS… feel so bad for kids with 100k student debt- I lucked out and have zero.. . Don’t blame them, 18 year olds don’t know any better. Maybe with this recession 18 year olds will finally learn if we help them.

      • The Verdict of History

         And ceaseless promote the displacement of whites through mass immigration, AA and RACE MIXING.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah I don’t if its that implicit but it certainly DOES happen. Behind close doors—Even liberal college white women have “racist” tendencies. I was with my cousin at his university and was with him a few friends of his. There was 2 white girls, and an Asian girl. I made the joke (topic somehow came up. I think we were making fun of snoop dog) and I said that “Black people think WE smell like wet dog”. The Asian girl looked uncomfortable, and the two white girls fired back…Basically saying black people have a distinct “odor” and it ain’t exactly pleasant.

      • vladdy1

        It’s about time somebody made fun of snoop dog or dogg or whatever.

  • Jim

    “There’s a really strong implicit ‘We’re just talking about women’ in the plans, and they’re not talking about transgender.” 

    Yeah, seriously, how can Penn State function without getting everyone focused on transgender issues!  I’m not worried about Iran’s nuclear weapons or China’s domination of the world economy, because I know that those countries are not talking about their transgender diversity objectives and there’s no way you can win a war or be a superpower without transgender inclusivity [sic]!  Haha, China, you fools are going to go broke, because while you may be way ahead of us in manufacturing silly things like iPhones, you have no transgender diversity programs!

    • dukem1

       Man, Penn State has its own problems.  This is Penn…Ivy league…creme de la creme supposedly..
      And this transgender stuff…Why do homosexuals and lesbians constantly hitch up with the transgender crowd?  Can’t we all agree that it’s weird for someone to be obsessed with somehow getting rid of their own sexual apparatus?
      I feel that anyone ought to be able to do whatever the heck they want…just shut up about it already!
      Could the Constitution be amended to prohibit people from talking about what they do for sexual gratification?
      We are doomed.

    • shmo123

       I was wondering the same thing, except this is from the U. of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, not Penn State. Still I agree and wonder how anyone could possibly get worked up about transgender issues. But I’ll bet the title of “vice chair for political affairs” for the Lambda alliance will really make that resume pop.
      Poofs can be weird enough, but transgenders are very strange. I had one in one of my classes in grad school, and although he/she was nice enough to all who interacted with her/him, you still couldn’t suppress the feeling that you were dealing with a very strange person. The clothes never quite looked right, and he/she could never wear enough make-up to hide the 5 o’clock shadow. No matter how many times I had to deal with her/him, I never could get use to it. I don’t think anyone else could either.

      • What are “transgender issues”?  I mean a transgendered person should’ve resolved all of his/her issues when he/she made the decision to become she/he , so now everything is alright, yeah?  I just had a thought that the next thing coming is that there may be pet owners out there that believe that their pet has gender identity problems and must undergo a gender change in order to fulfill its identity as a pet.

        • shmo123

           Couldn’t tell you what “transgender issues” are, and can’t imagine ever having to deal with one. I was merely referencing Jim’s post–the one I originally answered.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    What the NCAA did to Penn State was dad-blamed unfair and wrong.  They screwed a lot of hard-working assistant coaches, players and students out of legitimate wins.  Sure . . . fine the school and compensate the victims.  That’s OK.  But don’t penalize the thousands who had nothing to do with allowing homosexual rape.

    To compound the unfairness, the school now flagellates itself further with this new diversity nonsense.  (Which nonsense, will, no doubt, include being nice to that part of the diverse population which includes homosexuals, trans-sexuals and other such deviates.)

    Maybe if we had a national, social, no-tolerance attitude towards homosexuals, or any sexual deviants for that matter, then Paterno might have seen his choices a little more clearly. 

    This a sad and sickening end, for decades to come, of a once great school.

    • I think this article is about Penn the Ivy League school (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, private), not Pennsylvania State University (“Penn State”), public, State College, Penn.

    • Not the same school.

  • ABM

    Eat your heart out China, diversity is our secret weapon!

    • The__Bobster

      Notice how China never buys into the latest libtard dogma.

      They must think we’re crazy, and I agree with them.

  • pc must go

    re: Faculty Diversity Action Plans, through which it will spend $100 million on hiring and retaining more diverse faculty members over the next five years.
    CONFUSED, WHY EXTRA MONEY SPENT ON THIS? Is it normal money they’d just spend anyways replacing/hiring old faculty who retire or additional special money?

  • Athling

    Another institution headed for the swamps. These are no longer institutions of higher learning. They are diversity camps for societal misfits. The transgendered and so on. I suggest they consider some occupational career path with Barnum and Bailey and leave universities for those who are serious about obtaining a high level of education.

    The correlation is direct; raise the level of diversity, lower the level of academic standards.

  • Because good schools must be destroyed at all levels so any negro can go to Penn and have a degree worth what some who graduated from there 40 years ago has a degree worth.

    I.E. in 10 years a Penn degree will be worth the same as a community college degree but for 20 years, those who attend it, but are nowhere near worthy of attending, will have a Ivy Degree and demand an Ivy salary. 

    Wish I could have gotten an Ivy degree … smart enough to get in but couldn’t afford, didn’t have $50/$75 for every application ….. plus what it would cost to attend.

    White people wake up.

  • Do they really think hiring a  semi-literate black homo is going to help them? If they do then their education system at PSU is useless.

    • But it will keep the student organizations from getting mad and staging protests.  God forbid an administrator should have to face a howling mob of undergraduates!

  • Edgardus de la Vega

    Indeed, that ‘artificial narrative’ is the core of our problem. A complete dissolution of our European narrative will have been replaced by bureaucratic policies used to serve non-whites incapable of continuing an authentic Western narrative overall.

    As whites: we have become ‘too principled’ to the point of our own current demise. I say to America, “Stop being so damned principled! Let’s preserve and perpetuate our own white interests for once!”

  • The Verdict of History

     Race and ethnicity are inescapable realities of the human condition. 

    Do you mind if a quote you in a scholarly journal when the time comes?


  • The Verdict of History


    It comes down to whether we have a right to exist.

    WE DO.

  • vladdy1

    Instead, under obamacare, universities will be funded depending on how many blacks and browns are accepted and make it through. Same for community clinics, etc.

  • vladdy1

    When do we get diversity of viewpoints?

  • Epiminondas

    Go ahead, liberals. Bankrupt yourselves trying to buy your way out of your white guilt. 


    White Christians are the most underrepresented group at Penn. 

  • Frank

    I wonder if they ever thought of hiring the best professors? 

  • Hirene

    The LGBT already has it that if you say “boo” and they don’t like it, you get kicked out without a tuition refund.  When are students going to be able to pick their own professors?   It seems if you are paying that kind of money, you should have a choice.

  • ahahahaha feminists want to let “transgenders” walk all over them?  good.  we’ll wait ten years and see what they think then.